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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  May 1, 2019 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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let's check in on the all important forekats and your commute. melissa mollet is standing by th a check onhe roads. >> let's start with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. what's happening? >> up and down we go. the same weather front that has brought us two crazily busy days. that is down to the south forus again. the four things you need to know is cloudy this morning.we ill get sunshine back. later on into the afternoon. ehat won't be th case tomorrow. 90s on thursday afternoon. cooler for sure. 59 in pcilville. 61 here in shington. forecast for the commute, dry in roads and for the most part dry roads on the way home.
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here will be a 30% chance of a shower orod twoay after about 5:00 or 6:00. so a very late rainay chance tod and it's not a ve.y high mid to upper 70s. if you're traveling down towds fredericksburg, culpepper you'll probably be in the 80s. more about tomorrow and the weekend rain chances coming up, melissa. >> beltway, inner loop and outer loop, a brand new problem there. blocking the entire ramp. hopefully that gets out o the way here pretty soon. 66 and 95, no complaints on 66 or 95. right lane getting by. >> oneincident took place 400
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miles at the university of north carolina at charlotte. the second in our region in northern virginia. justin finch is live outside of hylton high school. a 6-year-old was arrested. justin, good morning. >> eun, good morning. a stepped up police presence expected today afteesterday ran the full emotional gamut for parents, their children, teachers and staff here at hylton high. all who waited for hours to go home and for answers, too, after a gun fired in a classroom here. now at first there was some relief that no one wasut hurt b after that the comfort came as parents and children were nally able to reunite hours after the sol went into what's called secure status. no one was allowed to leave yesterday as police search for a weapon that went off during an art class close to noon yesterday. police say a student brought a gun to campus that accidentallys fired as he whowing it off
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in class. hours later the truth came out and an excuse that led to a nerve racking day at hylton high school. >> i was scared. i've never been in that type of a situation. it just happened today. his name and image not released. news 4 back inside here. >> now to the university of north rolina at charlotte. a former student opened fire on campus. two people were killed and three others are in critical condition now. police say 22-year-oldst trian torell opened fire in a . classroom they were able to get into the
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room, disarm him and take him into custody. the shooting came on the last day of classes for students. >> a scary experience to he s thets and have to run. >> when i was in the library on the second floor. l of a sudden someone ran in and yelled, there's an active g shooter, et down. >> terrell was a history major but dropped out elier this semester. happening today, attorney general william barr will testify with a committee and testify. today's testimony was expected to befiery. news that broke last night may add to drama. the washington post reports that ys after barr released his report of the investigation, mueller wrote him a letter saying he was not satisfied with how work was characterized. he was asked whether he knew whether mueller unhappy with his summary of the report. barr answered that he didn't know, but that testimony would
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have been after he gave h him letter. today maryland members will elect a new member of the house. if davis wins he'll make history as the first african-american to hold that job. if mcintosh wins she'd become the first woman and openly gay person to have it. news 4's tracee wilns will be in annapolis to cover the vote. 5:05. another day of protests in the n streets of vuela today as part of the military uprising. >> juan guido is pushing people to protest against nicolas maduro. corey smith has the latest. >> aaron and eun, dozens of people are going to be injured
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today. >> armored car is slamming into people. certain news networks were taken off the air b the government when this was showed. juan guido isop urging pele to protest today. he is recognizor by me than 50 nations as the rightful leader, that includes the united states opposing protests are taking place outside the vens venezuelan embassy. members are hingo keep the pro guido and proi maduro ss apart. tensions obviously can change to run high over the situation. back to you. >> corey smith. thank you. we are still working to get more information there. one person died after a person slammed into a tree. no one else was in the car. >> officers tell news 4 that
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22-year-old davonte moody was shot tuesday afternoon on g street. he was taken to the hospital where he died. right now a $25,000 reward is being offered foanyone with information leading to a conviction. it's 5:07 now. sidewalks and bike lanes in the district can be more crowded this summer. >> that is bause hundreds more motorized bikes and scooters were on the way. news 4's adam tuss is live with the latest there. >> good morning, aaron. good morning, un. we're going to psy a lot more and they have become widely popular around our area. a lot of people love some peoe are skeptical about how they're used and the rules of the road though. ddot just gave a perit for 1,000 total of the dockless
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scoot e scooters. we're going to see more of them. take a look. this is the concerning part of all of this. back in septe er you might remember that a scooter rider was hit and killed by a car here in dupont circle and that leads to the safety aspect of all of this. so paid --id people sa you can ride them on some sidewalks into the city. they are permitted in bike lant'. tha the safest place to ride the scooters. if you are thinking about where you can be on the sidewalk with these things, by the way, you cannot be in the central district. c you't be riding these in the street. there will be a lot more out
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here. back to you. >> indeed. adam tuss for us in dupont circle. thank you. >> saw a bunch o those on the way to work onsewalks. the 19-year-old man accusedn of openg fire inside a southern california synagogue has pled not guilty. john earnest appeared befor a judge for the first time yesterday they found an extra 50 rounds on ammunition him. this was after the victim was laid to rest. meanwhile, a verdict in a murder case that gained national attention. a formeris minneapol police officer accused of killing a unarmed woman has been found guilty of murder. you may remember this case back in 20 just teen damon -- he believed damon was an armed person at the time. he is scheduled to be next month.
