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tv   Today  NBC  April 20, 2019 7:00am-8:31am EDT

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♪ ♪ good morning, easter weekend washout. >> a mini tornado right there. >> severe storms slam the east coast overnight leaving a path of destruction. tornadoes, high winds and fallen trees, at least five peopleead in the after math, and more nasty weather is in the forecast today for tens of millions. dylan has the latest forecast. new battle brewing. >> the legislativeranch has a responsibility of oversight of e our mocracy, and we will exercise that. >> democrats subpoena the unredacted mueller report as talk of impeachment around washington grows. elizabeth warren calling for the president to be ousted. republican senor mitt romney saying he's sickened by the conduct in the white house. this as the president changesun his t from one of glee to
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outright rage. we're live with the latest. hope amid the horror. >> we are a guiding light for some of these other communities that have gone through similar tings. >> today, 20th anniversary of a tragedy that changed history, the columbine school shootings, but the people of littleton, colorado, are focussing this morning, not on the sadness but making the world a better place. allt tha plus, fair or foul, the new york yankees dropping katei s rendition of god bless america after controversial songs surfaced from the singer's past. rumor has it adele drops a bomb shell that has her fans ve sick. and happy 4/20. it's not just for stoners anymore. now businesses a nationwide getting into the cannabis craze, today, saturday,inpril 20th, -- 2019.
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>> from nbc news, this is today with sheinelle jones, peter alexander, and dylan dreyer live from studio a inockefeller plaza. >> thank you for joining us on this saturday morning, the start of a busy holiday weekend for a lot of you. >> happy easter, happy ovpass, happy belated birthday sheinelle jones. >> i had sunny skies yesterday but today everybody is talking about the t weather. >>t's where we're going to start this morning. it is our weather making for aekoliday wed washout. dylan is here with the latest on that. >> good morning, yes, there is a lot of rain. tens of millions are under flash flood watches or warnings after severe storms wreaked havoc up and down the east coast. >> a mini tornado right there. >> severe storms carved a path of destruction along the east coast, ghovernia tornado touched down in restin, virginia, crushing a family's pickup truck. >> sdenly i hear this enormous crack snap and that was the tree. >> earlier in rowan oak,
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virginia, this home was destroyed wh a storm touched down. the woman who lived here hid in the basement. she somehow survived unharmed. >> in florida, an 8-year-old girl was killed when a tree fell on her home. in the carolinas, heavy winds uprooted trees and downed power lines stalling traffic, smashing houses and spreading debris throughout. in georgia, the atlanta fire department rescued a man trapped after a tree fell on his truck. and this road was washed out after a rapid 3 to 5 inch rainfall. a state of emergency was declared in mississippi. in arkansas, this woman's 92-year-old mother was rapped when a tree fell on her home, blocking the entrance. >> i don't care aut the house or anything in there. i'm just glad my mom is out. >> in texa the power of lightning was on full display, a security camera caught the moment lightning struck this tree and home. >> the lights flickered ithe house, i came out and saw thead
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tree heen split in half from the lightning. >> andn hathis holiday weekend, the fast moving storm system causin travel nightmares, more than 1,600 flights were cancelled and more than 6,800 flights delayed. the worst is almost over. we have several hours of rain before it does clear out. let's go over the last three days where we have hif signant storm reports, tornado reports, 45, 544 reports of wind a damage, 90 reports of large hail, and you can see it extends back through the planes and all the up and down the east coast. we have flash flood watches in effect, especially across parts of the northeast where we do have more rain falling and we also have warmer temperatures causing a lot of snow melt. that combinatione leads to th potential of flooding. this stream of moisture is just off the coast of north carolina but it'snt moving new jersey and into new york, and that will continue to move up across new england today. again, it' that heavy rain and the snow
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melt that could lead to more flash flooding across the northeast. it'sll with this cold front that's moving eastward. that will affect new england through the day day. we have low pressure producing heavier rain through kentucky, indiana and ohio. that will weaken as it moves east ward. for the east coast we're looking to get rid of the cold front and parts of ohio and tennessee river valley it's the low pressure system we're waiting to move east. an additional 1/2 an inch of rain across new jerand parts of pennsylvania we could see another 1/2 inch of rain with the heavy rain movingth through next couple of hours. >> dylan, thank you. let's move to washington where the fight over the mueller report is escalating, as talk of impeachment grows after the president launched a profanity laced attack on the twitter. nbc's kelly o'donnell is ear thepresident's estate where he's spending easter weekend. >> president trump wants it both ways, rcefully attacking many details in the report as
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fabrications while also embracing its overall co lusions. there were no chargeable criminal offenses related to collusion or obstruction. while house speaker nancy pelosi is pumping the brakes on new calls for impeachment. house democratic leaders want to focus on oversightacnd not impeent. after mueller a bar fight. six democratic leaders say no to the attorney general. in a letter late friday, they write, we cannot agree tthe conditions you are placing on our access to the full report demanding to view all blacked out sections of the special counsel report including grand jury nsks. >> -- information. >> the legislative branch has a responsibility of oversight of our democracy. >> ratcheting up pressure of a subpoena to turn over the unredacted report by may 1st, while attacking the attorney
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general's credibility. >> it's here that barr misrepresented to country the contents of the mueller report. >> reporter: late fr, the department of justice responded. congressman nadler's subpoena id premature a unnecessary. from oversight to impeachment, democratic candidate elizabeth warren tweeted the house should initiate impeachment proceedings against the president of the united states citing the severity of this misconduct. while utah senator mitt romney became the first republican to condemn b theavior. i am sickened at the extent and pervasiveness of dishonesty and misdirection by individuals in the highest office of the land, hocluding the president. president trump w played golf with radio host rush limbaugh friday abandoned his initial delight over the findings. >> i'm having a good day, too. >> reporter: and delved into anger, ridiculing the so called
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crazy mueller report with an expletive as total bs. and new reaction from one okethe most talabout figures in the report, former white house counsel don mcgahn who is described in the mueller fiings as oftenushing back on president trump for things like his efforts to fire the special counsel. mcgahn's lawyer has put out a statement saying that rudy giuliani should not be relitigating some of the events as they are true as described in the report and interestingly he thanked the president for his opportunity to serve in the administration. sheinelle, peter. let's bring in john harwood, he covers washington for cnbc. good oomorning. >>morning. >> quiet week washington. let's start there if we can very quickly. immediately after the report was released, we heard from the president, total exoneration, he said simply that this was basically good news. he described robert mueller initially as honorable.
