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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  April 30, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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>> and we s trt witht breaking news in virginia. chopper 4 flying over hilton high school in woodbridge after atudent fires a gun inside a classroom. >> the word now is that everyone is safe. no one was struck. but it was sll a scary situation for parents who were getting phone calls about this. northern virgia bureau chief julie carey joins us with the latest. the school was placed on lockdown. is it still on lockdown? >> reporter: yes, it is. still on lockdown. u see behind me worried parents gathered. lso a considerable police presence the important thing to note here, no one was hurt inside the school when the gun discharged. as i talked to some parents, some still had tears in their eyes imagining what could have happened. this incident happenebetween 1: 1:00 and 2:00 this afternoon. prince william county police say a gun apparently brought to school by a student accidentally discharged in ala croom. parents have been hearing from s their student as well and
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according to some of the students, this gun was in a a backpack when the student wt the backpack down on the floor, that'shen it is gun went off. police tell us that the student that was associated wh that gun has been detained. he is inside the school. everything on lockdown right now as police condu a sweep of hilton high school to make sure there are no other weapons. here's what some of those worried parent his to say a short while ago. >> it's scary. unfortunately, it's what's happening in the world now. until we get harde gun control laws, there's nothing we can do. >> i've been devastated. i drive him to school every morning and the last thing he said to me was i love you, mom. we're glad that everybody's okay. >> you see how emotional this has been for these parents. take a look at chopper 4. you can get a v widerw of
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what's going on. you see the many police cars. those parents gathered in the parking lot. the school superintendent is on site at hilton high school reassueverybodis se. pantarbeingsk to goo nearribytsarng park high school to pick c up theirldren later. as you see, they're just too anxious about this situation and they want to be on hand. prince wil pam countyice expected to come out shortly to give us the latest on this situation. we'll have more for you on news 4 at 5:00. back to you in the studio. >> that has got to be a parent's worst nightmarou thank y keep us posted. we're also following breaking news coming in from venezuela where opposition leader juan guaido is calling for an uprising against the government of nicolas maduro. troops are trying to restore order. we have seen armored vehicles runnin over protest ares.
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scott macfarne following velopments for us from the live desk. >> a lot of pictures like thaex over the nt few hours. this is by far the most serious challenge to president maduro's rule and following months of what was peaceful protests. calling for the armed forces to oust maduro. guaidoimeclared hlf interim president months ago after elections in the country were said to be rigged. today u.s. officials are speaking out in support of this uprising, but so far it seems the rebellion has gained limited military support. anti-government protest was broken out in several cities across the country, bute have no word they have taken control of any military installations. the street crowds, well it's in the thousandstoday, but they were met with tear gas. maduro says he still has the support of the military. guaido has bmin prong operation freedom final push against maduro. a few observers didn't get much
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chance at success. now back to you. >> thank you, scott. protesters on both sides are now at the zembas nein washgton. there are no staff inside the embassy, but there is a sizable crowd outside inspect the u.s. and venezuela have both pulled personnel from their respective embassies. stay with news n 4 and for continuing coverage of the crisis in venezuela. at home a southeast d.c. amily says they are living in fear. >> they are too afraid to even walk past their windows after somehoe fired sts into the reuse. you can see whe a bullet passed through a front window and this video here. there's another hole where a bullet ripped through the drywall. >> the family tells meagan fitzgerald this is not the first time they felt threatened i their he. >> there's always something going on in the neighborhood. >> reporter:ee thr years ago mikay ar
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mikaya and h children moved to "t" street. she wanted outside area so her kids could play outside, but she's regretting that decision. >> it's very sad you can't have a peace of mind living rhere. >>eporter: we're concealing her identityse becau she fears for her. family's sa >> i just got off from my part-time job. trying to get some rest. i laid on the couch. >> reporter: on april 19th, she says she was singing songs to her 2-year-old daughter before she fell asleep. moments later her boyfriend >> shots fired, shots fired, get down. we're crawling to safety to the back of the couch here. >> reporter: several bullets were fired. one shattered her window. another sliding through her wall terrifying her fami. >> glass in my eye. my eye was burning. i was on the ground. i was crying. what if i would have died? what if my daughter would have died? >>eporter: yes a question that still haunts her. a month earlier a brick was
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thrown through her window. e filed police reports and officers are investigang both cases. but right now she says she's trying to save enough money so she and her family can relocate. >> it's not safe. and i want to move. i'm trying to get to move. >> reporter: meagan fitzgerald, news 4. >> detectives are hoping neighborsan help them find whoever targeted her house. police need anyone with t information come forward. there are new details today about that disturbing discovery made near the chain bridge in the district. there's now evidence suggesting there was gang activ in the area where a body was discovered over theke wee. news 4 mark segraves has een working all day to learn more. what have you learned about this, mark?e what els do police know now? >> i can tell you that the police have been down here every day since the murder was discovered on saturday, but today the focus of their investigation shifted to a new location in these woods.
