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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  April 26, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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>> announcer: news4 begins with a sto team 4 weather alert. >> good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm erika gonzalez. amelia draper joins us with detas with the wet weather. we'll get right into it. >> let's start off with radar. what is hpening right now. we are tracking -- i am tracking a few showers out there. nothing too heavy just yet. an we still have a few more heurs until we see heavy rain moving on into t area. here is a look at bigger picture. we'll continue torack showers until 1:0 2:00 p.m. once we hit 2:00 p.m. this line of very heavy rainfall will make its way through the area from
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west to east. it will be out of he by about 5:00, 6:00. now the storm prediction center has put most of the area in a slight risk for severe weather today. this includes the entire me area and then down toward the south and east and into parts of frederick county and maryland. around the corridor the threat for severe weather is for you is wer. here is a look at the impact and the biggest concerns today are very heavy rainfall that could lead to isolated flooding issues and some strong, gusty winds. here is a look at the impact. so we could s around annch of rain and windsusting up to 50 maybe even 60 miles per hour, could lead to wind damage out there and there is an isolated risk for a weak tornado. again, the timing between about 1:00 and 5:00 p.m. erika, coming up at 11:20 i have future weather and i'll walk you through the aernoon and evening hours, hour by hour. right now d.c. police are investigating another atm theft
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at a 7-eleven. this is the fifth atm theft since mainh. justinch is live along south dakota avenue with more on what the robbers left behind. familiar story, my friend. tell us about it this time. >> reporter: erika, left behind another big mess. it is now a scene we bring you almost every week now. crime tape with 7-eleven police presence and crews working to restore a -- a smashed in window that theyo tried t steal the atm from. these people are on the radar of law enforcement in three areas, and now d.c. and before that mta ier and in prince george's county, police in every jurisdiction now wking to see what or who is connecting these cases. a major clean-up at this north east 7-eleven. one so big it requires more than a mop and broom. crews clearing away broken glass and torn metal but will restore a window that was here until it overnight. down
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in an effort to steal an atm. >> i haven't seen anything happen at this gas station. in my knowledge, maybe there has been. >> something police have seen before and are trying now to stop. this morning d.c. police taped off and shut down this south dakota avenue 7-eleven near kennedy street responding aft thieves using this truck tried to back in throug the front window to steal an atm. they're attempt fai td. they left truck and the machine, a jolt to w neighbo live feet away. >> you obviously don't want that type of stuff to be happening in a neighborhood that you're in and proud of and so -- i don't have the words for it but it is unfortunate. >> reporter: and now the latest in a spree of 7-eleven atms targeted for theft across the area. last week the 7-eleven on varnham street in mt. rainier was hit and thieves left the atm bend in this case and the week before the 7-eleven in upper marlboroetidn't g the atm
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there either but a week before that the atm was stolen from the 7-eleven on edgewood road and college park and two weeks before that this atm was stolin from a 7-eleven in lanham. each case involving large vehicles smashing into the store front to swipe the atm and all except the mostt recase happened in the early hours of a wednesday morning. and so as you could see right now, this 7-eleven and the tied s station is closed this morning but when they help police in this case, cameras here right above this store front andimed right at the window area where the truck went in today. we could tell you in this case that police are looking into several factors, erhaps these are part of the same crews that have been hitting the other 7-elevens in prince ge age's county maybe they are behind this one as well. police say in this case if you are perhaps in the area or saw g anything toive them a call. back inside to you. justin, thank you very much.
