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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  April 17, 2019 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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moving in. you can see shee on t roof still there. right now it does not appear anyone was hurtre he. no word on what caused the fire. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. breaking news in northeast washington. first responders on the scenef a gas station fire on 21st and benny road. news4's drew wilder is headed to thee. scen more information as it becomes tailable. >>t fire has been cased that as well. wel begin with storm team 4's lauren rickets. >> temperatures in the 50s right now. all across the area, winds are calm and a few clouds out there. that kepthe temperature from going down too much. we'll slip a little as we go into the 7:00 a.m. hour. a if you in maryland, you'll have an isolated shower.
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clouds to the north, sunshine to the south. clouds increasing. there will be a little spread in temperature. if you're in maryland, you'll be in the 60s. today, tomorrow however, we have severe weather possible on friday right in time orr the easter weekend. we'll talk me about that coming up. first, we'll talk to melissa about breaking news. >> that's right. take a look at this. northeast, benning road at north street. there's a mob where there is a fire situation. a lot of app pa ratd tuss right there. there roads through theyou can expect closures. westbound benning road is being pushed off on to 25thlace in northeast wilder. drew wilder, a lorge area. silver spring powder mill between new hampshire l inneroop
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and outer loop, no problems. >> it's 6:02. developing this morning, montgomery county police are searching for a gunman in a shooting that sent four people hospital. >> news 4's justin finch joins us live with the latest. justin, good monk. >> that's right. people will hear shots, this is not a through street. there are homes on either side of this block back here. this area was swarming with police activity last night. this is the 18,700 blo of curry powder none. too far from klopper hill elementary school. this is less of a street and more of a parking lot out here. this is where first responders found the people, three men, rather, who were shot. one did die.
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and a teen boy was als hurt as well. we can tell you there's much more to say. >> we do not believe it to be april random suspects fled the scene. if anyone saw anything, please give us a call. reporter: the hope is that perhaps between some of these homes that someone did see or hear something that could help montgomery county police make an arrest in the case. one man is now dead. he has not yet been at least one of these victims and the suspect or suspects. back inside to you? >> live in mince -- prince
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gorges county. another attempted atm theft in the county this morning. if you take a look between these two mt. rainier police cruisers, you can see the atm lying on eastern avenue. here's what's been happening in past attempts. a g oup burglars steals a vehicle and they use that vehicle to smash through the front of the 7-eleven and dg unwee the atm and then attempt to steal it. they've been unccessful in the past few attempts. >> on wednesday, march 27th they tried it in college park and dnesday march 13th they tried it in west lanum hills. they think it's the same gro of people. so far they don't have anything
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anythi anything. directly across the street. ju sitting outside. we'll stay on top of this. reporting in mt. rainier. it'sow 6:05. n learning details about thest devaating fire at notre dame cathedral in paris. continued safety concernsill prevent crews from going back inside to investigate for several hours today. pasian authorities are ruling out arson and possible terror-related motivesor causes. for now they're treating the fire as accident. "the boston globe" reports nearly $1 billion has already beenon ded for reconstruction efforts.
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take a look at this footage taken inside the kennedy center last nit. three young adults were trapped in an elevator 30 feet below ground. huone was the search continues for a n that attacked and robtd a 94-year-old woman. she sur viefrd the attack and now she's telling news 4 apput what haed. >> he got my arms gripped behind me and said he g had a and i want your cash. i was shocked, really. i screamed, i guess, but at that point nobody could hear me. >> the woman does not want to be entified. she said a man attacked her as she was walking from the cleveland park metro station to her car late monday night. the man told her he had a begun and grabbed her pirs. that's when he pushed her down
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and she tried to get help a a nearby gas station and she was turned around. >> you're dripping blood, no way to call anybody. that's not very kind. >> not very kind at all. the exoften station has not commentedion the situatn. p ana local man hired to k eye on children with special needs is now accused of abusing one of them. >> police say kelly rucker aggressively restrned a 12-year-old. he's also accused of punching the child in the head. the bus driver is also accused. d.c. police say a woman was robbed by a man claiming to be a ride share driver. is happened a few weeks ago. the man took her back to her --
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he then forced his way into her apt and stole more stuff before running off. the woman was not hurt. parents are asking for metal detectors. maryland makes it difficult for ane school to install them. >> you c have metal detectors because it might be an invasion of pvacy but i think that probably most parents here tle bitather have a l of invasion of privacy than have their child get shot. >> the director of public safety said the staff has increased the presence at the scayol. tod several denver area school districts will be closed amid an investigation of some
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threa threats. this weekend will mark 20 years since the tragedy. yesterday columbine was put on lockdown because of those at thres. the coast guard lieutenant wants out of custody. they said they had two weeks to charge christopher hasan. they said prosecute horse don't expect anything. 6:09. tomorrow all eyes will be on capitol hill. special counsel's report, robert mueller, will become president. grand jury and cloos if i case.
