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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  April 22, 2019 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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potomac. more on the pursuit that ended in the water. and a maryland carnival had to shut down early and police called when swarms of teenagers turn violent. more on the arrests. it is 6:00 a.m. aod morning, everyone. i'mon gilchrest. >> i'm eun yang. thanks for joining us. the beautiful easter weekend looks to be sticking around for another day. like to hear that news. >> absolutely. just got to get through a little chill this morning if you step outside early. melissa mollet is keeping an eye on the commute for us. >> let's begin with nbc 4 reteorologist lauren ricketts and a look at yonday forecast. not too bad. >> it's not bad. you're right. temperatures in the showersth i e shenandoah valley, mostly 50s at this point. sun coming up about 6:23.he anotr 23 minutes. you see the cloud ver. to the west, more'l likely youl see sunshine this morning.
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we'll allun get sine later throughout the day. temperatures are going to dip a little through about 6:00, 7: in the low 50s. theneading to the low 60s by the middle part of the morning. you can see some clouds out there. it's becoming -- coming off a system, a disturbance off the earn seaboard. you can see the rotation there bringing the clouds to the area. areas in the shendoah valley, cooler, a little clearer to start this morning. we'll all have sunshine aslihat le system meanders up t eastern seaboard. we'll talk about rain chances because we're not going to see anything out that exceptloud cover. rain chantses and summer-- chances and summer-like temperatures coming up. first to melissa. good morning. taking a look at chopper 4, outer loop and outer loop here at the amecan legion bridge. complaints. kettering at enterprise, crash blocking most of the information is the information i'm getting. in northwest, 13th at up
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vehicle fire. accokeek, medical emergency northbound indian head highway at livingston road this morning. an nham, annapolis near the beltway, another crash reported. new problems,lexandria a problem at edsall, a crash on the right side of the road. >> thank you. we turn back to the breaking news in fairfax county. one person is dead after a two-alarm apartment fire. >>news4's cory smith is at the scene in centrevle, vallg.w. parkway. good morning. >> reporter: -- centrevie, rginia. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, it's quieted mensiderably. esidents are allowed to go back inside. the investigation continues in terms of how it started and how the one person who was found inside died. now what we know -- the side of the building was engulfed in flames.
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the fire spread to the roof. it collapsed and moved to the right. e,don't know if you can se there was a woman on the balcony. she said she could feel the heat from the flames when she opened up her window. a number of residents were screaming "fire, get out," that sent residents out of the building, obviously keeping this tragedy from being any worse. sadly, one person dying. the red cross is helping folks out. but they are all still coping with what happened.he many say ty're lucky to be alive. one rident told us how this all unfolded right after he got back from work. he's a ride-share driver. got back from work around 12:30. this is what he said he saw as the fire began. take a listen. >> i was coming home from work, and about 12:25 or so. and so i noticed it looked like gh a cigarette butt.
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i thought whatever. i was upstairs talking to my girlfriend. a few minutes later i thought there was a fight or an argument on.g i came injuries downstairs, and -- i came downstairs, and the entire side of the building was glowing bright red. >> reporter: the building is equipped with fire sprinklers. we have yet to hear if they injury gauged when the fire start -- if they started when the fire started. it's unknown how many residents will be displaced. quite a few will not be able to get back in the building today. >> cory smith live in fairfax county. thank you. 6:04. a developing story out of sri lanka. a terror attack rocked the country sund . more than290 are dead following a series of bombings. >> sri lanka's minister said a local group is behind the explosions. they went off at three churches
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and three luxury hotels yesterday. all of the blasts were carried out by suicide bombers. the terrorists selected locations they knew would beh packed wit easterworshippers. people see a lot of with glass pierced into their building. i saw a lot of chefs with the ite aprons on which had almost been painted red. >> seven suspects have been arrested. the government hasd declare a curfew and shut down access to jor social media sites and messagie ing services. later this morning, secretary of state mike pompeo will give an update on the americans killed in suay's bombings. in a statement, pompeo blamed radical terrorists for the attacks. he will deliver remarks at 8:45 at the state department. and stay with news4 for continuing coverage on the attacks. we have a detailed timeline of the tmbings in our app.
