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tv   Today  NBC  April 26, 2019 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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severetorm threat. tens of millions the a risk up and down the east coast today. tornados possible in the mid-atlantic. heavy rain across the knees and tho the begins picking up the pieces. ready to rumble.ft urs aer joe biden enters the 2020 race, president trump takes aim. >> he is not the brightest light bulb in the group. >> how theid former vice present is hitting back just ahead. drastic measure. a quarantine ordered for hundreds of people op two college campuses as measles makes a disturbing comeback. the highest level in nearly 30 plars. , fiery crash.
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was a truck driver seen speeding around traffic the cause of this deadly chain reaction pileup? suspense and surprises. >> the arizona cardinals select kyler murray. >> the nfl draft kicks off with a massive party in nashville. and "endgame." the final chapter of the hit "avengers" franchise opens to big crowds andrdox office today friday, april 26, 2019. >> announcer: from nbc news this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. good morning. friday morning. nice to have you with us. friday sounds good, doesn't it? > fri-yay. although people have to spend ti. inside >> these are t april showers we hear about. the weather tops the news.
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drenching rain up and down e ea coast this moing. in the w of the deadly and destructive tor that tore through the south.t fiabe gutierrez is in hard-hit ruston, louisiana, forn us this mog. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. louisiana's gover has declared a state of emergency here. er least two people w killed here in ruston. a mother and son. and the asef-3 tornado w packing winds of36 miles an hour carrying the entire roof off this coffee shop. this morning the cleanup is underway after violent storms sliced through the south. che dangerous system whi is still on the move spawning destructive tor in texas and louisiana. >> we're still assessing de in mule parishes. >> reporter: ruston confirmed there was a powerful ef-3 tornado that spun through the town. >> it's some of the worst devastation we've seen. >> reporte pow lines and
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trees snapped like trees. kendra butler and her son were killed when a tree fell onto hoeir . and louisiana tech -- >> we actually have a lot of damage, a lot of debris across the campus. >> reporter: but despite the damage, t students ar safe. a lot of our residential with ties are damaged windows and glass blown out. athleticsfacilities. >> reporter: jalen ferguson spent draft dayel hping his a lot of people lost their property. got stuff done to their homes. they'll never get back. you know, i'm just doing what i n. >> rep the twister also tore the roof off this tel. guestsp on the second floor were able near austin, a group of good samaritans using their muscle to flip over a d in san augustine, the mayor
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knows how lucky hee and his wif is. >> the tree was in the house. it was raining pretty good. the wa >> reporter: across the south, at least five people killed. at least eight tornadoes most of them along a path of destruction that stretched f.ti >> really scary stuff. gabe, thank you very much. >> andnd again, that severe weathers on the move this morningas blanketing much of th east c looking at? >> we're going to see a rainy day up and down the east coast. also extending to the great lakes. we hav pockets of heavier rain this morning. then more rain and even severe thunderstos filling in later this afternoon. this area ross southern new jersey, pennsylvania, maryland, delaware, virginia, and north carolina. this is the zone we'll watch
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this afternen. for mor storms to fire up. damaging winds up to around 60 miles per and also some spin in the atmosphere could help to spin up a couple of tornadoes. so that is something we certainly have too keep an eye late thi we are expecting significant delays a the airport just b fli will dodgingdo those heavier downpou and thunderstorms. charlotte, raleigh expecting delays tod waph baltimore, philadelphia, boston, pittsburgh because of all of those heavier downpours. for flooding, because these ofnpours could produce a lot raindu in the short period of time, we could see some isolated flash flooding or at least some ponding on the roads if y are driving today keep that in mind. most of the higher rainfall totals will be up across new engld where we could see up to 3 inches of rain. >> all right, dylan. thank you. there is new reaction from both sides this morning to joe biden's entry into the 2020 presidential race. president trp weighing in in a new interview overnight. and the former vice president
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hit the fund raisingtrail. andrea mitchell joined us with the o latest on all of it. >> reporter: good morning. joe biden overnight telng supporters in philadelphia he really believes his campaign is a battle for the soul of ameres ber sanders and elizabeth warren go after him and the president taunts biden as not up to the competition. with his 2020 presidential bid underway, biden is sharpening his campaign message. >> america is coming back as we used to be. ethical, straight, telling the truth, suprting allies. >> reporter: b marking his first day on the trail in his home state of>> delaware. >> putting gether, think, a websit good staff and capability hey, man. how youou doing? >> reporter: greating supporters at a pizza plor in wilmington. later raising money in philadelphia. n. former vice president kicked off his campaign with a video aimed squarely at donald trump blasting the president's
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respon to the deadly white supremacist rally in 2017 >> if we give donald trump eight years in the white house, he will forever and fundamentally alter the character of ts nation. are.we and i cannot stand by and watch that happen. >> reporter: overnight president trump mocking biden on fox news. >> i've known joe over the yehes. he'sot the brightest light bulb in the group. he is a pretty sleepy guy. he's not goingdo to be able t the job. >> reporter: biden is brushing it off. >> everybody knows donald trum presidt trying to capitalize on his front runner status as the candidat. he's joining an ey field. >> rep while biden is running on his partnership with back obam the former president is not endorsi r anyoneht now. >>r i asked president obama no to endorse and he doesn't want to. whoever wins this nomination should win it on their own
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merit. ov is also full of controversies. he called hill to express regret, but she now tells "the new yo" the conversation le her feeling deeply unsatisfiedil saying ibe satisfied when i know there is real change and real accountabi and real purpose. a potential criticism does vulnerabilit scars from the posthe is the most battle ready democrat to take on the president. >> andrea mitchell inwa ington, t you. now to>> new fears over the measles. hundreds of students at two california univeities are under quarantine this morning as officials try to contain the latest outbreak. here's nbc news national correspondt miguel almaguer. >> reporter: in an effort to stop a measles outbreak from spreading,ic healsh officia ordered the immediate quarantine of 325 people at two high-profile universities in california. e move sending shock waves
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through the cal state los angeles and ucla campuses. >> we're stillalking around like exposed and it's just wrong. it's just disgusting. >> reporter: at cal state, 200 employees and staff were exposed at a school evlibrary. yone ordered to stay home. here at ucla, another contagious student attended classes. initially 127 students and factory were quarantined in one of the buildings on campus. officials won't say where and that number is dropping. the health department confirms if those being held can provide proof of immunity, they're free to go. the u.s. is currently in the midst of the largest measles outbreakce since the disease was declared eliminated nearly two decades ago. so far thisye , 695 cases have been reported across 22 states.
