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tv   News4 Today  NBC  April 21, 2019 9:00am-9:46am EDT

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now about on oloup. >> a o yellow sunday "today" mug. we have a bunch of them. thank you, sonya, in richmond, virginia, suzann shots. and your mug week. you sold out assured there aore n ming in stock iem. >> hot item. >news 4 today" stan
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we're track t >> back here at home, funeral si more violence erupts outside. back on is in prime positioo i think we're going to get in. i'm feelingas the first roundnh and then the championships. >> good meagan fitzgerald. >> smith in for out there.
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lauryn ricketts is with us. keep sayin to be as nice superb. oi to be getting bad either. there. it is note chance ofat shower. we saw a few isolated cha and evening. little bit of beautiful start te temperatur warm and m shenandoa rest of us, into the 50s. ances -- a lot of temperatures out in thes. some areas edging t w go over t, etty mon throughout this evening. we'll time it out fet you, l you know if you can expect that.
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that's all comin u baking news out of hundreds mon ahurches and three h targeted i locatio t arrested from s affiliated with any kind of grthe worst violence in sri lanka of the civil there. and, of course, today is easter sunday. getting ready for sundayctn ofw. entertainment and s there on th.
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th're located in alexandria. we hadstic church1803.grown. o have them ally services that grounds of the old withe m me ur name again. williams. >> reporter: this allows you se parishntmentnd sports to webody.
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>> reporter: your church has in about that a littlevebit. >>eporter: you're telling me yoou cpele. so you will stay alexandria, ri? >> y. there, that's whe we want upwar. d.c., where some of ot lsthis they don't come tepter: so you e sunrise services at traditional church on alfred street.
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now everyone can come and observe ha you very much. re hearing from peoplettding soouide. this jackson chapelho. both expected to be okay. now the funeral was for a murder victim killed earlier this month in police say the shooting an service. >> t don't have respect it is happening all so that's the feel >>despite t
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n as>> new details about the mur ofli released new information they hopese. surveillance cameras authoritie say is involved in theshooting. ied asaustin. he was san afternoon inside his own home on princeton place. we're leaing more about a fatal crash in the district. police say ad person was foun dead inside a vehicle engulfed in flames. officers tell us the driver was speeding down east capital street near minnesota avee in northeast yesterday morning. that driver lost control, hit a curbnd crashed into a tree when the car burst into flames. so far that person has not been identified. relatives of four people killed in a horrific crash in capitol heights came togreher to mber their loved ones.
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the four were kil violent single vehiclenit. you're getting ready to see some of the photos of those victims of the tragedy. prince george'sol ce believe the driver ofhe un re told the still on the gro >> i haven't cedet because i don't wo believe this is causedwreck. > president trump tess celebra protected him from risky in personoffi not include
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president -- did not conclude prenrump engaged in criminal beex psident also clai co attacked bob m highly doubling down on the house proc against president trump. after reading the special counsel's report, warren believes it is clear that foreign government attacked the 2016 elections to benefit the president. she says trump welcomed the help ulplepsle being states, and it president engages in this kind impeachment. >> warren sayspeaker nancy leaders about her calls forhe first democratic presidential candidate to do so. stay tuned to nbc 4 later this morning for "meet the
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press." house judiciary chair committee chair jerry nadler will be on the view responding to the mueller report with the president's attorney rudy giuliani. that starts at 10:30 tmos ing right here on nbc 4. turning to sports, what a roaring back hurricanes w capital one >> did you stay u to watch it? >> i di >> the goals kept on coming for the team, taking the ice without one of their best players. the first goal a few minutes into theng ope frame, the team ran away with things from there. for backstrom, back-to-back goals in the second period. here is one of them. and nick dowd scoring on his rst ever penalty shot. no pressure there.e the hom team has won every game of the series so far. game six tomorrow night in raleigh. fully we will not need a game seven, but if we do, it
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will be right back here in d.c. later this week. >> wouldn't that being somethinging if they won again? >> yes. >> awesome. a >> one gamet a time. >> one game at a time. still ahead, shattered glass outside a store, targeted by thieve trying to take the atm inside. it is becoming a more common crime in one area. and a strange pattern might be emerging. pat collins all over it. he'l have that story coming up next on "news 4 today." ay with us. at redfin, we charge you a 1% listing fee.
