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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  April 19, 2019 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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four peopl dead in a late-night crash at several busy roads in prince george's county. the report is out. some saying the president is off the hook while others demand the full,reedacted rt. we're dilling through the atails. the capsre limping back to e team drops another road game and may have to go the rest of he playoffs without one of their best players. we need a home game win badly at this point. >> poor t.j. >> feeling bad for him. really like a rough hit. good rning, everyone. i'm eun yang. thanks for joining us on a busy friday. >> i'm adam tuss. u might have guessed aaron has the day off. heavy rain, not taking the day off. could spoil the ptetty warm eratures that we've got going. it looks calm and tranquil but that's going to change. already 66 degrees outside. >> pretty mild out there. some very heavy rain is heading our way. news4's melissa mollet is
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could do hat the rain to your commute. let's begin with storm tm 4 meteorologist lauren ricketts. in is coming? >> rain is coming, guys. we're going to see it throughout the morning. a few showers. it's going goi to pick up after about 2:00 p.m. 's not only in our area. if you're traveling, i think there's going to be a lot of delays, not only on the ground t also in theair. 66 degrees is the temperature now. we've got that wind, that breezy wind is going to stay with us morning.ughout the then it's really going to pick up later this afternoon. gusts up to about 30 miles per hour muc that's without the thunderstorms. if we get a thunderstorm, we'll see gusts up and over 50 miles per hour. temperatures will come uplo despite the cover. we're going to top out in the low to mid 70s. staying in the 160s throughout the morning. not looking bad right now, but this is headed our way. th is alow moving system. yesterday, 24 hours ago, i was tracking this. it was from chicago to dallas.
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again, just crawling across the united states. and headed to the east coast. f flashod watch pretty much for our entire viewing area with the exception ofutxtreme sorn maryland and the northern neck. one to three inches. locally higher amounts possible. flooding is the concer flash ooding, as well, as we continue into the overnight. we'll talk more about that. let's talk traffic with melissa. good morning. >> good morning. first 4 traffict. al a partial closure on capitol heights. sheriff between addison and cabin branch is where the crash happhat we've been talking about overnight. the closures because of the investigation and also a pole and wires so eastbound lanes shut down between cedar heights and cypress tree, lanes are open. inner loop, outer loop of the beltway, no major issues there. looking go. 66, 95, same situation. 270 southbound from 7 00 to the spur, 66 miles per hour. back to you. >> thank you.
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we're felling breaking news. four people have die in a crash in prince george's county. this happened on sheriff road between cedar heights drive a cypress tree road in capitro heights aund 10:30 last night. >> our justin finch on the scene at sheriff with more on what led to the crash. what?o we know >> reporter: adam, eun, good morning. just behind us we are seeing pepco crews do the work now ofha restoring t downed power pole in the crash last night. also here on the scene, seeing signs of the crash investigation perhaps, as well. take a look at the roadway. we're seeing the red markings that appear to come frosh westbouniff road. if you follow those across the street past the eastbound lanes. we're seeing downed smailboxe that lead you right to the trail of where that power pole was or, where the investigation took place, and where the crews arer woing. let's take you to video from last night showing you this awful mangled scene last night of an suv apparently involved with what appears to be a single
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crash involving this utility pole last night. this is the 5800 blockf sheriff road east of the d.c.-maryland line. prince george's county police telling u here the suv appears to have lost control somehow, struck this utility pole and inside of the suv, there were four people. at thisho, all have died. we can tell you as well they were out here for hours. investigators trying to understand how this crash happened. doing their investigation. also right now, continuing repair of that utility pole was downed in this crash. we understand that work could be wrapping up here soon. here at the ow scene it does appear, as esll, that homn this area by this power pole may have lost their lights, as well. you see it's all dark here at thistime. but if this news of crashes, deadly crashes involving multiple vicms in our area seem as they're becoming all too familiar, irince george's county especially, that is true.
