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tv   Today  NBC  April 27, 2019 7:00am-8:00am EDT

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good morning, weekend washout, severe storms slamming the east coast overnight affecting millions of americans from north carolin to massachusetts. >> oh, my lord. >> tornadoes, ferocious floods and hail the size of quarters causing chaos on the ground. >> some of the worst devastatioe that wseen. >> the storm also forcing the cancellation of hundreds of flights and it's about to go from bad to worse, another major storm moving in th middle of the country set to drop as much as a half a foot ofdy snow. n is tracking it all. i can land the plane, an explosive new "washingtonost" report claiming deputy attorney general rod rosenstein pleaded
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with president trump to keep his job last year and to oversee thu eller investigation. critics saying the conversation was cometely inappropriate. >> he shouldn't be talking to the president about an investigation into the president under any circumstances. >> as the president calls the mueller investigation an attempted coup. we're live with the latero. gng measles scare. more than 1,000 college students and staff members at two los angeles universities under quarantine amid fears the highly contagious disease could sprd likewildfire. this morning, advice that could save your life. all that plus plane defects a star defensive end just drafted by the san francisco 49ers apologizes for past tweets so claim are racist but not allan 49ers fs are satisfied. royal baby watch, anticipation growing for the arrival of harry and meghan's first child with the british press upset about the couple's secretive plans. and what a marvel, avengers
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end game shattering box office records with millions across the country racing to the theater to watch their favorite superheroes battle it out. today, saturday 19ril 27th, 20. >> from nbc news, this is "today" with sheinelle jones, peter alexander, and dylan reyer, live from studio 1a in ckefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today," thank you for joining us on this saturday morning, dylan, sheinelle, and i like to telln me childre to call me hulk these days. >> is that why you wore green that's captain america to you ads. this is big weekend. >> oh, my goodness, i was looking at the numbers, opening weekend exprited to bng in, what, $300 million in north america. the fact tt people had these 24 hour showings, 2:00 a.m., 3:00 a.m., and our senior producer was just saying this is long movie. you're not coming out until five in the morning. >> brian's got a 10:00 front row
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seat, which i not good but it's the only night he could get sunday night 10:00 p.m., front row. >> unbelievable. >> we want to get right now to our top story. it is the nasty weather slamming the east coast overnight as another major storms quickly making its way to the plains and midwest. it could look like winter in plenty of places by the end of thisdy day. n is here with more on that. serious storms moving through. >> crazy we're talking about snow, too, but the new storm systemould dump up to 6 inches of snow in some places today, this as whe northeast dealsh the after math of the last big storm. >> the storms were intense, driving, damaging wninds, uprooting trees, hail, the size of quarters in the northeast, floodingn iohio and thunder outside new york. sometimes catching people off guard. like these beachgoers in
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virginia, this twitt user describing the scene. oneinute it was nice and the next minute it felt like a hurricane. more than 900 flights cancelled in the u.s. friday and more than 5,000 delayed. the south still picking up the pieces after the viostnt storm syem moved through. >> some of the worst devastation we have seen to be concentrated. >> tornadoes flattening homes, snapping power lines and trees. what's different about this year's tornado season is that so-called tornado alley has been unusually quiet. instead, the south has seen the brunt of the damage. this week, there were at least eight confirmed tornadoes in uisiana alone. a deadly system carving a path of destruction across several states. and we areoing to see this storm system pull away from the northeast today. however, across new england we have heavy rain through down east maine, also heavy rain moving through connecticut and moving through montana, too. w thl exit but on the backside of it, we have very gusty winds. winds could gust in this area in
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blue here where the windvi ries are posted up to 50 miles per hour as we go through the day today. that could create some isolated flight delayll as this is our next system. this is the snow maker that's going to movehrough the midwest. we're even seeing snow through central and eastern south moving heavy rain through iowa right now, but look at where the winter weather advisories and watches are in effect, even winter storm warnings that ilude the icago area, so this is going to be the area where we do see that heavier snow begin to velop especially as we go into this afternoon, overnight chicago will likely see that snow, same goes for southern michigan and it eventually moves into new york, especially off lake ontario and lake erie before it transitns torain. how much snow could we see, there is the possibility a widespread 2 to 4 inches, this area across southern wisconsin, northern illinois, and northeastern iowa could end up with choser to 4 to 6 inches, especially on the colder surfaces. peter. >> let's turn to politics, a
