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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  April 18, 2019 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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and we come on the air with a live look at the white house on this historic dayas in wngton. hours after the release of the redacted special counsel report, president trump is getting ready to leave town headed to his mar-a-lago club in florida for the weekend. >> that special counsel report alis the t of the town and it has been the subject with more than just a little spin. >> let's get radio to the president's no collusion claim. mueller's report is not quite as definitive. he write, ote, while the investigation identified numerous links between individuals with ties to the russian government and individuals associated with the trump campaign, the evidence was not sufficient to charge that any member of the trump campaign conspired or w coordinatedith representatives of the russian government to interfere in the 16 election. >> so we are kicking off three hours of team coverage digging through hundreds of pages to bring you critical details directly from the report. blayne alexander starts us off.
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blayne. >> reporter: well, pat and erika, 448 pages. there were some pages completely redacted. there is still plenty to read thatheds new light on what the specia counsel found. nearly two years in the making, robert mueller's russia report is final with redactions. when trump learned mulleller ha been appointed, oh my god, this is terrible. this is the understand of myid prescy. he details several examples of potential obstruck of justice including the firing of fbi director james comey andne o instance where the presidented direct then white house lawyer don mcgahn to order mueller's firing. mcgahn refused. e people around him declined
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tory out orders but that does tt exonerate him if we had confidencet the president clearly did not commit obstruck of justice, we would so state. still president trump declaring victory. i'm having a good day too. no collusion. no obstruction. mueller found no criminal conspiracy between the trump campaign a russia. something highlighted today by attorney general william barr echoing a frequent phrase on the president. s he said from the beginning, there was, in fact, no collusion. >> that not sitting well with democrats. also upset the president's lawyers got a look at the report earlier this week, days before congress. >> the special cnsel made clear he did not exonerate the president and the responsibility now fls to congress to hold the president accountable for his actions. >> strengthening their call to see the full report without redactions. barr will testify before congress early next month, but intensifyinday are
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their calls to hear from the special counsel himself. when he was asked during his news conference, barr said that he had noblem with mueller testifying. pat and erika. >> our team coverage continues with nbc national security and intelligence reporter ken dilanian. ou he's been pouring thr the pages of this report taking a closer look at what's included and equally important what's not. >> so we'll start with the decision, rather, not to support the president. mueller writes they found the president's written resnses inadequate. ken? >> yeah. but it's pretty much what we had expected before we saw the report which is that mueller in the understand decided he did not wanto risk lengthy delay of delivering the results of the investigation if trump fought him all the way tore the supme court which he expected would happen. so he decided while he had the authority to subpoena the president and try to get his testimony before the grand jury, he didn't want to go thls route. he a felt he had a lot of
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information about trump's mindset from other witnesses, but that's going to leave open the question of question of how can you really know what was in the president's mind if you haven't sat in front of him and asked him these he took about why these steps that look potentlly obstructed. >> and on that note, on the issue of obstruction, the special counsel laid out several ways in which it appears the president did try to interfere, often in public. the report found that many of the peoplen'round him did follow through with his request, so what does it mean if it appears he intended to obstruct him?hat someone stopp >> well, this is really the most dramatic revelation of the day. it's very clear that the mueller team found evidence ofru obstion of justice. and one of the reasons they decided not to make a traditional prosecual decision is that because there's a doctrine that the president can't be indicted. it appears they intended to leave that up to congress through its impeachment power, but attorney general william barr went in and absolved the
