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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  May 8, 2019 5:00am-5:59am EDT

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does your property need a pop? this morning we're talking curb appeal. how to improve the look of your property without breaking the bank. "news 4 today" starts now. it is 5:00 a.m. good morng, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. let's begin with check on your forecast and commute. melissa mollet is standing by with a look at your first 4 traffic. >> we'll beginh storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell and what we need to know about your forecast. >> you need to know a couple of things. the bright sunshine and the weather we enjoyed yesterday, that's officially a thing of the past. northeast winds coming ck. cooler. most areas, 10 to 15 degrees cooler. doesn't necessarily mean that much of a rainat thre there's a chance of a few sprinkles and a very unsettled pattern has returned. that means chances for rain each and ehery day t next couple. today's rain chance is mainly
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the shots going off the jersey shore. there are a few straggler drops across parts of southern fairfax county and georgia and the mount vernon section of fairfax county. temperatures delightfully mild. 66 washington, 67 quantico, 61 in leesburg. for your forecast for the day, inly dry roads all day long. le out a sprinkle or two of rain, rain chances are nice and low. for tomorrowe case and the weekend. more about that comg up. thank you, chuck. first 4 traffic alert, take a look at this. we'll start seeing some real backups here. southbound 270. just hearing from montgomery county fire and rescue that we ha tractor-trailer engulfed in flames here. right now southbound after klopper road. we aren't seeing all of the
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information. soun like a tractor-trailer carrying food. inner loop and outer loop, 66, princegeorge's county, no problems. big problem on we'll g you an update in a couple of minutes. aaron. lissa, thank you. 5:02. developing this morning, shock and tragedy in colorado. >> two gunmen walked into a school near denver and opened fire. one person was killed. others were wounded. both suspected gunmen were hirested. >> ts morning's nbc's j gray is in denver and is following the latest on the investigation. >> r orter: eun,aaron, good morning. this is where it all happened on the campus behind us here. it was late in the day around 00 and it was full. more than 1800 students from kindgarten through 12th grade inside in their classes as two classmates apparently armed worked their way to the middle of the campus and openedfire.
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we're told one student confronted them and that's when tactical teams moved ier and able to apprehendoth subjects. both appear to be students from the school, one 18 years old, the other a juvenile. we also know that at least one student was killed in the attack, an 18-year-old. we know eight others were injured. the investigation is going to continue here until the end of the week. schoio will obvly be closed and counselors will be on hand to help survivors as they try to move forward here. that's the latest from here inlo codo. now back to you. aaron, eun? >> 5:03. we now know more about the man arrested at the trump international hotel in the district. 49-year-old lee mccartney is from norris town, pesylvania. he faces several charges including possessing an unregistered weapon. this all started yesterday afternoon when he tried to go through security for ant event the hotel. police found a handgun and high
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capacity magazine with 15w hallo point bullets inside his jeep. he didn't make any threats, ecognize d.c. doesn't weapons registrations from other states except under limited conditions. will attorney generalia willm barr be held in contempt of congress? that is a question that may be answed today. the house judiciary committee will vote on the matter a few hours from now. william barras ordered to turn over the full unredacted mueller report and he refused. the senate democrats are pressing inspect general michael who ahorowi to investig barr. 5:04. forget getting into an uber or lyft right this morning for your commute. >> that'srs because drive are turning off their apps in protest. news 4'sncorothy spe is at
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the airport and they're working to be ready. darcy, goodin morn >> reporter: good morning. if you rely on uber to get around or you have a flight later today at one of the area airports, you should pay attention because you could be impacted. it could take you a lot lonr to get ride. it could cost you a lot more money. let's show you what this is a about. d whatrivers want. they are looking for b ter ages, clear policies on tips and fares, they're looking for paid time off. they're planning this one-day strike today.ur they'll their apps off at noon and they're going to stay off until midnight lyft dri participating with this in solidarity. it could result increased use of taxis particularly at airports. we understand more will be on hand in case there is that need. ma drivers are saying they feel over worked and underpaid. they want to send a mesge to
