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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  April 29, 2019 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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milder. 52 in annapolis. planner for oday --sun's up in just a little over an. hour the nice, long days of lengthening springtime temperatures in the 30s to around 40. sun's down just before 8:00. the 8:00 sunsets arre just two days from now. >> reporter: i'll have been a sleep probably by an hour or two by the time the sun sets. crashes in prince george's county. ccidents cleared to the shoulder. first hash had been before branch. the other at pennsylvania avenue,a think although the far right side of the roadway. also in la plata, turkey hill road, west of 301. it's closed near skylark. unfortunately, we have a crash. and the reminders, if you're driving across 50 at the bay bridge or 301 at the middletown effect wind warnings in for both bridges. no vehicle restrictions for either. just be aware. a little bit of wind to deal with early this morning. back to you. >> all right. thank you. we are f lowing some breaking news this morning out of southeast ington. >> a man has died following an a
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altercation a metro station. justin finch live now from the potomac avenue metro station with more on this. justin? >> reporter: at this time, investigators are still on the scene here. take a lookd behin us. the focus appears to be the far right escalator. you can see we still have transit police ae also som police here on the scene. investigators still here hours after we understand a man was stabbed. and he later died from his injuries, as well. let's take you to video here from overnight. this happening close to midnight, about 11:45 our sources tell us last night here metro potomac avenue station, here in southeast. again, investigators have the entire area here roped off, looking for clues, speiaing with potel witnesses and trying to piece together that led up the man's death here overnight. we can tell you at this hour no word yet on an arrest. but the investigation still very much in play this morning. as we come back out live, you
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can see commuters are now able to go downstairs and use the station. that was not the case here just moments ago. you know this year, you know it's very busy. right at potomac avenue and pennsylvania avenue, where they meetn here. there are neighborhoods and schools right nearby here. this, of course, is of concern for people who live and work in this area. again, at this time, no arrests. we can tell you, though, that there was a loout for potential suspects here. two males andne female said to be in their mid to late teens. we'll bring you more as it comes in to us. back inside to you. >> all right. justin finch,hank you. we turn now to saturday's deadly synagogue ishooting. th an aerial look at the chabad of poway synagogue in california. w worshippere gathered inside when the gunfire erupted on the final day of passover. one woman was killed and two men including a rabbi and young girl were injured. >> cory smith has the latest
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developments. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. yes, a tragic situation out there. hundreds of people gathered last night for a vigil.e let's t look. it was an emotional night filled with messages of peace and love at the synagogue. people there coming together to pray and show support for one another. those who spoke spread a message of love. >> this community always amazes how they've wrapped their arms around one another in times of trage tragedy. i just want you to know whoever you are, wherever you're from, long distance loves and we love you. >> reporter: just before noon on saturday, a man with a rifle entered the synagogue and opened fire on the people inside. one woman was shot and killil. we wbe laid to rest later today. three others were also injured.
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this could have been a l according to our sister station in san diego, the shooter's gun jammed, and that's when he was choiced out of the synagogue. coming up in the next half hour, we will hear from the rab who was shot in the attack. back to you. >>hank you. stay with us and the nbc washington app for continuing coverage on the deadly synagogue shooting. we will bng you updates on the n as soon as they become available. 5:04. developing in baltimore, one person was killed and seven others wounded in a sunday afternoon shooting. this happened during aal sidew cookout. detectives say a man approached the crowd and opened fire. investigators believe someone s starteoting in return. as many as 40 shell casing markers could be seen on the street and the sidewalk. the acting mayor asked anyone with information to come forward. >> people know whs doing these shootings and who's targeting different people. for people not to come forward
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and say who have done this looking for retaliation, that's not the way to go. >> no arrests have been made in this case. always developing this morning, investigators in seattle are trying to figure out if weather playe a role in the collapse of a crane. four people were killed when that crane snapped on top of a new google building on saturday. a colge student and two iron workers were amonghose killed. there were reports of strong wind in the area shortly before accident. the five men who were trapped in a cave near row no-- roanoke are freed. they became trapped during heavy rain. fisponders say the men were exhausted and showed signs of hypothermia when they were found. they are expected to be. okay this morning, investigators say a fire was started by an unattended outdoor fireplace at a home in centreville. >> people to were insidehe bronze post court home when the trouble started sunday morning. an adult and three children escaped by jumping from a second
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story window. the house partially collapsed. the flameestroyed a trampoline and an above-ground swimming pool, as the fam pet has not been found. g to fficials are try figure out how a man ended up in the potomac river over the wind. d.c. fire tells us this happened saturday under the key bridge. rescue crewsim rushed h back to the georgetown s e of the river. the man is expected to be okay. happening today, we may learn whether the man accusedf killing five at the offices of the "capital gazette" newspap will enter an insanity plea. earlier jarod ramos and his team were given additional time to consider the option due to the volume of materials the defense had to review. ramos' attorneys were considing entering a plea of not criminally responsible. also today, michael avenatti will be arraigned in a california court. the wellnown lawyer is accused of stealing millions of dollars from clients, lying to g onstigators, and cheat his taxes.