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then in the last 24 hours, something achanged, of a sudden he was going after the report calling it the crazy mueller report. he said a lot of it was totally fabricated and called it as kelly showed us total bull expletive. catnged? >> well, what changed is the president bumped into reality. look, we know that with this president, his reactions are governed moment toyoment how any particular person or set of events is making him look. and no matter how much you surround yourself with people who say, oh, yes, boss, you're great or media, conservative media that says yes, mr. president, you're great, you cannot escape the fact that this report makes him look bad. the details in the report makes him look bad because the conduct it describes is bad. evidence of obstruction, dishonesty, the fact that his campaign embraced thisntrusion in u.s. elections by the foreign
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power even if they didn't collude in the execution of that interference. so he doesn't like it, and we saw the same thing described in the mueller report when he fired james comey and people around him were thinking this is a great idea, and he watched the coverage and got angry about it because it was not great idea. >> john, looking forward here now, it's in the hands of ngress. there's some serious pressure here. you have some democratic leaders reluctant to start the impeachmentthprocess,s saying absolutely not, they will not let this behavior stand. what's next on the hill? ? i think what's next for democrats is to decide what they believe. there's no question that it's a politicak to pursue impeachment. nancy pelosi has said we should not pursue impeachment for political reason or not avoid it for a political reason. so they're going to have to decide, do we think this conduct is severe enough to justify us going after him in that way? i think the reali is that most
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democrats probably think it is severe enough for that. but they have to decide, do theo want t take that risk. there are always going to be political consequences and it's possible that voters could look at some voters they need could look at pursuing impeachment and say hey, they're going too r, but democrats have got to search their conscience and see what they believe. >> and john, there's a separate question for the democratic 2020 candidates, elizabeth warren becoming the first major candidate to call for impeachment nbc news is reporting that the former vice president joe biden is going to enter the race this coming week. is there a road map in this mueller report for those 2020 democrats to challenge donald trum in the campaign? in 2020? t isre a bumper sticker here or do they need to move on? >> well, look, donald trump's behavior and record gives them plenty to run on. his approval rating has hovered a few points below or a few points above 40% for quite a long time.
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st of the country thinks the president's dishonest. most of them disapprove of hism perfore. there's definitely a road map. the question is how far do they push , and elizabeth warren who has set the pace in many ways for the field in terms of ideas and policy is now out pushing on impeachment. how many others follow? what does joe biden say? do we think that hlls going to or impeachment? that will color how the rest of the field does.ce ainly the base voters in the democrat party, the people who turn out for primaries are likely to be inclined in that direction, but they've goter biggonsiderations not only winning the primary but also the general election. >> a conversation we'll be talking about this summer and likely through the next year. john harwood, thank you very much. >> you bet. on this eter weekend, less than a week at t fire at the notre dame cathedral, protesters in france are taking to the street some are angry that while a billion dollars has been raised to rebuild the church, the needs of the poor are going unmet. matt bradley is in paris for us
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this morning. matt, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this is the latest in months of protests but police here are expecting more violence than normal in part over resentment that the country's rich are giving to the notre dame cathral rather than to the poor. today paris braces for more violent protests, as france's so called yellow vests take to the reet once again. 60,000 police assigned to protect the city and its iconic notre dame cathedral, which was engulfed in flames monday night. the rioters haveot been moved by what happened at notre dame said the interior minister, quite the opposite. the protestersenraged that more than a billion dollars have been pledged to repair notre dame cathedral without helping france's own lesabs. it started six months ago, protesting against rising fuel prices. he nearly lost his eye in
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protests demanding economic equality. still, he plans to fight on. i asked him if there's going to be war in the streets. it's not a war, he said, it's a revolt. people are speaking up and macron was elected to listen to us. but for cathedral spokesperson andre finau, the proteers' anger is misplaced. >> it's really complicated but this is not the same question, the people do you prefer to buy a boat for them. >> it's money the yellow vests say should go to france's poor. >> reporter: so this, the protests are still ongoing, and people here, not allf them are gry. some of them would like to turn this protest into a vigil in support of the cathedral, but here ifrance, the problem is that all protests often turn violent. some are often determined to commit violent acts. sheinelle, peter. >> you stay safe too.
