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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  April 18, 2019 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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your time it 4:30. thanks for joining us as we get started on this thursday mo ting. hard toell now before the sun rises, but it is going to be aa nice d to spend time outside. e when it's aep's cloudy when w get outside, i l feele i need fresh air. good morning, i'm eun yang. >> i'm mette green in for aaron this morning. we need to enjoy the nice, warm weather while we can. we're going to be headed into a wet holiday weekend. >>h-oh. storm team 4 meteorologist lauren ricketts ise with the forecast before we cck in for the first 4 traffic update.
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near 80 today? >> yeah. i think we are going to h the 80-degree mark. the temperatures not bad. in the 50s right now. yes, ware on our way to 80s. it will be breezy this afternoon. alsoe a lit humid this afternoon, as well. sun coming up about two hours n from now. we have isolated showers, mainly sprinkle activity,ri drizzle. cl skies, more sunshine by this afternoon, as i said. we'll get that southerly wind that will help boost the humidity levels as well as those temperatures to around 80. of course, all of our focus t i ont severe weather for tomorrow. we'll talk more about that coming up. temperatures out there, you're starti as you walk out the door this morning in the 50s, 40s out in the shenandoah valley. but again, not feeling too bad out there i terms of temperatures. let's see how fit'sling on the roadways with melissa. good morning. good morning to you. taking a look at bw parkway in laurel, we're talking about northbou and southbound at
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198, one lane blocked each way due to roadwork. out of town, no problems through the section of 66. in mclean, outer loop after the american legion bridge, we had a right lane blocked. that's cleared out of the way. prince george's county inbound, outbound, no issues. >> thank you so muer. aeeks of waiting, the ic much-aated robert mueller report will be released laterin this morng. >> the attorney general will hold a news conference at 9:30 this morning before releasing the redacted version of the 400 page docume a. democrats upset that william barr is holding a news conference before giving congress a hard copy. that copy will be available sometime after 11:00 this morning. the report details mueller's two-year investigation into russian interference in the 2016 presidential election and the question of whether president trump's campaign concluded with- russian agents colluded with
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russian agents. nr said there was no evidence of collusion and reason to believe the president obstructed justice. coming up at 4:45, we'll check in with news4's t is following the story on capitol hill. new details this morning in a disturbing sexualassault. the loudoun county sheriff's office released this sketch of the man they believe is responsible. last week a w wan says shee up to a man she did not know inside of her sterling apartment. he was touching her. 's describs about 20 years old with dark, curly hair. when the woman woke up, the man ran off. new this morning, virginia state police arrested a manassas man and charged him with child pornography possession and solicitation. 33-year-old schuyler stuart karato is being held on several charges. investigators received a cyber tip in virginia and launched an investigation. they found several hundred screen shots of child hrnography. investigators say goes by the name of tony karakarato on soci
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media and uses several sites to get nude pictures of boys and gis. they are asking anyone who may have had contact with him to come forward. they areeahing for more victims. > this morning, aocal music teacher is facing abuse charges involving his young students. fairfax county police say two victims have come forward accusing jeffrey cummins having inappropriate contact with them for years. cummins is a private teacher, and the founder of virginia music adventures which was located until recently in this annandale home. ne also owns two huntington learning centers i tyson's and springfield. police want to hear from parents concerned their children may have hadpr inapopriate contact with cummins. a threat of violence that kept nearly half a million students out of school yesterday is over, but the investigation into the young woman who was allegedly targeting denve area schools continues this morning. sol pais was found dead
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yesterday about 45 miles from denver. the 18-year-oldepas rtedly obsessed with the columbine school shooting. she was considered armed and dangerous after traveling to colorado from florida earlier this week ahead of the 20th anniversary of the deadly school shooting. schools that canceled classes as an precautioyesterday will be open today. it's 4:35. here's a looer at the oth top stories this morning. police say a man they described as emotionally disturbed was outside st. patrick's cathedral in new york city. he tried to walk iny with nearl four gallons of gas, lighter fluid, and butane lighters. a security guard stopped him before he entered the church. he told police h was trying to cut through because his car ran out of gas. investigators say his car was not out of gas. today at 2:00 p.m., the national cathedral will ring the bourdin bell in solidarityotith the nre dame in paris.
