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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  April 22, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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and keep their kids safe.: >> announcerews 4 at 4:00 begins with breaking news. and we've we've gotive brea news as we come on the air this afternoon. an urgent operation to clear up a dump truck crash on theelt way before the evening rush really gets bad. this is already causing abackup on the highway. the truck spilled dirt all over the outer loop between allentown road r andte 4 in prince george's county. as you can see there, just one lane of traffic is getting by there ont. the l a lot of lookie lous that slowed downraffic on the other side of the beltway. no reported injuries. we'll keep an eye on this and keep you updated as w learn more about what's happening. to the easter sunday bombings in see rari lanka that killed nearly 400 people. >> one of the victim system a bo from here. ke kieran shafritz de.
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lost his life. >> aimee cho is live in northwe northwest washington. how is the boy being remembered? >> reporter: absolutely heartbreaking. he was a student here at sidwell friends in the fifth grade. he was studying and living in sri lanka on a leave of absence, but he was sked tould cochedule back in theal keer an w kier kieran was passionate about learning and adored his friends and he was incredibly excited about returning to sidwell friends. coming school. we areor s not to get the the tunity welcome him to middle school. in his letter he say this may be the first time any of these students have lost someone close to them. they also plan t have grief counselors available tomorrow.
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>> a heartbreaking stork thu so am, amy who. >> right now in sri lanka, a state of emergency is in effect as government officials try to get a handle on public security. the fbi is on theround the helping local investigators. officials say a little known domestic groupin is beh the coordinatored bombings. it has no hftory o actually carrying out attack there is. authorities say that means they likely had help from an international terror network. nbc news has learned the government wasarned weeks ago about the potential for attacks on churches. today the president'shief of staff said they never expected an attack of this magnitude. stay with news 4 for continuing overage coming of sri lanka. you can learn more about the security warning and also see otos of some of the victims on the nbc washington app. go to our site and search sri lanka. more breaking news now. a food truck fire turning heads on the national mall.
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a viewer shared this video. flames and smoke shot from an iceru cream t on 14th street at madison drive. this is right across from the national museum of african-american history and culture. no injuries rerted, but it backed up traffic for quite a a former charles county school employee faces rape and sex offense charges. he was removed from the middle school in january after aud stt accused him of making inappropriate comments. today the school principal sent a letter to parentsaying in part if you or your child has any information to share about employee misconduct, please contact the charles cou y sheriff's office. coming up at 5:00, more on the charges and reaction from the school. a man is dead and more than two dozenkieople are l for a new place to live this afternoon after a deadly fire in centerville. the fire broke out early this morning at an apartment complex on bent tree cirire. northern vnia bureau chief
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julie carey joins us live now. julie, what are you hearing from residents there? >> reporter: well, take a look right now behind me. you can see work crews. they are brding up and fencing off this burned out building. they tell me the man who died lived up in that second floor apartment. residents say it's likely there would have been more people killed or injured if not for the warning of their fellow neighbors. >> this isy m justin bought a new sofa. this is what's left. >> reporter: he came back to take a look at hisen black apartment, all of his belongings destroyed. he was at work when the fire started. his 76-ye-old mother asleep inside with another son. they didn't even know their building was in flames until someone knocked on the door. a sister picks up the stor. >> he opened and he saw the flames coming from the window. >> this man dragged hisother
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out to safety. then helped rescue a disabled child next doo the family heartbroken to see the destruction. and to learn the neighbor who lived upstairs didn't survive. >> everything is gone. >> reporter: but she's here and she's fine. >> our family is safe. wehank god. >> these things can be made again, but not the>>life. reporter: other residents crediting neighbors f alerting them to danger. this woman and her boyfriend looked e shouts and outside. >> when i came downstairs, the entire side of the building was bright orangered. that's when i called 911. >> reporter: the apartment com plek manageme -- complex manage minument sen email saying all fire protection was working. the fire department has not yet identified the man who was killed in this fire. neighbors tell us, though, that that's his jeep parked there right out front.
