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tv   Early Today  NBC  April 26, 2019 3:30am-4:01am EDT

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online but i'm reading it saavyg those are myite moments in the movie. i say pace yourself and drink the water we're obviously hopeful there are no more injuries, no more fatalities. we can't say that for certain until search and rescue is compte. >> deadl storms pounding parts of the south during heavy weather week are now headed east. our bill karins is tracking i all. in a fresh interview, president trump delivers stinging comments on new rival joe biden as the formeres vice prent becomes the 20th democrat to declare. breaking overnight, eight-time nba champion and leading celtics scorer john havlicek has die at the age of 79. amazing k back at his career. surprising results from popular crash tests. are you s actuallyer in the front seat than the back? with the first pick in the
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2019 nfl draft, the arizona cardinals select kyler murray >> the first round of the 2019 nfl draft is in the books. we'll have the highlights. plus wve got your first listen of new music dropping overnight from legendary bce springsteen and also superstar taylor swift as we kick off your friday. "early today" starts right now. d morning. i'm marlie hall. >> and i'm phillip mena. 20 million people are at risk for severe weather as tornadoes and flash floods sweep the south. so farfi at least people have been killed, caught up in flash flooding and targeted by tornadoes. the deadly storms are carving a path of destructn, leveling homes and scattering debris, and now it isea turning . jay gray is in the storm zone with the latest. >> reporter: wind and water, the weapons of choice for mother nature during a violent attack. >> i thought it was the end of the world. that's literally what i thought it was, the end of the world.
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o>> reporter: a string thunderstorms flooding parts of texas and louisiana, spawning tornadoes, ripping apart communities and claiming at least five lives. >> it was it was -- i couldn't believe it was really happteing. >> reporr: homes and businesses peeled open, debris miles.ed for from the air, you can see the pa of a twister that cut through ruston, louisiana, and this cell phone video captures a tornado near college station, texas. all across the strike zone, power lines and roadway signs seared at their base, sheet metal wrapped around trees. c >> inot believe it. it was just one second and all this happened. >> reporter: other areas swallowed by unrelenting rains as the cleanup and recovery now begins, the sto system continues its march toward the northeast. jay gray, nbc news. bill karins is here tracking those serious storms. how far east will they reach. >> all the w e to theastern
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seaboard, then be gone byay satu the storm is currently over kentucky and areas o ohio. no severe weather right now. it will be later on this afternoon is when we're concerned, especially if we get ea.ting in this we're talking eastern north carolina from raleigh all the way through greenville, washington. nthen fromfolk to richmond. if we get any isolated tornadoes, it will be from the d.c. area to ,richmondhrough salisbury, maryland. here's how it will impact travel. airports, especially charlotte to raleigh durham airport, then in the northeast, with those thunderstorms, significant delays are possible and maybe some cancellations. y>> bill, thank so much. after initially praising the mueller report, president trump is now working to discredit the special counsel's findings. the white house has vowed to stonewall any democratic investigations, and now in a new interview, mr. trump took aim at robert mueller himself. >> it was leekike one-sided wit
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hunt as i called it, and, you know, bob mueller -- i turned him down to run the fbi. the next day he was appointed to be the head of thi -- this special counsel. >> meanwhile, deputyne attorney gel rod rosenstein is hitting back against his critics over the doj's handling of the russia investigation. and he'st pinning par of the blame on the obama administration. >> some critical decisions about that russia investigation were made before i got there. the previous administration chose not to publicize the full story about russian comter hackers and social media trolls and how they relate to russia's brder strategy to undermine america. there's a story about firefighters who arrive at the scene of a fir f and theyd a man on a burning bed. and when they ask him how the fire started, he says, i don't known it was o fire when i lay down on it. i know the feeling. >> rosenstein will leave the justice department next month. it's official. joe biden is jumping into the
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2020 race. the former vice president announced his candidacy with a video which took direct aim at president trump. henters the fold as the front-runner, leading a field of 20 democratic idates. but that doesn't mean it's going toe easy for biden. nbc's blayne alexander has more. >> reporter: joe biden is officially he. >> y, guys. how are >>you? reporter: the former vice president already a front-runner in a crowdedemocratic field, launching his long-anticipated campaign with a kickoff video focused not on policy, but the current president. >> if we give donald trump eight years in the white house, he will forever and fundamentally alter theharacter of this nation, who we are, and i cannot stand by and watch that happen. >> reporter: casting himsel as democrats' best chance to beat president trump. the president tweeting a greeting of his own. welcome to the race, sleepy joe. >> he's concerned.
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the president rponded to that immediately. and that should tell youyt everng that's ahead. >> reporter: the chair of the rnc already pouncing along with the president's former adviser. >> no chance that he could take on donald trump one-on-one. he doesn't have the stamina. he doesn't have thesmarts. >> reporter: biden served as delaware senator for nearly four decades, and as number two to the irnation's f black president. but in a field of increasingly diverse candidates, biden is a contrast and was recently saddled with accusations from women who say his contact with them, while not sexual, made themeel uncomfortable. at age 76, if elected, biden would be the oldest president to ever take office. >> america is coming back like we used to be, ethical, straight, telling the truth. >> reporter: now launching his third bid for the white house. blayne alexander, nbc news, washington. a toxic gas leak in the suburbs of chicago sent 3he people to thospital, leaving seven in critical condition.