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the white house is wondering as sources of damaging information about the president. >> nowo an nbc news exclusive investigation, new documents reveal that facebook used your data as a bargaining chip. according to more than 4,000 o pages leaked documents from 2011 to 2015, ceo mark zuckerberg looked at ways to sell data. he wanted to figure out, quote, the real market value of user ultimatet never sold data but it did trade information. the sets ofoc duments by design. they have made a push to address privacy issues. just about 6:11 now. we have new information about the breaking news we're
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following in northeast d.c. fireayghters s someone was found dead at a gas station at 21st and benning roads northeast. fit responders a thrived and a gasump was on fire. 6:11 now. big news for everyone with drms of a rear owe people vacation. >> why now is the time. >> early morning dampness on ursunday. sunday looking like decreasing clouds. on friday, if you're traveling. severe weather coming up after this. we are pparing for good
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friday food market take away. friday food market take away. i have an easter cel
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back now at6:14 on this wednesday morning. take a live look. these images from chopper 4. tracking breaking news from northeast washington. d.c. firefighters say someone wasound dead at a gas station on 21st and benning road. we're told when first responders arrived a gas pump was on fire. that fire is now out. news 4's drew wilder is also heading to the scene. we will bring you more nformation as it becomes available. good news for any of you planning a trip to europe this
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summer. many flights are about to be the cheapest they've been in three years. >> this is according to the flight trackg app hoper. hoper says the average cost of a flight to europe during peak travel will be about 959 mers percent if you book now you may get in on sam spriam. molette green is working on the details with the good friday free market. hey, molette. >> reporter: hey, guys. good morning. this church is ready for something good to happen on good friday, right? >> we're talking about this free food. we're in the church sanctuary.
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full chicken full of meats going out to the oaks new church. pastor, this is not something new but this is something very important for your church and your community. >> yes, it is. good he gave it all away, we want to give it all away. >> there is a need for the help. you want the families to come out and feel and enjoy an easter feant like so m people do every year. >> that's right. for the single income household had a, we want this season to be one where you can get around and read the lost of we've got the potatoes, frozen chicken.
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part the sea a little bit. tables turned into a prep center. it's all about serving those in the community in need. let's show you.l it w all happen on good friday from 3:00 to6:00 p.m. at new lifeorship center. come on down, if you need a help. helping hand for easter weeksd, let'o it. all right? that is the very latest. we have more coming up later on in the ck in to you. >> wonderful fort. molette, thank you. 6:17 right now. lauren ricketts is standing by with a look outside at our forecast. >> yes. looking at sunshine too mp we do have ee phi sprsphinkles. with t cloud cover in different parts of our areas,
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there will be a spread in temperatures from the mid 60s to the m 70s. we're all kind of uniform. everybody in the 50s. starting off on a mild note. if you put them off off if you're south of d.c. you'll likely make it into the 70 the reason is we have a frontal system. you canee theront and the showers. it will sag to the south slowly. that's why we're going to have sprinkles in maryland. that's about it. that frontal system will by secretary the area. areas south warmer. areas north, cloudier. everybody pretty uniform. as that front goes to the south, look what happens. upper 60s for daytimehi s.