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it's almost brand new. he just recently bought it. fire investigators also still trying to determine the cause of this blaze. leon, back to you in the studio. >> yaejulie carey reporting liv now to decision 2020 and new reports that joe biden, the former vice president, will jump into the presidential race as early as wednesday. according to the pittsburgh post gazette, the former vice president is expected to announce his candidacy in charlottesville, virginia at the sitef the deadly white nationalist rally. he will then fly to pittsburgh and end his day in philadelphia. early polls show biden would enter the race as a front runner in a field of 19 democratic candidates. >> the newes of those es candid massachusetts congressman seth molten who announced his presidential bid in a video overnight. the marine combat veteran who ownered a bronze star in iraq says his campaign will focus on social security. he won a sea in congress in
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2014 by defeating a nine-term encup bee incumbent in the democratic primary. this time tomorrow hope feely we'll be talking about the caps being in theouecond r of the playoffs. that is of course if they take care of business tonight in puck drops in a few hours from now. sherree burruss liveen in what are the guys saying about closing out the series? they lkedood on saturday. >> they looked excellent on saturday, leon, but some of the guys in the locker room smitting that winning game four of aies can be the hardest, but last season washington won road.series on the they're looking to do the same here tonight againsta. carol this franchise with a little experience on their side. they closed out columbus in six games almost one year to the day. then who can forget kuznets epic overtime winner against the penguinsxercising their playoff demons.
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then the eastern conference finals, caps caught tampa in heme seven on t road with washington finishing off beating vegas, winning the stanley cup l experience this team will rely on to beat carolina tonight. >> it's prpt important to have killer instinct when you can and dealith it. we're going to try and bring our best game tonight and if we do that, if we're confident that we'll have a good chance. >> every game is always unique, but of course it gives you a deep condence knowing that you have been in similars situati before and if you can do it once, you do it again. >> that's an experience you can't take away. we r it. we remember how we had that success, more so than the home, the road is that your game keeps improving in the playoff race. that's something we talk about getting better every day. >> the caps know they're going to have to play even better hockey tonight considering carolina will also be coming out with the best game since they're
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facingna elimion. coming up at 5:00, they're going o use the blueprint from game five to hopefully wrap up this series. >> they've got to prove what happened saturday was not a fluke. theynd their strike, found their game and are back to playing caps hockey. do you have a sense they've got that or doen you s any nervousness? >> today's practice was a little bit more serious than whate saw for games three and four on the road. as tom molten, sometes it's time for laugher, but it is all business as they try to get out of raleigh with a win this time. >> wll see what happens. ou later ck back with on. let's talk about the weather now here. the caps chances are as good as the weather was here today, we're home free. right, doug?l >> i feeood about it, guys. that's why i got this on. yes, i'm going to be eating the wing later on. you know that for sure too. we've got a storm system, the same one that brought us the tornadoes on friday is still aroundur area bringing us
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cloud cover around the area. there's the storm developing off the east coast. another one back tard the west. this is the one we'll betc wang the income severnext sever out. there right now, look at these numbers. 73 in richmond. temperatures above average with sunshine. a really nice afternoon. hex of clouds and sun during day today. as you look towards the next couple of days, nice and warm tomorrow. we get into the 80s in some locations. a cold frontor wednesday. that will bring us cloud cover and knock temperatures down a bit. tracking a stronger cha e for rain and a stronger front. maybe even a couple thunderstorms. we'll updthe you on everyg. i've got you back here in about seven minutes. it's only seven mutes away. we're going to wait for you, doug. thank you. switching gears now to an awful easter day wreck in the district and a warning that what you're about to see is disturbing. we're only showing y part of it. surveillance video captured a
