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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  May 7, 2019 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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happening now, a gun-wielding robber caught in the act. what d.c. police want you to know about the crime that went down while cameras were rolling. taking action.ds after hundr of drinking fountains in a loscl ol district were found to havete with gh lead levels, local leaders came one a plan to make sure it nevca -- me up with a plan to make sure it never happens again. gone in 60 seconds. an entire business district under water. breaking news, major traffic trouble on the beltway. good morning, 5:00 a.m. i'm aaron gilchrest. >> i'm eun ang. chuck bell has a check of the forecast, but let's get right to meirssa mollet in your fst 4 traffic. what's going on? >> reporter: good morning. we have the first 4 traffic alert hanging around because of the issue.
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in greenbelt, take a ok, outer loop after kenilworth avenue is where the problem is. this is a police investigation. we have a car crash involved, g trying to more information on this. inner loop is also impacted. as far as those delays, take a look. this is very, very rar for a 5:00 a.m., as you know. outer loop after kenilworth, multiple lanes blocked because of the investigation. inner loop there, left lane still closed because of the ga investion. we'll get a live report coming up. white'ser f shut down again because of high water on the potomac river. when year looking at 66 and 95, we don't have anyomplaints there yet this morning. and through prince george's county at the bottom of the beltway, everything looks good into town and out of tow goodmorning, chuck. good morning, melissa. 5:01 on a tuesday morning. skies have been there cloud -- have been clearou throut the morning. abundance this afternoon,
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running ten degrees above average. 80s for most. it will be much, mch cooler tomorrow than y.toda 56 in stafford. 58cl in inton. 62 in capitol heights. the commuter forecast, dry roads in, sunshine all day, and dr roads home. afternoon highs today a oncegain around 80 deges. much cooler weather comes our wa for tomorrow. we'll talk about increasing g up in a rain com few minutes. for now, the news continues.ou >> thank y. we have an update to the breaking news we brought you a virginia family's worst fears wererm confied last night when police found a body inside an suv that sank i the potomac river. >>last night crews pulled the car out of the river. we have more n from nicole jacobs. good morning. >> reporter: crews searched the
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potomac river for hours. yesterday around 6:00 they found theth suv was seen skidding into e water just a day earli earlier. arbara bushkin was identified as the driver of the suv. unfortunately, she was found inside thesuv. crews pulled the vehicle from the water just before midnight. g news4 the ll water is so murky they typically cannot see their hands in front of their faces, making this second very difficult -- search and rescue very difficult. bushkin's husband is remembering his wife via facebook calling her his lifelong valentine. he said she attended charity event sunday, and this incident happened following that. he ended the faceok post by encouraging everyone to do acts of kindness in her memory. back to you. >> nicole jacobs for us on roosevelt island. thank you. we are followiak breg news in prince george's county right now. police are inveigating a
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homicide in oxon ll. officers say just after midnight they found a man who had been shot lying on a sidewalk on k kenmont roadment he later died at the spital. so far the victim has not been identified. metro board chair could face disciplinary action. >> board members will meet behind closed doors to discuss evans' future. he told wtop that he was not told the nature of the executive the ethics committee has been looking into evans' actions. in march he was reprimanded for violating the code of conduct. he was accused of his government e-mail to make deals with law firms that lobdi the trict. he's also under a separate federal investigation. today the montgomery county council is set to tackle the issues of officer-involved shootings and the safety of your child's drinking water. last year the county school system discovered that the water coming from hundreds of drinking fountains contained a level of lead that was above the state's
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minimum requirement. the fountains were immediately removed and fixed. now the council wants to lower its acceptablee l level standard below what the state's is. exposure to lead can affect the cognitive and bone development in children. and the a council willo vote on a bill that would change the way police officer-involved shootings are investigated. under the lett act when an officer kills someone, investigators from a separate jurisdiction wil conduct the investigation. those investigators will then be required to submit a written report of theiriings to the montgomery county state's attorney. if no charges are filed against the officer, then the report must be released to the public. new, one person is under arrest after an aack in southeast washington.te d.c. police ll us a man was stabbed on 10th place after 8:30 last night. the victim was found conscious i and breatng and is expected to be okay. this morning, d.c. police are sharing surveillance video of an armed robberyha hoping tt
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somebody recognizes the robber. we'll show you the video. you see a man walk in, pull out a gun, and then point it at the ng cash.ile deman this happened on sunday. aittle before 2:00 in the morning. the business is on rhode island avenue ino rtheast washington. anybody with information about this should call d. police. 5:06. a former d.c. football player, righ school player, charged with murdering his gird last month will stay behind bars. >> his name is jamal speaks. you may remember that we reported about he'd kicked off the football team at ballou high school because they could not verify his address. he was later reinstated. last month detectives say they found his girlfriend, 18-year-old sania floyd, shot to death inside a ft. washington home. detectives say speaks tried to make it look like she accidentally shot herself. yesterday, news4 was the only station to speak loth f's stepmother after the bond hearing.