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back now on "news 4 today" with a kind of story that is becoming all too familiar in our region. >> atm thieves back at it again and they're not very good at it. justarnother mk in the not scuffle column o >> inste leaving a big mess to clean up behind, there are now than half a dozen similar cases since the start of 2019,
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oftentim occurring on wednesdays. pat collins has a closer look at these crimes. >> reporter: here weo again. this time a 7-eleven on barnum street. art to finish, about six minutes. cue the surveillance video. look at this pickup trk with the ladder rack on top. boom. it backs into the store to dislodge the atm inside. one try didn't do it so, boom, they did it again. and, boom, a third te. then the three robbers pull and push and try to get that money machine into that truck. nothing. they leave the mess ane money behind. now, i really shouldn't tell you how much money is in these atms,
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but a source gave me a range of how much cash is involved. i wrote it down. that a lot of money? >> wow. that's a lot of money. >> reporter: police believe thie is tame group of robbers who have been targeting atms at 7-elevens in our area. by my count, there have been eight m jobs since the first of the year. thieves using a stolen pickup, robbers smashing into the storea dislodging the and then trying to make off with that money machine. they get away with the cash, about 50% of the time. it appears they know what they're doing. >> to get away it this many times, they have been very lucky, we just need to be lucky one time. >> no one tells a story like pan coll >> nobody. >> live look now at the white
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house on this beautiful easter sunday. happy easter. happy passover. we have more news for today coming up in a few minutes. .tay with us
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but not to that. i want that. (laughing) for a limited time get fast, reliable internet for a low price. call now. comcast business. beyond fast. early on this sunday rning, we're sure there is just a few people out there who might have had a little too much to drink last night. well, you might be feeling those now.cts about right >> business, good for local
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vineyards and breweries, but they are playi paying close to attention to the climate. jim handly starts us off.e for . >> i've never seen rain like that. >> reporter: the grapes of wrath, in virginia, a record rainfall that pummeled vineyards last year. >> so it put us 84 inches of the whole year at the vineyard. >> reporter: wayne mil, the operations manager at the popular bull run winery, says e yields werwn 35 to 40% for atite wines, the reds were hit >> they got all three moisture, they just grow, grow, grow. they take that water that is hitting the roots and turn it into leaves. so we're trying to pull the leaves off of it. >> reporter: leaf canopies at some virginia vineyards were infected with a fungus. hestall. they didn't get any coentration of sugars.
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>> reporter: higher prices we paid this year for some wines will be a reflection of too much rain. >> 2019 will be directly impacted by the weather in 2018. >> reporter: it is not just the rain. >> we have extreme wet and extreme cold. you start getting bud damage olere the bud freezes off. >> reporter: the ccan lead to cracking on vines. >> think of a grapevine like a straw full of and when it too cold, it cracks. you can see right here, here is a crack. >> reporter: not just wine, our budding beer scene is also taking note and looking to the future for possible effects from climate change. >> 38 degrees. >> reporter: the brand-new r bear brewing company pours pacific northwest style ales that depend on barley and hops from washington state. >> citrus flavor, take a whiff. >> reporter: hops can be
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affected by too much water. >> if thclimate changes, it could bring in like powdery d mildew, ancreate an environment where that thrives and your hops are pretty much toast. >> reporter: the owner keeps an eye on weather reports from washington state. >> i watch it.20 right no crop is just coming in to the market. t reporter: in other parts of the world, the e heat and drought on the key ingredient barley leads some experts to predict beer prices could double this century. if you're in the business of beer and wine, you watch and climate will change. shbeer and wine lovers, yold wonder too, how much you'll have to pay for your favorite bottle or can.ha jim ndly, news 4. >> and it is much more than just the beverages we drink. join us as we take a closer look at how this is affecting your family, your money, and even your commute. we'll have a special report that
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itu definy don't want to miss. changing clime. it is tomorrow evening at 7:30 right after nbc nightly news. >> you were very excited about this. all storm team 4 is. so much predicated on the difference between weather and climate. people not understanding there is a huge difference. >> agree. we study this. i understand why people don't understand it. there is a difference. that's why wre here to tell you and break it down f you. there is so much information out there. nobody knows what to believe. so again, we're breaking it down for you. tomoow is earth day. we have that special. really excited about it. really excited tha nbc is taking the initiative and getting ahead of this climate change, not getting ahead of it, but going to try to get you ahead of it just so everybody can be educated enough about it. so, again, tune in tomorrow, that's 7:30. as far as the weather, tune y i tor radar later on this afternoon, cld have a few isolated showers. most of us are staying dry. what a beautiful easter morning it is out there. plenty of sunshine, a few more