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an area that seems to have been marked by ms 13. this is the spot where a fisherman made the gruesome discovery. a mutilated body lying at the base of this tree. he w >> he was suffering from multiple traumatic injuries to his body, head, neck area. he was missing a hand. his other hand was so severely injured that it was barely still intact. >> investigators returned to the woods near chain bridge today but not to the murder scene. today the focus was on this area not far from the murder s investigators zeroing in on these blue and white bags tied in the ma a trail leading to this enclave in the woods. iso surrounded by these blue and white bags tieo the tree. blue and white, the colors of the ms 13 gang. today forensics teams removed the bags as evi tnce.
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sinc body was discovered on saturday, ylow crime tape was marked off a large area near chain bridge. an area popular with nature lovers who were unsettled to len that ms 13 might be active in this park. >> it's scary. we came outki here thin it was safe and not a lot of people. it's kind of scare zble yesterday aadaver dogs police cadets were brought in to search the area for more clues, including an. murder weapo today the focus is this area marked by these blue and white no comment from mayor bowser's office or the police department. the victimemains unidentified. only a hispanic male. >> thank you, mark. new at 4:00, a loudon county high school teacher is under arrest accused of having inappropriate communications
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with students. allison is a marketing teacher at loudon county high school and chool for with the sko two years. she had inappropriate communications with the school. she is charged with three counts. she was being held at the loudon county adult detention center on $2,500 asnd. it served people more than 150 years, but providence hospital will close its doors leaving the neighborhood around it with less access to emergency lire. pat col is joining us live from northeast. pat, we know many in that community and in the city are really sorry to see providence go. >> reporter: there's a lot of worry around here.on normally i like to start my stories with numbers toen tonight i'll start with numbers.
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586 bulatory surgeries, 42,092 emergency department visits. 4878 inpatient admissions. where are these patients going to go now? >> it's official. here it is in the paper in that little print nobody reads until it's too late. notice of hospital closure. april 30th, 2019, providence hospital closing its acute care hospital services. it's a big loss for our industry. in a word, what caused providence hospital to close? >> i'd say you had a corporation from out ode of the districtf columbia who was insensitive to the needs of the residents who live here. >> reporter: providence was the ldest general hospital in our city. founded back in 1861 by the
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daughters of charity. the catholic religious order and those on so familiar flying nun originally pronce was on capitol hill in a big gray stucco mission-style building. in 1956 the hospital moved to the brooklyn section of northeastwashington. ith the nuns gone, and the cost of health c on the rise, providence the hospital has become a casualty itself. >> everybody should be worried, when you have an institution that's been around for more than 150 years a they shut their doors to the residents, to the patients, to the workers then everybody should be concerned. >> now, the people who run providence say they're going to redeploy their resources for primary and community based services. but the bottom lines this.
