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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  April 17, 2019 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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the family of a quadruple shooting last night talked to news4 about the search for a gunman. >> he took someone that touched so many people's lives. breaking news this afternoon for a second straight day. a new case of measles to report tein the sta of maryland. we're getting new information about where people may have been exposed. here in washington tonight, some people are callinglehis muel eve. >> that's right. the redacted version of the special counsel's report will be released tomorrow for all of us to read. still, theuestion remains how much will receive special counsel robert mueller's work. attorney general william barr said he would black out grand jury material, classified information or anything that compromises ongoing investigations or violates the privacy of peripheral people not charged. >> congress is in recess and the
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actions will float in from all corners. president trump is here a his legal team is ready to respond. blayne alexander is at the white house with more. >> reporter: a lot of peopl ll be hitting the refresh button on the special counsel's website tomorrow morning. while the plic is expected to see one version we are now learning some embers of congress will see a different version with fewer redactions. we also know we can expect to hear from thera attorney ge himself tomorrow morning. >> reporter: for a third straight day, president trump's legal team hunkered down prepping for robert eller's barly 400 redacted report handed over attorney general william barr holding a news conference with his deputy, rod rosenstein. the president's lawyers ready with their own much smaller counter report, between 30 and 40 pages. >> i think they've been workingt on it a longe.
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they haven't seen the report but have seen antot of iligence and information inside the report. >> reporter: inside the white house, a different meeting expected with reality sta. >> we have meetings on any will of issues but we read the mueller report like anyone else. >> reporter: for weeks barr has been working with eller's team on redactions not to compromise for information. >> reporter: that's not good enough for democrats who want to see every >>word. we are ready to take necessary steps if we don't get information we requested. >> reporter: those steps include issuing subpoenas for the full report already authorized by the house judiciary committee ands early a friday. president trump saying no matter, democrats will never be satisfied. >> reporter: a new poll out shows 6 out of 10 americans
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believehe president obstructed justice and wants congress to keep investigating. guniolence and a neighborhood struggling to stop the bloodshed. at leane o person was shot. derrick ward is there already with the latest. derek. >> reporter: yeah. good afternoon. e're in the 50 100 block of southern avenue. metropolitan police were called here about 4:33 this afternoon with the report of a shooting. the victim was only identified as an adult male, conscious and breathing taken away from the scene. this crime scene appears to be in the middle of a work zone, pavi going on and police pear to be concentrating in frt of that apartment building. we have suspect look-out
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sketchy at this point, black male wearing a red vest and blue jeans. we understand the police chief is on the way to the scene and hopefully we will get more information. right on the border of prince george's county, adult male shot and conious and breathing taken away. >> thank you, derek. more breaking news, following breaking health news in maryland. the state department is worried about conrmed measles exposure after three were confirmed. >> erika. >> the state health department says anybody who visited certain locations may have been exposed. they're all in pikes vil. health leaders say p theential locations was sunday.'l wel look at the locations and specific times for you. he first is 4,000 old court road from 10:30 to 1:30 in the
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afternoon. the secondarket maven from 11:45 in the morning to 2:30 in the afternoon. the third iske 7 mile mart. that was from :412 to 3:15, if you were in thoreas around those times. people who may have been exposed at additional locations are notified directly. the state is concerned three cases have been identified in such a short period of ,time officials are once again saying vaccinations are the best way to stop additional cases. back to you police need help to find man who shot and killed a teenager in germantown last night, one of four people shot in a parking lot of curry powder lane. the family isin struggl to understand why this happened to their loved one who had big plans for the future. more from the victim's family.
