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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  April 18, 2019 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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along southern avenue. police are looking for the suspect in another deadly shooting. we are getting a new look at a familiare. crim thieves crashing a truck to get he an atm. more on strange cases that may be connected. good morning, everyone. thanks for joining us for "news4 today." i'm eun yang. >> i'm molette green in for aaron gilchrest this morning. you might want to leave the jacket at home today. the temperatures are getting turned up. >> turned up? all right. that's how it'soing to be today. >> yeah. >> a live look, 56 degrees this morning for your commute. and melissa mollet is tracking conditions this morning and your first 4 traffic. >> let's start things off witor stm team 4's lauren ricketts for more on the turned-united states temperats-- turned-up temperatures. >> i like that. the temperatures will be around 80 degrees today. our average temperature for this
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time of year upper 60s. they're getting turned upbi seeing a few sprinkles. may need to turn up the umbrella especially in the northern shenandoah valley. listen, this is few sprinkles passing through the area. it's going to be gone conhnuing throughis morning, then this afternoon big changes. also big changes heading into your friday. this is coming our way. yeah. lots of severe wther ready to enter louisiana. all the way through missouri during the overnight. we have some tornadoes possible in theiddle part of the united states. but this system's not going to fall ap it's going to move south and into our area as we head through tomorrow afternoon. we're going to time that out because it's goi w to be a start to the holiday weekend. if you're traveling, pay attention to the forecast. 56 now. droppi a little through the 7:00 a.m. hour. in the 60s by 11:00 a.m. in the low 80s by this afternoon. twe'll talk more about timing of the rain moving our way. that's coming up in a bit. let's talk timing with your commute and melissa. good morning. good morning. if you'reeaded out soon, things looking pretty good.
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we have quite the exception right now. take a look at the map. as you're headed inboundn 395, we are pretty slow. i'm gng to show you why. chopper 4 headed ton zoom id look at this here this morning. here's what we're talking about, nohbound 395 aftering street, vehicle in the leftide of the road causing problems. it was deways. now you're getting by just on the right. as you look at the major delays on inbound 395, you might want to consider something differentu again, ife headed out soon. georgetown pike, innsbruck, car off the roadway. and yellow line, a signal problem the issue at mt. vernon square. >> thank you. after weeks of waiting, the attorney general will release special counsel robert mueller's report into russia's interference in the 2016 >> the rd version will be sent to congress sometimes after 11:00 a.m. that has some lawmakers upset. justin finch is live on capitol hill with more on this. good morning. >> reporter: molette, good before that redacted report comes out today, we understand
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attorney general bill barr will have a press conference today. and that has some democrats upset this morning, as well. they want the attorney instead release at least to tm an un-redacted version of the report. that's not in the cards just yet. so today between 11:00 a.m. and noon, members of congress should get hard copies of that redactn wanted rep in time, perhaps, less redacted version. now some a democratsre arguing that the attorney general is trying to control the narrative from the 9:30 press conference this morning to last month when he had the four hi-page sum fle which he noted no con -- summary in which he noted no conclusions could be dra about the president being involved with obstruction. this is one of the reasonshat mocrats say they need to see the un-redacted version of the report. >> leasing even --ng relea even the redacted report to congress until after his press
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n nference will again result the report being expressed through his own words rather than the words of special counsel robert mueller. >> reporter: the public should have access later on today on the special counsel weite. you can imagine that from now until 11:00 a.m., lots of eyes on capitol hill to the white house. wang the clock and looking for that report, as well. we're live on capitol hill, news4. thank you. now to the president's race. former virginia governor terry mcauliffe says he is not throwing his hat in the ring. mcauliffe talked to chris cuomo about the decisio not to seek the democratic nomination for president. he said virginia democrats urged him to raise money and campaign for candidates running for the general assembly. mcauliffe says he knows heould have beaten president trump like a, quote, rented mule. he refused to give a straight answer as to whether he would run for governor again. he> this morning, deeps are searching for tan -- d.c. police are searching for a man who gunned down a worker doing
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his job. it happened on southern avenue in southeast on the d.c. border unwith prince george's co. this happened yesterday afternoon. the victim was a contract employee who was working on a paving job. police say there was some kind of dispute between the worker and the suspect, and the suspect shot the man and took off. >> i heard the young man that was shot today was also some of the people standing outside jobs. that's unfortunate because he was trying to do something sitive. >> this year of southern avenue has seen an increase in violence lately. just this past weekend a man was stabbed to death. an update now to that deadly shooting in germantow we first told youdabout yest we're hearing from the heartbroken family of the 18-year-o 18-year-old man who died in the shooting. tray dawns was on the parking lot on curry powder lane tuesday when gunfire evupted. it is unclear -- erupted. it is unclear what sparked the shooting. hurt. others were