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this morning we are working to learn more m-- more about an local teehot and rushed to the hospital. the 17-year-old was shot before 6:00 yesterday on bright leaf court in dale city. we have chopper4 over the scene as paramedics were loading the teen int a medivac helicopter and still waiting for his condition. this happened in a parking lot outside of townhomes and police spect thevening -- spent the evening collecting evidence but so far no word on any aresults. baltimore mayor catherine pugh is facingounting pressure from council and larry hogan to step down following raids by federal agents. she's been at the senor of a scandal involving the sale of c herldren books to groups that do business with the city of baltimore. and yesterday the fbi and the irs raided her homes and former aides' homes and t city hall as well.n
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pugh went o a leave of absence several weeks ago saying she needed time to recover from severe pneumonia. with the 15th pick ithe 2019 nfl draft, then washingto redskins select dwayne haskins, quarterback, ohio state. >> there it is. that is the future of the franise. dwayne haskins played high school football in potomac, maryland and then for ohio state. heet big ten conference records for passing and scoring and most first rounders were there at the draft but haskins hosted his own party here in gaitsrsburg and the red traded picks to get back into the first rnd and select montez sweat from mississippi state. metro passengers will get some relief from a massive repair project. the metro board haspproved a plan to allow free parking at some of the lots this summer. starting in late may, yellow and
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blue line stations south of reagan national will be closed for emergency repair work. this is going to go on until september 8th, okay. september. and during that time riders can park f free at the huntington, franconia and springfield and van dorn street station and then take vre to e bus and you could save $500 parking for free during this closure. safety was on e o minds montgomery county leader this is week. they approved a plan to rebuild roads and sidewalks to makein thgs safer for pedestrians. a news4 i-team investigation last year found that several thousa h peoplead been caught speeding or had crashed their cars in local school zones since 2015. and that included 200-plus incidents in montgomery cou ced. nowounty transportation leaders plan te upgrad crosswalks and sidewalkssi out of several schools next year. and that includes these six elementary schools.
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officials tell news4 that pedestrian safety outside of schools is a pressing issue. >> we have to lower speed l its and make streets more complete and safer for pedestrians. and bicyclists and transit riders. some of the bus stops, the access is hard to get work. >> the work will be done from wheaton to rocksville. police have arrested a man that attacked a 94-year-old woman in d.c. 53-year-old jathan little is accused of attacking the woman walking to her car in cleveland park last week. police say little snatched her purse and then stabbed her. the woman survivednd says she's grateful a suspect has been arrested. >> very rewarding to hear they were so successful so quietly. i'm ups at the whole thing. part of it is just getting my identity and property back. >> d.c. police say little
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recently robbed two other women in the district. and they were able to track him down by monitorin purchases on the stolen credit cards. he's expected to make his first court appearance today. the local coast guace offi accused of planning a terror attack could be released from jail. federal prosecutors sayli tenant christopher hasson was prepared toarry out an attack and test fired illegal homemade gun silences and they accud him of putting together a hit list of journalists and candidatesnd two supreme court justices. the judge said he hasn't been charged with terrorism but only released on conditions acceptable to the court. today the woman who admitted to being a secret agentor russia is expected to learn how long she'll be in prison. maria butina was a gun rights activist. prosecutors say she used wer contactsh the national rifle association to gather
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information for moscow. paded gui to cir anest she an 18-month prison sentence. her lyers are asking for time served. president trump weighs in on former vice president biden chances at winning back the white house. news4 tracie potts has more onh thatad of the president's speech to the nra. si reporter: overnight prent trump tells fox former vice president joe biden could win the democratic nomination for president. >> he's not the brightest light bulb in the group, i don't think. but ham has a n that they know. >> reporter: biden's announcement on thursday focused on mr. trump. e for the n the bat soul of this nation. >> reporter: later in delaware -- >> hey, guys. how are you? >> reporter: biden doubled down on what is expected to be a central theme of his campaign. president trump's influence on america's values. >> america is cing back lik we used to be. ethical, strabt, telling the
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uth zbljts. >> reporter: on fox the president shot eoback. >> pe forget there was tremendous division during the obama administration. rit noe great s >> reporter: we could hear more later in morning when president trump addresses the national rifle association in indianapolis. last year in a free-wheeling speech at the nra he med headlines on everything fromo kanye west tun policy. >> we strongly believe in allowing highly-trained teachers to carry concealed weapons. >> reporter: but it is the possible trump-biden face-off that has washington. buzzing >> he could unite our party and our country. >> no chance of -- that he could take on donald trump one-on-one. he doesn't have the stamina, he doesn't have the smarts. >> reporter: first he has to fight his way through a crowded democratic primary.en presidtrump also said in that interview overnight, bernie sanders could end up being his democratic challenger next year.