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case on obstruction. trump's hand picked attorney general. for that reason he's being epundly criticized not only by democrats but inddent observers. this makes a pouwerful case for obstrueion. the cass lucky thaun like richard nixon which president didn't have the moxy or whatever you want to say to follow through on his desire to squash this investigation. >> ken delanian, our nbc intelligence reporter. thank you so much for joiningus ken. >> we'll see more of ken at 5:00 and then again on nbc nightly news later this evening. keep it here fin contig coverage of the special counsel's report. >> you can read the full redacted version for yourself. you'll find that in our nbc washington app. we are also expecting to hear from the president himself he leaves washington for the holiday weekend. if and when that happen, we will bring that to you. this time tomorrow we'll be talking about the weather. we'll be under a weather alert. storm team 4 is tracking a
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system that could bring us severe thunderstorms and even some goodinflooding. amelia draper is in the storm center ap a flash flood watch was just issd for tomorrow. it this early? >> no, this isn't early. the national weather service issuedla a f flood watch for the entire d.c. area, all of the areas here in solid green. it will begin tomorrow at noon and run through 5:00 a.m. now is a good time to download the nbc washington app.ot i g the alert on my phone sitting at my desk before i even saw the email come in letting me know i was under a flash flood watch for tomorrow. we're going to have pockets of heavy rain moving through the area. so waves of rain. we'll see about 1 to 3 inches. remember f you' remember, if you're out driving tomorrow, tomorrow night, saturday morning, you encounter a flooded road, turn around, don't drown. i'm singlooding as the biggest event. i'm also seeing the potential
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for strong gusty winds and an isolated tornado can't be ulrul out as well. i'll have more on the impact coming up. >> now is the time to make sure you have the nbc washington app. free.bsolutely set weather as your home page to see the radar ahead of the storm tomorrow. in other news this afternoon, a young man with a promising future is gunned downm in hisaryland apartment compl complex. his deathns now raising questio about potentially missed warning signs involving his suspected killer. ews 4 meagan fitzgerald talked with those who knew the victim and has the story. >> reporter: tyreke was the most amazing young man that i have ever met. >> reporter: candace holden has known 22-ye-old tyreke hudson since he was a young boy. he was born and raised in north carolina,ge graduated from col early and was hired to work as an engineer at a company in
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maryland not far from his apartment. hudson's future was bright. >> he was on his way to work and coming from down the stairs. >> reporter: on monday morning he was hding to work when police say his neighbor shot and killed him near the stairwell. this neighbor didn't want to be identified, but says her husband heard the incident, saw the aftermath, called 911. >> he said that they heard, like, some gunshots and he came out just to see what was happening and someone was already othe ound. >> he was holed up inside his apartment for ten hours before s.w.a.t. team members made the decision to move in and make the arst. but court documents show this isn't the first run-in he had with hudson. two months earlier in february, hudson tried to get a peacen orderhe suspect after lling a judge he used his hand to threaten his life.
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>> you know how you slit somebody's neck and he did that. >> reporter: the judge denied the request saying there wasn't ynough proof. now famil members and friends are devastated and left with so many unanswered questions. >> we justra can't wp our minds around why, why, why. >> reporter: meagan fitzgerald, news 4. >> his manager tells us he was a bright andee promising engin willing to help anybody. in the meantime, the suspect is being held in an annarundel county jail without bond. >> after two days to think about what went wrong in the lost fight, the caps are back in action and back on the ice. >> game four against the hurricanes in just a few hours. >> sherree burruss joins us live from raleigh. sfirst order of busin is to quiet the crowd? >> reporter: yes.
