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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  April 26, 2019 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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now at 11:00, chaos at a consignment store. a loc business picking up the pieces. >> we heard a bang and thought it was agun. >> tens of thousands of dollars in designer bags stolen. >> i've been in business 33
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years. this is the first tim anything like this has happened. there's a manhunt under way tonight for the person who set a fire at the building that held some of the nation's most cherishe cuments. >> we really need this person found. it's important. >> an emotional reunion. >> mommy. >> between the sailor and her young son. >> news4 at 11:00 starts now. >> we are wrapping up this workweek with a wild weather. good evening, i'm doreen gentzler. >> i'mim handly. gusty winds and a tornado warning for parts of maryland and virginia today. chopper 4 flying over this evenin where a tree crashed. police stopped traffic in bothn directio while crews big branches. >> we found children rescued from the school bus trapped under downed wires. thankfully nobody hurt here. severe weather moved out n and chief meteorologist doug
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kammerer explains what's in store for the weekend. hi, doug. >> friday, that means more storms. we've seen them last week. wst tornadoning was friday and the line of storms that came in earlier and you could see it pushing way out into the atlantic. behind he, notice wind direction here. the storm moving from south to north and now from north to south. what does? that mean that is a much colder direction for the wind and let's take a look at this. wind advisory in effect for areas in the brown, that includes montgomery county, howard county, northern and the west, winds could be gusting upwards of 50 miles per hour tomorrow in this area. right now, the gusts at about 20 to 30 but the big deal i think is tomorrow morning. take a look at this. a these the wind chills tomorrow morning. future wind chills until around noon tomorrow and 45 martinsburg and actually starting off in the 30s in some locations early tomorrow morning. yeah, get out the jackets. i think you're going to need
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them early tomorrow. i'll show you what this means for the rest of the weekend. that coming up on full forecast. i'm back in ten minutes. >> all right, we'll see you then, doug, thank you. nly on news4 tonight, check this out. a shocking smash and grab, it's all caught on camera. one of ourar ea's best nsignment stores. look at this exclusive surveillance four men d in dark colored hooded sweatshirts walk up the stairs. suddenly, one shatters the case with the hammer and grab three expensive handbags leaving employees and the store in tier. >> it was scary. ob >> reporter: rd around 3:00 stealing three herms handbags,
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total value, $36,000. >> the scariest part, we thought it was a gun. >> the score is kind of discombobulated and we'll have to put it back together. >> reporter: store owner said she just celebrated 33neears in busiss. >> this is the first time anything like this has happened. >> reporter: first time? >> first time in 33 ryears. >>orter: she tells me an hour before the robbery, the suspects cased the joinow shg their faces on camera. look at these photos. after the robbery, they smashed e front door and this photo captures them hopping in the getaway car. while police collect evidence andnterview witnesses. >> dirt on their hands when they ran out and i think also some blood here. >> reporter: everyone hopes they catch the crooks. >> the police are doing their job. i have faith in the dcpd they'll find these guys. er will have the o to replace this with glass but
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if you recognize the thieves shown on the video, contact dc n northwec, sho mar r stone. the live desk with the search for the suspectedar nist. >> reporter: the manhunt launched to catch this fire starter. news4 scott macfarlane broke this story today. the suspect targeted an american night, the st national archives houses some of the most precious documents in our country's history like theo inal copies of the u.s. constitution, the declaration of independence. we want to give you another look at the suspect here from aff ent angle. you can see him running through that crosswalk there. the building's public museum closedewo hours beforhis happened. the national archive sent us a picture of the gas can used in
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this attempted arson. you can seeof here somhe burn damage along the marble there. dc fe was able to knock down the flames before they spread. >> we take the protection of the documents very seriously. so yeah, we really need this person found. it's important. >> reporter: the feds are telling us they hope tips from dealers help catch their man. at the live desk, leon, pnews4 ice searching for two men after another man was shot inside a car just feet from a high sool in northwest dc. the car window shattered from what appears to be a gunshot. it's near first a n streets. the victim was targeted. we're still working to get an update onis condition. new at 11:00, polic just released a new picture of aan who may be connected to a ridero share ery. last week, a woman told news4 she mistakenly got into a man's
