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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  April 29, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> in. his is on theparkw parkway -- this is going to have an impact on the evening rush. we're learning the cause of this crash and we'll keep you updated with what we learn. >> now to a grizzly discovery generating safety concerns for families tonight. >> questions are swirling about a possible gang hit on the bank of the potomac. we want to warn you some viewers may findut details abo this disturbing. >> a man's body was found over the weekend a half mile down river from the chain bridge. the body h been sliced up and one hand was missing. >> news mark segraves reports d.c. police are asking for help. >> reporter: law enforcement sources familiar with theat investigion say whoever did this used something like a machete to bludgeon the victim to death. >> he was suffering from multiple traatic injuries to as missing a hand.ckhe area.
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his other hand was so severely injured that it was barely still intact. >> >> reporter: the crime tape f stretches as as one can see from beneath the bridge through the woods along the river just a few yards from where fisherman gergt ju gather just about every day. it w a fisherman who made the discovery of a dead body lying beneath this tree. who the victim is is part of th myster >> we have not identified him at this time. we do believe he is a hietanic male ben the ages of 16 and 30 years of age. >> reporter: cadaver dogs and police cadets were brought in to search the area for more clues, including a murder weapon. >> hopefullyn isolated event. there's nothing to sug ast this was random attack. >> mark, we've seen some of this type of violence in the suburbs connected togs gan like ms 13.
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what are police saying about it? this is the first time we've seen something l te this inhe district, isn't it? >> yeah. we don't often seehis type of violence in the zrigt. we asked the captain of homicide that very question. he taid it's soon to tell whether it's gang related but they are reaching out to other police agencies and surrounding jurisdictions that deal with the type of ms 13 gang violence to see if they can offer any assistance in the ibaestigation. to you guys. >> thank you, mark segraves. take a look at this picture. this is 60-year-old lori gilbert kaye. she went to worship on the last day of passover and she never made it home. a teenage gunman opene fire and killed her. today mournershe gatred for her euneral. three other peoplere wounded in that shooting incident including a little girl and a rabbi. some gathered outside the synagogue to leave flowers and write notes of support. the fbi said suspected gunman
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john earnest post the letters online minutes before going on that deadly rampe. he later surrendered to police. his family released a statement today saying this in part. quote, our sadness pales in comparison to the grief and anguish our son has caused for so many innocent people. to our great shame, he is now part of a history of evil that has been perpetrated against jewish people. how or son wasttracted to such darkness is a terrifying mystery to us. this is a te to reflect on millions of people murdered more than 70 years ago. hae tragedy in san diego is overshadowing tt remembrance. deick ward attended a ceremony oday.e u.s. capitol ♪ >> reporter: a solemn entrance for the liberated, a martial
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entrance for the liberators. it comes amiddays of remembrance, a time to hon are the days of victims of the holocaust and victims of a more recent tragedy, the shooting at thealifornia synagogue. the rabbi jeffrey meyers says the right word. >> it's a horror. it requires an extreme vocabulary. >> reporter: remember back tanother six months andhere is the tree of life massacre at pittsburgh synagogue. he said shock and outrage were the immediate reactions to what happened in california, but then the question how best to help? >> we've been through it, kn h sh ware wish i didn't have to say this word, our expertise and what we've learned. >> reporter: every year this obrvance is held here at the capital either in the rotunda or the visitors center. do the wor and sentiment resonate upstairs or to the