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the massive blaze will shut down six athedral for up to years. investigators are also trying to determine if the first fire alarm sensor was properly working. it was 23 mutes before a second alarm went off on monday. by that time, the fire was out of control. > a d.c. contract worker is dead following a shooting on southern avenue in the victim w working on a paving jobhe on t road yesterday. police say there was some kind of dispute between the worker and the suspect, and the suspect shot theman. a 7-eleven store clerk is injured in prince george's county. police are searching for serial atm robbers. this is surveillance video of an attempted smash and grab early yesterday morning in mt. rainier. police say this is the fourth suchrime inhe county in just over a month. all of them on wednesdays. police tell news4 they believe the crimes are connected. it's 4:36. many of you remember the tragic story of wendy martinez who was kill by a stranger while jogging near logan circle last
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year. she'd been out running because she was training foros then marathon. this past monday, h fiance ran that race this is video ofaniel hi ope reaching the ten-mile marker and hugging wendy's family. he also carried a sign that read "love wins, wendy wins." daniel says while he may have been physically running by himself, he wasn't alone. [ cheers ] >> at some point in the race when i realized it was really tough -- i don't know, one of my muscles -- i was starting to feel pain. i looked at the sky, and i saw wendy. and i just felt her presence everywhere. >> by running that race, daniel was also raising funds for the wendy martinez legacyu project. yo can find more information about the foundation on theonbc washingtapp. a health warning this morning in maryland. a third case of measles has been reported. the state's health department says the public may have beenex
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posed to the virus in parts of baltimore county. an affected patient was in public areas in pikesville on sunday. you n see those locations on your screen here., keep in mindose most at risk are people who are not vaccinated. this is oneun of hdreds of cases in the latakt outbre across the country. the caps are back on the ice tonight to defend the cup. here's a look at them in practice. ey are focused on shifting momentum after the devastatingg loss ast the hurricanes. they're up 2-1. game four is in raleigh. fans a home can enjoy the game all togethergh >> that's ri there's a viewing party tonight at capital one arena. doors open at 6:30 -- you're not going? >> too late for me. i feel like i have to watch part of the game. >> just a little bit. nbc 4 is your home for the hurricanes and caps, game five saturday at :p.m.
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we'll get you -- 8:00 p.m. we'll get you started with the regame and sharree burruss will have more at11:00. >> we're back with much more ahead. stay with us. good thursday morning. this week we've been sharing tips on how to make your credit card work for you. >> and today we are talking restaurant rewards. what if we told you that you can actually earn cash by eating ou >> makes the bills easier to swallow. >> susan hogan shows how it works and tells you why credit card companies are raising the bar. >> see y this afternoon. ou
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back now at 4:42 with some new video out of gainesville, virginia. look -- that is a bear. you see him? >> i sm. hi >> casually out for a late-night stroll in the hopewells landing neighborhood. the nest camera caught the bear in action. that's pretty big. sopparently this is the time of year black bears awaken from hibernation, and they're hungry. can you imagine a bear coming out of hibernation near your house? >> just strolling along like i know this neighborhood yeah. >> experts say to put anything away that my smell like food to a cbear. thatould be anything -- that could be your pet. you have to just take precautions, yikes. i wouldn't want to see a bar be in my yard like that. summe isn't even here yet,
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but if you're already looking ahead to football season, it is time to mark your calendars. >> football ason? okay. i know. the redskins -- >> you have to win the stanley cup first. i mean, can we get that don first? my husband loves the redskins. football is his thing. the redskins, theyth released r schedule last night. the highlights begin with an opening game against the eagles. ugh. up in philly on september 8th. our home opener is against the cowboys. >> ugh, more ugh. >> the following weekend -- >> this is all yuck. sorry. tom brady a his super bowl -- wah-wah -- october 4th. th ski face off against kirk cousins and the vikes on the 24th. they don't play on thanksgiving this year. they will take on the passengers december 8- packers december 8th
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4:46.elcome back at today is a big day in washington. all eyes are on the attorney general as he is expected to release a redacted version of special counsel robe mueller's report. >> members of congress have been
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asking for the highly anticipated trotts is live on capitol hill. the document is not even out yet, and democrats are already calling foul. lay out why theyre upset. >> reporter: because, molette, they don't want to hear from william barr anymore. they wanto hear directly from robert mueller -- at least the words that his team put together in this report. but the way this is going to play out, attorney general barr is going to hol a news conference first, an hour and a half at least before he delivers the report to capitol hill. and democrats say they don't need that. they're trying to control the message and just want toinet this report. it will be delivered to capitol hill on c.d. for members of congress. and then posted on line for the rest of us to see. >> and what are some key points we should be looking for in this report? >> reporter: so first of all, look for whas there and what's not there. there are reports that have said it will be heavily redacted, although the "washington port" now repng maybe it will be lightly lly redacted accordi theirsources.