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car blowing through a stop sign and plowing into another have yesterday. a nearby pedestrian was killed after gdting pinne against a brick wall. the driver walked away but was later arrested. today we learned the victim was 31-year-old abdul seck. the new yorker was in town visiting a friend for the easter holiday. he graduated from college and had dreams of becoming a meanical engineer. meagan fitzgerald will have a full report on this coming up. y, well, on this earth news 4 is kicking off a brand new initiative. >> we're going to be talking about our changing climate and the way it can impact your everyday life. coming up in our next half hour, amelia draper joins us with factors behind the threat ofio bill dollar disasters. firstmp the tru administrationove today that m
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back now with a live look outside of our studios in northwest washington and you can see perhaps a bit of a breeze out there. doug is back in just a couple minutes with a warmup on the uy. he tells about the next chance for storms. a dance teacher in woodbridge is under arrest acsed of having a relationship with a teenage student. 34-year-old robert rainey was an instruct at klr studios on garber way. prince william county police
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says he askedor inappropriate photos and videos from a student on snapchat. things eventually progressed to an in-person sexual encounter, a number of them. the relationship started in 2014 when the victim was just 15 years old but was only recently discovered by that's teen parents. rainey is now charged with indecent liberties by a custodian and possession of child porn. news 4 is working for your health as theut measleseak continues to grow. new data from the cdc just released shows there were 71 new cases in just the last week. that brings the totalumber to 626 across 22 states, including maryland which nowas four confirmed measles cases. in 2014 the u. had a record 657 measles cases and health officials predict that this year's outbreak will surpass that number. >> well, if you haven't filled up your tank in the past few days, get ready. brace yourself for a surprise. gas prices have been surging and there were more hikes that may be coming.
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nbc's jay gray explains why. >> reporter: after giving countries six months to wea emselves, the white house is now pushing to completely cut off the flow of oil from iraq telling major importers when waiversxpire early next month, if they continue to by iranian crude, they will face stiff sanctions. >> the goal remains simple. to drive the outlaw regime of the funds that is used to stabilize t middle east for four decades and instead advise iran to behave like a normal country. >> the move ceaes nearly a y after the u.s. dropped out of the iran nuclear deal. the administration now hoping to force iranian leaders to negotiate a new deal that would cover nuclear activities as well as the country's ballistic missile program. with gas prices already climbing because of the costly switch to summer blend, somena alysts warn tighteningldhe wor supply of crude could drive fuel costs to $3 a gallon or more. >> it's really going to be a factor o crude oilrices and
4:17 pm
that's what we have our eyes on. >> reporter: crude prices spiked with the announcement. u.s. leaders say they've reached out to other oil producing nations to try and keep the market stable. >> both the kingdom of saudi arabia and the united arab emirates have assured us they will insure an appropriate supply for the mkets. reporter: with the summer travel season about to shift into high gear. jay gray, nbc news. today would have been a great day to hit the road. >> great day. >> awesome outside today. >> i've been driving the last two weeks. take a family trip with the kids, my goodness gracious. we stopped in every state up along i-95 all the way down toa floridnd back around. it's amazing the different prices. it really is incredible. get in northern south carolina. anyway, i don't know what's happening out there. what i do know is i've got nice boather to talk a as i make our way through the next couple
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days. oming tomorrow and a really nice week for the most part. the only chance of rain that i see now, we've got a little bit of chance pble tomorrow night into wednesday. then the best chance coming up late in the week on friday. right now mix of clouds and sun. some blue skies. cloud cover as well across our region. temperature rightow sitting pretty. 71 degrees. winds out of the north at 12 miles an hour. sunshine as i mentioned. tlouds making their way around a storm system jus off the coast. 74 charlottesville. average high, 69. we are close to 70 for the average now as we continue to see our days get longer and longer as we move further and further towamos summertime hs. as far as the radar is concerned, no rain to talk about. you can see some shors up philadelphia. we've got a storm system off the case. you can see clouds trying to make their way in. we're t to the east watching the storm. this is the same storm that was spinning back to our west a
4:19 pm