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tomorrow providence is not going to be a hospital. pat, back to you. >> the city is going to feel that loss. thank you, pat. let'surn now to storm team 4 chief meteorologist doug kammerer in the storm center. doug, tell us about this heat. how long do we have to sweat it out? >> today. tomorrow we have a very tough forecast as far as temperatures go, but it is really nice outig there now. temperature of 81 degrees. the one thing we could use, we've got a lot of sunshine right now. the one thing we could use, a nice little breeze, we don't have much of a breeze. 78 in hagerstown. 86 in richmond. look to the north. 63 state college. 54 in pittsburg a that cooler is going to try to work its way down here overnight tonight and into the day tomorrow. chance of showers, maybeth a derstorm this evening. i'm not expecting much. better chance over the next couple of days. rather unsettled pattern. we're going to talk more about what you expect and we've got the warmest temperatures so far this year coming up later this
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week. i'll explain and see you bac here in a few minutes. >> thanks, doug. t> today family, friends and colleagues cameogether and paid their left respects to a marine who died in the line of duty. staff sergeant christopher slutman was killed by a roadside bomb in afghanistan earlier this month. this morning police and fire departments lined overpasses from maryland to virginia saluting slutman during the procession. he was burred in a private ceremony at arlingtonl nationa cemetery. he was a life member of the unlunteer fire department in prince george's . we are staying on top of the breaking news at hilton high school. >> a gunfired inhe middle of school. julie carey is working that story in woodbridge and she'll bring you updates here on news 4. blood pressure screenings. coming up, three tips the african-american community needs to know to prevent strokes. and protecting your skin
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from the smer sun, we're working for you with the suns
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well, it is much warmer out there today, but tomorrow thete erature is going to be all over the place. doug will take a look at what to expect in your neighborhood just ahead. it is the list tt every school wants to be on. u.s. news and world report is
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out with the annual list of best gh schools in the country and some familiar names appeared at the top of the. crass aaron gilchrist breaks down the rankings. >> reporter: eleasing the best high school rankings in the country, several schools in the area made the loss. olomas jefferson high school for science and techny in fairfax ranked fourth nationally. in maryland, walt whitman high sc ol ranked 93rd. here in the district, benjamin banner in academy ranked 178th. they ranked 2,000 it looked at criteria like college readiness, reading and math proficiency, underserved cestudent performan and graduation rates. several other schools in our area are also featured on the list. you can read more in the nbc washington app. back to you. academic magnet high school snagged the number one school.
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they had three schools in theto 20. >> next year we're taking it back. we' got texasind of weather out there. >> yeah. kind of amazing. yesterday62. today 82. we're up by 20 degrees. tomorrow we falbaright . >> going to swing back down. >> we'se doing the swings. then on thursday we go even higher than today. it really is quite amazing what's happening out there. we've got this boundary right around our region today. we're on the south side of the boundary. mthat is the war side. you see out there right now, it looks warm. we've got cloud cover and sunshine as well. temperatures currently at 81 deees. yeah, ain, this would be okay. the humidity is up just a little bit. not much. this is big deal. calm wind. you walk outside, even if we had a 5, 10 mile an hour breeze, it would be a fantastic afternoon. doesn't make it feel a little bit on the warm side. 77 martinsburg, 83 fredericksburg, 79 inaltimore. warm everywhere across our region. no rain right now. we have a chance of a shower,
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maybe a thunderstorm a little bit later this evening. we're not seeing anything develop. the wider vhow swing this right here. this is a little bit of a system that's moving along the front and we could see omething with this as it moves into our region over the next couple of hours. we'll wait and see if it actually does translate into some storms for our area. right now storms ongoing into pennsylvan. so whaare we soeeing area wide? here is the boundy loecated just to the north. more storms back to the west. you see this kind of unsettled pattern all aoss the east. look at these numbers. 85 in raleigh. buffalo. yeah. look at the difference here. really quite amazing. we're being to be seeing this difference over the next couple days. the front is to the north. overnight it drops to our south. that meae' w on the cooler side. warm air just to the south. atch what happens tomorrow afternoon. the warm front comes back to the north. as it does, we'll see the
4:19 pm
air move back to the north. it's right across our region. we're talking about a big difference in temperatures. look ats. thi overnight you see everybody in the 60s. a very nice night. by tomorrow morning, look where we are. 58 inaltimore. 61 in fredericksburg. we warm to the south. we don't warm much to the north. by 1:00, we're still only in the 60s tomorrow. about 15 to 20 degrees cooler than we are out there right now. he warm front moves to t north. as a result, we get into the 70s to the south. but only the 60s to the north and ea o. somethe computer models actually keeping it even cooler than this. this is really a tough forecas for the day tomorrow. one thing for sure, it will be cooler. even if we' 6 atin baltimore and 70 in d.c., hey, we'll take that. that's still pretty good. average high temperature 71. going 71 for a high tomorrow. we're actually going average, not 77. 89 on thursday. 89. that's the warmest day so far this year.