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a lot of robert mueller's work will be evident including why they couldn't come to a decision t obstruction of justice. they believet it was difficult to determine the motive of the president and some of the things that he did accordg to the report. and also, an analysis of the president's tweets and things he said publicly, privately threats according to the testimony that they took. a lot of that according to the post reportill be revealed when we look at mueller's work later today. >> tracie potts live for us this morning. thank you. to a developing story in north korea. the country announced itd test fire new type of tactical guided weapon. north korean leader kim jong-un observed the testing. there "associated p" could not independently verify north korea's claims. the ballistic missile test would jeopardize the diplomatic talks to denuclearize the north. the nor ao demanded secretary of state mike pompeo be removed from nuclear hgotiations. president trump met twice with the north korean leader,
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but d talksuring the nuclear summit fell through. the u.s. naval academy in annapolis will bin banning people who are transgender starting in 2020. the defense department confirmed the change to the "capital gazette." the change is part of the trump administration's new policy that bans transgender people from servin enly. right now the naval academy accepts transgender students and thtains midshipmen who transition to ano gender. democratic presidential hopeful beto o'rourke haspe wrap up a two-day campaign swing through virginia. he made nine stops in the commonwealth in two days. nbc news caught up with him in fredericksburg when he was awhed e he stands on calls for governor ralph northam to resign over the governor's blackface scandal. >> i think it should be up to the citizens ofirginia to make the decision. in the wake of the revelations about his actions in the past, i said i thought it was best that he step do. but ultimately, again, that's going to be decided by the
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people of the commonwealth. >> a racist photo in governor northam's medical school yearbookur sfaced in february. northam says he does not believe he is actually in the photo. and he h resisted calls to step down. the devastating fire at notre dame cathedral in paris t ledo an immediate outpouring of donations across the world. here in the u.s., the fire also moved donations of more than $1.8 million to rebuild three historically black churches burned in suspected hate crimes in louisiana. those fires at three churches occurred over ten days beginning at the end of march. authheities said t were deliberately set and have arrested a suspect. the $1.8 million is to be distributed equally among three church which were all a century old. one of our working 4 the community segmentss resonating across the country. remember the hidden hate u halo project in -- hidden hal i project january? the church donated $100,000 to
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students at howard county university. it was so much fun. yesterday the project was featured on the "steve harvey" show. the church donated money to students who were not able to graduate because of outstanding balances. you know, they t can get in way. now the church challenges y to pay it forward in any way you ca to help someone in need. so nice to see them on that national stage talkingdobout g good work. >> that community walking the walk, giving back, spreading messages of love. and i think helping others. what an impact. great that you put that in the spotlight. >> we had it on news4 first. >> that's awesome. >> if was fun to see. we have to talk about the we can talk about everything, but you know, we have a show to do. >> talking about the weather today, fun to talk about it -- >> it is. tomorrow's going to be a busy day for everybody. if you're traveling, getting ready for your easter passover, we'll have some gin. we'reng to have some storms. today we've got spotty drizzle out there. temperatures in the mid 50s, outside. you walk
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those temperatures are going to fly into the 60s as we head through the morning. clouds will break u in the afternoon. the humidity comes up. winds pick up. temperatures topping out around 80 degrees today. again,e have a few sprinkles out there. a lot of this isn't hitting the ground. eain, we have a chanc for sprinkles as we continue through the morning. you may find yourself with a few raindrops on your windshield. defitely a lotf raindrops on your windshield tomorrow evening. now tomorrow morning, we getw feight showers. tomorrow evening, that's when we're expecting the severe weather to come our way. and you can see this -- a massive system from ccago all the way down to houston. middle part of the united states, that's rolling our way. and it's really going to impact a lot of the eastern seaboard tothrough the day rrow. if you've got travel plans, it's not only around here. it's throughout the eastern part of the united 80 degre today. patchy drizzle out there, becoming humid, sunny, and becoming breezy out there. tomorrow we'll be in the mid 70s. we are weather alert we have a.m. showers and p.m. storr.
