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tv   Early Today  NBC  April 18, 2019 3:30am-4:01am EDT

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grace? the one -- >> that's a bit like james when breaking overnight, a man arrested at st. patrick's cathedral in new york city with multiple gas cans and lighter fluid. late det ahead. did president trump get a the -up on what else is in mueller report? we're just hours from the long awaited release as his legal team prepares a counterreport. new dails involving billionaire patriots owner robert kraft as prosecutors seek to release the hidden camera video from inside that day spa as kraft t tries to keept video from going public. invwtigators now kno more this morning about the chain of evdits leang to the notre dame inferno as more than a billion dollars hasn ouredr repairs. bacon lovers, listen up. a new study revealing the impact that the breakfast favorite has
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on your health. a medical miracle in the fight against the illness known as bubble boydisease. "early today" starts right now. good thursday morning. i'm frances rivera. >> and i'm phillip mena. breaking news at this hour, here in new york city, another iconih chur this time the famed st. patrick's cathedral faces the threat of fire. just hours ago a security guard stopped a man from entering. police say he was carrying over four gallons of gasoline, two bottles of lighter flui and lighters when officers confronted him down the street. >> his basic story was that he wasting through the cathedral to get to madison avenue, that his car had run out of gas. we took a look at the vehicle. it was not out of gas, and at that point he was taken into custody. >> law enforcement officials tell nbc that the suspect is 37-year-old mark olamperellof new jersey. police and other agencies areg lookinnto his background. for nearly two years the
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mueller investigation was the source of intense speculation and debates on cable news and at dinner tables across the country. today we will finally get a look at what the speci counsel uncovered on russian election meddling as well as possible obstruction of justice byum president tr in just hours, we'll have the nearly 4-hundred page report in our hands or at least the redacted version of it. attorney general william barr will hold a press conference at 9:30 eastern this morning. that's about an hour or two ahead of ereport's release. it's a move that top democrats say aims to shape public perception. >> the attorney general appears to be waging a media campaign on behalf of president trump, the very subject of the investigation at the heart of the mueller report. rather than letting the facts of the report speak for themselves, the attorney general has taken unprecedented steps to spin mueller's nearly two-year investigation. >> for more on what we canda expect let's get to nbc's
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tracie potts in d.c. what's the tone at the white hous >> reporter: the white house has their rebuttal ready although we are told it's gone through several revisions. apparently, frances, they gotel some h from the justice department. "the new york times" reporting that they were briefed byhe justice department on mueller's conclusion in recent days. meantime, "the washington post" is reporting that contemporary to popular opinion, this report may only be lightly redacted, revealing a lot of mueller's work, specifihylly w he was inconclusive on obstruction of justice, and that we will see his analysis of tweets and private threats and conduct by the president. the president's team, though, says it won't make a difference to the bottom line. >> i knew that there waso llusion. i knew that there was no obstruction. and this was affirmed in the mueller report, and attorney general barr's subsequent
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summary. i have no cause to be concerned. >> reporter: keep in mind that this will be redacted report, so some parts of it will be taken out. the head of the housudiciary committee says if they think they're not getting enough, he's got subpoenas ready. meantime, six in ten americans have told the associated press that whatever this report says, they believe that there pdent obstructed justice, or they think that congress should continue investigating whether or not he obstructed justice. we now know that the president tweeted 1hi times that t was a witch hunt. eport expecting that early -- at some point this morning. first the press conference with the attorney general and then about an hour and a half later, congress will get that report along with the rest of us when it's posted online. that's going to be certainly a lot to take in today. trace say pot for us, thank you. chaos in chicago afters00
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teenager swarmed the downtown area, wreaking havoc in the streets. the teens made their way from magnificent mile to millennium park. more than 200 officers confronted the high schoolers,p breakingome fights between the groups. >> when they run like that, someone starts a fight. that's what the other arrests were. people were fighting. we had numerous fights down here. >> police arrested at least 30 disorderlyhings like conduct, theft, and obstruction of traffic. chicago police say these mobs o teens is something they've been dealing with for about a decade now when the weather begins to warm up. now to new developments out of north korea. their state media test firing of what they are calling a new type of tactical guided weapon. this would be the first pslic weapon test since the failed talks between president trump and kim jong-un in hanoi. for more we're joined by nbc's janis mackey frayer. these new developments are raising questions about the possibility of denuclearization. >> reporter: fran sices, this w
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mostly a sign of displeasure on the part oforth korea. they aren't saying exactly what was tested but north korean state media are calling it an evt of very weighty significance. it's coming after the collapse of the hanoi summit lnd thek of any working-level meetings since. so what t thisest does today is tw ings. it first of all sends a message that north korea is not sitting back, but pushing ahead with its weapons development. and, secondly, it's a form of reassurance for their own domestic military officials in pyongyang that north korea, by waiting for some sort of dialogue wh the united states, does not look weak. now,im jong-un in the past several weeks has not outright reatened a return to missile testing, but given his track record, that is the concern among people in washington and analysts. also within the last hour, the regime has been saying that they wantecretary of state mike pompeo replaced as the chief negotiator for the united states. frances? >> janis mackey frayer for us.