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other other end of pennsylvania avenue? >> i'm hearing too much hate speech and that is not owned by pany politicalty. it's owned by both and all political partiee >> we hophe future will be more peace than war and that's all we can hope for. weave to do somethi about it. >> reporter: dwarick , news 4. just in, the man accused of killing five peop in "the capital gazette" shooting is changing his plea to not guilty by reason of insanity. jared ramos originally pleaded not guilty to murdering five nepaper employees last june. ramos's lawyers say he suffers from a mental disorder andst didn't underd what he was doing was wrong. today was the deadline for ramos to change his plea. the next step is for him to be evaluated by a statest psychiatri. his trial is set to get under wayn november. more breaking news coming in now. deputy attorney general rod
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rosenstein has just submitted s letter of resignation to president tru e. it'sective may 11th, less than two weeks now from. mueller n oversaw the investigation after jeff sessions recused himself in 2017. rosenste had planned to leave in march but he stayed on to help attorney general barr with his transition into the job andhe also with t release of mueller's report. members of congress just returned from recess and democrats arelready in a battle with attorney general barr. eft day before congress town, barr released the redacted form of the mueller report. now house democrats want to question him about it at length and on their terms. blayne alender on capitol hill to break it all down for us. blayne. >> reporter: leon, it is no secret that democrats were really n barr handled the roll outof the redact the mueller report. now that they're in charge of setting the rules of h house testimony, they're determined to get answers. congress is back and already
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enttling over attorney geral william barr's planned testimony this week. set for two days of grilling before the senate and houseci judiary committee following the release of special counsel robert mueller's redacted russia report which left democrats unsatisfied. >> we have to get to the bottom of these issues. that's why we called him in. >> reporter: barr threatening to skip the house appearance because of a fight over format. committee chair democrat jerry nadler wants barr to answer questions from committee lawyers. >> enabling staff counsel to question the witness for half an hour makes it much more effective at getting the s. answer >> reporter: but a doj spokes ppmanaid the attorney general agreed tor before congress, therefore members of congress should be the ones doing the question. >> frankly, they're just asking ally childish. it's almost embarrassing tohe house democrats the way that they're >> reporter: it is the latest
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flash point between the growing fightho say barr is not acting independently of the president who appointed him. nadler also wants the committee to question barr behindse c doors to ask about portions of mueller's redacted report and he is threatening to issue a subpoena if barr skips the hearing. t that would add the growing list the president has promised to resist. >> we're fighting all the subpoenas. >> reporter: setting two branches of government on a constitutional collision course. and as for that possible barr ot subpoena, ptially and practically, it really would not carry that much weight. in fact, short of charging barr with a crime or literally dragging him to capitol hill, both of which are incredibly unlikely, lawmakers really don't have a lot of power to make him appear. doreen. >> blayne alexander reporting. thank you, blayne. former vice president joe biden just wrapped up his first campaign rally of his 2020 presidential campaign. he spoke at a teamsters hall in pittsburgh. his theme, rebuilding miamerica
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le class. >> by the way, i make no apologies. i am a union man. quite frankly, folks, if i'm going to be able to beat donald trump in 2020, it's going to happen here. [ applause ] >> the former vice president is currently leading most polls of the democratic nominees. analysts say that's due in part to his name recognition. turn now to the weather. it warms up a little bit from our chilly start this morning. >> it got a little warmer, but doug, we' ready for those 70s and 80s again. >> yeah, i know. you get kind ofpo sed when they're there for a couple days. then when they go away, wait a second. today was one of those we're on the cool side for sure. average high is 71 degrees. we saw high so far of only 6 take a look at the numbers now.