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> a bad turn for an alleged armed robbery. the dramatic scene ended with crews pulling the suspect out a car submerged in theotomac river. this happened around 6:30 last night. police say the suspect walked inartongto an, pulled a gun, stole cash, and drove a. he led pice on a chase but crashed io the potomac river at the gw parkway and i-395. we spoke to a woman who saw all of thi go down. >> and i watched the car go forward. and tn i saw it go off the road and on to the pedestrian path. then the next thing i saw was the car submerging underwater. >> the suspect was the only one in the vehicle and the only one believed to be involved in the robbery. resident in southeast d.c. are call willing -- resid ts in southeast d.c. are calling for actibl after a terri crash on sunday. this is phone video showing t chaotic scene. two cars collided at 16th and v streets in southeast. the crash sent six pple to the
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hospital including two little boys and the pedestrian. one of the carsoverturned other and that was when neighbors jumped in to action. >> i startedgraphing the little bit on -- startedbb grag the little boys. the others were helping. about eight of us turned the car over. >> neighbors tell news4 that the intersection has been a problem for aong time, and they wantes to see changight away. we have an update on a shooting at a funeral in maryland. the frederick county sheriff's office released a photo of a man they believe was involved in at the site where two young men werehot and killed this month. the shooting happened after an argument at the funeral. two people were shot. both victims are eected to survive. the suspecteft the scene before emts arrived. if you can help the sheriff's department identify the suspect, you're asked to giv them a call. it is 6:08 just about.
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and d.c. police hope that images from surveillance camer will help find a 16-year-old's killer. police have identified the teen as brion w austin. he shot and killed inside his home. surveillance imag surveillance cameras caught this image.of it has a sunro and stickers on the driver's side and is thought to be involved in the a ooting. aotic scene at a mltimore mall ended in the arrest of asany as 20 people. this s happenedhortly after a carnival in dundalk closed. look at theene. baltimore police received several calls from security guards at the eastpoint mall last night. they were overwhelmed after several fight broke out. police say there were so many people that they had to bring in city buses to shuttle people away from the area. 08 on this monday, easter monday. another tradition for folks in the area. >> thousands will flack to the white house for the annual
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easter egg roll. news4's justin fitch has toils on this year's event. good mornin h >> reporter: there, good morning. theater. more than 30,000 people expected u show this year. new events you'll find including a musical -- ialluding mus best and be best hopstate cotch. veers are showing up -- volunteers are swing up, you see several spaces for other eventsal you might r this dates back to 1878. it's been a hot ticket ever since. back then rutherford b. hayes was president. the legend goes like this -- kids showed up, s the lush grass and said, hey, can we come over and do an egg roll. and the presid come on in.h, let them in. from then on out it's bee a tradition ever since. the president and first lady
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today playing an active role. they'll be reading to children here, too. as we come back live, you see the hubbub goinge on ins the white house. outside, too. lots of media here, as well. i want to showng somethi else, as well. this is going to be among the eggs the kids will see out here. it hasnt the preside and first lady's signatures on the back. you see the seal is on the front. there will beome more "best be" vests including giving -- events including giving kids letters of kindness to send to anyone all over the world. military bands will be here, too. a lot of fun io be had just a few hours. back to you. >> justin finch live at the white house. thank you. 6:10. in ukraine, voters ousted their sitting president and replaced him with a comedian. volodmyr zelensky celebrated a landslide wi he has no political experience and is best known for starring in a satirical television series. he has promised to end the war
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in eastern ukraine and root out corrtion. n this earth day, news4 has learned that metro will be releasing a first of its kind plan to cut its energy consumption. metro is one of the largest consumers of energy in our region. the transit agency says it is looking at everything from electric buses to green buildings to even capturing and storing energy that trains produce when they have t use the brakes. metro says it has a goal to take the equestion leaptf 35,000 -- equivalent of 35,000 vehicles off the road pnd year a cut its ownesexpens news4 transportation reporter adam tuss will have much more on this. later tonight "our changing climate" at 7:30 on nbc 4. a tiger at a kansas city is back on display while arainer fights for her life. more on the brutal attack and what the zoo planso do next. a bizarre missing child case. a young boy hasn't been seen in
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days. what police say -- he never left his home. the boy's mother has stopped talking to investisttors. the laoming up. and we've got some nice conditions out there as we head through the day. short sleeves in order. tank top and flip-flops tomorrow. grab the umbrella for wednesday and thursday. you may need it. all rain chances, starting to feel like summer. dale's little girl is headlug to college.