4:20 pm
85 friday. 83 on saturday. good chance of storms. some of those will be on the strong side. we'll continue to post this on socialedia. we'll see you back here20 in minutes. as the world mourns the passing of movie director john singleton, health advocates hope that this will be a reminder to everyone that hypertension is a lent killer. the afrnan-american america community is dproportionately affected by this condition. nicole jacobs shows us house advocates are trying to reach patients. >> at midtown barbershop in northwest d.c., a quick lunch break haircut mixedheith t serious talk of personal health. from hollywood t the district, the death of mirietor john singleton is hitting home, especially in the african-american community. >> anything under 120 over 80 is perfect. >> singleton died of a massive stroke and inhe wake of his passing d.c. health link is taking this time tolo do
4:21 pm
pressure screenings in a place of comfort, the barbershop. >> hypertension is the number one cause of death and disability in the world. >> dr. watkins says most people in this country have enlargedec hearts bause of hypertension making pop-up events like this one all the more important. >> it's associated with s many complications, such as stroke, such as heart attack, such as kidney ilure. >> reporter: d.c. health link, there is health care available in d.c. blood pressure screenings are free. >> they have these free preventative benet, free meaning no co-pays, no co-insurance. >> d.c. councilman brandon todd says singleton's death is an unfounate eye opener. >> as i age, i'll be 36 in about a month and know that your body changes with age. >> one he hopes will make people stop and pti attenon to their
4:22 pm
health. nicole jacobs, news 4. we're posting a link in the n nbc washington app that will help you find free preventative screenings. >> so important. >> and easy enough to jump in front of it, get ahead of that problem. >> you've got to pay attention. >> that's right. protecting women in the work force. >> controversial comments from the man president trump wants to lead the federal reserve. s why heays the government has no pla inrying to close the gender pay gap. >> a stroller takeover on capitol hill. parents and their babies demanding action. hear the message for the lawmakers there. i'mol mte green. what four things can you do to clean up your yard, neighborhood and county? join me and prince george's leaders as we preview growing green with pride green with pride
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president trump's potential pick for the federal reserve is drawing new criticism as he tries to explain past comments about gender and pay. wendy rieger is at the live desk with the new comments made today. >> the name steven mre may not be all that familiar to a lot of
4:26 pm
people, but today it was in the spotght because ofomments he made on cnbc during an interview this morning. e was asked about a part article he wrote for "the national review". in it he appeared to worry about a society where women might earn more than men. today moore tried to clarify those comments. >> the biggest problem i see in the economy over the last 25 years is what has happened to male earnings, for black males and white mal as well. they've been declining. that is i think apr briglem. i want everybody's wages to rise, but people are talking about women's earnings. they'v risen. the problem has been the steady decline in male earnings and i think we should pay attention to that. >> women still make, by the way, 80 cents on the dollar. he has not been officially nominated to the chair, but the post carries a 14-year term. white house of cials have said
4:27 pm
they are continuing to vet him and it's not clear if he has enough votes in the senate to be confirmed. back to you bo. a surprising show of c compromise. >> the trillion dollar deal to fix our nation's roads and bridges and who's going to pay for it. >> plus keeping your children safe at school. safe at school. the new plan to add extra you know when you're at ross
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if you're just joining us, we're working breaking news. a student fires a gun inside a classroom at hilton high school in woodbridge. >> everyone was safe and no one was hurt or hit. the gun w inside a backpack and went off when the backpack ps tossed to the ground. >> right nowice are sweeping the school. they want to make sure there are no more weapons there. northern virginia bureau chief julie trey is going join us live with the very latest from that scene coming up at the top of the hour. now to ain refre change of pace. a show of good will between president trump and democratic leaders. white house h today to come up with an infrastructure plan. >> and they are moving forward, even as president trump and his family escalate their attacks on multiple investigations. >> blayne alexander is at the white house this afternoon to bring us up to date on this. blayne. >> pat andou leon, y remember
4:31 pm