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car after a night out in dc's new street and thoughtt was a ride share car but instead of dropping her off and leaving her, the driver followed her into her bethesda apartment building and had her handgun and credit cards inside. a different man later used credit card that sre in arlington landover and these are pictures from the stores. if you can help identify either of these emen, polic would like to hear from you. a band of atm thieves strikes again. thisne even more aggressive. by our count tonight, it's at least the ninth hit in three months. last night's heist began the way they always do, smashing the stolen truck through a window of a 7/11 store. this time, it's the store on south dakota avenue northeast dc. unlike the pndvious smash a grabs, this time, the group attacked employees inside the store. >> once inside, they forced two
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employees to theground. they robbed them of personal property. >> sometimes the thieves get away with the atm. la night, they did not. police found three of the atms stolen in past robberies on fire in an empty lot in prince georges county. university of virgini ba basking in the glow of the first ever men's basketball championship but uva's title celebrations will not include a white e visit. coach tony bennett declined the invitation. bennett signed it's scheduling issues but star deandre hunter retweeted the anno cement addin, quote, no thanks, trump. end quote. this is the third year in a r since trump took office the ncaa basketball champions has skipped a white house visit. our earliest museum scene is getting a big boost this weekend. >> bethesda's chevy chase high school launcng a pop-up
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museum. it's what they call toxic aspects of teen culture. >> news4's jackie bensen just got bac from what she's calling an eye opening perience. jackie? >> this is the montgomery county high school that made national news recentlyhen some female students learned a male student had created an electronically shared list ranking them on appearance. young women protested the punishment a those insufficient. this pop-up museum references thatat mter and any other ibulations represented by teenagers today. >> this is shai la, representing gis pressured by septembers and people they see using sponsored products and feel like these people look up to use them as well, they'll get the same level of beautiful. it is an overwhelming unflinching look. >> we specifically look at the change in middle school and high school girls. >> reporter: the pressures facing teenagers considered by many to be privileged by income,
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education, and race. the pop-up museum was created inside an old bank of america branch on the 7300 block of wisconsin, a couple from bethesda chevy chase high school. >> the girl who represents underage >> started as a project in lthropology and get a sense of what life wase for teenagers today and kind of dispel the myth they have it easier than we did when we were teenagers. >> the exhibits are dark and . dizzying issues weaponized by social media. underage drking, sexual assault, pressure to attend elite colleges, pressure to dress a certain way. one exhibit used american girl dolls to illustrate pressure to photoshop a certain way. >> orte they sta photoshopping photos, it's kind of a cycle you can't get out of. you can't go back and say, actually, i don't look like this. >> the museum runs through
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sunday. morrow, there will be panels on subjects that include the college admissions scandal and the school's own appearance list scandal. in the newsroom, jackie bensen, news4. >> a t aic for discussion that museum, that pop-up, thank you, jackie. fairfax city police arein investigat unlawful filming at a local gym. according to court documents, a man changing clothes aanthe plet fitness at lee highway noticed a phone stickingth out nearby gym bag that seemed to be recording. they got the person who came back to get the bag. he initiallyd denie they were his belongings, but then he took off. police have identified him as a foer physician who was convicted in 2015 of sexually assaultingies at a manassas medical practice. fairfax police not yet filed charges. we're working foritou wh the weekend traffic warning. >> yeah,p big heads tonight, folks.
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part of route 50 in virginia will be closed, so crews can perform emergency construction. all lanes of eastbound route 50 near the fair oaks mall close at 7:00 tonight and they're going to remain shut down until late sunday. drivers should follow detour signs and expect delays throughout the area. now, traic on route 50 westbound will not be impacted. this is a live lookver reagan national airport where a large emergency drill will be held tomorrow. the government requires dris take plavery three years so that agencies are prepared for a real disaster should one happen. tomorrow's drill will invol a simulated plane crash on a runway. don't be alarmed y if see smoke and fire. lots of police cars and fire trucks and people with realistic looking injuries. it is only a drill. this is our favorite story. next at 11:00 tonight, it's what any mom wants to hear after a
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long time away from her kids. >> mommy! >> our news4 cameras were rolling as a lunal family reed. >> i must have watched that 15 times today. it'sust the best story we have. this is not the best story we have. look at this. the windchill tomorrow morning. 39 leesburg, 37 in frederick, 43 in good faithering burg. that's 9:00 a.m. who's g games tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m.? this guy.ou we'll tal the rest of the weekend.