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ily, her dorm is about 10 minutes from a hotel by wyndham. ashley's meeting all her in-laws,
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and she's about 10 minutes from a hotel by wyndham. jeff is flying to.... oh never mind. but hey, 10 minutes from jefa wyndham.g to.... he's having the best. day. ever! and he's about0 minutes... 10 minutes from a hotel by wyndham. with over 6,000 hotels across the country, great hotel by wyndham is closer than you think. book direct at wyndhamho.cteom welcome back at 6:14.w noo the mystery surrounding the disappearance. a 5-year-old boy in illinois. andrew has been missing for, da but there's no evidence that he's been abducted, and police haven't named any suspects.
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the little boy was last seen wednesday night at the family home. the next morning he was gone.og police ds couldn't pick up his scent outside of the family home. andrew's father was questioned by police this weekend. last year the boy's parents were wvestigated for abuse and neglect bute later cleared. a young woman was killed and anherurt in a to. attack in new york. -- in a confrontation and attack in new york. the woman avenues 4-year-old daughter was -- woman's 4-year-old daughter was in the apartment during the attack but was not hurt. her friend had been killed. it's believed the attack started when the father of the little girl went into the a apartment started arguing with his ex-girlfriend. police found the axe in the building's trash room. check out this fiery video out of los you see c trying to put out flames at an auto parts building. it sent plumes of black smoke into thearea. u can see that. the heat and flames melted
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frames of several nearbytors. right now there are no repor injuries. a zookeeper is recovering this mning after being attacked by a tiger. >> there is a tiger that is till next to them, still atta ing. >> the scene unfolded saturday at the topeka zoo. the lead tiger trainer was doing housekeeping and the tiger shouldn't have been in the clons clure when it was happening. the trainer got gashes to the back, next, andarms. staffers were finally able to lure the tiger away with food. predures are under review, and the tiger is back on display.>> and "changing climate" talk about moving dolphins from the national aquarium t the tropics. they were planning to move the animals by next year, but theum aquaris having a hard time finding a location because of
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pollution,armer weatheor extreme st, and rising sea levels. and today on earth day, offer in is working for you wit ann-depth look at our changing climate. see how it's impacting your family, your money,our health, and even your commute. our special airs tonight at 7:30 here on nbc 4. 's 6:17. lauren ricketts with more on the forecast for today. >> i'll take this kind of sprint wer. >> he, too. >> the weekend was sob louse.d ha the storms on friday, got them out of the way. no big storms this week. >> that's good. >> we have clouds especstl i eaf the blue ridge bombings -- especially east of the blue ridge mountains. sun coming up at 6:24. a bit peep of pink there we go, just on the horizon.l we'lve more sunshine. in the shenandoah valley, you'll have more sunshine. not only throughout the morning but of course throughout the afoirnoon. i'm g to show why we have clouds in a second. they're not going to do much.
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we've got dry conditions today. dry conditions tomorrow. a few scattered, light showers on wednesday. not a washout by any means. maybe a thunderstorm. and then spotty showers specifically on thursday night. and then again some more scattered showers as we get into friday. friday looks like the best chance to see some rain showers in our area. none of thenc c look to be all that bad in terms of -- of heaviness of rain. we're not going to see a mg washout orsive thunderstorms or severe weather toward the end of the week. light chances of rain. out there now, light jacket. to say that youl feed. mperatures in the 50s, chilly in the shaquille o'neal with clear skies. those numbers will come back -- in thehenandoah valley with clear skies. the numbers will come back up. 70s for highs. aou little bride t of the north -- breeze out there was the north. if you want to eat lunch outside, looking good for that. for the monday outlook, the morning commute, sunshine delays especially west.