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we can tell you, you might recall just last month. rather in february,e had a few deadly crashes here in this area. six people dying in that crash in bowie along route 301. and t also that same month, february 10th, seat pleasant, three people died in a crash along mlk highway. this comes as officials urge t driversbe safe behind the wheel. avalentine's day sdraxz, and also, too, keep an eye on the road and be alert. as weearn more, i'll bring that to you here on air and on line. we're live in, capitol heights news4. >> thank you so much. tough on the roads in the counties fsure. now to the release of that redacted mueller report. it's ben less than 24 hours, but many are asking what comes next. >> president trump declared iory saying no collusion, no obstruction. here are some key points we learned in the report. the report lays outroof russia wanted to help the trump campaign and the trump campaign was willing to take it.
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however, robert mueller's team did not establish the campaign siordinated with the rus government. mueller also outlines at least ten instances of possible obstruction. the special counsel declined to prosecute trump, but he n did exonerate him. he left to a divided congress to answer the question. >> it's not gamever in the sex that there's a lot more to know that's redacted in this report. >> our friends on the other side will try to destroy their ause they don't like what they're hearing. you shouldn't buy that. >> next week a small group of lawmakers from both parties will get a chance to see a different report with fewer redactions. how many democrats could ire thing.he e meantime, the report paints a picture of a president who craved control of the russia investigation. before and after the special counsel's appoint, the report suggests that the president fired fbi director james comey because comey would not say that the president was not personally under investigation. the report said the president
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sought the approval of special neunsel robert mueller, discouraged wit was cooperating with prosecutors, and prodded aides to mislead the public on his behalf. queller writes that trump's efforts, e, were mostly unsuccessful because people who surrounded himne decli to carry out>>orders. > president trump is waking up in mar-a-lago to spend easter weekend with his famy in florida. but that didn't stop protesters from gathering outside of the white house last night. >> we the people demand a fuel report! >> thi group was among those critical of the attorney general a-- attorney general william barr and more on the redacted report. they carried signs that read "cover-up." >> for moreuro to o app for complete coverage. search "read report." and a reminder, keep it mere for continuing cove of the mueller latreport later today. it's 5:07. a young man with a promising future was gunned down in his
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glen burn, maryland, apartment complex. his death i raising questions about potential warning signs involving his suspected killer on. monday morning, police say 22-year-old tyreek hudson was t head work when his neighbor, 53-year-old james rombach shot and killed him near the stair its well. this wasn't the first time the two had a confrontation. two months ago he tried to get a peace orderfter telling the judge rombach threatened his life. the judge claimed there wasn't enough proof. now family and friends are devastated and left with many unanswered questions. >> just been an myle child that every parental -- a model child that every parental would want. can't wrap our minds around why, why,>> why. after the standoff, rombach was arrested and facesr murde charges. we're working to learn more
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about a suspected murder/suicide in northern virginia. yesterday afternoon a relative found the bod of a woman inside a home on brighton way in stafford county. deputies later found the body of a man, as well. b they haven'tn identified yet. but pleats say the pair were aged. investigators believe they were both shot. we're working 4 you with a heart alert. officials are work ing ing to pt you from getting the meemps. a detroit contracted meemps even though he thought he had been properly vaccinated. he was born in the '60s and was given a dosef the first-generation vaccine. he went to thehi doctoring he had the flu. it turns out hisci child v was ineffective. many americans may need to see the doctor again. >> bottom line, though, if you're not sure, if you can't find your records, if your parents don't know it doesn't hurt to get a seconds vaccine nation. >> the cdc says if you're 62 or
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younger and only received one dose, you will need another. if you were vaccinated between 1963 and '67 it may be ineffective. we're learning new information on the possibl case rather,ay's fire caused, of the fire at notre dame cathedral in paris. a french judicial police official tells the "associated press" that investigators believe an electrical short circuit may have sparked the re. the official also says investigatorinhave made an ial assessment of the cathedral but that it is too dangerous at this point to do a full examination. courage and determination are two words being used to describe the firefighters who responded to that fire. this is a look at a ceremony held yesterday in paris. honorig th french president macron told the firefighters that they will receive a medal of honor for their work. and to give you some more perspective, the red cross of paris says the firefighters created a hume at chain to save some of christianity's
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most-prized items. more k those firefighter than 14 hours to conta the massive fire. >> a lot of people were saying why don't they throw a bunch of wurt it or whatever they can do, they had to tactically fight the fire. they did areat job saving what they could. >> they risked their lives to make se those relics remain. >> absolutely 5:11. the caps left d.c. riding high. remember the winning streak? just like that, it's gone. desperate for a win. t >> hurricanes pulled off thewi 2-1 the caps may have lost more than just the game, unfortunatel our sharree burruss is in north carolina with more. >> reporter: capitals uans waking concerned this morning. the series tied at two heading back to d.c. in washington, they'll be without one of their star players. in the second period, alex ovechkin tie its at one giving washington life. with less than a minute in the period, carolina beats braden win 2-1. >> a wake- call for all of us.