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new "washington post" report detailing the extraordinary tngths deputy rod rosenstein went too keep overseeing the mueller investigation and remain in his job. nbc white house correspondent hans nickels is in washington with more. hans, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, we are leaing about how rod rosenstein as you mentioned, the deputy attorney general pleaded for his job after his loyalty to president trump was questioned and how he promisedt president that he would be treated fairly in the mueller investigation. ns aboutning new quest what deputy attorney general rod rosenstein did to save his job last september. rosenste, according to "the washington post," pleaded with president trump to keep him in charge of the investigation led by special counsel robertmu ler. i give the investigation credibility rosenstein reportedly told the president. i can landla the p. but mueller made no decision on obstruction of justice charges leaving that determination to rosenstein and attorney general william barr. >> the evidence developed by the sspecial counsel not
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sufficient to establish that the president committed an obstruction of j offense. >> "the washington post" reports stunning analysts who say it lls the entire investigation into question. 't >> he shouldn be talking to the president about an investigation into the president under any circumstances. >> reporter:n rosensteiho is set to leave his post next month has acknowledged the stress he faced while trying to muthe president. >> one silly question i get from reporters is itrue that you got angry and emotional a few times over the past two years. heck yes, didn't you. defended r: but he president trump's handling of the investigation while insisting that russia interfered in the 2016 election. >>here was overwhelming evidence that russian operatives had hackeom american cters and defrauded american citizens. >> reporter: rosenstein blamed critical decisions involving election interference on the obama white hse.
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>> the previous administration chose not to publicize the full story about russian computer hackers and social media trolls. >> reporter: president donald trump claims the mueller report cleared him olu colsion while also suggesting that the entire investigation was an attempt to remove him from heoffice. >> t tried for a coup, didn't work out so well, andne i didn' a gun for that one, did i. >> hans, there was a bizarre moment during friday's event in indiana, what happteed. >> repor as the president came on stage at the annualnra meeting, someone threw a cell phone on to the stage. it was a rare breach of security, an event where thousands of guns were on sp dilayr in the convention cente just next door. later the man was arrested. had peter b n on white house duty on that day or as we call him, captain america, that cell phone never would have left that man's hand. >> glad everyone wasfe. thank you very much. the race for the democratic nomination is kicking into
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another gear today. president trumpro and f runner ji joe biden taking shots at one another on friday a day after biden entered theace. garrett haake is in las vegas where some of the 2020 contenders are making their pitch to a critical labor union today. garrett, good morning. >> reporter: hey, peter, good morning, yeah, half a dozen democrats will be in las vegas mpeting for union support, while the race is two heavy weights, president trump and former president biden are already taking swings at each over over their age. with nearly 300 days until the first 2020 primary votesre st, president trump on friday looking ahead to a possible general election show down with former vice president joe biden. >> i am a young, vibrant man. i look at onjoe, i d know about him. >> reporter: the 72-year-old trump attempting to make a campaign issue out of the 76-year-old bid's e. >> if he looks young and vibrant
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compared to me, i should probably go home. >> reporter: in his first interview as a candidate, biden addressing severalsther iss that could dog his campaign, including physical interactions with women, se found uncomfortabl t >> i havebe and everybody has to be muchore aware of the private space of men and women. >> reporter: tt his recen conversation with anita hill about his handling of the clarence thomas confirmation hearings. >> i'm sorry she was treated the way she was treated. >> reporter: an emotional moment onset, a question about biden's eldest son beau who died of brain cancer in 2015. >> when i get up in the morning, i think about, you know, i hope he's pro of me. i hope he' proud. >> reporter: and on friday afternoon, the vice president's campaign announced they raised $6.3 million ints first 24 hours, surpassing beto
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o'rourke's 6.1 million. >> congratulations to vice president biden. >> reporter: a half dozen candidatesos fanned out acr five states on friday and attendees at those events say the vice president will have to earn their support. >> i like joe biden, but i feel like there's a lot oag bgage with him as well. >> reporter: does he have to show that he's more than just an extension of obama. >> think that he needs to show who he would be as the leader. >> reporter: and prent trump will once again skip the white house correspondents dinner in washington. he'll be holding aig campa rally in green bay, wisconsin, instead. i will take whatever odds 202at democr and biden will come up at that event. students and staff at two niversities in los angeles remain under quarantine amid fears that two people with the highly contagious disease could have unknowingly spread theircr germss both campuses. it's a major public health concern. nbc's mly hunter is in los