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everyone's got to listen to mom. when it comes to reducing the sugar in your family's diet, coke, dr pepper and pepsi he you. we're working together to do just that. bringing you more great tast beveraor no sugar at allr. smaller portion sizes, be clear calorie lals and reminders to think balance. because we know mom wants what's best. more beverage choices, smaller portions, less sugar. >> watch this next story without
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smiling. it's a story of a school as assembly for militar kids that turned into an emotional reunion today in alexandria. >> amy choe was there when a first grader whose mother was deployed for the last seven months returned. ♪ o say can you see >> for those who serve overseas -- ♪ through the perilous flight >> there are loved ones missing back at home. today, riverside elementary doing their part to honor that sacrifice. an assembly to appreciate military kids. kids like ar7-ld jj stephens. >> t onk you for taking care me for the past couple years. >> reporter: jj reading a letter to his mom. she's in the navy stationed in djibouti, africa. if only she could hear him now. >> i love you with all my heart. you're the bestom ever.
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love jj. >> reporter: little does he know the best mom ever is fresh off a 16 hour flight waiting to surprise him. >> i'm anxious. i hope he cries. i really need him to cry. make the 16 our flight really worth it, you know. >> reporter: we asked jj when he thinks his mom is coming home. >> next december. ill be 8 when she comes back. >> reporter: ast turns out, he'll still be 7. >> mommy! >> reporter: also there today, the rest of everett's family to help welcome her home. everett will be home for a week. now next up on their itinerary, heading off to lego land. >> you look so. handsome i missed you. >> reporter: in alexdria, amy cho, news4. >> been in the navy for nine years. you think he was glad to see his
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mama? >> so. i think he was. the best day of that young life. boy. pretty cool. geek it's cool to be a this weekend, did you know that? >> only this weekend though. e seventh annual awesome con takes over dc this weekend. festivies und way at the washington convention cent . the pop culture event brings together people who live the comics, they love tv, movies, toys and games too. they also don't mind getting in costume and mugging for the cameras. a big attraction this year is the entire collection of batman costumes from all the movies over t years. >> we're really here to put as much cool stuff out there. myis mind blown that it's grown this far. organizers expect 80,000 people to pack the convention center td.s week many of them like doug will be dressed as their favorite characters. >> you're going to a wookie?
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>> i'll tell you, they've got all the batman. even the george clooney batman costume. god, that was the worst thing. i tell you. >> it would be cool to see the evolution. >> it would be. that is just, so esome, awesome. >> maybe we should all go omdoors tomorrow morning. >> torrow morning, it's going to be qui chilly. it really is going to be kind of a shock out there and i keep saying this about arents going to games and stuff. you go to the games tomorrow, wake up around 8:00, get the then to walk the dog and let me go back in. wait a second here. hold on. we need the jacket. i ran, it'slly going to be that much colder after a high today in the 70s. take a look at this. we've got 77degrees, the high temperature today. yeah, look at that. 75 gaithersburg and then near 80, quantico and fredericksburg near 80 degrees toy. look at this shot.
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pretty gd out there rig now. 59 degrees. winds out of the northwest at 14 miles per hour. we are in forome chill. and this is why. we've got the wind coming on through the air and all because of the storm. the severe weather made its way up towards the north and easter very, v quickly and now we're seeing the return. so again, the storm, very warm air behind it and cold air with rather windy conditions and it's going to be down right windy during the day tomorrow. showingght now still shower activity towards parts of southern maryland. back around wynn chester, frederick county seeing shower activity there too. now the wind gusts currently not too bad. 20 to 30 miles an hour. cambridge.on, 33 28 in frederick but tomorrow morning is when this really gets into effect. it's actually the wind advisory goes into effect at 2:00 a.m. it's until 3:00 in the afternoon and includes howard county, montgomery county, loudoun county and backo the west including most of west virginia and the dc valley.