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that is one of the tasks at hand. en they walk through this tunnel getting ready to take the ree, they're going to know how to ond, what to expect. as we saw on monday, for game three here, thanks to the fans, this building is a different place in the playoffs. >> it's going to get loud. i think both teams like it and it's a fun game. >> they got a lot of energy from their building. it was a pretty cool atmosphere. ou we don't make mistakes and we help each other we can take away a lot of that momentum. >> that's expected in the playoffs, but it's something you n use in your favor. >> i haven't been to a playoff in a while. fans are excited, obviously. for us we've just got to keep focusing on our game d not the environment or whatever is going on in the ena. >> it will be a building that now we've seen one time in
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playoffode. 's a fun environment. like i said, i'm looking forward to seeing our guys and their response. >> well, the trolling already starting this morning at morning skate. you seeeere behind m the towel says "k." washington uses #allcaps. canes is in lower case. we've got to battle all the elements out here. >> i see what they'one there. nbc 4 is your home for the hurricanes and caps, game five 8:00.urday at we'll get you ready with the caps pregame show at 7:30 and sherree burruss is going to have all the postgame reaction on news 4 at 11:00. well, this week we've been sharingips to help make your credit cards work tr. >>t's right. today consumer reporter susan hogan will show you how you can earn cash while you're dining out. safeguarding the national cathedral. answers today about the
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preservation in t disaster at notre dame. >> we'll show you a live look at storm team 4 radar. amelia tracking this system and what it means for your holiday weekend. and our coverage of the special counsel report is just gettin start.g
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mis with a look at who is under the greatest risk. up, as the weather warms more kids grab their bikes and go out for a ride. you know they need good head gear, but wil that hand-me-down helmet still keep them safe? melissa has some advice. >> n that we've prepped our wheels, it's time to get start. travis evans owns just ride-along. he says bike safety starts with the gear. make sure your helmets are bright. itsn't something you want to be a hand-me-down. >> usually the shelf of a helmet is going to be three or four years. >> also avoid the big boxastore bike mbly. >> a lot of times they're not assembled correct to begin with, so sometimes they need full tune-ups straight out of the box. >> hauling a little one for baby seat, evans likes trailers best. >> it's a lower center of gravity. also if the bike falls over, the
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trailer is going to stay upright or maybe just lean>> a little b. ust learning? >> you do not want training wheels to be flat on the ground. okay? rocks.there to be some >> evans says the most important thing we can teach kids is knowing where to ride, how to be safe when riding. >> this could be your child's first vehicle. they must know the rules of the road. >> i look both ways before i cross a street. i always keep my helmet on and i have a bell to make sure people get oust of the way if i'm coming. >> also know the signals. >> right turn. left turn. slowing. >>ecnd what to exp from bikers. >> riding on the road, you run into a lot of people that really don't pay attention to you. >> aeminder for drivers, give cyclists at least 3 feet on the road. for more information on howo get your bike ready for spring nd safety rules, head to nbc or check out the nbc washington app.
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tis the season for spring allergies. yay. if you're already dealing with itchy eyes and sneezing, you're not alone. roughly 50 million americans with nasal allergies, the battle has only begun. one local allergist that we spoke with has some recommendations for cutting down on your symptoms. >> remember that you are not going to sleep with windows open through the year. if you like to go running after work, relax you, when you come home, cleanro your nose f the pollen with any of the salean solutions you can get in the pharmacy. >> doctors also recommend getting allergy tests so that lyyou know exa what you're allergic to and how to treat it. to me it's just the pressure over my eyes, but i took your
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advice. i'm on three different things. i got my pill at night, the niceal spranic nasal spray and the drops. >> and the rain>>elps? it helps sometimes. here's the thing. it depends onow much rain, when it rains. i reached out to our microbiologist. she always hashe greatest information. her pollen count for today, how we get the pollen count, they have rods that are lightlyse grea and they spin around on the roof top and they pick up different kinds of pollen, mold spores. they count those, and then they put out the pollen report. mold, weeds and grasses are coming in low. trees are coming in high. she says after a rain, sometimes you can get the pollen washed ut out, if we see things dry out quickly, that pollen can have a burst after it rains, so it doesn't necessarily always washout the pollen. she also noted that we tendo e the pollen have a burst as the sun is coming up, so maybe