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>> made it look like something we't knew it wa it's just sad. they took an angel from us. >> temple university recruited speaks, but they said they never usered him a -- never offered him a scholarship, and he isn'tt curr enrolled at the university. >> a legal battle is all but certain over president trump's tax returns. yesterday the treasury secretary said the department will not hand them over to the house. mnchin says the ways and means committee's request for the documents lacked a, q te, legitimate legislative purpose. he said he made his decision after receiving t advice from justice department. now the democrats are left with a few options. they can subpoena the irs for the returns, or they can file a prwsuit. since 2016,ident trump has repeatedly said he's under irs audit. and that's why he refused to release his taxreturns. last month the acting white house chief of staff,c mi mulvaney, said the democrats ill never get the presidential's tax returns -- president's tax turns. > to another battle on capitol
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hill. the house judiciary committee chairman is threatening to hold the attory general in contempt of congress because of the mueller report. chairman jerrold nadler has scheduled a vote for tomorrow tt because aorney general william barr failed t give the full, un-redacted version of the report to house democrats by yesterday's deadline. special counsel robert muell left it up barr to determine whether there should be obstruction charges filed against president trump in the russia investigation. barr declined to do that. democrats said there was clear evidence the president did obstruct stice. top democratic leaders say they need the entire report to fulfill their oversight duties. time is 5:08. nearly 400 federal prosecutors who all once worked for the department of justice have signed a public letter about the mueller report. it was posted on line yeste gay. theoup says it believes that if it weren't for a long-standing justice department policy which preves the indictment of a sitting president, president trump would have been charged with obstruction of justice. the letter sa mueller found,
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quote, overwhelming evidence for an obstruction charge. all the prosecutors who signed the lett worked for the department under democrat and be republican leadership. some with more than four decades worth of xperience. we're learning new details about the fiery emergency landing that killed 41s in a. investigators say the pilot declared an emergency after a ng lightnistrike disabled the radios. thick black smoke trailed the burng plane as it land wanted at a moscow airport. 22-year-old jeremy brooks from s new mexico w among the dead. rescuers say passengers grabbinr the carry-on bags slowed the evacuation of the plane. the superjet is not certified to fly in the u.s. four u.s. capitol police officers who died in the line of duty are being remembered. the memorial ceremony was held mid the u.s. capitol visitors center yesterday ahead of national police week. among the honored were officer j.j. chestnut and detective john gibson, the only two officers
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hot and killed an armed assailant more than 20 years ago. sergeant christopher eney accidentally killed during a training exercise, and sergeant clinton holt who collapsed and died during his shift were also recognized. 5:10. in case you missed it, it's a eroy. the foeghan markle, duchess of sussex, gave birth to a healthy boy early yesterday morning. >> it is meghan markle's first child with prince harry. great britain didn't waste any time celebrating. everyone's been waiting for this. iconic landmarks were lit up blue last night. t's a boy. the btt er, skyscrapers were bathed in blue. >> cory smith in the newsroom now with all the celebrations. still a lot of anticipation about the baby's name. >> reporter: i know you are anxious to lear the baby's name, aaron. i know that for sure. we still don't know the boy's name. we don't know what the baby lookske li because we've never eeen him. that could chang as early as tomorrow. we'll have to wait and see. what we do know is prty
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limited. kensington palace sing that the duchess of sussex delivered the healthy bby boy early yesterday morning. he came into the world weighing sevenpounds, three ounces. prince harry was there for his child's birth. he is over the moon. take a listen to this proud dad. >> i haven't been to many births. this is definitely my first birth. it was amazing. absolutely incredible. as i said, i'm so incredibly proud of my wife. an as every father and parent would say, your baby is absolutely amazing. this little thing is- is absolutely to die for. i'm over the moon. >> reporter: here's a look at london's portland hospital. it's being rumored among local media outlets in london that this is where meghan gave birth. there's also rumors that she may have had a home birth at the frogmore cottage. we need to leaby the ba name. whatever his name may be, we to know that he is seventh in line to the british throne.s, and guy am interested to see, you know, with harry having
