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tv   Sunday Today With Willie Geist  NBC  April 21, 2019 8:00am-8:44am EDT

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bring moments like
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s including kenmore atrs.thfd moyoneed to go. >> thedamning. humity. >> r >> it's welcome to
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suay, april 21 i'm willie geist. sa joyous holides d, rise. president trg ihis sympathies this morning. th m at hisclusion that no democrats includingreace president trump are call for chuck todd andsten welker join me live to talk about a nd
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basketball shaquille o famer unexpected show the world his big personality. c i'll never have amercial ever. this dumb dog comes on theckenz? i'm, cke,mercialsreokay, if i ever gett up. got got to sunday sit-down wit shaquille o'neal. harry a smith another lifeit la atta mult hels across the countr harmanwis follolondon.
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what can you ? mo>> reporter: good ly day beca according to a0 people werod 30 ofoigevrs. so far see made. the fir8:45 a.msmass. th bhurches around thecotry. at one, sebastians, bloodth thee ttels in the capital, the popu explosions near ctain the n,ssu holy weektragedy.
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first that fire and now these willie? ribl pictures this morning outf sri sarah, thank you. we'll follow the story, thiswor easter sunday at hteorida tweetn ts lanka. grievance over the m we not estlish a y over at after government. p mitt themselvess traveling with the president in morning. >> reporte good willie. the preside starting his easter sunday acknowledging the terrib a tweet of support
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condolences of the peoplelanka. rrible terror attacks and he ffs team are alsoown situation at h. trying to deal with how the pu of counsel -- >> that isepter: -- out in forc attributed to the president in uell report. >> this is the endf m utter t t together. debbie cy i over,liar. >> reporter: the predent go on video romney's2012
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election defeat, tweeting romney should have spent the same en fighting barack obama he y does back obama will ben t wounene on the mueked by president trump'conduct. >> mueller to come dioin s carot crossed the liha there i to believebstruc warren, c is the only 2020 candidate calling for impeachment proceedings to begin. a >> we ha constitution of the united states and it says when theresident engages in this kind of activity, then it is time for impeachment.
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>> reporter: despite a rash of angry tweets, the wte house attempted some mood management to counter that ngtheory, ptos retweeting wn wrote of the psident himself tweeting this morning h and it isresident and first ladyil services here palm beach. >> moodmagement, a newaster toi. cholical direct and moderatorte welker i. good morning to you m begin wi. it, of r report, course,hat aree your top l
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we have taayweekend? substance, these are- who would ask if they had dirt on hillary clinton regardless of whether it russis m the rusth just were ui were camphappilatg a obstruction, himself or the transition helped with peop guardrails, who sto president from theeoe are there now. nl forhi house counsel,nghe pre
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obstructmanagement, his level of dichotomy between thele ceation of the outcome of the volume one where it says in fact the special counsel could not establish a conspiracy betwee the campaignnd the russian government, but also this grievance where the to go after the report the people behindreport. >> these duelling ft there was antde trump sion. himself before the report was released to congress, before it was released to the public. hishy you see maps out presid
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walked up to the like that reality i that's y he's lashing out, lashingut at don mcgahn who may have saved his presidency. his aides, his allies,ant to turn the page. that's why you see the mood management, the pictures. they don't want the focus to be on those very damaging details. case in poin his attorneyscidedg awaited counterreport. that's a sign there is -- this is our strategy. >> democrats much less prepared houseicry committee, said is committee barrappens from h> their hands. i think there is no right answer, no right moral or siethical deci, which i uninten they choose to ghe down toa and if they
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this. are you foreign campaigns if there isn't an attempt to put this behavior on tocket of eng ress at same time you the p re-elected a lsoutside the goaf t interestin we were -- the democrats said we want to wait for the mueller report. now it is we want tomuler to te. at somen' really want to impeachment buteon't telltay sag to wait until mueller's children testify, until mueller's grandchildren testify. i think they're trying to buy time to avoid the decion to be honest. >> nancy pelosi pumping the brakes on the impeachment talk.