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dawkin dawkins' family said he dreamed of graduating college and going into busines h with older brother. >> he didn't deserve to die that way because he wasn't the type that would go out here aur h people or anything like that. he always tried to had help. he try -- tried to help. ds tried to set an example for a lot of young ki >> montgomery county police say the shooting was not random.>> > today the first defensetn wis in the bethesda house murder trial is set to take the stand. the prosecution rested its case yesterday. daniel beckwit ised accus of deprafing heart murder. prosecutors say he let a 21-year-old die when a fire broke out in the tunnels beneath his investigators say beckwit hired the victim to help dig a doomsday tunnel. he worked there before ka frfras
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hired. john walker lindh is serving a 220-year sentence for helping the taliban after the september 11th attacks. he's getting out of prison next month. he will be on protion for three years and will be required to hl e mentahealth treatment and internet access restricted 6:07. surveillance video from the attempted atm theft at september 11th in mt. rainier, we brought you this as breaking news yesterday morning. look closely at the pickup truck here. it backs up into the store to dislodge the atm inside. one try didn't do it so they tried it again. then the robbers pulled and pushed the atmhi m trying their hardest to load it on to the truck, but no luck. they left the mess and theoney behind. this was the fourth such incident in prince george's county in just over a month. news4's pat collins spoke with prince georg and they think the crimes are connected. >> reporter: and it all hdnpened on weday. >> they all happened on a wednesday. >> reporter: why? >> we're not sure at this point. that's under investigation. we're not sure if there's
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reason to that or just coincidence, we're not sure. that's something we'll be looking into. >> here's another look at the surveillance video. prince george's county police say the thieves actually waited until the police left the area to do the crime. we're told the store clerk was saulted during all of this. police are also now working with several jurisdictions investigating similar atm-related crimes. man described as a emotionally disturbed was rested outside of st. patrick's cathedral in new york city. police say he tried to walk into the church with two cans of gas, lighter fluid, and twoen extd butane lighters.ur a secy gary was able to hop -- guard was able to stop him and turned the man over police. he told officials he was trying to get through the chu because his vehicle was out of gas. the vehicle was not out of gas. >> this comes days after the devastating fire at the notre dame cathedral in paris.
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construction workers and stuart staff have been interviewed. fire crews are tryg to find ah if the sensor was worki properly. by the time officials got there, it was out of control. today at 2:00 p.mhe t national cathedral will ring the bell in a show of solidarity. a disturbing sexuality in sterlia. last week oman woke up to a man she did not know inside of her apartment on north duke drive, and he was touching her. the sheriff'sffice released this sketch of the man they believe is responsible. he's described as about 20 years old with dark, curly hair. f.en the woman woke up, the man ran >> surveillance video of new england patriots owner robert kraft paying for and receiving sexual favors during a visit to a florida day to will be made public. various media outlets have been fighting for the release of the video in urt. the video's from surveillance cameras placed inse the spas in mid-january.
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they're a key part of the prosecution's casegainst kraft and 24 others. he was arrested and charged as part of a sweeping investigation into a prostitution ring. attorneys for kraft call the state attorney's decision to to release the tapes an alarming development. the tapes will be out by the end of the month. kraft denies awrongdoing. okay. so the caps are back on the ice tonight to defend the cup after a devastang loss. >>ah. >> to the hurricanes in game three. they got to shiftmo that ntum. >> right. >> you know? >> back in the caps' -- >> the right direction. >> the caps still lead the series. they're up 2-1. game four is back in raleigh. the fans here at home can sboi the game all together. there is a fewing party -- a viewing party tonight at 6:30. admission is free viahe f
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street entrance. it will be fun. more fun to watch with fellow fans. >> absolutely. they've got to have enough, and rsvp. you'no got to haveh drink and food. >> all of that good stuff. >>1 6:11. a diver who helped save a soccer team in thailand needs to be rescued himself. pulled from being his unsouthern fate. later this morning -- uncertain fate. later this morning -- >> what to know when you dig at bike out and get ready to hit the road. we're working 4 you keeping you and your kids safe. well, working 4 you good morning, sprinkles out there. probably don't need the umbrella. you'll need the sunglasses later this afternoon. a cloudy start but mild. temperatures starting in the 50s. going to feelmeike sum out there today. summertime thunderstorms headed our way.