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59 the current temperature in d.c. only 51 in ocean city. that on shore flow keeping things cool. look where the warm air is. charleston west virginia 81. that's the kind of warm air we have hov m bouringg ingin rain and snow. it's also going to bring up nice mild air. that's exactly what it's going to be. it's going to feel a lot hotter. temperatures maybe 20 degrees warmer tomorrow than they were out there today. going for a high temperature of eight. it doesn't stay that way. a very unsettled week over the next couple of days. you may need the umbrella quite a few times. we'll talk about it. see you back here. doug.nks, a maryland man accused of planting an isis-style terror attack pleaded not guilty today. rondell henry was arrested last month. authorities say that he stole a u-haul van a in virgini intended to use it to run into a crowd at national harbor. henry is charged with interstate transportation of a stolen
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vehicle. so far he's not been charged about any terrorism-related offenses a he remains behind bars. officials in seattle are checking the safety dfozens of ralling cran bill -- buildings after a deadly accident over the weekend. this was filmed from a car's dash cram. this killed four people, two on the crane andcl two in vehi on the ground. the crane was being taken apart and there were powerful wind gusts. right now seattle has more cranes operating than any other american city. >> that is terrifying. sti to come tonight, a job posting that turned heads and got some workers fired. seeking a candidate who was, wrote, preferably caucasian. we got a response from the virginia company behind that. a city wide crackdown onme ss camp sites costing taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars. >> what we are trying to do is make sure we're removing house hazards. >> the i-team looks at why some
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n't think the crackdown is helping and shows youhat helping and shows youhat happen ws
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our area. >> and shelters in the area, hundreds are on the streets. >> i think if there were easier answers, this problem would have beend s now. >> but the news 4 i-team found weekly efforts are leading t curbside showdowns, mounting bills for taxpayers, even a lawsuit. as scott macfarlane reports, that has some asking if there's a better way. >> on any given night in the nation's capital, thousands of homeless people are staying in shelters. for the close to 600 others, they close their eyes at the end of the day sleeping in the streets. >>e all sleep together and everybody help each other. >> people like thomas we found on a park bench. he's been homeless for aine years says he feels safer here than in a shelter, though he sleeps on his shoes just in case. >> some people take it, then you got to start all over again. >> while d.c. says the homeless
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population is down 17%, they're also seeing this help row ss an rows of tents. >> the tents are popping up more and more often. >> ann is an attorney who represents the she says amid a shortage of affordable housing, homeless encampments aresi incr. >> they were out clearing an encampment somewhere in the city. >> it requires workers to complete theseencampment removals. the i-team wanted to know how often they're happening, so we filed an open records request and found more than 220 encampment cleanups in just the past two years. this february removal in the no mad neiborhood is one of at least two dozen cleanups from past idewalk in just the year. the district couldn't tell us how much these sweeps cost, but internal reports from 2015, 2016 estimate cleanups cost nearly a quarter of a million dollars a year. >> what we're trying to do is make sure that we're removing
6:17 pm
health hazards. >> chrissy runs the council on homeless. >> what do you want to remove? trash and litter. people are taking care of their litter outside. that means they haveh.ood and tras >> human waste. >> yes. >> the d.c. government is required to post signs two weeks prior to the sweeps. >> hello, anybody home. >> our cameras roll out to follow along on this february morning. >> let's schedule the cleanup at 10:00 a.m. it's pretty cool today. >> we watched as the outreach team spoke one-on-one with the homeless tossing the few soid blankets. >> everything needs to be gone if you don't want it. if this is still here, we will remove >> we s a different scene at other cleanups on slightly warmer days where our cameras remained out of sight. crews took down tents near first
6:18 pm
street, and used shovels and pitch for to throw items in the back of a garbage truck. what did they take to you? >> i lost a lot oflothes i had that i bought and a lost a watch, food. >> angry people like tony n. jackso >> i lost my tent, my clothes, and everything else i had under the. all my gifts i got for christmas. >> d.c. does have a protocol or prures for conducting the eneeps and says it won't discard functional t or personal ids, but does not require crews to sort through items for safety reasons. >> we would never want to knowingly dispose of something that's valuable or meaningful. >> two sued workers saying they tossed out valuable items. they pted a s saying please try to restrain from taking more. the district provided its own photos in response to the suit showing human waste. we see the workers with pitch
6:19 pm
forks to throw things in a dump truc is there any other way to do this? >> a lot of really thoughtful people have been working on this and think being it for a long time. i think if there were easier answers, this problem would have been solved by now. >> the problem with no e in sight. within a couple hours of the sweeps, the i-team found most of the men and women moved right back to tspir same . >> it's not solving the problem to do these cleanups. the i-team surveyed other cities to findow out huch they spent managing homeless encampments. unlike d.c., some cities do publicly report the cost. last year in philadelphia managing four major homeless encampments s, it cost $5 million. in seattle it cost about $6 million. it's an ongoing cost for an ongoing problem.e >> if you'roing back to the same spot, we're starting that same game all over again. >>t's a much bigger problem