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we can hope one guy going toke ma a save. out now, you have to there and play your game, you know. if you don't want to do it, doept play. >> rter: in the third period, this scary moment. star t.j. oshie t crashes into boards. he leaves the game and goes to get x-rays. bigger than the loss, the catals will be with one of deir most important players. >> aefenseless player that was quite a distance from the boards. that's an extremely dangerous play. and he will not be with our team for a while. >> reporter: ge five is back at capital one arena on saturday where the taints are desperate for a win -- the capitals are desperate for a win. shari burr puree rruss, news4 s. >> hope t.j.'s okay, too. wean what fanned want flames at notre dame cathulral. cod the same thing happen at our cathedraal a speook at the evolving safetyprocedures. flipped cars, flooded roads,
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and trees ripped from the ground. severe weather left plenty of obstruction down south but is lauren? our way now. and we continue to watch for some severe weather. i'm watching this line right here. down through atlanta right now. and definity seeing damaging winds. this is all coming our way and moving showily.t we'll time out and huh you buy what to expect coming up. ♪
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welcome back. we watched this week as the fire engulfed the historic notre dame in paris. what about our cherished lapdmarks here in the district? >> that's a good question. we're gettioo a better lk at the efforts being mayor daley at the planational cathedral to ma sure it snds tall for years to come. murr on how they're seeguarding th cathedral. [ bell ] >> reporter: churches worldwide joined in recognition the tremendous loss csed by the devastating fire at notre dame. it's raising awareness of fire safety. we got a tough of washington national cathedral rarely seatbelt by the public. unlike notre dame's roof which was supported by heavy timber and wood beams, the national cathedral was built with steel support beams and concrete. and they are nowpending $3 million to improve fire and life safety systems. >> that will make sure that our
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fire alarm system is as up to date and efficient as possible. >> reporte theashington national cathedral and notre dame look like they're built to last forever. but if there's one thing the fire in paris shows us, it's that money must be spent on modern safety renovations in order to preserve these historic buildings for future generaons. reporting from north st washington, chris gordon, news4. more powerful weather has swept through the southeast leaving some destruction in its wake. take a look. there is out of mississippi da yestery. yikes. you can see flipped cars here, downed trees, flooded roads, winds also toppled power lines. and as of now, there are no reports. injuries. he this is t second pretty big storm. >> monday we had the severe weather. three tornado warnings in our area. nine tornadoes, not confirmed
5:18 am
yet, but possible in mississippi yesterday and throughout the overnight. the day before, in texas, it was getting pummelled with some tornado tiacty. this is all the same system. it is a slow-moving system. that is why we have heavy rain threats because tha is going to be knocking on our doorstep after lunchtime. it is going to stay with us until the overnight, leading into your saturday morning. 3:00 a.m. it should be out of here with lingering showers left. the bulkill be out of here. head coach rain possible leading to flash flooding and flooding across the region. now, also on topha of tt we've got damaging winds, and also a small chance of a concern. again, isolated tornados especially closer to central virginia. flash flood watch starts at noon, continues until 5:00 a.m saturday for the entire area. if you're in extreme southern maryland, calvert county and st. mary's county, you won't get the flooding rains. we'll have to see if they eend this through the northern neck. one to three inches of rain. i think there's going to be locally higher amounts. you walk out the door, you'll
5:19 am
have maybe a few peeks of sun once the sun comes up in a little over an hour. clouov will be ming in. we have the storm t systemst are going to be moving into the area. multiple rounds of rain and storms after lunchtime. we could have an isolated passing shower before that. for most part, we will just start clouding up. temperatures in the 60s when you walk o the door. we'll cop t in the low to mid 70s today. round of storms and rain throughout the afternoon and into the overnight. we'll start this right now.. 5:00 a.mot seeing anything. a few isolated showers here and there as we go through the lynch hour. after lunch we start to see the rain moving in. again, any time that we see any of the storms we could get damaging winds and downpours. won't be raining all afternoon. but after 6:00, 7:00, that's when we get another round of storms. this will be the main line. that slowly eeps through the area. this is really going to create some of the damaging winds and some of t flooding concerns.