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good morning. big delays inbound on 395. a fourile back up. chopper 4 showing you some of the problems here zooming in five miles inside the no-fly zone to show what's going on. i thessue is at king street. full details coming up. eun? >> thank you. that's quite the back up. >> 6:14. this morning a british diver who helped save others was rescued himself. >> that man was lost in a remote can tennessee. don't go in that cave, okay. josh brchly disappeared while diving with a group in a cave east of nashville. he was a member of an elite team that rescued a team trapped in a cave in thailand last year on. wednesday, a crew had to come to his rescue. >> ran some new lines, came up to the air pocket, and shockingly, there he s, calm as could be.
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he just said, "thank you, thank you." he did a great job in aiding his rescue. we were in and out quickly and smoothly. >> thank goodness the rescuers were able to pullim out. when they did, all he wanted was some pizza. >> you ow, i understand that completely. >> lotsmu orooms -- >> mushrooms? >> i'm on a get-fit plan. i need veggies. >> i get you. all right, >>molette. 6:15. constant exposure to media coverage of a trauma may be bad for your mental health.4, more than 000 were studied for three years between 2013's boston marathon and the 2016 orlando pulse nightclub shooting. researchers say when people became distressedlo folwing the repeated mediaexposure, they were more likely to hav heightened anxietyurbout fute violent events. they were also mo likely to tune in for the next more that leads t stress.op pele who experience violence more likely s are
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to fall into the cycle. > even odi social me the graphic details, the images, turnpiket off -- >> hard to do when it's so saturated. yeah, the images are hard to forget here. la y, flooding caused some major damage in historic ellicott city and killed a man. yesterday howard county executives revealed the secd phase of the safe and sound plan to prevent another disaster. the five proposals includesh demoliing at least four buildings. and ball says this will create companyerts forcing floodwater out of downtown. there will be a meeting to decide which plan wl be chosen. a similar flat in ellicott city in 2016 left two people dead. catholic university is focused on climate change. the school hold its seconds annual university-wise workshop yesterday. the session focused on ways to care for the earth. the university says everyone needs to be involved in this issue and be proactive about it. spears from around the world
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discuss solutions to climate change, everything from reducing energy consumption to decreasing coastal flood risk nextweek, news4 is working 4 for you w an in-depth loo -- with an in-depth look at the changing climate. see how it affects your family, your money, your health, even your comme. >> the primetime special airs april 22nd at 7:30 here on ne i4. an importaue that affects so maybe of us. looking -- very much looking forward to that. yeah. and we've been working on it for some time. amelia wasot shog it the other day. i'm glad our station's putting the forefront on the cla-- the climate change. and we want to get you ahead of the storms because we've got travel concerns as we get into your friday. showers out there this morning. shouldn't impact your commute. i shouldn't say showers, sprinkles, a little drizzle out there. clearing skies throughout the day. it's going to be breezy, humid, and hot this afternoon.e
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we will home sunshine later on this afternoon. and as i was talksing about, severe -- talking about, severe weather possible tomorrow across the area. temperatures will go up. we're in the 50s right 'snow. itot bad when you walk outside. and then we'll continue to move those temperatures to right around 80 degrees. again, becoming sunny and breezy by this afternoon. and then we stay mild overnight. there's a few sprinkles i was talkin about. again, maybe a shower. by hagerstown, maybe a shower at the top of i-81 into the pennsylvania border. we're looking at cloud cover out ngere. what we're looki at to the middlest united states -- middle of the united states is a line of storms from chicago down ow toward brville. this is a big line of storms. this will travel south and east and movep as we get into your friday evening. today we're not talking about that. we're talking about improving conditions. temperatures tomorrow in the low to mid 70s. we are weather alert for tomorrow with a few showers in the morning and then storms in the afternoon.
