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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  April 30, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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right now, president trump is meeting with top democrats. the issue, something almost everyone wants done. >> hopefully we'll see positive things come out of the meet. it is something the president is passionate about. >> a challenge ahead for the lawmakers. two maryland students are accused of posting pictures to themselves to social media wearing black face. how the school is responding this morning. and it is a little cool out there today. the temperatures are in the 60e' but w warming by this afternoon. plus several chances of storms and rain coming to our area. we'll show what u we mean
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coming up. >> announcer: "news4 midday" startsw. good morning and welcome to "news4 midday," i'm molette green. gilchrist.aaron an incident involving black face is under investigation at a montgomery count high school. a photo showing who walt whitman high school students began on social med yesterday. the m-word was imposed over the image. we are in bethesda with what ould be the next step for the students involved. >> reporter: at the very least, the principal here at whitman said the students will likelyhe face wha calls significant consequences based on the schools code of conduct and goes on to say the behavior exhibited in the image will not beto rated and adding to that it was reported to montgomery county police as a high bias incident and the police did participate in e investigation with the image. no writing to parents the principal saying it is important
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that all students at whitman feel this is their sool. in that letter he said in part that racist incidents have a profoundly negative impact on how our stu ants of color their families perceive the safety, education and support our school has to offer. again, i want to reiterate that acts of racism are unacceptable and not t werated att whitman. and as well, the principal wants to reach out to his peers in the county and work on way to address racism here within the atlture at whitman high school and also ways to c better cultural understanding, too. here in bethesda, i'm justin finch, nbc4. >> thank you. a similar incident under investigation at a loudoun county high school. the principal at stone bridge high sent a letter home to parents saying that some students allegedly sent racially insensitive messages in a groupe chat over t weekend. a letter from the school principal said in part, quote, the derogatory and racially
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mappropriate statementse to the female students in this group chat on saturday night are unacceptable. it goes on to say the lewdon county sheriff's office is investigating and the children involved will be disciplined. >> new this morning, the civil wartu state at the heart of the deadly unite the right rally will stay. the march in 2017 was to protest the proposed removal of the statute of rober. lee and stonewall jackson. yesterday a judge ruled that the confederate statues are protecte under state law and the city could not remove them without permission from the state. both sides will be back in court tomorrow to discussow to proceed. switching gears to our weather now and the return of the warmer temperature i just ran into pat lawson muse coming in and she said it is hard to come in the buieing becaus it is nice. >> it is a slow crim-- a slow c, lauryn, but get>>ng there. now we're at 63 degrees.
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i could see sunshine out of the nbc studios right now. but of coursetl we have a lite haze out there. so veiled sunshine out there. and a mix of sun and clouds depending on where you are as we continue through the day. now no rain even though it looks like it will rain at any second. given t cloud cover out there. so again we have some clouds out there. pushing into the region and peeks of sunshine as well. but no rain quite yet. we're up to 67 right now. that south wind going to bring a little uptick in se humidity a well. so you may notice that before the end of the day. temperatures will continue to rise to the upper 70s to right around 80 degrees for daytime highs. on.ce of storms later in fact, we have daily chances of rain. this is a very tricky forecast that we worked out for you. from now all the way through the weekend. so we'll explain what we mean and show you that ten-day forecast to help you plan out not only the rest of the workweek but the weekend. yshat is coming upn a little bit. gu. >> thank you, lauryn.