very well when schumer and pelosi were at the white house a few months ago right in the midst of the longest shutdown in history. in fact, president trump walked out ofhat meeting. today it was a very different tone. in fact, the white house described this mee ng as excellent special productive. washington's two top democrats house speaker nancy pelosi and senate minority leader chuck schumer leaving a meeting with president trump with a potential deal. >> we're very excited aboutsahe convon that we had with the president. >> reporter: a broad agreement on infrastructure, $2 trillion to focusn things like roads, bridges, and broad band internet exnsion. >> it's clear that both the white house and all of us want to get something done on infrastructure innd big bold way. there was good will in this meeting. that sas different thane of the other meetings that we've had. >> reporter: meetings like this one last winter over the president's border lwall. >> i whut down the government. >> okay. fair enough. >> reporter: right before the lohuest government stdown in
4:32 pm
history. hanginta over today'ss, the growing battle between the president and house democrats who areping up their investigation. but during the meeting -- >> he didn't bring it up. >> while we may have oures difficultin other areas, we cannot ignore the needs of the american people. >> reporter: outside of ine meetg, that good will gone. theresident and h family suing deutsch bank and capital one to block them from complying with house democrat subpoenas for financial >>records. hey harass. they harass don. they harass -- >> from the lawmakers leading the investigations? >> he h obviouslyas something to hide. he obviously is afraid we're going to learn more. re>> reporter: saying the ready to fight tooth and nail for those tomorrow all will be on capitol hill because we're looking to see the first of a planned two-day testimony from the attorney geral william
4:33 pm
barr. he's set to go before the senate judiciary committee tomorrow. now, on thursday, he's scheduled to go before the house counter parts. there has been some dispute over that. rr threatening not to show up to that meeting over a dispute over how exactly that hearing will play out. well, the chairman jerryadler says he'll subpoena barr. that hearing is scheduled for 9:00 a.m. on thursday. >> thank you, blayne. families from across the country took over the capital today with strollers in tow. all in support o health care. they have a simple message. help provide more early childhood education programs and extend family paid leave. one d.c. mother tells us she's often forced to choose betwe j her and her children. >> it's hard to survive when there's nothing left. so we're paying day care so just go to work.
4:34 pm
>> the firefighter few years o live are critical and these parents want to make sure their children get the best care possible. keeping your children safe at schoo is important. today one of the largest school districts is moving ahead with a ddplan to a an extra layer of protection around powerful motorized petitions. >> susan hogan has been following this issue closely since the tragic death of a third grader. >> wesley was killed at his school. he was helping a teacher operate a motorized partition in the gym at fran conia elementary he somehow got caught between it and the wall. now the school board is taking action to make sure it neverpp has again. >> as an elected official, it's my responsibility to make sure our kids stay safe. >> a school board member, she is asking the board to approve
4:35 pm
spending, $600,000 to add safety censors to partitions already installed in school. >> we will be rro fitting 127 movable walls to ensure that we have motion censors so that if an object or a person comes in contact they will stop. the wall will stop. >> during a work session they mentioned dipping into the reserve fund to get the process started now. instead of waiting for the newe budg to begin in july. >> for me time is of the essence get this in place. >> the school board is expected to approve the funding when it meets again thursday night. the county plans to install the censors over the summer making sure no other's student family n being ndure the p felt by wesley's family, friends, and the entire fra
4:36 pm
community. >> i want them to know that we in fairfax county will not alloo this t happen to another child. >> yoube may rememr a law was justigned in virginia barring schools fr operating these partitions if any students are present in the roomnless the wall has a cen r installed along with it. everything school dtrict inta the s is also now required to develop otional policies and train operars every single year. the lewaw is being called the wesley charles act. ng>> that's what's happeith the partitions already in place. how about the new ones that will be install down the road? >> great question. we a told that all of the new installations willut aomatically come with motion censo. in fact, one was justta insed at a school underinogg a major renovation. we have asked to go in to see how it works. we will bring you an update when that happens. >> we'll be looking for it. so important.