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red hair, is the baby going to have reathair, does th play into the name? we'll see in a couple of days. back to you. >> a lot of couples wait to see the babya because the nme presents itself -- >> looks like -- >> exactly. an earl -- >> i keep hearing it might not be a traditional name. they said itmight be arthur something -- >> you think one of the hollywood names? >> no. i think it might be a little bim ore traditional than cup or chair. >sprinkle. something crazy. from a real kingdom to a fictional one, this week many "game of thrones" fans can't stop talking about last sunday's episode. >> this is nous becae of the storylineof but because coming up of coffee. during a celebration scene, a coffee cup, you see it prominently on the table. the goof may have been missed by the cast, editors, and sits at hbo. how is this possible? you know the fans don't miss a thing. they've been having a field day on social media. o ked about hbo spending two years and millions of dollars on each episode and t one caught
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stinking coffee cup. >> i don't get it either. >> you're paying attention to other things. >> but it's obvious. it's not even -- >> because it's in a fantastical wo d where they don'thave starbucks, you know. at least >>don't think. can't be that fantastic then. >> right. still ahead, do you use an online service to complete youri taxes, or you have to pay? a new lawsuitays that many companies arein tri people into spending money on the services which should be free. >> we have the details on this case for you. plus, a stunning new report fromhe united nations reveals the extent of themage caused by humans on the world's animal life. chuck? and"seinfeld" fans know what the new baby should be named -- seven. exactly. seventh in line for the throne. looking at the weekend, saturday going to be the dryer half of the weekend. there's a chance of raindrops early or late on saturday. sunday, covered upin raindrops and cooler, too. temperatures stuck in the 60s. ♪
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right now, first 4 traffic, thisis greenbelt, outer loop after 201. i policenvestigation blocking multiple lanesben the tway. a two-mile back upon the outer loop. inner loop is just getting by. full details coming up. aaron? >> thank you. 5:16. the los angeles city attorney is preparing to file a lawsuit against tax companies like h&r blockbond tur tax. the lawsuit alleges that millions of taxpayers were charged for a service the companies are required by law to provide for fr fe. fiee is a service the irs requires these companies to or provide f free to anyone who nd makes ur $66,000 a year. this morning, we are gettlog a ok at a critical report
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ich reveals a link between human activity and animal extinction. a united nations repo says that more than one million species of plants andages will become -- plants and animals will become extinct if behavior doesn't change. the loss of species on land and in the sea excel rating faster than ever before. the report says warming oceans are killing off much of the or world's reefs. if the ocean warms another 0.9 degrees, 70 to 90% of the ocean's coral will disappear. that is just extremely sad to think about. we have to do better. this morning, davenport, iowa, is cleaning up after flooding yesterday. >> the trouble started when a barrier that was supposed to hold back th rising water of the mississippi river failed. cameras were rolling when this happened. people took off running, trying to avoid being swept up in the wave here. you see water quickly rolling in. it filled restaurants and bars.
5:18 am
many of them had just finished cleaning up from flooding that happenmo about fourhs ago. and now they're back in the same predicament. now to malt malt. -- now to melissa mollet. >> we havees multiple lan shut down. inner loop is finally getting by. as you look at the map, you n see the delays. it's about a two-mile back up at this point. multiple lanes blocked because of the police investigation. darcy spencer's out on the scene. we'll talk to her coming up. inner loop there, left lane is still closedof because the investigation. white's ferry is closed. high water on theot pac causing that issue. that's the second day in they row. second weekday i should say in a row. 66 andhb 95 nortnd and southbound looking good through prince george's county. the bottom of t beltway also rolling along nicely. grnd mog, chuck.