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foour weekend outlook, friday, passover, severe understorms. saturday, travel, showers and breezy. d i had to put back a few showers as we get into your easter sunday. we are in a risk. ou of five, this is number one risk. that's a smallest risk mar snal foere thunderstorms, slight risk is number two, enhanced risk is number three. then moderate and high. we're at level one and two out of five for severe thunderstorm risk as we get into your friday. a few sprinkles early friday g. morn maybe a shower or two. really this is coming any time between 2:00nd about 3:00 a.m. into your saturday morning. big story going to be the damaging winds and flooding becausehis is slow-moving system. we'll have to watch for flooding and flash flooding as we get into your friday. we'll talk more about that coming up in a minute. let's talk about traffic with melissa. good morning., laurel still have bw parkway at 198, lanes blocked by the work zone in each direction. brand-new problem,reat falls, georgetown pike at innsbruck
4:54 am
avenue, trying to get information on a car off the roadway. beltway is clear. the earlier issue in mclean has disappeared. looking at 95 in 32 down to the beltway, 69 miles per hour gets you there in ten minutes. eun? >> thank you. a massive metro shutdown is right around the corner, and it is going to last all summer. it will affect section of the yellow -- sections of the yellow and blue lines. adam tuss with more from the braddock road station. >> reporter: spend any around the braddock road metro station, and y can see why some serious work is neededhe re. if you use the station, ymi t not know what's lurking right beath your feet. transportation leaders certainly do. the platform restoration project is absolutely a safety issue. this is work that is necessary. >> reporter: well, this platform, braddock road, is by far and away theost troublesome for metro right now. take a look at that hump right there in the platform.
4:55 am
and this entire structure continues to be an sue. fact, they've nicknamed this thoc bradd hump. in a month, every blue and embassy yell -- yellow lines ll be closed for repairs. metro is planning enhanced shuttle bus service between the closed stations. more hov restrictions will go in place on price, and even water tax --l taxis wilbe called in for help. >> painful for a lot of people. > a couple announcing they're expecting has a gender reveal yat's reall a slam-dunk. >> boom! >> that's duke superstar zion williamson helping a couple discover it's a boy. the father of the w babks in duke's broadcasting department.b zion hasig expectations. he's likely going to bet the
4:56 am
firs pick in the nba draft this summer. everybody will be watching that. hat's right. i've got to we'll do that -- i texted people, called them, it's a girl, it a boy. boring. >> that's what i did, too. here's another feel-good story. the georgetown university softball team, they have a new addition to their roster. >> , that new addition is an 8-year-old girl. meet frederica albanese froil king wam county. doctors diagnosed her with a genetic disorder in 20e. th hoyas drafted her as pt of team impact. the nonprofit in boston fights to improve the lives of children with chronic st night frederica signed an official letter of intent. cute. she received gear from the team. players are thrilled to welcome her. >> she is such an energetic and fun-loving girl. herre appreciative of positive attitude and fantastic dance moves. we've loved her from day one. we've had fun withre her and
4:57 am
excited for our future. >> take a look at this. the mascotven showed up to surprise her. as a member of the team, she will attend practices, games, dinns, and much more. >> sweet. >> and even if she doesn't play a lot of softball, the impact to have the other young women as her role models, way to go, geor wtown. >> andt she will do to impact those women. >> exactly. a man wantedo protect attack. from a nuclear but what ended up happening left a man dead in a series of underground tunnels. the next steps forhe t trial ahead. they're smash-and-grab jobs at convenience stores around prince george's county. we first told you about the latest attempted atm theft yesterday morning. today, we'll find out more. yikeom that's all cg up at 5:00. hey mercedes,
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the day is here. in a few hours the latest version of the mueller report will be made public. who's going to see it first? cities are trying to stop the violence along southern eefd. this morning policre looking for a suspect in yet another deadly shooting. and we are getting a new look at a familiar crime. thieves crashing a truck to get to an atm. >> wow. >> more on the strange cases that may be connected. good morning, everyone. thanks for joini


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