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uber as the company plans to offer stock to the public this week. >> they need us, we need them. we need the passengers, we need lyft as a corporation and they need us as drivers. we want to be treated fairly. >> reporter: we did reach out to uber for a statement about the planned strike. they say they continue to work with drivers to improve wor ng conditions. a rally is planned here at the airport later to you. >> noon to midnight is when we expect the strike to be active. darcy, thank you. drivers in fairfax county should be on the lookout for more kidsg ridin bikes to school today. this promotes exercise and reducing pollution near schools. he was accused of threatening a terror attack but christop cossen may be released from jail. is morning we're getting more
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information on a strict condition. an arsenal of weapons was recovered and a hit list was discovered. a district court judge says because he hasn't been charged with terroris only non-violent drug and weapons, he qualifies for home detention. his conditions include he can never be alone, drug test firearms or weapons of any kind and no accesso the internet and smart phones. there will be another hearing to see whether he will be released to home custody. om montgery county police were in the rightt place a the right time andno preventeder possible atm theft. >> we brought you this story as it was happening. officers spotted two men being dropped off at the 7-eleven in lockwood spring in the surveillance video you can see the men spray paint the cameras. a third suspect took off in
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truck and they pursued him until he crashed. police tell us this was part of an investigation into a series of atm thefts across the region. been ruary there hav hefts thefts or attempted of atms. his morning we're hearing from thee husband of th woman found dead in the potomac river. -year-old barbara bushkin was returning from a charity event when her vehicle plunged into the river sunday night. it took two days for crews to locate her suv in th water. bushkin's husband tells us they were high school sweet hearts.he must go on without the love of his life and he can only spec d cue late what caused her to go into the water. >> there was probably some medical event. i hope she didn't suffer too badly. >> the couple was considered -- they were considered notable philanthropists in the d.c. area.
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bushkin's husband wants to honor her memory by doing somvehing nice ery day. 5:09. a maj shakeup at a montgomer county high school. the principal has resigned. drew wilder is live with more on the story. drew, good morning. >> reporter: good morng. principal kasey kraus aounced her resignation in a letter yesterday. kraus said the horrific incident has demanded significant tant attention from schools and system leadership. that horrific incident is the alleged rape of junior varsity football players by their teammates. five boys are charged for those attacks. in kraus's resignation letter to students and staff she says, it is become dleerorder for damascus high school to move forward, it will require new school leadership. she's taken another position and
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the prip pal of julius west middle schoong will take over here at damascus high school. reporting live inma dascus, drew wilder, news 4. >> thank you. today could be the day that of the the newest member british royal family. >> prince harry's wife mavhan markle ge birth to a baby boy monday. prince harry announced he may introduce him to the world by today. a lot of people taking bets on at the name may be. here's a look at the favorites. spencer is on the list. philip is a popular pick. i other nameslude alexander, james, arthur, and albert. >> what do you like? >> i like james. i really dohi >> i t alexander. on that list i would go with that one. >> really? >> not that our opinions matter at all. >> right. >> we'llt ee whahappens. they show exceptional courage and selflessness every day. yesterday thelexandria
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community came together to recognize first isponders. ad an opportunity to help out. the chamber of commerce presented the valor awards. i had the honor ofarrating the ee -- this event with the stories of heroism and courage. they don't expect orny ask for a sort of recognition like ts but they are very much deserving of our thanks for the selrkess wo that they do every day to protectpeople, to save lives literally. >> every single day they go into the office they don't know what they're going to get. really we owehem a debt of gratitude. >> they run towards the danger. this morning we're talking curb appeal. >> easy ways to make your property pop and increase the value of your home. plus, secrets no longer. we are taking you inside d.c.'s newest s seum. chuck? >> time for your gardening forecast. not a bad day to getome garden
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work done. a lot of clouds around. really that's a perfect day for a little bit of yard work. it's a good time to move the indoor
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you're watching "news 4 today." > if you've ever been to virginia beach you no doubt have seen them hanging near the surf, signs warning you not to curse. >> those signs have been up for 20rs but now they're about to come down. a local group has worked for m seveths to get rid of these signs. they argue the signs were not welcoming and did nothing to influence behavior.