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good morning. skies have been clear. temperatures have fallen into the 50s for most. a few spots in the shenandoah valley in the 40s. in washington, a smidgeon milder at 62 degrees. it's a mostly clear sky, light winds t of the south. for now, a southerly breeze will push temperatur up about degrees from where we are right now. 46 currently in winchester. 56 in fredericksburg. 52 in ellicott city. 57 now montgomery village. school day forecast as the countdown to summer vacation gets shorter and shorter all the time. 50s as the kids are waiting at o the bus s this morning. outdoor recess and a gorgeous afternoon to spend this quouity time ide riding your bike. high, 82. weather grade for today, a-plus, no doubt about it. unfortunatelytomorrow won't be quite so sunny or quite so warm. this cold front here is coming southward along the east coast.t t back door cold front will slide through here late tonight and into the predawn hours of
5:20 am
tomorrow morning. today, mostly sunny, fair weather clouds bubbling up, that's it. by this time tomorrow morning, cloudy skies will be entrenched. the front will be settling to the south. sp a result, there's a tiny chance for a nkle or two of rain tomorrow. primarily south ande southw of the washington area. by later tomorrow, full cloud cover. temperaturhes stuck mostly in t 60s all day during the day tomorrow. then the warmer air comes back early on thursday. likelihood of a couple of raindrops early thursday morning. then maybe a little sunshine coming back thursday afternoon. it will not be a mostly sunny one. there's your planner for tomorrow. full cloud cover all day tomorrow. i don't think we're going to -- we're going to get even a sliver of sun tomorrow, it's going to be first thing in the morning. clouds will be thick through the day.te eratures in the 60s pretty much all daytomorrow. here's the five-day forecast. 82 and sunny today. near 70 and cloudy tomorrow with
5:21 am
sprinkles possible. m thursday,t of the rain chance should be before noon. so hopefully maybe a little sun thursday afternoon. and then friday, most of the sun in the first part of the day. a likelihood of thunderstorms friday afternoon and evening s and againturday looking a little on the cloudy side. you know when you're at ross and t u find that perfecspring dress at that "oh, yeah" price? ye that's yes for less. at that "oh, yeah" price? score the latest spring dresses at 20% to 60% off
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welcome back. from painting and wallpapering to knocking out a wall or pienly pting in that -- finally putting in that basement bar you've been talking about,very year, thousands take on major home projects themselves. >> at their own ricsk, too. these are often completed with varying levels ofansuccess. megcgrath has more on tips you need before taking on any home project. >> reporter: it's that time of year when many homeowners start thinking about making improvements around the house. maybe a new kitchen, a fire pit, or perhaps a deck. it looks real easy on tv. but easy can quickly turn into >> you know, it all starts out with all good intensions. >> reporter: david bradley is a builder. over the years, he'fixed more than one diy failure. >> a lot of times people get in over their head. >> reporter: how do you know if you're up to the task? research and plan regular key.
5:25 am
do you need permits? hwhen in doubt, contact t county and find out. look at the steps involved in le compng the job, and be honest, do you have the skills and knowledge to actually do it. bradley says one of the most common mistakes is to overreach. instead of trying to installn entirely new kitchen by yourself, keep the old configuration of cabinet just paint them and swap out the hardware. take a look at the before picture. >> these were dark brown cabinets. and gave it a new look. >> reporter: deck looking old and worn? bradley says you can often keep the old substructure if it's in good shape and just replace the deck boards. that's a much easier project, and the result looks brand new. >> now if there's stairs invorved, it gets a little m complicated. for the stair railing. for just resurfacing, it's not so bad. >> reporter: things you probably want to avoid -- electric cork, plumbing, and projects
5:26 am
that involve strutural elements. megan mcgrath, news4.'r >> maybe you unsure where to begin. >> tomorrow megan will show simple things you can do to add curb appeal. 5:26. coming up, theyre a local staple for summer feasts. we'll fill you in on how blue crab season is shaping and how much a bushel will cost you. good morning, everyone. dog-walking forecast time. there's anew load of puppies at the humane rescue alliance. this is one here, 2-month-old a a. she's got brothers and sisters there, as well, ready to go home. spayed, neutered, all the shots up to date. go to to find out how to add anna or one of hergs siblin to your home. a-okay.king forecast, dry start to finish, an afternoon high around 80.
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got to love that. and a first 4 traffic on the beltway. some lanes getting byft aer a crash closed all lanes of the outer loop. just a while ago. stay with us.