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o outdoor lunch, go for it. a beautifulning workout. dry and comfortable for that. >> you can see we've got cloud cover, all from the disturbance that's hanging off the earn seaboard. clouds are rolling in. as it pushes to the north. we go continue to see the clouds dissipa dissipate. a few degrees warmer yesterday than. sunshine this afternoon. if you're headed to the wat party, the caps gave going into. cl hopefully we get a win out of this. r skies. grab the tv fouds you have to be anywhere early. 80s for tomorrow and rain tuesday mainly north and west of d.c. through the day on wednesday, look, lightlituff rol by. most of the day on wednesday going to be dry. most of the day on thursday going to be dry. we have rain showers moving ack into our area for your friday. again, just some light stuff rolling through the area. goodews is i've got the weekend dry, as well. maybe a few showers on sunday, we'll ton track that. i have rain chances tuesday and
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wednesday. melissa, let's look at the wrods. >> good morning. silver spring brand-new problem on the beltway, outer loop near university. a crash sounds like it's affecting or impacting the right side of the road. dhoper 4 over 66 at 28 this morning, no problems there. northbound 395 at edsall, you can see right side of the roadway, slow. kettering, central at enterprise, crashck bg most of the jexz still. -- of the intersection still. overall,he beltway is notad with the exception of the top section where we're slow. 66, inbound 50 looks good on 270, impacted at new hampshire here, only 33mi s per hour. remember to listen t wtop when you hop in your car hatoday. >> you. looking for a new job could
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be hard enough. what if you'reooking to make a bigger change. we talk to a coach abo what to think about if you're starting a new career. litter, singer "pink" talks about her wine and album coming out this week. that's at 3:00 followed by news4 at 4:00 with pat lawson musand leon he ar
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welcome back at 6:24. spring is often the time when a lot of people start thinking about makingome big changes. >> it can be difficult and scary to start something new, especially if you're thinking career.hanging your how do you know when it's time to go in a completely different direction? >> news4's working 4 you with phtips how to start a new e if your liv. miranda barrett manages a busy life at home and at work.
6:25 am
she spent a decade working aag nonprofit cy. she thought it was her dream job until it wasn't. she knew it was time to make a change when her work life began to affect her home life. >> so for me, knowing time to make a change was the way that i was interacting with my family, the way i felt, i was exhausted all the time. i didn't have energy for things i love to do. i realized it was because i was so unhappy during the course of the day. >> reporter: barrett began mapping her change. she says that's one of the first things to do. >> you have to think about what's realistic in terms of finances. what are those fed costs that you're always going to have?on is it reasle to quit your job without having a job. that's >> reporter: a leadership coach and ceo of d.p. leadership solutions says feeling board at work, unchallenged, bored at work, unchallenged or e fulfilled can be a subtlgn that you need to change. >> the organization changes and you realize i need get another
6:26 am
job, i need to pusmyself. i need to start performing at a different level. it becomes much more obvious. >> okay. who wants ice eam? >> me. >> yeah? okay. >> how do you make a change? we'll te you steps you can take tomorrow to plan your lifestyle change. not always that easy. 5:26. -- 6:26. coming up new video of a daring river rescue. strangers save a woman stranded inside a sinking suv. more this incredible story ahead at 6:30. lauren? and we are taking aook at temperatures. not too bad out there now. we are moving those temperatures up into the 60s by the time we head through the afternoon. 70s for daytime highs. more coming up.
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6:29 ase take a live look on this monday. clouds out there. we're working to help you get moving and out the door after the holiday weeken >> the celebrations aren't over for everyone. news4 is at the annual white house easter egg roll whibe will getting started later this morning. we'll take you there live for a report in a few minutes. first, a look atasour forec and the morning commute. melissa mollet will have the first 4 tra iic updatea moment. let's begin with storm team 4 meerj meteorologist lauren ricketts. another my days? >> yes, temperatures in the low to mid 70s. armer than yesterday but not that bad. we're waking up to some cloud cover out there on cue right there, that plane. you see a little pink on the horizon. ud've got some clocover, pretty much from the blue ridge mountains to the east. a little disturbance is spinning off the coast. that's bringing clouds. they'll dissipate as we continue into the afternoon. , as tle bit of a bree well.