4:37 pm
>> i know. >> you've been on thishe from t very beginning. >> we have. we've met the family and i'll tell you, we're doing it for them. >> good to see. thank you, sue hsan. well, as it gets warmer, you'll be stocking occuup on s n sunscreen. >> but what's the best kind? we're working for you to fine the best protection for your skin. >> our area has hadour ef 4 rated tornadoes. the most memorable in 2002. we've already had a confirm rnado this year out in reston. i'm going to have more on tornadoes in our area as we look to the rest of th
4:38 pm
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start ntth fast, reliablenet for just $59.95 a month. it's everything a small business owner needs. si comcast buness. beyond fast. we've already seen a handful of tornado warnings in our area this spring. >> yeah. and with the heat and humidity going upward, it's bound to happen more often. amelia draper is with us now with more on what we can expect to see this summe. amelia >> well, pat and leon, what i'm showing you right now are the tornadoes by month ranging between 2008,7. and 201 you can see we haven't had any tornadoes during that time period in january. then we see that number really spike up in april. he've had 10 tornadoes in may. june t highest month with tornadoes and i'm going to show you why in just and seco then july has had 13 tornadoes between '08 and '17. tornadoes since 2008 have
4:41 pm
overall probly been most often in june because we had a tornado e saw ak in 2011 where over 30 tornadoes happen. if i take out that outlier uher, can see the month that features the most tornadoes for the most part in our area is going to be the month of june. we've had them every month on record. as we get into severe weatheron seas, and like i was saying, we've already had handful of tornado warnings and a confirmed tornado, have that plan in place mp kn . ething i want you to pay attention to. a severe thunderstorm warningde can inclu a weak toioado. the natl weather service saying the damage would be similar, but that's why when you ave that severe thunderstor warning, you need to get indoors. tornados in our area can happen anywhere at any time. we're overdue for a stronger tornado. we have no ef 3 or greater rating tornado since the early 2000s. i posted more about this last
4:42 pm
stat here on my facebook and twitter page. >> let's hope that trend stays that way. >> i know, right? early 2000s. >> thanks, amelia. we don't want to focus on tornadoes as much as we do thes ertime sun. it's coming and your skin is going to be exposed a lot more. >> that cls for more sunscreen. comi up next, we're looking into the best protection forou and your family. also you stare at them on the road every day. the five or six letters on the back of cars. the create and dirty vanity the create and dirty vanity plates tha
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if i are just joining us, let's get you caught up with four things to know. prince william county police chief held a news conference moments ago to discuss the .eaking news situation the hilton high school in gckdown after a was fired
4:45 pm
inside a classroom. >> police say a student took the gun to school. the gun went off when he went tt show off. everyone is safe. no one was hit. >>olice say they havehe student in custody, but they don't know where the gun is. a lockdown still in effect there at the school. julie carey is going to have a live report coming at the top of the hour. violence in venezuela between the government and protesters today. opposition leader juan guaido called his supporters to the streets in an unrising against the government as nicolas maduro. they say last year's elections were riggednd not legitimate. many countries including the u.s. agree. u.s. officials have spoken out in support of today's uprising. the man accused of a deadly synague shooting in california face a the suspect is facing murder, m attemptedder and arson charges. the arson is related to an incident at a california mosque last month. investigators are looking for a person of interest in last week's sex assault at a metro
4:46 pm
station. a theault took place tuesday around 5:45 in the afternoon at the bethesda station. police haveod a pretty go image of a man they'd like to talk to. the victim was grabbed. if you know whohis is, montgomery county police want to talk to you. next time you're at the store, you might want to think about restoc up on the sunscreen. >> i was just at the store thinking of that yesterday. with so many to choose from, how do you know what's right for you? consumer reporter susan hogan is back. she's working with you with good sunscrtin s. >> such a comprehensive report.r consum reports actually tested a whopping 82 lotions, sprays, sticks and even lip balm. re's what they found. dermatologists say the best screen is one you'll actually use, but tests show some arer much bette at protecting your skin. as part of the consumer reports testing, sunscreen is applied to people's backs who then soak in a tub for 40 to0pe minutes.