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>> we believe after aittle while that the signs should come down so we're really thankful for the city for doing that. flowers, public art, things like that for the community to enjoy rather than just tossing the signs in the trash. >> the city has agreed to take down theigns but it's uncleary exactlhen they will be removed. stand up don't stand by.e th district hopes people will keep that phrase in mind when you're out at bars and nightclubs. this is part of a new campaign to prevent sexual assault by having people keep an eye out for people who have had too much to drink. the u campaignes patrons to act if they feel like something is swrong. ecrets and lies are nothing new t washington, d.c., but now a lot of america's secrets are onplull disay inside the new international spy museum. ws 4's aimee cho takes us inside. >> reporter: from games that let you play a pretend spy mission
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tohe a w that tells you how your mission went, there's something for everyone. it's twice as big as the old one. filling it with artifacts was no small task. >> how do you get them? how do you find things that are secret? the best intelligence operations we may never know about. >> invisible ink, you have to love the disguises. >> reporter: part of the museum is about trying out your spy skills yourself. in this exhibit you can see if you have what i t takeso crack a secret code. >> reale lif spies risk ourselves to go here. sheering his dad's >> he's captured by the kgb. it's very gratifying to know that a newen geration of people that visit the spy museum will learn my father is a hero to our
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country. >> aimee cho, news 4. this morning we know a d.c. native dave chappell will receive a major honor. he's selected to be this year's mark twain prize for american humor enrecipit. >> he grew up in d.c.he ent to the duke ellington school for the arts. he's known for edgy and ntroversial way of joking about race. they have said dave has challenged us to see hot button issurom his entirely original and relatable perspective. heedill be honor at a star-studded event in d.c. in october. it's now 5:17. let's check in with melissa mollet with a first 4 traffic alert. >> big problem on 270.nd southbous where you can see all of this traffic basically stopped right now. it's a three-mile backup headed southbound. that is because of a truck fire just ahead the southbound after klopper road. we do have two lanes that just
5:18 am
reopened after the fire because it is on the right side of the roadway. still, it looks like a closure when you tak a look at the map. the delays causing a lot of problems. 66 and 95, no issues heretonto and out of town, prince gorges county. same situation, everything looking pretty good. how are we looking outside, chuck? >> well, melissa, we have a lot of clouds ou cide. theuds are here to stay for most of your wednesday. right now temperatures though courtesy of clouds and what's left of a southerly breeze have held temperatures in the 60s through the overnight for most of the d.c. metro area. off to a much milder start than we've been for the last few mornings. cloudy skies, yes, but not aol lot of fog. skies clear down towards la ray and areas of thick fog in pockets down to the south and west. around the south, not much visibility and much of an effect. temperatures, 60s.
5:19 am
a to mid 60s where it is little cooler. shenandoah valley. d to upper 50s. don't plan on a lot of sun. might get a peek of sun here and there but otherwise the clouds will thicken up as we go farther into the afternoon. temperatures, mid to upper 60s now. most will barely get back to nearly 70 degrees before lunchtime and temperatures falling near the middl of the afternoon. that storm will be impacting our weekend. for today tugh the rain chance is nice and low. here's one lonely shower out m towardsount vernon and prince gorges county. very low impact. rain chance, only 20%. here's future weather. clouds thiening up. here's 4:00 in the afternoon. a little hit and miss for a rain drop or two. washington southbound, fredericksburg, occasional drop orui a q rain shower and through the overnight hours.
