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tv   Today  NBC  April 25, 2019 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning. breaking >> good morning. breaking news. tornadoes cut a path of destruction overnight destroying homes and knocking out power. at least three people killed in rising floodwaters with a new threat of severe weather today. he'sin runng. >> i'm announcing my candidacy for president of th states. >>m eer vice president joe biden takes direct aim at the president. >> if g wee donald trump eight years in the white house, he will forever and fundamentally alter the nation. breaking overnight. face-to-face. kim jong-un and vlamir putin meeting for the first time.
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their historic summits after the talks collesed. we'rive with the latest. all that plus fatal fall. a fo tragic death at the grand canyon in less than a month. just ahead, the growing safety concerns for tourists. "today" exclusive. nearly a year after losing their daughter, bode and morgan miller introduce us to their baby boy easton. >> even though it's not going to fill that hole, it adds that much more love. >> and they'll share an important life o lesson water safety for all families. and feeling the draft. nashville set to host one of the most popular events. fans from coast to coast anxious to find out which college stars will be joining their am. "today," thursday, april 25th, 2019. >> annouer: from nbc news, this ish "today" wit savannah guthrie and hoda kotb live from
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studio 1a iner rockefell plaza. >> morning, everybody. welcome to "today." nice to you with us. nfl draft, it's almost asr popus the super bowl. cardinalss on who the pick first but of course our first story the wicked weather. >> it's a big story. more heavy rains in the south overnight. we'll get to dylan straight ahead but first kerry sanders, s's in augustine, texas, this morning. >> reporter: good morning. it was after 11:00 p.m. that residents say their phones went off alerting them there was a tornado on the ground. because it's dark out and the repowe, they'till assessing how widespread the damage is here in this town. they do know that some people we injured, but fortunately at least at this point, it doesn't look like anybody here was killed by the twister. overnight aev se storm system
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triggeri weather across the south. torrential rains and tornaes touching down in louisiana and parts of texas. in san augusti, emergency crews assessing the damage after a tornado slammed the area wr homes and sinesses. leroy hughes, the mayor o san augustine says a torna ripped through his neighborhood trapping hughes ande his wifn their bedroom before they were able to free themselves. all of a sudden when it hit the house, it was like -- and when it t, you could sti hear th >> reporter: were you afraid? >> i didn't have time to be afraid. leander, daniel hunkered down with his wife and two young daughters. a tree crashing down in his t yard. >> there's char. maybe it was l aightning strike. >> reporterb in neay college
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station, social media users captured this funnel cloud. the slow-moving cster of thunderstorms hovering over the dallas ft. worth area for more than 24 hours catching drivers off guard, dramatically flooding the parking garage at dallas love field. the lower level now closed as the cityes t to pump it fright. kxas reporter courtney gilmore recording her own flight into dallas. in san augustine, the authorities are trying to determine whether there have been anyes fatali right now they remain hopeful. meantime in ruston, louisiana, another tornado touched down overnight. the mayor there telling us the tornado cut through town as well as louisiana tech's campus at the university there. and sadly, at least two people have been killed. >> kerry sanders in hard-hit texas this morning. thank you. dylan is in for al this morning tracking the storms.
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dylan, what's next? >> we are going to see thesee storms movo the east. yesterday we only had three reported tornadoes. but as you see, it only tak one to cause significant damage. and the one in san augustine actually tossed debris 20,000 et in the air. that shows it was a very, very powerful tornado. right now we have severe across storm warnings mississippi back through louisiana. and this is the zone from louisiana over into the panhandle of florida where we could see wind gusts up to 60 miles per hour. it's all along this cold front that's slowly moving to the east. the mainhreat today will be alonge thlf coa. we are looking at flooding rains expected. th could cause delays at airports tomorrow. but today, most of the rain will be but lamississippi, ama where we could see 2 to 3 inches of rain and that could lead to flooding. thank you. also breaking just this
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morning, former vice president n formally entering the race. to announce his long awaited decision in a video. >> reporter: good morning. joe biden hoping the third time is the charm after failing to win the democraticio nominat in 1988 and 2008. announcinge is once again running for president. this time the 76-year-old former vice president plunging into the youngest, largest, most diverse primary in history. saying they are in the battle for the soul of the nation because of the trump presidency. >> if we give trump did the eight years in the white house, he will forever and fundamentae r of this nation. who we are. and i cannot stand by that's why i'mnnouncing my candidac for president of the . >> reporter: using f videom
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the chaottesville white supremacist march, saying trump shocked the nation saying there were fine people on both sides. >> in that moment, i knew the threatato thisn was unlike in a battle for the soul of this nation. i believe history will look back on four years of this president and all he embraces as an abhorrent moment in time. >>eporter: getting a big boost from nameer recognition aft his term in the sen e as well as sympathy for the loss of his son bo. he does have a strong base but the polal challenges are daunting. first, campaign
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a "new york times" analysis shows biden wouldo have t raise $100,0 a day from now unt ristmas to match what sanders has already banked by the start of this month. second, the age factor. although a year younger than sanders, at 76, he has little experience c paigning in the digital age. and after years on the public stage along with his many accomplishments, positions biden's held that are now controversial. voting for the iraq war, authoring the 1994 crime bill, and his treatment of anita hill when he led the committee hearings on clarence thomas. >> to this day, i regret i couldn't come up with a way to get her the kind of hearing she deserved. >> reporte more recently criticism that biden has given unwanted contact to women although not sexually. biden responded to the allegationsing he never touched anyone in ways he believed were inappropriate.
