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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  April 17, 2019 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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information now. i thought we had headlines beforethat. u caught me. all right. current temperatures out there right now, listen, it's not bad. compared to yesterd we have those temperatures in the 50s. right now. yesterday we had temperatures in the 30s and 40s. gaithersburg, you are at 48 degrees. you will come up a little bit. not everybody going to mak it into the 70s today. there will be a big spread in temperatures north of d.c., a little cooler. taing about s. south of d.c., you're going to be in the 70s. we have a back door cold fnt that will by secretary the area. you'll need a little bit of everything. you'll need sunglasses especially if you're south of d.c. and temperatures starting in the mid 50s. we do have more rain on the way, not only today with a few shers and ahreat of some drizzle overnight, but we have severe weather possibl on iday and a lot of people traveling for the holiday weekend. we'll talk morebout that coming up.
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let's talk about w the roadsh melissa who's already in place. >> i'm actually not, i'm walking. >> what is happening this morning? >> a little of this and that fixing things. between new hampshire avenue just heard from wsse, we have lanes blocked with a water main break. it sounds like the center turn lane shut down right now. we'll keep you updateder th probably get chopper up over it here in the next 40 minutes or so. inner loop/outer loop, everything has cleared there. prince gorges county, no problems. the same situation up top of e beltway in maryland, route 125 and 95. bw parkway. 5:01. developing this morning, montgomery county police arese ching for a gunmann a shooting that sent four people to the hospital. >> news 4's justin finch joins us live from the shooting scene on curry powder lane.
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good morning. >> reporter: eun, aaron, as you n see, we're talking about the powder lock of curry lanem not too far froclothville elementary. i wan to take you to video just hours ago. this area is swarming with first responders including montgomery county fire rescue are out here attending to the four male victims as well ase county policho are working to track down suspects out here. the calls to 911 came in withs report to gunfire feet away from people's frontdoors. >> we found four people had been injured. it occurred in a parking lot over here off of curry powder and there were three adult males, one juvenile male. they were taken to the hompt.
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o hospital. one adult male succumb from his injuries. >> reporter: one adult male has died and his name has not been released. police do not believe this was a random event. they're hoping that neighbors out here o perhaps witnesses can help them fill in the gaps. live in germantown, justin finch, news 4. >> justin, thank you. 5:03. breaking news out of prince gorges county overnit. a crash has police trying to track down som thieves this morning. they were able to take an atm. drew is live. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, aaron. this isg becominuch a repetitive thing on wednesdays in prince gorges county. take a look. mount ra peer police on the scene of yet another 7-eleven atm robbery and this is the scene just about every single time. a vehicle in weeks past it's been a stolen vehicle used to
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plow through the front of the 7-eleven and try to unwedge the atm where it sits and then the robbers load that atm into the vehicle and haul it out of here. just to run through some of these recent events that have been very similar to this. it must be a wednesday thing. wednesday, april 17th, same deal on varmum street. that's the one we're on,we esday, april 10th. watkins drive. wednesday, march 27th on edgewood park and again wednesday march 13th which was in west nela heights. police told ourm past colleges. so far they don't have any leads as to who might be responsibth for . they're pretty sure it's the same group of people. aaron, , there's an old
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saying. instead of busting through the window, there is an atm outside. most of these 7-eleven's ave had security video. reporting live this morning, prince gorges, drew wilder. >> drew, tnk you. it's now 5:05 we're learning new details about the devastating fire at notre dame chedral in paris. continued safety concerns will prevent crews from going back inside to investigate for many hours today. paresian authorities say they are ruling out arson and possible terror-related causes. they're treating this as an accident. the french president wants this rebuilt by 2024.