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concern abouthi that theythis. there is no doubt about that. as you pointy is that republica control the senate. so i think you're going to see president trump using thisn the campaign trail. either way, he dimidterm so i think you're going to see political stng conference call on monday to with her party, i chus incase the democratic leadership is prepared to move forward. >> makes a good line on the campaign trail for sure. kristen, thank you very much. chuck, thank you as well. we'll look for more on the aftermath of the mueller report this morning on "meet the press" when chuck id joine by house judiciary committee chairman jerry nadler and the president's
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personal attorney rudye kristen morning. o coopke is hospitalized a day after she was attacked by a thtiger. e tiger biting and clawing the woman as horrified on lookers tried to stop it. more from nbc's mo. >> reporter: this morning, an endangered sumatran tiger is back on public display at the topeka a zoofter mauling a zookeeper. on this holiday weekend, the zoo was crowd with families. >> we have staff gettiy attacked b a tiger. >> reporte the tiger recognized his primary trainer. they worked together for years and were in thislodspace. >> he essentially tackled our keeper. lacerations and punctures to tf
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back o the head. >> reporter: it all happened in less than ten minutes. the oigers put in rushed in.he taken to theio >> i woue to extend our thoughts and down, he's a sumatran critic rare,animal, what huntert this morning. now a check of your local we >> we have temperatures out there right now in the 40s and s, headed into the 60s for
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daytime highs today as we head trough date tomorrow, plenty of sunshine andn we also have plenty of sunshine on tuesday. chance of showers we get into your wednesday ae thursday. on thunging i want to mention about today, isolated showers on throughout the second half of the day. we'll cloud up a little bit. but today, not that bad. enjoy >> ahead, the highs and lows including the united states marine who crawled across the finish line at the boston marathon. driven by the memory of his fa plus, the 5-year-old boy who went v wal thiseek when he found the hair clippers and opened a family barbershop when nd dad weren't looking. today, reddit is valued at $3 billion. hebe happens the unlikely husband of tennis superstar serena williams. >> you wrote an assignment in
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>> when did you become more open minded i always h tennis. only when i started talking to my wife i was, like, i'll give it a shot. >> it is all coming up on sunee winning s on the 18th green at his fifth masters title. tiger returning majornt tourname since 2008 after a [ telephone rings ] [ client ] - hey maya.
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you'll make my morning, buty the price ruin my day.ou? complicated relationship with milk? pour on the lactaid, 100% real milk, just without that annoying lactose. mmm, that's good. kristen welker, kind enough to stick around and spend her easter morning with me. >> no place i would rather be. ig h and lows of the w first one, first high to the perseverance and heart of united states ml herndon on week's boston marathon. see at he was o pace for a strong sub three hour finish when his leg locked up at mile 20. two miles later,er the o leg gave out on him. he could not walk let alone run. for herndon, quitting was not an option. he wan in 010 as the lead gunner in a annvoy when the vehicle he was traveling in r over an ied. his marine brothers mark juarez
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and matthew ballard and a journalist died. herndon had the names on tags in his shoelaces and on his runner's bib so he could look down for inspiration. e repeated those three names, he said, ballard, hamer, juarez, out loud as he crawled toward the finish line and crossed it with the boston cinwd cheer him on. >> my legs really stopped moving forward. and so the next option is to crawl. and because asin m right from the get go, it is instilled, adapt and overcome. and adversit would like anot c new yorky marathonho run. what an amazing way to honor his fallen>> comrades. he said it was that,e had a
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chance to interview him this week, he didn't know how to finish, looked downt his nish line. tar first low to the young childrenlone for a few rying rned in teddy found t eloise, turn around. turn around. oh, my god. oh, my god. do you like your haircut? >> no. >> turn around. why did you let brother do that? >>he said she wanted me to do that a lot. so i did it. >> okay. all right. it is just hair. it is hair. it is going to grow baan. d aymommy's ok. >> it is just hair. great job there, mom. she handled that well. stephanie is a full time nurse
8:23 am
who is getting ready for her shift when herye 5-ar-old son teddy went to work on his ownir haith a pair of dog grooming clippers before giving a new look to both his 3-year-old sister eloise and his 2-year-old brother fred. dad came home andry took evedy out to the garage to fin h shaving their heads. >> how does my hairlook? >> great. >> how does my no hair look? >> your no hair looks great. >> i don't see a lot of remorsey from ted right there. >> i love his sister, when the mom asks do l youe your new haircut? no. >> they look pretty cool. i thought mom handled it very well. >> beautif kids. it is amazing. done.ll a feat of reaction time and flexibility that had the internetg colin mccue to keanu erreeves' charact in "the matrix." watch him slow down time to head off a heat skingbullet.