6:19 am
passover, if you're traveling tomorrow, watch for the severe storms. saturday travel, showers and breezy. and i had to putt a few showers in for sunday unfortunately. ai ag here's tomorrow morning. 8:00 a.m. a few showers, light stuff moving through the area. but the main system arrives after 2:00 p.m. and again, we'll have a few thunderstorms out there. the main threat tomorrow is the heavy rains, gusty winds. a few power ou eges, mayben a brief tornado. listen, we're going to be with you all night. keep it here. we're trieding off. samarra will be here. i'll be here overnight into your saturday morning and with you rough the day to let yknow. look at these storms -- they could really pack a punch. over twonches of rain in some spots. again, we are worried about flooding and flash flooding through yourriday afternoon, friday evening. showers on saturday. a few showers on sunday. monday we are dry. and then chance of showers a we go through the middle parity w nek -- middle parts of next week.
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now to traffic and melissa. starting with a look at the beltway here. no major issues as you look at your route this morning. a little slow outer loop approachingeorgia avenue, very normal. here's another problem, though, inbound on re395. we a seeing some delays. let's look at that. chopper 4 shong you this four-mile back inbound on 395 because ofng a problem at ki zoom information to show you this picture. thank you for that. you can see all of those delays. northbound 395 after king is where this was. again, looks like it's just gust on then out of -- just gotten out of the way with folks on the right sidee of th road. georgetown pike, innsbruck. georgetown pike, innsbruck.
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welcome back. 6:23. near 80 today. the weekend fast apprimching. it's te to plan activities that the take your child away from the screens and out into the fresh air. >> fresh air, yes. what gets you pumping even more, bike rides. melissa with the ways to stay safe. >> good morning. we'vealked you throughetting your bike properly prepped for the road. once on the road, there are things youou and yr child should follow to stay safe. now that we've prepped our wheels, it's time get smart. travis evans owns just riding along bicycle sho laytonsville. he says bake safety starts with your gear. make sure your helmets are bright,reflective, perhaps each add a light. that helmet isn't something you want to be a hand-me-down. >> usually the shelf life of a medical met is three to of course -- helmet is three to four years. >> reporter: avoid the big box
6:25 am
store bike assembly. >> a lot of times they aren't assembled correct leap ly -- correctly toegin with. sometimes they need tune-ups heright out of t box. >> reporter: for baby seats, he likes trailers best. >> a lowerenter of gravity. also, if the bike falls over, the trailer is going to stay upright or maybe just lean ale litt bit. >> reporter: just learning? >> you do not want training wheels to be flat on the ground, ay. you want there to be some rock to the bicycle. >> reporter: evans says the most important thing to teach kids is knowing where to ride, how to be safe when riding. >> this could be your child's first vehicle. they must know the rules of the road. >> i look both ways before ihe cross t street. i always keep my helmet on. i have a goal make sure people i'm ut of the way if coming. >> reporter: also, know the signals. >> right ,tu left turn, slowing.nd >> reporter: a what to expect from bikers. ou run ng on the road, into a lot of people that really
6:26 am
don't pay attention to you. >> reporter: a reminder for driver give cyclists at least three feet on the road. for more information on how to get your bike ready forpring and safety rules, head to the nbc washington app or guys? >> super cute. >> uh-huh. >> i found them somewhere. >> i like the bike bell. > 6:26. coming up, she was the d.c. woman killed while jogging. now her fiancee is oning up about the 26.2-mile tribute he made in her honor. the touching story ahead at 6:30. lauren? and we are looking at those temperatures right now. little on the mild side. however, it's going to be a little on the hot side later on this afternoon. sprinkles out there now, but a heavy rain tomorrow. in fact, we're worrying about flooding a damaging winds. the weather alert for your friday coming up. plus, a bear spotted in a local bank yard. where in our area this big guy was caught on camera.