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the virus known to be highly the chance that you willet measles in the room with es is dydy who has mea somewhere like 90%. >> reporter: if you'reif wonderg ou and your children are safe, the cdc says try to find your immunizatn records. if you don't have documented vaccination records, immediately get vaccinated. they sayarhere's also no hm in getting another dose if you've already had it. >> all right. that was nbc's miguel almaguer reportg there. we're told the quarantine at ucla is expected to last somewhere bet 24 and 48 hours. >> it'o shocking t talking about measles in this day and age. we move now to a frightening crash near denver thatlaimed the lives of several people, caused aas inferno. this morning we're seeing video it.he speeding truck be
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>> good morning, ys. overnight investigato combing the crash site for victims as well as clues. a dozen cars and three semis were involved in this orcident. >> r overnight, investigats o the scene of a terrible crash and fire on a busy denver highway. >> somebody hit me on the right side of the truck. i look over and hear the big explosio >> r the accident happened during thursday's rush hour. a number of people have been killed. bu they' not able to confirm how many victims died because some of the cars involved were so badly damaged. >> oh, my epd! >> rorter: this shocking video capturing the moments right before the crash. appears to show a tractor-trr barrelling down the shoulder of the road >> jesus christ! we almost [ bleep ] died! >> reporter:ee authorities say traffic was backed up because of an earlier ask involving a
7:12 am
school bus and a truck. >> the semiwas eastbound. and eed up colliding with the stopped cars that were stopped because of the accident up ahead of it. trucks ter: one of the involved in the crash was carrying lumber adding fuel to the fire that ignited. the flames quickly engulfing more than a dozen cars and three trucks. thick, blackle smoke visib for miles. >> the smoke was so bad they were getting out of their cars nnand u ruing. >> reporter: at least six people were hospitalized including the driver of the speeding seem m g. >> there's six vehicles scorched. everythi here o scorched from the flames from theruck. i don'e goi to open this back up again. it's going to be a long time. >> reporte authorities say the bridge where the accident ha was badly damaged. not of the intense but from the
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heat from the flames. and police say the driver of the truck may have caused this crash and is now in the hospital. the extent of his injuries is not clear, but authorities will want to talk to him as soon as possible to figure out what happened. investigation is so impo thank you. much more to get to thng friday mor including the nfl draft. after the opening night in music city filled withpr surises and yler murray selected first overall by cardinals. stephae gosk is here with more. caug some of it last night. quite the party. >> it was a fun night. not necessarily a surprising ght. there e no tackles or touchdowns, but the nfl draft has become a super bowl-level ugent. surrounded by hur crowds and entertained by top music acts. last night college football's biggest stars found out where they wl in the pros. with his family by his side, a dominant college superstar getting the call of a litime.
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>> with the first pick in the 2019 nfl draft, the arinacardal. quarterback, oklahoma. >> reporter: heisman trophy winner kyler mray achieving his dream by becoming t nfl's newest number one pick. >> all the hard work, everyone corner, who's y pushed me here. rounding out the top pick, two elite defenders. ths snagging nick bosa whoseno older brother joey is already an nfl star. while the jets grabbed university of alabama all-american quinnen williams. >> espn presents the 1980 national football league draft. >> reporter: when theas draft w first broadcast in 1980, it was far from the tv spectacle we saw last night. advertisers now line up to buy primetime network space during round one. because it'sht not just die-har fans watching. last year 45 million viewers
7:15 am
tuned in over three days. and that number was up 20% from the year before. while the event has exploded in popularity, the dra hasn't changed that much. m last year gets the first pick. the super bowl champs get the last pick. a chance to level the playing field for next season. but t selection process is more art than science. there could b future stars buried among the unknowns. like in 2000 chose a good but not amazing player from michigan named tom brady. in the sixth round. brady tweeting thursday, remember, there's more th just going in the first round. or the second. or t uir yo get it. the draft is also a windfall for cities. reps from oth cities are havings meeting with the league inil nashville to get in line.
7:16 am
places like cleveland, detroit, green bay, and houston just to name a few.y >> m wife's down there for the draft. they have so many events surrounding eit. it's just nex level. >> that opening shot last night of all of those people in the streets waiting in the rain in nashville to watch that was incredible. what'd you think of murray's jit? >> i wasust goingnk to say i don't kn sport b i know fashion. and murray looked great in pink. apparently that's an homage mo gatsby." >> i d that >> also fun fact, first quarterback taken in the first ror 6 foot. thank you, steph. >> you're we'some. letet the rest of the forecast. d you put that tom brady reference in the story? >> i knew steph was going to don it ay. there was no doubt about that. we do have some heavier rain up and down the east coast. that'sbe goingo be the bigtory today. most of your weather delays will be in and around the northeast. it's also going to get windy behind this system for the
7:17 am
southeast today.he so we do have some wind advisories in effect for that area. the middlet of the ocountry, s texas. best areas today from e we arewe looking atte cooler 60s. north in the 50s strong storms also trying to move into the rockies. californiaia lots of sun. that's a look at the weather across the country. we'll get to your local forecast in the nex. pardon the interruption but this is big! now at t-mobile buy any samsung galaxy s10 and get a galaxy s10e free! good morning. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist
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auck bell. off to mild start this morning. te mostly in the 50s to around 60 degrees. high tod 73 but a 100% chance of rain and a likelihd of strong, potentially severe thunderstorm between about noon and 6:00 p.m. lots of active weather to our west. that's coming during t crse of the afternoon. not any heavy rain just yet. future weather shows that severe weatr chance in the city arnd 3:00. >> and that's your latest forecast. thank you. just ah on a friday mornorg, the rec already being smas "the avengers" as the final chapter of the franchise hss theater overnight. plus natalie talks with elizabeth smarts about her work to help fellow abduction survivors including jayme closs. but first this is "today" o
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coming up, some huge music stars. carson sits down with his friend pink for a sweet and at times
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en to life's little momts. ♪ time spent together calls for america's family favorite. ♪ lipton®. live alive. 7:26 is t youre now on this friday, april 26th, 2019. good morng, everyone. i'm eun yang. >> and i'm aaron gilchrist. it is a weather alert day. >> let's get to a chuck bell for look at the forecast. good morning you. >> good morning, everyone. friday will be an active weather afternoon. t much going on this morning. much of the rain is up parts of the shenandoah valley. we are under slight risk for some severe storms during the middle of the afrernoon. fueath carries that peak threat of severe weather through the d.c. metro. between about 2:00 and 5:00 this afternoon. keep that in mind. use your nbc washington app and the radar feature to check on
7:27 am
the storms. tha> developing this morning, take a look at this scene. someone attempted to take an afm from 7-eleven store in d.c. there have been crimes in d.c. and maryland in the past several months. dwayne haski will be wearing the burgundy and gold this fall. the redskins chose him to be their quarterback of the future. he played in maryland before playin at ohio state. to on harris' heroes, we'll speak to someone who helps african students through the college admsions process. >> we'll take a break now and check yo everybody get closer. beautiful. the curl. ah, yeah, yeah. right there baby. wait. where's my mom? sweet baby velvet. now that is what i'm talking about. maybe a little selfie. it's your last chance to op by havertys biggest sale of the year.
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clarkesville road, both waysth e. just north of 32 we have an overturned vehicle. the road there is shut down. 395 north of duketreet slow e closures over the weekend.
7:30 am
. nothing' changed. >> nothing's changed. >> except now i'm just the bad cop in m house that i'm a mom. that's all that's changed. >> look at that. carson daly there catching up with his pal music superstar pink. they have been friends since his trl days. look at that picture. wow. that w about 20 years ago. >> they are so adorable. it's such aat good conversn between them. it's not like interviewer and interviewee.f pal catching up. let'set to the headlines of the morning. severe weath on the move afterg ef-3 tornado ripped through ruston, louisiana, thursday.