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than a cleanup or two can manage. >> for sure. thank you, scott. the i-team much more information available on our nbc washington app. just get more details on the story, including that lawsuit the city is facing. it's been six months to the day since the first of two deadly crashes involving the boeing 737 max airliner and today the company's ceo met with shareholders. he apologized to the families and said the company is working to address faulty censors and an anti-stall system that may have caused the crashes. he struggled to answer reporters questions about why pilots didn't have more information. >> one of the links in that chain was the activation of the m-cast system because of erroneous angle attack data. >> why did you not tell thelo that the angle of attack disagreed warn lighting was deactivated? >> certainly we've been a taking look at some of the reports that are out even again today, taking
6:21 pm
a look at the design of that original system. >> there are also reports that four boeing employees called the whistle blower hotline to report issues with the 737 p max 8ne one day after the ethiopianes airlrash in march. 346 people have been killed in total. the planes are grounded worldwide. the man wnc helped lau the careers of several hollywood stars, including angela bassett, cuba gooding jr., passed away la this afternoon. john singleton who came on the scene in the early '90s. his fifrrst big was "boys in th hood" that earned him the first -- he suffered stroke earlier this month. his family took him off life support earlieray tod john singleton was just 51 years old. t publicist for larry king
6:22 pm
is denying reports that king had a heart attack. tmz reported kin went into cardiac arrest at his home last thursday and had a heart attack just before a previously scheduled an scheduled angioplasty. he had stents inserted into an artery and will be outsoon. he had bypass surgery after a majoheart attack in 1987. he's 85 years old. five men rescued from deep inside a virginia cave. coming up, the health problems they were facing when rescuers found them. preferably caucasian. that's how a linkedin job posting read. now an employee has been fired, but somecs cri wonder whether there might be a bigger problem to address. and after a chilly start today, temperatures will be going up during the week, but going up during the week, but doug's watching some rain
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smaller portion sizes, ri clear caloe labels and reminders to think balance. because we know mom wants what's best more berage choices, smaller portions, less sugar. it's almost may and it's not supposed to be feeling like this. >> i agree with you. >> so change it. >> we're going to change itrr to. instead of -- right now it feels like the beginning of april with temperatures around 60, evenma lateh, tomorrow is going to feel like the middle of june. >> sweet. >> we're going to jump 20 degrees by this time tomorrow afternoon. if you want wr,mer ai it is coming for one day and then we're going get cool again and then the hot air comesn. i the hottest we've seen so far this season, so far this year comi up on thursday and friday. out there right now, we've got the clouds. we've got the cooler weather.
6:26 pm
nly pi59 degrees the current temperature. average high 71. winds out of the south at 14 miles an hour. we may not drop all that much. i really don't expect us to. temperatures should start going up overnight as the warmer air starts to move on it. 61 in leesburg. cooler alonghe water. nothing as far as rain is concerned right now. the rain is back to the west. you see the cloud cover coming in. this is a frontal boundary coming across. you see all the clouds associated with this storm to ele north. that's what's hng to dry the southerly winds. that will help warm things tomorrow out ahead of the system. behind this vy warm air, and i do mean very warm, we're in the 80s re, yeah in atlanta, that warm air is coming in. look what we've got here. but look at this. cold air all the way down the mountains. we call this cold air damming. cold air goes right down i-95
6:27 pm
and stays just to the east of the mountains. west of the mountains, pittsburgh is warmer than us. that warmer air is coming our way tomorrow. yes, expect warm temperatures. 83 degrees tomorrow. much warmer with a chance of storms. yeah, a chance of a strong ttorm or during the afternoon. 80 to 83, especially in the southern zone. 70 on wednesday. 87 on thursday. then back to 83 on friday. best chance of storms tomorrow at 40% then again on friday. each day has at least a chance, but watching that, that one could be a day of strong storms. we'll ctinue to keep you posted. five fridays in a row. >> what else is new? all right. thank you, dg. outrage over an online job posting seeking a caucasian candidate. next at 6:30, julie carey talks to the virginia company that's trying to make things right. and police search a woman's back yard after the death of her son. why she says it was a violation why she says it was a violation r her civil
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but act fast, this offer ends may 8th. only on the 100% fiber optic network. go to today. cynet krooi right now at 6:30, a job placement company headquartered in northern virginia is taking some heat tonight. >> recruitment sought applicants who were, quote, preferably caucasian. >> julie carey went to the headquarters to find out what happened and what comes next. >> reporter: his is the job posting that popped up on linkedin. seeking a candidate who is preferably caucasian. a cynet systems employee in india created it for a job opening in this country. it was quick taken down, but not before it produced some angry reaction. loudon county's naacp president got a look at it today.