couple of days ago. same storm that brought some tornadoes on friday and then just kind of meandered around on saturday into sunday. now it's right here just off the coast. look, a little bit of an eye trying to form here. a nice little storm bringing some rain, some cooler weather up towards parts of the northeast. just some cloudy skies at timesi as ts system moves out, the next one moves in. we've got one storm system up towards minneapolis. another back to the west. out ahead we've got a nice little surge of warm air. take a look at the numbers. 79 in chicago. 86 right now in st. louis. 82 in nashville. 80 in atlanta. that warmer air is coming our way and i do think we get the 80 degrees during the day tomorrow. mostly sunny, nice and warm. a great day out there forda tu looking pretty good there. as we make our way through the next couple of day, also looking good at the bus stop. 74 at recess. a great day. just about everybody is back to school 82 by the t you pick up the
4:20 pm
kids. look at sunrise, 6:21. 77 on wednesday. can't rule out an isolated show late tuesdaynto wednesday. most of the day dry on wednesday. thursday a high of 74. chre's the next real chance of rain. ce of showers on friday. high temperature around 72 degrees. that leads into the weekend. we'll have much morewe on the end forecast and the rest of that 10-day forecast as well. see you back here in about 20 minutes. >> thank you, doug. chopper 4 is staying on top of breaking news on the beltway inar mand right now. >> an urgent operation to clear up a dump truck crash scene before the eveningllush rea gets bad tonight. looks like crews are getting closer to getting that wrapped up. >> that dump truckt spilled dir all over the outer loop in prince george's county. no reported injuries here. we'll keep an eye on this and keep you up to date. i'm david culver in front of what they call big blue. this is a glass pull --
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. from a baby boom on today, here less than a week after hoda co -- jenna bush hager revealing this moern thrning that she and husband are expecting a child. what it is. know it's a boy. she shared the news with her two daughters in their easter baskets. bush hager is the daughter of former president and former first lady george and laura bsh. it will their first boy grandchild on both sides of their family. >> that's pretty big. parts of northern virginia ewe usi this earth day to remind you of recycling options when itgl comes to ass. >> over the past few weeks, these purple cans that you see here, they've been ruled out in several counties. including prince william, arlington, fair fak afax and alexandria. because of the soaring cost of f recycling, this is one oe few ways you can now guarantee
4:25 pm
your glass will be turned into a reusable product. >> david culver takes us to the local spot in fai ax county where the glass is pulverized. >> reporter: this is the start of the big machine called big blue. it's a pulverizer. it drops into that hopper and then it goes on to this first conveyor belt. it separates the bottles from their caps. the caps here, well, they drop off into this. win even some cans there. the magnet, so it knows where the metal is. then it continues along the process. it goes up into thi watered down portion of the pulverizer where they separate the paper, the labels that are on those bottles, and then it continues up this long ramp. follow me over here. you've got to see the end product. you get a couple of options that come out of the pulverizer. you get an option like this,
4:26 pm
sand. take a look at that. it's pretty fine too. you can think about fillingsa bags, for example, in old town alexandria when it comes to flooding or maybeo eventually t put on the roads in a salt/sand mix. that's one idea they're looking e other product that comes out, like pebbles. look at that. almost like little stones. it doesn't cut you either. it's been pulverized down. at has already been used in a project for the first time this year. pipe bedding in fairfax county. craig jeter explained that. >> these pipe projects, you can use recycled glass and it does just as great a jobess stone do >> we posted more information in our nbc washington app. if you want to lourn where y can find a purple conditionyo nr to dispose of your glass and make sure it ends up somewhere reusable. we're in fairfax county. i'm david culver, news 4.
4:27 pm
>> fascinating. >> good to see people usi their imagination in so many ways. >> sand? >> who would have thought of that? way to go, guys. a right. working for you consumer alert now. >> target is bringing back one of its most popular offers. consumer reporter susan hogan has the scoop on the car seat trade-in. plus new pushback from then president o some of the more unflattering parts of the special counsel report. and a somber salute begins.s tributext to a long-time volunteer firefighter in marynd who diederving our country in afghanistan.
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two breaking stories now at 4:30. first a dump truckngrash causi in ups on the beltway maryland. shopp chopper 4 live over the scene. as you see, it looks like the a truck iut to be towed away from the scene. still lots of debris in the road but no injuries have been reported there. we'll keep an eye on it and keep you updated. our other breaking story this hour. a local fifth grader is one of the americans kild in the devastating easter sunday terror attack in sri lanka. ke kieran shafritz de zoysa was a udent at sidwell friends.