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more clouds build in and everybody dropping into the 50s overnight. today 60s and 70s. toybe a few sprinkles to the north. morrow everybody sourced to right around 80. that frontal system will start moving norths a frarm. increasing humidity. increa increasing temperatures. friday, pretty unstable. if you're traveling on friday, look athis all the way up. all the way up from newark down through orida, we're going to have a chance of severe weather. be careful if you're traveling on friday. keep an eye on ts forecast. we are level 2 out of 5. slight risk of storms and severe storms mainly around the d.c. area. a little less of a chance north and west of dc. the impacts will be across the area.
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weekend outlook, passover, we have showers bleeding into that. easter sunday, damp in the morning. temperatures around 70. if we have rain and confidence we'll deal with that. let's take a look at those load ways. >> i was not here becse i was looking at what happened at the mobil gas stat pn. at thisnt we are zoomed in 5 1/2 miles, unbelievable camera to show youhat's going o inside the no fly zone. westbound benning diverted to oklahoma avenue. silver spring, between new hampshire and rigs lane blocked.
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you're watching "news 4 today." welcome back. 6:24. the a funt ofd we throw away every year is staggering. 20 billion pounds of produce is wasted in this coury and most of it for no good reason. >> university of maryl d graduate wanted to tackle the issue of food waist and hunger at the same time so he went into the job of wasting no fruit. when the packing house is f carrots.ome ohese in carrot, what's wrong? absolutely nothing.
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>> reporter: eva lutz has built a successful practice. welcome to hungry harvest where food destined for the dump gets a chance to make it to your refrigerator. >> there are no people lef behind. lutz to give him fresh food. >> i started a farm stand in the basement of a dorm, 5 pounds for 5 bucks. sooner or later i had 500 customers every week. >> reporter: that was 500 years ago. they take cage free eggs. >> consumers think they're brown but these are white. >> it's all marketing and
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perception in this case. >> they bro f farmers, wholesalers and packagers. oois lutz gets fresh food to places that are hard to get to. the company also donates 5 to 10,000 pounds of produce every month. >> genius solution to a big problem. 6:26. new video of an exciting sight in a sky. a possible meteor in ourea we'll show you more a 6:30. beyonce news. the content she released that you'll be. mild start this morning.
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teeratures dipping aittle bit through the 7 to 9:00 hour. hanging out into the 60s and 70s today. we do have a few sprinkles and severe weather for the end of the work week. intiming com up. more on the breaking news in northeast
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ire. "news 4 today" begins with breaking news. >> it's 6:30 and that breaking news is out of northeast washington. take a look. chopper 4 live over the scene of a deadly gas station fire. >> this is happening on benning road.av we h team coverage. >> first, let's head out to nbc news 4's drew wilder. what's going on? >> reporter: eun, we just got an update from d.c. firend e.m.s. they told me the call came in just after 5:30 for the report of a fire at one gas pump here at the mobil gas station on benning street fire got the fire out quickly
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and then they discovered an adult female who was dead on the scene here withha injuries t appear related to the fire but right now mpd is investigating to determine an exact cause of death. we know that one adult female was killed at the mobil gas station this morning in relation to the fire that they put out once they got on scene. we're not sure how long they will be close the heading into downtown it's closed right now. melissa was theworker. taking a look from again. want to show you first chopper from above. we're talking about a 5 and a half mile zoom here this morning. showing you what's happening this morning. this is benning road at 24. where that mobil gas station is. westbound benning diverted on to
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oklahoma. that's the way you can get through this. eastbound lanes asai drew s are open. bethesda outer loop at the american legion loop, have a barrel there. not causing any major delay. little slowdown today. powder mill road between new hampshire and riggs. lanes blocked. 66 and 95 overallooking good. eastbound looking closer at the ge.sevelt br have a brand-new crash reported there. almost 60 degrees there. >> i know. it's nice out there compared to yesterday. beautiful sunrise as well. a few more clouds around especially if you're in maryland. sun just coming out officially three minutes ago. 59 degrees is our temperature right now as we go over the next several hours, we may drop a little bit through the 7:00 hour. the temperatures will soar to the upper 60s. there will be a little spread in temperatures depending where you are. you're north, you may have sprinkles. grab a small umbrella.