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tomorrow during the afternoon, hit-and-miss showers a possibility. no heavy s orady rain expected until sunday. about 70 and clouds today. mid 70nds a a little better chance of stray showers tomorrow. back to near 80 before afternoon storms. rain chances over the weekend, sunday definitely theer raini half. back to you guys. >> chuck, thank you. still ahead, we're showing you how to improve the value of your property easily and quickly. >> and he is the 10-year-old annapolis boy w is quickly becoming ellen's favorite guest. this afternoon he's getting quite a surprise. >> we have somebody here to share some special news wit you. please welcome keenan thompson. >>o cool. >> but, wait, there's more. the surprise for dylan doesn't end there. see what else ellen has for him. check out the show at 3:00 right
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here on nbc 4 and then stick ound for news 4 at
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you're watching "news 4 today." 5:23 right now. first impressions are crucial, and that countsor your home as well. >> news 4's meghan mcgrath is working for you with how you can
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make your property pop all on a budget. >> reporter: you've no doubt experienced it. you're driving through a neighborhood and there's one house that just sticks out from all the rest. it has that wow factor. that curb appeal. >> people really do judge a book by i cover so you want to absolutely make sure that it's gorgeous. >> reporter: sheena sadem works for keller williams capital oking to sell your home for e top dollar or just looking to enhance your own space, boosting curb appealo doesn't have t break the bank. start with the simple stuff, like the lawn make sure it's mowed and free of clutternd fresh mulch always looks good and a well placed bench can add interest. landscaping can me a big difference. think bues, owflers, hanging plants or color full pots. one oesthe b opportunities to boost curb appeal is on the front stoop. art with a dramatic color for
5:25 am
the door and go there. >> abo $40 to paint the door. maybe $30 for the paint and then the doormat 30 or $40. >> older patio furniture can be jazzed up with colorfultd pillo. r lighting can be another inexpensive fix. >> i think it's important toit work w what you've got and make it the best it can epbe. >> rorter: bruce wents worth' team specializes in design, build and renovation services. he says be realistic and if you have a bit more moy, heays splurging even on one aspect of the project can add curb nappea. >> ef it's a little bit, using quality materials goes a long way. 5:25 now. coming up, a disturbing trend on one of our areas most dangerous roads. a news 4 i-team investigates why so feweo pe caught driving drunk aren'tac fing any jail
5:26 am
time. plus, aew guilty plea. a father admits he paid to get his son into a local school. the punishment he faces next at 5:30. good morning,everybody. dog walking forecast. this is bam. if i were to adopt him i would change it over to mr. wrinkles. cute dog there. just over a year old. good dog walking forecast. cloudy, cooler without much of a rain threat. maybe a stray shower or two. rain chances only 20%. afternoon temperatures 10 degrees or more cooler than yesterday. >> reporter: f you have kids who aren't in camp and you're looking for family fun activities, check out these amazing local parks. in germantown it's the adventure playground. seven acres of fun and we have the farm park. it has pleasant bey of roaming animals. upper marlboro go to the wizard of oz themed playground. load up the kids and tell we're off to see the wizard.
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we have washington p
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safe. >> right now on "news 4 today," another deadly classroom attack. students shot inside their own school. ew details overnight about the classmates who allegedly pulled ther. trig plus, ride share strike. uber and lyft drivers going dark. inthe demands they're makg to corporate and how it could make your commute more of a headache. and a great place for grads. the local area that was just named the best in the country for recent college graduates. t "news 4ay" begins with breaking news. first at 5:30 this morning, we ave breakingnews. we're tracking a first 4 traffic alert on i-270. >> we will check in with cck on the first 4 traffic. first with melissa mollet. >> brand-new picnre from out the scene. this was a tractor-trailer carrying organic food that was fully engulfed. you can see there. soundsike the driver's okay. no other injuries. firefighters got to tha
5:31 am
quite quickly there. most of the food we understand is being oaoffld, it was not really impacted by this. thank goodness for that. we did have 270 southbound shut down. if we can take live pictures, you are seeing the days headed southbound. this is a picture. we had two left lanes getting by. those delays that are about four miles right now are easing pretty quickly. that is very, very good news for everybody headed southbound on 270. elseere, no major issues right now. 66 and 95 looking good. 95gh northbound throu woodbridge seeing a tiny bit of a delay at 5:30 in the morning. nothing to worry about there. into town and out of town through prince gorges county, very good there as well. good morning, chuck. > good morning, melissa. we are off to a pleasant enough start on your wednesday morning. there's a view from our cityra came got to love this early daylight. sun's up just minutes after 6:00 a.m. 30 minutes or saway.