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thank you, matt. a california couple has been sentenced to life in prison for the torture of their 12 children in a case that shocked the nation. their home now known as the house of horrors. on friday during their sentencing hearing, some of theirhildren spoke out for the first time. nbc's molly hunter is in los angeles for us with that story. good morning. >> reporter: peter, good morning, it's the house of his or her -- horrors committed by david and louise turpin. the children spoke to their rents and the parents apologized directly to their kids. >> the selfish, cruel and inhumane treatment of your own children. >> sentenced to life in prison for starving, beating and abusing 12 of their children. >> good morning, your honor. >> reporter: david and louise turpin faced their children for the fir time since their arrest. >> i love my parents and have forgiven them for a lot of the things that they did to us. >> reporter: t couple pleaded guilty to 14 counts each of torture, abuse child
7:16 am
dangerment, imprisonment and on friday for the first time we heard from some of the turpin children, cameras shielding their entity. >> sometimes i still have nightmares of things that had happened, such as my siblings being chained up or getting beaten. life parents took my whole from me but now i'm taking my life back. >> reporter: but the children who spoke didn't all sound angry, remarkably, they're moving on. >> although it may not have been the best way of ising us, i am glad that they did because it made me the person i am today. >> life may have been bad but it made me strong. >> reporter: the couple will be eligible for parole after 25 years. those horrific deils emerged in january of last year after a daughter, 17 at the time, escaped out of a window and called 911. authorities say the kids were found in filth, given one meal a day, allowed one shower a year. they were malnourished and
7:17 am
tortured on friday, the parents offered an emotional apology in court. >> i am sorry if i have done anything to cause them harm. >> i'm sorry for everything i've done tourt my children. >> reporter: now, we didn't hear those thate kids but did give statements said for the most part they are doing well. they are going to school. they're learning to live independently. one even saying, guys, i'm a fighter, i'm strong, i'm shooting through life like a rocket. pretty remarkable. pet peter, sheinelle. >> all the best to those children. >> for sure. molly, thank you very . dylan is bac with a lot of in the northeast and back through the ohio and tennessee river valleys extending through michigan ain ana. the middle of the country, you guys are seeing a fantastic day. a mix of sun and clouds. temperatures in the 70s even 80s out there. another storm system making its way into the pacific northwest. not a lot of rain and mountain snow but still cloudy and
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unsettled in that area slowly moving through the east going into the next several days.or meantime, f the plains, enjoy the dry weather and the warm-up, too. a loo at the weather across the country. now here's a peak out your . window cloud cover out our window right now. we continue to see clouds, but clearing later on this afternoon. in fact, getting clearinof back to the west. a few showers out there. most of the heavy stuff is through the eastern shore. that's how it's going to stay. we have an area of low pressure. look at this rotation. that's what helps slow down the storms yesterday. upper pressureusng showers into our region throughout day and today but lenty drytime. and that's your latest forecast. >> dylan, thank you. >> still to come. is someone trying to sell a video of new england patriots owner robert craft inside that infamous florida massage parlor. we'll hav the latest on a new court filing. plus, our hoda is surprising everyone with a new edition to her family, a sweet edition.
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we are back on a saturday morning with the weekly download, a look back at the week that was. >> the headlines werein domed by the release of the mueller report. >> the week began with the devastatin fire in france. >> a massive fire engulfed t historic notre dame cathedral in paris. >> firefighters apparently had just three minutes to save the towers from the blaze battling very close to the flames to save structure. the damage only fully visible from the air. most of the roof completelyone leaving the beare ribs of the building beneath. and in new york city, authorities arrested a man carrying suspicious items at st. patrick's cathedral.
7:22 am
>> two gasoline cans, tw bottles of lighter fluid and two lighters. >> his basic story was that he was cutting through the cathedral to get to madison avenue. it's hard to say exactly what his intentions were.ea shers in colorado took part in a search for sol pais. authorities say pais ade credible threats against denver area schools, prompting hundreds to close. forcing students to stay home. investigators later found her body in the mountains, dead fror an appt self-inflicted gunshot wound. the man accused of throwing a young boy over rheling at the mall of america critically injuring him madeis first court appearance. 24-year-old emanumanuel deshawn aranda was charged with attempted first-degree murder. his court appointed attorney telling nbc news it's too soon to know what his defense strategy ill be.
7:23 am
>> he appeared sober, lucid, clear thinking. actres lori laughloughlin a her husband pleaded not guilty to felony accounts. facing a maximum sentence of 40 years in prison, investigators say they have a trove of ce eviden including wire taps p proving theower couple paid half aillion dollars in bribes to get their daughters into usc. some of the week's wildest moments caught on camera. a break away boat teeteredn the edge of this dam in north carolina after severe storms swept through the area, fortunately no one was on board and the fire department eventuly rescued the boat. farther north, a rare fire ball meteor streaked across ttl sky, starg people across the east t ast. and is just gronk being gronk, recently retired new england patriots tight end rob gronkowski, damaged the lombardn trophy w he used it as a bat, leaving this baseball sized dent
7:24 am
in the side of it ase goofed at fenway park. and hoda kotb called in to make a huge announcement on "today". >> it's a gi . her name is hope. partner joel r adopted a little girl named hopr kathine, and big sister hailey joy is loving h new role. welcome to the "today family, hope. >> i got to meet her yesterday. >> that girl is a nugget. >> she is the sweetest thing. >> i was there for about an hour and a half while calvin and haileyere playing and making a mess of hoda's house, and she was sleeping the whole time, k even with thes screaming in the background. she was just sound asleep, and then right as we were leaving, because i didn't want to ovimpose, overstay my welcome, i'm sure, she woke up and i got to hold her and feed her a bottle and she held on to my finger just like this, and it was just the most special, it's so special. babies are just such asajoy. >> we a picture of hailey,
7:25 am
and calvin, who are just adorable, and all of the pictures,hailey's face, she's just -- >> she's so happy. >> precious. >> she going to be a good big sister. >> such a big congratulations, joel, hoda, hailey, hope, we are so thrilled for all of you. enjoy this holiday weekend together. still to ce on today, a message of hope in littleton,ra colo, on the 20th anniversary of the columbine school shootings. and fair or fall, dropping kate smith's rendition of god bless america. we'll tell you why. and why today's stoner holiday,
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good morning. it's 7:26 on this saturday, april 20th. good morning to you. i'm david culver. a economic of your headlines. startn prince george's county, a community iser mourning aft four people lost their lives in this awful crash. this is in capital heights. the police say this car lost co rol on sheriffroad, flipped several times slammed into a utility pole. the 35-year-old driver and his three passengers all in their 20s were lled. police say speed likely play add factor in that crash. sev ie weather our area left destruction in i wake. destroying a home in franklin county, virginia, yet near roanoke. you see the roof is gone along with one entire side of the
7:27 am
home. even damage in reston, virginia, a confirmed tornado touched down. all weather coverage in storm team's 4 forecast coming up rightfter a ♪ i've slain your dreaded dragon.e for saving tingdom what doth thou desire? my lord? hey u od knight. where are ing? ♪ ♪ climbing up on solsbury hill ♪ grab your things, salutations.