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new this morning, several laws aimed at making virginia roads fer. starting on july 1 you'll have to put down your phone while driving in a work zone. if you don't, you can face a $250 fine. there will be tougher penalties if you fail to slow down or move over or emergency vehicles stopped on the side of the road with flashing lights. violators will be ticketed which could carry a penalty o up to a year in jail. 5:10. a major shift for the "sports illustrated" swimsuit edition. in>> for the first time history the issue features a mystery. she was born in an immigration camp. she is the first contestant to wear a hijabn the minnesota u.s.a. beauty pageant. >> you can see her, her energy, >> gorgeous.
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still ahead, how to make money and get great perks from companies simply by posting on social media. plus,ollowing the death of director john singleton, the new concerns for the 75 million americanswho suffer from high blood pressure. the dails you need. >> firing back after dlams a woman was body slammed by an time to start thinking about the weather for the weekend. i've lowered our chances down to 40%. thas the good news. the bad news, i've raised the rain chances on sun a total rain chances on sun a total reset when was the last time you felt...
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working 4 your health this morning forle peop who use sleeping pills. he fda is seeing an unusual increase inside effects from this medication. the side effects include sleep walking, sleep driving, even sleep cooking. the fda will now require the most serious warning label to be put on pill bot jools 5:14 right now. also on the t health fronts morning, high blood pressure. it's estimated that 75 million aricans suffer from it. many of them are african-american. doctors believe his history of hypertension may have led to his stroke. nico jacobs is working for you shrking us the wo now underway to keep d.c. residents knowledgeable about their health.>>
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haircut mixed with the serious talk of personal health. >> it's very important.: >> reporterom hollywood to the district, the dea of movie director john singleton is hitting home, especially in the african-american coanmunity. >>hing under 120 over 80 is peorect. >> repter: singleton died of a massive stroke. d.c. health linkistaking this time to do blood pressure screenings to the place of comfort for a place most affected by it, a barber shop. brandon todd said singleton's death isn unfortunate eye opener. >> as i age, i'll be 36 in a month and i know that your body changes with age. >> reporter: one he hopes will make people stop a pay attention to their health. nicole jacobs, news 4. now to a w ning foranyone hoping to find loveonline. >> instead of falling in love, many people are falling victim
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to crimes. this morning's cyberts exper say internet romance scams are on the rise. last year moreh t $140 million was reported as being taken as a mssult of those crimes. among the victi a recent widow from massachusetts. she met a man on ommatch who told her she was a sargeant in the army and was stationed in afghanistan. she became suspicious when he asked her to send him money. later she found out he wasn't a sergeant at all. in fact, the picture he was usinwas a photo from a spos anchor from our sister station. never send money neonli you can do a reverse image search on google. despite online scams, you can earn cash and perks.
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regardless of how many followers you have, join the loyalty program. make sure your content is fun and relevant. companies can only see posts that are public. if you have a privaccount, you're lowering your chances of being seen. hey, i didn't realize you could score some d really goodls if you put yourself out there. >> step out there a little bit. bei on live tv isn't always easy. don't we know it. sometimes there are technical glitches and things go wr >> it's especially difficult to handle during a news program y when have important information you're trying to pass aong to a viewer. take a look at what traffic reporter in london had to deal with when trying to show her c viewers ash that was impacting the commute. i think melissa's had an issue with odd things popping up. this is a siegel thk too a
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seat directly in front of a traffic camera and refused to move. it seems kike itw it was messing up. >> do seagles fly on the wrong side of the street? >> have you ever tried driving over there? >> no, theris no way. >> it is a mind scrambling experience. i had a manual transmission. i had to shift with my left hand. >> that's worse. >> unless you're a lefty.m aybe that would be good for you. >> you don't want that, trust me. >> it was really don't believe in any personal spac between the back bumper of their car and your car. skies are mostly cloudy. temperatures have been pushed down to the upper 50s and low 60s.