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but says he will be much more mindful of personal space. >> and i get it. i get it. we'll find out whether i can win in the primary. i'm an obama democrat and i'm proud of it. >> reporter: biden is telling his top supporters he needs to raise money fast tore show stth in the first 24 hours. starting tonight with a philadelphia fund rteser h by philadelphia's mayor, pennsylvania senat bob casey, and formerovernor ed rendell. >> it's interesting to watch that video and you can kind of glean a few things about his strategy. r because he'slly just focusing on president trump, saying this is a moment in time, a battle for the heart and soul of the naon. not talking about policy or joe biden, this is where i'm from. >> he's assuming people know who .he is he's not going after fellow democrats. he's going after donald trump. he wants to show he's the toughest, strongest, most experience trying to make his age and long experience on the
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public stage a virtue that he's the one who can go after him. it's a very dramatic and it's kind of a shock technique to start with charlottesville. we heard him there mention president obama. some political experts have surmised he's going to basically position himself as an extension of the obama idpresency. do we suspe that his former boss may jump in this thing early in and endorse him? >> not at all. they did put out a statement this morning. it's clear that president obama is going to hang ba, see who rises to the top and not endorse early. >> all right. thank you. apprec it. now to an image making worldwide headlines. rth korea's kim jong-un and russian president vladimir putin meeting for the first time overnight at the start of a closely watched summit. keir simmons joins f us nowm russia where those talks are being held. keir, good morning. >> hey, craig. good morning. whver islected president in
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2020, two of the most difficult world leaders they will face are in this city right now. president putin and kim jong-un. but it is another leader who is not here who looms overhis summit. president trump. because so much of what is happening here is actually abou messagingamerica. a hand of friendship and a diplomatic lifeline for kim jong-un. the north korean leader traveling to russia to meet president putin for the first time. and the timing is telling. kim turning to the u.s. aversely after president trump walked out of a summit with kim in vietnam. president putin walking into negotiations and reasserting himself on the world stage. kim crossing the border in his armored train, a nine-hour journey, greeted with a traditional gift of bre and salt. and giving an unprecedented interview to local tv. although it lasted only a minute. my warm greetings to all the
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russian people, he said. this morning, president putin telling him, we welcome your efforts to normalize relations with the u.s. but critics worry the russian president will soften sanctions against north korea weakening the press to denuclearize. the site of america's long-time foes, two men president trump exchanging friends, notes bringing warnings from washington. >> you know, it's really hard to tell what vladimir putin isdo trying tther tha trying to undermine the interests of the united states. i hope that he is interestedn denuclearizing the regime. >> reporter: unconfirmed reports say kim is furious over the failuremeo reach agree with president trump. claims that he has punished some of his negotiators cannot be independently verified by nbc news. thisouorni after an h and a half, kim tnking the russian president for well-spent time. telling the cameras, we had a
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very substantive conversation one-on-one. the men exchanging gifts. ceremonial swords. the messaging unmistakable. >>he symbolism, unmistakable. what message to the united states are putin and kim trying to send dur this summit? >> reporter: well, it's a good question, craig. i think for kim jong-un, the message to president trump is, you know,ou're not my only friend in the d.worl and also kim jong-un will be hoping that those u.s.-led sanctions, undermined a little t through russia because the economic ties with russia along the border are worth millions to north korea. for president putin, of course he puts himself in the middle of the world that's exactly where he likes to be. when you look deep in the mueller report, what i take from it is just howungry russia is to engage with america and be noticed by america. president putin has just said that kimun jong-as asked him to take what they talked about
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il president trump. president putinl relish being in that position. >> keir simmons in russia, thank you. back here, measles cases in the u.s. have now climbed to the highest levels in 25 years. nationwide the center for disease control and preventio reports 695 cases of measles in 22 states. the majority of those who have gotten sick were notat vaccin. measles is one of the mcot agious diseases in the world, can have dangerous health consequences especially for children. consi wiped out in c thisntry only 19 years ago. a lot more to get to this morning including the eyes of football fans firmly on nashville, tennessee. the music city hosting the nfl draft which gets unrway later tonight. and it is going to be as it has been for a now, a huge party. stephanie gosk joins us with th more on . it's hard to understate how big, how much of a spectacle this thing has become. >> yeah. and so quickly,u craig. yoow, the first nfl draft
7:15 am
was held in 1936 behind closed doors at a ritz-carlton. the players' names on a piece of paper taped to the wall. let's just say things have changed a bit since then. reporter: the nfl season kicking off toy insh nalle. music city playing host to the2 nfl draft. the one-time smoke-filled back room deal machine that has now become one of the most p ular events in the nfl. behind only the super bowl and opening weekend. >> there's so much going on. it's going to be exciting. >> rep and at the most high profile job fair in the u.s., these candidates are trying to put their best foot forward. with life-changing paydays on the line, many have been cleaning up their social media profiles ahead of the big draft night to avoid any lurking controversies. former ohio state defensive lineman nick bosa expecd to be a top pick. >> pressure again. bosa's got it. >> reporter: his decision to delete tweets
7:16 am
reportedly expressing support for president trump and criticism of colin kaepernick. and former oklahoma quarterback kyler murray who one day after winning theeisman apologized for oldch tweets in w he usedlu homophobic srs when he was just a teenager. murray who walked away from a multimillion dollar major league baseball contract to pursue his nfl dreams now looking to the future i a new nike ad. >> as a kid i did it all. but iny hear i'm a football player. his game to the next level. >> i want to be the best that ever played the game. >> reporter: otheres generating buzz? quinne williams from alabama. and ohio state quarterck dwayne haskins. but the big question, who will hear their name first? >> every year, mel, we see this. we see guy on draft day shoot up the board. weee a g board. >> this is an event that has become as much about the fans as the players.
7:17 am
100,000 areis likely to v nashville. the tickets to freend hde outy a theot ate dret system. you can already put your namen the hat for las vegas next year. so don't get caught flat footed on that. >> i won't. i'd like to go to vegas anyway, so that's great. >> the arizona cardinals, they got the number one pick. a l of people wondering if they're going to keep that pick or whether they trade it. >> they can trade it. it's going to be interesting. my poor, new england patriots obviously after having won the super bowl are in >> they don't need the draft anymore. >> you're not going to get a ton of sympathy. >> they'll be just fine. thank you, stephanie. let's go to dylan. she's got the rest of the. forecast another pats fan. >> tou a pats fan, isn't it? >> really tough. >> we've got a lot of rain expected down around the gulf coast. that's the area we'll focus on today because nds, hail, and isolated tornadoes will be there. some of that extends across the ohio river valley. but behind this system, we do see things clear up pretty nicely. the wes half of the country
7:18 am
looking good. lots ofsunshine, very warm. the southwest will be approaching record high temperatures. in the southeast, highs should be close to 90. that's a look at the weather across the country. we'll get to your forecast in turns out i was just sensitive to a protein commonly found in milk. now, with a2 milk®... ...i can finally enjoy cereal founagain.ilk. it's totay natural. and having only the a2 protein makes all the difference. cereal, smoothies..., everything! my first latte in 12 years. milk®, real milk that easi. love milk again. good morning, everybody. it's a cloudy start to the day today. there ar areas of rain across the area from our city camera. noticehe curtain of rain that extends from about there to there. we're looking up to the north and east. storm team 4 radar ackoing that chance for rain across the area. these are the showers that the
7:19 am
camera was looking at there. so hit and miss train drops n half of the area. grab the umbrella. temperatures in the 50s to near 60. low 70s this afternoon. >> and that's your latest forecast. >> all right. >> looking springy there. thanks. coming up, new safety concerns at the grand canyon after a fourth tourist dies at theational treasure. fourth in less than a month. we're going to have the latest in a live report. >> then a "today" exclusive. natalie talks with bode and morgan miller as they move forward after an unthinkable loss. but first, this is "today" on nbc.first, this is "today" on nbc.