7:31 am
look at theda ge. two people were killed when a tree fell onto their home. louisiana's govern has declared a state of emergency there. 20 million on the east coast are now at risk of that severe weather. po winds and thunderstorms d impact hundreds offl hts. dylan will be back with the forecast. w learning new details this morning abo the circumstansurrounding otto warmbier and his release from north korean custody. fficials say north korea insisted the u.s. agreed to pay $2 million in medical costs before warmbier was edreleas back in 2017. that official says an envoy sent to north korea to bring the studen homeigned an agreement to pay the money. president tr says no money ever exchanged hands.s tweeting thirning, no money was paid to north korea. warmbier was in a comatose state at the time of his release an d died a few days after being
7:32 am
home. amazon nows promise to give prime delery in one day. the company did not say when it would roll out these change retailers like target and walmart that offer two day ship ogen some items. that the the movie entire world is talking about. "avengers: end game." the final chapter of the franchise hit the big screen overnight. it is already shattering records. raking in about16 $9 million overseas in a single day. nbc's joe fryer has mor global phenomenon. no spoilers here, buddy. no don't worry. truly eager fans may have already seen the movie at showings overnight. so theaters are pulling all nighters after fans have been waiting a year for this much-anticip seq and again, don't worry. no avengers.he
7:33 am
we got to finish this. >> reporter: for "avengsers: end game" this is just the beginning. opening weekend. i'm seeing it three times this weekend. >> reporter: the film will flaunt its own superpower. the ability to smash boxff oice records. >> this is the fight of our lives. >> reporter: the current domestic recor for best opening weekend belongs to last year's "avengers" mie "infinity war" which grossed $257 million. "end ougame" c reach $260 million or higher. the picture is playing many nrn 4600 theaters domestically. and thousands of show times sold out in advance. amc even has some locations pulling all nighters with 17 sites going around the clockfo r days straight. a strategy to help meet demand and make up f the three-hour run time. >> whatevert takes. >> reporter: end game features a who's who of comic book heroes.a ptain america, thor, black
7:34 am
widow, and more. it's the 22nd marvel studios movie. a blockbuster series of star studded films that start in 2008 with iron man played all these years by robert downey jr. >> i know we said no more surprises, but i was really hoping to pull off one last one. >> reporter: while most marvel movies dra colossal crowd, the frenzy around "end game" isu montal. that because its predecessor "infinity war" ended with a mt. everest sized cliff-hanger to leave fans w abo the fate of their favorites. it, we owe it's a small to everyone to try. >> 11 years, 22 different a buildup. >> reporter:n e with "end gauge" >> movie studios always love a blockbuster. right now especially they could use one.
7:35 am
>> reporter: tharight. going into thisic weekend, tt sales in the u.s. and canada are down about 16% compared with last year. bu "avengers: end gaume" aroun just like that. >> it's cute what you did there. but if you haven't seen the movie, you're like why is he thsnapping like ? >> thank you, joe. >> later willie is going to join us with a conversation with one of the avengers himself. renner. your husband's really excited. >> i think he has front row seats on sunday night at 10:00. >> nobody wants the front row. >> no. but that's all we could get. i'm trying to get you hooked. >> i've seen a couple of them. maybe i'll go with your husband. >> front row? doubt it. i think he got the last seat. we are watching winter yather. can believe it? back through minnesota into wisconsin into iowa. we have winter storm watches in effect going into the weekend. because it's just so cold.
7:36 am
we've got this area of low pressu that's going to race through this area. here you see the snow could even to chicago as we go saturday night. then sunday it'll continue to move east into warmer air. lessen the threat of that snow. look atthis. we could see as much as 3 to 4 inches of snow. some areas could get closer. ittepends where thaand lines up. you really need to watch out for a potential snstorm as we go into this thi. this originates back in the rockies today. the westoast looks good. middle of the country for now looks good with temperatures in the 60s. up and down the coast we havese re storms affected. that could affect delays across the mid-atlantic. windy in the southeast today. that's a look at the weaer across the country today. now here's a peek out your window. >> good g.mornin i'm meteorologi chuck bell. its a weather alert day. we'll reach the low 70s.
7:37 am
we'll keep you posted onhat through our nbc washington app. this little pocket of pressure is due to ride over. the d metro right he with nbc washington. . 20 years after they first met, carson dalyatches up with pink. talking t h music and how becoming a m has changed her. and we're talgia >> also someever. the new music released overnight by taylor swift and byshe b himself. >> and elizabeth smart opening up to n halie about sister hood of suivors. at the kidnapping victim is saying about her mission to help other a victims her what they eat and drink is likely acidic
7:38 am
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we are back. 7:41 now. carson joining the table. this morning a new look at a case that transfixed the nation. >> we all remember this story. 13-year-old jayme closs. she was kidnped from her wisconsin home last fall. months ped her captor later. now on a new documentary elizabeths smart ihoping te r own abduction story and othees stori of survival to help jayme heal. natalie morales has the story. reporter: good morning. this documentary follows elizabeth smart as she investigat jayme's case s of her own life after she was kidnapped at the age of 14. i sat down with elizabeth to talk about her support for on her road to rtovery and wha drew her to the case. >> certainly i felt many milariti between my story
7:43 am
and jayme's story. it wasn't so much me wanting to tell her story. s about what it's like as i'm aaron gilchrist. it is a storm team 4 weather a survivor coming back and alert day. moving forward. let's ge bell. r- we start with the case of the >> all is quiet for tnow. missing 13-yead girl from du course of the wisconsin. >> reporte inmehe life afternoon, a lot of warm, humid, documentary "smart justice" unstable air coming in. victims advocate elizabeth smart so the risk for strong to severe travels to thecene of the storms is t re today. crime. the secludedns wiscoin home of we're officially under the slight risk for severe weather. the peak timing for this is going to be about noon and 6:00. jake patte. he's pled guilty to murdering righ here in and around the d.c. metro area, probably jayme's parents and then peaking between 2:00 and 4:00. e for 88 days 13-year-old and everything shoul done from abi severe possity by about 7:00 before she was finally able to p.m. this evening. >> all right, chuck. escape. thank you. we'll get check on traffic wh are the things that you hope people don't ask hen quest when asked of you that start with, why didn't you, why didn't you run, why didn't you scream,hy didn't you do this. you hear, you should have. you didn't try hd enough. she should never have to question herself saying, did i do enough? was it my fault?
7:44 am
was there a chance for me to escape earlier? no. sh f should neverl that way because ultimately she did and she's alive today. >> i was kidnapped and held captive for fourdays. >> four days. >> 18 hours. >> two days. >> 17 days. >> 3,321 days. >> the documentary also includes moving testimonials from other kidnapping survors. >> if she is able to look ui cae way. >> she needs to just keep going. >> for me i feel like this was the biggest lovete let that we could haveay >> one of the survivors ask about becoming a parent and hs hard i it to become a parent after you've been abducted and sexually abused. that?d you overcome >> being a mom and havingch dren of my own was something that i dreamed about as a littl girl. and brian mitchell already took nine months of my life away from me and i wasn't going to let him take away a family from mes
7:45 am
ll. so is it nerve-racking?. absolutely i mean, my little girl, she just -- she's so friendly and she want t to talk everyone. and then there's me and i'm like, what are you doing? u can't talk to these people. brand new problem on the beltway. i don't know them. here silver spring outer loop and part of me has to remind right side blocked by an myself, you know, it's probably accident. not the strangers you have to be rest of the beltway looks okay. omrried about. it's probably sne that i know that i should be more leesburg, a closure. worried about. shut down both ways. >> the family has invited me hazmat situation. follow police direction there. over - r >>eporte in the documentary, taking a look elsewhere, mclean at turkey run, right lane is jayme and her blocked. >> all right. family off camera. thank you. c of course you get the latest >> she didn't say much. news and weather in the nbc ut i told her family jaifli is. washington app. fouor ypdate here in jayme's family isn't pleased with the ♪ idea so air thew a month before patterson's hearing. for years, i thought i was to a protein commonlyturnse her aunt posting this is not the found in milk. time. now, with a2 milk®... there are some on social media ...i can finally enjoy cereal again. it's totally natural.