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it's that -- that threat is not ending until the middle of the overnight. again, we're going to be with you all throughout the overnight. elia draper and samarra will be with you later tonight. i'll join them at 2. :00 a.m. so again, keeping you safe. showers for your saturday, as well. mid 70s today. again, weatheralert, heavy rain possible, showers around for your saturday. now easter sunday we have a few showers. temperatures in the low to mid 60s. mostly cloudy as we get into your saturday. mo fay, dry, then a chance rain showers, maybe a few thunderstorms as we head through the middle part of next week. we've got some traffic with melissa. let's take a look at that. melissa? >> reporter: good morning. this firstlert traffic alert sticking around because of a fatal crash neflgz from overnight. it's at capitol height on sheriff onroad. eastbound lane is closed between cedar heights drive and cypress tree. justin finch is out there. we'll have another live report from him as we zoom out here this
5:21 am
morning, inner loop, outer loop of the beltway, don't have any issues there. 66 and 95, everything there is looking good. 270, montrose road, northbound and southboundov ming along nicely. eun? >> thank you. it's 5:21. he helped save lives duringa world war iis one of america's first frogmen, and then spent decades saving people in the district. see how his life of service is going honored. and tune in for a special episodef "ellen." pro-wrestling superstar john cena will be showing his softer de as a guest host. that starts at 3:00 followed by "news4 today" at 4:00.
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welcome back at 5:24. the only living member ofhe very first navy s.e.a.l. team celebrated his 94th birthday yesterday. >> wow. akes us mark seagraves onth a journey from e service member's career as a frogplan tc the des that he -- frogman to the decades that he fought fires in the district. >> reporter: we know them today as navy s.e.a.l.s. in 1943, they were called naval olcombat dition units or, more commonly, frogmen. at age 17, bill dawson was oneo he first teams of frogmen. he's the last surviving member of the groundbreaking unit.
5:25 am
he authored t a book, "befohey were seales, they were frogs." >> i helped start it and developed into what it is today. it's one of the greatest outfits in the world. >> reporter: after returning from serving his country, dawson jo the d.c. fire department where he served his community for more than 20 years. today dawson celebrate the his 94th birthday. surrounded by friends and , fami including his daughter and great granddaughter. as for what dawson credits for his longevity and surviving two very dangerous careers -- >> somebody's looking out for me all them years. >> reporter: with the last survivin frogman, mark seagraves, news4. >> wha an incredible story. >> ye. >> 94. and has survived and lived through so much. and has spent hishole life serving others. >> one of the coost things you ould ever tell someone is that you're a navy s.e.a.l. >> yeaht
5:26 am
incred. >> tuazing. congrations to him on his 94th bever, is that what he -- 94th birthday, is that what they said? lauren,ight need to be a navy s.e.a.l. to deal with the weather. >> i was wondering where were going with it -- >> you know i had it. >> i saw it working. but all right. we've got weather coming our way. showers in the morning. severe weather this afternoon. agaie that's what you'r going to be focusing on. we like the timing so we're going to time this out and let you know what to expect so you can plan your friday andcoour weekend ng up. also ahead at 5:30, ur improving safety. the changes you'll be seeing on thrdapp the next time you oer a ride. and breaking news. four people killed after a crash in prince george's county. alright boys, time for bed.
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the storm team weather alert as you wake up on a friday, it's the weekend. the powerful storm o heading way with several rounds of rain prompting some flash flood watches all over the area. we have to watch out for that. >> even a lit rain.