4:47 pm
dending on the products, water resistants claim. the area is then exposed to simulated sunlight. they examine the area for redness. two of consumer reports top best buys are equate walmart ultra protection spf 50 and trader joe's spray spf 50 plus. they asked to provide additional on 12 chemical, active ingredients in sunscreen. >> some evidee show ts may interfere with the function of hormones such as estrogen. however, more research is needed before we know what the effects are in people. >> still the american academy of pediatrics say parents may want to consider using an oxybenzone free on their children. you may be thinking of try a mineral or natural sunscreen,
4:48 pm
but shop carefully. >> in our test in recent years,d we haven't f a mineral sunscreen that provides topnotch protection and is labeled spf. >> kids sensitive lotion spf 30 plus and badger active natur mineral cr krescented were not at the top. something else to keep in mind when using spray, sunscreen, spray it on your hands first, then rub it on your skin. that way you're getting all the coverage you need and it does not blow away with the winho you have to ld down your kids half the time. that.ow putting sunscreen on your wds, n they're 14 years old, good luck with that. >> making sure you got everything properly covered. >> i know. >> thank you, susan. turning to doug. when are we going to need t sunscreen again? >> l today for sure. the big thing about sunscreen,
4:49 pm
reapply, reapply, reapply. in you're outside at the pool a couple hours, you need it more than once for sure. once before you go, oncehen you're there and maybe two or three times if you're at the beach alleday. thext couple day, really, really warm. today is one of those days,de 8 grees right now. temperature wise we're going to be dropping as we move on through the rest of the evening. it is 81. down to about 76. 67 by 11:00. again, a very nice night tonight. yes, very warm. t a lot of wind out there. we could use a nice little breeze, but we don't have it re now. ton, 78. college park, 79. we're warm everywhere. big changes tomorrow. not much in the way of rainen cuy. look at this. just saw a shower pop up. there it is right there. this is going to make its way right across t potomac and over towards 301. heads up there. nothing big. we've got haeeavier showers in
4:50 pm
towards pennsylvania. inducettle system could a couple of showers in parts of our area. the big action is back to the west. tornado watches and numerous tornno warnings i parts of oklahoma, parts of missouri. this whole system is going to be making its way our way all unsettled all week long. we're going to be watching that closely. the big deal is the temperatures. 81 her 63 in state college. we're going to see these cooler umbers move down across our region. tomorrow it will be a lot cooler than today. all depends on where you live. it's a tough wednesday forecast. >> absolutely. doug, even last week we were saying how difficult wedn day's forecawas. that hasn't changed one bit even a day in advance. here's a loo at your planner. there could be patchy drizzle out there tomorrow morning. 7:00 a.m. we're around 60 htdegrees. lunce we're in the mid 60s. plenty of clouds. maybe an isolated shower. most if not all of your wednesday is looking dry. will be mhero t igarno. h of the metro, upper 60s. south of the metro we're going
4:51 pm
to warm to around 80. degrees areas like fredericksburg are going to be much warmer. 7:00 in the evening, it's kind of cool with theemperature around 68. feeling a little bit humid out there and feeling a little bit humid through saturday. here's a loo at yourain outlook. maybe a spotty shower out there tomorrow. i do think we will s some scattered showers and thundeaytorms later in the d on thursday. on friday widespread showers and thunderstorms later in the day. mae a strongevere thunderstorm on thursday. a better chance we're tracking some gusty damaging win and very heavy rainfall on friday afternoon and evening. another friday with the potential for severe weather.k as we loo to the weekend, right now some scattered showers and thunderstorms are psible later on saturday. maybe someng lingeri showers out there through the midday hours on sunday. talking about the pollen report today, doug. c treesing in high still. we are starting to see those numbers go down. as the tree count goes down, grasses are going up. today grasses are coming in at moderate. we should expect to ctinue to
4:52 pm
see grass counts increasing as we head throughout the month of may. i can't believe tomorrow may 1st. >> yeah. really hard to believe here, guys. just a month reaway, w halfway through the year. just incredible. take a look at what we've got. it's going to feel more like june,july, august cominp on thursday. a high tomorrow, 71. i don't know why this won't change. 89 degrees on thursday. 85 on friday. 83 satday. then we drop into the 70s. really nice early next week. monday, tuesday, wednesday before another chance of rap moves in. all eyes on thursday for me. could be a first 90. now, we'vell seen those vanity license plates out there on the roads all across the area. for a little extra money, people can get really creative with their five or six letters they're allowed. sometimes, though, they can get too creative. washingtonian magazine asked virginia to give them a list of vanity plates that were