6:31 am
north winds at about 10 to 20 miles per hour. and again, those will i do down after lunchtime. getting the kids ready for the school bus stop, we'll have breezy conditions. temperatures are going to be in the 50s for daytime highs -- sorry, 50s this morning, then we'll top out in0s the 7or heights. upon not too bad especially now. we'll talk about the ten-day forecast because we have rain and a warmup coming our way. we'll show you coming up. let's talk about the roads with lissa. >> silver spring, outer loop near university, that's the only slowdown. it is an accident. the top of the beltway is slow because of the problem. as we zoom in, alexandria, northbound route 1 after the beltway, right side is blocked by police activity because of an accident there. northbound 395 at edsall. right line is blocked going past that crash. kettering, central avenue at enterprise blocking most of the intersection. zooming in northwest 13th street upshire. a report of a vehicle fire.
6:32 am
overall, the top of the beltway is the slow spot. travel timesy looking prett good here. 66 and 95. in maryland, your slowdowns up top, 30 miles per hour. going to take you 30 minutes 95 to 270. remember to listen to wtop, 103.5 f.m., when you hop in your car. aaron? >> thank you. 6:32. breaking news in fairfax county. chopper 4 over the scene of a deadly apartment fire in centreville. you can see the damag left behind by that fire. investigators say one person was killed, and fromhe air to the ground, the americaned cross is helping displaced residents working to keep them warm and calm. >> and you can see in the veo residents wrapped in blankets. hear from someone who smelled the smoke from the fire coming 300 are dead following terror attacks that shocd the world on easter
6:33 am
sunday. >> and the health minister says a local militant group was behind the attacks. six simultaneous explosionses went off at three churches and three hotels. at least 50 people were killed at one site with easter worshippers. several americansdere among the . the search continues for a man accused of raping a woman as she left a bus near montgomery village middle school. the victim says she was offer the bus, the right-on bus, and noticed a man following her. she ran, the plan caught up to her. she says -- the man caughter to her u. she says the man dragged her into a groosy wooded area, and -- grassrootsy wooded area and raped her. > a man raped a woman in the same area in 2017. she attacked her as she waited on a bus. this is a composite sketch of the man wanted in that attack.
6:34 am
nope no one was -- no one was ever arrested. it's unclear if the two cases are connected. here's a look at the other top stories -- in baltimore, the cause of a partial csx derailment is under investigation. this happened last night around 10:00 at hollands ferry oad in southwestern baltimore. the city fire officials say that four cars derailed and at least one was leaking fuel. no injuries there, no evacuations. it doesn't appear to be impacting any major trains this morning. this weekend, hundreds of people honored- a belovedild bye driving a stolen minivan on friday. yesterday bikers blocked florida avenue as they held a vigil. ey also play placed a ghost bike to mark his rod roadside memorial a tornado blewed across video -- blew across virginia knocki over trees and power lines.
6:35 am
warnings were issued in montgomery county. no reports of tornadoes touching down there.ay tod house democrats will discuss the next steps after special counsel robert mueller's russia report was released last week. that includes the possibility of impeachment proceedings against president trump for possiblef obstruction justice. more coming up from nbc's kristen welker at the white house. breaking political news. representative seth moulton, a democrat from massachusetts, is joining the crowded race for president. he is a 40-year-old marine combat veteran who earned a bronze star in iraq. he won his congressional seat in 2014. moulton's ca moulton's campaign will focus on national security. he's the 19th democrattho enfor race. i have familiar name is expected to join the list of those campaigning for president. joe biden is finalizing plans to launch the campaign in the
6:36 am
coming days. the exact time is uncertain. nobiden ackwledged this month that he was c all buttainly to get into the race. easter monday means thousands will flack to the white house for the -- flock to the white house for theas erle roll. >> reporter: a lot of moving parts on the south lawn as the white house gears up for the 141st easter egg roll. here the lay of the land where everything will be happening in a few hours. lots of different stands set up for varying events here on the lawn today. we've got more than 30,000 people expected thi year to rome out and take part in the easter egg . there will be a few new things including musical eggs and "be best" phop scotch unveiled in a few hours. the military banbe are going to
6:37 am
here. also as part of her "be we bbe campaign, the first lady will have a place to send letters to anyone they want all over the world. that takes place he in just a matter of hours. lots of fun expected here and a lot of smiling faces. these, two wooden eggs, rate the 141st egg roll. ba to you. >> thanks. countdown to night for the caps. details on game six and the update on star t.j. osh after his serious jury. plus, set the l dvr orve a reminder to tune in our news4 "climate change" special report. we have an in-depth look at how the changing climate impacts you, your family, your money, your health, and your daily commute. starts at7:30 tonight on nbc 4.