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>> announcer: time and temperature from td bank. well, rain continues to through the area, just light, spotty showers. all the heavy stuff east of i-95 pushing off throughnd delaware also pennsylvania. an area l ofow pressure, upper level low, kind ofer ptuated the slow movement of the storms yesterday, because they wrapped back towards the low, is hanging out. it's going to connue to bring us a slight chance of spotty showers throughout the beweeken re it finally moves oust oust -- out of here. getting sunshine today. however it will be a little on it's breezy side and a chance of a stray showers this morning and then again later on after about 7:00. keep that in mind if headed out
7:30 am
to be caps' game. tore sunrise, 6:25. not bad. chance of showers late next week. >> thanks. send you back to the "today" we're back on saturday morning, april 20th, 2019, that's a look at the memorial3 o the innocent lives lost in littleton, colorado. rs20 yeago today during the horrific columbine school shooting. but today, the community is sharing a message of hope. oowe'll take a l back and a look forward coming up. >> still remember that very day, remember finding out about those headlines and how it defined for a generation sort of our hat era.ce during we're going to begin this half hour with a check of the headlines and we start with the severe storms leaving a trail of destruction overnight along the east coast with at ast five people dead so far, an 8-year-old girl was killed in florida when a tree fell on her
7:31 am
home. tornadoes alsoiping out homes in virginia, and powerful winds knocked trees into houses and electrical lines in the carolina tens of millions of people could get drenched again today, we have dylan's forecast a new battle is brewing in washington this morning over the mueller report. on friday, the airman of the issuedudiciary committee a subpoena demanding that attorney general william barr turn over the full unredacted report. the department ofti jus says the subpoena is premature and unnecessary. president trump issued a series of angry tweets callinghe report total bs. if it feels like this flu season is never ending, well, it's certainly not far off. the centers for disease control now reports that the current one is the longest in history. 21 weeks and counting. there is some good news. the flu is now in decline, widespread in just 11 states at this point. at least 36 million cases have been reported thisn with as many as 57,000 deaths. and take a look at this
7:32 am
daring rescue from a fiery car accident. body cameras from four new jersey police officers showing the moments after two cars crashed on the highway and burst into flames. officers and bystanders rushing in, smashing windows, and pulling four victims to safety. one officer's uni caught fire during the rescue. two of the victims were badly burned. fes officials say it could have been much worse if not for the ravery of civilians a officers. a new twist in the robert kraft case. it's a video of the new england patriots owner inside a notorious massage parlor being offered up for sale to the highest bidder. that's what attorneys for the spa owners a now claiming at least. nbc's tammy leitner is outside the courthouse in jupiter, florida. tammy, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, peter. here's the big questions, was this video leaked a who leaked it. an emergency motion was filed in court after it appears this
7:33 am
video was being shot around to the highest bidder. it didn't take long, just one day after a florida judge blocked prosecutors from releasing surveillance video allegedly showing patriots owner robert kraft inside jupiter pa, the video allegedly surfaced. according to celebrity news web site the blast, someone offered to sellti porons of the video taken of the billionaire from orchids of asia day spa. and this report had lawyers rushing back to court for an emergency junction. the blast reporter and founder mike walters tells c news, the video appears to show kraft undressed laying on a table with his hands behind his head. the video appears to have been shotrom overhead, and that they were shown come a portion of it. he would not sayac who approd them or the price. after doing our due diligence, felt inclined not to go any rt fur. kraft was charged with two counts of soliciting prostitution, stemming from incidents at the spa on january
7:34 am
19th and 20th. he's disputed the charges and pled not guilty. his attorneys arguing in court last week that releasing the video willis comprom his right to a fair trial. >> why would anyone need to see at kind of material unless maybe you're a juror, and you're at trial. >> reporter: nbc news is one of aandful of media outlets suing to obtain access to the video. lawyers for the owners of the spa filed acy emergenotion thursday after this alleged leak, citing the article in the in the new york daily news. the court record accuses one or more people of attempting to sell to the highest bidder, pointing ty finger directl at two government agencies. either the state or the jupiter police department have violated the court's order. the jupiter police department respondinge have not released any video evidence in this investigation and we do not believe anyone in theic p department or state's attorneys office would compromise the investigation by leaking evidence. thestate's attorneys office