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avenatti was indicted earlier this month on 36 counts including wire and bank fraud. he previously represented adult film star stormy daniels who says she had a affair with donald trump and was paid money to keep quiet about it. president ump has denied those claims. >> the president appeared at a rally in green bay over the weekend and again sparked controversy with his comments on immigration. he told us carrot thaud migrants being held at the border are already being relocated to sanctuary cities. but nbc news says members of the trump administration s migrant relocation has nothappened. >> we're sending many of them to sanctuary cities. thank you so much. i'm proud to tell you that was my sick idea. >> the trump administration says legal and logistical issues make such a pla unrealistic. attorney general william edrr may back out of this thursday's schedul hearing before the house judiciary committee. the two-day hearing which begins n wednesday will be about robert mueller's russia report.
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democrats say on thursday they plan on allowing lawyers to question barr. the justice departmenays barr is fine with answering questions from lawmakers but has balked at the idea of being questioned by lawyers. it is unusual to have outside counsel ask questions during a house hearing. but committee leaders are allowed to me their own rules. > heads-up. metro is going to close stations south of reagan nationalkeirport this w for track work. news4's adam tuss is live at the braddock road metro station in alexandria. so adam, we understand this is just a test run of the much bigger shutdown that will happen this summer? >> reporter: yeah. this is about to get real interesting in northern virginia. and take a look, lot of the prep work is already starting out here at braddock road. usually you'd be able to park in thisarea. all of it being fenced off and all of this in preparation for the work that will take place. as you see people startinto get ready for work this morning. take a look at this video.ot we were here n long ago, taking a look at the bad platform conditions that are going onot a l of these outdoor
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stru oures. southf reagan national airport. every blue and yellow line station that's going to be shut down this summer. there are some bad conditions t here. ings that why metro says it needs to shut the stations down basically from memorial day until ore week after lday. we are talking about conditions that have created unsafe and unstable conditions on some of the platforms. take a listen to a city offic al inlexandria and how she described the situation. >> the platform restoration project is absolutely a safety issue. in is work that is necessary. >> reporter: yeah. so everybody here in northern virginia bracing for what's to come. we do get that test run this weekend. may 4th and 5th. this weekend. these stations south of reagan national airport on the blue and yellow lines will be shut down as ts prep work begins and as the engineering and all of this other work starts to take place here along the station. just brace yourself. it's going to be a long summer,
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and we get a tas of that coming up this weekend here in northern virginia. guys, back to you. >> all right. adam tuss. thk you. 5:10. investigators in s lanka continue their search for the terrorists who set off a series of bombs on easter. dozens of suspects have been arrested at this point. officials believe there are others, and they've targeted two declared terrorist groups suspected of having ties to isis. on sunday, a mosque in eastern sri lanka was searched, but officials have not said any evidence was found. the eter sunday bombings killed more than 250 people. > this week history will be made in japan for the first time in two centuries. the emperor will step down. tomorrow, 85-year-old akihito will abdicate the throne to his son, the crown prince. back in 2016 akihito announced that h would step down because of his age and health. the emperor has no political power in japan. however, what the emperor says and does has influence on the
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inuntry. some areas se mothers are driving in style. these women dedicated tohurp and family had quite the surprise at sunday services. og the community cameher and gave them the keys to brand-new cars. tears of joy and gratitude outside first baptist church of glenarden there. the moms had no idea the church had chosen them. derrick ward spo to a mom whose 8-year-old son is very active in the church. >> it was complete shock and surprise. but i'm just grateful and thankful for my children and my ministry members and everyone who thought enough of me and my son for this honor. >> another mom who's raising eight children after her husband died also received a new car. l excited. this is part of a program that sterling motor cars is doing as part of their community involvement initiative. >> thankyou. >> just wonderful to see. >> the deserving families get this -- this little help. >> doing sohe much for t community. wonderful. did you see the new
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"avengers" movie over the weekend? you can say yes to that, but that's all you can say. ahead, we're looking at the film's history-making plus, why more women are using cannabis during their pregnancies, and the warning doctors have for all of them. chuck? >> we are dealing withhis very low temperatures this morning. many of the suburbs in the 30s. if you're starting to think on a end, y what about the we well, our pattern of rain chances on weekends is going to stretch into another week. temperatures will be in the 70s. between now and then, it's going to feel like june around here. drivers just wont put their phones down.