7:46 am
that have criticized you for and having only the a2 protein makes all the difference. profiting off of jayme's cereal, smoothies... tragedy. how do you respond to that?, everything! >> i think they misunderstood. my first latte in 12 years. and i'm sorry for that. because that's not my i intenti. ink i was probably one of a2 milk®, real mgek that's easier on ion. the first people to say leave love milk again. the closs family alone. ow comcast business goes beyond fast to let them heal. u kndi yod with a gig-speed network. >> reporter: what is the overall message for jayme? complete internet reliability. what advice would you give her? advanced voice solutions. wifi to keep everyone connected. >> this man jake patterson has video monitoring. that's huge.u stolen 88 l days of your lifeay did yoguys know we did all this stuff? no. ev i'm not done yet. awyou. he has stolen your parents. wow. but don't give him a single cloud apps and support. second more. you need to move forward and get the solutions you need to take your business beyond. live your life and be happy and do all of the things you ever start with fast, reliable internet for just $59.95 a month. wanted to do buecau he doesn't it's everything a small business owner needs. e a second more of your comcast business. life. >> reporter: and she told jayme beyond fast. and he door always open to them for advice and support. her documentary airs saturday on lifetime. >> so interesting, natalie, that a8:30 now on this she brought together allhe thos survivors and what that morning.
7:47 am
must have been like for her to april, 26th, 2019. be in that company with people and just check out this crowd. who really understood what she it was pretty >> what a beautiful day. emotional for her b also very >> the weather's not great, healing for all of them. many of them had never met each folks stay in. not today. other before bnd. >> by the way, let me go back to andng together for the pop start for a second. documentary, sharing their stories and experiences which we wer were similar andiving each his first new album in five other the said that was years. >> a poptart correction? a true gift. >> thank you. coming up, your conversation >> it's his first new stuff in with viola davis. fi it's incredible. she's talking ataut an imp >> five was in there somewhere. cause and she's also sharing you got it. >> so we've got a crowd moment. something about herself for the you ready for a friday morni very firsttime. crowd moment? very firsttime. but first, thesee -keep it dow. i have a system. i'm looking for wayne and jane. -keith used to be great to road-trip with. but since he bought his house... are you going 45? s -uh, yes. 55 ia suggestion. low are you?'s kind of like driving with his dad. wayne. ok at the sign. -what a sign, huh? just married. love the sign. terry, can you take a selfie of me? 65 years ago. >> awesome. >> we were 13. -take a selfie of you? -yeah. ok can you make it lo like i'm holding it? >> happy anniversary. -he did show us how to bundle home and auto at >> thank you very much. and save a bunch of money. >> and thank you for your -oh, a plaque. service,wayne. >> thank you. >> any time we found out "he later navigated northward, leaving... someone's been married that
7:48 am
progressivcan't protect you from becoming your parents. long, we alwayso want t ri but we can protect your home and auto wh y k w at agree, i assume. when you bundle with us. >> you could be right. >> w st. louis. my son's from dallas. my daughter who arranged this is from chicago. >>oh, welcome. you're a good daughter. >> thank you they're the best parents ever. >> tt's high aise. thanyou, guys, for coming. happy 65th wedding anniversary. wow. >> that is inspiring. >> guys, coming heup, t important project that hasar osc winner viola davis teaming up with her sisters. they're aoing to tell us to take care of yourself. about it. but nature's bounty has innovative ways also guess who's here. help you maintain balance giada. we're going to make an and help keep you active and well-rested. incredible italian meal. it's full of spring flavors. because hey, coming up on the third hour, tomorrow's coming up fast. an entrepreneur who turned a nature's bounty. because you're better off healthy. personal fashion dilemma into a successful company. her mission to help all women from capital one. i switched to the spark cash card nature's bounty. look good and feel even better. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy. by the way,n exactly 24 and last year, i earned $36,000 in cash back. hours just a few blocks from here, the parkinson's unity walk
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7:50 am
[music and singing in the background] is it good for you? >> you know what? people a getti maraderie, solidarity with each other. my father didn't have anything like this when he had pd. [music and singing in the background] he thoughts the only one. it's so much information to get. if you really do understand the, diseour life can be great. my father was exercising and he lived with it forrved k o 3whe i heard there guwere fleas out here.r? and t-t-t-t-t-icks! and mosquitoooooooooooes! seeing a movement disorder specialist and then they call us listen u scaredy cats. and tell us how their lifeas we all have k9 advantix ii to protect us. changed, makes all the it kills and repels fleas, ticks and mosquies, too. difference in the world. >> yeah. >> wow. that's special. congratulatis on 25 years. >> thank you so much. thank you for having us. dylan, how's the weather looking for the walk? itso chantix can help you quit "slow turkey." >> well,t's trying to get sunny here in the northeast. along with support, chantix is proven to help you quit. but rain is going to move back in. and we are finishing off earth wism chantix you can keep ing at first did here, so hopefully you and ease into quitting. that one small thing to make the earth a better place this week. chantix reduces the urge so when the day arves, we are going to start off with a very chilly start to your you'll be more ready to kiss cigarettes goodbye. weekend in the northeast. temperatures only in the 50s. when you try to quit smoking, with or without chantix, even some snow back through areas across northern illinois,
7:51 am
th you may have nicotine awal symptoms. southern wisconsin, southern io. stop chantix and get help right away if you have changes in behavior or thinking, we could see 4 to 6 inches aggression, hostility, depressed mood, suicidal thoughts or actions, seizures, possible. how chilly it's going to be. then on sunday it moves east. we could see some of that snow new or worse heart or blood vessel problems, sleepwalking, off of lake erie, off lake or life-threatening allergic and skin reactions. ontario. somewhat rainy across the decrease alcohol use.n northeast too. it stays cool through the upper use cautioiving or operating machinery. widwest. al mountain sno in the tell your doctor if you've had mental health problems. northern plains on sunday. the west coast, though, looks the most common side effect is nausea. really nice. that's a look at the weather across the country. now here's peek out your quit smoking "slow turkey." window. >> morning, everybody. talk to your doctor about chtix. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. cloudy skies outside night and rain and thundershowers later oa in thefternoon today. upper 50s to round60. we'll briefly get in the low 70s today. some of our storms could be strong to severe this afternoon. this little area ofressure rides overowhead. p our future model here shows the most likely chance for this severe wea comes in about noon to 4:00. keep an eye to the sky and to welcome b welcome nbc washington and our app. rson you've got a great
7:52 am
conversati coming up. >> had a chance to catch up with >> announcer: w to celebrate pink. we talked fame, ourfa milies, earth week? hey, siri, can i recycle my and today's release of her new album which is excellent. also giada is going to be in iphone? >> and that's your latest the house f a lightened up forecast. savannah? the house f a lightened up pasta dish >> all right. thank you. coming up next, viola davis and her sisters join us to talk d ut some important work next thing i know i hit the ground. personal to them. completely shattered my pelvis. "today" on nbc.oday" on in the middle of the woods. i called my wife, she thought i was jokin'. i said, "man, i'm not... i'm not." i was so lucky that day... saved my life. (vo) there for you when it matters most. now get a free galaxy s10e when you buy one, and 00 when you switch. only on verizon. so kim, you going for our big drive safe & save discount? yup! using the app. i've been quite vigilant. h! easy, easy! but you're in labour... don't mess with my discount! (clearing throat) get a discount up to 30% with drive safe & save.