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it turned into a double play. check this out. he leans back, gets a close shave under his chin and avoids the line dre, unreal. the homemplate uire was the first to walk out to thed. moun you can read his lips and he said it looks like something out of the matrix. a he saider the game, i don't know if it gets much closer than that. probably does not want to find t. to react that quickly, also the back bend, very ce, somebody is d yoga. very nice. doesn't get much faster than that, though, in tms of flexes. our final low to the adorable confusion written over the face of a 1-month-old boy in pitturgh when his loud crying is met with even louder crying from his dad. >>ou don't like that, huh? it is not funny, is it? >> look at that face. the little guy is completely
8:25 am
confused. he stops h crying as ponders what in the world is up with dad? that aethod i've not tried. just crying back at your own child. >> if only he could talk. i want to know what he's thinking. >> how cute is that little guy. credible. >> coming up next, sunday sit-down with one of the most dominant athletes in the history of sports. now a wildly successful business man off the court. shaquille o'neal on succeeding with a way from basketball, all time top five and game of pickup where he reminds me how do. ♪ make you're jaw drop drop say oh my drop drop drop ♪ ♪ make u say oh my god my drop drop ♪ ♪ make you're jaw drop make u say oh my god ♪ ♪ and ou never felt this typeof emotiw ♪ make you're j drop drop say oh my drop drop drop ♪ ♪ make u say oh my god my drop drop ♪ ♪ make you're jawroke u say oh my god ♪ found one! ♪ ( laughter )
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>> goodsunday. i'm coryrince george's county. police searching for wever killed a m overnight in we're following breaking news out of prince george'sty coun police are searching for whoever killed a man overnight in upper marlro. you're looking at a scene video from kylie place. officers rushing over for a report of a shooting in the neighborhood. on they got there, they found a man outside of a home shot
8:29 am
several times. he was pronounced dead on the scene. good news for drivers in the district. this weekend's constructio on rock creek parkway finished early and all roads back open. the closure was near the kennedy center between virginiavenue and the i-66 interchange. it was expected to remain shut down until tomorrow morning. keep it here. your forecas u
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it is a nice morning out there. s plenty ofshine out there.
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more clouds will pull in as we head through the later. t t compare to yesterday. temperatures in the low to mid-60s for today. o bad. sanunch, you c a few dinne every night, every night, man, he tries to go at him. ev o'ne mixingit fellow basketball legend charles barkley on popular late swg, w brutalhoney, yes, but also because the former superstars speak from experience. o'neal won four nba titles
8:32 am
of thr in rlakers7'1", ,n we got toget nis home in by a localis when >> let's playnow who willieis? >> hall ohaquille
8:33 am
o'neal i o the most history ofgame, the big m unstoppable 19 i met magic se a says you're going to be a big t star ins league. but at some point you wan to start owning things. >> reporter: today, shaq ownthi. and he's become oneme >> how about some help up here? >> no. i'm retired. >> repor some people watch those and go, i love shaq in those ads, but i know he doesn't need the money. so what is he doing in all those ads? >> not about ney. it is about partnership. i'm in college, i go to a ford dealership, bronco, guy says you got some insunce? what's insurance? so i go to all the big boys, 200, $300 a month, i ain't got
8:34 am
that. i go place,$2 th a month i got i'm at a confee day, and i see the general, i see the ceo, i say, you know i .ol general insurance w iinoll. in college that big way michael and >> so i'm sting i'mn spuds mckenzie, remember him? he's commercials are alws ps hats,i shaq it up. >> rep actually.