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just ahead, the surprising second wave of the flu hitting all ross the country. also the daughter of an olympic legend. we'll talk to mca kelly and her proud mom mary lou retton her proud mom mary lou retton after your
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come taste what a salad should be. and with panera cateriro, there's more to und. panera. food as it should be. 7:26 is your time now on this thursday, april 25th, 2019. good morning, everyone. i'm eun yang. >> and i'm aaron gilchrist. today a judge will decide whether a urd. coast gua lieutenant accused of plotting terrorism will stay in jail pending trial. in new court filings, christopher hsan of silver spring had a hit list that included two supreme court justice. d.c. fireay officials s a man is dead after an overnight fire in southeast. we'r told detecters were not working. now let's check on your commut melissa mollet. >> good morning. right now traffic alert here in
7:27 am
rockville. eastboun veirs mill road. they are just now getting by to the left. but this car just mangled after the crash there. we are seeing some pretty good delays. beltway looking typical this morni all right, thank you. tonight workout without the work. and people are seeing results. >> find out how much it will cost you to try it t. that's tonightn ows4 at 5:00. l take
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skies are mostly cloudy. there are pockets across the region as well. a few showers here in prince william county. more hit and miss chances across the shenandoah and blue ridge as well. grab the umbrella. not an all-day rainout. bu 40% chance of off and on showers most of the day. now, it will be a mild one. temperatures up into the low and
7:29 am
mid-70s tomorrow. higher chance for rain and afternoon thunderstorms on friday. >> thank you, chuck. another local news update in 25 minutes. >> for now back to the "today" show a
7:30 am
william on tv 6. >> in 2018 she became the new permanent conchor of the "today" show. sylvia? >> who is kotb. >> kotb, hoda.s. ye >> hoda, you're famous! love on "jeopardy" last night. >> and nailed theio pronunciat >> i love that. she did. >> not going to hold it against james holzhauer for notgi rin in fast enough. in case you wondereds "jeopardy" genius did it again. won again last night. made it 15 in a row. total. about .1 million so far. >> creeping up on the record there. and start this half hour with a check of today's headlines and breaking this morning, former vice president
7:31 am
joe biden formally joined the crowded democratic race. he announced on twitter saying he are in the battle for the >> but if we give donald trump eight years in the white house, he will forever and ndamentally alter the character this nation. who we are. anta i cannot snds by and watch that happen. >> the campaign video uses images from the charlottesville white supremacist march in 2017. biden says trump shocked the conscience of the nation when he said there were very fine people on be 76-year-old life-long politician bect runner. facebook could hit $5 billion for the fine. it would be the largest fine the federal trade commission has ever handedout. all for failing to protect
7:32 am
likes, shares, and data. mark zuckerberg started a conference called focusing on the need. >> in our lives we all have public spaces. in our digital lives we also need both politic and private spaces. >> trust was los among many when the data of 87illion users was improperly shared with political consulting firm cambridge analytica. the ftc is also weighing whether to hold zuckerberg personally responsible. > it was an unforgettable day on the water for a couple of commercial fishermen in the florida keys. take a look. >> oh, my god. oh, my god. >> a great white shark grabbing a free snack from a chuck bag hanging off the back of the boat. that shark is estimated to be about 16 feet long. anglers say the great white circled the boat for about three
7:33 am
hours before it finally dug in. and when it done, swam away. >> just showed up for dinner. also t for the fourth time in less than a month's time, a tourist has died at the grand canyon. a woman who fell over the edge of the national park's south rim. joe fryer is there at the canyon for us. joe, g >> reporter: craig, good morning. the grand canyon is actually located right behd mehere. it can be easy to get close to one of the nation's most popula spectacular views here can sometimes mask the dangers which have become a reality over the past few. the grand canyon's dramatic views lure in more than million people each year. but in some cases, those visitors are tempted to get a closer look sometimes with deadly consequees. the latest fatality came along a popular lookout called pipe creek vista. that's where park officials say -year-old cynt
7:34 am
veered off the trail to a ledge and had trouble getting back. >> she is on the end of a point. if loses her grip, she's probably going to be multi-hundred-foot fall. >> reporter: a technical rescue team was called, but ackley fell before they arrived. >> okay, copy. she just fot >> we're n sure what she was do prior to the fall. bu o she wasn the point by herself. >> rep just three weeks ago a 67-year-old man fell to his death along the canyon's south rim plungingearly 400 feet. >> i've seen people crawl literally to the very edge and lay down and hol their phone. i think that's just the selfie era. people are doing that everywhere. >> r last month, two other tourists lost eir lives in the grand canyon area but outside the national park's boundaries. at least one fell while trying to tak a picture near the same skywalk. stepping no rule to off the path and exploring the park as you want to, but we want people to be aware of their surroundingsnd move carefully. >> reporter: officials say
7:35 am
around a dozen people die in the park eacfye. most o the zets are fromca medil causes often related to lling deaths are rare. this week details were released t a similar tragedy in yosemite. rangers once again urging caution s areas where one slip can be deadly. >> so in addition to the caution, joe, do they have a special message for tourists who might be heading to the grand canyon? >> repor well, bottom line, they say dramatic photos simply aren't worth the risk. it may sound like common sense, but rather going anywhere near the edge of the, ca they say use the zoom on your camera instead. >> all right. joe fryer there for us at grand canyon. let's get a check of e weather now. dylan in for. al >> want to hear something wild?
7:36 am
>> always. >> this has been one of the fourth warmest aprils on record. >> i't doesn feel that way. >> i was shocked too. but yes. we are seeing the fourth warmest in new york. second warmest in philly. and even the fifth warmest in boston. i'm just as confused as you but the stats are in. and today we are going to see highs above average. raleigh should get up to 87 degrees. that's 12 degrees above average. out west, that's where we're really sting the hea for now. we are expecting a high of 82 degrees in medford, oregon., sacramento89. palm springs, 101. that's 13 degrees above normal. in the middle of the country and the northern plains,ha ts where ten the cold side. minneapolis, high of 41 on saturday. detr a high of 51 on sunday. it stays mild in atlanta. also down south. kansas city will cool off to 66 for a high on sunday. that's a look at the weatherhe across t country. now here's a peek out your
7:37 am
window. >> may want to grab that umbrella before you leave this morning. no heavy rain expected. it would not be a washout start to finish. but you can see rain marching from west to east across the news4 nation this morning. it will be a mild day in spite of the clouds. temperatures in themid-50s to around 60 now. climbing into 70. and 100% chance you'll need the umbrella tomorrow. >> a that's your latest forecast. d> all right. we got a goo one coming up. just ahead, a gymnastics dynasty. we'll talk to mary lou retton and her daughter who just stole the show at a major competition. >> bring your kid to work day. also dynamic duo. jenna, jay leno joining forces this morning far surprise. and we're not out t of woods just yet. what a driving a second flu wave making this the longest flu season in a decade.