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when you are planning that run, if you can choose to do so after work versus in the morning, you're likely going to be dealing with less pollen. thanksan for that fstic information. here are your weather headlines. tomorrow we're under a weather alert. heavy rain, stron to severe thunderstorms. more on that in a moment. some showers over the weekend, but i can't stress enough it is not a washout by any means. next week we'll generally have 70s. we're up to6 degrees right now. i think we're going to continue to gain a few degrees over the next hour or so. mild we're dry tonight. skies do cloud up overnight. here's where you can expectow tomorr i'm tracking two waves of heavy rain moving through the area. the first wave right now is favoring the time period between 2:00 and 6:00 p.m. the second wave is favoring the time period between about 10:00 p.m. and 3:00 a t. thating is going to shift a little bit, but i think we're going to be dealing with mainly two waves. . in total we'll see 1 to
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3 inches of rain. gusts of 50 up to 60 miles an hour. maybe even an isolad tornado two. if you're traveling tomorrow, you encounter a flooded road, turn around, don't drown. you never know how deep that i water during the morning hours, there's the chance for a shower. things really get under the way during the afternoon hours. by 4:00 p.m. we're tracking rain that will be heavy in spots. i think 7:00 we're in between those waves. high temperature tomorrow.f 75 it's humid and breezy. the weather definitely having a big impact on your plans tomorrow. if you're heading out for passover, know coming home you might encounter some flooded roads. saturday it's a mainly dry then on easter sunday some showers are possible. again tomorrow the storm team 4 weather alert day mainlyhe for y rain in spots. that could lead to some flooding concerns. it's still breezy out o there saturda saturday. maybe a morning shower. much more o theid h weekends coming up at 4:50. i want to do a shot out to
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all of the wonderful students that matthew henson middle school in waldorf,ome of the huskies. it's there career day. i got to spen the morning with h , talk to the sixth, seventh and eighth graders. they were great partners. got to work with them with the students in the classroom. thafrpgs to t thanks to the school's counseling secretary who invited me. i had a lot of fun. >> nice to be to be out there. gone but not forgotten. >> a local man runs the boston marathon to honor his fiancee's memo. >> i felt her presence aerywhere. >>ittle later on. tragedy of ning the her death into help for other young women. ws> first, consumer reporter susan hogan s you how y earnou c
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they're just mar issshmallo covered with sugar, but others are art with a story. they competed in the washington city paper diorama contest. the wner is the queen of soul,
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aretha franklin at the kennedy center. among the runners up, a prince tribute called the artist formerly known as pps and one featuring speckle. peeps you can see these and other runners up in the city paper or at the solid state bookstore through the weekend. a lot of folks love peeps. tired of deciding what's for dinner but too frugal to go out? >> what if we told you you can earn money while dining out? >> it's a game changer really. susan hogan reveals why several credit cards are dishing out better restaurant rewards. >> credit card companies are really raising the bar lately on oese restaurant reward points which makes going to dinner a little easier to swallow. >> taking the whole family out toinner in our house is a monthly treat, not something st of us can afford every
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week, but there's a whole bunch of new credit cards that have upped the o ante those reward points. aredit says most restaurant rd cards used to serve up 3% or less cash back on your purchases, but this year many are offering 4% to even 5% cash back as a way to stay competitive. so if you like to go out for dinner and haven't compared cards recently, you may be missing out on some great pes. >>ven if you're just dining out once a week or a couple times a month, it can still add up. so the issue is it keeps you spending, consumers can benefit as well. >> many of these restaurant reward cards also allow you to earn points on everyday purchases. this is what i do. i have one credit card that iut use to p my groceries on. i even pay my utilities, so i'm constandly building upbu points. here's the key. you have to payoff that balance every single month to make it ork. back to you.
