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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  April 17, 2019 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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concerned commuters taking a stand. >> why they say plans to mdesign the bridgeany of you use every day doesn't keep up with modern transportation. >> theajority of d.c. residents get to work either by
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public transportation or walking. or bicycle. >> late break lg details on the eve of the release of mueller's russia report. an investigation that cast a cloud over the trump presidency. >> guess whahappened here? i'll give you a hint wh three letters. atm. >> plus on friday we're in sto team 4 weather alert mode. with hoef rain that could lead to flooding and strong winds. i'll have the time line coming up. we begin tonight with a story of a young couple w had planned to be together until death do us part. good evening. >> befe they could exchange vows, a stranger killed wendy martinez of the while she was jogging. monday wendy's fiancee ran the boston marathon in her honor.
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>> in a telemundo 44 exclusive. he spoke to us a tuthe moment e fulfilled one of her life goals. >> he tells me that her legacy is alive and says that her goal ofhe finishi marathon is fulfilled. because they were running together. supporting the race. i realize it was tough. and i actually i don't know one of my muscles started to feel pain. i just look at the sky. and i saw wendy. >> one of her goals was to run the race. >> we were doing ts together. we were achieving hr dream. she was happy. of being there. she was happy of seeing us there. together as a family. as friends. >> this is him on the ten mile mark. had sees her family. hugs her mom. sp he's given this banner. >> i felt her presence everywhere. >> with that sameseanner he
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cr the finish line. to honor her memory and to raise funds for theegacy project. >> she wasen pursuing excell. that's the motto we would love to see in all women. >> thelr foundation is ady changing lives. >> the first is d.c. non-for profit. amazing o. girls on the run. we'll sponsor two teams of 30 girls. ages between eight and 12. from some of the most vulnerable communities. and the program will bring them together and teach them skills and empathy. team work and empowerment. >> while doinghat she loved, letting people know wendy's light lives on. ibute to like to con the wendy martinez legacy project, we have posted a link i
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in our wasngton app. just search legacy project. >> new tonight. former virginia governor says he's not goeng to get into the race.dential he was non-committal on whether he'll seek his old job again. talking to chris cuomo tonight. virginia democrats urged him to raise money and campaign for candidates running for the virginia general assembly. >> ild spend eight months running for president or six nths making a difference. where can you change peoples lives? at the state level. >> he said he believes he could have beateru tmp. like a quote rented mule. but he alsono ackedged the already crowded democratic presidential primary field. he refused to give a straightsw an to the preeted questions about a potential second run for
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the governor office. >> tonight democrats are demanding a attorney general barr canceltomorrow's news conference on the mueller report. and we' beginning to hear more about what we'll learn from the 400 page document. trackiop new develnts tonight. from our live desk. >> the justice department will release whathe "washington post" is calling a lightly redacted verse of the report so many people have been waiting for. and that version will tackle one of the biggest mysteries of the whole saga. the decision. obstruction of justice. mueller couldn't reach a conclusion on that matter because it was hard to determine t.umps int because some of the president's acti could be interpreted innocently. innocent or not democrats are upset. they want the 9:30 planned news conference canned. according to nadler congress
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won't get the report until0 11:0m. or noon. >> attorney general is not allowing the facts to speak f themselves. trying to bake in the narrative about the report to the ben tit of white house. >> republican collins says barr is worki with muellers team on the release of the report. >> all right. you. storm team four is repairing for heavy rain and strong winds to end the workweek. >> we're already talking about the weather alert d on friday. people need to prepare for this one. >> absolutely. if i can can pass along the weather friday it's never drive through a flooded we'll s the biggest concern from this even friday. heavy rainfall and na could lead to and likely will lead to flooding across the area. first we're starting off the day tomorrow morning comfortably cool. beautiful day. the official high 71 deees.
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57 degrees right now. some clouds out there to start off the thursday. maybe patchy drizzal. especi north of washington. if that happens we'll notice clouds breaking up by 11:00 a.m. and we're in the m-60s at that point. as we look to the friday, here with the weather impacts. biggest concern'mracking heavy rainfall with one to three inches of rain in the forecast. and lead so some yais of floodi t in addition that strong gusty winds. i'll have more on the timing coming up just after 11:15. >> all right. thank you. new details after a woman in sterling woke up to a man she didn't know. inside of her home. touching her. police are e leased this sketch of the man. about 20 years old with dark curly hair. the sheriff office says when the woman woke up she ran he ran ouf he apartment. that's on north duke drive. if you knownything about him or last tuesday assault, call
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police. >> new details since 6:00. a man just doing his job never made itomeonight. a gunman shot a contractor employee to death. on southern avenue in southeast washington. it's the location of this crime that's recently gotten theat tention of d.c. and prince eaders.county >> a crime scene at a work site. ofloalckdtopolice werehe 5,1 c0 ern avenue. for the report of a shooting. the victim a contract employeew ing on a paving job on southern avenue. >> you have a guy out here. all he did was come to work and doesn't go home to his family. >> earlier the b victim hadn doing more than just working on the road. >> i t young maneard that was shot oasering the people outside jobs. that's very unfortunate. he was doing something positive. >> police don't believe theec susp was a worker at the site. >> it was a dispute between the worker and the suspect. in this case.