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right now on "news4 today," an update on a deadly crash into the potomac river. details about the woman killed on her way home from a charity event. plus -- >> it's been a long 46 years, seven months, and 20 days. >> a coldkay cracked. how a -- cold case cracked. m how aurder was solve would decades after a woman's death. and glitz, glamor, and plain bizarr we'll take you to the met gala red carpet or pink carpet for the most-talk dmost-talked-abou. >> look at that! first, we tdo want to get t team coverage of a first 4 traffic alert. this is alongel the bay in greenbelt. >> news4's darcy spencer is there to explain what hapned. first let's check in with melissa mollet for how this is
5:31 am
impacting the commute. melissa? good morning. aa big problem for lot of folks. take a look. we're talking about greenbelt. as you mentioned, the outer loop after kenilworth avenue. the police investigation, now three lanes getting by. you llan see it's sti a two-mile back up on the outer loop because of the police investigation. the inner loop has recovered pretty nicely. darcy spencer on the scene. we know there was a crash involved. tell us what you're seeing right now. >> reporter: this happen just in time to wreck the commute for so many trying to get to work this morning. we're actually on the outer loop of the beltway. see traffic is getting by, but they're nowhere near at speed. you can seeshat one lane i closed up here. the far leftlane. and if you look on the shoulder of the road there, to the left, you can see ack pickup tru that police have been focusing on as part of this investigation. it appears to have significant damage.
5:32 am
montgomery county poce are confirming that crash was thes ret of a police chase that started in the area of new hampshire avenue and lockwood drive in thng silver spri area of the countyar e this morning. froun what we derstand, there was a crash heree in th area of kenilworth avenue and a bailout. police are telling us they've been able to take multiple suspects into custody. we're still working to confirm exactly how many spects have en taken into custody. they do believe that they do have everyone who was involved. again, there's a pickup truck here with significant damage. a lot oftie-ups. people trying to slow down to see what is happening.s this i improvement. earlier, the entire outer loop was shut down. things are getting better. hopefully they'll open up the
5:33 am
last lane sometime soon. >> thank you. as darcy said, no doubt this is going to be an impact for some time if you do go that way and you have to go that way. you want to think about allowing extra time this morning. 66 and 95, looking ju fine here right now. bottom of the beltway through prince george's county into town olling of town also along nicely. we'll have an update on the situation on the beltway coming up in a bit. chucu ch? good morning, everyone. tuesday's off to a beautiful start. it will be sunny and warm today before the cloudy skies and the cooler air moves back in into tomorrow. o today is they day i can promise bright sunshine start to finish. mostly in the 50s in the suburbs.po a few s above that. 62 in washington. 64 in annapolis. 67 in calvert county. 49 in martinsburg, west virginia. gorgeous day. look at that clear sky out there, beautiful view of our city here as the sun's coming
5:34 am
up. officially, unrise at 6:04. low 80s today. sun down at 8:06 today. again, enjoy the sunshine while e can. it will be cloudy and cooler tomorrow. a check of the weekend and the ten-day forecast later in the half hour. >> thank you. it's 5:34. b we want tong you an update now to some breaking news we told you about yesterday. the search is over for an suv that sank in the potomac river. the body of 72-year-old was found meside. her nas barbara bushkin. her heartbroken husband said she was on her way home from a charity event wn it happened. uv nicole jacobs joins us from near where theent into the water. good morning. >> reporter: the body of barbara bushkin was found insid her suv which was located about 500 feet from where it entered the potomac river. i can tell you search crews worked for the better part of yesterday searching around and
5:35 am
f their way around the murky waters of the river until they located t vehicle around 6:00 last nigh bushkin was 72 yrs old. her husband is remembering her on facebook calling her his lifelong valentine. he said she was f returnim a charity event when the incident happened. he also thanked everyone via facebook for their help in finding her. and he encourages them to do acts of kindness in her memory. back to you. >> all right, nicole jacobs live island.osevelt thank you. right now,rince george's county police are looking for a r and her teenage son in connection to a man who was found dead at a bus stop in bethesda. jenny hymais is charged in the murder. a third suspect has been es
5:36 am
aed. investigators say the victim and hymais were in a romantic relationship. they say there was a domestic b dispuore the killing at a home in college park. police say his body was dumped on old georgetown road near lone oak drive in bethesda in february. it's now 5:36. new, a montgomery county public schools football coach is on leave amid a hazing investigation stemming from last october. cory smith in the newsroom with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. a j.v. football coach,vincent colbert, is on the one on administrative leave according to wtop. colbert was among the first knstaff members to have own about the hazing incident at the school last october. you'll remember four teens were harged as juveniles with multiple counts of rape, attempted rape, and conspiracy to commit rape in the locker room attack. a montgomery county public schools spokesperson says the decision to place colbert on leave is not for disciplinary reasons, but as part of the movestigation. some parents thining are
5:37 am