7:35 am
saying it will respond in court. it appears this video was shown to oer media outlets not just "thelast", and robert caviraft' attorneys had no co dylan? >> good morning, guys. as we get into easter and passover weekend, we'd like to see springtime temperatures. the east coast we are. boston, washington, 66 degrees to start the day. back through detroit, starting off at 40. anashville chilly 42. high temperatures this afternoon will be on the cooler side especially where we have a lot of clouds and showers. louisville only 48 degrees. 23 degrees below average. look back through minneapolis into kans city, denver. temperatures running about five to 15 degrees above average as we get up into the 70s. chicago, high 75 on easter sunday. omaha, 80. cooler through virginia and down into the carolinas. temperatures running five degrees below average. going into next week, we'll see
7:36 am
warmer air shi to the east. detroit into the lower 70s for monday and tuesday. cincinnati closer to 80. asheville 81. tuesday new york city up to 75 degrees by tuesday. the warmer temperatures o way. that's a look at the weather across the country. here's a peek out your window. as we get into next week our mperatures in the 80s. yes. spring is definitely coming our way. maybe a little taste of summer.i rain shoe to push to the east. heaviest ones continue with spotty showers as we rollhe through tay today. look at this. getting clearing out there now. area of low chepressure keeping chance of showers through our area today and for your easter. maybe get that carwashed, take chances. a few light showers out and that's your latest forecast. >> dylan, thank you very much. just ahead right here. shining light after a dark day. we're going to go live to littleton, rado, 20 years after the columbine school
7:37 am
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this morning on in-depth today, a somber anniversary, 20 years ago toy, two gunman burst into columbine high school in littleton, colorado, and opened fire on their teachers classmates. >> hard to believe it's been 20 years. today the community isn't focussing on the darkness, but instead on the light. nbc's joe friar is there this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, anniversaries like this of course can be somber but the community here really wants to focus on looking forward. so today is dedicated to servics projecnd to honoring the victims. the sun was setting last night on colorado, yet the columbine memorial was filled with light, a symbol of this community's ot steadfast devn to illuminating the darkness.
7:41 am
>> it's important for us tomb remeer those that died. not to let their memory be forgotten. >> the vigil was dedicated to columbine's 13 victims including rachel joy scott, her family created rachel's challenge, a program that combats bullying in her honor. >> she had a sense of purpose for her life. she drew an outline of her hands on the back of her dresser when she was 13 years old. these hands belong to rachel joy will someday touc millions of people's hearts. >> rachel's brother craig survived the shooting. in addition to losing his sister, he lost his friend, isaiah. today two days later he appeared on today with craig's father, a oment remembered for this, a light in the dar >> i started to get emotional, and isaiah's dad reached out his hand and put his hand on mine. it was just a very special moment. a the shootingt columbine was
7:42 am
unlike anything america had seen at the time but it was only the beginning since there have been so many more, 32 killed at virginia tech, 26 at sandy hook, 17 in park>>nd, florida. think we are a guiding light for some of these otherie communit that have gone through similar things. >> frank deangeles was columbine's principal in 1999. though h ago, he advises schools that experience shootings, including parkland last year. >> when we can get some of our former studentso say,e were in that same dark place as you are, but there will be light again. i think that's an important necess wy. >> theree lessons learned from columbine. police now trained to confront gunmen immediately rather than wait for s.w.a.t teams, but tom mowser fls more can be done. he has spent the past 20 years pushing for stronger gun laws, a strong important to his son daniel who was murdered at
7:43 am
columbine. he still wears the size 10 1/2 shoes his son was wearing when he died. >> you truly are walking in his shoes. >> yes. >> what's the message thats? send >> parents shouldn't have to do this. parents shouldn't survive their kids. they shouldn't have their kid killed needlessly. we got to do something about it, and that's why i stepped in these shoes to do something out it. >> 20 years after columbine was thrust into darkness, this community continues to find the lights. a rememance ceremony will take place today featuring families, survivors and school staff. they want to reflect but they also want peopleem to rber how they felt that day and to recommit to making positive changes in the own communities. sheinelle and peter. >> i was just about toou ask y about that. obviously it seems like the tragedy inspired relatives and a cause and find try to find something positive out of all of this. >> reporter: yeah, that's right. there are all kinds of examples.