6:31 pm
>> racism is a learned behavior, so somebody is teaching those peop in india how to be racist. whether that is an orr kchestra deal or implied deal. >> they declined an intervire but answe my questions and showed us around. a majority of the people employees, people of color. he pointed out thisqu pla showing them as a number of the cil.rity development co he says the employee who posted the ad has been fired and other employees may face termination. in a statement the company says cynet apologizes for the anger and frustration b caused the offensive job post. it does not reflect our core values. we will take this a a learning experience and will continue to serve our diverse community. michelle thomas not satisfied with that response. >> we must put a stop to that. m not saying an end to the company, but they need
6:32 pm
retooling. h theyave been caught in an offense and they're doing business in loudon? we need to meet. >> reporter: s plans to visit company headquarters and ask for a meeting. she also wants cynet to disclose the name of the company that may have been looking for a preferably caucasian candidate. i'm julie carey, news 4. >> to see the full statement, open up the nbc washingtonanpp search cynet. doreen. back now tthe deadly synagogue shooting near san diego on saturday. that congregation's leader spoke to andrea mitchell today. he talked about where we find ourselves more than 70 years after the nazi murdered 6 million jews. here's the rabbi in his ownwo s. >> this must stop. this hate, the anti-semitism that has shown its ugly head once again 70 years after the holocaust, thisas to stop.
6:33 pm
we came here 32 years ago to spread light. this terrorist, this murderer, a 19-year-old, the neighbor just right down the neighborhood standing in the lobby of ourou ligh, standing in theur lobby of o sanctuary of our house of god and standing at the light looking straight at me, unting me down like i'm an animal? we need to recognize and realize that anti-semitism is real and it's out there and it's out there in the open. wem f the president all the way to us need to take definitive action to start preventing this. we have suffered enough. we should not be suffering this in the united states of america in 2019. enough is enough. >> rabbi goldstein says the response should include more than armed a guards religious
6:34 pm
sites. in the meantime, that is exactly what religious leaders across the country feel forced to do. strengthen security in houses of worship. nbc's lester holt reports on the unsettli unsettling trend just ahead on nbc nightly news. a d.c. mother says she was making funeral plans for her son when an officer walked on to her property and started looking around with no warrant and no explanation. today the aclu filed a lsuit against d.c. police claiming the search was illegal. news 4 darcy spencer talked with that mother today about the message she's trying to send. >> tell us wa you're looking for. >> no. >> reporter: that's the voice of jay brown you hear confronti o poliicers for going on her sister's property. this video is part of a lawsuit against d.c. police and one of its officers. brown didn'tant to show his face because he fears retaliation. >> i've never been so fearful in
6:35 pm
my life because i didn't have anybody where i got to the point where i'm telling my sister to call the police on police. that's how broken and shocked we were. >> reporter: the aclu of d.c. says inhe t suit the officer illegally searched denise price's property in northeast last may. >> sir, sir, can you leave my property, porase. >> repr: you can hear price in the video asking the officer if he has a warrant to be on her property in the deanwood neighborhood and if he would leave. just a week earlier price's son jeffrey price died in a collision with a police cruiser in northeast. was on a dirt bike. denise price says she was making funeral plans for her son whenc polihowed up. >> very intimidating. i was very shake en up by their actions, them being totally disrespectful and not mmunicating at all. >> reporter: d.c. police say they have not yet received a lawsuit. they confirm the officers involved in the search were