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right now family and friends and colleagues are paying last respects to a marine are local ties who died in the line of duty. christopher slutman was killed by a roadside bomb in afghanistan this month. this morning police andrt fire depants lined overpasses on the beltway from maryland to virginia saluting him during the procession. he will be buried at arlingtont naal cemetery and he was a life member of the kentland fire department in prince george's county. right now, a meeting between president trump and key democrats. >> this is the first time he's meeting with house speaker nancy pelosi and senate minority leader chuck schumer since the infamous border wall fighting in december and led to the longest government shutdown and this time they will discusso plans t mix america's aging roads and bridges. mitch mcconnell said everybody loves infrastructure but how to pay for the bill will be
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achallenge. this morning white house meeting will expectedio discu over legislation to lower the cost of prescription drugs.nt presiderump has filed a lawsuit against deutsche bank and capital one,g tryin block subpoenas from house democrats seeking business records, wanting to know if russian's used landered money a the banks have not responded to the lawsuit. another shake-up in the trump administration but we knew this was coming. rod rosenstein has less than two weeks left on the job. rosenstein appointed special counsel robert mueller to investigate russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. he said he will step down on may 11th>. it is -- widely considered one of the worst intersections in our area, now changes are being pposed. our transportation report adam tuss is live. local leaders want to hear from
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the public on this one too, right, adam? >> reporter: yeah and they are getting an earful. the longer, you spend time he you more you realize the intersection where new york and florida avenue meet inrt noast. take a look at sign at what you are supposed to pay attention to around the circle. you go left and right and straight and how do you do it and that is what is so confusiny with so lights as well. one thing is for sure, change is coming. ah, yes, rember dave thomas circle and the wendy's here. it is still here. doing what it does best,in tie up the commute for everyone. >> i think that is probably the worst intersection in washington, d.c. that i've ever experienced and i would love to fsee some kind o transition ere. >> reporter: cyclist p.j. andersons getting his witch. d-dot presenting ideas for ange and conflict points are the real issue and the city said they cou take the number of
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confusing crossing intersemions down fro five to three. some streets could also change to two-way, green spa could be added to make a more parkike setting and bicycle infrastructure would be improved, i think the traffic there is pretty atrocious so if there is a way to figure out if -- to figure out how to make it better for everyone, that is great. >> reporter: drivers want to see provement -- >> something needs to be done about it. >> they change the patterns around, it doesn't work. nothing helped. it's terrible. >> reporter: right now the city is waiting for an appraisal on the prorty and then it will start negotiating a deal but for those frustrated take sol is in the fact it could only get betterrom here. we hope so. listen, d-dot just put out public comments about changing this place and as you could imagine, they got a lot of comment about it. people are not afraid to speak their mind about this piece of infrastructure in our fair city. back to you. >> could spend time railing about that particular
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intersection. >> reporter: oh, yeah. s, adam tuss live in northeast. >> thank adam. new today, u.s. news and world report released the best high school rankings in the tr coun >> and several schools in our area made the list. one high school in alexandria ranked fourth nationally that's. in maryland, walt whitman ranked 93rd and benjamin banneker ranked 187th. the magazine changed the grading cite e criteria to give a more comprehensive look at the schools. >> they looked ateveral thousand more schools. [ technical difficulties ] >> that is good. >> well the results of a study thatould show m howuch influence [ technic [ technical diiculties ]
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breaking ne nout of venezuela. teargas filling the streetss juan guaido calls for an uprising against nicholas maduro. new video showing the uprising. the u.s. and other countries as the ognized guaido rightful leader. mike pence sent a message to people there saying america will stand with them until freedom and democracy are restored. >> also developing this morning. federalay prosecutors s a u.s. army veteran is accused of planning a terror attack in southern california. re authorities say he expssed his support for isis. nbc's dan sheneman has the latest. >> reporter: mark steven domingo, a 26-year-old army vet
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who served in afghanistan is accused of planning to carry out a terror plot. >> this is a case in which law enforcement was able to identify a m csumed with hate and bent on mass murder and stop him before he could carry out his attack. >> reporter: according to prosecutors, domingo told the fbi he had a list of possible targets, including police in patrol cars the l.a. freeway and the santa monica peer. >> he was taken into custody after what he w thoughte pressure cooker bombs and after he travelled to long beach to survey the site where he -- his intended victims were to congregate but the ied weren't actual bombs. they werin ert devices provided by the fbi that pose nod danger to the public. >>eporter: prosecutors say domingo who recently converted to islam wrote an internet message that he wanted to retaliate for a deadly shooting