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t"the boston globe" said 1 billio has been donated to the efforts. three young adults trapped in an elevator 30 feet below ground. the search continues this morning for a man who attacked and robbed a 94-year-old woman. she survived the attack and now she's telling news 4 about what happened. >> he got my arms gripped behind me and said he had a gun and i want your cash. i was shocked really. i screamed, i guess, but at that point nobody could hear me. >> the woman doesn't want to be identified. she said a man attacked her as she was walking from the cleveland park metro stationo her car late monday night. the man told her he had a gun and grabbed her purse. he injured her hand, pushedwn h dond ran away. the woman said she tried to get help at a nearby gas station and
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she was turned away. >> you'reripping blood and you have no money and no way to call anybody. somebody refuses to help 's not very kind. >> a customer at that gas station later called police for the woman. the exxon station one cicut avenue where the woman said she was turned away has not commented on the situation. a local man hired to keep an eye on children with special needs is now accused ofng abusi one of them. am pole say kelly rucker, prince willi county bus attendant, aggressively strained a 20-year-old. place say she did nothing to stop the abuse. d.c. police say a bethesda woman was robbedy bman claiming to be a ride share driver.e man took her back to her building and followed her
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inside. he forced his way into her apartment and stole more stuff before running off. hurt. an was n safety was a topic of discussion at laplada high school last night. hundreds of parents were called to school after two stunts weo aught bringing guns on t camp campus. they're calling for metal detectors. it's difficult for t school to install them. >> you can't have metal detectors because itight be an invasion of privacy, but i think probably most parents here would rather have a little bit of invasion ofrivacy than have eir child shot at school. >> the director of safety says over the last two weeks his staff has increased its presence at the school. today several denver area school districts will be closed amid anvestigation against some colorado schools. the fbi says an 18-year-old woman has made those threats. they s she isarmed, dangerous, and has an obsession with the columbine school
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shooting. this weekend will mark 20 years since that tragedy. yesterday columbine was put on lockdown because of these threats. 5:09. the coast grd lieutenant wants out of federal cuody. in february prosecutors said they had two weeks to charg christopher hassan with tore or list charges. he remains on active duty until the case against him is resolved. >> tomorrow all eyes on capitol hill. attorney general william barr said he is redacting some information. grand jury, information as well as details of ongoing investigations will be hid jeep. according to multiple reports, some white house officials are
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being shared. now to an nbc news exclusive investigation. new documents reveal facebook used your data as a bargaining docus show zuckerberg wanted to find out, quote, the real market value of the data. it traded information with other companies. in response to the nbc news investigation, the sets ofme dos by design tell only one side of the story and omits greater context. still ahead, if you've ever wanted to go to europe, now is the time. it's always a fun trip. >> yeah. we'll explain that for you. plus, news 4 is giving you a
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great minds shop alike? yes. that's yesor less. yep! yes, yes, yes ,yes, yes... yes. seriously, 20 to 60 percent off icdepartment store pres every day. at ross. yes for less. you're watching "news 4 today." 5:13 now. this morning metro is trying to gure out how the first two ail cars in a six-car train separated monday night near the
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wheeling reston station. no one was on board. the metro commission is investigating this incident. a major safety milestone for vre. the commuter rail system in sir begin yeah is using aew safety system called positive train control. >> rail systems have been told by the federal government to get this system up and running. as transportation specialist adam tuss tells us, it could make all the difference in the world if a dangerous situation deveps on the rails. >> reporter: this is a significant safety milestone, one you hope that's never actually needed. >> people are human, obviously. they make. mistakes this is to catch things that an engineer may not catch. >> reporter: for example, going too fast around the curb or two trains ahead on the same track or workers on the track. positive train control is something that takes override it
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or stop trains. >> reporter: when you thinkf vre, you may not think of major commuter rails, but it is. 4.5 million trips per year here in our area and now a new safety layer built into the ride. in alexandria, adam tuss, news 4. some good news for folks planning to toe a trip t europe this summer. >> flights to some european destinations do that. a flight to europe during oupea. ook now, you may still get in on some 637 round trip. >> boy, yeah. also it looks like cruises
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are super popular this year. an estimated 30 million people are expected on cruise ships around the world. that's a 6% increase from last year. newhips like virgin voyages set for this week. the cruises aren't just for older crowds as some might think. millennials make up 25% of norwegian's cruise lines. i've done carnival cruises. lots of young folks -- >> on the carnival. >> they have zip lining on the cruise ship. you don't have to leave the -- >> it's awesome. >> i just do it stuff like that. >> yes, i like doing greeg. >> hey, if h you'reded out to
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work out this morning, it's going to be a great morning especially compared to yesterday. temperatures yesterday in the 30s and 40s. in the 50s. it's a mild start. a few clouds coming in and out.' sorry, 6:29 for those counting those two minutes. if you walk out the doorwi you ll a need the sunglasses, especially if you're north ever d.c. we could have an isolated sprink sprinkle. for the most part, we'll be dry. even if youe getting sunshin u we'll cloudp later. south ofd.c., a little bit more clear. more clouds for everybody as we head inte afternoon. for your wednesday. >> a chance for sprinkles. the reason why is we have a frongt tall system that's going to by secretary the area.