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this morning, a warning from doctors for expectant mothers. a growing number of women are
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smoking marijuana during their pregnancies. one woman says debilitating my fwransti were putng -- migraines were putting her at risk. shan didn't w the morphine that was prescribed and turned to marijuana. >> i decided to consu cannabis, and within 30 minutes i did feel better. s>> the cannabis the only thing that kept me feeling like hope. >> one in 14 american women'v s theye used candice during pregnancy. doctors caution against this because of the nex on the brain of a developing -- the effect on the brain of a developing baby. new details about a warning uthat childrener 2 should not spend any tim f inront of a screen. doctors say too much screen time at such a young age can impact everything from your child's imagination to social stills. it can also set an unhealthy precedent. the same study cautioned that teens and adults spend too much time in front of screens, and it's leading to a spike in doibts, obesity, and cancers. to much tim in front of the tv
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or on your phones may mean you're notug active enoh on. average, adults spend six hours a day sitting down. teens spend eight histories. millions of people spent at least three hours of screen time this weekend watching "avengers: end game." the latest offering earned $350 million. the demand was so great. some movies theaters stayed osteoporosis for 72 hours. the movie has already made mor than $1 billion at the box office globally. try noting to look -- not to look down. >> you have to disengage until you see . >> i dodged things on social mediament. >> good. >> you start to see something -- on to the next thing. there's been wideread flooding in two countries. >> more than 1,000 had to leave
5:17 am
their homes yeary if beckfl as oodwaters put lives in danger. a woman died when w her car caught in high water. areas near montreal are under a state of emergency. around the world, a similar scene in mozambique. a lot of communities are under water and without five people died when the storm hit. it had the wind strength a of category-four hurricane. and less than two days until may, take a look. your eyes are not deceiving u. it snowed in the windy city over the weekend. some areas of chicago saw up to eight inches of snow. >> come on. >> there wasrelso fing rain adding insult to injury for the residents. henowstorm came after a week of warm, summer-like weather. we're not seeing the snow, but a lingering chill, chuck. >> part of the system that
5:18 am
brought the cold enough hair to chicago for a little bit of snow. for us, won't have to worry about that. you are off to a chilly start. a rarity her in the month of april with today and tomorrow left in the moh. we're comfortably in second place for second warmest april on weather records in washington going back to 1870. the all-time record holder was just twoears ago. so top two finishes, two out of the last three years. climate chan is real, and every time you add up one of those, we're setting about tor warm rec for every one col record. very nutritional for sure. and it's going to keepg n gettinthat way as the atmosphere continues to warm up. 48 degrees now inwashington. northeast wind at seven miles per hour. there's not much of a wind out there. but clear skies and a lot wind is a recipe for maximum cooling.