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clouds by this afternoon. and maybe an isolated shower. look at these temperatures. they're rolling right on upth t 60s, everybody in the 50s right now, we're headed into the mid-60s for most of us today. some areas sticking around in the low 60s. plenty of sunshine as we continue t a about lunch then the clouds will start to pile into the area. the winds are light. don't worry about that. few passing showers as we head into the afternooneng. agn, pas it. that, erybody going tolkg out t fine, the kids have the easter egg at damp, be aware, services, maybew buthave nn dthat. ight eadinner, spotty showers outthere. not everybody is seeing rain. good idea to have that nbc watch now. spotty showers tu
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nothing happening on the radar that system look a level low th has beenting overhe thf days. look at that. starts to come back a little bit. so as it moves to e north and east through the day, it will spread a few clouds into our isolated sh slightly overdo. spotty than that. i wanted to show you as far a tomorrow, temperatures in the low 70s for the white house easter egg roll. looking great for asthat. ou head back to work, low 80s on tuesday. we have a chance of showers on wednesday. light shower chance on thursday. and then better shower chance as we get into friday. more news right after this. i'm kerry dan of nbc news. thes mueller report i finally out. but the war over what it means is only just beginnreg. blicans say the report shows no smoking gun, and backs up the president's claims of no
9:25 am
collusion, but democrats say even though robert mueller declined to s obstruction occurred, the evidence wh overelmingly shows that trump wanted to interfere with his investigation. and the public, well, we're going to have wait and see, but history has shown the president's overall approval rating is probably likely to stay just about where it is now. through all of the ups and downs of the mueller report, our polling has shown that the president's approval rating has mostly been stuck between the high 30s and the low 40 t ant is not a lot of movement, even with a lot of drama in the news. one other thing we have seenpun ic polling, there has been little appetite at least so far from voters to start proceedings against the president. but democratic leaders will be watchingo see t
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january isn't the only time people work to make changes in their lives. hee springtime is also w people look for a fresh start. >> maybe get back on the wagon with new year's resolutions. that's why this week on news 4 today, we'll bring you tips on how to get out of a rut and get your life back on track. tune in all week for the empo r empowering help starting at 4:00 a.m. tomorrow on "news 4 today." we are in store for a beautiful day ahead. happy easter. happy passover. the weather is looking fine.
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plus netflix built into the chan plus an advanc v roteen the 100% fibeoptic network.redo one else us. happyhappy passover to everyone tuss. thk you for joining it is absolutely gorgeous outside. beautiful, beautiful weather,
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lauryn ricketts joins us rest o. yesterday was great.da is great. >> i weather. more cloudsrod it yesterday wasn't that bad, winds out of thsouth, today, cooler. as pretty as 'll have a few more clou 9:30no tempetures are in the mid to upper 50s as youurake ay out the door. you might want t grab the small umbrella, you'r a hanging out it available.rng. but not looking too bad the doo
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grandma's house or heading to brunch, temperatures the 50s so around 60 by 11:00. outside t d.c. there later dryomorrow and tuesday. but then some moree showers as get toward the end of therk woweek. we'll talk about those and let you kw about the spring -- i ar killrlboro. this is a look at kylie place. officers report of a shooting i a neighborhood. once on scene they found a man outside of his home shot,ti several s, he was pronounced dead on the scene. right now this is an active homicide investigation. once we learn more, we will post it on our nbc washington app. to the latest on a shooting
9:34 am
at a maryland church. two people were sent to the hospital, both are expected to be okay. as news 4's darcy spencer explains, that funeral was for a killed last weekend in capitol heights. >> a shooting at a sacred place, a church in frederick county, maryland, it happened while there was a funeral taking place for a murder victim. the shots ran out at 2:45 in the afternoon. jackson chapel united methodist church right next to a middle school. two victims were wounded, the sheriff's office says those victims are expected to survive. the shooter took off in a car and is still on the loose. police say the shooting in the church parking lot was not random, and it happened aftern a argument involving people attending the funeral service. police spent the afternoon looking for evidence and taking photos. just a day before easter,he holiest day in the christian faith.