not happy about the decision to place him on leave. they gue that he is being held accountable for actions that were out of his control. at last check, the petition has more than 1,300 signatures. we'll follow this story as it nfolds. back to you. >> thank you so much. new this morning, some d.c. area restaurants are being celebrated as some of the best in the country. several were honored at the james beard awards, the oscars for the food world. rising sar chef of the year went to the chef at kith and kin. tom cumanam won for bad saint of tmid-atlantic. owner of annie's paramount steakhouse was a classic award. and the lifetime achievement award went to patrick o'connell, from washington, virginia. he's also won fivet oher james beard awards, holds three michelin stars, and is an aurment onautho
5:38 am
author. one of the founding fathers of he teams. it's great tove this area recognized after years of growth and development, you know. >> 23 categories of food, beverage, and resurant design here. so congratulations to the winners. >> now i'm hungry. 5:38. coming up, crab feast forecast. why a popular summertime treat may be easier to come by this year. good tuesday morning. i'm doreen gentzler. today is going to be a day of action on capitol hill. the idea is to give voice to so many people who are suffering in silence. eating disorders has the highest mortality rate of any mental health issuest and mo of the victims try to keep it hidden from everyone. >> an eating disorder is manipulative. very convincing. >> tonight on news4 at 5:00, au yowoman opens up about her own taxing battle with an eating disorder, and doctors reveal some of the warning signs that
5:39 am
5:40 am
5:41 am
this morning a man accused of killing two young fairfax counties residents is back on u.s. soil and bend bars. the victims were found dead in springfield in december of 2016. after the murders, police say the killer escaped to ethiopia. friday a special fbi plane brought him back to dulles airport. this is the first time in decades that ethiopia has agreed to extradite a suspected criminal to the u.s. it's taken 46 years but a family finally has answers in the murder of their sister. >> through dna testing and genealogy, police solved the 1972 murder of college student pamela millham. police say jeffrey lynn hand killed e then-19-year-old. she was found bound and gagged in her car after leaving a sorority event. a northern virginia company helped police identify hand as a suspect using that from the scene and ancestry data bases. hand was killed in a shoot-out
5:42 am
th police in 1978 during an attempted kidnapping. couple of proble on the beltway. major delays, outer lo after 201, kenilworth avenue. a police investigation and closure c bsing some backups. we have a brand-thw crash in e same spot. we'll talk about that cong up. chuck? all right. thanks. rain outlook over the next couple of days, nothing to worry about today, but rain chances get higher and higher as the weekend gets closer and closer. wathe car-ing forecast? you can get it washed today. just know that there are rain chances in the nearuture. the f t
5:43 am
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5:45 am
it is 5:45. we have a first 4 traffic alert for you. we're tracking bkups on the beltway after an overnight crash in geeblt. we've learned -- greenbelt. we've learned there have been st several arres in connection with the crash. melissa mollet will join us in a few minutes with more on how this is impacting the morning commute. it could be a lot of problems out ther this morning. the tension between the white house and democrats intensifies. >> a court battle is all but certain over president trump's tax returns. yesterday the treasury department arefused to the documents over to the house ways and means committee. tracie potts joins us live with mo good morning. >> reporter: good morning. there are two ot that want the returns, but this is the one with the power, with the juice to get them from the irs except they're not. the head of the tirs,easury secretary, said that this is an
5:46 am
unprecedented request that raises serious cnstitutional questions. and they consulted with the justice department and don't think they need to turn over those returns. they say the topinion, official opinion is coming out for the -- from the justice department, but for now, it's a o. and that means democrats mayly ave one option left -- to go to court. >> and what's the latest with attorney general william barr and theea missed dine to hand over the full mueller report? >> reporter: right. that's also something that the administration is not handing reer to the democrats in the house and congs. so now there's a vote set to happen tomorrow on whether to hold the attorney general in contempt of congress, contempt of congress cld mean jail and penalties and fines. if in fact he doesn't hand over the full hreport, whic the justice department has said he can't because it's illegal for him to turn over things like y grand jur secret information. >> all right. we'll see what hat.ens nex tracie potts on the hillth
5:47 am
ank you. new this morning, the "today" show's craig melvin caught up with democratic presidential hopeful pete buttigieg o the campaign trail in south carolina. the south bend mayor talk about the difference between himself and the current president. >> i have a very different energy thanhis president. this going to be a temptation to kind. play his game. playing his game, you're losing. none can play his game better than he does. we've got to do something completely different. the good newsers amans as a rule tend to go for the opposite of whatever they've just had. >> you can see the full interview with buttigieg later this morning on "today." only on news4, the department of housing and urban development says it will change a diversity training video following complaints. >> okay, be kind to your >>brothers -- you may be familiar with this training video. it's an old one. it uses an experiment to demonstrate the efcts of racism. several employees complained because the young students use the "n" word.