6:36 pm
disciplined. >> the head of the police union called the lawsuit baseless and he says he looks fward to defending this highly decorated officer iny court. darcspencer, news 4. police are working to identify a man stabbed to death outside of d.c.on metro sta late last night. investigators say a group of three teenagers robbed and attacked the victim. hisody wasound near the gates of the closedac pot avenue station. it's possibl a they used metro bus. they're reviewing nearby surveillance video. to prince illiam count where a man's body was found. somebody was out walking their dog when they spotted thein bod wooded area. right now police are calling this a deathnvestigation and they're still working t figur out the cause o death. detectives say they believe there is no threat to public safety. > this fallout for embattled
6:37 pm
virginia governor ralph northam. in a n reslation the naacp is saying don't take any money or have him appear at any events. this comes after a photo surfaced showing him in black face. the naacp says northam must resign. todayhe group criticized other elected officials who are backtracking on those calls saying, quote, it portends a greater lack of moral compass within the democratic party of virginia. a beloved m yylandth soccer coach who was denied political asylum does not have to leave t u.s. right away. the players and their families call himi. wl coach allow the c stay in the u.s. for another six months. he came to this country from west africa and has been living in montgomery county for nearly 20 years. five men trapped in a cave
6:38 pm
in southwest virginia are now resting in warm dry bed this evening. and happy to do so. >> torrential rains left them stranded on saturday in cyclops cave. they entered the cave on friday night planning to stay the night buty ran into trouble as they tried to get out. one sn managed tole the and's walls yesterd called 911. >> the rescuers reached the others. ey were suffering from hypothermia and exhaustion. one of the men told our sister station, quote, the lord watched over us. > coming up, a 10-year-old girl writing her own story. born without hands. she just won a handwriting contest. and she's got a message to share. >> by seeing my story, the could seehat it's best not to give up and keep doing your hardest until you get to it. >> we're goingo learn something from her. that's great. plus another troubling milestone for measles outbreaks across the country in the news.
6:39 pm
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this is outstanding. "avengers endgame" hp lived u to the hype. ithattered the own record for the last movie "infinity. war" it brought in $1.2 billion worldwide in jt a couple of days. with that kind of momentum, it may have what it takes to beat
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"avatar". >> seems to be headed in that direction. the measles outbrk has reached another awful milestone. centers for disease control now confirms 704 cases across 22 states. igthat the hhest number since way back in 1994 when there were more than 900 cases of the virus. this latest c intncludes 44 people who caught measles while traveling to another country. some of those triggered outbreaks here at home. most of those affectedere children or teenagers. so far no deaths have fen reportedm the measles so far this year. rchl still ahead, a local 10-year-old writing her own stor story. what a lson this little girl has. plus doug i s who's dog is this? it's my special friend, antonio. his luxurious fur calms my nerves when i'm worried about moving into our new apartment. why don't we just ask geico for help with renters insurance?