5:32 am
enjoy the sunshine while we have it because clouds will lower and thicken as we go through the morning into the afternoon. about all the sunshine you're going to get today h willpen before 10:00 or 11:00 in the morning. had a couple of lonely straggler rain drops. those are drying up. temperatures, mild. 66 in arlington. 57 in winchester. 67 in quantico. 66 in anne arundel county. a little sunshine here the first part of the day. sun's up a 6:03. clouds get thicker and thicker through the morning. there's a little better chance of a stray shower or two. notice how temperatures are likely to be cooler by the time you get home compared to lunchtime today. a closer look at o the restf the weekendoming up in a few. >> we'll see you then, chuck. ak32. tracking breg news out of new york city. >> news 4's corey smith is at the liveh desk wit more about a deadly fire there.
5:33 am
cory? >> reporter: yeah, aaron. we're getting new cell phone videoe can show you showing you heavy smoke from this apartment fire. this happened in the harlem area of new york city around 1:30 this morning. fire officials telling us six people have died. mother, her four children and an adult male relative. it's not clear what started this fire. investigators believe it began in the kitchen of that fifth floor apartment. it took about two hours for firefighters to get this blaze under control given the sheer size of that apartment. investigators telling us itas three bedrooms, kitchen, many bathrooms as well. we've learned six people are dead. the kids involved in this case range from ages 3 to 11. so just a horrible, tragic story this morning happening in new yorkty. we're going to continue to monitor it. back to you. >> corey smith. thank you. developing this morning, a kroetd community is hurting after a deadly school shooting. officials say two students stormed the s.t. school
5:34 am
yesterday afternoon killing one student and injuring eight others. the school is just about 15 h nutes from columbine h school. we have new video into the newsroom overnight of detectiars swng the home of one of the suspects. he's identified as 18-year-old devin eriksson. a white car is towed away. officials are expected to give another update on this situation this morning. 5:34. you might want to forget about using uber or lyft. drivers of the ride share companies are going on strike. for more onow this could affect your commute, we want to go to news 4's darcy spencer. he is live at ragan national airport with the latest on this. darcy? >> reporter: ll, aaron, this is set to happen later today. the good news is you have time to prepare. if you rely on uber or perhaps you have a flight later today at one of the airports, you definitely want to plan ahead. you could be impacted. it could take you a lot longer
5:35 am
to get a ride and it could cost you aov lot m money. let's look at what drivers are sh waiting for today. they also want paid timeoff. they plan to turn off their apps at noon and keep them off until midnigtonight. lyft drivers are going to participate with uber drivers. this is sending a message to uber as it goes public in offering its stock. health re not getti care. they're not getting benefits. they're not getting 401ks or anything. all they're getting is the fare so they should get paid more. >> reporter: area airports do plan to offer more taxis so people may need to take a taxi today instead of using uber or lyft. we have reached out to uber for a statement. they say they continue to work on and improve conditions for drivers. again, this is all set to start at noon today.
5:36 am
back to you. >> darcy, thank you. taking a look atur other top stories at 5:35. 49-year-old lee mccartney from pennsylvania faces charges afteu showing at the trump international hotel in d.c. with a gun in his jeep. mccartney didn't threaten anyone, however, sd.c. doe not recognize weapons registrations from other states except under limited conditions. today the house judiciary committee is voting whether to hold william barr in ep contempt of congress. coming up at 5:45, news 4's tracie potts has the storus two scts arrested after they spray painted the surve surveillance cameras inside the 7-eleven on lockwood drive inpr silver sg yesterday. a third suspect was apprehended as he crashed on the outer loop
5:37 am
in green belt. today we could meet the newest member of the british family. prince harry sai he may introduce his son to the world by today. we will of course let you know if we hear anything this morning. we'll have more live coverage coming u at 6:15. a protest protect culture. the cause that had a dc communityacking the streets ayst night. good wednesd morning to you. >> we all want to eat healthier to live healthier lives. >> and that trend isrossing over to how we feed our pets. today on news 4 at 5:00, consumer reporter susan hogan takes a look at a feeding frenzy of fresh pet food. of fresh pet food. is it the right way you know when you're at ross
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you're watching "news 4 today." welcome back. a news 4 i-team investigation raises new questionsbout one of our areas busiest and most dangerous roads. >> according to yearsf court filings reviewed by our scott mcfarland, many ofhose who crash their cars while driving drunk on indian head highwayd avoioing to jail. >> reporter: using public record request, the news 4 i-team reviewed about 45 drunk ay ving crashes on this hig between january 2016 and december 2018 and we found as few as five ofhose drivers were sentenced to jail time and even those who were had theirce sent reduced to just days. in spite of fast-rising number of crashes and dui arrests on maryland 210. pros cutors point to cases being sped through and lighter sentences being dolled out. >> the a state'sorney's office
5:41 am
did a good job of bringing rward these cases but i do not ink the court system took it literally. they had one judge that pushed them through. the judge recently left the nch for unrelated reasons and now all 24 judges in the circuit court system can hear and rule on duis. our further review of maryland court records found prie george's county who has the second most dui arrests, 500 each month and the pk month was in the summer, in august. along indian head highway, scott mcfar land, news 4. right now first 4 traffic alert southbound 270. major delays here because of an earlier tractor-trailer crash. part of that is moved out of the way. it doesn't matter, d theage has been done. full details coming up. chuck?