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racie potts, nbc news, washington. coming up, video games aren't just for fun any more. when "news4 midday" we'll introduce you to some r l varsity gamers and how they're using skills to score money for college. ckn just a bit. i
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as the country deelts -- deals are the largest measles outbreak in years, hundreds of college students in california have been put under quarentine and there are concerns that infeed students may have exposed others to the highly-contagious miguel almuer has the latest. >> reporter: in an effort to stop a measles outbreak from spreading, health officials ordered the immediate quarentine of 325 people at two high-profile universities in california. the move sending shock waves through the cal state los angeles and ucla campuses.
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>> measles a i was like what? where did that come from. >> we're still walkingou ar, here we are exposed and it is just wrong. that is -- that is just disgusting. >> reporter: at cal state, nearly 200 employees and students may have been a expose to student with the measles at library.l busy everyone ordered to stay home. here aer ucla anoth contagious student attended classes. initially 127 students and faculty were quarantined in one of the buildings on campus. ofcials won'tay where and that number i dropping. the health department confirms if those being held can provide proof of immunity, they're free to go. the u.s is in the midst of a largest measles outbreak since the disease was declared eliminated nearly two decades ago. the cdc sd so far this year 695 cases have been reported across 22 states.
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california has 38. >> that is an increase of 15 cases from last week alone. >> reporter: the virus known to be highlygi contaous. >> the infectivity rate is high for measles. the chance that you will get measles in a room with somebody o has measles is somewhere like 90%. >> reporter: if you e wondering if you and your children are safe the cdc said to try toind your immunization records. if you do not have ddocumentation, you shoul immediately get vaccinated. they say there is also no harm in getting another dose if you've already had it. >> that was nbc'sal miguel guer reporting. experts say one person with the measles could infect thousands. just one of them. th i quarentine at uclas expected to last between 2 and 48 hours. don't let the name fool you. kissing these blood-sucking insects are dangerous and spreading.
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kissing bugs bite people's faces and cdc said those could spread an illness that may lead toll potentia life-threatening conditions. kissing bugs are common in warm climates in southern states but they are mov.g north dssing bugs carry a parasite that could causeease and all sort of diseases sand they can be deadly and they could even cause hrt failure years after infection. the cdc said the best way to protect yourself is to remove wood piles and brush from your home and turn off the lights when you go to bed because the bugs arettcted to the light into high schoolers can get a letterman's jacket in video games.s e sports i growing at schools. wiol the potential for cge scholarships. nbc's liz mclaughlin has details. >> reporter: yohan swartz like the star quarterback. >> it is all orntal. >> repr: of e-sports. defeating hundreds of other high
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schoolers in the fall majorssh champi. >> we're not weightlifting or running suicides in the basketball urt, we're here training at the computers and hand-eye coordination and strategy. >> reporter: competitive video gaming is a new varsity sportt a bradford prep in north carolina. >> it is more than just kids playing video games. e sports is a sports league. >> rorter: a league that includes hundss of schools across the country. >> as long as they have an internet connection, they're able to be a part. >> reporter: and it is already having an impact. >> we've seen with school spirit and just all of the younger students looking up to the students on the e- ortsteam. >> reporter: as johan shows me how to take out opponents in fortnite and his success is in part to his parental support. >> my parents saw what this gaming industry was and where it could take us. >> reporter: a potential pathway to higher education. >> so many colleges are calling about scholarships and different
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opportunities. >> reporter: or even a job. in the $43 billion video game industry. >> which is a lot of money. >> reporter: and johan wants a piece of that >> would you like to go to a pretty -- a pretty decent slice. >> reporter: liz mclaughlin. >> how do you like that? whatoro you have planned f this weekend? well you and maybe a few million others are headed to see the latest and said to be the final avengers installment in aleaters -- in theaters, if i could t when "news4 midday" continues, tommy mcfas cool things to check out so don't go