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spree atos mes in new zealand and caught the eye of authorities. >> this is a rapid radicalization to violence. this is -- sometimes we get asked what keeps you up at night. this is the case. >> >> reporter: domg ingo provided support to terrorism dan sheneman, nbc4. the man accusedn california's deadly shinna going shooting is expected to be arraigning. facing one count of murder with a hate crime special circumstance and three counts of attempted murde and one count of arson. that arson charge is related to an incidence.a at a mosque last month. they sai good-bye to lori gilbert kaye to pay tribute to her mother in chabad of pay when she was killed. last night there was a honor of
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her memory and denouncing ate. >> the turnout in northwest washington was so large the gathering had to be held outside. the crowd listened to city and faith leaders to send a clear message that hate will not be torated in our communities. >> everyone who thinks like him, whether is about usr others, you will fail. we will smother the crackle of your gunfire with acts of goodness, kindness, positivity, and life which will make this world you are ting to destroy much better than it was ever before. >> d.c. mayor muriel bowser echoed the call to fight hatred and the police chief said officers are constantl working to keep congregations of all faiths safe. e man charged with killing five people at the capital gazette changed his plea to not guilty by reason off insanity. his lawyers say he suffered from a mentalisorder and did not
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understand what he was doing is gone. now a state psychiatrist will evaluate him. his trial is set for november. at the deadly stabbing potomac metro station began as a robbery. three teena mrs robbed a an stabbed him sev bal timesefore midnight on sunday night above the escalator at the station in southeast. the victim is believed to be in his 40s but not been identifies. police hope surveillance video from the station will help lead to an arrest. >> we're learning new information about a deadly crash on the george washington parkway. >> a rush hour crash killed a 55-year-old taxi driver, left three people hurt and stopped traffic for hours. itn happened i the bellevue area of fairfax county, the north and southbound lanes had to be closed. a taxi and vw bug collided head on. the cab driver died at the ene. his two passengers were airlifted to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. the driver of the bug was also seriously hurt. a local lawmaker said the crash is a reminder tha work needs to
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be done to improve safety. >> one of the things i subject if the park serce could put up speed cameras at the intersection, i think it would go a long way to get speeds back down to 45 or 35 miles per hour with the sed e >>n he octse f these crash is under investigation. and the measles virus continues to spread. the center for disease control p andvention say more than 700 people, mostly unvaccinated children are no one has died but the anti-vaccination movement is being blamed for the recor number of cases. the largest outbreaks are in the orthodox community in and around new york city. and also this morning a concerning new study for parents about the youth suicide rateos d the psible influence stemming from the netflix show "13 reasons why." in the study supported by the national institute of health researchers say there was a
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28.9% increase following the show release back in 2017. now for those who don't know, it tells the story of a young girl who kills herself and leaves behind a series of tapes detailing the reasons why she chose to end her life. and the netflix spokesperson is looking into the research. this morning the cinematic world continueshe to mourn loss of john singleton. he died yesterday after suffering a massive stroke and tributes poured in on social media and fans paid tribute at his star on the hollykod wal of fame with official flower-laying event later today. >> singleton was the first african-american to earn an oscar nomination for best director as nb's lester holt explains he is a that opened the door for so many others. >> reporter: director john singleton st to fame at an early age. just months after graduating from usc, h began shooting his b groundaking debut movie
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"boys in the hood." the 1991 drama earning him a best director oscar nomination at just 24 years old. making him the first african-american and youngest person ever nominated for that poetic jtice followed two usard. years later. >> my goal is just to make films that have a lot of heart and that comedyld you cou identify with. >> reporter: he directed a episode of the people versus o.j. simpson and co-created the drama "snowfall" and he spente his lifn hollywood. actress regina king tweeting, rest in power, my friend. one of the greatest to ever do it. john singleton was 51 years old. >> so young. >> yeah. i think he dealt with hypertension which is sething
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affecting the black community to pay thing we have more attention to and get a better handle on. a first for the swimsuit edition of sports illustrated. a look at model celebrating her diversity. >> and royal baby watch. the latest on when this baby will arrive and the possible names out there.