7:38 am
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under care by focusing our mind on whatever's on yours. and w and welcome back. hard to believe it has been nearly one year since olympic skier bode miller and his wife morgan faced an unimaginable tragedy. >> they lost their daughter emmy in a drowning accident. and now they've welcomed a new baby boy. natalie morales got to meet little eastoye erday. i know they have a really important message. >> reporter: they sure do. little easton miller iss adorable as you would expect. yes, he has a very big name, but the millers say it suits hi t nowy are on a big mission to educate other families about the importance of water safety training for kids. something they'rg
7:43 am
6-month-old easton after their loss. for bode miller and his wife morgan, it's a moment both heartwarming a urgent. their precious 6-month-old son easton getting his first water safety lessons. >> i think if you talk to any parent whose lost a child to drowning, the research you start to do where i saw 6-month-old babies and 1-year-o and 16-month-olds and 19-month-olds swimming, that could have been emmy. emmy.should have been and it was that easy to comtot ne session of what we're doing now. it would have changed everything. f last june year, the millers lost their angeli 19-month-old daughter emmy after she fell into a neighbor's pool and drowned.nn sava spoke to them just weeks after the accident when they were expecting baby easton. >> and there's not a day that
7:44 am
goes by that i don't pray for the opportunity to go back to that day and make it different. but now we have this opportunity to make other parents' days different. >> r drowning is the leading cause of unintentional death of children 1 to 4 years old. now the millers are using their tragedy to educate others about pool barriers and drowning prevention. this is a i trainant swimming resource instructor. >> the difference between life and death is about 3 inches. face down to face up. we need them to know that getting tois back and resting and breathing ishere he needs to be to save himself. >> reptiter: inily it may be jarring, but it' not traumatic for babies. the lessons are every day, ten minutes for about ant >> as parents, one of the things we know, it's our job to prepare or children for the situation and not the situation for the child. and this is one of those things
7:45 am
where water is the dangerous situation they can encounter. it is 100% avoidable. >> reporter: it's a danger they want pediatricians to bring up with parents too. >> being a parent is inherently scary. you're wor yed about, know, your food or your screen time or whatever. but the number one thing is, you know, they can take your child where none of that is relevant. drowning. as r what are you hoping pediatricians k? >> i'm hoping the pediatrician says do you have a plan and are you doing the right stuff? e> reporter: is it okay if he swallows a littl bit of water? >> he holds his breath pretty well. >> reporter: easton was born just one montheforemmy would have turned 2. homuch peace has he brought to you both? >> so much. i mean, having a new baby and even though it's not going to fill that hole, it adds that
7:46 am
much more level. it's a way to heal. >> reporter: emmy's presence is everywhere. it's been a learning process for all of us, i think. but yeah, she's definitely still around. >> repor i know holidays, especially,ou know, she had an easter basket. >> yeah. >> reporter: and the boys were showing me all the goodies. the easter bunny was gd to her. >> she is still very much a part of thi. family >> reporter: and while their family will never be truly whole, they have found new joy and new purpose. >> i love that we hav the opportunity to change and show parents h i known then what i know now, this is what i would do. any let mistake be yours, learn from it. >> reporter: well, the american recommendspediatrics children start water safety
7:47 am
lessons at 1 year. but the millers, of course, felt it more urgent with we have information on how to find a trained infant swimming resource instructor in your area on our website >> every time i see them and i know you feel the same, like, you're just blown awayy b their courage. it's so raw. i mean, this just happened. it hasn't even been a whole year. but they'veucone so m for people. i think they really have raised awareness about water safety. ed least i know they did for me. they change for sure. >> reporter: absolutely. and everyone, i think, that has heard their story and every time they speak out, parents all out tothe country reach them saying thank you for making me aware. that has helped them heal somewhat, but also having a new baby is also helping them heal. but they do feel like they really have a purpose. s cessary safety training and s 6 months old.ed starting
7:48 am
>> thanks, nat. still ahead here on a thursday morning, why those spring allergy symptoms, the runny nose, the sneezing, they co dreaded flu. first, though, t [music playing]
7:49 am
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7:56 is your time now on thisthursday, april 25th, 2019.n good mog, everyone. i'm eun yang. d.c. fire officials say a man is dead after an overnight apartment fire on oakwood street in southeast. we're told the apartment unit had smoke detecters but they were not working. now let's check on your commute with melissa mollet and your first 4 traffic. >> good morning. inner loop ramp to braddock road, it's a little bit difficult. the right side, a crash and response. a lot of delays because of that new problem. re of the beltway looking very normal ts morning. 66 is fine. 95 north of the dale city rest rea, right side blocked by a crash. still so delays there. >> thank you. we'll take a break now and check your for.
7:57 am
7:58 am
good morning. it is a cloudy start to your day
7:59 am
today. might be able to sliver or o of no heavy rain tay, but interm light showers in areas. ra amoun 0.1 inch or less. temperaturewise, it will be mild. 50s to around 60 degrees around the area now. afternoon highs will be in the low 70s even with all the clouds around. if you get away without the umbrella today, keep it handy. you'll need it tomorrow but dry weather for the weekend. >> thank you. 25 minutes.local news up for now back to the "today"how after this short break. have a great
8:00 am
it's 8:00 it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, wicked weather. overnight multiple tornadoes touching down in texas and louisiana. hills.ave what we have on and happened that quick. >> the storm expected to cause major travel delays. plus, l like mothere daughter. we sit down with mary lou retton and her daughter who just stole he show at the college championships. wh it's like for the tlympic lege watch her own daughter soar. and saying good-bye. the tv showal riverd airs luke perry's final scene just months after his death. how theittersweet episode is a reminder of who he was on and off camera today, thursday,
8:01 am
april >> happy 16th birthday, josh! >> it's the life long dream to be on the "today" >> hi, grandma! ♪ >> here from youngstown, ohio! sell king my 13th birthday. >> we're in front of the "today" cafe in orlando. >> i brought mom and grampy to new york for their birthdays. good morning, everyone. welcomere back to "today" on a . so nice to have you with us whether you're home or in the plaza. we've got this thing called #my today plaza. >> tell me more about it. >> you recordid v of yourself, you use the hashtag and it's over to us. we put you on tv.
8:02 am
>> our virtual plaza. be a part of it. by the way, coming up tomorrow on "today," aio reun of sorts 20 years in the making. carson catching up with pink they two decades after first met. they're going to talk music, family, more as well. >> looking fhaward to t conversation. going to be a good one. lots to get to. let's start with the news at. many across the deep south are on alert for violent thunderstorms. it's the same system that tore through texas with tornadoes. kerry sanders has the latest. >> reporter: good morning. first light is now giving authorities here an opportunity to assess how bad the damage is. you n see some of it over my shoulder. we've been able to launch the drone to take a look overhead here. this is a community ofbout 2100 people. the mayor says that so far it appears from the early assessments while there have been some injuries and there is
8:03 am
serious damage, especially even appears wn house, it that there have been no deaths hooer. power is out. people are out in their cars. traffic is backingup. it's going to take awhile to do a full assessment here. shortlyroun after local time when residents say that their cell phones alerted them there was a tornado on the ground. some people scramblingn their homes to get into safe spots, to make sure they could survive this. the mayor leroy hughes' wife was in her bed. she got out as he was scrambling and a two by four came down, hit her in the shoulder. she's at the hospital. yes, there have been some injurime. time, in louisiana, in doston near louisiana tech university, a tor touched down there. two people reported killed from that twister. savannah? >> tough day there. tough day ahead. kerry, thank. former vice president joe biden made it official today. he is running for president. the 76-year-old announced his
8:04 am
bid on video saying there is a battle for the soul of this nation. >> if we give donald trump eight years inhohe white e, he will forever and fundamentally alter theharacter o this nation. who we ar and i cannot stand by and watch that happen. >> biden'she leap into t race makes 20 democrats officially seeking the party's 2020 nomination. n is expected to kick off his campaign on monday at a rally in pittsburgh. springtime usually marks the end of the flu season, but an unavpected second viral we is now spreading across the countri this the longest flu season in ten years. which brings us to nbc news medical correspondent dr. john torres with what we need to know. usually we go from flu season into aller season. but now you're seeing more flu? >> we are. it's confusing people. u symptoms.hey have allergy this started around thanksgiving which is normal for the flu season. it usually starts winding down about february. but what happenedn february, a
8:05 am
second strain h 1 nns was thefi t strain. and now it lot longer. 21 weeks. >> what are the symptoms here that people need to be aware of? how do they make sure it's not allergies? >> or the cold or something likt th the symptoms start off the same. fevers, body aches, feeling not sniffles., a lot of but with the flu, it comes on suddenly, the body aches are intense, and people describe it as i just couldn't get out of bed. i feel horrible. that's the flu. >> okay. so if you haven't vaccine, should you get it now? is it too late? >> what we found out over the last few years, we're thinking of the flu as a anlmost yearly infection. it's lting the whole year. we've had some summer flu as well. main thing, especially if you're in a high activity area, there are 11 areas that have swied spread flu. cdc is recommending you g the shot. >> and does the shothi cover other strain? this worse strain we're talking about? >> it started off coveringhe
8:06 am
h1n1 and h3n2.ou if get the flu, the message is geto get medication. if you've had the flu shot and had it early, we listened to you back in november, does it still work now? >> it still works as well as it could work at all. again, that flu has mutated a little bit. so stst not as strong against i. >> thank you. the world health organization is now with new guidelines on one of the most anxiety producing issues in modern family life. how much screen time should young children be allowed to have watching shows or playing video games? well, the answer aording to the organization is never for children who are 1 year old and rarely for those under 2. kids between 2 and 4 should spend no more than one hour a day in front of a screen according to th or. bottom line, experts say kids need to sit less and play more. >> all right. hoda's off, but the boost goes on.