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just about 6:30 on a
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thursday morning as we take a live look outside right now. once the sun is up, it's gng to be a nice day. lauren promises, and i believe her. gloomy right now. good morning, everyone -- >> a little blue out there. a little blue. >> that's right, i'm eun yang. >> i'm molette green in for aaron this morning. enjoy the nice weather today because we're going to have kinds of a wet holiday weekend. >> always comes on the weekend. >> i know. >> ourto srm team 4 meteorologist lauren ricketts has the forecast before we check in for the first 4 traffic updates. what are we going to see? >> we'll see a warmup this afternoon. the temperatures are going to be around 80. gloomy start. we're seeing drizzle and sprinkles out there. but the clouds will erode, and we'll get sunshine later this afternoon. we'll get heat and humidity. be prepared for that. right now, it's mild out there. the temperatures in the mid 50s at this point. again, plenty of clouds around. a littl. haze around as you get the kids ready for the bus stop, temperatures in
6:31 am
the mid 50s with sprinkles, mainly north and west of d.c. no increasing sunshine through lunchtime, might be a good idea to eat outside today. it will be a little warm and breezy. look at that -- by 3:00, those temperatures are going to be around 80 degrees. gain, a few sprinkles out there. nice shower up at hagerstown area. but more rain coming our way. yeah, that's headed our way for your friday evening. we'll talk more about the timing. let's talk about the timing of yo commute with melissa. good morning. >> good morning. right now as you take a big look at the map here this morning, you s a couple of small spots of slowdowns. outer loop at georgia is one. another situation inbound on 395. slow because of a couple of different crashes there. so northbound 395, after king street and in the main lanes, that's where the initial crash was. we have one now on the right side near duke street this morning. that's going to be quite slow. chopper 4 was zooming in and showing delays. as you see, it's gotten f gy outside. they're headed home to get back on the grounds ground -- the
6:32 am
grnd and be safe. northwest massachusetts at 2nd, an accident hanging around. delays on yellow line in both directions, signal iss the orange line to new carrollton, signal problem outside of east falls church. mall ♪ >> thank you so much. after weeks of waiting, the much-anticipated special counsel ilrobert mueller report wbe released later this morning. >> the attorney general will hold a news conference at 9:30 this morning before relsing the redacted version of the 400-page document. democrats are ilupset wam barr is holding a news conference before giving congress a hard copy. the cop will be available sometimes after 11:00 this rning. -- sometime after 11:00 this morning. it details mueller's two-year investigation into russian interference in the 2016en presal election and the question of whether president trump's campaign colluded with russian agents. barr said the special counsel found no evidence of collusion. he said he found no reason to believe the president objestrucd
6:33 am
justice. watch for live coverage of the news conferes4e here on new and in the nbc washington app. we'll have a live update coming upt 6:er. he's the other top stories from around the world that we're following this morning. north korea's state news agency reports country test fired a new type of tactical guided weapon. rth korean leader kim jong-uns the weapons system serves to increase the army's combat power. in is the north'sirst such -- this is the snorth's firstuch test in a year. nbc news could not independently verify the claims. the woman who prompted nearly a half millions student to miss school yesterday in colorado is dead. 18-year-old sol pais' body was found outside of denver. she was object sensed with the column -- obsessed with the columbine shooting and feared she was planning an attack of her own. dozens o schools will be open today. more ahead on the "today" show. democraticde preial hopeful beto o'rourke wrapped up a campaign swing through
6:34 am
northern virginia. during his stop there in fredericksburg, he chimed in on governor northam's blackface scandal saying the governor should step down, but the cision ultimatery rrily up to voters -- ultimately up to the voters. northam has resisted calls to step do a d.c. contract worker is dead following a shooting on southern avenue in southeast. >> the victim was o workinga paving job on the road yesterday. te news4's drew wilder is live at police headquar with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. questions here at police headquarters about who this shooter is. you mentioned that the victim was a contract worker. police don't think the victim and the shooter were working together but say it'sossible that the killer knew exactly where the victim was working and m.nt there looking for him to kill if you look at that video, we'll show you where this happened. this is the 5100 block of southern aefl, there along the d.c./prince george's county
6:35 am