4:31 pm
he was on leave studying in sri lanka. he was scheduled to return to the school in the fall. the principal praised the student in a letter to parents today. now to politics and life after the release of theco specl sel report. >> democrats are about to hold a conference call to decide the way forward from here. one complication. special counsel robert mueller does not appear to have drawn the same conclusions as president trump's attorney wgeneralliam barr. the question of obstruction, barr decided thame no c had been committed that was not mueller's conclusion, however. he laid out ten inciden of potential obstruction and he appeared to leave the next step up to congress. still, the president and his lawyer, rudy giuliani, are trying t flip the script on this. blayne alexander standing by at the white house to break it all down and explain it fors. blayne. >> reporter: leon, lawmakers will get a chance to press the ttorney william barr on all of that. that's because he's going to be on capitol hill next week testifying before congress.
4:32 pm
democrats are increasing their calls to h tr from special counsel himself. meanwhile, top republicans say it's time to move on. a sunny day at the annual white house easter egg roll. and president trump displaying a bright outok despite renewed talk of impeachme democrats after the release of special counsel robert mueller's redacted russia report. >> are you worried about impeacent, mr. president? >> reporter: the president tweeting only high crimes and misdemeanors can lead to impeachment. there were no crime by me so you can't impeach. and pushing bk on some of the report's findings that painted him in an unflattering light. >> are you worried that your staff is ignoring your orders as oce mueller report portrays? >> reporter: demrats divided on impeachment. some pointing to mueller's findings around the issue of obstruction of justice. >> if proven, some of this would be impeachable, yes. obstruction of justice if proven
4:33 pm
would be impreachable. >> reporter: oers more cautious. house democrats huddling on a conference call to discuss the mueller report. it comes as attorney general william barr have made a different version available with fewer democrats not going to view it. instead, holding out for the full unredacted report. republics slamming back as playing politics. >> i do encourage my colleagues the democrats who have asked for transparency, who have asked for access, to come here and do something. >> reporter: how democrats not slowing the push to investigate president trump despite a new legal challenge from the president's lawyers suing to block a subpoena fromhe house oversight committee for years of records from the president's businesses. and about that lawsuit, the president's attorney tells nbc news that they will not allowng cossional presidential harassment to go unanswered. he was echoing a frequent phrase used by president trump. mewhile today the chairman of
4:34 pm
the house oversight committee is firing back saying that theus white hoe is engaged in unprecedented stonewalling. >> so all of us who thought that the mueller report was going to settle things, here weo. our story still plays on. thanks, blayne. maryland governor larry hon hasrdered flags lowered to half staff today in honor of a flen montgomery county poli officer. he passed away on thursday more than 15 years after he was shot while auto duty. the officer was shot in the neck during a routine traffic stop back in00 the incident left him paralyzed rest ofhim to spend the his life in a wheelchair. in a letter acting police chief russell hammell described him as a trueer h funeral services haven't yet been announced. firefighters in several states are honoring the life and service of the local volunteer firefighter killed in afanistan. >> roadside bomb killed staff
4:35 pm
sergeant christopher slutman. he served with at volunteer fire department in prornince george' county and the new york fire department. >> reporter: staff sergeant christopher slutman's kcasket i here inside the funeral home as the former u.s. marine, nty york ci firefighter and volunfier fireghter's remains were brought across three states back here to the bronx. an american hero came home today. from dover air force base up the new jersey turn bike. first responders saluting along the way. >> bringing honor to one of our fallen brothers. personally it's causing me t choke u a little bit. >> reporter: across the george washington bridge and into the bronx. >> good for us to be able to give something back to someone whose dedicated his life to his
4:36 pm
community. >> he passed ladder 27 one last time. his most recent post of 15 years of fdny service. the husband and father of three girls was killed by a roadside bomb on april 8th math two other nes including robert hemuricks. a comty watching one of their own is brought into a neighborhood funeral homes >> just chi to my body. chills. >> i can't imagine th grefief ad sense of loss his family must feel and my heart bleeds for r:em. >> reporhe marines remain at the funeral home with family following, brothers and sisters remembering. >> marines never die. they just fade-away. >> reporter: staff sergeant chestopher slutman came hom today an american hero. stf sergeant slutman services begin on thursday with vistation here in the bronx a w thereill be a service on friday and it he