5:30 am
may have a smile on our face because it's friday. plus, we are tracking sad breaking news. another deay crash in prince george's county. four people killed. we'll tell you what happened in just a moment. it's5:30. good morning, everyone. i'm eun yang. >> i'm adam tuss. aaron has the morning off. already shaping up to be a busy friday after a busy thursday. >> melissa mollet will have the trafc warnings in first 4 traffic. we begin with meteorologist lauren ricketts and this rain headiny. our >> yeah. we've got some rain showers and thunderstorms later this afternoon. the thing about the thunderstorms, they're going to last for a whi and continue into the overnight. it's miln out there whe you walk outside. temperatures at 66 degrees. sun cing up just about an hour from now. and those temperature will come on up into the low to mid 70s for daytime highs today. a few peenoks of sun early. as we yet through the middle part of the day,et showers ben now and noochblt showers andrs thundetorms any time after lunchtime. and they are going to continue
5:31 am
until about 3:00 or 4:00 a.m.,c pag a punch.ta ing about flooding. also damaging winds, possibly tornado. everybody ch for except for northern neck and also extreme southern maryland, calvert county, st. mary's county. one to three inches possible. i do believe there could be locally higher amounts with the storms that are going to be rolling across the same area over and over. this is knocking on the doorstep this lternoon. we'lk at the timing and the easter forecast. we've got unsettled weather for the weekend. let's look at traffic with melissa. good morning. good morning. looking at the roads, capitol heights eastbound sheriff between cedar hghts drive and sicypress tree drive. a fatal investigation wernight. thetbound lanes are open. you might see the tiniest bit of delay. but not any major impact. you can still hd that way if you need to. outer loop, outer loop of the
5:32 am
beltway. no problems right now. new problemn chantilly, westbound 50 after weather expert ox road. a crash there. 270 northbound and southbound just fine. me situation on bw parkway, 95, 29,nd a route one. >> thank you. 5:32. back to the breaking news in prince george's county. we're going to take you out to the crash scene right now on sheriff road. >> our justin finch has more on how this whole thing unfolded. what do we know now? >> reporter: well, just days before the holidays, this awful tragedy happens here on sheriff road last night here in prince george's county. police telling us it appears like this. s this vehicleehow lost control and crashed into the power pole here behind us. as you see, some signs of that investigation here in they, roadwa you're seeing those pink marks go from the westbound lanes, tramp here through the eastbound lanes and going toward that power pole. let's take you to video. showing the awful crashscene, this is the 5800 block of
5:33 am
sheriff road. this is roughly betwe cedar heights and cresstreet. inside of the suv we know there were four people who were killed. at first, polic thought perhaps two of those dead were pedestrians who were caught in th wreck. but they later learned upon further investigation that all four were inside that suvst and loheir lives in that crash last night. in is the traffic issue medical -- this is the traffic issue melissa was talking about. pepco crews are working to restore the power pole that was downed in the crash. keep that in mind as you are driving, if you drive through this area in the morning. you will see a choke point. one lane closed as they continue the work here. eolice have not yet identified the victims of th crash or perhaps more on the cause. as we get the information, we'll
5:34 am
bring it to you on air and on line. live in capitol 4.heights, back to you. >> thank you. it's been a deadly year on prince george's county roads. in sfebruary, people including two children died in a crash in bowie. according to police, the driver s drunk whenhe crashed off route 301. three people were also killed on martin luther king highway in seat pleasant a few days later. >> as a result of the crashes, prince george's county police have launched a crackdown on dangerous driving behavior. i rode along with officers as they caught people speeding and texting.ty coun executive angela alsobrooks also joi us on the patrol, adding the extra reminder to pay attention behind the wheel. developing this morning, deeps -- d.c. police are investigatin a shooting inhe soutast. it happened. far from the ft. dupont ice rink. officers arrived to find two juveniles shot. both are expected tbe okay.