5:42 am
thanks melissa. car washing forecast, not a big chance of rain. 20%. rain chancesas increg as we go closer to the weekend. may want to take your chances oh g that car. looking very lely friday andik
5:43 am
5:44 am
you're watching "news 4 today." right now at 5:45, congress is gearing up for a showdown on cal hill. a congressional committee is expected to vote on whether to hold attorney general william
5:45 am
barr in contempt of barr refuses to release an unredacted version of the special counsel's report into russian meddling in the nelection. >>s 4's tracie potts is live for us on capitol hill.ha tracie, wt consequences could the attorney generhe face ? >> well, when someone is charged th contempt of congress, it could mean fines, even jail ti't. we don know if it will go that far. today's vote is not a final vote. it's a committee vote. the whole house will have to confirmthis. the preside underlying evidence tse the no, that in itself is is on.col.
5:46 am
in at . recommenda present another explosion. this morning students will be found. the principal is stepping down in the aftermath of the locker room >> news 4's drew wilder is live outside of damascus high school with more on the story. drew, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, eun and aaron. principal kasey kraus announced her resignation in a letter late
5:47 am
yesterday. kraus says the horrific incident on october 31st has demanded significt attentionrom school and system leadership. it has drawn ongoing negative media attention. that horrific attention you'll remember is the alleged rape of junior varsity players by their teammates. five board members have become concerned. kraus will take a new position. kevin yates will assume the interim principle position here at damascus. reporting live in morning in damascus, drew wilder, news 4. >> thank you, dr. now to a new development in the college admissions scandal. pleaded arent has guilty and this one has a connection to a local school caught up in the scandal. corey smith is now in e newsroom with more.
5:48 am
cory? looking at s guilty and400,000. he has pleaded not guilty. he's the third parent to plead guilty in this massive bribery scandal. he faces 18 monthsrin pn and fines up to $95,000. he's the first associated with this scandal. cory, thank you. it's r5:48. new this morning, d.c. police have made an arrest and named more suspects in a smash and grab robbery. you may remember this
5:49 am
t store in after smashg the glass displays. one man from capital heights are being arrested. they're wanted for stealin police arest > the don'tts in otest meantre ng-timehinkt's ioa culture of d.c. i've been here all my life and
5:50 am
i'm 67 years old. >> the peace waser ipted as illegal atv and dirt bike ridere ro true the protest - they're going to identify them as part of the job going investigation. we are tracking a fir 4 traffic notification for you. melissa mollet has the latest on the troles on i 270. melissa? >> this was the scene at 270 at clapper tractrailer fully engulfed. we have since reopened some lanes. if you take a live look now, we still have some pretty good delays southbound. live look. a five mile backup. you have to allow extra time. it looks better than it did.