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checking our top stories. d.c. police back out at the scene todayf a gruesome murder bridge. chain a man's body was found there over the weekend sliced up and with a hand missing. the victim hasn' been identified. police say it's too soon to know if this murder might have been gang related, but they are reacng out to other police jurisdictions around the region who have seen similar gang violence. mourns gathered to remember a woman gunned down this weekend inside a san diego synagogue. lori gilbert kaye's funeral was held today. two others were injured including a child and. rabbi the family of johns earnest his actions thate day w a mystery to him. a jobnt placeme firm in sterling virginia is apologizes for an ad that seeks preferably
6:46 pm
caucasian. cynet said an employee in india created that and the employee has been fired. l aal third grader overcoming obstacles to become one of the best crssive write in the country. >> sarah beat more than 100 others to win aurational cve handwriting contest. news 4 aimee cho shows us how rishe is wting her own story. >> i try to conce on what i'm going to write and try not to mess up. >> reporter: when sarah puts pen to paper, you can bet every loop of every letter will be just right. this third grader recently sent a wting sampleo a national handwriting contest and took home the top prize. >> when i got the reward, i was really happy and proud they got s. >> reporter: ashe shows us her sheets of npractice, whe it comes to overcoming ok stal bst
6:47 pm
al us would do well to take a page from her book. she was born with no hands. >> i going to still keep trying my >> reporter: she has no plans to use prosthetics. >> i think i don't really need them. i can do pretty much anything that people who does have hds can do. >> reporter: that doesn't just mean handwriting. it also includes hitting the playground, climbing to the top of a rock wall and learning how to ride a bike. >> she's always got a smile on her face. i don't think we ever see sarah without a smile, so nothing holds her back. >> reporr: this little learner already looking ahead to the future. >> i want to be a lawyer and then a president and then back to being ahe lawyer and e. become a judg >> proof for anyone that if your life is thrown for a loop you still get back on track. >> by seeing my story they can sees best not to give up and keep doing your hardest. >> aimee cho, news 4.
6:48 pm
>> wow, go sarah. >> way to go. >> third grader. that kid's goingplaces. >> she's already got the map already worked out. she knows where she's going. >> i'm sure she's going to get there. >> when you get to be a lawyer, i'll hire you. all right, doug. what's in store for us the next few days? little bit of evything? >> yeah. this is really interesting. you woke up this morning, it's almost likeinter like temperatures, in the 30s in some locations. even a frost advisory in the area to the north. tomorrow we get into summer-like temperatures, then back down to cooler numbers and back warm. it will be a roller coaster of a week and it will be april, not january. fre 47as the low this morning. you noticed a differenc hand said youave to go back in and get the coat. not much in the way of sun.
6:49 pm
high temperature only 61. right now at 59. i really don't expect to drop t allt much. maybe a degree or two. maybe a couple of showers coming in here around 9:00. not expecting much, but if you're out maybe take the umbrella. 56 over towards camp springs. that is definitely cool. our average high temperature is now 71 degrees. we were nowhere near that today. we will get well above that tomorrow. as a matter of fact, take a look at the numbers that we' got out there. first off on the radar, nothing to show. back to the west starting to track some showers. that's why we had a chance later because of this storm right here that's going on come on through. the biggest thing thi brings, maybe a chance of showers. here are the temperatures i'm talking about. 61 the highemperature d.c. 56 ocean city. that's cool. 81 in charleston. yeah, that's what we want. that's whatine've got com our way. we're going to skip right over the 70s, going to go right to the 80saomorrow. igh temperature of right around 80. if you're picking up the kids,
6:50 pm
80 by the time you're picking up. starting off 59. it's going to feel a little bit better because of the fact that we are going to see those teeratures rise overnight. sun rise tomorrow at 62.:1dohin. then we'll watch a system come through right after the lunch period. that will give us a chance for shower possible. thunderstorms, one or two on the strong side. not anticipating anything too big. like a weatherve outbreak. se weather outbreak. week see a couple of stronger storms. 70 on wednesday. we go up to 80, back to 70, up to near 90n thursday. going for a high o kwef87. a chance of showers and storms just about each day. the best chance will be tomorrow and then again friday and sunday. so the weekend a little bit unsettled too. a lot of people already asking me about the weekend. family in town, whatever you're doing, all in all, don't any plans. it will not be a huge rain
6:51 pm