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get a discount up to 30% help the american red cross in a home fire. install 100,00nwfree smoke alarms natioe. join us april 27tho may 12th. volunteer at ( ♪ ) we're bac w nowh oscar winner viola davis and her only tylenol® rapid release gels sisters diane and delores. have laser drilled holes. they're her to talk about somethg reall personal to they release medicine fast, them. according the cdc, more than for fast pain relief. 30 million people i the u.s. tylenol®. have diabetes yet one in four of them don't even know they have it. viola has been working as a paid y day, visionaries are creating the future. spokesperson for merck on a new documentary funded by the ♪ pharmaceut company. it called a touch of sugar. so, every day, the film focus d oniabetes we put our latest technology and unrivaled network to work. health care. and through narration, viola shares her story for the very ♪ first time. the united states postal service makes >> the disease has taken a toll more e-commerce deliveries to homes on my family.
7:55 am
than anyone else in the country. my great aunt bessey passed away ♪ nf o diabetes. because the future only happens with people and my sisters are struggling who really know how to deliver it. with it in different ways. a few years ago i was diagnosed wi prediabetes. >> viola, diane, a delores are here. >> good morning. >> this is the first time you're revealing this, that you have been diagnosed with prediabetes. there are roadside attractions. happens with people yes. and thrl there's our wofamous >> before weet into it, what on-road attraction. made you feel like this was the time to come forward? if you've never seen yourself in a mercedes, what are you hoping you'll you've never seen these offer. accomplish? well, what i'm hopi lease th2019 glc 300 for just $479 a month accomplish is exactly what merck at the mercedes-benz is hoping to accomplish is to spring event. hurry in before april 30th. arm people with information to help them manage a diabetes diagnosis. e a lot of timesou when y are given thes, diagnosi there's nothing. you just sort of succumb to it. you know, when i was young, everyone just said you have the sugar. you got the waited to
7:56 am
possibly get anti ampu, to you?bly, you knowl, of contro 7:56 is your time now on is friday, april 26th, 2019. good morning, everyone. i'm eun yang. you found out when that you were it is a storm team 4 weather alert da prediabetic? a yearnd a half or so. let's get right to chuck bell for more on the rain we're i didn't know what that was. it was a high a1c which is a getting. >> that's right. we are expecting rain and some t thunderstoss afternoon. test, asi compreh test to some of those could be strong to measure your glucose levels from severe. so keep a weather eye to the sky the past two, three months. and on nbc washington through >> does that mean youill one the course of the day. in the t 50so around 60 now. day have diabetes? >> it doesn't mean that you will, but it does mean you can. reached the low 70s today. a chance of dethuntorms. but if you manage it. the main push of a chance for and that's why i'm sitting here severe weath comes during the also with my sisters who both middle parts of the afternoon.o have type 2 diabetes. up 4:00 or 5:00 this >> you both have type 2 diabetes. afternoon. be here h with youe on you got it at different times in your life. how did you take the news when air, online, and the radio to you found out? and how have you been managing keep you ahead of the storm >> keil weep you live weather it? > so when i was diagnosed wit throughout the day. diabetes type 2, didn't think we'll send the latest alert to your phone. anything of it.
7:57 am
wel take areak now and check i thought i could overcome this. your traffic when we come back. ♪ so i didn't worry about it until it really d something -- it really did something to me. >> it . >> yes. very badly. >> a health scare. ♪ >> yes, it was. >> how about you? how did you experience it? >> when i was first diagnosed, i got the call at work. and i wasoroing in f surgery ♪ the next day. and my doctor said, you can't free range eggs for free range living. haveeche surgery bse you're nellie's free range eggs (chicken clucks) diabetic. s shocked. absolutely shocked. but now i've learned how to really educate myself and become an advocate. >> and that's what the documentary, of course, is all about. i thought it was interesting. it profiles four individuals. one named stewart. family d the disease a curse. he said i didn't choose to get diabetes. and i think it really addresses
7:58 am
that there's a stigma sometimes thatds to be overcome. >> it's a stigma that you've allowed it to get out of control. it's because o what you eat. it's because of any number of reasons. but when you look at the numbers, you see that it's absolutely more complicated than that. and here's the thing. at the end of t day, once you have the diagnosis, the most important thing, my favorite word lately is support. beyond help, support. supporting people who have already had the diagnosises instead of stigmatizing them. >> before i let you go, viola. i was telling you, my hat's off to you, my friend. you went skydiving in hawaii not long ago. i don't know what you sisters think about this. what came over you? how was it? >> i was crazy. i don't know what it was. oh, my god. >> it's incredible.
7:59 am
we going to have to bleep out some of this. >> yeah. because i did cuss. in mclean, new problem. i told myself i willot cuss. but i'll tell you, that moment northbound gw. that you put your legs outside a l of delays there. of the plane and your guy you're not a major issue on the beltway. actual pretty light. going tandem with says, okay, westbound const after 15th. workone withhe left side it's time blocked. live look at beltway and and you dip. i'm telling you, it's -- you'rel university. t bad. >> all right. thank you. dwayne hkins will be wearing the burgundy and gold ng. this fall. it i absolute the release of the skins picked him to be the quarterback of the future. fear, the re anxiety, everything. i'm happy i did it. haskins attended school in >> would you do it again? potomac before playing in ohio state. 's a homecoming for him. >> i donknow. another local news upda in 25 >> we shall se we'll stay tuned to instagram feed. minutes. fi back to the "today" show >> absolutely. after >> ladies, thank you so much. again, the documentary isalled "a touch of sugar." we'll have a link to it on >> up ooxt, l who's here on a friday morning. it's giada. she's here with a pasta recipe s bursting withpring flavor. we'll have that for you after this but first this is "y" on n.
8:00 am
it's 8:0" ming up, on the move. dangerous storms heading to the east coast after wreaking havoc on the south. how will it affect your weekend plans? dylan's got the answer. plus, raise your glass. carson sits down with his old friend pink to talk about life as an artist and her love/hate relationsh with social media. >> off lot of people, i'm sure, that your music has helped. do they reach out to you? >> yeah. that's the great side of twitter and instagram. i mean every day. this song saved my life. or knowing that you went through too. >> reporter: their candid conversation just ahead.