4:37 pm
will be brought torlington cemetery where he will be laid to rest. to celebrate earth day, news 4 is kicking off a new initiative tonight. >> it's all about our changing climate and the way this phenomenon impacts our daily lives. >> and speaking about that, just last year there were $14 billion or greater weather and climate disasters alone. one of them hurricane michael which just last week signed was actually upgraded to a category five storm. the frequency of these events were going up as well as the total comp. i'm going to have more on why coming up. plus susan hogan shares the scoop on a deep discount for parents. uiw a q
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. >>eginning today, you're going to see a lot more coverage of climate change here on news 4. >> that's rimht. cle change is leading them more intense storms. you may not know we've already had $2 billion disasters in the u.s. here. >> amelia draper is hereit to breall down. what's behind it? >> one of the reasons behind it is warmer ocean temperatures. when yave warmer water, that will helpo fuel hurricanes. you getapid intensification of hurricanes. they become stronger and they lead to more damage. we're also seeing overall a warm atmosphere and a wetter atmosphere, so there's more moisture that leads to more intense rainfall.
4:41 pm
we're seeing drought in areas. we're also seeing more intense and prolonged drought. check this out,fr guys. 1980 to 2018, the average income of billion dollar disasters a year wasbout six. then we look at just the last five years. that number almost doubles from 2014 to 2018. the average number of billion dollar or greater disasters a year coming in at about 12 1/2. 2019 it's already trending above the bomb cyclone in march and before that in february, that storm where we were talking about snow flurries out by thesi hollywood . that was the other billion dollar zadisaster so far this year. >> a lot of change thank you, amelia. storm team 4 is tracking a nice start to skies as we look live over the district right now. doug and amelia are back with ou next chance for storms. and striking a pose. check this guy out. it's a great story behind this
4:42 pm
selfie coming up here in just a
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4:44 pm
4:45 pm
if you're jusni joi us as we cross 45 after the hour, let's get you all caught up with four things to know. a fifth grade sdent from sidwell friends died in the easter sunday bombings in srila kieran shafritz de zoysa was on leave. nearly two dozen people are under arrest. they are part of a domestic terror group believed to be behind the bombings. officials admitted they were warned ten days ago about a ac possible attk by this group, but the intligence was not acted upon. res dens credit neighbors for keeping a deadly centerville apartment fire from getting worse. one man is dead and several families are without homes after the early morning fire on bent treerc ci. some who live in the billing say they were alerted to the fire by
4:46 pm
heir neighbors pounding on their doors. here's a live look at what's happening on the belt way. slow rolling out here because of this dump truck crash scene. the dump spilled dirt pretty much all over the outer loop between allentown a road route 4 in prince george's county. the tow truck, now they've got theruck set up right now, but they're still sweeping you were dirt on the road. >> parents here is your chance to tradeou in y child's car seat. >> starting today target is hosting the popular car seat trade-in event. susan hogan working you with the details on this. >> that's right. your child time for to move up in a car seat the next size, this really is therf peect time to bring in the old and get a discount on a new one. from today until may 4th, target is accepting anyse car seat that you might have, includi instant seats, convertible seats, car seat bases, and car seats that arexpired or even damaged ones as well. so in exchange, target's going
4:47 pm
to give you a 20% off coupon towards a new car seat. also a stroller or a select baby home gear too. it's really cool. your coupon will be valid in store or online since may 11th. since launching this program, targetas actually recycled half a million car seats. pretty cool. t youy experts also say t should never buy or even pass down a used car seat because you really0% can't be ure of its history includis whether i involved in a cash or if it's been recalled. purchasing a new pop is your best best. they have expiration dates on them as well. it's so important. if you uset for a year, your child uses it, also safety features get better and more improved. so this is a great way to pick up a new one. >> interesting. and they can be recycled.