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and uspect produced a gun shot him. >> suspect last seen heading into prince george county. residents say this t is seconds incident of deadly violence along this part osothe uthern avenue. this past weekend a man was stabbed to death in t nearby 1,000 block of southern. d.c. mayor and executive jeet last walked the border between the representative jurisdictions in a show of cooperation and fighting crime along the streets that divide them. the jurisdictions are working to catch a kler. >>e policlooking for a killer who gunned down a teenager and wounded three others in german town. last night. today we learn that 18 year-old tray dockenshe is t young man killed. in parking lot on curry powder lane whenhe gunfire started. it's unclear what sparked the
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shooting. his family says he dreamed of graduating from montgomery college and going into business with his brother. his mother wants people to remember how he lived his life. >> he took someone that touched so many fema people. he always tried to help. and he tried to set an example for a will the of the young kids. >>ice say the shooting was not random. if you know anything about what happened, call police. nd rehab a busy bridge in d.c. is u way. some people who take it aren't happy. >> they think the plans need adjustments. it's becau folks aren't commuting on the east capital street bridge the way they used to. >> reporter: cars were king when the street bridge was built in 1955. that was still the case when he was renamed for civil rights activist whitney young in 1974. >> we have steel work.
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>> at a transportation meeting in the hill easthb neighood. some made clear their opinion that the bridge rehab project is ciently address the fact people are no longer commuting like it's 1955. >> the biggest concern was the lack of pedestrian access across the river. >> every increasing number of bicycle commuters have been sharing the not very wide pedestrianwa side. with pedestrians. >> some feel the rehab project should have a dedicated bike pedestan lane. >> claim one vehicle lane for example. and then provide the safe space o both bicyclists and pedestrians. each in a separate track. >>on the bridge constructi began this week lanes in both east and westbound directions will be affected and drivers should be expectdelays. >> phase one of the east capital street bridge project is expected to be completed in early june.
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>> we ha a look ahead pot weekend on the roads. if youk use creek park way. part will be closed to cars and pedestrians. starting at 8:00 friday night. offpark way will be block between virginia avenue and the i 66 interchange. the rock creek trail will be shut down. 's part of the ongoing kennedy center expansion project. if you're going to a show this weekend the theater says you should plan extra time. rock croak will reopen 530 monday morning. >> caps look to take commanding lead over the hurricanes tomorrow night and could close out the series in a game you'll see right here. game five is saturday at 8:00 p.m. we'll get you readyan caps pregame at 7:30. sherry will have post game reaction on news 4 at eleven. >> coming up next.
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summer shut down. >> it's coming soon. part of the metro rail system and could affect you whether yoi or not. >> thieves at it again. another attempted heist at a 7 eleven. what the crimes have in common. and why they're so tough to stop. >> one of the most vuable players on georgetown university softball team this season. just eight years old. we'll expln how this that happened.
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>> ta are at it again. a group of thieves targeting atms from local 7 elevens. this time they didn't get ay with the cash. >> they left a big old mess behind.
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police think this latest case is nnected to sever similar crimes and several trends in the crime are emerging. we have the story from mount rainier. >> for months now in our area,s thieveave been using stolen pickup trucks. ramming them into 7 elevens. dislodging atms and trying to make off with the money machine. they have done it four times this year in prince george county. and each time they have done it on a wednesday. what's up withlhat? >> they appened wednesday. >> why? >> we're not sure. that's under investigation. we don't know if it's a reason or. coincidence >> queue the surveillance videoe a ladr rack on top. boom. it backs into the store at the dislodge the atm inside. one try didn't do
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boom. they did it again. then the three robbers pull. and pull push. and try to get that money machinento that truck. nothing. they leave the mess and the money behind. >> people say why try to steal an atm inside a 7 eleven when there's an atm across the street right outside. but take a closer look. it's welded to the pipe. the pipe is w filledith concrete. and there's one here. and one over there. you need aherman tank to get at that baby. by my count the beatm rob have hit about eight times this year. they get cash about 50% of the time. pipes.e welded they work every time. okay. that was pat collins reportil.