8:01 am
and music to our ears. taylor swift drops a new song with help from a friend. while bruce springsteen surprises fans with a newle sing. ♪ hellounshine won't you stay ♪ >> we'll have a look at the videos lighting up the iernet today, april 26th, 2019. ♪ >> here to celebrate -- >> peyton's 14th bthd. >> our 25th anniversary. >> and nancy's 50th! >> from florid it's my sweet 16. >> we're sitting here watching the "today" show from boston children's hospital. >> we dreamed of this since we were! >> hi, everybody. good morning. welcome back to "today." okay. it's a little rainy plaza, but we've g n somee happy faces
8:02 am
out there. >> undeterred by those rain drops. look at all those people. and hi to agnus this morning. and we'retoack with "y" food. who doesn't love a big bowl of >> it is never raining on #my pasta. with the weather getting warmer, it's time to swap out some of that heavy alfredo sauce wit ni toda plaza. >> take that video and put it on anrefreshing. a site. >> i love that. we'll pick it up. >> giada is here with a recipe. busy morning. it fits the bill as the weather lots to get to. news at 8:00. i charnging. severe storms moving into the east today after leaving a of destruction across the south. at least five people have been t killed in two gabe gutierrez is in ruston, where it's 200 degrees in the summer. >> come on now. louisiana. >> gd morning. it w hit hard by a powerful welcome. tornado. do you find yourself changing gabe, what's the latest there? recipes for all three >> reporter: savannah, good absolutely. it's seasonal. >> what's in now? >> now we're moving into louisia's governor has lighter. declared a state of emergency. it's gettingeally warm in las there's extensive damage. vegas and everywhere. except for new york city where the tornado picked up vehicles ood tossed them. it's cold. >> that' true. tore the r off of this coffee >> but herwise. what i'm doing is i'm doing a shop. an ef-3 tornado packing winds os very simple putanesca. 136 miln hour. as you mentioned, this was part
8:03 am
in italy it's olives, capers of a storm system that spawned destructive torna in texas an anchovies. and louisia. here in ruston, at least two people were alled. my daughter is not a fan. mother and son who died when a savannah, do you like anchovies? tree fell onto their home. the cpus of louisiana tech >> no, giada, i do not. university was also damaged. but thankfully, no students were >> my father would take a injured. now, the national weather anchovies open it up and eat service has confirmed at least them. it was the grossest thing.>> eight tornadoes here in louisiana. hen i was a kid was toasted most of them carving a path of spread and butter and anchovies destructn that stretched about over the top. 150 miles. >> why not use salt? >> all right. really starting to see it with >> well,s f salty. anyway, instead of using the sun coming up there. anchovies, we're using fresh he muse ls outbreak has salmon. are.ook how fresh they many students under quarantine >> i've cubed the salmon. today. anyone at cal sta and ucla who it's going to be less expensive this way. take a piece of salmon and cube may haexposed to the rapidly spreading disease or hab up and brown it. notn vaccinated against it >> wild or farm? must stay home. the order comes as the number of does it matter? >> at this point, they're pretty cases nationwide hit a 25-year much the same. high. because so . polluted at least 694 cases in 22 states it's like, you could do either. >> easier to cut the fish after since january. it's cooked or whent's raw? we turn now to aizarre
8:04 am
>> when it's raw. story out of baltimore. a scandal over her own roiled in much easier to cut when raw. you want to start? salt. that's it. this is a very hot pan, so do self-publish book series. >> now she's facing calls to it. >> you want skin side -- oh, there is no skin. resign. geoff, good morning. pue down. >> my daughter doesn't like the >> reporter: hey, craig. skin. good morning. it's the latt development in most people don't. the months' long scandal >> i'm likejade. surrounding the mayorhr kat i want what jade likes. >> but a lot of people are -- pugh. they're looking at whether pugh >> are tater to th er tots com? used sales of her books to get >>hat's another segment. so you brown this. kickbacks. in baltimore this morning, city then half of a red enonn and a mayor kathryn pugh now face k a growing scandal. bit of garlic. just after 7:00 a.m. thursday, if youan don't w a ton of fbi and irs agents raided pugh's garlic, leave it whole. when you chop ouit, y get a much city hall office and two of her more intense flavor. homes seizing documents. depends what you like. >> and don't worry about the the fbi not confirmine fish. it's going to fall apart. that's the whole ing. >> so you don't have to cook it nature of the searches but the on all four sides. mayor tweeting she has been >> the idea is that you brown it a little bit.
8:05 am
under investigation into whether she illegally profited from her i thought this pan was a little hotter but it's not. that's okay. you put that in there. this is a quick week knight self-publish chdren's book called "healthy holly". meal. >> the concept was how to teach then you add a little bit of kids to live healthy lifestylesr white wine which i can see you all enjoy. >>orter: in march she >> we're all for that. apologized for a book deal she >> and the white wine deglazes negotiated with the university of maryland medical system. the pan of bhes from the that deal reportedly earning her salmon. and then we do -- here. >> this is like a one pot deal. over half a million dollars since 2011. $100,000 of which she recently >> it is. go ahead. cherry tomatoes halved. returned. so this is a fresh tomato sauce. gh once sat on the organization boa of it's freshto toes. directors. >> in mind sooigt, this we've got sliced almonds -- i arrangement with the university eean olives. maryland medical system was a it's a lit early, i guess. regrettable m take. >> reporter: pugh also thyme. >> and parsley. reportedly received more than >> all the olives. $100,000 from her book from kaer permanente while it was traditionally it always had olives. i just cut out the capers and seeking multimillion dollar the anchovies. >> why did you pick t outhe contracts with the city. larry hogan now calling for the capers? democratic mayor to step down. >> because she picks them out. writing in a atement, mayor >> i don't like capers. pugh has lost the public trust. >> i know. she is clearly not fit to lead. i know. eventually jade's going to like capers, i promise.
8:06 am
for the good of the city,ay but she loves olives. so i double the olives because pugh must resign. the entire city council also you have that solty briny flavor urging her toquit. from the olives. >> this has gone on for far too so that cooks down for about eight minutes. you're cooking the pasta. long. it i entirely unfair to the th is what it looks like when citize of baltimore. done. what is this? >> reporter: now, pugh has been >> campenelli. battling pneumonia. she's been outub ofc view e how they look like little since early last month. bells? i like itde al e and finish it r attorney says pugh is still in poor health and she is not in the pan. >> how does jade like it? lucid enough to decide whether >> al dente. or she should resign. savannah does not. >> geoff, thank you. it's the one thing you guys ikn't agree on. time for the morning boost. >> i le it mushy. young girl took the stage at her >> she aays says to me, school in new jersey.o she's about tet an award, but crunchy, not mushy. the real award was standing >> you have the palate of a behind her hidden by the we got to go. >> i thought we t hadons of time. curtain. olive >> olive oil on the melons? >> yes. >> oh, i don't know. are we going to show it? because we're going to grill the melon. oh, there we go then you grill the melons just like this. it was her big sister home from >> the melon is in this too or japan. this is a salad? >> it's a salad. she'd been dd away for >> where are we here? nearly two years. oa>> ped asparagus with melon pure joy.