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corey. >> reporter: the plans 18-year-old treyki wat had are gone. his family absolutely heartbroken over his death. today, they're wondering how this could have happened. he was a good kid and had his head on straight. this is who he is. take a listen. >> he didn't deserve to die or anything. he always tried to help and tried to set an example for a lot of these young kids. >> reporter: iki r to t mut a t vraedsk she used words like mentor and hard worker and athlete. one word she kept come back to was role model. he was close to his nieces and nephews and always on the right
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path. suddenly, in the blink of an eye, that guiding light is gone in a parking lot not far from tray's home. also gone are dreams of going into business with his brother, donovan, after graduating from montgomery college. >> he was a good kid. i know a lot of people say that after their kid passes, tray was a good kid. >> reporter: the mother wants to know what was the purpose for doing this? >> what was the purpose for doing what you did? i want to know that answer. he took someone that touched so many people's lives, so many peopleus >> reporter: a few moments ago, tray's family called and said they will hold a vigil next tuesday her in germantown. they are planning a march to stop the violence as w both those events in his honor. as for the investigation, polich don'te a lot go on, they have given us af description o
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the suspect or suspects in this case. they are appealing to they communit for someone to come forward and help them solve the murder 18-year-old tray dawkins. >> thank you,or cey. a local music teacher was accused of preying on his students. jeffrey cummins teaches music inside his annandale home, and at least s two haved he touched them inappropriately. they go back several years. >> reporter: i came to home to of music teacher, jeffrey cummins, to ask if he wants to comment on charges made by two teenage piano students that he sexually abused them during private lessons. no answe at the door. he was released from custody. >> he's been charged with eight counts of undecent liberties on a minor by a custodian based on
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the fact he was their piano t'teacher. >> i shocking it's allegedly happening two doors down the street from what seems like a nice guy. >> until it's actually proven. >> reporter: police say jeffrey cummins is the founder and director of virginia music adventures in this house in annandale, a performing group that performs worldwide. he was arrested tuesday returning from trip. his website has testimonials from formertudents as well as the honors and awards cummins has received. he owns two huntington learning, center one in springfield and the other in vienna virginia. >> reporter: they put this sign on the doorhe center was closed. he locked it and as he was aving he told me he was shocked and just learned about
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these allegations and cannot comment. >> reporter: polices want to hear from anyone concerned their child may have had inproipt contact with chris gordon, news4. >> within the last 30 minutes, huntington learning center sent us a statement, we are shocked and appalled by ts alleged behavior and are actively cooperating with police and investigators. although the alleged abuse happened inside cummins home, the springfield and vienna centers he owns are closed until further notice. jon walker lynn, the american who joined the taliban after the 9/11ta ats, will be released from prison next month. he was 20 when he was captured in november of 2001,uring thef invasion o afghanistan. he was dubbed the mentally ban. he pleaded guilty to helping the taliban and 2 sentenced to
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yes. the jud is ordering restritions on his interne access and probation will last three years. the intense search for the youngoman who threatened the columbine schools is over. e young woman had a shotgun, ammunition and apparently obsession with the 1999 shootings. the fbi found her dead this afternoon. jay gray has reaction from a community always on high alert this time of year. >> reporter: what federal agents call massive manhunt is over in colorado. sol pais is now dead. >> she appeaod t have died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. t reporter: the troubled teen traveled to area, buying a shotgun and ammunition. >> we are used to threats at columbine. this one felt different. ait was different it certainly had our attention.
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>> reporter:ce law enfornt has not confirmed newly found social media posts with a blog and suicide and weapons and guns and knives, under the user name, "dissolved girl," she talks about planning and organizing for "the day" and asks about buying a shotgun in colorado. schools across the area inuding columbine were shut down during what was already a difficult and painful time with ceremonies and remembrances marking 20 years since the massacre on saturday. >> i'm always inspired by this community's capacity for good in the face of unimaginable evil >> reporter: the community still working to heal the scores that linger two decades after the attacks. jay gray, nbc news. pledges keep pouring in to
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restore the notre dame cathedral in paris. >> a more immediate concern how to cover the roof and keep what's left of the building in tact. at it again, anoer atm heist at another 7-11. what t hse crimese in common and why they're so hard to stop. friday, a storm team 4we her alert day mainly for the overnight hours. main concern i'm seeing, hinvy hat could lead to flooding and gusty damaging winds. mo ♪ia you know rele support when you have it, d anat dependability is what we want to give our customers.
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more breaking news, north korea says its leader has overseen the testing of a new tactical guided weapon. the first public weapons test since the second u.s. north >>rea summit endedn failure in february. e says the weapons system is of weighty significance, end quote. president trump floated the idea of a tumrd smit with the north korean leader. more on this breaking story on "nightly news" after this newscast. >> they're not always successful but are persistent. >> that's right. a group of thieves targeting 7-11s. this time they didwa not get a with the cash machine, instead, they left behind a big mess. >> police think this latest case is connected to several similar crimes and several trends are beginning to emerge. >> pat collins live m in rain n
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rain near, with the latest story. >> reporter: it's wednesday, you know what day that is, don't you? atm theft day. for months now in our area, thieves have been using stolen pickup trucks, ramming them into 7-11s, dislodging atms and trying to make off with the money machine. they've done it four times this year in prince george's county and each time they've done it on a wednesday. what's up with that? >> it all happened on a wednesday. >> reporter: why? >> we're not sure at th point. in our investigation, not sure if there's a reason for that or coindence, something we're looking into. >> reporter: cue the surveillance video. look closely at this pickup truck with aadder rack on top. boom, it backs into the store to dislodge the a inside. one try didn't do it.