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the royal baby clock is still ticking. fans of the royal family and tour ats and reporters staked out in the village of windsor, england. they're eagerly awaiting the child of the fir the duke and duchess of sussex, also known as prince harry and his wife meghan markle. keir simmons is there. >> reporter: they're affection for children has been unmistakable from the beginning and any day now harry and ghan will welcome their own child into the world. but the big question here is
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when? pomp and ceremony outside of windsor castle this morning, the changing of the guard but no news of any change to meghan's pregnancy. u.s. visitors hoping the royal baby arrives so w. >> ih it would happen while we'reere. >> it going to be tomorrow. >> reporter: it is going to be tomorrow? >> yes. tomorrow at about noon. >> reporter: royal-watchers hoping to learn the baby gender and even ne thought they would stumble on more an a -- incident,rt ar and j es and other names like, well, keir, and the message not found comes up. it is allan speculation. even girl or boy and even the split, harry and meghan are keeping it under wraps and many support their privacy. >>at i love thhe's being guarded about it. i think with all of the kind of commotion around them, it is nice to get a bitf privacy. >> reporter: please, please, let
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it comen soon becausenely and you don't hear this from a correspondent, we're going to run out of things to talk about here if we don't see a baby very soon. keir simmons, nbc news, windsor. >> oh, my goodness. >> a lot of people paying attention. not me. but a lot of people -- >> i knew you would get a jab. i was waiting for it. so a somali-american woman making history. >> becoming the first miss usa contestant to wear a hijab and burkini and now the first model to appearn theports illustrated swimsuit, this is video from theto shoot that took place in kenya where she was born and grew up in a refugee camp before moving to minnesa as a child. >> what a trail blazer. >> awesome. >> i was thinking in terms of weather. that is a change. growing up in kenya and then go to minnesota.
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>> it is pretty outside. >> yeah. >> it is allye in the of the beholder. we have clouds and sunshine. it is not bad. >> we have details. >> i do have details. listen, we have some sunshine out th it is a hazy sunshine out there right now. but it is not bad. there are temperatures in the upper 60s. right on cue we get the plane. temperatures yesterday in the low 60s so better today in terms of temperatures and warmer out there today. you could see the clouds in place. a little area of some rain has developed. just to the south and west of fredericksburg. that is going to possibly push into our area. especially areas to the south. as we go into the next hour or two, so maybe a few isolated showers out there. ndain, just south and west -- staying south a west and anything we do see is on the light side.
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continuing to have sunshine and clouds around and aew isolated storms later on this afternoon. isolated being the key word here. about a 30% chance that you'll see them whe you are. the thing is, if we do get one -- one or two could be on the stronger side. we're talking about some damaging winds and maybe hail. but that is it. not anything widespread like last friday. we dry out into the overnight but watch the clouds pushing back intthe region. we're getting nice on-shore flow with the easterly wind so we'll ee cloud cover increase throughout the overnight and into tomorrow morning. in fact, we have drizzle tomorrow morning and some low hanging clouds. t we take on the nationals. -- the nationals are taking on the cardinals fan. i'm not a cardina fan, aats fan. this evening at 7:05 first pitch and people riding me about this. again, small, small chance of rain. so good idea to download the app d doug and amelia will be with you this afternoon and through the evening and update the forecast on the app as well. s
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just amall storm chance. hit 30% chance is it will nationals park. a great nice for baseball and temperatures in the 70s. so today near 80 degrees for the temperature. over the next five days we have daily storm chances leading all the way into the weekend. so let's talk about your saturday and sunday. that is going to come up in about 12 minutes guys. >> lauryn, thank you. well finding the right person for the job. it could be tough, especially for big jobs around your home. coming up, home repair nightmares from people who use the popular website home adviser. >> and plus we'll hear from a mom who said she was kicked out of court for breast
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we begin this half hour with the war ofor w between president trump and the newest challenger in the democratic race for president, the former vice president joe biden. >> the former vice president