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angeles with more. molly, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. two of california's biggest state universities are still under quarantine. health officials trying to reach as many people as possible who may have been exposed so that number may keep growing. re than a thousand college students and staff members have been told to stay at home this week in one of the largest quarantine orders in state history. >> if you're not immunized, that is the risk. message from he health officials is loud and clear. >> we definitely know we have e re people who chose not to be immunized and nowve an eatbreak. >> reporter: the hd of the cdc, the u.s. surgeon general, and now even the president whoa wasn't a so supportive of vaccines all agree on one thing. >> they have to get the shot, the vaccinations are so important. this is really going around now. > reporter: it's the biggest outbreak since the cdc declared measles eliminaten 2000. 695 caseshi across 22 states ts year, the most, 390 inew york, and here in california, 38,
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includ g two students infected at ucla, and cal state los angeles. >> i remember when i got the e-mail, i told my mom, hey, did you hear there's a measles outbreak on campus, and she was kind of shocked too.or >> repr: this is bolter hall, it's back open now but university officials say this is the building where the intcted studenook classes. as soon as they figured that out, they contacted about 500 tuople, both snts and faculty in case they had been inside the building at the same time. the cases ite los angeles sm from two carriers who arrived here on international officials traced their movementn d those that couldn't prove their immunity were forced into isolation. >> you're not getting vaccinated, you're probably getting sick. >> reporter: the cdc says it's more than probably, 90% of unvaccinated individuals exposed to their v will contract measles. now measles is one of the most contagious viruses on earth and officials are taking itcr inibly seriously here. guys with the blanket quarantine over many of those cal state
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l.a. students sll in effect is morning, they have warned that anyone who doesn't obey the legal order to stay at home in isolation will be prlteosecuted. they're not messing report. >> natalie azar will join us. why you may need a booster shot even if you have been vaccinated in the past. it's a big story. >> a big story a lot of people are talking about. the miracle survival of the 5-year-old boy who was thrown over theor third failing at the mall of america. this morning, there is good news about his recovery. nbc's kathy parkeit is here w that story. when we first heard about this, it was terrifying to hear about that kid's experience. >> finally news we were hoping for. his family's attorney has revealed the boy is showing progress and is no u longerer sedation. new details showing the young boy is showing progress, and there is surgery and healing healed, his family hopes to have him back home by june.
7:15 am
>> this morning, 5-year-old landon who plunged nearly 40 ft from the mall of america and sent to the hospital with multiple broken bones and massive head trauma is showing incredible signs of recovery. friday afternoon, the family attorney shared an update by phone. >> we are so elated to letow yo kn that our son is nowanlert conscious, and is no longer in critical condition. >> earlier this week, landon was said to in intensive care under close monitoring after police s he was thrown over the third floor railing by emanuel deshaw emanuel deshawn arhonda. the 24-year-old confessed to the shocking crime telling police he came to the ml looking to kill an adult becauseal they usuly stand by the balcony but he chose a boy instead. aronda is charged with attempted murder. the pastor who visited landon
7:16 am
and his family showed signs of hope on easter sunday. >> there was zero evidence of brain damage, not just brain damage, there wasn't even any swelling in the brain. >> the support is growing for landon with nearly a million dollars raised online in the last two weeks. >> your love and generosity overwhelms and means so much to us. we have no idea where we would be without you, god and your prayers have sustained us. >> a family rooting for their little boy as he now begins the healing after surviving a horrific fall. and in a statement through the lawyer, landon's family says people from all over the world have reacheder out and anoth update on landon's condition may be shared next week. meantime, thesuspect's hearing is set for may 14th and such a tense time for the family the past couple of weeks, but finally some home. >> wishing the best for that little boy. >> so many people rooting for little landon. day three of the nfl draft kicks off later today, the
7:17 am
nation's best college players hoping to make it to the pro's itot all smiles. one player who was drafted second overall is facing intense criticism from the fans of his new team because of his past tweets. more now from morgan radford. >> for defensive end nick, bosa it was a dream come true. >> with the second pickn the 2019 nfl draft, the san francisco 49ers select nick bosa. defensive end,hio state. >> ba immediately hugged by his family but some 49ers fans in famously liberal san francisco aren't qui ready to embrace him this morning. that's because bosa has bee an outspoken supporter of president trump, tweeting in 2017, love this man, and posing next to a card board cutout of the president. bosa also calling former 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick a clown on twitter back in 2016.