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it comes from cleveland towards the atlantic ocean. it will sag towards the south. that's why it can spark a few isolated showers. we will end up on the cooler side and cloudy side. a few light showers out there. same deal tomorrow. we'll have some d zzle overnight tonight. temperatures soar tomorrow because that front will actually lift north as a warm front. we get some warmth tomorrow. by the time we get to friday, a cold front will sweep everything away and that's when we have a chance for severe weather. we do see rain as we head through midday on friday. someeaevere wer possible in the afternoon throughout the eveni evening.
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we're talking about heavy rain, damaging winds and even theat thref a tornado. unfortunately, that leads into saturday. rain showers on saturday. if you're traling on friday, just know we're going to have severe weather in the afternoon and we could have flooding. we're talking about rain up and over 2 inches in some spots in a couple mu zblags temperatures we fall through the day. more sunshine in the afternoon. tuesday, wednesday, thursday, low confidencen that one. tracking some showers. depend if a frontal service will make it. we know we have severe weather coming. we are weather alert. good morning. >> good morning, lauren silver spring but it sounds like there might be a report of a crash through that area.
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silver spring and powder mill there ome lanes blocked because of a water main break. hopefully it gets out of the, 66 miles an hour getting you there in eight minutes. >> it's 5:20. have you ever passed over an apple in a grocery store? >> still ahead. and be sure to catch "ell" aten
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you're watching "news 4 today." >> welcome back. at 5:23.un the amo of food we throw away every year is staggering. 20 billion pounds of produce is wasted in this country. most of it for no good reason. >> a university of maryland student wanted t tackle food waste and hunger so he went into the business ofescuing od. >> it's not the prettiest fruit i've ever seen. >> when the packing hois packing these carrots, they'll sort these out. what about this carrot looks
5:24 am
wrong. >> nothing. >> absolutely nothing. evan lutz has built a spectacular countries. food des stintd to the dump gets a second chance to make it to its sies testimony. they are aesthetics but i also know people who are left behind. >> lutz calls himself a social hungry ash tur. he came up with the idea as a senior business major at the university of maryland. >> i started a farm stand in the basement of the dorm. a year later i had 500 customers every single week. >> lutz said in that time they've saved 13s million pou of produce from going to work. >> consumers think naturally i'm
5:25 am
brown, these are white. >> it's all marketing and 4 -- hungry farmers buys at whole sale. >> fruits and vegetables, 45 minutes of truth comes by. the company donates 5 to 10,000 pounds o produce every month. >> hungry harvest has 30, 40,000 customers across nine states. lutz plans toxp ed and they have contractors who deliver these boxing and fruits live by it.
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you snow, the route, give it to people who don't have access to it. 5:25. coming up, new video of an exciting site in the sky. spotted all over our area we're going to show you more at 5:30. pl, as the talk about the meass sc ar out there. the trooemperatures in the 50s. we'll warm up t the 60s and . we'll warm up t the 60s and . 70ed
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"news 4 today" starts now. it is 5:29. thanks for joining us on this wednesday. a little bit chilly. much better than yesterday. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. new video into the newsroom showing eight possible meteor shhaer. that's w we're going to call
5:30 am
it. glow. en >> that's -- >> darkest night. >> are we going to recite poetry. >> see it chasm's dash cam caught this just before 11:00 last night. let us know on twitter if you saw anything like this. he'd like to see more. >> or if you saw little green men running across the street afterwards. whatever you've >> let's check on weather and traffic. orm team 4 lauren ricketts is here before we talk to melissa. nice change in temperasre thi morning. >> not too bad out there. it depends on your location whether you think it's chilly. yesterday in the 30s and 40s. montgomery county, gaitherscorg, spot, 48 degrees in there.