8:07 am
lotsf hugs. maybe a couple tears too. >> probably. coming up, two of the usalad. add cherry tomatoes, mint, biggest names in music. lemon juice, salt, and some ♪ baby that in front of you chili. >> on pop start, the colorful new song from taylorwift just light and uf is good. dropped overnight. also carson catching up with >> savannah, do you like pink. wh she's saying about 20 years in the spotlight and the asparagus? >> i do. inspiration behin her new >> poach the y water and butter album. thatght afte introducing the all new chevy silverado. for about five minutes. >> you cover them? it's the official truck of calloused hands i can't get my asparagus to taste like this? and elbow grease. the official truck of getting to work, mine are always brown and floppy. >> waterr and butteor five and getting to work. minutes. ta them out. of late nights,d and then top them with the melon ante it's the officiak of homecoming,,d and tomato salad. >> do you ever cut these? and coming make it a little bit easier to the all new y silverado. the strongest, most advanced silverado ever. eat? >> this is the point. it's the official truck of real people. it's summer time. you're supposed to have fun with your food. not chop it all up.t kohl's lowest ices of the season! >> w kind of cheese, giada? prices so low - no coupons needed! women's tankops - $5.99... >> oh. young men's tees and tanks - two for $12... ricotta solata.
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8:10 am
beginning of mine for that matter too. she's been topping the charts ever since with a signature sound and dedicated following that's made her one of the most iconic performersf her time. >> reporter: a two decades the spotlight, pink is showing no sign of slowing down. today her latest album makes its debut. itg appears everyth and nothing has changed for the chart topper. >> hi, old friend. >> reporter: hi, old buddy. ♪ old pal. i was just watching a clip of all right. sheinelle is here. you and i are trl. the weekend's upon us. hi. >> her name is pink and she's rtyou got some ays? >> lots of birthdays. ri t here. >> oh, my god. whh is always a good sign. >> reporter: almost 20 years so let's spi around those ago. this could have been yesterda >>d yeah. smuckers jars and say happy anth 100th birthday to fern clower. >> reporter: nothing's changed with you. >> except i'm a bad cop in my she's from niles, ohio. house and i'm a mom. >> reporter: as she approaches she believes hard work is the her 40th birthday, pink is still secret to her longevity. spreading her message of to her fans and next up, harris. she had a hole in one when she childrh husband car was 98. when wasone, carson?
8:11 am
>> i haven't had it yet but there's hope. >> happy 100th birthda to wayne hart. how has being mom changed as an artist? >> i am completely changed since being a mom. i'm much more open. f m much more accepting adams. maggie hudson is celebrating 100 myself. i'm much more thoughtful. i think abouthe world more and years. she says her secret is spending what we're leaving for these time with family and friends. kids. angela kappen is from west palm and the direction we' headed in. and so i guess it changes your music. beach, florida. >> rep the out on the ro with you? she has two grand kids and three >> yeah. great grand kids. everybody brings their kids out. hope she takes them a to game. it's like romper room. and happy 100th birthday toohn i like noise. the kids bring a levity to the situation that wouldn't nord, a world war ii veteran ote exist. they make everything f joy. from tampa, florida. he can speak six languages and ey're entert thoughtful. it's rad. worked as an interpreter during >> reporter: nev one to hold the war. anything ckba pink has often we salute you service. >> as always, there's justmore, shared intimate moments of her life and family onocliacent po so much more at on this earth week, have you going to keep her private life heard about the planetary diet? more private. how do you describe your i haven't hear i tried every di. relationsh on social media? >> love/hate. it could be good for you and the a place where love totally environment. also, why singer and new mom exists and where so many good things have happened. rachel platten has decided to
8:12 am
>> reporter: do you regret share her more vulnerable sharing? motherhood moments with her fans on social media. >> never. that and more on >> r b g kids and things like and coming up tomorrow on that. >> after the latest criticisms, "today," the latest on the i'm so tired of it. measles outbreak and the people are just getting nastier quarantine in california. d nastier. ahead on the third hour, we're i'll probably take a break. putting a superfood twist on i think i will stop sharing my children as much as i do. >>s good. ♪ walk me home in the dead ofni ouetzels. have a great weekend, everybody. t ♪ >> reporter: the ld single we'll see a youer the local from her latest album is an instant hit. her music video directed by michael gr has been viewed a million times. >> we've seen greatest showman a thousand times. it came time to do the video and i thought michael gracie. it was much more grown up andul artfhan things i've done. so i was all . i love it. >> reporter: you recently got > good morning, everybody.
8:13 am
hollywood walk of fame. 8:56 now on this friday, april what was that like? >> i brought my whole family. 26th. it was terribly embarrassing and i'm aon gilchrist. ther a storm team 4 w really sweet.r: alert day. >> reporte if people walk by let's get to meteorologist chuck your star, what do you want them bell. >> tomorw team 4 radar shows to think about you as they're cloudy skies and most of the rain for now is well to our reminiing about you as an artist? >> i just want them to walk west. but there are showers developing around and go, there's a bad ass down to our soull as we we are under a slight risk for some strong to severe storms right there. or, i remember that song that today. the timing m ltikely between helped me. that's it. >> reporter: you he a lot of 1:00 and 4:00 this afternoon. eople i'm sure your music has nonetheless, we'll be here on helped. do they reach out to you? >> yeah. air and onli. that's the great side of twitter and instagram. i mean, every day. on the interactive this song saved my life. radar. dry weather the first half of the weekend. or knowing that you wen through sunday's rain chances just that, too. itty-bitty. thank you. it gets graphic. wel get a check of the commute it's real. when we come back. it's very authentic. [vacuum] no one bs's me. ♪ one night a mom said aim h introducing fresh step clean paws, with my so 9. with low tracking litter. he has down syndrome. your vacuum becomes a cat toy. we'll be in theheelchair let's make litter less of a mess. section. he just beat cancer and this is let's start fresh. our celebration. him but before i take off, i'm
8:14 am
li i'm coming for you calvin. i look down and there's this woman going -- and calvin's going hi! and i'm literallyyi crng. and calvin's waving. and the mom's just like, her mind is exploded in her that's the good side. >> reporter: tha the sff you love. >> that's what i love about social media. >> i love her. she's one ofy favorite people. e free. it's time to uncover that feeling again. business. wh you see is what you get. you hear the way she talk there with the compassion and strength of a name... is. that she is. she's one of the more underrated most accepted by top doctors and specialists. musicians of our generation, to be honest with you. and the power of a card... sheutoes in and o of the that opens doon all fifty states. spotlight at will. ti, wife. giving you the freedom to love to dream to dance >> and she makes great like no one is watching. >> the neuritw record is out no. carefirst blue cross blue shield. i encourage you to go to live fearless. to t see full interview. we talked about their c"said alice.nd blue ccuriouser,"hield. relationship "the rabbit-hole went straight on
8:15 am
she attributes their stability like a tunnel for some way." in her marriage to their "i've seen a cat without a gri, but a grin without a cat." counseling. a pillar of strength. >> and you were singing her hey, mercedes, end audio. change lighting to soft blue.te music in the orangero . >> it's great. the comple reimagined 2020 gle. how about a check of the forecast here? >> yes. let's get to it. with intelligent voice control we've got the weekend coming up and available third row. it's starting off pretty rainy, that for sure. your adventure awaits at the mercedes-benz spring event we've got heavy rain across the but hurry the event ends april 30th. on the beltway this morning appalachians. is going to be the area we need to focus on this afternoon u more storms will likely fire up. yon see just pockets of heavy rain across ohio and into cold front is moving eastward. we will see winds perhaps in silver spring, outer loop at gusting up to 60 miles per hour. we can't rule out a t either. colesville road, all lanes have especially delaware, maryland, been opened. down to virginia and parts of and leesburg at greenfield farm, pennsylvan too. this cold front will clear the ar going into the weekend. they have that closed because of but it's going to get very windy the hazmat situation. on the backside. >> melissa, thank you. that's going to make it feel you can get the latest news and awfully chilly across the t weather any time. just ope northeastough the weekend. midd of the country, we are going to see a lot of sunshine
8:16 am
temperaturesn to 80 i texas. isolated showers in the rockies too. now here's a peek out your window. >> here at home it is full cloud cover today. sunshine.get peek of that peek of sunshine will move temperatur from the upper 50s to around 60 now. up into the 70s for a brief time untilhundershowers show up later on today. not much going out right now. our most likely time for severe weathe today will be between about noon and 3:00 or 4:00. keep a weather eye to the sky and right here with nbc washington. >> and thas your latest forecast. >> thank lu. ook who's here on a friday. rockefeller plaza this is the >> right on time. third hour of "today." >> always. >> i was just being scolded for >> good morning everyone. happytoriday. welcomhe third hour of being late by school monitor "today." here. >> i said willie, whatime buzz i'm sheinelle. n i finish the little intro? the 8:15 bus leave? >> before we get to your sunday >> sorry. i got excited about something. >> you want to talk now? sit-down, how about some pop >> introduce the viewers at home start. >> a lot o swifties are to your jumpsuit.