7:18 am
kaepernick hasn't played in the nv nfl since h controversial decision to kneel for the national anthem protesting police v alence. bosao using twitter to slam beyonce and the black panther movie. he apologized. >> i definitely made some insensitive decisions throughout my life, and i'm just exciter to be h with a clean slate. i'm sorry if i hurt anybody. ief ditely didn't intend for that to be the case. >> the new 49er also saying his criticism of kaepernick is a ban decisi >> i mean, i respect what he's done. if it empowers anybody, he's doing a good >>thing. he reaction on twitter has been swift. sorry 49ers, i've been a fan for 30 plus years but now i done with you. another saying from colin kaepernick to nick bosarom a racist resister to a racist
7:19 am
troll. . but bosa is getting a support on right. a conservative commentator writing glad to see the 49ers will have a true america loving star who can not only play extremely well but will also stand for his country. the question now, will 49ers fans stand for bosa when he takes the field this fall. morgan radford, nbc news. >> i think he's the talking going forward. see what happens. the forecast. waiting on snow to move into illinois, soun s with wisconsin. here's a peek out your window. we have pretty strong wind gusts gusting to 30 miles an hour and only ireasing ntinuing through the day. gusts up to about 50 miles an hour. a wind advisory until:0 3 even after 3:00, breezy conditions. again, could havedo trees . could have power outages given
7:20 am
all the rain of yester ty. currentemperatures in the 50s. of course, feels little more brisk than that with these breezy winds. and that's your >> dylan, thank you very much. still to come, attorneys for new england patriots owner robert kraft, battling in court, trying to keep that massage arlor video from ever being seen at trial. plus, the little dancing plus, the little dancing
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7:22 am realize you can totally eat out more? that's yes for less. get the latest spring trends for your home at 20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices. at ross. s for less. we're back on a soaturday morning with the weekly download. >> the headlines were dominated by the president and the men and women who w rt toeplace him. >> the week began with the tragic attacks in sri lanka. all week police in sri lanka seared f suspected connects with easter sunday terror
7:23 am
attacks that left50 dead and hundreds injured. coordinated explosions rocking churches and hotels. >> investigato i says inspired the bombers but it's not clear ifhey directed, trained or funded them. >> at least four americans were among the dead. another person plunged to ttheir death athe grand canyon, at least the fourth in two months. >> 69-year-old cynthia ackley veered off the trail to a ledge tand haduble getting back. >> she's on the end of a point, and she's probably going to need -- >> officials saying they are not sure why the woman went off the trail. they're also asking visitors to make sure they're sta ng safe when they try to get the perfect selfie. eight people were injured wn a car ran pedestrians in sunnyvale, california. police say it appeared to be an intentional ttack. >>here was no skid marks, no indication of the vehicle trying to brake. >> the driver, isaiah peoples is charged with eight counts of attempted murder.