5:31 am
look at annapolis. not bad. temperatures sy in the 50s for your wakeup weather. the temperatures will go ahead and move into the low 60s. we're going to drop as we head into the 7:00 a.m. hour. the sun is coming up about 6:29. south of d.c. i think you'll have a little bit more clear sky action than if you're north of d.c. where we have a frontal system that will sag to the south. we do have a chance of f a sprinkles today. most of us will be dry. weather alert, we'll talk more stormshe timing of those and your easter forecast coming up. first, let's talk toelissa mollet. >> silver springs, powder mill road between new hampshire avenue and riggs with lanes blocked because of a water main break. silver spring, we had the report of a crash. nothing is there. it is cleared out of the way if it was even there. rest of the beltway, inner loop
5:32 am
and outer loop look good. 66, 95 no issues. 95 in maryland from 32 down to the beltway, 65 miles per hour and you get there in ten minutes. eun. thank you. breaking news out of prince gorges county this morning. there's been another destructive atm theft from a 7-eleven. >> drew has the story. what happened? >> reporter: well, aaron, if it's a wednesday in prince gorges county atms beware. this is repeating itself almost every wednesday. another attempted atm robbery at a 7 eleven store. it appears another unsuccessf attempt. the atm is lying there and the front ofhis store is all smashed up. here's what happened in attempts prior. last wednesday april 10th in per marlboro, burglars used a
5:33 am
stolen vehicle to smash into the store. they were unsuccessful last wednesday but they tried the exact same thing on wednesday, march 27th in college park and again on wednesday march 13th in west lanham hills. police told our pat collins last week that this appears to be the same group of burglars. they are still trying to figure that out. reporting live in p gnceorges county. developing this morning, peop in a quiet germantown neighborhood were startled by the sound of gunshots. four peopleere shot on curry powder lane. news 4's justin finch joins us live from thece shooting s with the latest on the search for the gunman. justin? >> reporter: good morning, eun. montgory county police believe there is some kind of connection between at least one of the victims here and the suspect or
5:34 am
ects involved in this. they say multiple gunshots rang outere last night here off of curry pow.r lane let's take you now to video from last night. you can see there was a very large police response. waey were believing this no random event either. they say several calls came in close to 9:t l night of shots fired here off the 18,700 block of curry powder lane. obscene first responders found four nevictims, o did die and one male teenager. as we come back out here live, you can see curry powder lane has as lot of homeround it, a lot of cars parked as well. you can understand the concern that neighbors here have and police have about finding whoever is involved in this erooting that, again, left one person dead h last night.
5:35 am
we are liveere in germantown, justin finch, news 4. back to you. >> thank you. it's now 5:34. the notre dame cathedral in paris suffered colossal damage in monday's fire. it severely destroyed the roof. today it will be many hours before theo can g back inside and resume the work. safety is still a major concern. the iconic building istill standing and people around the world have committed to rehabilitation efforts. overnight the white house pledged its support. working 4 your health this morning. maryland health officials have confirmed a second case of the asles virus in the state. both cases involvedeo pple who traveled out of the area. they say it is right that
5:36 am
measles is spreading to small states. measles was thought to be eradicated in 2000. nearly 555 cases have been seported this year. a man i on the run after attacking a 94-year-old woman in d.c.'s cleveland park neighborhood. she told police he pushed her down and stole her purse as she walked from the metro to her car. policeontgomery county show that a man followed a woman into her apartment after driving her home. he stole her purse and took off. the woman was not hurt. >> this morning several denver colorado schools will be closed beca of violent threats. the fbi is looking for
5:37 am
18-year-old sol pais. she made threats after arriving in the denver area monday nighth she bou a pump shotgun. pais has an infatuation with the 1999 columbine shooting and the two teenage gunmen. attorney general william barr plans to release a redacted mueller investigation report. news 4's tracie potts will have more on this including how the white house is preparing in about ten minutes. 5:37. coming up, push back against plans for a new church in a local neighborhood. we'll explain why one community is trying to keep its connotation in on much. >> today at 4:00 can
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patients are raising questions about how well the va spital follows up on patien. >> we continue with our investigation of the flagship medical center in the department of veterans affairs. >> reporter: the d.c. va medical centeree has b under pressure for two years to make changes. the new management said it ng stabilized this and made improvements. a news 4 i-team investigation shows complaints from internal employees and families. one patient overdosed and died
5:41 am
f the parking lot but went undiscovered days. another suffered blood clots hours after the biopsy. the death went unknown from the va for years. and internal records say a man wanted to be admitted who was instead sent home without being followed up by the hospital's suicide prevention team. he shot and killed himself at a home in annandale days later. >> that was a veteran who came to us for help and we failed. we failed that veteran. we failed that family and we have to do better. >> reporter:onight as part of our full news 4 i-team investigation a 5:00, what thmilies say should have been done and what medical center is doing to prevent any future failures to follow through with pash oents in the future. scott mcfarland, news 4 i-team. if you are headed out to nats park tonight, we're taking on the giants for the second
5:42 am
game of the series. temature temperatures falling through. south of d.c. not a lot of rain chances.