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>> which takes a lot of discipline. >> discipline, yeah. absolutelyight. there's new fallout next from today's release of the redacted mueller report. we're tracking reaction from the live desk. plus a closeup look at what the national cathedral right here in washington doesn'tac f the same risk as notre dame. and we are all under a flash flood watch because of this system. amelia is back with the timing, amelia is back with the timing, the risk,nd h aow
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z35k8z z16fz y35k8y y16fy
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>> announcer: joourback to the mastory, the release of the mueller report. >> this is the report right here. it's nearly 450 pages. this is the kul mi nculmination robert mueller's ininstigation. his we have learned that president trump cursed when he learned about the appointment of the special counsel and tried to snatch control of the russian mobe. >> news 4 scottfarlane has been going through this report and joins us now with more revelations. scott. > after robert mueller's appointment, the president asked attorney general jeff sessions to resign. sessionsis submitted h resignation letter the very next day but president trump decided keep himn. the special counsel report also makes clear the president directed white house counsel don mcgahn to have attorney general rod rosenstein get rid of mueller. when mcgahn refused, the trump campaign did noth conspire wit the russian government, but the president's team did think the campaign would benefit from russia's attempts to publish
4:31 pm
stolen emails. minutes ago democratic ongressman adam schiff, the chair of the house intelligence committee, responded to the report. >> the report outlines multiple attempts by the president to th mislead country, to interfere with the investigation, to make false statements to the american people and to urge others to lie to theme acarin people. >> here's a live pk at joint base andrews in maryland. marine one has landed. air force one will soon take off as president trump plans a long holiday weekend in mar-a-lago in florida. the here at the live desk question of impeachment remains the same topic foral congressi democrats. d.c. congresswoman elnor holmes nor ton says she is urging caution on that. back to. >> keep is here for continuing coverage of the special counsel's report. you can read the full redacted version that's in our nbc washington app.
4:32 pm
we'll switch gears now. in other news, virginia stateav police h arrested a man on child pornography charges. he used aopular social media site to meet children between the ages of 10 and 13. place say he established online friendships with the children and then asked themimo send nude photos. police say he goes by the name of tony corado and he uses sites like instagram and facebook and snap and tick tock as well. they're looking to identify victims in multiple states as well as inada. >> newormation about the possible cause of the fire ate notrdame in paris. now police believe an electrical short circuit may have started the fire. french oicials say this is only an initial assessment lcause investigators don't have the greenht to go inside the building and do a full in examation. that's because of potentially safety hazards.
4:33 pm
right now wooden planks are holding up the cathedral fragile walls to make sure chosels wal don't cave in. we all watched this week as the fire engulfed notre dame, but what about our crished landmarks here in the district? today we got a firsthand look at effo being made at the national cathedral in washington to make sure it stands tall for years to come. chris gordon shows how they're safeguarding cathedral. at 2:00 p.m. our time, churches worldwide joined in recognizing the tremendous loss caused by the devastating fire at notre dame. it's raising awareness of fire safety. today we got a tour inside in washon's national cathedral. we are sharing this view of the roof area rarely seen by the public. the attic, unlike notre dame's roof, which was supported by heavy timber and wood beams, the national cathedral was built with steel support beams and concrete.
4:34 pm
and they are now spendg $3 million to improve fire and life safety systems. >> that will make sure that our fire alarm system is as up to date and efficients possible. it will put fire protection in the various spaces that we don't already have fire protection. >> like notre dame, scaffolding covers partsto of the washing national cathedral. the earthquake in 2011 caused $34 million in damage to the stone work outside. less than half the repair work has been done and fundraising continues to pay for almost $20 million worth of work that is still needed. >> we've yet to doe this ent south facade of the cathedral. all these buttresses, all these pinnacles nd to be removed, repaired, reinforced, and put back together. >> the washingtonational cathedral and notre dame look like they're built to last forever, but ifthhere's one g the fire in paris shows us, it's that money must be
4:35 pm
spent on metern saf renovations in order to preserve these historic buildings for future generations.m reporting fro northwest washington, chris gordon, news 4. d.c.'s jazz fest isg celebratin 15 years this summer. >> organizers have unveiled plans for the event which runs from june 7th through the 16th. as always, there will be pnty ofazz and a variety of venue, including restaurants, parks, churches, and clubs throughout the city. always a good time. well, a life lived for country and community. >> still ahead, we will introduce you to the only living member of the very first navy seals team, the decade he served as a local firefighter and how his faith helped him excel in two dangerous jobs. first, a man's effort to
4:36 pm
honor his fiancee's legacy and how you can help. and tomorrow is the storm team 4 weather alert day. check it out. aetty much everybody is under flash flood watch beginning at noon running through 5:00 a.m. on saturday. i'll be breaking down what this means for friday a how it
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at children's national, stronger is caring for a baby's heart in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. and a future when prenatal pediatrics leads to healthier children. it's being the number one newborn intensive care unit in the country. and giving parents peace of mind. it's less recovering in our bed, and more jumping on yours. stronger is standing out and standing proud.on because we d just want your kids to grow up. we want them t grow up stronger.