5:35 am
5:34. to the other major story -- president trump calling special counsel robert mueller's report vindication. >> however, house democrats don't agree. they are calling for mueller to testify before congress. attorney general william barr released a redacted report ye erday. and he is set to testify next month. >> here are four things to know about the report. president trump apparently panieded when he leahe appointment of special counsel robert mueller was coming. the report says the president soughthe removal of mueller, discouraged witnesses from cooperating with prosecutors, and propded aides to mis-- prodsed aides to montheaislead . >> and the special counsel declined to prosecute trump on obstruction of justice, but mueller not exonerate him. high left it to cgress to decide. >> and the special counsel investigation concluded that neither the president nor his campaign did coordinate with the russian government in its election interference. president trump called the entire thing a hoax. op says he h a similar
5:36 am
yefrgz doesn't happen to a -- investigation doesn't have to a future president. coming up, tracie potts will have more as we continue to analyze the mueller rert. it ourt day for the cloej instructor charged with attempted ars at st. patrick's cathedral inty new york ci. nypd says mark latcherello allegedly tried walking into the thedral wednesday while carrying two gasoline cans and lighter fluid. just hours after that,sa police lamperello had booked a one-way flight to italy. taw enforcement sources tell our sister stion in new york that lamperello was also arrested days prior to all of this at a new jersey church. and security was amped up at st. pat's after fire tore through the notre dame cathedral in paris on monday. this morning, new information on the possible cause of that fire. a french judicial police official tells the "associated press" investigators believe an electrical short circuit may have sparked the fire.
5:37 am
investigators have made an initial assessment of the cathedral, but it's ter das at this point to do a full examination. yesterday, pope franci t washing feet of prisoners during a traditional service. this is video here. this was at a prison outside of rome. the service re-enacts the biblical story of christ washing the feet of his disciples. it's meant toemstrate humbleness toward others. of course, this is good friday. on this goodopfriday, pe francis is presiding over the way of the cross procession at rome's coliseum. reen acting christ's crucifixown. folling that, the pope will leadhe easter vigil in st. peter's basilica and easter sunday at st. peter's square. >> always humbling seeing him shing the feet of prisoners at this time. what seems like defending the kacaps is getting harder. the hurricanes scored in the first minute.
5:38 am
want caps lost two. and this is not how i thought it would go down. adding insult to injury, the caps havele win at ast game five without t.j. oshie. >>e looking lik longer. he might be done. oshie was pushed, suffered an upper body injury as he hit the boardsme boards. he left for x-rays. the head coach says he will be out for a while. me think it's ape dirty hit. no timeline on the return. the coach hopes to give an update on his condition later today. >> turn it back around. right now, it's coming up, it's one of the most hated intersections in our area. now plans for change at so-called dave thomas circle are finally here. i'm will go to tell you what ey're about coming up. and news4 is working for you
5:39 am
with an in-depth look at our changing climate. on monday, h see it is impacting your family, your money, your health, even your commute. the earth day special starts at 7:30 monday night. is
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i'm leon ha our kids spend so much time in front of screens these days,
5:42 am
it's important that they get exposed to programs to teach them abo physical, nutritional, and mental health. for a decade, the grassroots project has been focusing on empowering young people in d.c. to make healthy choisds choic--. >> what they were concerned about was decisionmaking and the education around the topic. if we're only going to teach thw science,re not teaching the life skills that impact what the science is telling >> you won't to miss it coming up on tonight's "harris' hees" at 4:00. .>> uber is unveiling some new safety features >> that's right. this after the murder of that south carolina college student back in march. samanthaoseph son entered a car that she thought was her ride share. the driver killed her. executives have shifted theor focus to safety features. there's an app that prompts you to check your ride every time.
5:43 am
check the license plate, the car icdetails, and the pre of your driver. the company officials say that they're doing everything they can to make sure the passenger's safety is the first priority. >>e'll be right back. w
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5:46. as we take a live look on a friday rning, we are in weather alert mode now. that's because of a powerful storm system heading our way. >> doesn look toobad. take a look at this. this is what's coming our way. a lot of rain especially dureg th evening commute and again overnight. lauren rickets is here tracking the latest on the storms. we'll check in with her in a few minutes. there's aolitical storm brewing after the attorney general released a redacted version of special counsel robert mueller's report into russian meddling. the white house and the president's allies are claiming complete vindication. but democts are staying not so fast. they want to know more, and they're calling for mueller to testify before congress, and they want an un-redacted report. to help sort it out, tracie
5:47 am
potts is live on capitol hill. >> refresh our memory on the key findings of the report and als what does mueller say that he wants congress to decide? >> reporter: sure, adam. first of all, the key findings are that russia interfered in the election, and there's a lot of detail on that. there was no collusion by the trump campaign or any american with russia to do so. but there were ten incidents of possible obstruction where mueller could not make up his mind whether to charge the idesident in part because his department dec and he agreed that you can't indict a sitting president. and in parttecause he couldn' get a read on the president's intent because the president never sat for an interview. jump forward to congress. now democrats say their job is to pick up where muellerf.eft of in fact, in the report he says congress can take thisrm inion and move forward. they not only want the full report without the nearly 1,000 redactions, but they want mueller to come testify.