5:19 am
mid 30s across shenandoah valley. 36 in martinsburg. 37 in gaithersburg. even clinton, maryland, down to 44 degrees. your planner for today, though, more than enough sunshine to get temperatures comfortably into the 60s this afternoon. it will be five degrees cooler than average. high today only 66 degrees. but if you want to feel more like summertime, the warm air races in tomorrow. th area of storminess is pointed well to the north. it will drag the warmer air up. so after a sunny and chilly day today, clouds will move in sernight. there could beay shower or two, especially the northern half of the viewing area early tomorrow. tomorrow afternoon, dryost of e day with a slight chance for a few sprinkles near the pennsylvania line. again, rain chances tomorrow are fairly low as the warmer air comes surgi back in. chk these numbers out. we're in the 30s and 40s for most of the morning. we'll be in the 60s today. the average high is 71. five degrees cooler than average
5:20 am
for today. temperatures hold in the 50s overnight. we'll be in the low to mid 80s for tuesday and wednesday. mid to upp 80s coming your way on thursday with a chance some light-date showers. most likely day for rain this week, unfortunately comes up on friday. ♪ 1,2,3,4
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>> reporter: good morning, welcome back to news4. late, clearing work zones northbound on pennsylvania the suitland parkway and the beltway. only a left lane getting by. it's caused an early delay. southbound on rhode island between farragut and 43rd avenue, this is repairs to a water main break. we've got only the left lane -- along the right side of the roadway. you'll find the right lan blocked at scene. we've had two trouble spots, both on the outer loop. first had been before branch avenue. the second at pennsylvania ue aven i believe both have now completely cleared from the right shoulder. nothing to worry about. you're a clean shot riding fro the woodrow wilson bridge up toward 50 or college park. should find nothing in your way. back to you. >> all right. ank you. >>5:23. if you filled up your tank this weekend, you already know the pain main people are feeling at the pump. >> if you think there isn't a lot you can do about it, guess again. m news4'segan mcgrath is working for you showing us all the ways to save at the pump. >> reporter: the honeymoon is
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over. gas prices have soared, and drivers are feeling it in their wallets. ill up -- no one fills u anymore. you get enough. >> it hurts your pocket. >> gas prices have increased almost 85 cents a gallon since the first day of the year. and they are trending higher. >> reporter: the reality is most of us have to dr so what can we do to save a buck? first of all, consider where you're buying your goline. joining a warehouse club might make sense as a member, you get discounted gas. or you could sp around. >> there are some gas stations that offer special incentives os a y or thursday. there are others that if you pay with cas it's much cheaper. and then in some instances, every one of us has to shop for groceries. use the gas-saving account with your grocery store, and that0 an save you 1 20 cents a gallon, too. >> reporter: consider the grade. check the manual. do you need the higher price for premium?
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and the condition of your car and .w you drive matters, too slow down. it improvegas mileage. same with the weight of your r. filling to a half tank will lighten the load and give you e more miles to llon. and -- >> get the junk out of your trunk. that will save you at least five cents a mile. >> reporter: if you're flexible in your transportation choic consider what you drive. dane cherry switched over to a gas-saving scooter years ago. >> full tank should lastwee about two eks. $3.14. >> reporter: megan mcgrath, news4. >> if you have a few minutes, you might want to download a gas station app. >> gauddy, aaa fuel finder, gas guru, they're among the apps that can help you find cheaper prices at the pump. > 5:25. coming up, an escape from a stolen car caught on camera. a child's quick action to save himself and his sister.
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get the latest spring trends for your home at 20 to 60 peorent off specialty stprices. at ross. yes for less. >> 5:29. a heads-up this 'lmonday. we have a shorty did tour from the warmer temperatures we had this weekend. you might want to grab the jacketeaefore you h out this morning. good morning, everyone, i'm aaron gilchrest. >> i'm eun yang. 48 degrees oer th that's cold. thanks for joining us for "news4 today." our storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell is here to fill us in on the forecast. then we're going to check in with wtop's jack taylor, in for melissa mollet. working on tt radio. star us off. this is a change for this morning. > a nice, cool, comfortable start. downtown, not that intolerable,
5:30 am
48 degrees. it'se colder once you'r away from the city. theres a liv view over reagan national airport this morning. still under a mostly clear sky. sun's not u for a little less than another hour from now. we'll start to see some early morning color shortly in our 48 in washing with a little bit of a windchill. but look how much colder it is. ten degrees or more colder nfr the northern suburbs all the way out to the shenandoah valley. 37 in front royal and 37 in purcellville this morning. 37 in germantown. 44 degrees in upper marl ro. 49 in leonardtown, maryland. school day forecast for today, kids, maybe a little layer of fleece early this morning. temperatures hovering near 40 degrees between now and the time we get to -- get picked up bye thbus. outdoor recess, absolutely today, temperatures in the mid to upper 50s by late morning and highs today in the low to mid 60s. that's a-plus weather for sure with light breeze. 66, comfortable for today. it's going to feel like summerme in the 80s as early
5:31 am
as tomorrow. if you don't like the chilly weather, wait 24 hours. >> reporter: late clearing road on pennsylvania avenue between suitland parkway toward the beltway. you'll find roadwork in place and a water main break that was rhodisland avenue going southbound, headed between farragut and 43rd with the right lane blocked. westbound on the greenway between the loudoun county parkway and ashburn village boulevard, a paving project wite a left l getting by. you'll find we had issues on metro this morning. unfortunately on the yellow and blue plane, expecting residual delays in both directions. late clearing ackwork out at international airport. back to you.nk >> tha you. this was the scene at the potomac metro station overnight. metroransit police shut down the area around the station to collect evidence in a deadly stabbing. >> news4's justins finch joins u live from the station with more on this.