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small umbrella on all of the rain on friday considering we're going to have severe weather. also, you may need the umbrella for saturday. f your box wood hollys are overgrown, prune them and they will grow back full and dense. guys? >> lauren, thank you. it's now 6:33. more breaking news this morning. this was the scene near eastern avenue t morning. once again, someone smashed a car through the front of a 7-eleventore in an attempt to atm.l an the smashed machine was left in a heap outside the store. the story souths familiar. was the fourth time someone smashed a 7-eleven to try to take the atm. clases happened on wednesday as well. they believe it will be many
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hours befor they cano back inside the notre dame cathedral in paris. safety is a concern. the cathedral sustained colossal damage. the iconic building is still standing and people around the world have commied to rehab efforts. the faa says pilots will have to undergo additional training before they'll be lowed to fly the boeing 737 max jets again. the jets were grounded worldwide after being suspected of contributing to two deadly plane cr boeing has been working on a software hupdateas not submitted the software approval. maryland says there are con firnld meesless outbreaks.
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neighbors are pushing back against a plan to build a 60,000 square foothurch in bowie. the redeemed christian church of god tple has outgrown its old location. now it wants to build a newch urch on a vacant piece of land at the corner of church and mount oak roths. as pr said i am willing to know more. the uue burden to taxpayers. >> they should reach a compromise. >> as to whether he'silling to move his church to a different site, the pastor is not budging. decision 2020, democratic presidenal candidate beto o'rourke will be visiting the commwealth.
6:36 am
o'rourke will startn dumbfries. e stopped at the university of virginia in charlottesville. it was packed. while there, o'rourke engaged students to cast ballotsn 2020. happening today on the eastern shore of virginia, the clock is ticking for a rocket launch this afternoon from wallop's island. the cargo ship will be taking huge amounts of supplies just00 before 5: this evening. the cargo ship will dock with the space s stationetime on friday. carrying mice this time around. >> we want toou get y right to some new video into the newsroom overnit. >> astro photography willhi capture ts site just before
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11:00 last night. >> two cameras caught this. streaking across the sky. on route 50. it's 6:37. hey, guys. are you ready to feedhose in need? we've got details on aood friday free market in prince gorges county coming up on "news 4 today." stay with us. we're live in the community. good wednesday morning to you. we know we're all always in a rush somehow some way every day. >> so today at 4:00 consumer reporter susan hogan with new technology that will help speed
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up your shopping experience and cut down
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you're watching "news 4 today." the caps could see a familiar face if they make it to the next round of the stanley cup playoffs. remember snim former head coach, barry trots's new york ianders swept the pittsburgh penguins right out of the postseason, thank you very much. the islandersill taken the winners of the capps/hurricanes game. 2-1.caps are up beyonce vernight, strikes again. her new documentary is available on "homecing" is part concert fi and documentary. it givesin behd the scenes looks at coaella last year. beyonce dropped aive album of the coachella 49er form mans on severaltr music sming
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platforms. she became the first black woman to headline coachella. >> her performances included appearances by destiny, selange and jay z. >> i'm frank holland at cnbc headquarters. starbucks may have a new headquarters at godiva. ere is an expanded list of coffees and teas and sandwiches and yogurt parfaits. they currently offer 800 stores woide. the first of these new cafes opens up today in mid town manhattan. r cnbc morning business report, i'm frank holland. i'm going to take frank up on that. listen, it will be a great night out there for baseball if you want to go o a there eat all
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of the food from the nats park. rain, no wind, jus a few more showers coming up. plus, a lot of problems around town including a big closure in northwast ington. drew has more on that. drew? >> reporter: when they got to a fire at the mobil gas station here, they found an adult woman dead fast, reliable inrnet is crucial. does it every go down? yes. can't do my job. business grinds to a halt. our gig-speed network nl not only dds files up to 20 times faster, we go beyond fast with 4g backup for complete reliability.