8:07 am
here's aood one. a tro disney world inas florida w better than imagined for one 2-year-old girl durg her trip to the park especially when she saw one of her heroes. >> donald? oh, my god. is it donald? >> yeah. hi, donald! >> you see donald? >> hi! hi! >> that's how i was when sting was on the show yesterday. >> you were, actually. >> the light, the joy in the face. that's mia. she'sadorable. she saw donald duck across the room. day made. hard to top that. but she did also have mickey shaped chicken nuggets wch was good. zbli i was at that same restaurt a year ago and my son had theio same rea to some of the seve dwarves. coming up, an oly iicn and the daughter following in
8:08 am
her foot steps. we can't wait to chat with mary lou retton and her girl mckenna. >> plus jenna and jay are still driving around town. what are you doing? >> i'm looking for a hot dog. >> i tell him, we have to get to work. >> no, no. we'll get there. >> we have to get there because prwe have a huge sure coming up live. >> but you just have to get a hot dog when you'ren new york. every tv show, they have hot dogs. and i don't see anybody out here. >> he wants a hot >>dog. jenna, get him a hot dog and get right here. we're expecting you with a big surprise. surprise. that a more coming up after com [zara larsson - "wow"] ♪ ♪ make you're jaw drop drop say oh my drop drop drop ♪ ♪ make u say oh my god my drop drop ♪ ♪ make you're jaw drop make u say oh my god ♪ i heard there guwere fleas out here.r? and t-t-t-t-t-icks! and mosquitoooooooooooes! listen up, scaredy cats. we all have k9 advantix ii to protect us.
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-i don't know. some kid comes over. we pay him to do it. -but it's not all bad. someone evhowed us how we can save money by bundling home and auto with progressive. progressive can'frprotect you becoming your parents. but we can protect your home and auto. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ this morning on "today's" this morning on today's talker, like mother, like daughter. >> gymnast mckenna kelley, she put on an show a major competition over the weekend.
8:12 am
look at that. she sticks the landing. and there's her overjoyed mom. you might know her. gold medal winner mary lou retton watching from the stands. first, their story. >> reporter: as mckenna kelley took the floor at the ncaa women's gymnastics championshipo saturday, the roared to life. the louisiana state university senior effortlessly nai d the last routine of the night. scoring a 9.95, just short of a perfect 10. but enough to propel her team to a second place victory. a familiar face cheered lou r than trest. her mother, lendary gold medal gymnast my lou retton. mckenna's nearly flawless routine echoing her mother's show stopping performance four decades ago. the worldas introduce to america's sweetheart at the 1984 summer olympics. >> and she's there! very nice. >> reporter: standing just under 5', mary lou tumbled her way
8:13 am
into history. >> she hases done the b vault of her life. >> reporter: and became the first u.s. woman to take home gold in the individual all around event. she was also the most decorated athlete of the summer games. >>hi >> reporter: mckenna didn't start pursuing elite gymnastics until she was 17, the same age her mother retired. but their shared love of the sport and each other. she wrote last night, surreal moment sharing it with the pioneer herself. >> i'm already crying. >> i >> we have mary lou and mckenna with us this morning. hi, ladies. >> hi. >> you must have been so proud. i was telling mary lou she has no poker face. >> in the stands screaming her hrt out. >> i promise her every year. i'm going to sit like every other normal and i j can't do it. i'm sohe proud of r. >> well, that was not just any routine, mckenna. i mean, it was - this was a moment. it's the end of the competition.
8:14 am
everybody's done. a lot of gymnastics meets, there's a lot going on. everybody's looking at you. >> yeah. >> did you feel the pressure? >> no. my team is something special to me. i knew this wasy final routine of this season and giving it to them and using the energy from the crowd is what we needed. >> growing up asoou went int gymnastics, how much pressure did you feel then? knowing that, you know, your mom had done fairlyell at this point. >> right. i don't think i understood the enormity of what she did and the ground breaking gymnastics that she did at the time. to me she's just mom. i think people expect this elabate answer of sheade me run at 6:00 a.m. in the morning, the walk of champions. >> no junk food. > she's just mom to me. that's all sheis. >> i don't think i ever put pressure oi mean, i put my four in a sport i love. it's woven into y fabric of my being. three stu with it. one was a cheerleader. her path was different from mine
8:15 am
and i'm so proud of hieveryt. and my last thought to you was remember this, baby girl, this is your last floor routine. i know! and the whole place -- it was just such a moment. >> it was picture been a ten. >> now, see? always the competitor. but it was cute to watch you guys when we did that side by side. because you're like, oh, your landing was better. mary lou, you thought mckenna's was better. >> i did. >> do you ever give her w.inters? >> very fe this one was -- is my spunky one. i remember trying to correct her when she was a little bitty kid in the front yard. cart wheel. you know what a cart wheel is. she was practicing a roundoff. that's when you bring your feet together. and i was saying that's so good. but why don't you get your feet togethersh quicker. looked at me and goes, what do you know. right? not knowing that mommy knew a little bit about gymnastics., >> mckenna kwha next?