4:48 pm
>> that's right. >> the next kid does not want the cheerios from the previous kid. you know what i'm talking about? >> no hand me down french fries. >> and juice stains. >> you're lucky if that's all that was. enjoyed today and we' love to get a night just like this. >> my perfect day is about 82, sunny, low humidity. tomorrow, my friends. today is a pretty nice day too. 71 degrees the current temperature with some sunshine. clouds out there too. 71. temperature dropping over the next couple of hours dow to the upper 60s by around 8:00, 9:00 tonight. aeally nice evening across our region. look at all the green we've got now. just over the past two weeks we have seen an explosion of green out there withve all the lea coming up on the trees. current temperatures in the 70s
4:49 pm
for the most part everywhe. the war spots warranted at 74. manassas at 73. right now downtown as i mentioned 71 degrees. w, no rain in our area until you get up around i-95. if you're driving up mii-95, yo t see a couple showers up towards philadelphia as a storm system is just off the coast. it's the same storm that has been sornning fhree to four days around the east. that one finally into the atlantic right now. finally for us it's bringing us that nicer weather. new york only at 58 with that storm system just off the coast. 71 h ne some reallye weather. tomorrow we get into the 80s. it was the rain tt we saw last week and the very nice weather we've seen the past couple of days with temperatures that have really spiked as far as the allergies are concerned. right now we're talking pretty much fullllergy season high on. >> absolutely. right now we're talking cat. i walked outside and picked up this pile outside of our studio.
4:50 pm
it's good that we're seeing these on the grouom. these cg off the oak trees. when they're on the trees, the breeze is blowing. they're releasing a ton of pollen. we want to see more of them coming down. here is the allergy report. trees continuing to come in high. we have molds, weeds and grasses all coming in low. derived from an old dutch word. there you go.ou there's allergy 101. also happening out there tonight, we have the meteor shower. it does peak tonight. if you want to go out and a catch a meteor or two, you can look anywhere in the sky. the moonlight tonight is going to be an issue, so if you are going to go out, it's going to be better to go out tonight versus tomorrow morning where we're right beforese dawn becau of the moonlight out there. it is possible to see about 10 to 20 meteors per hour. that liveeo met shower peaking tonight. as we take a look at the rain outlook, we have dry conditions
4:51 pm
anight. maybe spotty shower out there on wednesday, doug. it's really friday again. another friday where we're tracking more rain in the forecast, but that weather threat really not there so much, especially compared to last friday. >> there is an isolated chance we could see ae rum of thunder, but nothing like what we saw last week, last sunday, last friday. we don't need to see that again. amelia knows that for sure. she had to come isu on ay, friday. remember, i was on spring break. >> good timing. >> that's what i do. i forecast what' happening. 82 on tuesday. 74 wednessdy. thuray is still clouds but still not bad. 72 on friday. maybe a chance ofhunderstorm. that one will be a good day for rain. saturday and sunday not bad. a chance of showers on sunday, but not af washout o a day, so i'm not too worried about games right now for the kids. next week not bad. next week we get into the mid to upper coul some of the warmest weather we've seen so far this
4:52 pm
year. couple s chances ofrms in then of the 10-day forecast. >> if you're taking vacation, we should all get out of fdge. >> i i'm on vacation, something bad is about to happen. it's going to be great where i >> thank you, doug. now to an amazing picture that you just have to see. a park ranger took a selfie with not one, but two gorillas. >> this is crazy. this ranger was working at a national park i d theocratic republic of the congo when these two gorillas apparently decided to get in on the skpakz striact strike a pose. >> the two gorillas are orphans raised in the park since they were baby. >> wildlife officials say okay, the photo is amazing, but still, people, you should never approach a gorilla in the wild. that is not savor smart. >> for the sake of a selfie. >> this guy is going to live to tell the tale and he has a picture to prove it.