line. t,e victim whose name hasn't been released a contract worker working on a paving job there when he was shot and killed at about 4:30 wednesday evening. >> i heard that the young man shot was also some of the people standing outside jobs. that was unfortunate because he was tryto do something positive. >> reporter: police have not shared any suspect description. along the d.c.-pricoe george's unty line there's been a bigger focus on safety there between both injures tixz. ct again today, a killer on the loose for ame happening in that spot. reporting live in downtown d.c., drew wilder news4. >> thank you. many of you remember the tragic story of wendy marthis, killed by a -- martinez, killed by a stranger while jogging last year. she'd been out running because she was training for the boston marathon. this pastonday her fiance ran the race. this is video of daniel reaching
6:36 am
the ten-mile marker and hugging ndy's family. he also carried a sign that read "love wins. wendy wins." daniel says while he may ave been physically running by himself, he wasn't alone. >> some point in the race which it was really tough, and -- o of my muscles was starting -- i was starting to feel certain pain. i just looked at the sky, and i wendy. and i just felt her presence everywhere. >> by running this race, daniel was also raising funds for the wendy martinez legacy project. you can find more informaton abouhe foundation on thebc washington app. 6:36. alt heah warning in maryland. a thirdase of measles has been reportedst the e's health department says the public may have been exposed to the virus in parts of baltimore county. an infected person was in public areas in pikesville on sunday. you can see the locations here on your screen. keep in mind that most at risk ar people who are not
6:37 am
vaccinated. this is one of hundreds of cases in this late outbreak across thr couny. it's 6:37. the caps are back on the ice tonight. they will defend the stanley cup. ere's a look at the team in practice yesterday. the players are focused on shifting the momentum after that devastating loss to the carolina hurricanes in gam three. we'd like to forget that game.t righ now the caps still lead the series up 2-1,r game f is in raleigh. fans at home can still enjoy the game all together. >> very important. viewing party to tell you about happening tonight apt cap tom one arena. doors opening at 6:30 p.m. 4 is yourome for the hurricanes and caps game five happening saturday at 8:00 p.m. we'll get you ready with a pregame at 7:30, and then sharree burruss will have the post-game reaction when bee win on ns4 at 11:00. >> bring it on. it's 6:37. coming up, the latest on a ig
6:38 am
late scare inside st. patrick's thedral. the bury as excuse the man had for police. good thursday morning. this week we've been sharing ps onow to make your credit card work for you. >> dodd we are talki r restaurantards. what if we toldulou that you earn cash by eating out? >> make the dinner bills easier to swallow, right? >> today at 4:00, we show how it works and tells us whyomredit card cpanies are raising the bar.
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while shopping at sears, you need to place yourself in the moment. you need confidence in the appliances you select to build the home and life you love. our products and servic bring moments like this to every family. shop top-brand appliances including kenmore at sears. excited to tell you that one of our working 4 you i segmentss resonating across the countr the hidden halo project began in january. the alfred street baptist donated $100,000 to students at howard university. yesterday the project was
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featured on the "steve harvey" tv show. that's the church that donated the money to help the students who were not able to graduate because ofoutstanding balances. the church is urging you to pay it forward helping someone in need. just doing good for someone. >> hope steve harvey thanks you for bringing to light this wonderful efrt. >> i keep looking for a text. haven't seen that yet. >>onderful work the church is doing. new video that may make you take a second loo out your front door. >> check it out. there is a apparently apparently out for a late-night stroll in the hopewell landing neighborhood. the nest cameraaught the bear in action. in is the time of year black bears are waking up from hibernation. and they're hungry. >> kind of. >> i mean, that's a lot of bear.
6:42 am
uts away anything in your yard that may smell like food. i imagine that's a lot of things. just stay inside. shut the or. >> don't go out. >> pet, humans. okay, from the bear tohe cnbc business report now. >> reporter: good morning, i'm frank holland at cnbc headquarters. carl's junior will have a specialurger on 4/20 but only available at one location in denver, colorado. cbd is a nonactive psycho ingredient in cannabis. that means it won't give you a buzz. it has two beef patties with the papered jalapenos,epper jack cheeses, and french fries. the delight will be on sale fro: a.m. until closing mountain time on saturday. with your morning business report, i'm frank hallonds. > clouds out there this morning. but more sunshine this afternoon. temperatures, summer-like, around 80 degrees. s
6:43 am
majorrms on the way. weather alert for tomorrow. weather alert for tomorrow.