8:17 am
excited. after that two week countdown,t >> she was introducing who we or swift released a song and are. craig and dylan. music video featuring brendan >> i have a joke. i have a thing. >> oh, wait. >> hold on. yuri. the song is called "me." wait. hold on. here's more. you know i mess ujokes. ome if willie were thor, that mug would be like his hammer. ♪ i'm they one of me >> what happening? it's an "avengers" thing? >> did you write baby that's m ♪ ♪ ooh ooh ooh ♪ you're the only one of you ♪ baby that's the fun of you >> this marks the beginning of what's likely to be her seventh studio album. her last was edreleasn 2017. there's another big announcement to make. she's going to perform h new song for the first time when she opens up next week's 2019 bill board music awards. and you can cat thathow live on wednesday, may 1st, right here on nbc. a lot of fans will be anxious to i the only one formance. releasing music overnight.
8:18 am
th is back. bruce springsteen announced his album will come out later this year. here's a look at the single "hello sunshine." ♪ i always loved a lonely town ♪ those empty streets no one around ♪ ♪ fall in love with the end of that way ♪ ♪ hello sunshine won't you stay ♪ >> i don't know if thatact is right. his fifth studio album. but i guess with maybe the e osreet band, live albums. but the bsol s he's ret recording. the sweeping cinematic arrangemen you hear ther comes out in june. available for preorder today. a preview of last month's
8:19 am
rock & roll hall of fame inducte kneks knic radio head, janet jackson, the cure. many performs throughout the night. one o the highlights came from stevie nicks when someone joined her on stage. ♪ i need youov to l me ♪ i need you today ♪ you never knewife with your sleepy eye ♪ ♪ could you ever love a man like me ♪ >> what a great song. they sound timeless singing eagles.ember of the that's don henley. they performed together. sound exactly like the record harry styles made an appearance
8:20 am
also performing with stevie nicks. this was technically her second time being inducted. she's already been inducted with fleetwood mac. congratus to all those legendary artists. catch the full induction ceremony on hbo tomorrow:0ight at 8 p.m. finally, sting. he performed in our studio earlier this week. tonight he's on his way to the tonighw with jimmy fallon to pody his song walking on the moon. here's a quick preview. ♪ ♪ up here i feel like paap ♪ ♪ you know'm goingo follow two stings on the moon ♪ >>ch to wat the full sketch, watch tonight at 11:35 right here on nbc. >> wow. quickaly click for you.'s j where's jack. and i'm out. this young lady playing it cool
8:21 am
for the camera put on a bit of a show. her friends are inside. she's u'outside. yo see it in a second. trying to make a grand entrance. here it is. uh-oh. >> little dora the explorer. >> ooh! >> hey, now. that's glass. >> after thecollision, she was nd e to open the glass door joined her friends. . >> let's see it one more time. >> the it that proud moment has been viewed more than 6 million times on twitter. >> it's the simplein th. >> i've done it. >> i've done it in a screen. pretty humiliating. isah, it . >> mr. geist. this is a timely sunday sit-down. i hope so. i got one of thetars of the movie that's going bananas at the box office as we speak. jeremy renner plays hawkeye in qualify aven "avenger end game."
8:22 am
the contractually couldn't say anything about the movie becaus. i know you're going to say he's got a bow and arrow. >>e's got a bow and arrow. >> tsnk you. i wa going to preempt you on that. he's got a new hair ott. and he's a bow and arrow. >> that's helpful. thank you. >> it's -- i wish i could say. it's the -- yeah. itu'll find out before the opening creds. i can say that. >> beforepehe ong credits? >> yeah. ki say that. >> reporter: the cast of "avengers: end game" was tight lipped before the movie's release this weekend. even while shooting their individual scenes, the actors didn't quite know how the story would play out. >> we were all just as surprised after seeing the movie. we're watching it as fans. it was really exciting. we just can't rebelieve, we' in this. >> repor end game marks
8:23 am
renner's fifth appearance in a marvel movie as hawkeye. >> i takey away m friendships of the original six avengers. that will last eter tlly. butn there's specifically that the character, playing a superhero with no sup powers has been so awesome. bauds that's what i can ultimately tell kids. that they're also a super hero. because you don't need toave a hammer and fly around with lightning. yo just have a strong will, strong mg heart, and fortitude and persistence to achieve whatever you want in life. >> rep it's a lesson he's also teaching y hisoung daughter ava. now at 6 yea old, does she have a seno for a living? >> she's been on sets, but she hasn't seen any movies that i do. they're not really kid appropriate. t i'm on her pajamas as that' huge. >> so she knows i haveow a b and arrow. >> reporte how does she process that? >> i don't know.
8:24 am
just like, i'm on her pajamas. >> he says her daughter finally realized when she looked down at her avengers pajamas and saw dad on them. i was buying tickets for my sos. last night there was a 2:00 g at our neighborhood showing. i went on, it was completely sold out at 2:00 in the morning. it's a three-hour movie. which with previews means it d at 5:30 a.m. on a friday morning. completely sold out. that's why this thing is going to break all the records. see our full interview on sunday "today" and listen to the entire unedited conversation on the sunday sit-down podcast wherever you get them. >> he's a musician as well? >> he'oo a gd musician. he actually just scored the entire sound track to anm animated fe's in later this year. instruments, sings. fun guy to talk to. >> thank you. >> looking forward to that one. straight ahead,ng we're ala davis and her sisters.
8:25 am
they're talking about something personal to their family. and look who's here. it's giad thateans we're going to eat, carson. let d it. >> she's got a pasta celebrati n.
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