7:24 am
more trouble for boeing, this time with its signature 787 tieamliner planes, a "new york times" investiga raising safety concerns after production issues at a south carolina factory. >> boeing says it has substantiated and is fixing two out of ten claims, one of them metal slivers created during installation that were left dangling over crucial wiring. >> however boeing has pushed back saying the investigation paints a skewed picture. a potentially deadly chemical leak sent a toxic cloud over a chicago area suburb, tsrcing resid to shelter inside. >>ore than three dozen people, including eleven firefighters were hospitalized. >> the smell just hit me like oh, what is that. the nfl draft kicked off thursday nig with a quarterback from oklahoma headed to the arizona cardinals. heisman trophy winner, kyler murray, achieving his dreams by becoming the nfl's newest numben pick. >> all the hard work, everyone
7:25 am
who has been in my corner, pushed me to get here, i can't thank them enough. >> some of the week's wildest moments caught on camera. citizens in the right place at the right time, jumps into action to save a woman whose suv was syncing. dodging traffic, across a highway and scooted under a semi fore being apprehended by police. and dance like no one is watchingna this balleri put on quite a show at aed crowd easter sunday service in north carolina. this greatwhwhite got a little too close for comfort after it snapped at a chum bag. just as they say in jaws, we think he's going to need a bigger boat. >> i was waiting for it. there is. crazy. still to come on "today," with measles sweeping the nation, do you need to get another shot? we have important information
7:26 am
for you and your family. and the piano prod morning. don't worry. no spoilers here. but first, theseessages. 7:126 on this saturday apri 27th. good morning. i'm david culver. a check of headli breaking news from overnight. someone stabbing four people. this happened at the burtonsville village center.po lice got the call just after 1:30 this rning. what we know. some kind ofng gathering goi on at the time when the stabbings happened. investigators say they know who is behind the attack but have not released information on a possible suspect. also working this morning to get an update on the vick ims' conditions. uva basking in the glow of its first-ever men's basketball championship. its title celebrations will not
7:27 am
include a white house visit. coach tony bennett sent this tweet declining an invitation citingcheduling issues but star hunter retweed adding, no thanks, trump. quee/unquote. thhird year in a row trump took office the ncaa champion skipped a white house visit. it is a news 4 weather alert day around here because of strong winds that lauryn rick
7:28 am
7:29 am
well, wind advisory in place until 3:00 p.m. however, still breezy as we head through the ternoon, but until 3:00, wind gusts up to 50 miles ur. branches down, probably power outages. iven how saturated the ground is, a little brisk, temperatures in the 50s, into the upper 60s today.
7:30 am
rain showers, light stuff after 9:00 p.m. tonight and through the first part of tomorrow. david? >> lauryn, thanks. back here in 25 minutes with another local news update. for now, back to new york and the "today" show. we are bachi on t saturday morning, april 27th, 2019, it's a cool one outside here in new york city but we have a great crowd out on the plaza and some birthday girls as i understand it. some 10-year-olds out there. we'll have to visit in a little bit. our weather, fortunately, not nearly as bad as it is going to be in the middle of the country today. >> that's what tops our news. pas of the plains in the midwest could get as much as 6 inches of snow as a big storm rolls across the middle of the country. nasty weather pounded the east coast, high winds, even reports ofes tornado the storm forcing hundreds of flights to be cancelled. thousands more are delayed. interstate 70 west of denver
7:31 am
has jreopened this morningt two days after a 28 car pile up killed four people and set off a massive inferno that was so hot it actually melted parts of the highway. the driver who barrelled his truck into a line of stopped cars will appear in urt. he was arrested on suspicion of vehicular homicide. police say there is no indicaon that it was intentional. american todd linenger is free today. his mother posted pictures on facebook which is not verified by nbc news. the government claimed he was a foreign mercenary. the family says he was there visiting inlaws, the release comes amid failing diplomatic relations between veneuela and th u.s. embattled president nicolas maduro has cut ties since the trump administration throw support behind his rival. d> some whale watchers off the coast of sgo got their money's worst. look at that, this young hump back showing off, leaping out of
7:32 am
the hater at least adred times. this is great, look at that. this little enjoy not so little after all, only about the size of a school b but expected to grow a whole heck of a lot larger. the controversy surrounding robert kraft, the new england patriots owner high profile attorneys went head toead with prosecutors over a contentious court hearing. tammy lightni tammy leitner has more. >> reporter: it was quite the show in the courtroom, drama you would never see in a misdemeanor case but the defendant is a billionaire businessman and whatever happens in that courtroom will likely alter his legacy. >> they stand up here, theye , they shout, they scream. >> ts was no ordinary pretrial hearing. ers fighting from the start. at the crux of this hearing, whether video allegedly showing new england patriots owner robert kraft engaged in a sex
7:33 am