8:35 am
>> win the first ampionship, contacted by wheaties. we want to put shaq on the cover. i said i can't do it. big argument, what do breakfast. up . ruity pebbles. >> reporter: shaquille o'neal born in newark, new jersey and grew up in army bases in germany and texasrith his mothe lucille and hisstepfather phil, career army is and famous sparkle. >> my momscripture. she was the t one whoght me the concept of what have you done to make somebody smile today? >> reporter: she taught you we live pin, a smile on rorter: s center of attention for most of his li larger than spped
8:36 am
on to thena state unirsity magic reporter:n t >> reporter: o'neal quickly earned multimillion dollar endorsement contracts with pepsi andreebok. >> you're r basketball. >> all aboutse. you got a hell ofd, shooting gu sound guy, who is a power forward, and education is not always read a book, take a test, pass a test,
8:37 am
educated. i is about meeting people. one day i'mthe four seasons and i hear gentlemen, i just did this, 70 million this, 50 million this, how do i save money? $100 bill. this is $100. half of hundred is what, willie? >> 50. >> save it. how much do we have left? >> another 50. >> people that are wealthy do this? how much is this, willie? >>. >> put it away also. you got 75 saved. this, do whatever you want to do. houses, cars, jewelry. i did that. >> reporter: he ventured into en in 1993, his rap album shaq diesel went platinum. the next year, he tried ting. first with a role in the movie "blue chips." then starring in the cult
8:38 am
favorite tkazam". best worst movie of all time. >> reporte was there any risk you doing that? >> we have to take advantage of all opportunities. >> r those opportunities didot distract o'neal from his work on the court. he won four nba championships and went to 15 all-star games. now he brings all that experience to his job on tnt's show "inside the nba." where healks hoops with fellow former stars charles barkley a kenny smith. if you had to do your all time nba starting five, do you have one? >> kobe and mike. that's the one and two. the three that iould go with byrd, four, i got to go with malone, and five i got to go with hakeem. >> reporte you left somebody out? >> no. >> reporter: you're not first team? >> not at all. >> reporter: okay, can i give
8:39 am
you my five? magic, michael, lebron, shaq a poweward, bill russell. >> i can't be mad at that. >> reporter: back on the ayground, i wasn't exactave my >> oh! >> reporter: shaq >> no way i'm losing to an anchor man. >> he said no way i lose to an a anch he did not. i considered stepping in front of him to take the charge but then i thought of my children. winked shaq who is going t the nba title this year, he said quickly and definitively, the golden state warriors for the third season in a row fourth in the last five. our thanks to a great spot, p.j.'s cafe incdonough, georgia, for hosting our conversation. to hear shaq talk about the personal rule he broke that he says cost him a championship early in his career, check out
8:40 am
our web extras at m/ today.conday. don't forget to subscribe to the sunday sit-down podcast, to hear the entire unedited interview with shaquille o'neal, a fun one. you can find it on apple podcast or wherever you get yours. and next week, a sundayh sit-down wit jeremy renner on the weekend of his highly anticipated movieng as endgame, talking about a career in movies like the hurt locker and american hustle, and his side gig as a musician. jeremy renner next week on sunday coming up this morning, kriste welker and i will answer your questions, use #sundaytoday on twitter, facebook or instagram and we'll get to a as manys we can when we read our unday mail at the end of the show. first, let'sake a turn and get a check of your weather. >> temperatures in the 50s and into the upper 50s now. by the time we head through 10:00 a.m. plenty of sunshine. clouds will increase ntin thrghhe y.
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anweree l wkisng a at maybe a passing shower as we go through the afternoon and dinner time. just around thevening dinner time for easter, few spotty showers out there. eat brunch outside, you're a-okay. a few showers out there possible throughout the afternoon. just light stuff, no severe weather expected for this afternoon and today. you might know him as serena williams' husband. but alexis ohanian is also known as one of the country's most innovative entrepreneurs. he'll give us a loo so i got an offer on the business, and now i'm thinking... i'd like to retire early. oh, that's great sarah. let's talk about this when we meet next week. how did edward jones come to manage a trillion dollars in assets under care?