5:32 am
justin? yal still seeing signs of the -- >> reporter: still seeing signs of the overnight investigation. investigators are still making their aroun round the station. behind here we're seeing the third escalator is being cordoned off. we saw investigators there ea y early, now seeing metro crews work that space. we understand the stabbing b happened jusore the escalator here at the potomac avenue metro station. let's give you a look at where we are here. this s metrotion is right where pennsylvania and potomac avenues meet here in southeast. i can tell you there are hes just around this metro station, and also several eleentary school nearby. this is of concern for those in this area. now this station was roped off foou several h with police tape here asolransite as ell as d.c. police were her collecting clues and speaking th potential police tel us this was called in close to 11:45 last
5:33 am
night. reports of an aercation turned stabbing. this happened above the actual metro station here. the victim waso rushed the hospital but we are told died on the way there. at this time, that victim's name, a man, has not yet been released. as we come back out here live, we can tell you the station is now open. you can go downstairs. the buses here operating, too. police not yet making or announcing any arrests in this case so far. we do know perheir logo, they're looking for two malesd mi late teens and a female in her mid to late teens, as well. we'll bring you more as it comes in. for now, live in southeast, justin finch, news4, back to you. >> thank you. tooepolice are working to find whaohappened t a body
5:34 am
near the trail saturday night. police confirm tot news4 tha one of the victim's hands had been cu off, and he suffered several injuries. so far no arrests have been made. to the deadly synagogue shooting in poway. today the wife and mother who was killed in the attack will be laid to rest. >> this morning we are also hearing from the sgol's rabbi. he described the terriing and painful moments as a gunmanor d into his synagogue on the final day of passover. >> i see a sight that is bl undescri undescribable. here is a young man standing with a rifle, pointing right at me. i look atm.hi he had glasses on. i couldn't see his eyes, i couldn't see his soul. and i walk into the lobby, and i see lori laying on the floor unconscious. and her dear sbhuand, dr. howard kay, who's like a broeer to m is trying to resuscitate her,
5:35 am
and he faints, and he's laying there on the floor next to his wife. and then her daughter hannah comes out screaming, "daddy and mommy" -- he most heart wrenching site i could have seen. >> law enforcement officials say the gunman, 19-year-oldohn earnest,it was armed wh an assault-style rifle. it jammed, and he was chased out of the synagogue. closer to home, religious groups where condemning hate and people from different faiths can come together for peace and understanding. the adam center mosque in st ling, virginia, hosted a passover sader dner. >> we want to respond to the bad acts with love, more harmony. we do multi-faith work daily. >> freedom for us means of course freedom for the jews, but it means freedom from muslims, freedom from refugees,
5:36 am
afrin-americans, for everybody. >> religious leaders say the dinner is a chance to share the work being done to create bridges of understanding among faith groups. this is the 12th year the muslim house of bof worship hosted. th dinn a gunman who shot eight people in west baltimore is on the run. one person died. the shooting happened yesterday afternoon at a cookout. a man approached the intersection and started firing. they believe someone in the crowd returned fire. investigators in seattle are miying to deter whether weather played a role in the deadly crane collaps over the weekend. four people were killed when the crane snapped in two from atop a new google building on saturday. a college student and two iron workers were among those killed. there were strong winds shortly before the accident. six men are aftering after bein t trapped for days in a cave near roanoke. they are being treated for