7:44 am
take lauren townsend, she's one of the 12 students who was killed that day. she loved animals so in response, her family created a wildlife fund in her honor. another example is dave sanders, the teacher who died that day. his daughter connie is now a forensic therapist. she works wit criminals who have been concted of violent crimes. she says she does that because her dad always worked with the kids who were struggling most in hool. back to you guys. >> thank you. >> i remember how jarring it was when we learned about columbine. now it's almost accepted the fact that these school shootings exist, from sandy hook to parkland, it's become a regular part of our lives. it's amazing there isll not sti more outrage to put an end to this. >> and so many parents have made this their life mission. >> and as parents you worry when you dropour kids off at school. one nfl star who's a military veteran is using his skills to put a smile on the
7:45 am
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7:48 am
the rain. >> good sports today. the nfl draft kicks off next week, a chance for the nation's top college football players to have their dreams come true. >> nne star, a military veteran made someam dres come true last weekend when he helped current service members take part in an nfl style workout. nbc's sarah harmon joined in as ll. sarah, good morning. >> hey, peter, good morning. this was a chance to run an nfl combine. those exercises that nfl coaches use to evaluate new talent ahead of the draft, so it's all about streth, speed and agility. turns out, even if your day job is on the battlefield, these drills are not easy. this is not your standard military. instead, this is a chance for
7:49 am
u.s. service members to train like nfl players led by alejandro villanueva, an offensivehe lineman for t pittsburgh steelers. >> i decided toun r any 40 and now i'm heree in thnfl. >> before he made the nfl, villa knew way villanueva did tew tours. he's visiting air force base to till. >> par of a squadron that supplies military trains like this c 130 that transports troops and supplies to the middle east and africa. >> we have to be ready foran ything at any time. >> he's a die hard steelers fan. >> here to represent the pittsburgh nation with our terrible towel. on training day, the airman transforms into an athlete, leading his teammates and one reluctant reporters in a competition for bragging rights. >> this ishe first time i have put any sort of organized sports
7:50 am
since middle school. wasn't very good then. i'm hopinhat i have some hidden naturalta nt, so i don't let the guys down. >> we're hoping so too. >> one, two, three. first up, the quarterback arm challenge, then the 40 yard dash, and the vertical jump. >> it was hard. i didn't do too well. tdon't think i'm going to n nfl. despite the competition, the sense of camaraderie is unmistakable. >> i've been out of the military for a while, and it's been a very, you know, bittersweet transition. you belong to a huge family that has your back no matter what. >> for team apex, and tech sergeant toms, tomorrow is sure to be full of high stachs allenges but today it's mission accom for a post game snack. >> guys, tech sergeant tom together me one of the hardest things about serving overseas is being in the wrong time zone to watch his beloved steelers, and
7:51 am
it meant the world to have the nfl cere to gny. >> we're going to put you on a drill working on your spiral later, ocey, sarah. nio celebrate the troops, though. still to come, the new york yankees andhi philadelpflyers eropping kate smith's version of god bless
7:52 am
7:53 am
still ahead, severe weather pounding the east coast leaving a trail of we'll have the latest. >> and big news from singer adele. adele. a bomb shell about
7:54 am
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symptoms orasores. don't start humi if you have an infection. man 3: ask your rheumatologist about humira. woman 4: go ro to see in action. turban turpin. good morning. heim david culver. a economic of headlines. the district, gun violence ticks
7:57 am
imward. this t a 16-year-old shot to death inside his home in northwest. it happened yesterday afternoon around 3:00. on princeton place. we are told someone on the street heard the shots, flagged down a passing police officer,t paolling the neighborhood. first responders the found the shooting victim, taken to the hospital and later died. today thousands of national parks across the country, free to be enter. all part of the celebration of national parks week. all week long a varietyf special programs going on. this is all over the country. is it a day worth checking out a national park? is it a weeke
7:58 am
7:59 am
looking ominous out there now, although look at this. clearing outhere in d.c. some areun already have sshine especially to the west but eventually we'll see clearing as the clouds push out of the region. a few spotty showers now. we continue to seenc a c for spotty showers long as this upper level low is hanging out, and it will throughout the weekend. plenty of dry time, but, again, spotty showers today and tomorrow. 60s now. topping out in the 70s for daytime highs today. winds pick uir fa breezy going into the afternoon. south winds help push the temperature into the 70s. not that bad. 60s tomorrow. a few showers around. much cooler, lighter winds and
8:00 am
dry monday-tuesday. warm next week with more rain. >> good morning, easter weekend washout. >> a mini tornado right here. >> severe storms slammed the east coast, tearing a path of destruction. tornadoes, high winds and falling trees leaving at least five dead in the after math with more nasty weather in the forecast for tens of millions dylan has the latest forecast. new battle brewing. >> the legislative branch has a responsibility of oversight of our acdemocry, and we will exercise that. >> democrats subpoena the unredacted mueller report as talk of impeachment grows. elizabeth warren calling for the president to be ousted as republican senator mitt romney dys he's sickene by the white house conduct.
8:01 am
this as president trump changes his tunfrom glee to rage. we're live with the latest. and she's out. the new york o yankees of two professional sports teams dropping kate smith's rendition of "god bless america" after a controversial song surfaced from the singer's past. is it fair or foul. we'll break it down. today is saturday, april 20th, m2019. >> fro marksville, louisiana, hi to my family. >> th. >> i'm on "today" show for my♪irthday. ♪ >> we love you, sheinelle. good morning to our families in maryland. >> good morning, welcome back to
8:02 am
"today" on a wetur sy morning in midtown, manhattan, our fan to the bakers dozens of fans who braved the weather to stick around with us. what a mess it is right now. >> at least it's not freezinwe it's >> i think that's why they're still out there. >> they have been looking through the window at us like come on. >> that's where we start. it is the top story, the wild weather making for the washout. dylan is here with a look at tho cast. what are we looking like for the rest of the weekend? >> the rest of the weekend is salvageable. right now, we have tens of millions under flash flood watches or warnings. that comes after severe storms wreaked havoc overnight up and down the east coast. >> a mini tornado right there. >> severe storms carved a path of destruction along the eastas co overnight, a tornado touched down inrestin, virginia, crushing a family's pickup truck. >> suddenly i hear this enormous crk snap and that was t tree. >> earlier in roanoke virginia,
8:03 am
the woman whove hli here hid in the basement. she survived unharm led. in florida an 8-year-old was killed when a tree fell on her home. up rooted trees, spreading debris throughout. in georgia, the atlanta fir department rescued a man trapped after a tree fell on and this road was washed out after a rapid 3 to 5 inch rainfall. a state of emergency was declared in mississippi. in arkansas, this woman's 92-year-old mother was trapped when a tree fell on her home blocking the entrance. >> i don't care about the house or anything in there. i'm just gla m my is out. >> reporter: in texas, the power of lightning was on fl display, a security camera ught the moment lightning struck this tree and home. >> the lights flickered in e ituse, i came out and saw the tree had been spl in half from the lightning.