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it will be a bit of a struggle to get the wind back around to the southwest. yesterday southerly winds pushed temperatures into the low 80s. we'll stay cloudy and school. eventually it will make a shift. temperatures in the 50s. mostly in the 60s across northern virginia this morning. here'styour foreca a big range, upper 60s to barely 70 for northern tote northeas maryland. look at how close 80 degree weather will be. culpepper, fredericksberg, stafford. a big range of possibilities for temperatures this afternoon. tomorrow that front will be back to the north. we'll start out everyone in the 60s. look at the numbers tomorrow. today a mixed bag. there is a 30% chance of a stray
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showers or two. most of it will be within a degree or two of 90 degrees. rain chances low today and fairly low tomorrow. the line of moisture is out in the middle part of the country. friday afternoon and hang around into the weekend. today you can see the clouds trying to get scoured out. the sooner you see sun the more likely you are to get above 80 degrees. here comes that little rain chance. here's your five day forecast. clouds to sunshine today. ver warm and a hint of humidity for tomorrow and friday. then over the weekend, rainnc cha both daze. saturday for now, melissa, looks like the dryer alf. sunday could be a little on the rainy side. >> let's keep our fingers kend.ed for the we southeast 295.
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ramp to pennsylvaa avenue disabled vehicle is blocking the ramp. hopefully they get that out of the way. inner loop, outer lp looking good. no big complaints. two lef lanes getting b 66 at 50 in bound, outbound.
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you're watching " 4 today." 5:24 now. what could beetter than looking good without spending a lot of money? >> try looking good and making money on the clothes you buy. one northe virginia woman does just that and now she's sharing some of her secrets so you can try it. >> i mean, y can like roll the sleeves. >> reporter: meet rebecca black. just three years ago medical problems forced her to quit a job she loved. it allowed her to cover her expenses and a lifelong indulgence, thrift shopping. not sure it would work, rebecca ined her income needs with her love of thrift shopping and, well -- >> so i average about 2,000 to 3,000 a month in profits. >> and it all comes from thrift shopping. one of rebecca'sfavorite shops is u neeniques in falls church.
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she finds things she thinks e others arilling to buy. it doesn't have to be name brand. >> my best find was a hockey jersey i spade $2 for and i ended up selling it for250 on ebay. most of my profits are around 20 to $25 per item. >> she's on aission to tell other women how to make money inrifting. start with the th you have at home and build from there. she started seblgwith shoes and branched out. >> you don't want to just jump in and come buy a bunch of stuff here. the second thing is learn how tc takeculated risks. i'm going to spend $50. i know ten things will sell for is amount. >> the key is keep your inventory and remember you're building a business. >> as you build your businessco you stay organized and you can really spend time on
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profits, not just buying stuff for the funf it. >> rebecca sells her best finds on appcalled shpomark and eb ebay. she can help. >> she is hosting a class next week in falls church to share more secrets to success. we're posting information in the nbc washington app. all right. gardening season is well underway. the gardening forecast for today from fairfield garden center. temperatures in the 50s this morning. rising well up into the 70s. some spots may be above 80 degrees. now it's a perfect time to fertilize. comi back with a closer look at the weekend forecast with a ten day outlook. going viral an arrest insi tyson's corner. this morning we're hearing more about what happened from both sides of this encounter.
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. "news 4 today" starts now.
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it's just about 5:30 as we take a live look outside on this wednesday morning. halfway there. we are in for another dip in the temperatures on tis roller coaster ride of our weather. we'll have cooler weather t monday, prety warm yesterday. good mornin everyone. i'm eun yang. i'm aaron gilchrist. thanks for waking up with us. we'll getou upnd moving with everything you need to know. it starts with your forecast and commute. >> we'll check in with melissa mollet but let's s wartith storm team 4 meteorologistchuck bell. not a bad way to start. >> no, our winds have shifted th during e overnight. as a result, it will be a lot cloudier and cooler w on your out the door this morning. today won't be as low. east to northeasterly breezes. part of the forecast for today veepending where you li or travel. it's 66 in charlottesville.