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thanks. new developments in the prostitution case involving the billionaire owner of the new england patriots, robert kraft.a prosecutorsre pushing to release hidden camera video from inside the day spa, but a florida judge has temporarily blockedit. nbc's kerry sanders is covering the story. >> reporter: it's the video robert kraft wants nobody to see. police surveillance fuj recorded with hidden cameras at the orchids of asia day spa, where poli allege 25 customers including the own of the new england patriots, robert kraft, paid for sexual favors. a florida judge issued a temporary protective order stopping the release of the video from those private rooms until the end of the month. >> every single person -- >> reporter: for weeks, kraft's lawyer havergued that the footage was gathered illegally, ju a violation of privacy, and would be precial to the potential jury pool. but prosecutors filedtihe state's of intent to comply with the florida sunshine law, which says evidence of an
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alleged crime is a public record. court documents reveal how police obtained a sneak and peek warrant. jupiter police called a false suspicious package warning to be issued for thespa. once the mall was poevacuated, ce entered and installed video monitoring equipment. the police iestigation at the spa began as a human trafficking case, but prosecutors never filed charges, saying there was not enough evidence tha the masseuses who are now charged with prostitution were there against their will. robert kraft and the other suspects now caught up in what otherwise would be an unremarkable misdemeanor case. >> kerry sanders forus, thank you. investigators in paris are examining whether sensor problems may have contributed to that devastating fire ravaging notre dame. officials say a fire alarm was triggered at about 6:20 p.m., but noire was discovered. then a second alarm went off at 6:43, but by that time the had already spread. our richard engel is in paris
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and has the latest. >> reporter: when firefighters rushed in to battle e flames at notre dame, the blaze was already out of control. investigators are trying to determine if the first fire alarm sensor, which sent staffers to an area where there was no fire, was up to date and working properly. it was 23 minutes before the fire departmentas called when a second alarm went off. but by then, the fire was an inferno. this was the roof before t blaze. this is what's left, the ancient timbers gone. we heard from first responders, including father jean marc haurnier, who ced into the burning cathedral to save precious art and christian it was the of the century, he said. i did it for culture, emotions, and faith. across fran, the bells in all cathedrals tolled at 6:50 m., the time the firefighters finally started to save notre dame while its famous bells were
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silent. a member of the notre damey societs still in shock. >> i'm very sad. you know, this place is really friend for me. >> reporter: but amid the devastation, some unexpected joy. a metal rooster long considered protector of the church was discovered dented but repairable. astonishing because it was on op of the spire that came crashing down. france launched an international contest to design a new spire. and now, frances, an ideological debate. to replicate the old spire or reate a new look for a cathedral that has endured and evolved over the centuries, and in record tido, a billion ars has been raised for the reconstruction of notre dame. >> it is astounding. richard engel for us, thank yo nearly a billion dollars in donations as they mentioned, has been poured in to rebuild that iconic cathedral. that devastating blaze is also helping bring in donations for
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threeistorically black churches in louisiana. they werene recently burd in suspected hate crimes. as of sunday, a gofundme for those churches had only raised about us0,000. then j one day after the notre dame fire, donations have soared to more than $1.3 million. they have now surpassed their goal of $1.8 million, and that money will be split among the three churches. let's turn to our weather now with a lot of ingredients out there that are brewing. here's janessa webb. good morning. >> the great news this morning, noornado watches have been issued or warnings here at this time. we're really dealing with that severe thunderstorm watch and warning throughout your morning. the atmosphere is really, really juicy here with dew points currently in the 80s and air temperatures in the 60s. this will continue throughout the day. we still have 19 million in the deep south under severe weather. that's a lk at the big weather story for today. here's a closer look at your day ahead. warm air is really in place
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across the south, even the temperes near 90 degrees out towards phoenix here. we continue to watch the severe weather track to the east. it's always good news when we're not following tornadoes, but ill going to be kind of a dicey 36 hours. >> april showers and then some. janessa, thank you. in today's quick hits, newly tired new england patri s tight end rob gronkowski didn't leave the team without making he dented the team's latest lombardi trophy when he used it for a baseball bat at fenway. a cleanup is expected to take several days after a dozen train cars hauling garbage went off the tracks. no reports of injuries but traffic is backed up. a scary moment for a police officer in new jersey. we'll be right back.