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i'm leon harris. tonight on harris's heroe we introduce you to a man who
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started a nonprofit to help students of eastfrican decent get into college and he's helped dozens of students get into the top sools of the country. awarebecame more and more that students who are absolutely capable of matriculating to highly selective schoo like harvard, princeton or m.i.t. or stanford are settling for less because of the cultural disconnect so we do here is provide a deeply concerted collegeccess program that is culturally sensitive. >> he and the institute for east african council on higher education is on tonight on news4 at 4:00. >> thanks, leon. local artistic talents and ternational flavor and some awesome events. tommy mcfly tells us what is on ta for the weekend. >> tons of fun happening lighting up the night sky as one love manassas is tonight through sunday at the manassas museum. we're talking a chasing light
11:23 am
display -- ♪ >> music and family fun for everyone at the manassas museum. >> one i love a celebration of life with the arts. media event so there is a representative of all different kinds of art. t in georgia, we say wee w the taste of france andus bon, the first 250 people to show up tomorrow and sunday get a free beret. awesome con at the convention center in downtown d.c. with thousands of people, most of which in costumes celebratinghi all ts comics, fantasy and fun so downtownor will be me lively than usual. and speaking of superheroes, avengers: end game is in theaters. is is the massive conclusion to the epic marvel journey and according to reviews online, fans are pretty pleased withhe whole situation so far. no spoilers here, though. i'm tommy mcfly and that is what
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we have on tap forour weekend here on nbc4. >> thank you, >>tommy. so we turn things over to amelia because we're in weather-alert mode. gray out there w now. son do things startin percolatg and rumbling around here. >> lookingt the latest information i do think we'll have someortrong thunderstms moving through. between about 1:00, 2:00 p.m. until 5:00 p.m b so a littleit earlier than usual and earlier than last friday. there is the threat for strong gusty winds that could produce wind damage and heavy rainfall leading to isolated flooding concerns. the national weather service has not -- [ inaudible ] because we're seeing the potential for strong thunderstorms out there. they are a well. here is what you could expect. scattered showers now. even rumbles of thunder down in st. mary's county and the heavy rain and thunderstorms moving through between 1:00 and 5:00 with about an inch of rain possible in some locations. gusts at maybe 50 to 60 miles
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per hour and maybe an isolated tornado. theres the threat with winds. it would be similar if it happened to what we saw on friday in reston where the tornado was rated an ef-0 but still the risk. you need to be weather ready, bottom line, this afternoon. and the timing w future weather. this is new, notice that we're still mainly dry out there. maybe a few spotty showers. some areas right now getting o little bit sunshine. and that is going to help to destabilize the atmosphere. as we move toward 2:00 p.m., check outer this line v clearly here on future weather from winchester down through lieu ray on the way toha csville as well. this is where we get our severe weather from continuing to push toward the east. here we are at 3:00 p.m. it is in frederick county and aryland, loudoun, fauquier, prince william and fairfax county. look at the bright colors when t could see wind damage happening acros area. 4:00 p.m. it is moving through the d.c. metro area pntorince george's and ann arundel county. by 5:00 p.m. it is over on the
11:26 am
eastern shore. so small window for that chance for severe weather today.00 .m. still showers out there. i think as we move toward about 7:00, 8:00, 9:00, this is when we dry out. but the winds pick up overnight tonight. now currently we're pretty mild across most othe area. a little bit cooler north of washington. but 68 in the district. 70 down in quantico. 63 degrees up in frederick. and here is a check of storm team 4 radar once again. where we're seeing scattered i showers parts of northern virginia and including parts of -- moving into frederick county and virginia and parts of the panhandle seeing heavier rain and trackin thunderstorms in st. ry's county and then looking at the bigger picture, again it is this line that is moving through the areaeuring thfternoon hours. again between about 1:00 and 5:00 p.m. we're headed to break. i'll have more on the weekend cong up after the break.