4:53 pm
rejected. they have a tough job catching things like pro fanlfanity, vio and certain body parts. a few of the plates we can show you on thisowamily sh maybe this person had a little too much to drink. these two obviously spent too much time in the bathroom. how about this guy? maybe he spends too much time watching his dog go to the bathroom. in case you're wondering, there is an appeal process. but ultimately the dmv can always recall your plate even after it's made if they feel it's objectionable. >> washing driver's mouths out with soap, so to speak. >> so poop and turdy, they're not even old enough to drive. >> plus it's a good warning the person near you is an idiot. >> exactly. >> what do you guys have coming
4:54 pm
sn up? >> we've got a lot coming up. when it comes to school lunches, kids are no longer brown bagging it. >> instead, pulling out cell phones and using apps to get fast food delivered to the t'school. >> i so easy, but the local school system that is now cracking down as this practice gets more popular. plus prince george county executive baker was the driving force behind bettering that county. now he is taking on a much much more personal mission. >> it's a mission of love. tonight baker sits down with barbara harrison talk about his wife's battle with alzheimer's. and the spotlight that he's trying to put on this health issue. and a swimsuit model breaks down barriers on the "sports illustrated" swimsuit edition. we'll see you soon with those stors and a lot more at 5:00. >>
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
4:57 pm
there are plenty of crazy intersections across the district, but this may be the craziest. >> it'ss known dave thomas circle, because there's a iddle of ight in the it. >> today we have some good news. changes are in the work. >> transportation reporter adam tuss explains how you help. >> reporter: oh, yes, remember dave thomas circle and the wendy's here? well, it's still here doing what it does best. tying up the commute for
4:58 pm
everyone. >> i think this is probably the worst intersection in washington, d.c. that i've ver experienced and i would love to see some kind of transition there. >> reporter: p.j. andrews is going to get his wish. vdot is presenting ideas for change. conflict points ise the real e at this place and the city says it can take the number of confusing crossing intersections down fromiv to three. some streets can also change to two way. c green spa be added to make a more park like setting. sic's to p.j.'s ears, bicycle structure would be improved. >> the traffics prett atrocious. if there is a twiegurway to mak better for everyone, it would be great. >> they change patarrns nd. nothing works. it's terrible. >> reporter: the city is waiting for an appraisal on the property and then it's going to start negotiating a deal. for those frustrated, it can only get better from here.
4:59 pm
back here at cie le, take a look at that sign. try to interpret that one. vdot says it put out public comment about resigning this place. as you imagine t got a lot of feedback. people are notfraid to speak their mind about this place right here. in northeast d.c., adam tuss, news 4. >> right now at 5:00, school lockdown. in the s happening world. >> the scare at a local high school after a student fires a gun inside a classroom. >> i'm glad everybody is okay. >> a live report from the scene where parents rushed to check on their kids. also live in the moment. >> what we're finding is one of the fastest growing populations are african-american females which i didn't know until my wife was diagnosed. >> former prince george's county executive russ b opens about hismotional new mission. and the violent protests in
5:00 pm
venezuela. what happened when people on both sides gathered at the country's embassy here in d.c. good evening. first at 5:00that breaking news. a frightening day for parents, students and teachers. a story we have been working on all afternoon. live over woodbridge. this story has just taken a dramatic turn. >> in a news conference justag moments prince william county police chief told us that the gun that was fired inside a classroom atilton high has just now been found. it has been missing all afternoon. >> now, that school is still on lockdown right now. as you might manage, parents and kids in thechool are not happy. >> but no one has been hurt. police say aci student acntally fired that gun when he went to show it off in art class shortly after


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