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so, boom, they did it again.en th the three robbers pull and push and try to get thatoney machine into that truck. nothing. they leave the mess and the money behind. people say, why try to steal an atm inside a 7-11, when there's an atm across the street right outside? t take a closer look. it's welded to this pipe. the pipe is filled with concrete. and there's one here and one over there. you'd need a sherman tank to get that at baby. why my count, the atm robbers have hit about eight times this year. they get cash about 50% of the time. police, from a number of jurisdictions are working this
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case. back to you. >> maybe it's time to put t atms in the back of the store. >> reporter: i know. i kee saying that. move them to theouack so y have to go through the powerball chines, the tostitos, slurpy machines, put them way back there near the ice. >> my goodness. we'll see you next wednesday, pat. >> reporter: see you wednesday. >> democratic presidential hopeful beto o'rourke is rapping up a two-day campa through virginia. he made nine stops in virginia tn two days. nbc news caugh up with him in fredericksburg when he was asked where he stands onalls for ralphm north tam to resign in black face scandal. >> i think it's up to the virginians.
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i said i thought it was best in the past to step down but that will be decided by the people. >> in surfaced in february and northam said he does not believe he's in the photo and resisted calls to step down. president trump offering u.s. support to help rebuild the cathedral. he said he spoke with pope francis and got his condolences. and they are designing a competition to build a new spire for the fire ravaged cathedral. in paris with more on the renovation plans. quite a few new developments in paris including announcement of annternational competition to build a new spire that would rise above notre dame. there are workmen there goingn- nostep trying to assess the stability of the building. we learned today, they're very concerned about the three gaping holes in the roof, officials describing it as a race against
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the clock to build a temporary roof, a bubble umbrella, as they describe it to m sure there isn'tore damage to the large space beneath the holes and irreplaceable windows. how long to replace, president macron says five years but the vicar said it could be at least six. people who have done these before said it could be decades. however long it takes, a lot of money has been pouring in now topping 1 billion euros. on the banks of the seine, i'm chris jensen, reporting for nbc news. we've been investigatingpr oblems for d.c.'s medical center for more than 30 years cases of veterans being turned away or forgot. e're in for several hours of heavy rain on friday.
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we have engine ignition. r
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>> aket carrying cargo headed to the international space station and lted off from nasa wales lops flight facility in virginia. illlops flight facity in virginia. itill help with studies of treatment.ease you can see the trailf smoke. the spacecraft will reach the space station tomorrow with more than 7500 pounds of research material, supplies for the crew and also hardware. >> some of tho experiments, many of them, from what i read, were submitted from high school students around our area. pretty cool. >> you a did lot of science in school. perfectly gorgeous day today. good weath for their launch, too. >> absolutely. we had a hightu tempera today of 71 degrees atea rgan national. tomorrow, we w bm upy 10
6:26 pm
degrees with high temperatures near 80, mix oflouds and sunshine. on the warm side, perfect day to enjoy outdoors. once again, really pleasant and a hinted of humidity in the air. if we were in the middle of summer, i wouldn't be saying that we're in april. a little bit of humiditymo toow. as we look to friday, it is humidity and we look to storm team weather alert in the forecast friday. here's what you can expect. chance for showers out there in the midday and morning hours. i think that time frame is dry for most of us. thernc is a c you are dealing with rain and heavy rain and potential for strong to severe thunderstor really increases it. the weather alert period friday is 2:00 p.m. to 4:0 a.m. you will not be dealing with severe weather heavy rain this entiree but we will have a few rounds of rain and heavy rain and rumbles of thunder
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moving through, probably about two during that time period. need be weathergeady payin attention to the forecast. 1-3 inches of rain in the forecast and could lead to ooding issues and isolated flash flooding concerns, up to 50 miles an hour could the lead wind damage. i can't rule out an isolated tornado threat mainly during the evening hours friday. the areas under red, the highest to o south. most of our area a slight risk, washington, areas to the south. weill be tracking heavy rain friday night to very early saturday morning and lingering showers on saturday and isolated evening showers possible, breezy throughout the day, possibly easter sunday. much more and the forecast at 6:50. >> thank you. we just saw that rocket going
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up. now, we look at what's coming down the skies. a meteor many saw coming across the>> skies. veterans forgotten at the hospital and including one vet that eventually took his own life. >> that was a veteran that came to us for help and we failed. we failed that veteran and family. the news4 i-team getting
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now at 6:30, devastated families wonder if they could have doneore toave their loved ones after they visited thean veter flagship hospital. >> he was right there at the parking lot and had been there in a handicap spot. >> the v.a. medical center in the district has been plagued th problems, mismanagement, staffing shortage and management issues. >> now scott mcfarland reveals new questions whether the hospital is properly following up on patients after they're discharged. woodrow was a jokester sometimes. he was family oriented. >> reporter: the annual familyo ng at haynes point didn'te seem the sam says lorettae >> because hsn't there. he would be the one to gater th kids and play football or get a fishing pole.