4:53 pm
>> how do you get all that in there? >> we can't get a selfie with each other that coo. >> what dou guys have coming sn up? >> nearly 5years ago we observed the first earth day. since then we're seen it get warmer. there have also been some policies t protect our health and environment. >> metro is our area's biggest energy user and it's now hoping to make some changes. tonight our transportation reporter adam tuss is going to take a look at what the transit agency is doing to cut its kardon footprint. >> also ahead at 5:00, a makeover. a big one, folks, for busy "k" street. >> a look at the major redesign that couldou change y commute. even if that's not a part of the city that you travel through. think about that. >> we're goingo seehat those stori stories plus sherree burruwe. e not coming to the studio. thanks for that pollen drop. >> get the pollen out of the
4:54 pm
alright boys, time for bed. listen to your mom, knuckleheads. hand em over. hand what over?ga vis, whatever you got. let's go. you can watch videos of people playing video games in the morning.
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if you are just joining us, storm team 4 is tracking a calm start to the workweek, but don't expect it to last too long. looking live outside o our studios in northwest washington, you can see there's a bit of a breeze out there. doug is back at 5:0with the warmup on the way and our next chance for some storms.
4:57 pm
decades old tradition at the white house this morning. >> the president and the first lady hosting the aual easter egg roll. this year, though, there were some twists. >> news 4 justin finch was there. >> blink and you'll miss i the easter egg rolls go by faster than you think on the's south la >> have you guys been practicing this at home? >> no, no, we haven't. >> reporter: turns out the day a main attraction isn't as easy as it looks. >> it was kind of hard. >> yeah, it was. >> reporter: me than 30,000 people are expected to mark the 141st white hou easter egg roll which this year featumes soew events. hop scotch and the take on ir musical chas with eggs. fromascots and photo apops and experience of being at the white house, it is a day for kids, but
4:58 pm
adults seem to enjoy it too. among the activities, sry time. epa secretary andrew wheeler one of several white house officials booked for the reading nook, including the president and first lady. and before theygo, a chance for children to share kindness as part of the first lady's be best campaign. >> we've got to be best pos office box here so the kids can write a note to anyone they want, put itre in the and it will mail away kind notes. >> reporter: justin finch, news 4. right now at 5:00, trajectory hits a loc fifth grader one of the victims in that series of bombings in sri lanka. >> this is senseless violeane d mindless completely. >> tonight the search for answers as we learn more about the nearly 300 people killed. only on 4, the big changes planned for one of d.c.'s busiest. streets the impact on how you'll get around and where you'll park. >> and our changing climate.
4:59 pm
>> every person is affected by climate change and so this is something that we put aocus on. >> the ground breaking plan by metro to become the na on's greenest mass transit system. first a5:00, those easter sunday bombings that rocked sri lanka are hitting home. >> a local fifth grader was among the four americans killed in the terror attacks. kieran shafritz de zoysa attended sidwell friends. >> aimee cho is live where the school is mourning this loss. >> reporter: wendy,s, ye just absolutely heartbreaking. he was on leave this schoolye . he was studying in sri lanka, but he had planned to return to d.c. this fall. he will never get that chance. a fifth grader looking forward to the future. that's how the principal at sidwell friends described kieran
5:00 pm
shafritz de zoysa. the parents sent a letter saying in part he was passionate about learning. he adored his friends, and hbl was incredi excited about returning to sidwell friends this coming school year. we are beyond sorry not to get the opportunity to welcome kieran to the middle school. the impt of the attacks felt all across the area including over in frederick. >> i think the first feeling sense of shock. >> reporter: the father grew up there. his mother was at easter vigil mass when she suffered a head injury. >> i got in tou with my mom s assh je uswats not responding t question. ju crying and crying. father s pereiraaid he had been home a few months ago helping celebrate his 150th anniversary. >> i'mot even prepared to accept the fact a simple place like that cld go to so much tension and violence. >> reporter: he says he knows


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