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the bmw recall is growing.
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the threeeries, five series from 2006, moisture can damage the parks causing an electrical short and possible fire and it can happen even when the vehicle isn't running. if you own one of these cars, you're advised to keep your bmw outdoors until the company inarts fix them next month. >> this week the fiancee of wendy fulfilled one of her goals and that was to run the boston marathon. she will never have that chance. you might remember that she was killed by a stranger while she was jogging near logan our sr station spoke with wendy's fiancee about running in her honor. >> at the point in the race, it was really tough and one of my muscles started to feel certain pain. i just look at the sky. >> one of wennydy's goals was t
4:40 pm
run the . >> we were doing this together. she was happy. she was happy to see family and friends. >> this is him on the ten mile mark. sees wendy's family, hugs her mom and is given this banner. >> and i felt her presence everywhere. >> with that banner, h crushed the finish line. he not only ran to honor her memory, but raiseun fds for her legacy project. the foun is already changing lives. what we're goingo do is we're going to sponsor two themes 30 girls, ages between 8 and 12 from some of the most vulnerable communities in washington, d.c.e at t end of the program, we'll bring them together.
4:41 pm
we'll teach them skills, team work. >> while doing what she loved, letting people know wendy's life lives on. in northwest, news 4. >> if you'd like to contribute to the wendy martinez legacy t, projece put a link in the nbc washington app. search the legacy project. g ey are quite an inspir family and to see the beautiful love that he has for her is just -- it just rips your heart out every timeou hear from them. >> what a way to keep the memory of her aalive. >>olutely. well, this time tomorrow we will all be under a weather alert. >> storm teamck radar trag a system moving our way as we speak. amelia is back to time out the storm andighlight the biggest risk that could come with it. >> and we celebrate a life of service. the only livinge member of th first navy seal team. also a d.c. firefighter for
4:42 pm
decades cheers to him on his 94th birthday. 94th birthday.
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vicks sinex. breathe on. >> if you are just joining us at 4:45, let's get you caught up. the special counsel report is in right here on our desk. it's more than 400 pages long and packed with details. the most dramatic revelation of the day, the mueller team found evidenf obstruction but they appear to have decided to leave the mter to congress because the justice department doctrine that a president cannot bect indied. attorney general william barr hant a differe and a more expansive view of presidential power. he decided the president did not commit a crime. president trump responding to the report with four words that we've heard a lot in the past two years. no collusion. no obstruction. and the president's adviser kellyanne conway told reporters this i the best day since president trump got elected.