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this after a form of pure ammonia leaked from a container creating a chemical cloud over parts of beach park. nbc's ron allen has the latest. >> reporr: a dangerousloud of gas filled the sky after a tractor carrying a potentially deadly chemical leaked. >> the smell was very, very strong. >> it kind of looked like a really dense fog. >> reporter: first responders arrived to people unconscious on the street. some emergency crews initially overcome by the fumes. residents ordered to shelter in place because the chemical, anhydrous ammonia, can be fatal at high concentrations, the reason c first responderscked more than 100 homes. >> we want to be sure if somebody was sleeping with the windows open last night, that they're safe because this is a speak. gas so to >> reporter: more than three dozen people,ncluding1 firefighters were hospitalized. several in critical but stable condition. >> tme s just hit me like, oh, what is that? >> reporter: the chemical is used as fertilizer. exposure causes eye, nose, and throat irritation, difficulty
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breathing, burns, and blisters. the emergency order lifted, still no word on what caused the leak. ron allen, nbc news. now to the scandal rocking the city of baltimore. fbi agents raiding the home and offices of mayor catherine pugh. nbc's pete williams has thes detailn why the feds made their move. >> reporter: agents from the fbi and the irs searched the home of mayor catherine pugh of baltimore and her office in city hall where she hasn't been for more than three weeks. >> thank you, everybody. >> reporter: their involvement is more bad ns for the mayor, already under state investigation over the hundreds of thousands of dollars she earned selling her series of children's books to a heal plan that does business with the city and thef university o maryland medical system she once helped oversee. just before vanishing from office, she apologized. >> i am deeply sorry for any lack of confidence or disappointment this initiative may have caused. >> reporter: searches were the first sign that fed al authorities are now
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investigating, suggesting they're looking at more than just the booal de baltimore's entire city council has urged mayor pugh, who is a democrat, to quit, and maryland's republican governor tweeted, for the good of the city, mayor pugh must resign. her lawyers say she's, quote, entitled to the presumption of innocence. pete williams, nbcnews, washington. coming out to the traditional chorus of boos, nfl commissioner roger goodell ushered in a new era of football on thursday. >> the arizona cardinals select kyler murray, quarterback, flahoma. >> some footballs were kind of surprised by this because kyler murray is not even 6 feet tall. he is a heisman winning quarterback, though. for years it was pretty much assud that alluarterbacks were going to be over 6 feet tall. >> is not, but still he's number one. you've worked so hard to get to this moment. there's a lot more work to be done. >> the top of the draft, though, belonged to those who do the sef the top ten picks were nckling. defensive players, anchored by
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ohio state a nickbo , who went second to the niners. >> just a storied franchise. they know how to win, and i think they're on the right track. so i'm excited to be a part of it. >> this year's draft curveball was duke quarterback daniel umnes, who wentr six to the new york giants. many experts hought new york was going to take drawayne hasku of ohio state instead, but that did not happen. he did go in the top ten. look at the look ma his face, die hard fans were not happy about that pick. patrick mahomes, the reigning nfl mvp, will nowrace the cover of this year's madden game. bill is back. >>re once we g r-- here's the t severe weather later on today. this is at 5:00. the line of storms will be in eastern pennsylvania, crossing over the chesapeake. by the time we get to:0 10:00, 11 the severe weather threat is over. by tomorrow morning, everyone
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has just about cleared out. that's a look at the big weather story of the da here's a closer look at your day ahead. there's that thunderstorm through the mid-atlantic region. more or l rs an event for areas of the ohio valley this morning, kentucky, into western pennsylvania. also through west virginia. we alsoave thunderstorms this morning that are sweeping through north florida. weekend forecast coming up, yes, it does includehat four-letter word of snow. >> uh-oh. thanks, bill. >> it's almost may. the wait is finally over. the boss is back. ♪ hello sunshine >> this new cut is titled "hello sunshine." the first single off bruce springsteen's new album, western stars, due out june 14th. this is his first record since 2012. in a tweet he called i aeturn to my solo recordings and a jewel box of a record. just ahead on this friday, we will remember a boston celtics legend. a look back at john havlicek's
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incredible life and career next here on "early today."