5:48 am
will any of that happen? mueller may testify. hisoss, the attorney general, says there's no problem with that. as for the full report, the closest ty may gets of now is a look at the report except for the secret grand jury information. they may see all the otherio redact, but not that. and that could happen as early as next week. >> tracie tts live for u on capitol hill. thank you. also on capitol hill, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says he wants to raise the minimum wage age to buy product products. he wants to raise the age from 18 to 21 years old. thatill would cover all tobacco products including vaping devices. mcconnell represents kentucky, and that state leads the nation with 34% of cancers tied directly to smoking. 95% of adult smokers began using tobacco product before they turned 21. an uate to the metro shutdown that's going to last all summer.
5:49 am
metro is already extending the project before it even begins. the platform improvement project closures. go past -- day. six blue and yellow line statio will close start amendment weekend. the supplies allou the way sth of reagan national airport. what a headache, and metro needs to fix crumbling concrete on the platforms including thera bddock road station. crews will fix the platforms so they delay with the americans -- they delay with the americans through disabilities act. it will last through september 8th moret. time to be aware of tha >> going to be a mess. this weekend, you might need to plan ahead. onrt of rock creek parkway is closed through my morning. >> reporter: nicole has more. this closure's not only going to affect drivers but runners and cyclers who like to gohe to area. >> reporter: that's exactly right. and su can seend signage are already up preparing for thi closure over the
5:50 am
weekend. we'll get you to pictures of the parkway. if you have plans of coming to the d.c. area overke the wee for shows or east church services, it may take strategic planning. we'll get you to at map now tha breaks it all down for you. this closure affects rock creek and potomac parkway as well as rock creek trail. vehicles will be redirected to virginia avenue northst and interstate 66. that's right near lincoln memorial. if you're walking or biking, you'll be rerectedear the kennedy center between f street and roosevelt bridge. all of this is happening as crews prepare to bring in materials for thees pedtrian bridge over rock creek and potomac parkway. the closures begin tonight at 8: and run through monday at ba 5:30. ck to you. >> nicole jacobs, tnk you. we are talking about a storm
5:51 am
team 4 weather alert day. u temore, lauren ricketts. >> we have multiple rounds of heavy rain and storm headed our way. after isolated showers this morning, after lunchtime that's when we get going. the full system really won't oove through here until late tonight and int the overnight. we're talking with flooding. one to three inches of rain. there could be locally higher ounts as the storms will train. they'll be roaming across the same -- rolling across the same ar over and over again. gusts up to 50 miles per hour. if we have a severe storm, we could be up to 70 mes per hour with the strong winds. isolated tornado possible. do n drive across flooded roads later tonight. pockets of rain, one to three inches total across the area. that flash flood wat goes for pretty much everybody with the exception of northern neck and extreme southern maryland. no rain right now. we celd even hav peeks of sun once it comes up about 6:30.