9:35 am
some parishioners showed up to support the church staff. >> the pastor's wife said it, she said we don't have respect for life and hon soeraying for the wer continue to feel orr: the funerr s or frazier. the story what if any connectiond the unfolded here, easter sun y services will 4. >> of released new information the case.
9:36 am
surveillance cameras captured this image ofhoties say is involved inshooting. the grayhethvictasfied as ayonpo state a remem so killed after police gather support fm around the w >> he reached a lot of people. i think it is heartening to see that. my day stopped when i heards of eath yesterday. the reason i'm going today is because there is such an uplift
9:37 am
of support. >> the robert little jr.h dvers in the district. ek parkway finished early yesterday. and all roads are back open. the closure was near the kennedt nearir the i-66remain shut down until monday rock cre trai g the construc soon be on some of letters you sw r&b music c many of youdistrict. he is knownorh hits like let's get it on and i heard it
9:38 am
stamp will now post to they just hurricanes yesterday. they did hometown. every game. me. >> atoing good. >> they took theth ro top playoff th wild nightdowntown. >> reporter: a little something r two nicholas ndho backstrom for hisnight. late second onnolly ar just gets
9:39 am
firstver playoffdelivers.6-0 bu carolina. cs hockey. erody bgh i together. pd off. >> easy. and some nigons you d't have your best. we , i third that goal createder ovhe next period of play, forechecks befor
9:40 am
so now we know what wit in game >> they lead the best of seven o serve our community d, we're in the future. that's next.
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comcast business. beyond fast. >> project started ten years av rate in thedistrict. since then, they ls teach healt d laughter is whatwallace wante
9:43 am
when she creat tgame. thehi kids in t pe class at center city public chart sc heal store scavenge. stores, can you gog. do you can these and separate what you think are healthepter: jane whe tools to make their own better. w >> if impact wepter: not just about aa division one athletes from loca facilitate he with these youngstudents. the iathletes can learnability to attracton
9:44 am
ou people ande somethiop can re ryears, more than 5,000 students take part in the grasst they have wh with sixthtudents o ontudents in college, they did a great job of communicating and not talking at their kids. we talk at the kids, they talk w the kids. >> reporter: janeallace says that's the impact she and the in our m s >> reporter:nthe project will i health into their program for more about the missi n
9:45 am
washington app and search harris'he es. >> such a cool story. >> i love live look at theio nat lauryn ricketts will be back to let us know what's in store for the rndt of the day a workweek ahead. workweek ahead. we most reliable power multiple renewable sourc d wile even more solar.
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20 billion pounds of produce isasted in this country, most of it for no good reason. >> the university of maryland grad wanted to tackle the i fue ofd waste and hunger at the same time. so went into the business of resc rescuing food. aaron gilchrist has the story. >> reporter: it is nt the prettiuit i've ever seen. and perfection completely missed this box of carrots. >> when the packing house is going out, packing some of carrots, we sort these out because they don't fit the exact molds. what about this looks ong? >> nothing. >> reporter: nothing. he built a successful company around that premise. welcome to the warehouse of hungry harvest, where , destined for the dump, gets a second chance to make it to your table. >> we're trying to build an inclusive food system where there is no fruits or vegetaes left behind because of the aesthetics, but also no people left behind. ca >> reporter: hs himself a social entrepreneur and hungry harvest mission is two fold, rescue produce and get more fresh food to places that need it.
9:49 am
he came up with the idea as a senior business major at the university of maryland. >> i started a farm stand in the basement of the dorm. p fivends, five bucks, to students at college park. i had customers every single week. >> reporter: that was five years ago. in that time his company saved 13 million pounds of produce from going to waste. food that isn't bad, just misunderstood.ta cage free eggs, for example. >> consumers think they're brown, and these are white. so consumers don't want them as much, even though they're the same thing. >> reporter: marketing and perception in this case that's why these were thrown out. >> exactly. these otherwise would go to waste. >> reporter: hungry harvest buys from farmers, packages and wholesales at cost and a percentage and sells 10 pounds of food. he also gets fresh produce to places where it is hard to ce by, selling at cost in food
9:50 am
deserts in parts of d.c. and baltimore. the company also donates 5,000 to 10,000 pounds of produce every month. >> hungry harvest has 30,000 to 40,000ro customers ac nine states now. >> he says he plans to expandro ac the east coast in different cities next year. when you think about all of the hungry people in o country and around the world -- >> not even ugly food, the expiration dates aren't necessarily true. there are a lot of foods out there that last beyond the expiration date. >> i was looking at something, i was, like, is this still good, probably. that's good. >> sniff test. >> can't go too long. otheril things. >> m is one, i'm, like, no, expiration. >> you can smell it too. >> gets chunky. >> happy sunday morning, everybody.