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fredericksburg, you'll still see strong winds there too. 20 to 30-mile-an-hour winds area wide. i say dc andd southern marylan gets 20 to 30-mile-an-hour winds. gusts at 50 miles per hour. that could produce some tree damage. we saw some today. we could see some tomorrow. heads up for that. again, the windchill tomorrow morning, 30s and low0s 4 will warm though during the afternoon. a chilly start. winds 20 to 30 miles per hour and a betteraf ternoon. going 69 degrees. 73 on sunday. i jumped a day here but 69 degrees on your saturday. there it is right there. 69, raert coth cool and windy. 66 on monday. we're goingn down but the shoot right back up. a front around our area, if we're below the front, we're at 83. front is below us, we start to cool and tn that's what we've got here. the front meandering. first couple of days of may.
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cinco de mayo on there. 71 degrees and then ses de mayo. there's my birthday. 72. >> plenty of time to get him a gift. >> just letting everybody know. >> putting the word out. >> i don't likl to tel anyone too early but now it's in the ten-day forecast. >> got it. >> we'll make sure. after this break, head down to nashville to the nfl draft. redskins have two picks tonigh t find out whoy selected to help out their new quarterback next season. >> kerry hass sport next. first, jimmy falls . >> sting i guest tonight. talk, perform and ♪
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this is thefi xnity sports desk. day two of the nfl draft still going on right now and the
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nfl draft kind of takes longer than driving across the francis scott key bridge at 5:00. redskins took care of the rarterback and passhing needs last night looking to address needs at wide receiver, free safety, left guard. i could keep going but the poine is, still need some good players. and in the third round, numbers at 76th overall. the skins, they got their wide receiver. former teammate, dwayne haskins. washington drafted terry mclorn, out of wide receiver ohio state. the eighth him as best wide receiver in the drafti mclorns fast, ran a 4-3-5 and willing blocker and good special teams. redskins tradee the other to th bills to get two fourth round picks. now you guys having a good time? friday night? >> i love working. >> the workweek is almost done. everybody's jacked abo that. cool. well, i'm goingo be debbie downer now, huh?
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today marked last time the 19 capitals were together as the team cleaned out their otckers today. i chose n to show the clips to bring us down even more but you can bet the guys are still pretty devastated about how the seasonde en >> personally, it's different because i had to watch from the sidelines and as painful as it is being on the ice when you're eliminated, i've done both inow. hink it's a lot harder when ere's nothing you could have done about it >> this time, it really kind of sucks from that perspective. you go from out with your best buds every night and then it's over and the business kind of part of the game takes over this time of year and that's difficult for guyse that on the move. >> just as disappointing for me,
11:27 pm
lost their playoff year.a tradition. matt scherzer, advantage, machado. we're tied up at 2. seven innings. oh, in the eighth, pitch getting away from gomes and n the nationals are down one. but check this. 21-year-old carter making his big league debut.e his dad in th corner you're seeing. hits a home run. his first career and so we're tied at 3 but in the ninth, sean d do lite gives up. first lost of the year and nats lose this one 4-3. meanwhile, the orioles in minnesota taking on the twins. alex cobb in the first inning. not so good. nelson cruz takes two home runs out in that one. twins up there. xt up, eddie rosario goes deep
11:28 pm
as well. that's two back-to-back home runsgainst cobb. and there, ght? no. a third. cj takes it deep. back-to-back-to-back home. ru 6-1 is your final. >> any good news? >> the good news is the weekend is coming around. >> we already talked about your >> we already talked about your birthday earlier, man.
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>> tgif. check out the fireworks they were blasting off over the river tonight. looks like the wind didn't mess those up though. >> pretty tight though. >> thank goodness for that. th's amazing. >> have a great weekend, everybody. we'll see you monday. >> good night. ♪ (vo) i know what you' thinking. electric, it's not for you. andelectric just doesn'tht. have enough range. it will never survive the winter. charging stations? good luck finding one of those. so, mayb electric car isn't for you after all. or, is it? ♪
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