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so, every day, we put our latest technology and unrivaled network to work. ♪ the united states postal service makes more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. because the future only happens with people who really know how to deliver it. if you know
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if you know the name alexis ohanian, you know there is a good chance you know it in the context of his marriage to tennis star serena williams. in silicon valley, ohanian is something of a legend mself. 's the co-founder of reddit, the social network valued ea this year at $ billion. now, the man forbes magazine once called the mayor of the internet is ready with his next big idea. simone boyce of nbc news now has our sunday spotlight. >> i really do hope that the tech community keeps growing. >> reporter: if anybody can turn west p am beach into mini silicon valley, it is alexis ohanian. he's an entrepreneur, investor and at this point, tech royaltys pl, his wife serena williams can train here all year long. we have given up on trying anywhere else other than florida. >> reporter: these two met both
8:45 am
at the top of their game. chconference. , speaking at a italian ope champions breakfast you wrote anthrade saying you h. trecome more openinded about it? >> i've always hated tennis. only when i started talking to my wife that i was, like, i'll give it a sh. >> reporter: on work ethic alone, they're quite the match. at 23, alexis co-fddnded re, a popular internet forum where users share and comment on content. it is still the sixth most visited website in the u.s., nearly 15 years later. you became a millionaire overnight at 23. >> yeah. >> reporter: now in this wonderful, beautiful highof pre marriage. all this, the cameras, the fame, is it weird? do you get used to it? >> i still live relatively anonymously most of the time.
8:46 am
i think being the co-founder and face of moment that i ay that i would be o next iday not something alexis takes lightly. he earned the name the mayor of the internet foric his polit activist to protect internet freedom anded steppown from operations of reddit to fulfill his responsibility as a father. ultimately becoming an outspoken advocate for paid parental leave. >> given the politics my wife had after childbirth, i could not have imagined needing to go back to work and -- or worrying if i would have a j w and yet t something that most americans have to deal with. >> reporte these days, ohanian invests in other startups. instead runningne of his own. do you miss the startup days at
8:47 am
all? >> no. in part because i think i can best scale my expertise now helping another generation far exceed the stuff i was able to do. >> reporter: tech's elder h statesman,s attention to what he considers an untapp market, the elderly. >> looking back, the last two or three years,er eld tech is this trend that has emerged. you this opportunity to bring technology t that has been largely ignored. >> r initialized recently the a, >> assistance and transportati i like a o in. cpa support m the worl eporking with this guy at the beginning? >> if i'm being completely i honest,idn't know he was the founder ofr answe anonymity maye
8:48 am
platform he's built. for sunday "today," sim boyce, west palm be easter harry smith on the effort to save notre dame asnet bur and now to rebuild one of the world's great monuments. and later, a life well lived, the inventor of the modern c nged so ety. ety. and tworld kent. and ®ay lower your ability to fight infections and may increase your risk of infections. before treatment, your doctor should check you for infections and tubercusis. tell your doctor if you have an infection or have symptoms such as: fever, sweats, chills, muscle aches or cough. before starting tremfya® tell yr doctor if you plan to or have recently received a vaccine. tremfya. stay clearer.
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this the standing, a christ, tracks. as stunned appreciations watched helplessly, firefighters were racing thes fla to save some of civilization's great religious. artifact
8:52 am
europe, th, o could stillstanding, functioning, as wide eyed tourists we were in awe. the incense, the art, the but reeses, just look a the place. so when we s flames a few days ago, we gasped. from , we whispered, fractured french. while we feared the entire cathedral would be lost, by the next morning we learned, no, the walls would stand. 500 firefighters and their chaplain sav the building, and somehow rescued antiquities that are among the most precious in christiandom. soon there after, word that france's richest families would offer their fortunes to rebuild. we blinked and they raised more than a billion dollars.
8:53 am
>> reporter: for many in france, catholicism is more a cultural artifan an article of faith. france is the most secular of countries, yet as flames raced through the roof, as the fire disintegrated it was as if the whole world prayed themi buildi ght be saved. e idea ofew life, the sunday, not se of resurrec is lost on us. happ easter. for sunday " >>ell said as always, harry. h another ery muc life well lived. when you throw your clothes into the washing machine this week, pour in soap, hit the start tton and get on with your day, you might stop for a moment to thank a man named winston
8:54 am
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8:55 am
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kri . kristen welker is back me mail. av easter theme this morning. >> yes, we do. >> we beginh wit catherine from pennsylvania sheoue taiear, and
8:59 am
of the bunn >> a couple. on the top, get into the ear. i don't know, does a chocolate bunny have a tail? >> i'm so focused o the ears >> we'll get home and eat some chocol jeanne on facebo. she asks what d peeps on pizz thing? pictures. . now about on oloup. >> a o yellow sunday "today" mug. we have a bunch of them. thank you, sonya, in richmond, virginia, suzann shots.
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and your mug week. you sold out assured there aore n ming in stock iem. >> hot item. >news 4 today" sta


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