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taking direct aim during his first rally at the 2020ca idate. nbc's andrea mitchell has more on the effort to win back able to going to be beat donald trump in 2020, it's going to happen here.or >> repr: joe biden at the first rally of his 2020 campaign. surround by labor union supporters ind battlegroun pennsylvania. >> i make no apologies. i am a union man. period. >> reporter: laying down a marker against president trump whose win in pennsylvania helped seal his victory over hillary clinton. >> he's the only president that decided not to represent the whole country. the president has his base. we need a president who works for all americans. >> reporter: repudiating the president's character and leadership. >> we democrats an independents who had the same view have to chooseop h over fear unity over
11:31 am
division and maybe most importantly truth over lies. >> reporter: president trump who viewed the vice president as his toughest points charging with four tweets in 23 minutes repeatedly calling him sleepy joe before t challengi president biden has to win the nomination in an incasingly ogressive field. clearly ting to out-plank bernie sanders and soundingike sanders while slamming the tax cuts. >> i'm going to change thatyo s don't pay lower taxes than firefighters and teachers. the country wasn't built by wall street bankers and hedge fund managers, it was built by you, by the a greatrican middle class. >> a new cnn poll out this morning shows 39% of voters who are drats or democratic leaning or independents prefer
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biden and bernie sanders is coming in second with 15%. right now maryland governor larry hogan is signing 174 bill news law, including stacy's law which makes solicitation for felony. after a bowieeen wasd kil and it has been a misdemeanor carrying little jail time in the state. we're learning new details about a gruesome discovery neat chain bridge in the district. we want to warn you, some of the information in this case may be distlbing. source news4 the killer used somethingike a machete to kill a man. victim'sectives say the hand had been cut off and his body was barely in tact. they are still working to identify him. yesterday police cadets using a cadaver dog to search the area for cluesncluding the murder fishn found the body on saturday, a half mile from the chain bridge along the potomac river on the d.c. side.
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police said it is too early to tell whether it is a homicide or gang related. this morning a northern virginia company is apologizing for controversial job postings. the listings say the company is seeking a, quote,re prably caucasian t said the employee who posted the job is in india and n they have bee fired but it is upsetting t loudoun county naacp heads. >> they need retooling. they have been caughtn egregious offense and they're doing business in loudoun, we need to meet. >> thomas isit planning to vis the office later today to ask for a meeting. the company said other employees could be fireds well. now to an nbc news investigation into the popular home improvement site home adviser. nbc affiliates across the country have uncovered dozens of contracting disasters. >> morgan chesky has the warning
11:34 am
you may need to tear. >> repor you may have seen the commercials -- >> for over5 ars home -- >> reporter: it promises to screen contractors who go into your home for projects ranging remodeling. to >> home adviser conducted criminal and background checks -- >> reporter: but n affiliates across the country have re uncove dozens of home adviser contracting disasters. in omaha -- >> everying was torn out and redone. >> reporter: in atlanta -- >> it was a disaster. >> reporter: and in charlotte, wcnc found julie and jeff in a remodel turned nightmare so we checked back in. >> how long has it been looking like this? >> about a year and a >>half. eporter: the contractor home adviser recommended, kenneth bell. >> he inslled the tiles and their ol-- their hollow and moisture could get i there and so it has to be rped out. >> reporter: and he aband onned
11:35 am
the job leaving them home a mess. and the company said they provide a background check but what they missed they found with a google search. >> he was a convicted felo >> convicted federal felon on problems again almost the entire time he was on our job. >> reporter:enneth bell who pleaded guilty to a drug charge declined to comment. home aiser told nbc news that prior to the complaint, the company removed bell from the network for an unrelated reason, adding in a statement that customer satisfaction is a top concern, that they screen all applicants and constantly working to improve our screening procses but no screening process is foolproof and we're deeply disheart earned about what they experienced but the vickers said those words are hollow as they are left picking up the pieces. the charlotte better business bureau said home adviser is a starting point but warns -- >> it doesn't matter where you
11:36 am