act will be allowed during the trial. >> i needed to observe that the money these women were receiving was dirty money from clients paying for a sexual service. the defense had 30 witnesses on stand by, but the lead tectidete on the case was the only one to take the stand, providing intimate details into the investigation. >> there was one evening in question where a groupt of eigh males got off a golf cart, walked into the establishment, came back outside and i'll use the analogy, touch down jesus, lifted his hands and walked back inside. at that point, i understood that this was not just a regular massage parlor, but one that was an elicit massage business. ng reporter: the spa offering bargain pricior customers who arrived early. >> they had an early bird special and that if you showed up before 1:00 p.m., you did receive a discount. >> reporter: in a previous filing, claiming kraft tried to use high profile status during a
7:34 am
police investigation. prosecutors say once kraft left the spa, he was pulled over in a car and showed e officer his perbowl ring. at the end of the day, defense attorneys only got through their first witness. how do you feel today went? >> i'm not going to talkbout this but nice to see you. >> reporter: court resumes on tuesday, the judge will watch both videos, he'll watch the videos privately nchamber, and these are videos that allegedly show kraft engaged in a sex act. >> dylan wack with another check of our forecast. >> good morninguys. it is certainly on the chilly side. that's for sure. detroit's only at 38 degrees. marquette, michigan 25shgs. chicago's 42, not warming up all that much more especially with snow on the way. stay on the cooler side today. chicago tays at 42. louisville 66 below average. new york upper 50s today. raleigh 75. not bad but still a degree or so below moaverage. toow it stays on the cold side. madison about 46 degrees for a
7:35 am
high temperature. cleveland only 48. albany, new york only 4 degrees. st. louis 62. close to ten degrees below average. next week, nothing really all that warm showing up. boston stays in the 50s through the week. detroit also in 50s. minneapolis stays in 50s as well. oklahoma city, a little cooler on tuesday high of ba66. up into the lower 70s wednesday. feeling nice. that's a look across the country. now here's a peek out your window. out our window, gorgeous. see the branches swaying in the wind we haveab prob. gusts up to about 50 miles an hour. weather alert out there today. a few showers later tonigbo after a 9:00, 10:00. we'll keep a chance for light showers through the first part of tomorrow, but tomorrow's still bresy a well. wind gusts out there right now starting to really ramp up. going to see again wind gusts up to about 50 miles an hour through at least 3:00 p.m. then breezy unti latest that's your
7:36 am
forecast. >> dylan, thank you. justhead here,hy the british press is upset about meghan and harry's plans about the royal baby. >> and how to protect your health with the massive measles outbreak, and e longest flu outbreak, and e longest flu season ever ca sun re is self care. i used to not love wearing an spf just because i felt like it was so oily and greasy and that it was going to clog my pores. but what i love about olay regenerist whip with spf 25 is that it's lightweight, it's barely there. and then i can put makeup on over it if i want or if i'm not working,ou know, just roll. it's perct for me. i'm busy philipps, and i'm fearless to face anything. be right bk. with moderate to severe crohn's disease, s i ere, just not always where i needed to be. is she alright?
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a pairos of l angeles universities have now been forced to quarantine themselves after p exposure to the measles. >> nbc medical contributor, dr. natalie azar is hereith that, and flu season as well. >> a lot of people are anxious about this measles. there's been so much focus recently in new york, and obviously this recent outbreak in the west coast as well. the presumptions if you got the shot when you were a kid, you're okay. are you okay? >> here's how you can tell if you're immune or what we call presumptive evidence of immunity, one if you have been sickened with measles, mumps of rue bella. the other thing we talk abo is if you were born before 1957, that was before widespread wecination, and most people, think, were probably infected with either measles, mumps or ha rubella, twould give you lifelong immunity. the other group to consider, if you were born between 1963 or
7:41 am
1967 you may not have received the live virus, which is the efficacious one. if that's the case, it is recommended you get the vaarine. >> what the guidelines because it varies depending on age, right? >> exactly. if you're in the pediatric age group betwes the age of 12 months and 15 months, you're getting your first shot and then you're getting a second shot between the ages of 4 and 6. if you are a college aged student, you are to get two doses of the vaccine, 28 days apart, and if you're an adult who has never been vaccinated, you're advised to get one shot. i should say, too, cdc has only been recommending since 1989 the two shot series.y it's ver important to be able to get your vaccination records. that's probably the best evidence that you can show that you've had immunity, and finally, i would say that if you're unclear and there's certain groups like international travel ergers, he personnel, talk to your health care provider about your status and i rnd going to the cdc
7:42 am
web site. it's very informative. >> measles i making lot of headlines. there's a lot of conversation about flu as well making a comeback, a second wave if you wi this season. the cd putting out its latest numbers. five states with widespread flu, four of them in the northeast, he fifth.s what's happening right now? >> so bally you can think of it this way, it's almost like we have had two different back-to-back flu seasons from october to the middle of february, and seeing the in predomce of h 1 n 1,s hich is lesrengthening than the one we have seen since mid february, happily we think we're near the end. we are seeing cases going less than the national average as per the last cdc counts. i say this a lot, flu season lasts all yearlong, technically, you can develop flu anytime throughout the year, and we often say in the fall that it can last well into spring, and we certainly saw that this year.