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jt about 6:40. a driver is lucky to be after iplunging her suvo a philadelphia river. the rescue was caught on camera by people on the you can seople swimming out to that sinking car. witnessness saidhey couldear her banging on the windows from inside the suv. ndscuers used the tire iron to break the window get them out. people on b a rowt rushed over with life preservers. nobody was seriously hurt. >> lucky. >> a lot of people willing to jump into the water. capital bike share is celebrating earth day with flee rides around the d.c. matter area. riders who don't have a annual membership can use one of the company's bikes for up to30 minutes today only. >> to get in on the deal, download the app and enter the code earth day 19. o far this year, riders have completed nearly 700,000 trips. that's a big deal. now here's the nbc is morning business report -- cnbc morning business report. >> reporter: good morning i'm at
6:41 am
cnbc headquarters. target is bringing back its car seat trade-in event. through may 3rd, they will accept old car seats. mers will get us a 20% coupon toward baby geer geegeerl -- baby gear. it's recycled nearly seven million tons of materials since theog prm began. and let the good times roll for the white house easter egg roll. we've got breezy conditions throughout. a little bit of cloud cover. more sunshine later on as we continue through the afternoon. temperatures are going to be in the low to mid 70s for daytime highs today. we'll talk about rain chances coming up. lots of slowdowns on the beltway. we look at the travel times coming up. id >> reporter: rts are taking stock after a devastating fire guts multiple apartment
6:42 am
units. one person is dead, and now investigatorsfire trying to re out what started it.
6:43 am
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welcome back at 6:45. today house democrats will be trying to figure out what's nex now that the redacted special counsel's report is public. >> they are supposed to gather today for a conference call. nbc's cykristen welker live wit more. there's talk about impeachment that's not off the table. >> reporter: that's right. good morning. there is growing talk of impeachment. of course, you have the progressive base out it is time to get serious about considering impeachment. folks like congresswoman ocasio-cortez also on the campaign trail like senator elizabeth warren. what we saw over the weekend was some of the more establishment democrats start t they're not reeling it out. those like congressmen elijah cummings and adam schiff. of course there ishe political reality. republicans control the senate.i unlikely that we'll see
6:46 am
the president get outed out of office. party leaders are concerned that it could backfires in 2020. house speaker nancy pelosi is going to be holding the conference call later on today to discuss next steps. not surprisingly, president trump for his part lashing out over the weekend. he spent the weekend at his state in mar-a-lago. he lashed out at the report calling it again a big setup. and taking aim at all of this talk of impeachment. so it is an increasing focus here at e white house. and also on thrill. guys, back to you. >> she'll have more of her report next on the "today" show. we'll have more on the easter egg roll coming up, as well. now 6:46. to the breaking news in fairfax county. one person is dead following a two-alarm apartment fire in ntreville, virginia. this is video from the scene following some of the rescue response and the damage left behind. >> news4's cory smi has been
6:47 am
working to gather more information from the scene there. cory, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this is the closest wife been able to get since this morning when this fire was put out. look behind me, nothing is left pretty much c brred timber and twisted metal. the fire started -- where itar std we don't know, but it absolutely engulfed the side of this building. we have videom child support 4 that was -- chopper 4 that was taken as the fires burning. residents we spoke to say they heard screaming and a encommoti. whhey came outside, many of them saw the flames. some actually felt the heat from the fire. that's when they all just got out.or fortunately me people were not hurt. were not killed in this fire. just the one person who was freenounced dead. we have -- pronounced deade have video shot by a resident who managed to get out and shoot the fai as it started spreading. we -- fire as it started
6:48 am
spreading. we heard from aho woman w didn't know what it was early morning. she opened her windows and sot flames shog out of the roof which ultimately collapsed. she said she and her husband are lucky to be alive. >> that's so scary. when you are just sleeping, you wake up and smell the burn, and you can hear the fire -- you're opening the window a see the fire coming to your room. that's -- i cannot explain. before i start coming -- there is a fire, we need to run. i take my dbag. there was no pajamas, that's. it. >> reporter: the red cross is here helping out what i counted were at least a dozen residents that had to be evacuated. it's unclear how many will be le to go back insidement you can tell by looking at me that a good anybody will not be allowed on the homes.