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now to decision20 and joe biden's entry into the crowded democratic field. he said his campaign is a battle for the soul of america.e th president is taunting him as not up to the competition. andrea mitchell reports now. >> reporter: wh his 2020 presidential bid underway, joe biden is h sharpening campaign message. >> america is coming back like we used to be, ethical, straight, telling the truth, moving away and supporting our allies. >> reporter: biden marking the first day on the trail in his home slate of re. >> putting together i think a pretty good staff and kpap ability a websites. >> reporter: greeting at a pizza parlor in wilmington and later raiding money in philadelphia. the former vice president kicked off h campaign with a video aimed squarely at death penalty blasting the president's response to the deadly white supremacist rally in
11:30 am
charlottesville years ago and framin the 2020 election as a referendum for the president. >> if we give donald trump eight years in the white house he'll for ever and fundamentally alter the character of this nation, whoe are, and i cannot stand by and watch that happen. r: overnight president trump mocking biden on fox news. >> i've known joe over the years. he's not the brightest light bulb in the group. he's a pretty sleepy guy. he's not going to be able to do the job. >> reporter: biden is brushing it off. >> everybody knows donald trump. >> reporter: the former vice president trying to capitalize on the front-runner a status the 2020 rivals welcome him to the race. >> i'm glad he's in and he's joining an extraordinary field. >> reporter: bob biden is running on his partnership with barack obama and the former president is not endorsing anyone right now. >> i asked president obama not to endorse and he doesn't want to -- whoever wins this nomination should win it onei thown merits. >> reporter: biden is confronting past controversy reatment including his
11:31 am
of anita hill during the clarence thomas hearings and he called hill to express regret but she said it left her feeling deep unsatisfied saying i will be satisfied when i know there is real chae and real accountability andeal purpose. >> andrea mitchell reporting and sources tell nbc news that p biden's gamelan for the armediatee futur is to barnstorm the e primary states and then sadippear from view as he n fnkers dow for debate prep. ehest democratic debates take place at th end of june, f you could believe that, i miami. debates will be spread out over two nights because the field is just tha large. nbc news, msnbc and telemundo are sponsors of the debate. it has been five year since theater crisis in flint, michigan began and this morning the city's wer supply is still considered unsafe. five years now. in 2014 flint city began drawing water from the flint river ande many peoplecame sick from the
11:32 am
water. which was later found to contain high levels of lead. the water is now testing clean. but officials say additional tests are needed before the water can be considered safe. it is footage the world won' see forget. the iconic notre dame cathedralf engu in flames. no one was hurteut there wer some people inside when the trouble started and one of those ople, organist vohanexo in concert lay a benefit and found time to speak to news4's aimee cho. >> reporter: the key to making great music, johan vexa will tell you, it is being able to press forward, even in the face of loss. vexo has been the organist at notre dame for 15 years now. he was playing at mass when the flames broke out. >> i was -- it wasy reall something i couldn't imagine in my life. it was absolutely terrible.
11:33 am
>> reporter: he said he stood outside for two minutes but after that could no longer bear to watch. >>it's like a second home. i spend hours and hours, days, nights there. >> reporter: today vexo is spending the day practicing. he'll play a benefit concert at the i basilica northeast helping raise money to rebuild his second home. >> i cannot stop playing because of the tragedy at notre dame. you just hope to be able to play there again as soon as possible. >> rorter: it will likely be years before notre dame could be repaired but on a happier note -- >> the organ is undamaged. we still have to switch it on to buke sure that everything is okay. t the organ is still there. >> reporter: and with each note hepl ays, this organist is determined to press on. at the basilica of the national shrine, aimee cho, nbc4. >> and if you can't make it to
11:34 am
the benefit watch it online and we'll post a link on the nbc washington app, just search "concert". cedrick is leading this song here. four great things you want to know about t leracy lab fellowship in d.c schools
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wimpy trash bags? c'mon. hefty! hefty! hefty! hey ladies... buy hefty® ultra strong™ at a low price. dada! i wish... get hefty® ultra strong™le costs than glad® forceflex
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where sold head to head. there i an incredible effort underway in classrooms across the district. we're learning aboutso an a group of young men giving preschoolers a head start on reading and writing. molette green is working for you inside of the literacy lab. >> reporter: shining a spotlight on the literacy labs lding men fellowship program. we have the leading men here at thomas elementary school this morning. want to thank the pncipal and teacher tillman for letting us inside of the building this early in the morning with the fabulous young people.