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5:44 am
we are traming news f beltsville, a house fire. >> this is in beltsville, maryland.
5:45 am
firefighters said when they arrived on the scene, fire was showing through the roof. no injuries at this time. you can see the live images frop r 4. we're going to show you firefighters, it looks likee they'r elevated to work on that fire. we'll bring you the very latest on the information on "news 4 today." it's now 5:34 is made public. >> william barr plans to release a redacted version tomorrow. tracie, we understand things that arena crimi investigations. >> we will expect te get mor detail, more of the evidence eethat we have sn so far about what went into tse decisions, not only the non collusi finding, but also the lack of a finding on obstruction of justice. they had evidence on both sides
5:46 am
and couldn't make a cision. there is angst at the white house where white house staffers, we're told, go talk to the mueller team are now worried that their names and their testimony will be revealed. mueller has specified what types of information he'll black out but that won't necessarily include people who said something that is embarrassing m or not please the president. so a lot of these staffers, more than adozen, telling nbc that what they said to the mueller team behind closed doorsgay be public and they're concerned about the impact of th at. >> tracie potts for us on the hill. thank you. now to decision 2020. democratic psidential candidate beto o'rourke is visiting the commonwealth. he'll beps making sto in northern virginia today. he'll start in rgfredericksbu, stop idumfries and alexandria. last night they stopped at the university of virginia in charlottesville. it was packed.
5:47 am
beto encouraged them to cast ballots. >> i know we can achieve universal high quality health care. i know we can rewrite the immigration laws at this moment. this is a defining moment of truth and we cannot be found wanting. >> o'rourke talked about his plans to introduce universal health care, criminal justice reform and stricter gun control. be sure to stay with news 4 on complete coverage on his visit in northern virginia. maryland's longest serving house speaker michael busch was rcid to rest yesterday. the chu was packed with more than 1,000 people. inside his daughter shared stories. buh died april 7th with
5:48 am
complications with pneumonia. mabsneighbors are pushing b about a church that's going to be built. they want to build a new church on a vact piece ofand at the corner of church and mount oak roads. neighbors worry about increased traffic andk the l of transparency. the pastor says he is willing to compromise. >> look at the fiscal impact, the economic impact, the environmental impact, the undue burden to taxpayers. >> they can reach a compromise. >> as to whether he's willing to move his crch to a different site, the pastor not moving. new details in the grounding of the 737 max jets. the faahe says t pilots will have to undergo additional
5:49 am
training. boeing has not submitted the software update for faa approval. twhauns happens, the plane still have to be alrecertified. this means there will be fewer flight options heading into the busyme sum travel season. happening today on the eastern shore of virginia, the clock is ticking for a rocket launch late this afternoon from wallops station. the rocket launch is set just befo 5:00 this evening. the spacecrt will dock with the space station. >> game 4 against the carolina hurricanes this morning, w know who they will face next if they win this series. guess what,hey're taking on the new york islanders.
5:50 am
recognize this guy? former head coach, barry trot. the islanders won their series in just four gamesno king out those dreaded pittsburgh penguins out of the running. bye-bye. another former rifle jeer riva see more of, tampa bay. we nearly beathe lightning in the third round. no, penguins no lightning. how about that? the lightning had more points than any other team this tseas. y can start chiseling the caps name into the trophy. >> i'm so excited. i don't want to get tooex cited. >> still a lot of hockey left. >> the boys ran around outside. 5:50. lauren ricketts is keeping us in the know. >> we've got some sunshine. f you're south of d.c. you'll have a lot more sunshine than our friends to the north of the
5:51 am
d.c. area, but everybody will see increasing cloudshis evening. now we've only got a small chance of a passing sprinkle and that's mainly going to be through maryland. with this spreading clouds there will be a spread in temperatures. mid 60s inyl mard and up to the mid 70s closer to central virginia. the reason, we have a back door cold front. this is it right here. this is goingo sag through the south. it could spark off a few sprinkles, maybe a stray shower in maryland. clouds to the north. temperatures in maryland will be down quite a bit. temperatures in maryland, in the 60s. frericksburg, culpepper, you're in the 70s. our friends to the north are going to top out in the mid to upper 60s. dc in between topping out in the upper 60s for daytime highs today. 69 a sprinkles northnd cooler.