8:16 am
you majored in psychology. because you were injured last year, you do havenother year of eligibility. >> that is correct. >> you could get back out there. >> yeah. so i haven't offlly announced this, but i have deded to gra m class. i will not be taking that fifth year. >> thank god. >> so that really was your final flr routine. it.t was it. peace.el so at i don't think another year of gymnastics could give me anything i needed more. lsu, the coaches, the village as that e to call it, just team is something special. >> it was special. >> you literally left it all on the floor. >> literally. >> she literally did. >> go tigers. >> wha are you going to do now when you graduate? >> i want to be a speaker and writer just like my mom. >> she's so good. >> thank you. >> you really are. it's a gift. >> on a serious note, mary lou, you said gymnastics is running
8:17 am
through your veins. i have to ask you, it's beenha time for this sport. it must break your heart. >> it does. because it's a beautiful sport filled with beautopul pe. and the spotlight's going to a monster. and it's a problem. i don't have the solution. in fact, i ce got al with the new president li today. shet jus wants to pick my brain. >> it feels like they are cleaning house and they need to. >> yes. they absolutely need to start at the ground level and build back up. a culture of acceptance. a culture of safety. these girls have to feel safe. >> accountability. >> accountability. all of those things. >> what would you say to mothers yourself w might be watching or listening who have a mckenna who's in in going into gymnastics but have been scared off over the news lately. >> if you go with aepable
8:18 am
gym, you're going to be okay. there are laws bylaws in place now that are helping that. don't you think? you never experienced any of this. i never experienced is. thank goodness. we're blessed and grateful. momma bear would come out if that were to happen. it's terrible.>> f course. so now i'm curious. du basically sai you're retiring from gyhaastics. >> t is correct. >> but what happens at home? do you ever just for fun do some routines, mary lou? when was the last time you did a flip or ything? it's been awhile. >> i used to beg her to do a flip into the pool. >> i'm beat up. i am! i really am. >> i think you still got a lot of bounce. >> so good to see you. congratulations. thank you so much. >> way to go. >> lsu, mckenna, everybody, it's been a great run. >> we loved telling this story. thank you so much. we'll send it over to dylan now with a check of the weather. >> good morning. a we are keeping eye on the storms down through louisiana into mississippi. even some severe thunderstorm
8:19 am
watches, tornado watches in effect. even severe thunderstorm warnings in soi.e storms could cause the cloud to ground lightning which is what we're seeing. also large hail, damaging winds. isolated tornadoes could spin up in this area here. so that is certainly something to keep an eye out for today. travel impacts will be right through the middle o the country. new ors through nashville. stomorrow the delay move into the east coast. the severity of the storms won't be as strong, but we are still looking for pockets of heaviere rain and som isolated stronger storms. so that could create delays at airports e major across the northeast and mid-atlantic. now here's a peek out your window. >> morning, everybody. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. cloudy skies overhead this morning and pockets of light rain moving across therea as well. grab that umbrella. temperatures are in the 50s to around 60. 64 now in washington. 62 in fredricksburg. still 54 in front royal.
8:20 am
highs in the 70s. an occasional rain shower likely. maybe some thunderstoraf tomorrow rnoon. dry weather most of the weekend. only a tiny rain chance late sunday. >> and if you're heading out to check usn out o our sirius xmne chanl 108. >> thank you so much. time now for pop start. you still remembe how to do it? >> put me in, coach! it's like riding a bike, right?y in march after suffering a stroke. at the time he was in the middle of sg their cw show "riverdale." last ght's episode marked his last appearance in the series. his scenes involved his character comforting andti supp his son. a representation of the kind of person perry was on and off set. many fans sharing their sentiments about that final episode online. one writing, i was such a fan of you and you were so lovely to all of us. you are missed. another fan writing, take a bow, my friend. you are respected. you were loved.
8:21 am
the cw has not yet revealed how they chara exiting the show. oo bradleyr today sitting down with ellen degeneres andg talkinabout what it wase lik shooting "a star is born." many were at festivals across the world. normally in front of a crowd would be terrifying for. anyone but he was nervous about the crowd's reaction for a differene ason. that you just did it -- one take? >> two takes. we had four minutes. i sang maybe it's time twice. >> and the a ience lovedit. >> well, they couldn't hear it because we never played anything through the pa system. >> what? >> yeah, no.ou because wen't release the music before t came out. >> what were theyoing the whole time? >> that's why you were worried they were going to throw a bottle at you. the only time they could hear us was at stagecoach because right. >> so for four minutes they're watching you and lady gaga-
8:22 am
>> no, no. it was just me. it's even worse. j it wast me. >> oh, man. >> cooper went on to say if ladw gaga there, the crowd would have reacted. ellen also askedf he consideredoing a tour with gaga because the music has done well. he quickly said no. but he said he would do live reading the script as well as sing some of the songs. a few weeksgo a kelly clarkson performed "ugly andau betiful" on our show. today we get an exclusive first look at the music video for the ng and it does feature a special someone. ♪ could someone just hold me ♪ don't fix me ♪ don't try to change a thing ♪ can someone just know me ♪ because underneath i'm broken and it'sul beautif ♪ ♪ i'm broken and it's beautiful ♪ ♪ i'm broken and it's
8:23 am
beautiful ♪ >> just saw her on the set of "the voice" yesterday. that's clarkson's 4-year-old .ughter river rose she's clearly the star of that video. if you want to watch the full music video, you can check it out on it was kelly clarkson'sy birthda yesterday. so happy birthday. >> carson, there's a special daly click. >> yes. because today i take our daughters and sons to work day. in honor of that, there it is. the jackson daly click. jack, take it away. >> thisar 3-ld -- this 3-month-old baby hated tummy time. so her parents found a perfect way to their solution. they put her on the top of their robotacuum and let her roam around the house. she seemed to enjoy the ride and e en cleaned the floors at same time it seems like a win/win. >> the ad-lib at the end! >> look at the omro. >> i think you've got the family
8:24 am
talent. >> thanks. >> carson, you're in trouble. >> look at that jacket. show them your arms, buddy. >> it's like tom hanks in "big." and he's out. >> how old are you? >> he's 10. going on 20. >> come back. >> why aren't you in school, by the way? >> spring break. >> love it. thank you, jack daly and carson daly. just ahead, looks like their ride.jaor >> missed a spot! >> also, a performance from a rising new music star. there she is. maggie rogers. she alreadyul has at following. she'll sing for us in just a bit. but firs
8:25 am
8:26 am
good morning, everybody. 8:26 now on this thursday,pril 25th. let's start with a look at the road with melissa. mollet >> good morning. this is looking a little better. rinner loopamp to braddock road. we still have delays through that section. you can see on the map here. top of the beltway, outer loop approaching georgia. dale city, 95 near the rest area, right side bed by an accident there. as we zoom in, this is another mclean right now. gwparkway at left l blocked. that is some roads work. we'll get a check on ystr forecahen we ♪
8:27 am
♪ ♪ free range eggs forfree r. nellie's free range eggs (chicken clucks)
8:28 am
good morning, everybody. cloudy skies. a little bit of light rain heving across t area now. this is going to be the case for much of the day. f and on periods of light rain. temperatures in the 50s to 60s right now. high today 74. a 100% chance of much steadier rain tomorrow with afternoon thundershowers around. dry weather most of the weekend. then up and down on temperatures last week. 68 monday but 78 tuesday.