find a business but you still have to do duece diligennd research. >> reporter: a simple strategy to avoid something like this. morgan chesky, nbc news, charlotte. a north carolina woman was threatened to bow thr in jail because she was breast feeding. >> and she started feeding her 3-month-old daughter and the bailiff asked her to life that prohibits children under 12 in the ctrtroom and she l the baby in the hallway and explains why she needs to have her baby with her at all times. >> ier leave h home and she's unable to eat and he said that is not his problem and if i had any other excuse that he was going to take her that day and have me put in contempt and that is when i walked out of the courtroom crying. >> the judge's office did not comment on the mother's allegations. state and federal laws state
11:37 am
women are allowed to breast feed in public facilities. a cat food spilling peacock in northern virginia. >> i know you love this story. coming up, the other behavior that has other people talking about chip the peacock. good tuesday morning. >> the weather is warming up and g to un uv rays are start beat down. >> but with so many sunscreens on the market, how do you know which one is for you. >> we have the ratings on 80 lotion, sprays and >>sticks. e'll cut through the
11:38 am
11:39 am
a peacock is causing a commotion in loudoun county. >> his name is chip and described as sedtive by his owners. you flew the coop while his owner is out of town ande'
11:40 am
stealing cat food and screeching from rooftopset lng everybody know he's looking for action. >> he looks so calm right there. >> several people have been close to wrangli this exotic bird but chip keeps flying into the trees. the owner said the only thing chip likes better than cat >> what is it? >> sex. that is what he's out there forh sow wild oats. the neighbors are being warned to not to try to catch him -- >> don't do that. they cou be aggressive and they are territorial. >> i thought they were mean. >> they are so pretty. and beautiful. they are a little upetty and then -- >> he's looking for -- >> who is he trying to find there? >> everybodypparently. whatever hens in the way. >> how many peacock girls are out there. >> pea-hens are what the look for. we should move on before i get in trouble. >> i have a whole gamut of
11:41 am
questions for this. >> i should just stop. >> to welcome is s pretty for .hose peacocks out the >> fan those wfeathers. ther for them. >> it is beautiful. and it's warm. let's get to our maps out there. my mind is running. we have daily chances of rain and storms. all through this weekend and into the weekend. it is a very trickyorecast. and of course we have a lot of things going on this weekend. ls're trying to figure it out and give you detai but it is a very difficult forecast because the thing is we have a roller coaster of temperatures, too. a frontal sysm is going to meanderd forth throughout the atlanticank b a doesn't kick out until sunday and that is why we have daily chances of rain. and rain out there now. a few light showers may clip fredericksburg and into prince
11:42 am
william county and they dissipate around l ray area. and 30% chance that you'll see thunderstorms pop up where you are and again if we do get a thunderstorm, there is a chance that it could be severe. one or two tould be strong severe bringing damaging winds and even a little bit of hail. but about 30% chance you will see it and it very small chance. we head into the overnight. more crowds push into the -- more clouds push into the area and this banks up against the mountains and that is where we get the cloud cover. so there could be drizzle tomorrowx morning. mif sun and clouds out there today as temperatures rise into the upper 70s and lower 80s and again that chance of isolated nd rain showers a thunderstorms later on in the afternoon and evening. tomorrow we're in the low 70s. so we go from right around 80 today to the low 70s tomorrow. a little drizzle and fog, low clouds tomorrow morning and then another isolated rain chance by tomorrow afternoon. let's talk about the weekend. because that front is sticking around for the weekend. it will cross on friday. friday looks like our best chance of rain and then the
11:43 am
frontal stem sags to the south. close tour area we'll keep a chance for rain and storms on saturday. looks like it will start tond weakenush out of here by the time we head into sunday an area of low pressure will form along it so we could have rain chans leading into sunday. but again, confidence is low on that. we'll continue to nail down the tails and timing probably -- over the next two days. but let's talk about when we clear up coming up on the ten-day forecast in a ten minutes. >> we'll see you then. well your sense of smell could hold important clues about your health. we'll explain. and we're going to smell at the studio with some aroma with a preview of a b wine and food festival taking place this weekend. weekend. you'll have a chance to tteas
11:44 am
while shopping at s♪ you need to place yourself in the moment. you need confidence in the appliances you select to build the home and life you love. our products and servicesnt bring momes like this to every family. shop top-brand appliances including kenmore at sears.