5:31 am
59 in fairfax ty. 62 crawford and quantico. dog walking forecast on a cool and cloudyee but rain fr walk this morning. this is sissy available at the humane rescue alliance. 10-year-old. i'm guessing a jack russell terrier mix. a great dition to your family. older dog. less energetic. 5ol and co and cloudy this morning. most everyone ends up well into the 70s. theris a little chance for a shower or two. closer inspection of the entire ten day forecast which has higher rainnccha. >> gaithersburg.
5:32 am
a ramp to disabled avenue. >>irfax county to the parkway, 63 mis per hour. >> a gun went off inside of a classroom. >> no one was hurt but it keptu ts stuck in the classrooms for hours yesterday. news 4's justin finch is live outside the high school with more on thent stude who brought that gun to school. justin? >> reporter: aaron, thatst 16-year-old ent will not be in class. he's facing a charge of firearm on schoolgrounds. they'll try to get back to normal after yesterday's scare. hilton high went into secure status mode.
5:33 am
police searched for a weapon. we did see parents hug e ch other tightly. police telling us it appears students brought a gun to school and showedt off. it will take hours later for the truth to come out and for the gun to be found. parents were alerted earlier in the day. they had to agonize and wait until they could hold their children. >> he's been going here every day. how long has this been happening.f ghtening for the teachers, students, the staff. my heart is just in many places right now. >> reporter: and to calm the nerves of mothers like her and tudents and staff at hylton high, enhanced police presence
5:34 am
is expected. live outside nhylto high. back inside to you. >> justin, thank you. this just in to our newsroom. this is our first look at the mug shot of the man accused in i deadly sh at the university of north carolina at ccerlotte. polisay 22-year-old trystan terrell brought a gun to campus and started shooting inside a classroom. two people are dead and three others are in critical condition. tervel aormer student. no word on the f motive the shooting. fairfax county's police chief is ordering a review of the arrest a woman at tyson's corner. corey smith is at the news der:. >> reporte this video is capturing a lot ofnt atten on social media. one witness claims a womanas body slammed to the ground. she s with a friend who had
5:35 am
been arrested for shoplifting. her friend had been given a citation. the woman poured water on the water and threw the bottle. she was body slammedto the floor. take a listen. >> all of this over a water bottle. you can chase her down, send her to the floor, sver alled water bottle. >> the officers do not know who she is, what her intent is or whether or not she has weapons on her person so she was taken to the floor in a guided ed escort fashion. t now the witness you heard from beforehe police chief, this is the video th recorded of the incident he and his girlfriend confront the plain clothesfficers and they repeatedly instruct the couple to back that witness arrested for disorderly conduct.
5:36 am
a lot to sort through. an internal affairs investigation open in fairfax. >> it's 5:36 now. here's a look at our other top stories. more protests expecd in venezuela. the untry's opposition leader, juan guido is recognized more than 50 napgss as venezuela's rightful leader including the u.s. today william barr will be in the hot seat on capitol hill. he will testify on capitol hill. mueller complained barr's four-page summary mischaracterized the investigation. democrats are now calling for barr to resign or be removed from office. news 4's tracie potts will have much more on thetory coming up at 5:00. maryland delegates will have more in prince gorges county.
5:37 am
if davis wins he'll makeistory as the first african-american to hold that job. if mcintosh wins she'll be the first woman and openly gay person toave it. 5:37 your time now. good news f homeowners in fairfax county. you won't see a taxnc iease. wtop reports some bills may rise under thety coun $4.4 billion budget. fairfax county schools set to get more than $2 billion. final approval is scheduled for next week. for the first time in 158 years dc's oldest hospital is closed this morning. providence hospital in northeast d.c. officially shut down emergency services sterday. it leaves a big gap for residents in the district's eastern half. the hospital had more than 5500 out-patient surgeries last year. more than 42,000 visits were
5:38 am
made to the emergency room and nearly 4900 inatient admissions. it will be missed by a lot of long-time residents. news 4's pat collins was born there and so were hishree children. he published a touching tribute about what the hospital means to his family. search providence hospital in the nbc app. 5:38. coming . nationals park expansion.ll we'll te you about the new entertainmdeo coming to the ballpark in time to plyoce ur bets. >> facebook's face lift and the changes you'll be seeing on your app after the latestupdate. good wednesday morning. >> just about all of us own a set of headphones, at least one. but tell the truth. how many of you actually clean yours? >> headphones are magnets for ro everything lint to dust to ear wax. >> not only gross but that grime could be the reason why the sound is muffled. today at 4:00 we'll explain how to safely clean them out with items you he inav take-off.