5:52 am
this is headed our way. lots of moisture. it is crawling across the area. that's why we'll have that chaps -- we'll have chances for storms. topping out in the low to mid 70s. a few showers before noon, but storms moving in after lunch ann contng all the way through the evening. overnight.the it's not going to be raining the whole time. here at 5:30, we're looking good. as i said, isolated showers here and into 1:00, 2:00, here comes the rain and storms. those will fly by. any ofhose could pack a punch. after about 7:00 or 8:00, another round. this is the main line moving slow. we couldave ansolated tornado in this. this will be dropping one to three inches of rain across the region. i'm going to be here at 2:00 a.m. amelia will hand over to me. we'll be with you throughout th. nigh catch us on social media pages. in case you feel uneasy, we're here to keep you safe working
5:53 am
for you. showers possible through tomorrow. and a little unsettled into the weekend. tomorrow we're going to be in the mid 70s.ha again, a ce of showers throughout the day. it's going to be windy on your saturday. sunday, a chance for showers, as well. it's going to be cool. temperatures in the mid 60s and unfoately mostly cloudy for easter. monday looking better, mid 60s. back in the 80s with a chance for rain and storms coming. let's look at traffic with melissa mollet. good morning. >> good morning. take a look. this is elk poplar street bridge. chopper 4 -- elk street bridge. and chopper 4 over 32, overturn rpd tractor-trailer. e ramp is shut down this morning. not too much of a traffic impact yet. you just won't be able to get off on 100. same thing northbound and southbound. eastbound between cider heights and cypress ee, one lanes
5:54 am
partially blocked on the right side. westbound lanes are open. you shouldn't find a delay. that's wheree have a fatal ash investigation. pole and wires down. northbound 295 at pennsylvania avenue, an accident there. chantilly westbound 50 after west ox a crash. leesburg east 7efore battlefield parkway. single lane getting by. adam? >> thank you. dave thomascircle, the intersection is widely regarded as the worst intersection in our area. ddot is moving fast to make changes. the mayor has allocated $35 million in the budget to change the area. it starts with buying and demolishing the wendy's in the centerf that. the city is waiting on an appraisal and to negotiate a sale. ddot will have public meetings about changing the intersection soon. i lot of people were talking about their blood boiling. >> the anxiety think building
5:55 am
entering that intersection. d.c. jeff jose andresed appear on "tonight show," oe isning a new restaurant and went on to the show to cook -- what jimmy's doing, or throwing food around. probably tastes good. >> messy, no big deal. they took time to enjoy wine out of -- >> not even making -- >> the traditional glass wine pitcher from spain. >> there's not a drop on the chef's jacket. >> jimmy got messy but enjoyed himself. that's all that matters. >> and the chef, an amazing human. a goo, fridayree market will only in pnce george's unty. august molette green told you about the amazing community effort on wednesday. new life worship center in capitol hill will distribute 50,000 pounds for family in need this east weekend. the free market will open at 10:00. anyone in need can go by and pick up grocery. they have enough food to feel
5:56 am
1,200 families. coming up, a man trying to get a court order to keep his neighbor away from him, but the order never happed. now the man is dead. more ahead onhat case coming up at 6:00. defending it the cup is a lotde har than -- defending the culture is a lot harder now that the sers is tied. they may have lost more after the return to d.c. coming up next. good morning and happy friday, lks. >> as a busy afternoon on top. join us at 4:00. coming up, we'll be tracking stms and have a updated forecast. plus, our kids spend so much time in front of screens these days, on today's "harri heroes," we'll show the local program transforming the way students teach health education.
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♪ ♪ p protect youret th the #1 name in flea and tick protection. frontle plus. trusted by vets for nearly 20 years. breaking news. four people dead in a late-nighr crash nea severals busy road prince george's county. the mueller report is out. some saying the president is off the hook, while others are demanding the full, unredacted report. we're still digging through the details. the caps are limping back to d.c. the team dropped another road game and may have t to gohe rest of the playoffs without one of their best players. looking at it again, he did
6:00 am
get pushed in the back. >> from the back. it was definitely a tirt dirty. i hope t.j.'s okay. , > good morning, everyone thanks for joining us, i'm eun yang. m tuss.a hope aaron has a good day off. the heavy rain is not doing the day off. we're talking about a big storm way.em headed our you see the clouds already moving in. 's already 66 degrees. warm. >> ominous sky. heavy rain on the melia mollet has more on what to expect in thecommute. let's begin with steamer team 4 meteorologist lren ricketts r more. lauren? >> yeah, weather alert. back to you. view. we're at twilight where the sun is six degrees below the horizon. sun coming up at about 6:28. we will see a peek. sunshine out thetoday. of course, we've got the clouds increasing, they're going to increase quickly. flood watch for most of the area where the


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