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this weekend a great spring tradition returns to the national harbor water front. the 11th annual national wine and food festival brings
11:46 am
together award-winning celebrity chefs and music and wine and spirits from around the world. s cheftt druno joins us this morning with more on the fantastic event. good morning. >> good morning. >> look at you smelling up the studio. >> get it going. >> give me a quick overview, what could people expect athe stival this year. >> so this is the 11thth annual national harbor wine and food festival and thrilled to be part of it. whole foods is a big sponsor so they are snsorin a tasti experience where we'll have a bunch of celebrityhe c from d.c. come and do demos. so the demos are fun. superteractive. >> i like that. >> and meet chefs like victor al bisso and rock harper and alex mccoy and scott from chiko. >> it is amazing.
11:47 am
>> so we just opened our second location in dupont circle and we'll do a dish to kick off burgers for summer season and we'll d a cumin burger and we'll give you tips an tricks and then tasting portions. thereots a l of great experiences at the harbor. there is a re garden, a cinco de mayo bar and a gospel brunch on sunday. a lot of activities. >> fun stuff. >> if you like to eat and thdri, is the place to be. >> and lamb is pretty lean? >> pretty flean. >> spring, i have to ask about the lean stuff. >> super healthy. and so is the bourbon we'll drink and the wine. this?t goes well with >> to i move a classic of cumin and it is a beautiful flavor combination. so that is what we'll do out here. a is a little spicy. so it has bit of a bite to it. >> tell me what you put in there? did you go over that again? >> and this one is our -- i
11:48 am
can't tell you. it is our secret. this is our cumin lamb spice which is toasted cumin and coriander and in the mix we put garlic and ginger. so we'll toast these up and put a little cheese on it. >> now you just dropped those like just before we came back and introduced you and look at how quickly this is -- >> ye c >> do youook that all the way through. >> i like to serve thism mediu rare. some people like it medium but if you like it well done, you could eat it however you want.t if you like i well done, if you like $2 wine from the store, there is no rules. >> people lov ftivals around the parts and now that it is a warmernd people get out and sample and the restaurant scene in the dmv is good right now and this is good to let people know who you are and what you are doing as open up new spots. >> and it is great for the guests because they could ask
11:49 am
chefs, taco bombo but if you want to make them at home or questions, he'll be there on the stage and chefs on the stage for an hour talking about their restaurant and recipes and food. people ask us all sort ofes quons, what kind of knives or pot should i buy. so it is aat opportunity to interact with the restaurants that you frequent. >> and a great way to get people into the restaurant. what are the hours? >> so it is saturday and sunday. noon to 6:00. the website is www.nationalharborwineandfood dotcom. >> and there are tents and wine to drizzle. >> once they drink the wine they won't care what the food is like. >> coming thank you from chi-k d we'll take the burgers. and aaron lovesba food.