5:51 am
another issue, columbia, crash on the left side. little bit of delay as folks look at that as well. travel times from maryla, 270 south, 21 miles per hour. it will take you 34 minutes now because of that issue we just showed you. outer loop of the beltway, 44 miles per hour. taking a look at 66 in boundnd 95 northbound, no major issues. remember to listen to wtop, 103.5 f.m. when you hop in your car. chuck? thank you, melissa. beautiful picture here. take a check of that on your screen. a lot of beautif pre-dawn color. sun is up at 6:03. currently 5:51. northeast wind is lots of reds and oranges in the sky. 66 here in washington.
5:52 am
what had been eye light wind is coming back around the thrtheast. that brings in e cool air off the atlantic ocean. 5 in frederick county, maryland. 66 in annapolis. 63 in lorton. 60 in chantilly, virginia. planning out your day? expect clouds to thicken up as we go throughout the day. just enough sunshine to allowur temperates back into the low thigh temperature is likely to happen before sunshine and back into the neighborhood. as we get towards friday and the weekend, you'll see lingering showers here now. that could lead to a sprinkle or two of rain. best rain chances today will be across southern maryland, northern neck towards frederickburg. only 20 percenter at that.
5:53 am
as you get into tomorrow morning, maybe a stray sprinkle tomorrow morning and a hit and miss tomorrow afternoon. no washout tomorrow but at least a better chance for rain coming up today. here's your ten day outlook. 73 with the clouds thickening. mid 70s with a hit-and-miss rain chance. highs back to 80. cooler weather for the weekend.d satu, a chance of showers tifor any . definitely a lot more rain and cooler coming up on ndsu. they're trying to figure out who was behind a cybert attack tha infected city computers with ransom ware. police and 911 systems are all still working. most of the city's computer servers were shut down. baltimore's mayor saysthere's no evidence any personal information was stolen.'r they trying to figure out how expensive it
5:54 am
expensi expensive. >> google is now rolling out a feature that lets you control how long it stores your information on location of web activity. it also has another update. google lens will be able to read n receipt and tell you how much to tip-i a restaurant. the company is also adding new augmented reality features to search and that means users will soon be able to see a full 3-d model of that object in the real world. >> technology. >> fancy. it's 5:54. all it takes is two words to let a teacher know how much they mean to you. thank you. and all week a long we thanking the heroes in the classroom. >> our molette green continues teacher appreciation week. th morning she is at garfield elementary in southeast d.c. molette, good morning. >> good morning from garfield
5:55 am
elementary school. quite a turnout here. 30 teachers in this school, 330 students. we are excited to be here to celebrate teachers. where are all my teachers? wave your hand. we're going to talk t somef the dynamic teachers in the school in the 6:00 hour. nurses,e have not forgotten about you. we have something special coming your way in our 11:00 news midday show. for now let's hear the garfield elementary school band play us to brea co on, guys.♪ ♪ ♪ >> hear little more from the kids later, molette. thanks. >> reporter: good morning, i'm frank holland at cnbc headquarters. college grads are hitting the job market and are looking for somewhere toirut down the roots.
5:56 am
a new study shows median availability. massachusetts, minnesota, north dakota and connecticut. virginia is sixth. the worst state is nevada. with your cnbc morning business report, i'm frank holland. 5:56 now, frank. thank you. still ahead on "news 4 today." improve the look of your property without breaking the bank. >> we're showing yas e ways to make your lawn the envy of the neighborhood. plus, arrest of a man with a gu
5:57 am
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now on "ws 4 today," it's happened again. one student is dead, another eight recovering after ama g stormed a school and opened fire. we hhe latest from the scene. todays the day uber and lyft drivers go on strike by turning off the app. orwhat this means f you if you're hoping to catch a ride. does your property need a pop? this morninge' w talking curb
6:00 am
appeal. how to improve the look of your property without breaking the bank. it is 6:00 a.m. good morning, everybody. a i'mon gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. let's begin with a check on your forecast and commute. our melissa i mollet standing by with a look at your traffic. >> we'll start with storm team 4 chuck bell and a beautiful sunrise. >> yes, indeed. sun is up officially a little more than two minutes fronow. skies have been mainly clear overnight. the clouds you can see out here now, there's a lotore where that came from. cooler weather. temperatures this afternoon will be 10 degrees or moreooler an yesterday. not much of a


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