11:37 am
okay. so ivan douglas is the program about theo could talk impact of this program in this schoolnd the other schools in the city and the plans going forward. four great things about the program? >>ure. we're employeeing young men and giving them an opportunity to go to college and mentorship s really important and we're giving them that every single day. and finally teaching little kids to be kindergarte ready so what is better than that. >> reporter: i love it. and we have aerial and miracle and xavier here learning this morning. toryn cooper, you came up through this program and you are a parafe proional in southeast d.c., how is this good for you? >> it has been incredible. i never thought abo becoming a teacher until i became a fellow and so how much -- saw how much of a positive impact i had on the academic and social skills and i'm excited to see the brothers continue in the same way. >> >> reporter: we want the lab to continue to grow and expand. for more information you could go to their website, what is
11:38 am
it -- >> the to get more. >> reporter: kids, wave to the camera. we're done. >> good sports. molette. so we have ourselves the friday to end the week because we have some pretty active weather going to be rolling in ethis afternoon so we ar weather alert here at nbc4. >> yes. so we have seen out of the 17 fridays we've had so far thisye -- >> but who is counting? we are. >> we've had some sort of rain on 14 of those 17 fridays. now today it is not just rain but the threat for severe weather as well. so here are your weather radlines. weatlert mode today for the potential of heavy rain and strong damaging winds impack -- impacting you between 1:00 and i00 and especially between 2:00 and 4:00the d.c. metro area. as we look to tomorrow, it is cool. even chilly out there anddy w for sunday, maybe a spotty shower or two. especially north of washington. new information coming in, i think we'll stay completely dry
11:39 am
out here. right now we're seeing plenty of clouds. degrees. we hit our high at about 1:00 p.m. ahead of the storms where they are still west of gton. 73 again will be our high temperature after a high yesterday of 77. 4:00 it is stormy out there and 're at 68 degrees by 7:00 p.m. the storm threat is over but still lingering showers. and temperatures around 64 at 7:00. it is going to be windy at 7:00 and throughout the day tomorrow. especially during the mor mng anday hours so starting off at about 50 degrees in washington. 40s in the suburbs. so if you are hmoding out ow morning, you want to bundle up. it is going to be kind of a shock to the system because it has been so mild this week. it is still breezy out there at 5:00 p.m. on your saturday. re of 68.tempera so when you factor in the winds it will probably feel more like 58 degrees. plenty of sunshine from start to finish on saturday. more cloud cover on sunday. we'll have mostly then partly cloudy skies. aybe a few spotty showers out there. sunday during the morning hours especially north of washington
11:40 am
with a clipper system. but i think that the d.c. metro areas do stay dry. 56 starting off sunday and awa ing high temperature of 74 degrees. here is a look at your storm team 4 ten-day forecast. in weather alert mod with the strong thunderstorms moving through the area. between about 1:00 and 5:00 p.m. we'll notice the winds especially on saturday out of the two weekend days. but still breezy on sunday. 68 for a highn saturday. 74 on sunday. as we look to monday, it is cool. plenty of sunshine but a high temperature of 66 on tuesday, we warm to near 80 degrees and then as we begin may it is looking unsettled with a chance for showers wednesday, thursday, friday and on into next weekend. wee headed to break and we'll be back in two min be back in two min [puthone ringing] remember the way we used to do things? hey man... like connect with friends? dig it! or get in shape? or sell a house and pay g real estate agent a bicommission.