6:32 pm
>> reporter: she said the grief of losing her brother is made worse by how the navy veteran died, hours after receiving care at the v.a. medicen cr. >> he had two appointments that day. kept.rlier appointment he but the appointment he had, i t believe, i was at 3:00, he didn't keep it. >> reporter: whenee woodrow rd didn't return ho may 20, his family said no one could locate him. and the next day she decided to look for herself. >> as soon as i turned in, there was his car. my heart was beating. you get a feeling of something. >> reporter: she spotted her brother's car in the parking t, her brother still inside but gone. the cause of death was mixed drug intoxication and ruledal accident >> why couldn't they find the car? it was right there. >> reporter: but our news4
6:33 pm
i-team investigation revealed that's not the only recent deatt that hasubled workers and veterans inside this major medical center. willie underwent a lung biopsy in 2016 and his familyaid he immediately complainedn of pai and coughing, rushed to the university hospital ere died hours later. his daughter declined to discuss the case on camera but says that never heard from the v.a. after their father's sybiop no follow-up call even though medical policies require one. the medical center didn't learn abdat s' death until two weeks ago when the other hospital sent them a bill. where's the follow-through on these cases? why are some daetz not found first by your medical center? >> i can't speak to what happened before i got here. i'm familiarhith bot those cases. >> reporter: the new medical center director, the fifth to run it since 2017 says hospital
6:34 pm
procedures are under review and changes will be if necessary. >> if we did something wrong we will make changes. >> reporter: a veteran from annandale died days after seeking treatment. >> he's been in this location in the past. >> reporter: a veteran who suffered opioid addiction eers the emergency room suffering from acute pain pantic attacks. he asked to be admitted but they released him and gave him a february 8th appntment in a follow-up appointment. workers did not classify him as high risk. february 12 the man shot himself inside his annandale home. according to internal records his wife called to alert the medical center two days later expressing concern her husbands was not hospitalize may 6th. >> there was some sort of
6:35 pm
breakdown. >> absolutely. that was veteran who u came tos for help and we failed. we failed that veteran and that family. we have to do better. >> it devastated us. >> reporter: after the i-team revealed what it knewbo aut woodrow reed, they said they would increase parking surveillance to preventer anoth going undiscovered on the grounds at his time of need. >> you have responsibility to insure that the person that come into that facilityre protected. >> reporter: doctors at the medical center told us these types of adverse events do happen elsewre but get less scrutiny because this is a veterans hospil. we checked hospital dabases about recovering at home. in d.c. below average nationally but slightly above average in the district. >> they have a lot of work to do. >> they say the t are going do it. that fixes of this size and scope will take years but they
6:36 pm
will keep working. >> thank you, scott. >> you can watch the i-team's tire v.a. investigation including a recent story with current employees speaking out about problems on the inside. visit our nbc washington app. >> more on ourop story tonight, release of the mueller report, just about 15 hoursy awa now, you can watch if you're glued to your tv or smartphone torrow. a shutdown coming for the metro rail system and could affect you whether you ride or not. a comfortable night after a beautiful day today. tomorrow, feeling more like summer with highs around 80 degrees. i'm tracking very heavy rainfall and chance for severe thunderstorms in the forecast on
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more children may be going to prescol but aew report says state funding is not able to keep up with the demand. the nationalnstitute for education research says roughly a third of all 4ear-olds in the u.s. are in a public preschoo program.