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back now at 6:45. we are still following breaking news out of the district this morning. take a look. live pictures from chopper 4 still over the scene of a deadly fire at a gas station along a busy route into northeast. >> news 4's drew wilder has been tracking the story since it broke earlier this morning. he is on the ground there. drew, what can you tell us? >> reporter: aaron, we have learned that the person found dead here at the mobil gas station this morning was an adult female.
6:46 am
firefigh firefightsers got here shortly after 5:30 this morning. they found a fire at the gas pumps. ey extinguished that and they found a female lying there. she was dead on arrival. they did n transport her. investigators are trying to figure out exactly how this fire got started and exactly what went down here tins morn as we work on those details, we can tell you there's a pretty significant traffic impact. the intersection is at benning road and 21st street northeast. eastbound traffic moving fine but it's the traffic heading in bound into d.c. this is blocked off for quite a ways and traffic is being diverted over to oklahoma avenue. if you make your way this area, you may need to find a work around. we be anticipate this section closed. >> you'rel welcome over there.
6:47 am
first, to another developing story, people in a quiet germantown neighborhood were startled by the sound o gunshots. four people shot onur c powder .ane not far from cloper elementary scho news 4's justin finch is live on the scene with ese lat for the search for the gunman. > reporter: aaron, eun, it had to be a scare just feet away from esfamily's hom and with those families resting inside. ntgomery county police tell us their there were 17,000 here. on scene first respondersound four injured, three adult men. one man did die from his injuries. one teen boy also injured as well. police telling us veryarly
6:48 am
into its investigation they do not believe tt this was a random event. as we come back out here live, we canel y t still investigating to learnhat thatonnection might be between at least one of these victims and the suspect or suspects involved. they believe that between witnesses, t others who were involved and are hoping the public can help them put this together. live in germantown, justi finch, news 4. w re learning new details about theas devtating fire at notre dame cathedral in paris. continued safety concerns will prevent crews from going back inside to investigate for several hours today. parisian authorities say they re ruling out arson a ossible rrte-related motives as the cause. for now they'll il the
6:49 am
cathedral by 2024. nearly $1 billion has already been donated towards reconstruction efforts. anticipation is growing on capitol hill as special counsel rt mueller's report is expected to become public tomorrow. not all of it. attorney general william barr said he is redacting some of the information. grand jury and classified information as well as details of the information. it's now 6:49. back now to the traffer melissa mollet is here with the warnings in your first 4 trfic. melissa? >> northeast washington. take a look here. benning road at 21st street is where the gas station is here th morning. this is where we have the closure. this is a fatal accident there at the gas station involving a fire. so right nown northeast westbound diverted to oklahoma
6:50 am
avenue. i really quite impressive. southbound at old georgetown road, middle of the road still blocked by that accident. silver spring, powder mill between new hampshire and rigs, lanes blocked because of a water main break. 66 at roosevelt bridge. crash, t alexandria. cameron street, road northbound, follow police direction there. 66 in bound, fairfax county beltway. 95 northbound quantico to the belt way, 55 miles an hour. 270, 40 miles per top of e beltway, 28 miles per hour. you know to listen to wtop 105 f.m. when you hop in your car. >> good morning, melissa. su may have sunshine delays if you areth of d.c.