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have your bacon this morning. a new study found that eatjug one slice of bacon a day increases the risk of colorectal casner. this doe just apply to bacon. it r goes fored meat and processed me. ople who ate 76 grams of it -- that's about the size of a quarter pound burger, had a 20%o higher chance developing the cancer. in the united states, colorectal cancer is the third most common cancer, responsible for about 51,000 deaths. at least one boeing max 737 was back up in the air. the company's ceo was onboard for a test flight over western washington. in our local nbc affiliate king 5 in seattle obtained this footage. boeing is updating the software linked to two deadlycrashes. the ceo says steady progress is being made towards certification. new details involving a close call at jfkirport in new york. if not for the pilot's quick action, the plane could have
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crashed. here's nbc's tom costello. >> reporter: the nose of american flight 300 was just lifting off the runway at jfk when suddenly the plane unexpectedly banked hard to the left, scraping the left wing tip on the runway, hitting a light, a sign, and tearing a gash in e wing. the pilot's climb to a higher altitude, then radioed controllers. >> we'd just like to return a check it out. >> reporter: the plane, an airbus a 321 wh 110 people headed to los angeles. >> we were banking, uncontrolled bank, 45 degrees to the left. >>eporter: sources close to the investigation say the plane could have crashed. the pilots stabilized the plane, then returned safely t the airport. jeff tahler was a passenger. >> people are screaming. the guy next to me had fear in his eyes. >> reporter: aviation analyst john cox is a veteran airbus captain. >> the investigators have got to determine conclusively what happened here. this is extremely serious and it
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we're having a baby. so now we just need to find out
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if it's a boy or a girl. it from here. ♪ [ cheers ] >> superstar zion williamson isn't heading to the nba until later this year but he was already drafted to help out with that gender reveal. one'sf the team staff members and his wife were able to convince zion to dunk a basketball to share the big news with their families. probably going to be the last time zion dunks for free the last time in his life. >> they all p need to a cork and toast. ou like case, how would to drink wine that costs as much as a luxury car. a winemaker in hungary claims to be selling the world oh most expensive wine. the price tag, $40,000. that's because of the amount of manual labor needed to produce it. to make a ton of grapes a single bottle. that bottle is a 1.5 liter hand
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blown magnum with a special cork made in portugal. only 18 bottles are currently offered for sale. >> every once in a while we hear these stories. it's always ridilous. >> you just put them up in your wine rack and brag about it. all right. people take notice of everything that the kardashians do. even their bathroom fixturesfa were confused by kim kardashian's flat sink after itp peared in a appeared in appeared in vogue magazine. she demonstrated how the water surface and flows down into a slot at the edge that serves as a drain. she to fans that they created eight prototypes before settling on that design. now i'm pretty gure it'soing to be sold out if you can afford it. >> you can't afford it. it's like an infinity sink. it goes with the whole design, the whole minimalistic >> everythin is minimum but the payment. still ahead, another record-breakin night for
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the day is here. in just a few hours, the latest version of the mueller beport wille made public, but who is going to see it first? answers ahead. cities are trying to work together and stop the violence along southern avenue. but this morng, police are
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looking for a suspect in yet another deadly shooting. and we are getting a new look at a familiar crime. thieves crashing a truck to get to an atm more on the strange cases that may beoncted. good morning, everyone. thanks for joining u on this thursday. i'm eun >>yang. t'm molette green in for aaron gilchrests morning. okay, so you can pretty mh today.the jacket at home the temperatures are going to get turned up today. did i say turned up? >> you said turned upn -- i both ways, you know what i mean? eet's take a live look, it is 56 comfortable degr you know in my book, that's a tad chilly. >> a little bit. >> not going to be chilly all day. melissa mollet has the traffic conditions this morning. >> i had to wear a jacket when ked in. you know, we get here early. >> still 50s. >> let's start things off, storm lauren ricketts with more on what is going to be a hot


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