6:40 pm
but per child has decreased and the teachers are underpaidfe ing the quality of classroom learning. >> whether you can get public pre-k of high quality reahey depends you live. in some places you can start at 3. in other places, there's nothing until kindergarten. >> ranks number one in the preschool. access to preschools were also marked for benchmarks in quality. things like class size, teacher aining. d.c. preschools only met 3 out of 10 of those benchmarks. virginia preschools met 6 out of 10 and maryland met 7, west virginia met nine out of 10 and west virginia identified as the states on the move for improving publicreschool. the system will close allye
6:41 pm
ow and blew lineti stas to repair the crumbling platforms. the platformto resration product is work that issa nec. >> it is so bad there, it's hump. the braddock we get a test line in two weeks when metro shuts down the stations for a weekend the beginning of may. attorney general william barr getting set for tomorrow's big reveal. what we're learning about the mueller report and plans for tomorrow morning. amelia is back wither 10cy
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i love it. yth practically justr signature, you can get a 2019 volkswagen jta for zero down, zero deposit, zero first month's payment, and zero due at signing. montgomery county police need help solving the murder of a tnager. a parking lot in ge teen was shot. police do not have a good description of the shooter or shooters. they said he was a role model making planse to graduat from college and go into business with his brother. a virginia music teacher facing felony charges for two students. owns a traveling group for school aged children. he owns two tutors groups in northern virginia and now closed
6:45 pm
until further. attorney general william barr and his deputy, rod rosenstein are planning a news conference at 9:30 tomorrow morning. the department of justice will not tell us what they plan to say but democratic congressman adjerry nr just tweeted congress is being told they will not get the report until after theews conference. >> justice officials have had numerous conversations with white house lawyers about the findings. it has helped the president's lawyers prepare their rebuttal and perform strategy to public messaging. erika gonzalez with a look at orat we're watching tomorrow. >> we've been talking about the mueller investigation for 23 months now. tomorrow, we get answers. while much of the final report will be redacted, here's what to watch for when it finally gets released. nbc news and other outlets will
6:46 pm
be looking for robert mueller's explanation for why he punted on the issue of obstruction of justice not to make a call on obstruction of jusdce. an most of the president's troubling conduct has already been the subject of reporting. look for any action that the president took we didn't already know about. also, watch for what the white house response will looknd sound like. they could release a counter report, about 35 pages report refuting mueller's findings. watch for the rction from house democrats. judiciary committee chairman jerry nadler could require the unredacted report depending on what they get tomorrow. d barr will talk about the decisions he made on may 2nd and
6:47 pm
house democratsanrobably w to question mueller himself. more developments what to expect just ahead on "nbc nightly news" with lester holt just after this broadcast. did you see it last night? tht fireball tha lit up the night sky across the dmv and beyond? the polic cruiser capturing what's known as a bolide before disappearing into the atlantic. >> this is not likely part of the lyrid meteor shower we usually see. a peek for thoseill be next week, monday night to tuesday morning, what i believe amelia has been telling us. >> if you're up and out monday night, worth looking up. >> we can see 10-20 miles an hour is the forecast. >> pretty nice today. irst outdoor the bike ride of the season. just glorious.
6:48 pm
>> how gorgeous. had a high temperature of 71s. degree leaves continue to come out, the birds were chirping, a picture perfect out there. tomorrow, another nice day, mix of clouds and sunshine and high temperures 80 degrees. we will be warmer by a good 10 degrees. right now in the 60s for the most part. 67 degrees in washington. here's a look at your pollen report today. mold, weeds and grasses low and trees continue to come in high. not just high today but very high was noted on the pollen report on my e-mail. as we look to tomorrow we have a mix of clouds and sunshine throughout the day. 7:00 a.m., 55gr des, lunchtime, 68. mostly sunny skies tomorrow.we had a high temperature 80 degrees, 4:00 or 5:00 p.m. washington, our area, this time of year is beautiful.