9:51 am
>> happy easter. >> chunky smilk. >>nds like -- >> oh, gross. if you want to get outside today, i think you can. want to drink chuy milk, we're not judging i. an egg hunt. i'm looking forward to with my little cousins in town. sounds like wean do that. >> do you have eggs yourself? >>we yes. ave oned wis with the kids and then the adults. >> i want to come t. >>t's so fun. >> lots of fun. >> come onout, everybody. >> listen, it is going to be great for easter egg hunting later on this afternoon and throughout thisin eveng. however, we do have s just all chance of some isolated showers. small chance. so we will have some out there, not everybody going to get wet. that's later on throughout the afternoon and evening.
9:52 am
plenty of sunshine out there eww. i do believe a f more clouds will increase aft lunchtime. that's about . so, that's why i say, later n today,ot going to be as pretty rday afternoon. we're not going to have that ewnd. just a fore clouds and maybe isolated shower. cooler today, yesterday at 74. right around the mid-60s today. no severe weather this week. we'll keep an eye on friday. for the most part,rs sho as we hit through midweek and end of the week. spring easter gear out there, sunglasses, you'll nee your sunglasses for tomorrow. specifically tomorrow afternoon. short sleeves tomorrow back in the 70s. tank top on tuesday, in the 80s. again that next chance of rain which will be on wednesday. you need that small umbrella. mid-60s for your easter sunday. just an isolated chance of a shower out there, cooler, partly to mostly cloudy. spty showers out there today again. less than 20% chance that you'll see them inhb your neighood. dry on monday and tuesday.
9:53 am
wednesday, a few scattered showers. more spotty rain showers as we get into your thursday. you're walking out the door now, you're fine. looking good. hide those eggs now.e we'r looking great out there. with just plenty of sunshe and maybe a few clouds at the higher elevations. ht here. circulation r let me see if it will play again. 12 hour loop. but, again, we had circulation and it is, breaking some of these showers are popping up, back into pennsylvania. but you see that spin, that's an area of low pressure in the per levels of the atmosphere. and that's bee hangi out since we had storms a couple of days ago. that was making the storms move slow, all the storms trying to push back to that area of low pressu , moving off thecoast. what is happening is it is lifting to the north and east. it may spark a few showers and bring us se clouds later on this afternoon. but, again, isolated chances of some rain showers. some of the models, short-term model, predicts we'll have a few more clouds out there. and again, chance of isolated
9:54 am
shower as we head,000 t through afternoon and evening. tomorrow, low 70s, gradual clearing, sunshine in the afteeaoon. then we into wednesday. that's going to be our next ance of rain. and this will be about a 30% chance, light showers passing through on wednesday. not expecting any severe weather. and that's as our weak cold front moves through. what happens is that frontal system will stack to the south as g we into your thursday. lift back up on friday. friday will be the best chance of rain. even by next weekend, i clear us out, plenty of sunshine next weekend and low 70s. weekend and low 70s. plenty
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over plans to build a nredetied church of god victory temple said the congregation has outgrown its on church at church roadnond mount christian victory temple has no love for the plan to build a dided we wanted. o we want a c
9:58 am
of a grocery store? oincreased lack of tr tlook at the impact, the undue burden to taxpayers. >> reporter: the pastor believes all of the issues can be t to wt si outgrown its building. kthey need month more mar parking. reaching a compromise will be hard. the pastor says he's praying on it. >> i'm not fighting with anybody. >> reporter: as for whether he's
9:59 am
willing to move his church to a different site? live look the nbc 4 washington day ahead. workweek forecast will look like stay with us. we'll be rht back. when you switch to fios you get entertainment delivered to your home le no one else. because fios is a 100% fiber-optic network. that means you get the fastest internet available
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"news 4 today"s start now.
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>> breaking aovernight,t least 207 people are dead after a series of easter sunday bombings at several churches in s lanka. we're tracking the very latest out of asia. >> here at home, gunfire at a funeral service as loved ones


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