4:46 pm
a glen burnie man is in custody accusedf killing his 22-yeaold neighbor. tryique hudson was on his way when his neighbor shot him. a couple of months ago hudson had tried to get a peace order saying t neighbor threatened him and the judge denied the request. the national weather service has issued a flash flood watch and the system you see right here on the radar is to blame. amelia draper is tracking two chances for potentially severe weather tomorrow. >> let's talk about it. what time do you think and is the entire day a washout? >> the entire day isn't a washout. as the day,ears the chance you're dealing with rain is gog to increase. i'm tracking two rounds of potentially heavy rain and severe weather. the first one is the afternoon and early evening hours. the second one favors the night hour. so frequently when we have severe weather events or heavy
4:47 pm
rainotential in the forecast or even snow, people say what ost t my area, where is it likely to be severe? what i'm showing you right here the product issued by government and this is basically showing you our area, everybody in yellow, so everybody has an equal chance for dealing with some very heavy rain tomorrow, some strong gusty winds. and an isolated tornado as well. there is a threat for more widespread, more intense severe weather down to our south with this enhanced area here in red. you tan seet risk drops off up into areas of pennsylvania back to west virginia. here's the timing, 7:0.m. cloudy skies, maybe a few spottw s out there through the morning and midday hours as we head into the afternoon hours. after lunchtime we will start to see scattered showers. the first round of heavy rain develops after 2:00 p.m. then back to the west as well. back around petersburg. as we look to 5:00 p.m., potentially getting a break in the action. i'm really keeping that first day a little bit more open. between about 2:00 p.m. and 6:00 sp.m. then you here on future
4:48 pm
weather another wave of heavy rainfall moving throu the area. prince wal yilliam, back throug washington cnty. 00 p.m. moving through the metro area east of i-95, including annapolis, down through parts of prince george's county. as we move through midnight, look at the heavy rain across the region. still seeing these really bright colors. 3:00 a.m. i should say still seeing really bright colors here on future weather. again, two waves of rain are looking likely. both waves could have verllheavy rainfa gusty damages winds and a small tornado threat. maybe an isolated shower as the system pulls out:0 at 8 a.m. saturday, but saturday is looking mainly dry with increasing sunshine based on the computerod ms. we start off at 65. we warm to 75. it's breezy throughout the day but overall not bad. there's the chance for a few spotty showers out there on sunday. c it's ally start for easter
4:49 pm
egg hunts, potentially damp out there. you probably want the sweater or cardigan. we keep plenty of clouds around. it's kind of on the cool side. currently it is mile out there. temperatures generally in the d 70s to around 80. 80 in manassas, 76 in washington. 77 in frederick. tomorrow is a storm team 4 weather alert day. the biggest concern heavy rain that could lead to flooding followed by strong gusty winds. gusts up to 50 miles an hour. as we look to the weekend, 70 on saturday. maybe a lingering morning shower on sunday. a few spotty showers possible throughout the day w coolerh more clouds on sunday. and then monday right now we'll keep it dry, but the mix of clouds and sunshine and high temperatures on monday around 72. >> sounds good. it's a good night for little hockey. >> yes, it is. the caps defense of the cup resumes tonight in raleigh.
4:50 pm
>> and they're going tofor a rebound from a rough game three against the carolinaca hurris. tommy mcfly is at cap tap one arena where caps fans will be cheering the team on. >> it's a little chillier than that. rena.nside capital one you can smell the ice. you can feel the excitement. the cameraman d i are the only ones in here. it won't be this way for long. we are expecting thousands and thousands and thousands of caps fans gettingxcited for tonight's game. caps fans are already outside. they're rooming the streets and getting ready. >> i bought a kuzie shirt. i'm excited to wear it tonight. >> taking advantage of the free ride here. >> free stuff. >> i've been a season ticket holder with my brother for 30 years. back in the landover days and breaking ground here in d.c., so this past season has been
4:51 pm
incredible. >> what does it mean for you? 30 years in the waiting for the stanley cup and nower to be again. >> it is just incredible. my brother and i getp choked u every time we think about it. it represents the city, you know. being a born was ngtonian and being one of the few caps fans from the beginning, to see them come so far. >> you unle a lotf caps fans, you have a piece of 7th street. you got your own real estate. >> actually, i do. we sometimes come down and detail. i didn't bring my toothbrush to clean it up, but my brother and i have a brick here in the walk of fame here. and i actually come by sometimes and just meditate on it and try and see if we can get a win for the caps. >> so maria harris and her brother want another one of those banners. if you're planning to co a down to theolutely free watch party, doors open at 6:30 at capital one arena. we've got the ice.