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i'm melissa molette with closures for the weekend that
11:43 am
could impact people. talking about 395 first. inbound and northbound between duke street and pentagon city andrystal city, double lane closures and hov lanes open but th f rampm duke street to 395 will be closed starting friday at 10:00 p.m. and runs all the way through sunday afternoon. something else to think about here, also virginia. fair oaks eastbound 50 right there on your fair oaks mallsh down from 7:00 p.m. friday to late sunday night for work there. as we go to the north and west, loudoun, stumptn road between loyalty and new valley church closed on saturday between 6:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. now over to maryland for you here, taking a look at this. outer loop of the beltway, the bridge over suitland road, travel lanes will shift on saturday, double labe closures begin at 3:00 p.m. andontinue until 9:00 a.m. on sunday. have great weekend. >> thanks, melissa. so we're coming bac to you with breaking news. we have just learned that maria butina has been sentenced to 18
11:44 am
months in federal prison after being admitting to being a secret agent for the kremlin and has been jailed since then and as part of the deal she pled guilty to a single charge of conspiracy to act as an unregistered foreign agent and agreed to cooperate with investigators. if you are like most people, you open up your medicine cab 234 -- cabinet and see used or expired medications. tomorrow is the take-back day to get rid o drugs safely, but erika edwards reports there are ways to get rid of the medicin year-round. >> reporter: one way to combat the opioid epidemic begins in the medicine cabinet. according tat a nional survey on drug use and health, over 11 million people misused prescription pain relievers in 2017 and many got them from a friend or relative. >> if you have it lying around that is easy access to someone who could see what they have.
11:45 am
>> reporter: experts say the best thing to do is get rid of the medication once you no longer need it buty. safel many pharmacy chains such as walgreens and h cvsave kiosks inside of the stores to discard most of theire medic year round. >> there is people that will come in with bags of medication. they're not going to bring one at a time. >> reporter: if yo don't leave near a collection site, there are ways you can throw out medicine at home. the fda recommends mixing medication with something unsavory such as dirt or kitty t litter and pting it in a sealed bag andhen throw it out with your trash. if you throw out the prosecuton prescripottle make sure all personal information is remove and only flush medication if the label orcc apanying information specificall instructed you to do so. it is important spring cleaning that could have lasting impacts on health. erika edwards, nbc news. hi, i'm b chuckl and lisa
11:46 am
from the humane rescue alliance the feline behavior expert, she's going to be joining us today to tell us about kitty cat body language and some of the great little cats available for eoption. thes three litter mates? >> yes, they are. >> because i would have thought the black one might have been the black sheep of the family. >> no, not at all. >> they are cute cats. about how old are they? on these guys are about eight weeks old so soo be ready to go ho. >> so you're rule is two months and two pounds for adoption. >> yes. >> i'm a dog guy but about the cats. what are the good behavior and things to encourage and bad behaviors to discourage. >> well you want to s makee that you set up your home, that is appropriate for cats. they need a lot of vertical space and that is like shelves and cabinetry and interactive play with fther wands and little mice on strings. so a lot of ercise to keep these little hunter minds
11:47 am
hunting andl playing wil go miles with them. >> i'll bet. so now i have two sight hound dogs and i'm a believer of having two dogs because i think it i important they have someone else for a companion and someone else who speaks dog to the other one. ehe older one is supposed to explain it to younger one. good idea for cats as well? do they behave better, i guess, is my question,f they have a buddy? >> yes. that is a good point. especially adopting kittens. kittens have so much energy and it is so important, in my opinion, to adopt two at a time. they keep each other company. they -- they learn how to be cats with each other. thpl play,, play and it really takes a lot of the load off of you because you've got to get that energy out. and so what better person or cat to do it then a friend. >> sure. >> and cats are going to be live to be 20 plus years old. >> that is a lot longer than my
11:48 am
dogs i'm afraid. >> it is much easier to get two at one time like this, two kittens than to add another. >>o maybe baby kitten is trying to take a bite out of my hand. if we want to discourage that other than move my hand away. it is a love nibble but what are the body languagendigns of a cat that may be misbehaving or showing aggression. >> with body language, i think the biggest thing is to think about consent. letting the cata -- who-- letting the cat take the wheel in a sense as far as if they want to interact with you. so in that case, where he was nibbling on you, he wanted to interact with you, that probably wasn't the most appropriate way. so, yes, just remove your hand and maybe pet around the head, theea , and head and chin area. but watching that body language in that he's getting closer to you or moving away from you is a really good indicator of whether or not the cat wants to be in that interaction. so when i say let them kind