8:04 am
>> and on is holiday weekend, the fast moving storm system causing travel nightmares. more than 1,600 flights were cancelled and more than 6,800 flights delayed. and we are going to see the heavier rain, still causing the potential of flash flooding this morning. over the las three days, we have had several reports of tornadoes, wind damage reports wards of around 544 wind damage reports and hail reports. 90 from the past three days. rightha now we this moisture streaming in off the ocean here. so heavy rain across eastern pennsylvania, new jersey, new york, long island, that's going to be the case through the next several hours, and shifts the heavy rain across new england.e combinhat with the snow melt, and we could see flash flooding in that area. this area of low pressure back through indiana and ohio. that's going to swly move east, so as soon as we clear this cold front and clear the rain off the east coast, this secondary area of low pressure will keep the clouds around. not a whole lot of rain by the time we get to stsunday. l fairly cloudy with a few
8:05 am
spotty showers. additional rainfall through new england could be as high as a 1/2 inch to an inch of rain. we are looking at additional rainfall through new jersey, because of the heavi t rain movingough right now. >> still a messy one: the fight over the mueller report is ng escalati house democrats moving to get the full unredacted report as talk of impeachment grows, this after the president launched a profanity laced attack on those who collaborated with mueller. nbc's kelly o'donnell ist in wes palm beach where mr. trump is spending his easter weekend. kelly, good morning. >> good morning, sheinelle. the psident iseeping a low profile this holiday weekend, except on twitter, tweetin even this morning that the mueller reportri was wen as nastily as possible calling mueller himself highly conflicted and in another tweet, declaring the russia ho w is deadhile also complaining that he doesn't believe there's been enough attention fonussed he outcome of noveriminal instigation finding offensing that amounts to the collusion or
8:06 am
obstruction. so the president active on twitter today. meanwhile, there is a fight over access for housets democra to see the parts of the mueller report that re blacked out. there is a subpoena from house democrats to gain access to all of it. there is also a rejection of the attorney general's offer to seize some of it. and the department ofngustice is sahe subpoena that was filed is premature and unnecessary. also, while there is a new call from a number of democrats to move forward on impeachment, house speaker nancy pelosi is not jumping on that. she says that democrats s tuld focus onir oversight responsibilities instead. and als today, a new comment from one of the prominent names in the report, former white house counsel don mcgahn whose lawyer put out a statement saying it's a mystery to him why rudy giuliani feels the need to relitigate events described in he report that mcgahn says are true, but were not found to be
8:07 am
criminal sheinelle, peter. >> kelly, thank you. there is much more to get to this morning includi a terrifying video showing a san francisco woman getting pulled undeg a movin train. surveillance camera that captured this woman on the platform just with her hand getting caught in the train doors when the car leaves the station, she is dragged under the train and quickly disappeared. the woman miraculously survived but her condition has not been released to the public. investigators are stillooking into exactly what went wrong. an heir to one o america's great fortunes could soon be behind bars. seagrams heiress pleaded guilty in the sex slave cult nexium. the 40-year-old faced a federal judge and said quote i was afforded a great gift from my grandfather and father, but thae privilege d not come with the ability to break the law. prosecutors charged that the group threatened women with revealg damaging personal
8:08 am
secrets, forcing them into sex with the cult's leader and branded them with his initials. she faces a possible 25 years senten senten sentence. no one should be left out of the fun of anr easte egg hunt. we have some hunts this weekend. no one should get left out.rd that's why thiraders in greenville, north carolina, used special beeping eggs so their visually impaired classmate could be included. landon smith searched for and found plenty of those holidaytw ts. the other children wore blindfolds to see how he experienced the world. middle school students designed and built the special eggs. >> what a fantastic project. >> so nice to celebrate so everybody canother check of forecast. >> of course, rain in the northeast. the middle of the country will see a lot of sunshine. good news. things out to dry with the river flooding ongoing in that part of the u.s.
8:09 am
also we have heavier rain back through indiana and ohio, through kentucky. fizz manied out moving eastward but making for a bad saturday morning out there. in the northwest rain and isolated mountain snow. not a lot, not moving in and making thing gray and cloudy. a fewho isolated srs out there. heaviest rain through the south and east now. a few showers out there. getting sunshine today. listen, we could have a spotty shower this morning. i think more clearing this afternoon. then tonight after about 7:00, me of the models point to showers. i see 7:00, i know the caps game, watch parties 0 ut there. again, be careful with that. notmounting to anything like we saw last night. and that's your latest forecast. still ahead, why the new york yankees and phidelphia fliers have dropped kate smith's ♪
8:10 am
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8:14 am
during world war ii. she became a radio star and tv personality, and millions of americans know hers voice a it became part of tradition for the yankees and flyers but her older more controversial songs wiare making a comeback and raising questions about racism and a warning somers viewe may find the lyrics offensive ♪ god bless america ♪ >> the 7th inning stretch for theew york yankees now sounds a little different. the recording by kate smith has been replaced with this instrumental version. the team quickly changed their tune about playing smith'sio renditn when flagged about possible racist lyrics from er past. >> i'm going t sing this next song. >> in the 1953 film, she sang of great big water melons and pork chop bushes a the scene cuts to
8:15 am
young black girls and boys. the song is called pickinny heaven, it is an offensive term for a black child. that's why darkiesor were is another song she sang. ♪ someone had to slave and beo able t sing, that's w darkies were born ♪ >> but to be fair, some say the song was actually a parody of white supremacists. we went to yankee stadium to see what fans had to say about the controversy. >> as a fan, what are your thoughts? >> i think it's silly. >> why? >> everybody' got stuff in their background. >> they're sending a clear message that racism is not acceptable. >> maybe she didn't even think saying those words was offensive to anybody. >> the yankees pulled the plug on smith writi s in atement that they take lcial, racia and cultural insensitivities very seriously.