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you're watching "news 4 toy." it's 5:41. starting today you'll be able to buy tickets to the biggest concerts in our area at a huge discount. live nation is once again national deal for concert week. from now until may 7th you can snag tickets to some shows for just $20 all fees included. this summereveral big names will be performing including luke brian, nelly, new kids on the block and jennifer lopez. for more details open our app and search concert week. you like new kids? >> not so new anymore. just saying. >> you may have awe new venue to cast your sporting bets. >> the sports and convention
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nationa s this sportstng. this is being added to capital arena. the sports betting was added last year. it's on nats park. 5:426789 chuck? >> thank you, aaron. high pressure down to the south will bring warm air back into the picture. before tomorrow for allha of t rain starts to come in our direction just in time for friday and the weekend. rain chances not too much of a threat today. increasing rainhances and c
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you're watching "news 4 today." 15 before the hour now. drama on capitol hill. demorats are now calling for attorney general william barr to resign. the news comes after the washington post recirted speal counsel robert muellermp coined to barr about his summary regarding the special counsel's report. barr's set to testify about that nreport. s 4's tracie potts is live on capol hill. is this latest development a game changer? >> reporter: it could be.d ar cchange the questions democrats ask br when he shows up today. accordingto that washington post report overnight, barr knew that mueller had some concerns
5:46 am
about his summary. according to the post,le muel wrote a letter saying that what was summarized really didn't reflect the context and the nature and theofubstance that very long russian report that he submitt submitted. he wanted to release more of his report more quickly. barr wanted to slow down and redact and black t more portions of that and t t's where the difference es. so he can face a lot ofqu estions about that because when he was here last month he was asked specifically does robert muelle the special counsel, support your conclusiog not forward with obstruction of justice? that's the big issue here. and he said he b didn't know apparently there h been not only a letter but a conversation
5:47 am
about this before barr testified. he'll be asked about that today. >> all right. tracie potts for us on the hill this morning.t racie, thank you. american university's first body n-american student president is suing the founder of a neonazi website. taylor dunstan is seeking $1.8 million in damages. in 2017 someone hung bananas with hateful messages on campus after she became the student government president. her attorneys say she was targeted with an article using racist language and directed his followers to troll her via social media. she says it caused her severe melal and physi trauma and left her fearing for her safety. new this morning, the fda clears a new tobacco product that is similar to electronic cigaretit's called iqos and it tobacco rather than burningit.
5:48 am
the fda is not approving the product. 5:48 right now. a warning about a surgical procedure told youout. two people have been diagnosed with hiv. the hiv patients each had thece produre at a spa in albuquerque, new mexico, last year. they're trying to track down other customers and warning them to be tested. that spa has since been shut down. you better get used to seeing the scooters and bikes around the sidewalksnd the roads in the district. they are everywhere. the city has approved a plan to allow hundreds more o ckless bikes and scooters on the roads in time for the summer. >> news 4's adam tuss hasheore on txpansion here. adam? >> good morning, aaron. good morning, eun. yeah. starting today hundre more of
5:49 am
these devices, dockless scooters and dockless bikes are allowed to hit the city streets. ddot just putting that permit in place. that is good news for a lot of e people who lo use these, but there are also some safety concerns with thes right? take a look at this video. a scooter rider was hit and killed in this area. that is leading to concerns about where you can ride them and even potential areas to ride the skooders. we did some research, took a look at the rules of the roads. you have to be at least 16 yearo in the district to ride one of these. ou don't need a helmet or license. the best place to use them is the bike lanes. in terms of where you can de these on the sidewalk, you cannot ride them in the central business district. you're not supposed to be on the
5:50 am
sidewalks. that's foggy bottom to capitol hill in the d.c. area. ddot sayshese things are improving transportation in the city. they're giving people another choice to get from point a to point b. that's certainly good news as long as everybody stays safe. back to you. >> adam tuss live for us this morning. thank you. let's turn to the weath now at 5:50. 61 degrees outside our studios. whp,'s on ta chuck? >> it dependshere you live and travel. it will have a big impact on where you live. welcome the month of may. we finishedpr up ail in second place. secondwarmest april on record cand stillazy amounts of rain over a 12-month period. april was dryer thanaverage. this morning waking up to mostly cloudy sky and the month of may, typically one of those big transition months. here's how we've fared the last five mays. the first 90 degree day appears
5:51 am
in the month of may. last year we had four 90 degree mays. it was a warm one, too. more than 6 degrees aboveav rage. 2015, we had seven 90 degree days. ay tends to be feast or famine. this one will srt out warm when we talk. easterly breezes means a flow noff the ocea and the bay, that usually keeps us cloudy and cooler. upper 50s in the shenandoah valley. forecast highs should be in the mid to uer 7s in town. if you're traveling south or live south of washington, you're probably going to be in the 80s. as far as rain chances, all of that mess across the middle of the country.