8:29 am
then back to near 80 by thursday. all right, chuck. thank you. of course you can get the latest news and weather any tim in the nbc washington app. back with another update in 25
8:30 am
we are back. we are back at 8:30 now on a thursday morning, april 25th, 2019. with the potential future of "today." savannah daughter and my son. can you say good morning? >> morning. >> here on our take our daughters and sons to work day. >> great job, guys! >> did you want to say mething? >> no. >> i waved. >> you did a good jodo you want to say good morning, everybody? >> no! >> okay. >> do you want to say good morning, everybody? >> good morning. >> want to tell them your name? >> my name is zelano. >> how old are you? >> 5. >> how old are u,yo vail? >> 4. >> i love everything about this
8:31 am
outfit. >> she's ready to work. >> we would make nine. >> , we're goi to count on national television. >> he just did math. very good. >> all right. so can i have my seat back or do you want to stay? >> seat back. >> okay. >> do you want to sit with me. >> yes. >> okay. actually, i'm out, she says. bye-bye darling. this is n.fu it's where take your daughters and sons to work day. come sit with me, honey. we saw jack daly do such a great job with pop start. there they are. we're running ld. >> carson's outside with more kids from our aff. >> guys, here we are. i'd love to see this segment zrichb by the kids. i don't know the kids, but can tell whose kids they are because they look like their parents here at the "today" show. let me slide over here. we've got a big crowd on th
8:32 am
pla marissa, how are you? >> i'm great. >> nd it's yourbirthday. >> and maggie rogers' birthday. >> performing here in a arsecon. you a big fan? >> huge fan. >> it's her birthday too. how about a birthday gift for you. here's maggie rogers. >> happy birthday. >> hey. we're tauruses! >> why don't you come in and watch the performance. we'll get you in there. happy birthday to you both. we're looking forward to the performance in a bit. that's vnice. kids, you having fun? ol yeah! >> better than sc we've got a lot to get to. we can't wait to explain why jenna and jay leno have been driving aimlessly around the . we'll see what they're up to in a bit. then on the third hour, laurie metcalf cumming stopping by. now over to dylan for a check of the weather.
8:33 am
>> announcer: want to celebrate earth week? hey ,siri can i recycle myne ipho >> and thank you, carson. spring as sprung here at rockefeller center with new beautiful pieces of artopping up as well. here to tell us more is curator brett lipman. i've seen these sculptures popping up across the area wondering what's going on. you picked 20 piec art that display here. how did you decide what to choose? >> i'm working with an international art fair. i'm choosing artists who are working with the fair it started in london. this is the first year it's in new york. when one starts to think about stchoosing ar you have to think about where they're from, who they are, the scale of the work. it's been an inedible projec rockefeller center filled with art. it's a wonderful place to work. >> i can't ima ne what it was like to shut dnun fifth a to put this up two nights ago.
8:34 am
and you built it here. what is this piece of art? >> this is a work by a spanish artist. he shows many international sculptures. th is calledehind the walls. i think it's about personality responsibili in a complicated world we live in. do we put hands over our eyes or see what the world looks >>like? his is fascinating. you can see them in and outside the building. >> that's right. ey're all over rockefeller plaza. >> one more thing to see and d here. let's look at the weather going on across the country. as we go into the next couple of ayys. on frid we'll see heavy rain up and down the east coa could the airports. keep that in mind if you're traveling tomo ow. saturday, that rain clears out. though it's very gusty across the northeast. and more rain and wet snow try to move into parts of the upper midwest. and on tsunday,t will move east. showers return to the east coast. it's kind of unsettled and a
8:35 am
little cooler tha normal. that's a look at the weather across the country. now here's a peek out your window. >> it is a cloudy start today. it will be a mostly clou day. showing the progress of eastbound rain drops here. nothing all that ilavy. but u w need the umbrella from time to time. it will be a warm enough afternoon. between the rain drops we should get up to about ee74 degr rain is expected tomorrow. some afternoon thundershowers as well. dry weather over the weekend. but both saturday and sunday will be rather breezy. >> and that's your latest forecast. >> thank you. we're just about to tell you what jenna and jay have been cooking u all morning long. but first this is "today" on
8:36 am
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a> we and we are back with a special guest here on the plaza. u.s. d navy veteranid miller along with his wife and daughter. it's givingtus an oppty to shine a light on and pay tribute to those who serve our country. >> that's right. it was during his zploi on the uss nimitz when david's life changed. >> i just knew i wanted to serve in the navy with ally m heart. that's what i wanted to do. >> reporter: david miller enlisted in the united states navy in 2007 two weeks after graduating from high school. >> throughout most of my years, i was an aviation ordinanceman working on the hornets, super hornets, and e-18 growlers. >> reps first stationed on the uss kitty hawk and th uss washington. >> what i loved most was the
8:39 am
adventure and the travel. >> r he fell in love with the job but he didn't expect what cae one. a year later we got married. >> reporter: they married in 2011 and a year later their daughter rachel w born. >> she's fun loving, very outgoing. just the sweetest littlerl gi. >> reporter: but miller was away months at a time on deployment. in 2017 he was stationed on the uss nimitz in the middle east. >> it's supposed to be a 17-month deployment. but sadly it ended up in disaster. >> reporter: mler developed fever and then his health took a turn for the worst. >> i just had a seizure, went unconscious and collapsed. next thing you know i was in the e.r. of the ship. >> reporte miller was fighting for his life. doctors on the ship medevaced him to a hospil in bahrain. >> i was scared so bad because i
8:40 am
couldn't walk. i thought i was paralyzed. i justthght, man, how am i wife and upport my child now. >> reporter: hwas diagnosed with a rare condition that affects movement and speech. >> my motor skills as far as walking, doing physical labor is very limited, and my speech is there is no cure for miller's condition, but he says his love for his family and country keep him positive. >> at least i gave'sll m iy c a. i just tried my best. >> ander petty officavid miller is here along with his wife and their adorable daughter. good morni to all of you. david, i mean, hearing this story and everything you've been through, how are youdoing? >> i'm doing better with my family and the support of the woundednd warriors a va.
8:41 am
>> you have some really good friends and people pulling for you. and one of them is jay leno who is out there. he's been driving around all morning with jenna bush hager. and i tlink they're pulng up here soon. where are you guys? >> here we are. >> we're coming. >> we're coming. >> beeng tryin to find a hot dog. >> but here we are. >> they're coming right up to our plaza. there' and jenna bush. they're going to pull up here because i think they have g to tell you. jenna,hat's going on? >> okay. we have a big surprise for you, david. we're comin out asast as we can. >> i don't know if you can hear her. she says she's got a surprre foyou. good morning, jay. >> hi, guys. hi, everybody. how are you? >> hi jay. hi jenna. you know misa anddavid. >> nice to meet you. david, nice to meet you. >> hi, sir. >> how are you? >> good.