4:52 pm
it's like being at a caps game minus the caps. the energy and excitement is going to be insane. pat, erika, amelia, back to. >> what does the ice smell like? >> it smells like winning. it smells like stanley cup action. it does not smell like hurricane. i'll tell you that. it smells like russian excitement. >> interesting. >> we should really bottle it. >> all right, tommy. thanks aot l >> regardless of what happens toents, the toamght, there will be a g five here on nbc 4. watch our special coverage and then face-off for game five. that is at 8:00. thenf course we will have full analysis after the game on news 4 at 11:00. >> caps are hoping to put the ice -- put the hurricanes on ice. >> i think they will what zbl wh. >> what do you think, jim
4:53 pm
handly? >> i think they will. then saturday o nbc 4, it doesn't get better. coming up, i our it's entire area. chances are you've been stuck in it. we're talking about thomas circle. coming up at 5:00, transportation reporter adam tuss explains why its be numbered. also ahead at 5:00, medication, physical therapy. nonedf it worke to ease one local man'sil pain u this. we're working for you tonight with benefits of dry needling. and with uber safety in the spotlight of late, an exclusive look at some big changes being made to keep you safe. we'll see you soon with those stories, plus a good deal more on a busy thursday. back to you for now. >> we'll see you in
4:54 pm
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4:56 pm
if you are just joining us, storm team 4 is tracking chances for severe weather tomorrow. you can see the system on the radar. amelia is back at 5:00 to time out the storm andy ow thell impact your holiday weekend. those storms, that is. the only living member of e very first navy seal team celebrated his 94th birthday today. news 4 mark segraves takes us on a journey from his career as a frog man to his career as a firefighter. >> back in 1943 they were called
4:57 pm
naval combat dem mission units or more commonly frogmen. at age 17 bill dawson was part of this very first team of frogmen. he's the last survi tng member ofhat ground breaking unit. dawson offered a book about his experiences. before they were seals, they were frogs. >> knowing today what i helped start evolved int what it is today. >> after returning from servingo his try, dawson joined the d.c. fire department where he served his comty for more than 20 years. today dawson celebrated had been 94th birthday surrounded by friends and family, including his granddaughter and great granddaughter. >> we talked to him for hours about all the travels he did and all the experiences. >> a d.c. firefighter spends his
4:58 pm
time helping dawson get around. >> he's part of that brotherhood in thert fire depant, for one. and he's done a lot for our country and ourcommunity. >> he was inspired by his friend's service. he jokes that dawson has another accomplishment he'd le to emulate. >> it's inspiring, the fact that he's collected a pension for 45 years is even more inspiring. >> as for what dawson credits for his longevity and surviving two very dangerous careers? >> somebody is looking out for l all them years. >> with thet surviving frogman, mark segraves, news 4. and good evening. first at 5:00 tonight, the stakes do not get any higher. the world was waiting for this report and tonight we've got our hands on it. >> it is the political story of our generation. we're going to tak you through the top takeaways. any way you slice it, our country remains deeply divided. >> no collusion. no obstruction.
4:59 pm
>> the psident slumped back in his chair and said oh my god, this is terrible, this is the end of my presidency, i am "f." >> as the special counsel report ma ts clearhe russian government sought to interfere in our election process. >> the truth of the matter is he probably should not be the president of the united states, but for the russian intervention. >> trump team, the president himself lied and i obstr ways that impaired in a material fashion the investign. >> look what has happened. bob mueller completed and delivered his report. the fbi concluded its investigation. the process went forward and wa. complete >> the responsibility now falls to congress to hold the president accountable for his actions. >> the waiting game here in shington is finally over tonight. a lot to unpack in this redacted version of special counsel robert mueller's report made public today. >> but each release has raised now new questions about the
5:00 pm
probe and the roll outby tout b attorney general. >> it also includes numerous links between trump campaign associates and individuals with russian government ties. >> mueller says they did not find sufficient evidence to charge anyone with a crime for ose links. we're also getting a closer look at mueller's take on the issue of obstruction. >> we have team coverage this evening for you beginning with scott macfarlane in our newsroom. scott. >>hat a day, jim. president trump in the white house team appear to be taking a victory lap this evening. the special counsel says it does not amount to the claim of total exoneration. mr. trump left the white house inas the p hour heading down to florida for the holiday weekend. he surprisingly did not take any questions from o marine. among the big topics revealed in the report on the issue of obstruction, the special counsel wrote in part if we had competence after a thorough investigation of the


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