5:52 am
that will have a big impact on friday and on our weekend as well. future weather, look at all of the clouds around with the northeast wind. here comes the sunshine between noon and 2:00. anywhere south of the potomac likely to be well above 80. up close to the pennsylvania line. some spots up to northern frederickcounty. some spots might not get out of the 60s. there's your ten day outlook. mid to upper70s today and mid to upper 80s tomorrow. warm andhu id. stormy on your friday. saturday hit and miss rain chances. wa and dry weather returns early next week. it is time for first 4 traffic. >>taking a look at chopper 4. just showing us a little bit of volume on 66. we do haven issue on 66. manassas eastbound 66. crash reported there.
5:53 am
disabled vehicle. northbound at copper. two left lanes getting by that work zone. southeast, r to eastbound pennsylvania avenue. disabled vehicle still blocking ramp. taking a look at travel times, 270 southbound on the top of the beltway looking quite good. eastbound on 6 58 miles per hour. northbound on 95, 63 miles per hour. remember to listen to wtop when you hop in your car. aaron? >> 5:53. prince gorges county is going green with pride. they're launching a massive cleanup effort and needs your help to pull it off. >> news 4's molette green is with you with details. >> reporter: good morning to you from outside the county ti administra building. this is a big beautification day leading up to going green with pride over the weekend, right? >> okay.
5:54 am
we've got some important peopl ll around me with all those big trucks behind me to talk about what this is all about, going green in prince gorges county. hi, goodmorning. >> good morning. how are you. this is the beginning of a campaign to clean up our county and to keep it clean. it will be sustained. it will be comprehensive. it will be ennsging citill over the county in making prince gorges proud. we're very excited about it. >> i'm so excited that we're bringing the whole community together for this countywide effort. that mns we're bringing out some nfl stars like brandon c l coleman. you live down the street. >> why is this so important? >> this is my backyard. i'm going to take pride in this. prince georges is home for me.
5:55 am
>> reporter: we have a lot of pro athletes who live in prince georgesunty. he's one of many coming out this weekend as well. thank you all for joining us. we have various dertments with us. department of pblic works, department of transportation. we'll talk about all of that in the 6:00 hour when the county executive joins us as well. and let me show you what's going to happen on saturday going green with pride day. there's going to be a big effort to clean up, to clean things up, right? that's what we want to do. >> yeah. >> then after that everybody's going to meet up at watkins regional park with the county executive to celebrate this from noon to 3:00 p.m. we'll see you then. thank y'all. >> there are many things happening in saturday. if you are not headed there, you can join us. >> nbc and telemundo 44 areg
5:56 am
cominogether to help bought if i seabrook elementary school in lanum. hope to see you there. good morning, i'm frank holland at cnbc headquarters. facebook rolling out a major redesign of its website and its mobile app. the result, more of an faem sis and private stories and less on the news feed. there's one major iconic change. the blue banner that's been at the top. the changes on the mobile app went by last night. with your cnbc morning busines report, i'm frank holland. >> thank you, frank. still ahead on "news 4 today," marylandll lawmakers w pick a new speaker of the house. one of the candidates is from prince georgescounty. plus, do you like nice clothes? do you like making money? we'll show you how to do both when news 4 c wtinues. stayh us.
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o. "news 4 today" starts now. ab> just t 6:00 a.m. now. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. let's begin with a check on your forecast and commute. our melissa mollet is standing by with a look at the roads. >> we'll start with storm team 4
6:00 am
meteorologist chuck bel t startingget sunlight. what's it going to look like? >> we're going to start out with cloudiness. sun is about to come up for sure. winds from the east. yesterday we jumped 21 degrees. we made 83 with a southerly wind. now winds back out of the east. this is a big part of the forecast for today. the longer it takes t get that wind, it will eventually switch back around to the southwest today. the longer that process takes,oo the cr you'll be today. right now it's 55 in gaithersburg. 59 out in the shenandoah valley. planner, clouds around the morning hours. increasing amounts sunshine later on in the day. if we get the sun out a little bit sooner, w temperaturesl be a lot colder. close to


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