5:37 am
hypothermia. the group explored the cav w fridayhen they could not get out. one othe men escaped sunday and called for help. the men were rescued one by one. it's unclear whether ty had permission to be on the property. this morning, we're learning more about a plane that flew into restricted airspace above our region. we received more than a dozen calls saturday night from viewers who were concerned aboun low-flying pl. it turns out a private civilian aircraft was flying where it should not havebeen. two f-16 fighter jets were dispatched as a precaution. the pilot eventually regained communication with air traffic controllers and landed at a nearby airport. the aspace in and around the beltway is the most restricted in the country m. [ chants ] it's 5:37. coming up, a startling binterruption at a localk reading. the message from the self-proclaimed nationalist who disrupted that event. first, incredible escape. two children caught on camera
5:38 am
breaking out of a back seat in the middle of a carjacking. more ts coming up. good monday morning. planting, watering, harvesting. >> local elementary school students digging in at oasis urban garden. teaching them important life lessons along the way. is it fun? >> yeah,es and the bt part is i get to help my community. >> the kids show why it's person for children to garden. >> and
5:39 am
5:40 am
a maryland man seen jumping on a pelican has been sentence today to a 90-day term in jail and pro-s on probation. he was findsed this year. he postedeo of himself luring and then jumping on top of a pelican on his facebook page.ic florida pol tracked him down
5:41 am
from there. and check out this video into the news4 newsroom.n you can s 8-year-old boil and his siste o tumble of a car in ohio. >> police are calling the boy a hero. police in middletown, ohio, say the two children were in the back seat of e car when a man jumped into the driver's seat and stole it. >> the boy knew something was wrong and acteduickly to get his sister and himself out of the car. >> this happened at the entrance of an emergency room. the kids' great grandmother drove her daughter to the hospital and was helping her out of the car when that man jumped into the driver's seat and stole the car. the 24-year-old man faces several charges. you can seeomeone on the other side running beside it, that was the grandmother trying to get the carjacker -- she didn't realize the kids had j alreadyped out. what an ordeal. >> and the fact that they were able to have the presence of mind to jump out when they did. ad they're okay. 5:41. mr. bell? dog-walking forecast.
5:42 am
here bayi, cute little dog. would make a fine addition to your family. cute as can be. temperatures this morning in the 30s and 40s. play want to keep the pace up this morning. it will be a perfect day spend in some kpauquality time the great outdoors. f in the ten-dayecast, a return of much warmer weather coming up. >> reporter: and pennsylvania between the suitland pkway and the area, milling and painfuling has caused a delay. d an forhis in case it's not t
5:43 am
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welcome back. there's word that attorney general william barr is threatening not to testify before the hou committee this week. >> this is the latest development in a contentious battle between the trump adcnistration and democrati leadership. news4's tracie potts joins us now live with more. good morning. >> reporter: good rning.y republicans mocrats are changing the rules in the middle of the game and that's why senior democratic aides tell us that barr may be a no show at hearing on thur they now want 30 minutes instead of five apiece to question him. they want to bring in lawyers to ask som of the questions, and going g into closed session, behind closed doors, to ask quesons about the redacted, blacked out portions of the mueller report. now, republicans say that's illogical. the justice department says he signed up and agreed to talk to lawmakers, it not lawyers, and is still willing to dothat.