6:49 am
back to y >> thank you. new overnight, sri lanka's methodis minter -- health minister said three groups were responsible for the explosions in sri lanka. seven suspects have been arrested. no group has claimed responsibility. back at home, the search continues for the man who shot two people at a frederick, ryland, church during a funeral. the frederick county sheriff's office just released this photo of the man believed to be involved. the shooting happened on saturday at the funeral for frasier. the sheriff's office says this weekend's shooting happened after some sort of argument at the service. two people were shot. th victims are expected to survive. just in to the newsroom this morning, an 11-year-old girl was killed oda easter sun in a go-cart accident. this happened in dunkirk, maryland. a 7-year-old and a r-12-yead were also injured in the accident. police tell us the go-cart le overturned whiaking a turn at aaccul-de-s
6:50 am
investigators are still hoping to hearitrom wsses of the accident. it's 6:50. tonight, the capitals could secure their next spot in the stanley cup playoffs. a win in game six tonight will mean they are moving on to the next round. if they play anything like they did in game five, watch out. wow. they put on the best performance of t series saturday night shutting out the carolina hurricanes 6-0. go brayton holtby. we know t.j. oshie is outindefinitely for a fractured collar bone. the recuperation can take six to eight weeks. the puck drops tonight at 7:00 on nbc sports. news4's sharree burruss will have the updates all afternoon and on news4 at 11:00. >> the caps have to -- have yet to win a game in north carolina in the series. if they lose tonight, game
6:51 am
secretary of, we'll bee back her in -- game seven, we'll be back here on wednesday. >> easier to wrap it up.h be done w it, lauren ricketts. >> i can't believe you were there, eun. so awesome. >> it was crazy good! >> i can't wait to talk about that. and man, once i heard about his collar ne, i broke mine once. and that -- that is painful. painful. our thoughts go out to.j t oshie who will probably -- probably was a person that got everybody in d.c. so to loud. i think my whole neighborhood was watching that game. i can't wait unt tonight. this morning, we're dealing with a little bit of cloud cover. later tonight we have clear skies. i've got your caps forecast in caseou're at a little viewing party. we have some sunshine trying to peek through c theud cover. we will eventually get some sunshine later on this afternoon. mid 50s right now. we've got a little bit of a breeze outthere. that's going to stick with us as we continue through the morning, as well. sunshine later on this afternoon becoming su ty, theperatures going right on up. now we have dry conditions today and tomorrow. scattered, light showers on wednesday.