8:42 am
er you really wanted to say v thank you to david in a special way. >> i did. i did. >> tell us. rican know, you're an a hero. we wanted to present you with this. this is a van, a company called braunability and takes vans and makes them accessible. you can drive it, you can putwh ever accessories you need in. but the cool thing -- well, there's two things. the bad news is it's a usedcar. >> okay. >> the good news is it was owned by a navy hero. and that hero was president george bush. this is his personal vanhat they used in the last years of his life to get around. >> oh george bush sr.? oh, i love that man. >> well, there you go. >> great hero that died. >> he was a navy hero and we wanted to give this to tyou. >>nk you. >> we also have this which may
8:43 am
maybe your beautiful daughterd coul hold this for your dad. it was a letter my dad wrote for you. this was my grandpa's car. and actually i rode in it many times with him. so many goodmo mees. but part of the letter says 41 would be proud to know that a fellow sailor will take his seat in the van. and i know he would join me in hianking you for your contributions t t country. so i hope you and yoy have as man happy memories in this van as my family did.ha >> may i s yes, sir. thank you for y service. great man. was a one of the greatest presidents of all time. >> thank you. what do you think? pretty cool? >> cool. >> thank you so much. >> don't hide behind there, misa. we wt to see your beautiful face as well. we know you're a lovely family. you have a lot of love and
8:44 am
support. we hope this helps. it, we'd 're up for like to take you for a ride. maybe a little later show the irepid and give you a tour of the ship. and sh how the van works. >> and maybe grab a hot dog as well. you know how hard you've got to be kidding. >> welcome to america. >> thank you so much. a really special moment. thank you. we will send it inside now. carson's over there. >> very touching. >>if you missed this young lady at coachella, don't worry. maggie rogers is with us here. theye all going to perform live. that's coming up but first this is "to everyone's got to listen to mom.
8:45 am
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8:47 am
presented to you by citi. >> just a few short years ago, this young lady maggie rogers was a student making mus by nyu. she gained fame in large part due to pharrell who visited one of her classes and her music left him speechless. e then gmaggie'se on to release a number one album. she's about to headline a summer tour. things are busy. she's making her tv debut with us on her birthday to have her latest single off the album. i just rattled off what's been going . what does it feel like? >> well i think especially because it is my birthday, i turn 25 today. >> happy rthday. >> thank you. i'm very muchhinking about sort of, like, the last year and all this crazy stuff. i don't know. i s lookingt the and i'm happy and touring and getting to make music. >> music is a huger part of y
8:48 am
life. if you watch this video and i urge you to do it. ph was a coach on "the voice" during your master class. he was telling us about you. it's been fun to watch you ever onsince. you' de music your whole life. you took a brief te away from music and now here it is. >> i've been pretty much touring since i graduated from college. and it's great i have a degree in something that i actually use every day. yeah. touring all over. i'm playing at these sort of venues i ner could have imagined. we've got two nights sold out at radio city. just played at coachella. i'm having fun. >> well, happy birthday. what are youg going to sin for us? >> "light on ri here we go. maggie rogers, ladies and gentlemen. ♪ would you believe me now if i told you i got caught up in a wave ♪ ♪ almost gave it away
8:49 am
♪ would you hear me out if i to you i was trified for days ♪ ♪ thought i was going to break ♪ oh i couldn't stop it tried to slow it all down ♪ ♪ crying in the bedroom had to figure it out ♪ ♪ wit m everyone arounde saying you must be so happy now♪ ♪ oh if you keep reaching out k ♪hen i keep coming b ♪ but if you're gone for good ♪ then i'm okay with that ♪ if you leave the light on ♪ then i'll leave the light on ♪ oh i am finding out ♪ there's just no other way ♪ and i'm still dancing at the end the day ♪ ♪ if you leave the light on
8:50 am
♪ then i'll leave the light on ♪ and do you believe me now that i alway had the best intentions babe ♪ ♪ always wanted t stay ♪ can you feel me now that i'm in oh so many ways ♪ ♪ and i'll never change ♪ oh i couldn't stop it tried to figure it ou but everything kovd the noise got too loud ♪ swith everyone around me saying you should be happy now ♪ ♪ oh butou if y keep reaching out ♪ but if you're gone for good ♪ ♪ the with that ♪ if you leave the light on
8:51 am
♪ then i'll leave the o light ♪ oh i am finding out ♪ there's no other way ♪ and i'm still dancing at end ofhe the t day ♪ ♪ if you leave the light on ♪ then i'll leave the light on ♪ i'll leave the light on c you leave the light on ♪ ♪ if you keep reaching out ♪ then i'll keep coming back ♪ but if you're gone for good ♪ then i'm okay with that ♪ if you leave the light on ♪ then i'lleave the light on
8:52 am
♪ i oh am finding out ♪ there's just no other way and i'm still dancing at the the end of the day ♪ ♪ if you leave the light on ♪ then i'll leave the light on ♪ oh >> yeah! give it up! that's the birthday girl maggie rogers. la ge >> that's amazing. thank you. . cheers. >> cheers. >> and to yourband. lovely music. maggie rogers. she's going to be back in the fourth hour. the music is out w. be sure to check her out on tour this summer. maggie, happy birthday. thank you for bei here. >> thank you so much. s> we're back in a moment, but first this i "today" on nbc.
8:53 am
8:54 am
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we are in such we're in such good company this morning. we celebrating tak our ughters and sons to work day. these are some of the kids ope ople who work here, our staffho members w make this show possible. we're so happy to have them here. great job. >> i brought my comedian to work today. >> he's my fatherlike figure. >> bring your comedian to work day. that's right. ajay, thank you for you do. >> thanks, guys. thanks, everybody. >> we have great stories at also much more ahead o of "tod" in a few moments here including urie metcalf and alan cumming. also of "today," got more music. >> we've got some more music. >> can you all say together but first your local news. good luck with that. >> but
8:56 am
8:56 is yur time nn this thursday april 25th, 2019. good morning to yo i'm eun yang. start with a check of the roads with melsamollet. >> here on 270. looking okayl slowdown there. inr, outer loop of the beltway
8:57 am
looking normal. and still have this delay at gw parkway at fort marcy. that's road work. >> we'll take a break now. check your forecast when we come [vacuum] ♪ introducing fresh step clean paws, with low tracking litter. your vacuum becomes a cat toy. let's make litter less of a mess. let's start fresh.
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morng, everybody. cloudy skies pretty much all day today. make a peek or two of possible. but a scattering of rain showers as well. it'll be a mildooafte temperatures near 74 for a high today. 73 tomorrow. 100% chance of rain on your friday. that does inc thunderstorms friday afternoon. but severe weather is not expected. all right, chuck. thank you. get the latest news and weather any time in the nbc washington
9:00 am
live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza, this is the third hour of "today." and a good thursday morni to you. welcome to this third hour of "today." craig here alongsidedy lan. sheinelle is on assignment. and jake soboroff stuck around. and look who else joined the table this morning. andrea mitchell. >> a treat for me. love your set. >> you match it perfectly! spring colors. >> andrea mitchell is here. you know, big political news to s. overnight, of course, former vice president joe biden decided jump into the already crowded pool of presidential candidate and made the announcement in a video that started by referencing


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