5:46 am
chair of no-show, the the that committee says he may issue a subena and do everything psible to enforce it. >> tracie potts on the hill. thank you. 5:46. a startling disruption this weekend when self-proclaimed nationalists interrupted an authors talk at politics and prose in northwest washington. >> this land is our land! >> the group chanted "this land is our land" as author john than metzel spoke saturday. he was talking about his book when the lead protester who interrupteut him laid o his beliefs. the protester said te audie would have the, quote, white working class trade their homemade for handouts. yesterday, metzel spoke with msnbc's joy reid. t >> great irony is that part of my book, the main argument of the book is actually that white americans, working class white americans are in m ways being replaced. they're just not being replaced by immigrants. they're not going replaced by
5:47 am
minorities. the threat to the health and longevity of working class, white americans comes from people like donald trump and policies that in effect take money away from support systh s like healtre, roads, bridges, and schools that support working class people across the board and give these huge tax cuts. >> d.c. mayor bowser theeted that sas horrified at what happened at the book store. the owner of politics and prose says what happened was, quote, regrettable but short-lived. for the third year in a row, president trumo was a n show at the white house correspondents dinner. not a surprise. he also told his staff to tay away from the annual dinner. this year'sekeynot speaker was historian ron chernow. told people to take the high road when the administration is combative towar thees pr >> donald j. trump isnhe t first and won't be the last to create jitters about the first amendment. be humble and bewa of being
5:48 am
infected by the things you're fighting against. the press is a powerful wean that must be always fired with reluctance and end with precisfn. warren buf get has hdy -- warren buffett has a handy saying -- always take the high road. it's far ls crowded there. >> a far cry from the controversy performances of past years including last year when there were jokes about press secretary white houet press secry sarah sanders. >> the dinner raises money for student scholarships. later today the lady bears will be welmed to the white house. it's celebrating the win over ty minoriave maetzo the team for the championship. uvas, men's basketball team has decided not to visit the white house on theeels of its championship win. coach tony ben debt declinedments -- bennett declined the invitations this ihe third year in a row since the president took office that the men's ncaa basketball
5:49 am
championsh team has skipped white house visit. 5:49. heads-up ifou take metro. the transit agency will close stations south of reagan national airport for track work. we have more live from adam tuss. tell us what we can expect for the summer. >> reporter: this s about to get interesting for the entire summer. up and you see a lot of -- and you see a lot of construction materials ftd the shun is already starting to be staged at braddock road. a lot of people park here to pick people up at the station. e you can'tn do that anymore because all the pre-work is starting here, a and of it is because the platforms are in bad shape. all the platforms south of reagan national airport will be going throughhis work. take a look -- we re here not long ago to see the conditions ourselves. and the humps and bumps that are on these platforms in a lot of cases are uneven. that's a problem.
5:50 am
think about for people with sdahs wh disabilities who have to get on and off, and it's not matching up to the train. that's why metro has to do the work this summer. this weekend, as mentioned, we'll get a taste ofhe work. take a look at this map. we are talking about all of the stations south of reagan n the blue andrt yellow line that will be closed this weekend, may 4th and 5th, for the pre-work. and then from memorial day until the week after labor day. all of the stations will be shut down for a lot of the major work. commuters here have to srt preparing, have to start getting ready for what is coming here. and it's going to be extensive work thatro says will not be easy. guys like this guy here starting tohink about t plans and starting to see some of the stuff that's coming into action. again, we get a taste of that work starting this weekend. start making your plans for how you're going to get around all this work. back to you. >> thanks for the heads-up. it's 5:50. we have a birthday wish to celebrate this morning for a
5:51 am
lifelong washington, d.c., residents. >> lillian farr turned 104 on saturday. news4 there was for her big rthday celebration over the weekend. ♪ happy birthday to you >> miss pharr gets to pick her celebration. she wanted to go bowling so they celebred at pin stripes in georgetown. once a schoolteacher, she became a world traveler after retiring. she tells us the key to a long life is doi things in deration and winning at bolding. crushing it there. always giving your best. >> and looking amazing doing it, too. >> i think it was aristotle, know thyself, moderation in all things. good advice for a long time. we have a chilly start for a monday morning. many areas inhe 30s. hard to believe the hint of summer will be arriving in a little over 24 hours. the lest freezes on record today is the day.
5:52 am
the record latest freeze in washington. april 29thf 1874. get away from the city a the potomac, it's later in the year. dulles airport, latest freeze, may 22nd,2002. and bwi marshal, may 11th, 1966. we're getting there to the point where we can absolutely say no chance for a freeze. no oneot freezing this morning. there are frosty areas especially acrosshe northern shenandoah valley. temperatures closer to town are more in the 40s. a lot of 30s early this moing. your hit-the-road forecast, dry roads through the courthe d day. after a chilly start, it will be a beautiful day to be outsid overnight, clouds will thicken. there could be a rain chance late tonight. probably between about midnight and 5:00 a.m. we'll be a lot warmer. some places tomorrow, 20 degrees warmer than today. so a big change coming.