6:51 am
otherwise, clouds to d.c. and north. there could be a few isolated showers if you're in maryland. s through maryland, 70s through sthern maryland. d.c. in between. everybody in the 50s right now. as we get into the afternoon, that's when we'll see the spread of temperature and reason i think marylan may see it. it's a back door front dropping from the north to the south. it will swly make its way to maryland. you could see a few sprinkles there. the spread in temperatures is another thing you'll see. temperatures south, 70s. temperatures north in the 60s and d.c. will probably top out around 68 degrees. everybody will see an increase
6:52 am
in clouds as we go through the afternoon and evening. temperatures fall into the 60s. 69 degrees for today. 68, 69 and, again, sprinkles no ah. sun southnd warmer. increasing cuds through the day. i don't think the rain is going to be a big deal. 80egrees for tomorrow. maybe a passing shower and drizzle in the morning. decreasing clouds. we'll get sunshine during the afternoon. as i said, the humidity level will rit. ge into friday, listen. if you're traveling on friday, we hava chance of severe weather from florida to the eastern seaboard. enhanced risk and we're at the siblg level risknd we have a good chance to see severe weather around here on friday. main threat, ooding. heavy rain will be a slow mover. small threat ofo. tornad
6:53 am
showers and bezy on saturday. upper 60s. damp on sunday morning. those clouds clear out throughout the day. temperatures clear out in the upper 60s. looking good as we head into the easter evening. lauren, thank u. 6:53 right now. an area church is busy preparing for a massive effort heading for the easterda ho >> molette green is live with details on the good friday free market. molette, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. no matter the weather it's going to be a good friday, right? >> yes. >> all right. okay. everybody is here at new life worship center hol bng ups of food. we've got potatoes to vegetables and we have lots of turkey and ham. past or juan wilder invited us
6:54 am
here to join us in the food prep day. we're previewing what's going to happen. it's an important mission of the church. >> it will be a good friday. jesu gave it all away and we're doing the same. he wants to give free groceries to 1200 families who may be in need. spread love and hope. >> you know about the need in this community. we're in capital heights. there are people hornl can use a good handup like this? >> there's one to three kids who go to bed hungry. >> it's all going down here at the new life worship center. come on down and get a free bag of groceries so you can have a good easter 's going to be a good friday. something good happening on good friday, right? that is the very back in to you guys. >> such a wonderful effort there. lette, thanks for bringing that to us. it's ng54. 4 thi to know.
6:55 am
you'll likely see this video on socialmedia. the dash cam caught this glimpse of a possible meet or. you see it on the left? route 50 east from dulles just before 11:00 last night. let us know on twitter if you saw it too. several colorado school districts will be closed today because of threats of violence. the fbi is looking for a woman who made threats towards schools after arriving i denver. another very disruptive smash and grab at a 7-eleven in prince gorgescounty. for the fourth time in five a ks a car crashed through store front. investigators do believe they're connected. check the nbc washington app for more. a woman is dead after a fire in northeast washington. firefighters quickly put out the flames and found the woman's body no word on what may have started the fire.
6:56 am
melissa is there with the traffic impacts. >> taking a look at what's ppening now. talking about benning road and 21st. this is a 5 1/2 mile zoom to show you what's going on from above. as far as closures, westbound benning being pushed and the eastbound lane. >> 70 south, everybody will have an increase in clouds later on. stray shower north. nothing to write home about. passing swer with a little drizzle. hot and humid and weather alert on friday. that is important all throughout the eastern. seaboard traveling, severe storms possible. looks like by easter we clear out. we're not going to say goodye without saying happy, happy birthday to aaron gilchrist. happy birthday. >> and i'm still that e. look at that picture. >> how does that happen. >> 4 1/2. >> if you didn't know, red velvet i aaron's favorite flavor.
6:57 am
>>d velvet cupcakes just for you. hey're all red velvet. i'm eating the whole box. >> it doesn't count. >> thank you,ladies. >> thanks for bringing so much joy to the mornings for everyone, not just us. >> and sarcasm. >> bringing joy for 32 years. >> all the jokes. all the jokes. .> plus more than that. >> yeah >> thank you for waking up with us this morning. >> the "today" show is next. enjoy your day! >> yeah!ap >> wednesday, everybody.
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♪ . good morning. breakingnews. massive man hunt. the fbi on a search far aded an dangerous woman said to be infatuated with the columbine shooting massacre. columbine and dozens of denver area schools closed today. who is that woman? what we out of bounds? new documents inhe jussie smollett case revealing the prosecutor was still weighing in the case. the explosive texts and emails . lost and found. new images inside


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