6:52 am
spotty showers on thursday. and then some more scattered showers on friday. the rain chances don't lo k t be all that big. so if you want to do gardening this week, our tip from the merryfield center, hanging baskets and container garcens bring exent color in your home and fit in any size or space. maybe get some of those. monday, a.m. commute, sunshe delays, nice. clouds east of iench. outdoor lunch, go for it. we'll all have sunshine at that point. the evening drive, dry and comfortable. clouds coming from a system spinning off t eastern seaboard. it will stay to the ocean. we're just seeing the dowd debris. 74 for the highs. the winds will settle throughout the afternoon. then tonight, headed to a watcht maybe head outside for it if you can find a tv outside. it is going to be nice, temperatures slipping to the 60s. we'lk about the rain chances in the ten-day forecast in a second. let's talk traffic with melissa. let's see it. taking a look at silver spring
6:53 am
outer loop at colesville road, that's on tsh right lder. seeing a little delay up top. not as battle as it was. as we zoom in here, alexandria rthbound route 1 after the beltway, right side blocked there by police activity. that's been hanging around for l wh northbound 395 at edsall, that's finally cleared. moving the camera on me now. we had the right side blocked. that's looking a lot better. kettering, this could be a serious crash.'l we kind the chopper this way this a minute. a centralt university prize, a crh -- at enterprise, a crash blocking most of thatdictions. we'll have more coming up. travelinimes in virg, 66 inbound. 95 northbound, no major problems. going 40, 45 miles per hour there. 270 outhbound at118 to the spur. 50 miles per hour. then the top of the beltway, a little delay like we saw on the maps. 30iles per hour right now from 95 to 270. going to take you 29 minutes. listen to wtop 103.5 when you
6:54 am
hop in the car. >> thanks. > thousands are preparing to descend on to the south lawn of the white house for the annual easter egg roll. this year's event has new activities for the kids. >> justin inch in is live at the white house this morning with tails on that. good morning. >> reporter: happy easter monday morning here. joined by stephanie grisham from dythe first la office here, and i can see right now there is so much going on behinds us. >> yes. we areet sng up here for the easter egg roll. it will start at 7:30. e've got all kinds of activities, as you can see, some characters behind us. the president and the lady will the out later, and president will make remarks on the truman balcony and participate in the egg roll. we've got a reading good, mrs. ump's be best hop scotch and books. >> there are two new events. the musical endin aal eggs and
6:55 am
hopscotch. how does the music else? >> like muchblg -- musical eggs work? >> like musical chairs. there's one winner at the end. i don't know what the price is to be honest hopscotch is just what it is, hopscotch. there are people giving kids high fives and talking about campaigns, all in line with her best be campaign. >> reporter: and 30 of the children will get a wooden egg. getor the kids 12 and under a wooden egg when they head out. ank you. >> reporter: live in the first run. starting at 7:30. kids will seal cotton and the gang at the white housu. back to yo >> live at the white house this morning, thank you, justin. 6:55. here are four things to know. a zookeeper in kansas continues to recover after a tiger attacked her. officials at the zoo say the trainer was doing housekeeping in the enclosure when it happened. ron mott will have the latest
6:56 am
fr topeka next. later this morning, secretary of state nofm will update the -- sretary of state mike pompeo will update the americans killed in sri lanka. he blamed radical ter rists for the attacks. he will deliver remarks at 8:45 at the state department. more on this story next on the "today" show. today metro is releasing its plan to cut energy consumption. the transit agency has a goal to take theen equivalt of 35,000 vehicles off the road per year and c its own expenses. adam tuss will have more at 5:00 and in our "changing climate" spial tonight. tune in tonight for thatcl ate change special. we'll explain how the changing climate is impacting your family, your money, your health, and even your commute. it starts at 7:30 tonight right here on nbc 4. tomorrow on news4 today, if you're thinking about making a careerange, experts say it's never too late if you plan it out. join us tomorrow as we givhoyou tips on you can successfully make the change.
6:57 am
we have clouds out let it just really east of the blue ridge mountains. we're leading to the low to mid 70s today. winds will lighten up. beautiful tomorrow. low 80s. just a few cightnces of showers. maybe an isolated thunderstorm wednesday night, thuday night, rough the day on friday. the weekend looking gat right now. >> all right. congratulations on making it more than a week with us. >> yes. i chuck will ack tomorrow, everybody. >> take the day off tomorrou. >> y need a break. she worked like 27 days straight. >> thanks for waking up ♪ (vo) i know what you're thinking. yoelectric, it's not fo and, you're probably right. electric just doesn't have enough range.r it will nesurvive the win. charging stations? good luck finding one of those. so, maybe an electric car isn't for you after all. or, is it? ♪
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good morning, easter sunday shock. thth toll skyrocketing overnight in sri lanka, nearly 300 people killed, including several americans. near simultaneous explosions targeting hotels and churches on one of the holiest days of the year. this morning, officials identifying the terror group with the carnage, a warning weeks o missed. it's possible, impeachment on the mouths of some democrats after the mueller report drops. >> the obstruction of justice if pushed will be impeachable. his lawyer's extraordina


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