11:50 am
ck'lo you. >> il be right over. news for your health, there is a study out that shows that chilen with asthma are not using inhalers properly. and may not get the correct amountf medicine. researchers with the americaf college o allergy, asthma and immunology surveyed parents and children and 97% were using the inhaler incorrectly and putting themselves at risk of not controlling asthma. expes say allergyists should watch children use inhalers to make sure they know the proper enchnique. could your of smell be an indicator of your risk for an early death? researchers at michiganay university yes. they've just completed a study of the link between smell and illness. the final results determine that people who could not identify 12 common odorslm were at 50% more likely to die within ten years. poorse of smell is known to be an early sign of parkinson's disease and demtia. urger makeover.
11:51 am
this morning there is another choice for whopperco lovers. ming up, a look at what makes the impossibleerhopper difft.
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welcome back. we're starting to see the first signs of amazon arrival inar ngton. the tech giant announced hiring is starting for the new hq-2 and so far they oy listed five jobs online but there should be 400 by the end of the year. s amazonaid about 25,000 jobs will eventually be created in
11:54 am
our area. now amazon briefed residents at a community meeting at the community center last night. leaders sayewhese first f jobs will help build the fndation of the work force in our area. we posted a link to the listing online. just search amazon in the nbc washington app. now here is your cnbc news from burger king. >> burger king is rolling out the meatless impossible burger nationwide. this after a successful trial in st. louis. the impossible whopper is made with plant-based patties designed to look and taste like meat. they have5% 1ess fat and 90% less cholesterol than a regular whopper and customers claim they cannot take the difference. other fast food chain including white castle and carl's jr. already sell the veggie bger. >> and record amount to spend on month this year. the national retail federation estimates mother's day spending
11:55 am
will hit $25 billion up $23 billion last year. and spending roughly $196 per person including jewelry, special outings and gift cards and flowers. with your cnbc morning business report, i'm raul salmon. did you know there is a nationalursive handwriting contest for kids? iere and one of the winners is from our area. >> sarah hinesly go to school in maryland and aimee cho has the story of this young writing expert and what she's had to overcome. >> i try to concentrate on what i'm going to write. >> reporter: when sarah hinesly put pens toap, you can bet every loop of every letter will be just right. this third grader sent a writing -- a sample to a national handwriting contest and got the top prize. >> when i got the reward i was really happy and proud that i got it >> as she shows us her sheets of practice. when it comes to overcoming
11:56 am
obstacles, all of us would do well to take a page from her book. she was born with no hands but that hasn't stopped her from becoming a penmanship pro. >> i'm going to still keep trying my best. >> reporter: and she has to plans to use prosthetics. >> i don't think i could need it since i could do anything that people who does have hands could do. >> reporter: proof for a wone thn life throws you for a loop, you could still get right back on track. inrederick, aimee cho, nbc4. >> i just love her. oh, my goodness. she beat over 100 people in her catego and this win came with a $500 prize. >> setting an example. >> yes. >> you can overcome anything. >> i know. >> good for her. >> let's get one last look a r forecast. lauryn ricketts has the ten-day. nd yes, our ten-day forecast, cloudy out there a we have a chance of shower or thunderstorms. a few isolated showers to the evndhef d.c. and culpeper but
11:57 am
trise d smallrm c shanceto ones could be on the sg side but otherwise plenty of clouds around and sprinkles in the morning and isolated shower in the evening and cooler. then thursday hot and humid. another 30% chance of showers and thunderstorms. friday is our best chance, still question marken for the week we have to figure out what the front will do. but it still looks like rain around for some part of the weekend beforemproving conditions on sunday. and those improving conditions will continue into early next week. >> lauryn, thanks so much. that l do it for "news4 midday." we're back on the air this afternoon first at 4:00. >> and get news and weather updates any time with the nbc washington app. have a great day, everybody. we'll see you tomorrow morning. ♪
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we're live in five, four, three, two, one. ♪ ♪ it's gonna be me >> it's april 30th which means it's gonna be me. welcome to "access live." a g, big day here on this tuesday. i cannotoversell this enough. "access live" today. scots for >> kit has been wting to play that clip for a full week. i'm glad f weinally -- it's gonna be me. >> we


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