6:49 pm
high at 7:00, 77. the tulips is pretty, cherry trees. we look to friday. chance for shower out there before 00 p.m once we hit 2:00 p.m. we start to see areas of rain developing. look at future weather at 5:00 p.m. really bright colors here, potential for very heavy rainfall and strong severe thunderstorms. then, we'll continueo track pockets of rain like this in the evening and overnight hours, as you continue to see showe across the area. we'll have showers friday during the late afternoon, eveni and overnight hours, in addition, pockets of heavy rain and strong to severe thunderstorms at times as well. here's a look at yournd weeke outlook, if you're planning to come home, you could be dealing with very heavy rainfall, maybe
6:50 pm
even thunderstorm or two. remember, never drive through a flooded road. that will bere the gest concern friday night to the overnight hours, heavy rain leading to flooding issues. maybe lingering showers as the system pulls away m andning hours, otherwise breezy throughout the day. a good chunk of saturday looking dry and isolated evening shower on easter sunday. can't rule out a shower during the morni hours but most dry with increasing sunshine throughout the day. it is looking damp for easter egg hunts. a look at the easter egg forecast. from weather alert day, heavy rain impacting mainly during the evening and overnight hours and flooding the main concern and rong gusty winds as well. morning showers possible saturday and sunday and next monday, dry in the mid to upper 70s. >> hopefully we will get a lot
6:51 pm
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the caps had time to get the 5-0 loss off of them now.>> t will take a lot of febreze to get that hockey equipment -- >> you've been there. >> tmi! >> i tell you one day about stuff imy car. if i had aladdin's lamp for only one day, nothing can be finer
6:55 pm
than being in carolina in the morning with one day off after a playoff loss. in a 5-0 loss to the hurricanes monday, the capitals looked like a team that need dade off. they got it tuesday. d it make a difference? we are about to find out. the team trying to take back momentum from the hurrices, whose dominating win in front of that electric crowd dominating. changes in game four. sherree burruss is with the team in rally. >> reporter: the capital staff making adjustments off the ice, today, on the i. t.j. oshie moves up to the top line. >> i haven't been up to my own personal standard, obviously playing with two world class players like that shouldn't be too hard to find a way to have success with thosegu ys. >> reporter: now skating with
6:56 pm
cuznez kov. tom wilson. >> it doesn't matter who you're with. it's fun tolay with those guysre nd fshen it up a little bit and see how that goes and give a different look. >> reporter:he t head coach hopes the changes energize his teamo >> try t stay ahead of matups ey want to get to. just giving a different look for us. >> we know each other well and it doesn't matter who we play against obviously, we will be fine. >> reporter: one other lineup change, defenseman is benched. >> a lot of great stuff. all these changes. some things remain the same. if you'reti superstious,
6:57 pm
remember capitals had 10 road wins lastnd season a watch party at the arena. >> ne4's tommy mcfly will be there. of course, admission is free, why they will be theret doors open a30. theree is there. maybe it wasn't tommy. don't end up like that guymo ow. that's a lot of fun. not to get ahead of ourselves, to get ahead of ourselves, know the next capita s opponent in the next step of the playoffs. we know so much about them. they're owned by johnedecky, and katie ledecky. this season, it came with islanders, former capitals head coach leading islanders to sweep the penguins, shocking many. first sweep for islanders since 1983,ki loong for their first cup since 1983 and face the winner of the
6:58 pm
capitals-hurricanes and now have to go through long island, something barry trotz predicted months ag >> we wil do it again. we have to go t throughhe island, but you guys can do it again. >> what i said will be played forever on every newscast. they have a very strong hockey team. all the goods to do it again, a. i sai i have a great respect and a lot of great relationships with everybody. that's a special group and always be part of me. if we endp playing them, they're the opposition. no matter what happens we will have our hands full in the next round. they're both terrific hockey teams. >> be careful what you say, it might end up on tv. that's why thi job worries me. >> you think they will have a tribute video for the former coach? >> that's a good question. you want to give him a trite but this is serious stuff. >> question of the day?
6:59 pm
>> "nightly news" starts in 60 seconds. hope
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breaking news tonight from north korea, test firing a new tactical weapon. it's the first by kim jong-un since that summit with president trump fell apart. the north korean leader calling it a significant event. we have late details as we come on the air. also breaking justho urs from the release of the mueller report, there is a flurry of news about the attorney general and po res about talks between the white house and the justice department about .what's in the repo a deadly discovery after the scare at columbine days from the 20th anniversary of the massacre. schools closed, kids kept home and a woman the fbi says was armed and extremely dangerous apparently killing herself as police hunted her down.


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