maker. i think the best chance right now isriday. >> what we've got going on pretty much every weekend through june. >> yeah. and i'm ready forsu er. i don't want anything else to do on the weekends. coming up, after an exciting nfl draft, how do the redskins stack up? a burgundy and gold b aks it down and tells us where he down and tells us where he inks the skins
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
z388pz z16fz
6:54 pm
y388py y16fy this is the xfinity sports desk. >> we've got a couple days to marinate in this and it still feels lieg t feels like the skins got it right. >> i was asking when is the last time it felt like this for rekins fans. doug doesn't even remember. the overall feeling you can say is pleased, optimistic, aced it. the true test will be when they take the field for the first time in burgundy and gold. brian mitchell, redskins super
6:55 pm
bowl champion andbc sports washington analyst graded washington's rookie class. >>he redskins had a very good draft this year. i really believe and i think the people aroun the country are giving them high praises, you're not wrong. when you're looking at gting a quarterback who can be a franchise quarterback, follow-up with a pass rusher with unbelievable talent, that says a lot. but i think as the draft went on, two offensive linemen that can come inmmediately. last year we had to goutside the team and bring them in, sically off the street. when you look at the guy, cornerback, speed, speed, speed. a receiver who can run 4.35. the best specialeams player in the draft. not only did you get to improve your offense and defense, but your special team comes up. week after week we'll , offense defense are equal.s i believe thiear this team will get over the hump because of the speed they've got in this
6:56 pm
draft and the draft they had in the last two years. watch the redskins did a fantastic job. i absolutely love what they've done. t's go back to you,ee she >> dwayne haskins, what number will he wear? he wore number 7 in high school and w ohio state, but for the redskins, number 7 has not been worn since 1985. joe theismann made the nber famous, including that super bowl win. theismann told nbc sports washington he's not opposed to haskin wearing num 7, but wants to sit dow and get to know theqb before saying yes. th redskins have officially only oumber retired. 33. but a handful of unofficial retired numbers including theismann. in the first month of the new season, more times than not, so right now for the nationals looking questionable. we got a glimpse into the future of the ball club with their young stars and it is bright.
6:57 pm
they hope to keep shining against the cardinals and you want to get to know the know carter kieboom. his first major league hit a game-tying home run. you see his parentshe there in t bottom corner. this is a family affair. his brother spencer is a catcher in the nats system currently with aa harris buburg. then sunday another game-tying home run. quite the weekend and debut for the budding nats star. >> it's been everything you can ever dream woabout. rds don't fully describe what the feeling is to wear thisor unifm. these past three days, it's a sur r surreal moment, kind of a dre come true. i've had fun so far. we got our first win yesterday, so iwas a great moment for the reteam and something we' looking to build off of. >> he's very mature for hisyge and v poised. i just told him go out and have fun and do littles. thing the biggest thing for me i tell
6:58 pm
them every day, play good defense. play good defense. take your walks. >> a couple other nates notes, ryan zimmerman on the injured list and good news for anthony renzone, the mri showed it is just a bone bruise and still day-to-day. from nats park to 1600 pennsylvania avenue, the baylor ladyea brs basketball championship, they were honored by president trump at the white house today. head coach presentg the president with a jersey. mr. trump specifically mentioning the player of baylor's chloe jackson who is prince george's county native. jackson the most outstanding of e final four riverdale baptist grad giving president trump a tice hat. congratulations to the baylor women's basketball team and, again, another incredible day at the white house for another
6:59 pm
championship team. >> nice seeing that. >> thank you, sherree. thanks for joining alright boys, time for bed. listen to your mom, knuckleheads. hand em over. hand what over? video games, whatever you got. of people playing vio games in the morning. is that everything? i can see who's online. i'm gonna sweep the sofa fort. well, look what i found. take control of your wifi with xfinity xfi. be careful out there! now that's simple, easy, awesome. switch to xfinity internet for $34. a month for 12 months and get the speed, coverage and control you need with xfinity xfi. click, call or visit a store today.
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multiple fronts, a terror popped. a u.s. army veteran and an alleged isis sympathizer wanted to commit mass murder and one of the potential targetwas setting off a bomb at the crowded santa monica pier. how he was caught in an fbi sting. new extraordinarily acts of heroism at the synagogue. an iraq veteran running towards the gunman and tonight he'll take you to one of t largest sin grogs in the world on alert and epping up security. >> boeing ceo under tire facing a barrage of questions for the first time since those air disasters in a ee


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