11:49 am
of take the wheel and inienate and d the interaction is one of the most important things we can do. they may not want to interact with you. even though they are right here and -- this little guy he leaned right into me like this. he's saying, okay. >> want to be close to you and interact with you. when they look away, like this little guy moving away, i'll do there for safety. but if this wer an adult cat in a home, i would not make him come>>o me. right. well thank you, sarah, for coming in. these little kitty cats will be available at humane roouk -- rescue alliancf and add one these guys to your house. and we'll get another check on the forecast on the weather alert day in m aent and tune nto "ellen" and 3:00 and stick nto "ellen" and 3:00 and stick around for you know when you're at ross
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say yes to those spring trends you love, at 20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices, every day. at ross. yes for less. n>> the wait for your package safe to get eve shorter. if you are an amazon prime member, the company is saying thursday it plans tohe shorten t current default free two-day shipping to one day for primeme ers. the e-commerce giant expected to spend $00 million in the current quarter to make the necessary imprements to implement the change into. >> and the u.s. home ownership change marking the first quarterly drop in o years according to census bureau dating. the the number is holding close
11:53 am
to average of just over 65%. one of the drops in the first quarter came from people underage 35 with their home ownership rate dropping 1% as younger buyers face higher mortgage rates and lower price inventory. with your cnbc morning business report, i'm kate rogers. n case you've been living under a rock, the "avengers: endgame"s in theaters and excted to breakox office records but signals theetart of th summer movie season. a time of year filled with super heroes and sequels andra more. fael seth looks ahead to the morant is pated moviesti hit the box office soon. >> "avengers: endgams the start of the blockbuster movie system and including a working vacation for spider-man in july. a new x-men origin story in dark phoenix andn even darker vision of the super power
11:54 am
conundrum bright bird. for heroes with merely morl powers get a second summer dose of chris hemsworth. keanu reeves reloaded for john wick 3 and the fast and furious spin off the rivalry between dway johnson and jason staj ham. >> and also disney has two live action interpretatio of animated classics with aladdin and the ln king. on memorial day weekend brings a blew toothodzilla and then a three generation reboot with shaft and a demon dog gets a digital upgrade. the animation delivers ryan reynolds voicingetective peekao the fork ou of town in toy get
11:55 am
story 4. for more mature audiences, crocodile rock saidrocketman and the man son murderers on once upon a time inod hollywo and charlize thearon is her summer movie. i'm rafael seth. ♪ ♪ >> we are down to the d of nbc sunday night judges j lo, and a neo derek hough will score for a spot in theorld final and the top scoring act will be one step closer to winning the $1 million grand prize. "world of dance" is on this sunday at 8:00 here on nbc4. let's get a final check of your forecast. we are in weather alert mode on thisriday.
11:56 am
hello, ma'am. >> hello, erika. so here is the latest check of storm team 4 radar and most getting a break r from then but peeks of sunshine will help to fuel the thunderstorms that are going to be moving in between about 1:00 and moving out by about 4:00, 5:00 p.m. and here they are right now on storm team 4 radar. this area of rain that i'm keeping an eye on back into west virginia. so scattered showers now. rain and thunderstorms between 1:00 and 5:00 p.m. we could see some isolated flooding. i'm not super concerned about widespread flooding but out driving during this time period, reduced visibility and hydroplaning is a concern. as well as wind gusts up to 50 maybe even 60 miles per hour in spots. that could lead to isolated wind damage and i can't low out a weak low-end tornadoas b on the wind profiles. here is your ten-day forecast. it is windy overnight as we dryu out and thr the day tomorrow and chilly. we start off in the 40s. only warm into the 60s. so you want the jacket on your saturday. still quite breezy out there on sunday. with highs in the low to
11:57 am
mid-70s. maybe a spotty morning shower,a especi north of washington. it is looking cool on monday with highs around 66. >> thanks, amelia. we're following breaking ne4 has learned maria butina has been sentenced to 18 months in federal prison after she admitted to being a secret agent for the kremlin and in jail since her arrest in july of 2018. we have more details on the sentencing finding those in the nbc washington app. that does it for "news4 midday." thk you for joining us. we're back on thehi air t get noon first at 4:00 but news and weather updates any time with our nbc washington app. have a great day. see you this afternoon.
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