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todays the day we'll see special counsel robert mueller's report. >> all eyes are on the attorney general as he is set to hold a news conference before releasing a redacted version to congress. >> nbc's kristen welker is live at the white house. what can we expect, and howth i white house preparing for this release? >> reporter: good morning. tensions are running high as the public prepares to get a first look at special counsel robert mueller's highly anticipated torney general william barr will hold a press conference about an hour and a half before he gives it to congress. that's prompting backlash from democrats. house chairs including jerrold nadler overnight calling on the attorney general to cancel the press conference. nadler concerned thatac the f will not speak for themselves. it's further fueling democrats' accusations that the white house nd the justice department are coordinating. coordinating to "the new york times," justice department officials have had newsroomows
6:47 am
conversations with white house -- numerous conversations with the white house about thein find in recent days. that's according to people with knowledge of the discussions. president trump has been steking a note of confidenc saying a lot of strong things will come out today. and hinting that me might hold his own press conference, although nothing officia on the public schedule. we hope to ask him questions before he leaves for floor florida. robert mueller will not attends ence.ews conf we'll have that and more on the highly anticipated release ofe thueller report today. back to you. >> live from the white house, thank you so much. we will see your full report next on "today." new this morning, a man described as emotionally disturbed was arrested outside a st. patric cathedral in new york city. police say he tried to walk into the church with two cans of gas, extended uid, and two back to you lighters. a security guard was able to stop him before entering the church andurned the man over
6:48 am
to police. he told officials he was trying to cut through the church his car ran out of investigators checked his vehicle. was n out of gas. more coming up on t show.ay" and that incident in new york comes days after the devastating fire at the notre dame cathedral ins. pari cathedral construction workers and securitytaff have been interviewed. investigators are also trying to determine whether the first fire alarm sensor was prime minister working. -- was properly working. 23it was minutes before a second alarm went offn monday. by that time, the fire was out krol of control. today the national cathedral will ring the bell in solidarity with notre dame. details in a disturbing sexual assault. the loudoun county sheriff's office released a sh of the man they believe was responsible. last week a woman wildcat woke up --p woman woke u to a man she did not know in her apartment touching her.
6:49 am
she' described as 20 yearsk,ld with dar curly hair. the man ran off. this morning, virginia state poce work warning parents about a 33-year-old man. he's accused of using popul social media sites like snapchat, facebook, tick top, to find his victims. shhe establi a friendship with kids between 10 and 13 and asks them to send him nude photos. investigators are working to identify additional victims after finding hundreds of screen shots featuring child porn. he goes by the name tony carato on social media. they're asking anyone with information to come forward. >> a local lusk teacher is facing -- music teacher is facing abuse charges involving his studentsx fairunty police say two victims have come forward accusing jeffrey cummins of having inappropriate contact with them years. incumbent since a private music teacher and the founder of
6:50 am
virginia music adveures, located until recently in this home. he also's two hunngton learn -- he also owns two huntington learning centers. police want to hear from parents who are concerned that their children may have had inappropriate contact with cummins. >> we're seeing video from an attempted atm theft in mt. rainier. we had this as breaking news yesterday morning. >> the pickup backs up to dislodge the atm t inside store. one try didn't do it so they did it again. then the robbers pulled and pushed the machinir trying t hardest to load it into that truck. but no luck. they left a mess and the money behind. this was the fourth church incident in prince george's county in just over a month. news4's patke collins spo with prince george's police. they think the crimes are connected. >> reporter: they all happened on wednesday. why? >> we're not sure if there's a reason or ju coincidence. that's something we'll be
6:51 am
looking into. >> you can't take your eyes off of watching the video here. prince george's countyice say the thieves waited until the police left the area to do the crime. that's what you should do if you're a thief. the store clerk was assaulted during all of this. police are nowki wor with several jurisdictions investigating similar atm-related crimes. 6:51. back to the forecast with meteorologist lauwhn ricketts. are we talking about here? >> today we're talking about clearing of the cloud deck out there. that will happen later this afternoon. then tomorrow, the big concern especially with travel. if you're traveling not only around the mid-atleatic but the ern see board - -- seaboard we could have problems there. flash flooding here with over two inches of rain in some spots before friday night and into saturday mornin a washout, no, but showers
6:52 am