7:43 am
>> really dwiklqkly, are there y clues that lead you to ow that help you with the vaccine next year. >> they're doing it now. the last i read about it, the w.h.o. was picking their h1n 1 strains, i think they're adding two new ones, but this is the time it's happenie. they bas this on the experience that we had and what they're seeing in the southern hemispheres now, and that's how they make the decision about what next year's flu vaccine will look like. this is all before we gsa the univerflu shot which we're all hoping, you know, so we don't have to worry about these strains mutatg and losing efficacy. >> dr. natalie azar. thank you as always. coming up, the young piano prodigy who beat the odds to become a viral sensation. you're going you're going t i'm always going to be a maker. and i think a company is the coolest thing you can build. i'm adamand i make robots. you never know when inspiration is going to strike. so i take my surface pro everywhere.
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7:48 am
long to know 7-year-old avant man is is special. >> i taught myself to play piano. >> he was 11 months old when his mom sarah watchedn awe. >> he pulled himself up and started playing this melody. it didn't occur to me at the time that it wasac spectar. i just thought, well, you maybe some kids do this. >> even more incredible because avant can barely see. >> he can't see the keys. >> i'm blind in this eye, and visually impaired in this eye. >> sarah remembers when doctors told her he was born blind. >> i cried. i cried really i fe like i was being told he didn't have a future. >> but he soon showed her just how wrong that was. >> what do you want to be when you grow up? >> a rockstar. i have to learn how to play every instrument to be a rock star. do do you think you're going to be able to it? >> yes.
7:49 am
>> this is nothing that came from me. this is a gift. how can i hold this in to myself and not share it with the world. >> a gift he is now sharing. his videos on you tube have goni l. >> is playing piano easy? >> easy for me, but hard for everybody else. >> are there any limits? >> no. his calling is to bring light to this world. >> a little boy with an incredible talent for pying piano and spreading joy. for "today," kristen dahlgren, nbc news, dayton, ohio. >> i just got chills. >> i did. what a special boy. >> fantastic, i would go to his concert any day. >> he is a rock star. i think we can say that for certain. >> still to come right here, millions of fans flocking to the theaters this week to watch what's being called the final film of the avengers frandise,
7:50 am
en game. >> all ykn need to ow but no >> all ykn need to ow but no spoile
7:51 am
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>> announcer: this is "news4 today" news break. saturday, april 27th, 2019. good morning. i'm david culver. start way weekend traffic alert.
7:57 am
part of route 50 in virginia is clos closed for emeency construction. near fair oaks mall closed last night remaining shut down until late tomorrow. drivers should follow detour signs expect delays in the area. traffic on r 50 westbound no impacted. a heads up about an eco friendly event today. prince william county a compost awareness day, changes coming to what we can and cannot recycle. compostingto is another way keep waste out of our landfills. the day features workshops, free sales and buy a compost bin and plants there. starts ap 10:00, runs until 2:00. areas under wind o advisory this storm tm 4 weaeath
7:58 am
7:59 am
well, we have wind gusts out ere strong gusts. up to 50 miles an hour continuing through the day today. advisory in a wind until 3:00 p.m. after 3:00 p.m., not like the wind completely dies down. still seeing gusts up to mile assen hour until 9:00 tonight. current temperatures in the 50s. feeling brisk with winds as we go over the next 12 hours, plenty of sunshine. more clouds fill in tonight.
8:00 am
rain showers, slight stuff, after 9:00. continuing with that overnight through at least tst part of tomorrow. dry monday and tuesday. david? >> lauryn, don't go far. we'll mo> good rning, weekend washout. severe storms slamming the east coast overnight, affecting millions of americans from north carolina to massachusetts. tornadoes,od ferocious flos and hail the size of quarters causing chaos on the ground. st some of the wor devastation we have seen. the storm snarling air traffic, forcing the cancellation of hundreds of flights. and it'sbout to go from bad to worse, another major storm moving entooe into the mi the country set to drop as much as a half a foot of snow today. the president


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