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a bittersweet day in boston. as celtics fansn remember a all time great. john havlicek has died at the age of 79. during his 16 seasons with the celts, no moment defined him more than the infamous steal against the sixers in the 1965 eastern conference final. >> havlicek stole t ball! >> they would go on to win that championship along with eight others. throughout his carupr, hondo put more than 26,000 points, and he is still the franchise's leadin scorer. john hondo havlicek dead at the age of 79. leading the news, at least one person is dead and several others injured after a fiery crash in denver. police say there may be more rash that after the involved approximately 15
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vehicles including 12 cars and three semi trucks. it happened on interstate 70 thursday afternoon. police say one of the trucks involved slammed into slower traffic, causing the pileup. the accident shut down the highway in both directions. one of the trucks lost its oad ofwood, which was scattered all over the highway. at some point police say a vehicle ignited and flames spread to several other cars. authorities say one firefighter suffered minor injuries when he was hit by debris that may have been from a tire that exploded. the highway remains closed. there is an eye opening new look at how stressed out americans really are. with so many people expressing more worry and anger that at any other time in the last decade. nbc's miguel almaguer has the story. >> reporter: from the moment we wake up, stress builds. traffic, phone calls, emails, economy, and politics. it tns out americans are now igexperiencing the hhest levels of stress, anger, and worry in a
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decade. tr what could possibly go wrong? it alreadyses me out even though it hasn't happened yet. n reporter: you probably don't need theew gallup poll to tell you americans ang a the most stressed people in the world. 55% of americans say though experience stress a lot of day. 45% feing a lotf worry whilelt 22 lot of anger. the rat race having a real impact on your health. >> if your body is at a continued heightened awareness, it's going to start taking a toll on your body, particularly your heart health, your digestive health, your mental health. >> it's not just rent, relationships and our jobs raising our anxiety. commuters here in los angeles spend up t 16 workdays a year traffic, enough to make your blood boil. but there is reason to smile. despite our angst, americans generally report more positive experiences than the rest of the world. so don't stress. it's not all bad news. miguel almaguer, nbc news.
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up next, the men in black are back. and a star is reborn. why we might not hear or might no -- >> are you stressed out? that might be it. there's a "shallow" reunion coming up. that's what i'm saying. >> just come on back. new lower price. wow. that's a lot of asparagus. yeah, you said get a bunch of asparagus. oh, you... a bunch. i... thought you kinda...
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and dismissed just as quickly. >> time to prove yourself a nt m. >> it's time to get those suits
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ready. en in black international is hitting theaters this june, and for the first time with some new agents. chris hemsworth and tessa thompson are taking over for will sth and tommy lee jones, and their legendary roles as secret agents working to protect the earth from intergalactic enemies. but this time they're going to have an even bigger threat to tackle, something we all remember from yrs ago. it's back. >> i like the old men in black, though. >> everything's redone these days, so we got to give that a shot too. >> with fresh faces. who's ready for more a star is aborn? recent appearance on the ellen degeneres show, bradley cooper dismissed the idea that he and lady gaga will take the oscar winning sho on the road for a tour anytime soon. but he did el it the talk show host he is down for a one-night reunion, saying, i thought it would be a cool thing to do. maybe one night would be like reading a live scrip and singing all the songs, and it would be like the hollywood bowl or something like that. well, it's possible, right?
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>> well, he busted it out for the awards show and said he wasn't going to do it again. he had that live show in vegas. says he's not comfortable doing it, but he keeps showing up. some park rangers in congo, central africa, have taken their camaraderie with orphaned gollas and turned into this viral moment. the ranger in thehe photo says t gorillas, of course they like tm ate people. so he noticed those two in the back mimicking him. he took a selfie like anyone does, right? the ranger and the national park areoping this viral video -- the viral picture is going to help them bring in donations for their conservation effort. it's a cool video. it's a cool picture just to see. >> yeah. that's so funny. >> you know they're looking right at the camera. >> yeah. still ahead, justrs hou after its release, taylor swift's "me" is already racking up millions of hits. we'll have it for you next. ♪ mpers cruisers 360 fit.
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>>elcome back. apologies already, wisconsin. spring snow,it even a le bit in southern minnesota. mostly talking southern portions of wisconsin. a lot of it will be on the grass.y hopefullot too much will stick on the roads. cool temperatures in the northeast on the heels of our big rainstorm. then on sunday that mess is over the northeast. >> then it's our turn. bill, thank you so much. when weome back, new crash tests reveal which seat in the car is safer. what do you think t the front or back?
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cooler temperatur, heavy rain, and strong wind friday is here, and it is coming er with a roar. good morning, evne, i'm eun
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yang. >> i'm aaron gilchrest. just about 4:00 a.m. we are in weather alert mode. let's get right to the forecast and the commute. melissa mollet is standing by, but we begin with storm team 4 meteorologist esuck bell. >> an active weather day coming our way. we've been tracking a chance for thunderstorms all week long i've had 100% chance of rain and storms in the forecast for a couple of days now, and it has come to pass. shower e outsidely this morning. nothing major to get your day going. there is more activell weather we to the south and west. we've is evenhu seen tnderstorms across parts -- we've even see thunderstorms across parts of the charlottesville area. we could have pre-lunchtime rumbles. as the area of low pressure gets here in the afternoon, you add daytime haating, and t will raise our chances of severe weather to the slight range which is essentially step two outf ve. marginal is one, slight, enhanced, moderate, and likely above that. so a slight r


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