8:16 am
>>. ♪ god bless america ♪ >> philadelpa flyers fans considered smith a good luck charm. the team won a stanley cup title in 1974 when she performed "god bless america" live but the d flyersropped her recording and even covered her statue in front of their arena. a star once honored with the presidential medal of freedom and rtimized on a stamp is now facing the music more than 30 years after her death. and kate smith passed away in 1986. she was 79 years old, and nbc news wass unable to find ferily memb for a statement. the rendition has been played at yankee stadium since right after 9/11. this is the firstkeason to kic off without it, and guys, the point that a lot of people raised is she's no longer here to defend herself. >> reminds me about the
8:17 am
conversation of "baby it's cold outside", a lot of people banning that as well. it's a complicated discussion. >> to be continued for sure. still to come, some companies working to drite their prof higher on the 4/20 trend. trend.
8:18 am
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. back now on this saturday morning, an unofficial holiday for many. it is 4/20. >> to put it bluntly. sorry. >> i was wondering if you would read that. >> i did not write that, but it's kind of funny. marijuana enthusiasts have been celebrating alings cannabis on this date for decades. >> once considered a counter culture celebration, it is going mainstream, corporate america is starting to embrace it. >> so urban legend has it that
8:20 am
4/20 was created by a group of teens in the 70s. others say it has something to do with the police code. while the origins are hazy, i o thing clear, businesses are using 4/20 to roll out clever marketingme marketing. karls jr. is offering a special burger wh cbd infused sauce, appropriately called rocky mountain high. it costs 4.20. also taking things to a higher level today, lyft, the ride sharing app is offering a credit of 4.20 on a single ride in colorado and in select cities throughout the u.s. and boston market is getting in on the action with a buy one, get one free deal on its chicken pot es. you guessed it, for $4.20, and a fresh baked hot out of the on, triple chocolate,pi nine ece
8:21 am
bro bro brownie is on sale. moereddit page gaive the pro code for the deal. ben and jerries is giving away free points of half baked ice cream for people who buy marijuana at caleva dispensely. they are capitalizing. >> ben and jerries benefits a lot of ds. first up in pop start, sad news from adele, the singer who has long kept her personal life under wraps just announced she and her husband are separating after more than seven years together. adele's rep saycothe two are mmitted to raising their son together lovingly and as always, they are asking for privacy at this time. felicity huffman, the eactress has been in th headlines for that massive college admissions cheating scandal, charges which she pled guilty to and apologized. despite her legal woes, the ey nner will soon be back on tv.
8:22 am
a trailer for when they see us was just released, based on the wrongful conviction of the central park five and features huffman as prosecutor linda fairsteen, when they see us is slat to hit netflix on may 31st. and finally, sheinee, as you all know, today is april 20th, also known as the day after sheinelle's birthday. she got an on air surprise from her family that o sweet. we just have to show it to you again. >> have the best birthdayve >> i made this song for you. "happy birthday to you, you're 102 i'm just kidding okay. happy birthday mommy. >> happy birthday to you. >> i'm going to cry. >>. ♪ happy birthday ♪ happy birthday sheinelle. >> watching you break down in
8:23 am
tear >> i lost it. >> i know how much family means to you. >> yes, thank you. myeerandfather has bn in the hospit, and that videoroved that he was released and so it was -- i lost it. >> we love birthday surprises and we love birthday cake. >> that was a surprise as well. >> i kw you have some yesterday, we thought we would do it right with a little red velvet. er at pan our salads are uniquely crafted. with peak season berries, creamy avocado. and a dressing fit for a goddess.
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8:27 am
good saturday morning. i'm david culver. straight ahead on "news4 today" on the scene hours after a tornado touches down in fairfax county. >> reporter: and the damage, ah, kind of significant. mostly a nuisance. we'll show you more coming up. ond we continue t watch that storm system pushing off the eastern seaboard but still some of the effects are felt. talking about your easter forecast coming up. >> lauryn, also coming up, po oce allr the area scrambling to find the shooter when an officer was shot in silver spring more than 15 years back. this morning we're learning thao ded officer who had an
8:28 am
inspirational life passed a awa. a look at his legacy just ahead. these stories and me to these stories and me to makeor - okay, we have one more. - can't wait to see what it is. (giggling) - now don't worry, he's to and soon it's gonna be college and books and fees and housing oh, the miracle of life! - [narrator] tame the tution monster with the gif
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of virginia529, perfect for any casion. visit >> announcer: news for "today" starts now. tornado confirmed. weather officials say a twister touched down in reston, virginia, last night. the damage, pretty easy to spot. news 4's derrick ward is live on the scene. he'll bring us the latest. office in mourning. more than 15 years after someone shot him on the job a montgomery cop has died. we'll have a look at ints sprashl lega inspirational legacy heeaves behind and police led to a teen shot several times. new details on this ongoing investigation. the 20th of april 1920
8:30 am
good morning. i'm david culver. we know most of you probably hoping to dry out after the heavy rain we sawass through friday. you might not be done with rain for the weekend. it's a holiday weekend at that. lauryn ricketts. folks are celebrating passover, which started last night at sundown. you have easter season starting tomorrow. so the hope is that at some point we can break way and get outside. >> yes. i think plenty of dry time out there, david. >> nice. >> a lot of our region dry now. that wasn't the case last night. two rolls of rain passed through. a tornado watch and of course we had several tornado warnings that amelia and somara kept track of. and thetorm system that came through the reston area. you see a big hole between route 15 and route 28? that's the sterling radar. this tornado rolled right through reston. just before 9:00. you can see that little


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