5:48 am
>> just wrong. people of color have come a long way. to still in this day and age think it's okay to say that word. >> hud says the portions of thel video wbe removed. the news4 i-team hasdi overed a skabies scare on the campus of the washington, d.c., v.a. medical center. at least one patient and dozen staffers are being treated inside the facility's community ng center. right now no other patients have been diagnosed. scabies is not an infection, it's an infestation as mites burrow into the skin. a sporadic outbreak alsooc urred at a v.a. facility in 2011 in salem, virginia. 5:48. want to check in with melissa mollet. more on the first 4 traffic alert on the beltway. >>big problem here, and another problemfter this one. here's the initial problem with this police investigation we've been talking about this morning. in greenbelt, outer loop after 201, some lanes are getting by.
5:49 am
we still have in closures and a two-mile back up. take a look at thatdelay. three lanes are open. doesn't really matter. still have the two-mile back up. inner loop there, left lane shut down because of the investigation. we have slowdowns there as folks are also looking acrs the roadway to see what's going on. after this on the outer loop, college park, near 95, we have at least two, perhaps three lanes here in the center of the roadway shut down because of that new crash. whyte's ferry also closete high wa on the potomac is the reason there. let's look at your travel times here. 66 inbound, 58 miles per hour.or 95 nbound, quantico to the beway, 61 miles per hour. maryland now, 64 m es per hour outhbound on 270. and 95 to270, after all of thesecrashes on the outer loop, you can get from 95 over to 270 going 47 miles per hour, will take you 19 minutes. mr. bell,
5:50 am
>> good morn skies have been clear through the overnight. now sunrise is only about 15 minutes away. it's gog to be a day every bit as pretty as this pictu is is morning. clear skies, surise at 6:04. there's theum washington mt standing towel -- standing call. the first six monthsen have be way warmer and wetter than average. far more typical of last year. the average temperature for the first six days, 6.5 degrees above average this year with more than an inch above average rainfall. last year for the whole month we ended up 6.5 degrees warmer. all four 90s came inthe first 12 days of the month. we're off to a cooler start this may than last year. onetheless, well warmer than average. today will be another day. afternoon highs today about ten degrees warmer than average. currently we're mostlyn the mid to upper 50s in the suburbs, about 60 downtown. afternoon highs today will be in the low 80s for most dry roads in and dry roads home.
5:51 am
no rain on the commute today. tomorrow, a little chance for rain as the cold frontnecross york and new england is going to come down the east coast. so back door cold front arrives here late tonight. that will bring clouds back, and for tomorrow, the return of this east to northeasterly wind, that's not ath wind direction we're going to like. if you want sunshine and warm weather, you cannot have an east wind here and get it. tomorrow by 8:00 in the morning, full cloud cover. temperatures in the low 60s tomorrow. during the day, anyhance for rain will be mainly to the south of the city. here's your ten-day forecast then. 82 and sunny today. barely 70 and cloudy tomorrow. mid 70s on thursday afternoon s with aay shower early thursday. near 80 again friday with afternoon storms likely. still looks likeay saturd will be the drier and nicer half of your weekend. next bright, sunny day might be a full week away, yougu ys. >> all right. >> thank you i guess. >> right. 5:51.