5:53 am
and you'll notice here as i walk you through future weather for the rest of the week, late in the day tomorrow, a small chance of a few showers up near the pennsylvania line. a dry start wednesday morning. i think wednesday is likely to be the driest day of the week. there's a tiny rain chance across northern virginia. thursday starts dry. thursday afternoon, att little chance. this is the beginning of the end of our warm spell late thursday into friday. i think friday afternoon and evening look rainy, and both days over the weekend, unfortunately, coming with a high chanc of rain. between now and then it's about the warmth before the rain saturday, ck friday, and sunday. 60s today,ack taylor. 80 or higher the next three days in a row. >> reporter: going to be focusingn the next 72. here's the northbound bw parkway. nein chopper 4 has been fly overhead. activity to the right side. not causing a big delay. we have a tow truck on scene and hopefully leaving in a couple ou mis, there will be nothing left to look at.
5:54 am
most of the activity was off the roadway from the get-go. lanes open inbound on pennsylvania avenue between the suitland parkway and the beltway. there had been a giant red le there earlier, a paving project, onlyhe left side getting by. should be in the wrap-up stages. through the rush hour, southbounde rhode island avenu between farragut and 43rd, water main repairs blocking a single right lane so far. back to you. >> thank you. 5:54. you may notice them as you drive around the city this morning -- tents popping up on sidewalks, under overpasses, and on id brs. s scott moacfarlane and the i-team shows, there are rising costs and a federal lawsuit aimed at moving the homeless off the streets. >> reporter: d.c. government records obtained by the i-team show work crews have broken up or removed enkpampments like this -- encampments like this over the past year costing
5:55 am
hundreds of thousands to ctaxpayers. thanups are not only costly but delicate and sometim controversial. some homeless men and women say the crews remove more items than nedissary inclu tony jackson. >> i lost my tent, my clothes.hi everytng else i had under there. all my gifts i got for christmas. >> reporter: the d.c. government says the removal of the homeless encampments is critical for health and safetyissues, to ensure trash, human waste, and rodents don't overtake the living areas. they post signs t giving weeks warning and say they offer storage for anything homeless men and women deem valuable. >> we see the workers with pitch pitchforks to throw things in a dump truck. is there any other way to do this? >> a lot of thoughtful people have been working on this and thinking about it for a long time. i think there were easier answers like this -- this problem would have been solved by now. >> reporter: as part of our full investigation, theha lawsuit t could change how they remove homeless encampments in the
5:56 am
district. at items are off limits, and which areas of the district are targeted most often. for now, scott macfarlane, news4 i-team. >> reporter: good morning. i'm hahel solomon at cnbc headquarters. walmart fires the latest shot in the delivery wars. tweeting one-day free without a membership fee. that would be groundbreaking. stay tuned. the tease comes after amazon ts earnings report that it plans to invest $800 million on infrastructure to make it possibleo roll out one-day free shipping for prime members later this year. that's your cnbc morning business report. >> thank you. >> next, the price of gas is up. we're showing the ways to save the next time you fill up. plus, a barbecue turns into chaos when someone opens
5:57 am
5:58 am
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guest -- good morning, everyone, just about 6:00 a.m. i'm aaron gilchrest. >> i'm eun yang. a chillyth start to monday. let's check the forecast and commute.
6:00 am
jack taylor in for melissa mollet this morning. >> let's begin with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck b and a look outside as we start to get a little sunlight. >> that's right. not too far a few minutes after 6:00 officially. waiting on that to occur. skies mostly clear, few fair weather clouds early this morning. the live picture now over reagan nationalairport where the temperature is a cool 48 degrees. a light northeasterly breeze. it is a lot chillier now across parts of the shenandoah valley. 34 in winchester. 36 in front royal. there are areas of scattered frost. and some of the shelter would rural vaes across northern virginia and northern maryland. once you're closer to the corridor, it's a smidgeor milder than that. the gardening forecast, perfect day to spend time working in the yard ifou've got the day off. temperatures today will climb from the 40s this morning to the mid 60s later on in the afternoon. it's a perfect time. year to be planting fruits and


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