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severa jurisdictions are nowst inveigating because they have been hit by atm thieves as well. >> more measles in marylandnt tod. the statert health depament is warning people about potential exposure after a third case of the measles was confirmed today. health leaders say peopl were potentially exposed in several locations in pikes ville on sunday. the first location is 4,000 old court road from 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. market that day. the third is 7 mile market. vaccinations are the best way to family yourself and your from the virus. and stop thepread of it. >> a massive met shut down. will bring commuting to a screeching halt in northern virginia this summer. every station on the blue and yellow line south of reagan rt national airpo will be closed
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starting memorial day weekend until labor day. net row tells us it needs to repair crumbling concrete platforms. the work is necessary but pple y it's going to be hectic without metro use. >> they are in shock. no sub way? how will i get to work. there will be shuttles. that won't work. well, i don't know. >> he's got a sense of humor. metro is planning to enhance shuttle bus service. alexandria says more hov restrictions will go into effect on streets. even wat taxi will be called onto help. >> the georgetown university softball teamed add a new addition to the roster this evening. an 8 year-old girl. meet her from king william county. doctors diagnosed her with a
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genetic disorder in 2010. she was drafted as part of team roimpact. to i the lives of children with chronic illnesses. she signed an official letter of intent tonight. she got gear from the team and players say they're thrilled to have her. >> she's such an energetic and fun loving girl. we are so appreciative of her positive attitude and fantastic dance moves. weoved her from day one. we had so much fun. or the re excited future. >> the mascot even showed up to surprisebeer. as a mem of the team she'll attend practices, games, team dinners and more. >> that's a lot of fun. >> for everybody involved. >> good to see that. so we have h somevy duty weather on the way. not until friday. >> so tomorro is going to be eice and warm. on friday we'll b in the 70s. it will feel humid. and it really concentrated on the evening and over night hours on friday.vy for hea rainfall and strong to
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maybe even severe thunderstorms. that's the second weather headline. declared friday a weather alert day. this is one of the times we can sehe weather far enough in advance where we have given you warning time. it doesn't mean it's anymore serious we're not talking about a tornado out break. we have seen it in the forecast since monday. i have been talking about it. we look at the first weather headline. it's warm out there tonight. 80. mix of clouds and sunshine. generally clouds out there to start the day. and showers over thend weeke it's not a wash out. it's not a picture prfect weekend either. temperatures in the 50s. 57 washington. we'll start with temperatures in the upper 40s and 50s tomorrow. we warm to around 80. there's the chance for patchy drizzle and over cast skies tomorrow morning. but toughout the day we'll have the clouds breaking up. and over all a mix of clouds and sunshine. again just warm out running a good ten degrees above
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normal. here's what you can expect on friday. there's the chance for some morning and midday showers. it's not until later in the day we'll be in th weather alert period. for the strong to severe weather. and that time period is between 2:00 p.m. and 4:00 a.m. inow that's wide range. we're not talking about severe weather that entire time. waves of rain movin through bringing very heavy rain. and strong gusty wind. e to three inches in the forecast. and gusts potentially up to 50 miles per hour. i can't rule out an isolated weak tornado. based on the wind profile. that would be during the evening hour. this is wt the storm prediction center is thinking about severe weather. the best chance for severs weather i to the south. you can see we are mainly in a slight risk f severe weather. around washington and areas to the south. we could have lingering showers from then system o saturday morning. dry around the midday and afternoon hours on saturday.
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maybe an isolated evening swer out there. otherwise breezy with peeks of sunshine. an high arpd 70. on sunday we weam to nr 70 trees with the chance for shower during the morning hours. ver all looking pleasant on easter. for monday a high temperature near 80. with a mix of clouds and sunshine. and the chance of showers nextt day, wednesday and thursda we're
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i don't get it either. the redskins schedule. we'lle worried about wins and losses. for now this nflife is about dates. we have done the free agency thing. the draft coming up next week. april 25. organized team activity may 20. june 4. all that is agreat. whatbout the games? hey iurn a simpleo the
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dramatic tonight in prime time the release of the 2019 schedule. some notable games. payttention. visiting the eagles. that is on the september 8. home opener against the team they love. cowboys. september 15. if you want to see onee of th greatest to ever do it. patriots visit october 4. probably brady's last trip. thursday night football. october o 24 visiting friend cousins and this is on your bucket list. visiting packersec theber 4. so probably good idea to pack a coat. that will be fun. full schedule online. and we'll have a quiz later. all right. the nationals tonight. hosting the giants. a nice night for a win. they got going right away. man on. he is just going to get a hold of this one. thists going i right.
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good-bye. a two run shot. his third of the season. nationals a 2-0 lead. skip to the seventh. 4-2. men on the corners. for adams. call him big city. this is a big hit. three run jack. to right center. adam second of the season. nationals 7-2 lead. what could go wrong? forget i sai that. death, taxes and bull pens giving up runs.nt certs in life. o little gets longoria to pop up. catch it please. he does. that's it. nationals hold on. 9-6. back at it a tomorrow 1:00. speaking of back at it. capitals back to work in carolina after the off day yesterday. game 4 tomorrow. switching up line combinations hoping to spark the team. a rare two days off between games for the caps.
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plenty tf time tonk about the ugly game three loss. wilson thinks it mig be good for the team. >> we need to realize what went on. there was i think as a guphe compete and effort wasn't what it needed to be. you have to use that and think it's all good. we have to work here and play the right way if we want to get the result. that's our focus. and moving forward. >> there will be a watch party at capital. tommy mcfly will be there. adssion is free. >> he might be a marked
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that's going to do itor us. we're over the hump.
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the tonight show is heading your way nec. >> see you tomorrow. >>
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