5:52 am
did you see this? bees dlaied the giants-reds game yesterday in cincinnati. >> you can see them swarming home plate and dugout. players andmpires scrambled to get out of the way. at one point, derek dietrich dressed up as a beekeeper and tried to save the game. he wasn't playing, so he hadti lffor in nonsense. he took about ha an hour to remove the bees. >> the reds went on to win 4.12- >> you need more covering. he's going to hurt himself. injuries and errors are stinging the nationals. the team lost two more players during last night's game. catcher ian gomez took a ball to the forearm. ouch. and andrew stevenson hurt his back diving into first base. they also had four errors in the game. the only good news, anthony r endone could return. they're under 500 for the first time since 2015. there will be plenty of to crabs go around this year. the blue crab population in the
5:53 am
chesapeake bay head hit the high elf level in seven years. it's estimated there are nearly 600 million crabs across the bay. an annual survey estimates current crab pouplation is 60 percent from last -- 60% from last year which means you probably won't have to pay a premiumor crabs this summer. >> they're always expensive so great to hear. this year's theme was camp at the met gala. that does not mean tents and bug spray. camp refers to a style of ttessing that's kind of exaggerated, a over the top, theatrical even. >> yes. ostentatious. no one is more camp thanad l gaga. look at this. she turned the carpet into a runway last ni pht,ling off four outfit changes. this is for one event. her looks alternated between pink and black and ended in panties and stshnet ckings. she was putting on a show. you know lady gaga. and it was a full princess moment for zendaya. i love her style.
5:54 am
with the wave of twand, her gown transformed before everyone's eyes. lights turned her into cinderella complete with a pumpkin carrie clutch. think she's gorgeous. and of course my personal favorite, cardi b.n come oith this dress. look at is! she was covered head to toe in a custom oxblood tom brown gown that featured a nearly ten-foot train and, according to "vogue," the down35 tooeople more than 2,000 hours to create and was embellished with, 0 feathers. that was a show stopper. to me after cardi b. came outth wi this thing, i don't know, that was it. game er. show over. done. >> they raised millions of dollars there. good for them. it's now 5:54. we're celebrating teachers all week long on "news4 today." it is teacher appreciation week. this morning we're kicking it up a notch. >> molette green is live at s mary's bilingual school with carla flores from telemundo 44.
5:55 am
good morning, ladies. >> reporter: good moing. ok at this turnout. good morning, st. mary's! [ cheers ] buenos diaz. [ cheers ] my goodness. we are so excited to be here this morning celebrating the teachers in this school. 25 teachers, .00 students i think we've got all 200 here, car carla. >> i think so and they said only 30 would show up. >> reporter: anyway, we are so delighted to be here this morning. theudents have the signs made saying "we love our teachers." show those signs, kids. [ cheers ] coming up in the 6:00 hour, we're going to talk some of the dynateachers here at st. mary's. and spotlight them as we celebrate teacher appreciation
5:56 am
wngk. [ speaki non-english ] >> yes! >> reporter: yes. that is multilingual. we want to be able to share in some of the delight with our family at telemundo. back in to you with more in the 6:00 hour of "news4 today." >> we'll see you ladies a little bit later. >> nice. good morning, i'm rahel solomon at cnbc headquarters. walmart is opening dozens of veterinary clincs in its stores. it currently has 21 clinics in six states but will expand to 100 over the next year. it will offer routine exams, care for minor illnesses, and vaccines. walmart is also launching an online pet pharmacy with low-cost prescriptions for dogs, cats, horses, and livestock. walmart aims to capitalize on the rise in speing on pets which is estimated to top $75 billion in year. with your cc business report, i'm rahel solomon. >> all right. thank you. we will be back with more in a moment. while shopping at sears,
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you need to place yourself in the moment. you need confidence in the appt anto build the home life you love. shop top-brand appliances at sears, including kenmore. makients matter. haening now on "news4 today," a gun-wielding ro ber caught in the act. what d.c. poli want you to know about this violent crime that went down while cameras were rolling. taking action. after hundreds of drinking fountains in one local school
6:00 am
district were found to have water with high levels of lead,e local lea come up with a new plan to make sure it never happens again. and gone in 60 .seconds a flood barrier in the midwest breaks, and it moments an entire section of the downtown business district is under water. the traffic trouble we've been tracking on the beltway this morning all started with a poli pursuit apparently. good morning, everyone, i'm aaron gilchrest. >> i'm eun yang. before we check in with melissa mollet and chuck bell, let's gee lio darcy spencer who is in silver spring, maryland, where this all began. darcy? >> reporter: well, good morning. that's right. we're right here at new hampshire avenue and lockwood drive. this is in the upper silver spring area. if you look behind me, we're set up right here at the white oa shopping center. if you're familiar with the area, there's also a 7-eleven across the street and fast food. restaurant this is where poli


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