saturday -- had to put them back for sunday. won't be dry for the easter egg hunts. i believe that we will have showers out there. but definitely damp from all the rain that we're going to get overhe next two days. we are looking at showers this weekend. not a lot of shower activity now. sprinkles, mild, temperatures in e 50s. we're on our way to around 80 today. by this afternoon, becoming breezesy, humid -- breezy, humid, but dry. we have sprinkles early, mainly north and west. ape shower up here intr hagerstn e to entur northern frederick county, maryland. this is what we're watching for tomorrow. that's coming our way for tomorrow evening. likely after lunchtime. today areend 80 degrs. tomorrow in the low to mid 60s. we are weather alert. let's show what we're talking about. we have a slight risk in our area to see severe weather. we'll start off tomorrow morning with a few showers. that will lead intoour lunch tour. then after about 2:00, heavy
6:53 am
rain,downpours, damaging winds as we get into friday evening. this is going to continue overnight. we're working for you. i'm coming in early on saturday morning. w amelial be with you all night on friday. we'll hand off to each other. i'll be with you at 1:30, 2 claa.:00 if the threat warrants it. we'll have flooding concerns and possible power outages. more coming up in ten minutes but first to melissa. >> looking at the roads. as you look at the big map of the beltway, you see we're looking pretty typical right w. a slowdown across the inner loop, no surprise to most of us. merrifield, a new brand. northbound 395 after king street. that's looking a lot better than it was. we had that earlier problem on the left side. looks like that'sle cing out of the way. 270 at montrose, main and local lanes rolling along nicely
6:54 am
luthbound. ie 270 looking like that for sure. columbia, southbound 95 before 32, right side isd. blocke might see northbound delays. a bus fire is what's happening there. delays on the yellow line. th ways, signal problem at mt. vernon square. delays to new carrollton. signal problems east oalls church. inbound on 66, 33 miles per hour. 95 north, 55 miles per hour. 270, two thumbs up now. and top of the beltway, 29 miles per hour near georgia avenu the outer loop. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 f.m.hen you hop in your car today. >> thank you. then georget university softball team n has a addition to its roster. meet 8-year-old federica from king william county. doctors diagnosed with her with a genetic disoryr in 2010. ths drafted her as -- the hoyas dfted her as part of team impact to improve the lives of children with chronic
6:55 am
illnesses. she signed an official letter of content and as a team member will attend prabctices, momes, much . players are thrilled to have her. so the players give as much as they win. love it. how adorable is she? >> the gear is cool. the mascot, i love it. summer innocent happy new year yet, but if -- isn't here yet, but summer is on the way. >> we're calling the super bowl the redskins, they released their schedule last night. i don't know -- hold up here. the highlight begin with an opening begins on september 8th. the home opener is against the cowboys the following weekend. >> ugh. >> more ugh. tom brady and the sbroerl patriots come october 4th. >> your mama says, if you have nothing to say flash to kurt
6:56 am
cousins and the vikings october 24th. they play on thanksgiving this year, traveling to historic lambeau field to take on the pammers decber 8th. the full schedule is in the nbc washington app. y'all still talking about the >> always. four things to know. the caps are back on the ice tonight to defend the stanley cup. game four is back in raleigh. fans here at recall will enjoy the game together. there's a viewing partyt the capital one arena. doors open at 6:30. don't forget to rsvp. a british diver who helped save others last year in thailand had to be rescued at sea. josh bratchly was missing for 24 hours. coming up, kerry sanders will have the elite diver's rescue. a d.c. contract worker is dead following a shooting on t.uthern avenue in the victim was working on a paving job on the road yesterday. policeay there was some kind of dispute between the worker and the suspect, and the suspect shot the man. > and in a few hours, attorney
6:57 am
general william barr will hold a news conference and then release special counsel robere mueller's rt. it will be a redacted version of the 400-page document. waovh for live cage of the news conference here on nbc 4 and the nbc warren minneapolis. we'll get to sunshine later. hot, humid, breezy.rr tomoow, showers in the morning, severe thu terstorms in afternoon. into the overnight, showers on saturday. isolated showers on sunday. >> thanks for joining us for "news4 today." the "today" show coming up. 's
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. countdown. in just hours, the mueller report will be out for all to e. se the attorney general setting a morning news conference before its release. democrats say it's spin. >> attorney barr is not allowing the facts of the mueller report to speak for themselves. >> 400 pages long, a two-year investigation. how much ofhe t report will be public? andedow much will be black out? our live coverage just ahead. holiday storm. reports of tornadoes slamminge th south as millions brace for another round of severe weather today. flight cancellations and delays adding ut before the holiday weekend. g al'sot what we need to know. > church scare. a massive police response


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