5:52 am
sun to the south. tomorrow we will be around 80 degrees. increasing humidity. decreasing clouds. passing showers in th morning. talking about friday especially if you're traveling. big system from florida all the way up to the northeast. we'll see a slight chance for severe storms in our area and a marginal chance. this is level 1 and 2 out of 5. we could see heavy rain, very damaging and strong winds and a strong threat of a tornado as we go through friday afternoon. if you're traveling, you'll want to pay attention to this. weather alert. some showers linger into saturday. severe weather threat is gone by the weekend. tracks chances of rain. heading to northeast washington. trying to zoom in. we have a five mile zoom.
5:53 am
we'll take a look at benning road from 1st street, there you go. you can see a little bit of the response here. this is a gas station lafire, e response. we're getting more information d drew is on the way there. silver spring, powder mill and new hampshire, water main bak there. inner loop. outer loop of the beltway, no big complaints. bowie, govnor bridge road, disabled vehicle there in the left lane this morning. travel times on a270 the top of the beltway looking good. virginia in bound 66, in bound 95. listen to wtop when you hop in your car this morning. melissa, thank you. 5:53. road repairs could require crews to temporarily shut down a bus road. an underground pipe that carries stormwater beneath the road has
5:54 am
become corroded and now part if the road sagging. our news partners at wtop report v dot may close all lanes in route 50 to install a permanent replacement pipe.ld that work cou start as early as next friday night. new overnit, beyonce strikes again. her new documentary is available to watch on netflix. "homecoming" is part docanentary d performance. beyonce dropped a live album of the coachla performances on several music streaming platforms. beyonce became the first black woman toea hine coachella when she was there last year. >> she's unstoppable. what's next for her? destiny's child, selange and her husband, jay z. >> good morning, i'm frank holland. starbucks may have a new
5:55 am
competitor, godiva. they plan to open up 2,000 cafes over the next few years. they will haveany items. they offer 800 stores worldwide. they'll have chocolate covered strawberries,ce creamnd they will open in mid town manhattan. with your cnbc business report, i'm frank holland. >> we' appreciate that. thanks, frank. one area church is busy preparing for a massive effort happening ahead of the easter holiday. en >> molette gre is live in prince gorges county with details on the good friday free market., hi molette. >> reporter: good morning, guys. hey, we've got something good going on for good, friday don't we?
5:56 am
check it the worship center here at new life worship center has turned into st of a food pantry. okay, guys. i've got to tell people wt's going on. pastor asjuan invited us out here to preview what's going to be happening in a couple of days. i a standingn front of piles of potatoes and we have food all around us. a we so ready to feed those in need. nobody will go hungry over the easter >>holiday. absolutely. >> nobody, right? >> no. >> we'll tell you all about it, give you all the details about what's happeni on friday for good friday. pastor juan around all of his parishioners here this morning. all of that coming up at the 6:00 hour. stay with us. >> very cool. thank you, molette. next at 6:00, chopper 4 just arrived at the scene of a possible gas station fire in northeast
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hey, it's me, thursday. look, i never wanted to be the popular day. hey look, it's thursday! but in this place, it's just getting out of hand! hey thursday! popularity has always been friday's thing, and if friday finds out about this whole scene, trust me there's going to bdrama! so, let's just keep all of this between us, hmm? thursday. friday! what's happening here? nothing. [ scre ♪re you ready? ♪ are you ready for some fun? ♪ ♪ ♪ are you ready?
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♪ we can'op, we've only just begun. ♪ ♪ ♪ oooooooooo... ♪ i'll show you something ♪ neeeeeewwww. ♪ i'll show you something, i'll show you something... ♪ ♪ neeeeeewwww. ♪ "news 4 today" begins with breaking news. that breakingom news cg to us from beltsville. chopper 4 over the home here on naples avenue after i caught fire early this morning. we saw plenty of firefighters
6:00 am
moving in. you can see shee on t roof still there. right now it does not appear anyone was hurtre he. no word on what caused the fire. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. breaking news in northeast washington. first responders on the scenef a gas station fire on 21st and benny road. news4's drew wilder is headed to thee. scen more information as it becomes tailable. >>t fire has been cased that as well. wel begin with storm team 4's lauren rickets. >> temperatures in the 50s right now. all across the area, winds are calm and a few clouds out there. that kepthe temperature from going down too much. we'll slip a little as we go into the 7:00 a.m. hour. a if you in mand


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