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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  May 10, 2019 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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amazon ceo jeez unveils his plan -- jeff bezos unveis plan to create an out-of-this-world realiti. t is 6:00 mta -- it is 6:00 a.m., i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. we'll start with melissa mollet and traffic. >> we'll begin with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck fll with theecast and the sunrise. >> beautiful picture outside. here we are just at 6:00. there's the sun coming up in our eastern yhorizon. got to love these early sunrises and late sunsets this time of year. over 14 hours of daylight today. good-looking sky this morning. but there are raindrops to be dealt with. grab the umbrella, several chances for rain. already have a couple of light raindrops on orm team 4 radar. a likelihood of some thunderstorms around here later on in the afternoon. but at least it will be warm. temperatures today near 80 degret. don't expt to be near that warm again for the next four to
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fiv that cold front will bring us a chance for thunderstorms later today. it will be south of us for the weekend. that means we'll be on the ld de of things. temperatures below 70 all weekend. right now, the light rain here through most of montgomery county. also parts of western fairfax, near dulles airport. mild, though, in the upper 60s to get your friday going. afternoon highs near 80 degrees. grab the umbrella. if youth got missed by rain, don't you worry, mother nature will take care of that tomorrow and sunday. >> i was so worried. chopper 4 over the beltway, heading to a newlem we're hearing about in montgomery county. we'll bring you more coming up at 6:18. 95 northbound approaching 212, a little slow from an earlier delay with a vehicle off t roadway. northbound the bw parkway near 197, 8, all of that paving with the pothole situation is still underway. we're still slow northbound. inner loop, outer loop of the beltway, no problems.
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y see the radar showing you a little bit of sprinkles around town. 66 andin 95 lookg good. delays yellow and blue line to largo town center and mt. vernon square. eun? >> thank you. the portion ofrock creek parkway is shutting down this this morning. it will stay that way all weekend. >> justin finch is live with a isok at why all thork is going on. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. talking about some round-the-clock work going on to install a pedestrian bridge that will go over the ohio and have it ready for summer. for now, here's now what we are looking at. this work going on that's keeping vehicles, bicyclists, each pedestrians away. this as they bring in big equipment to install the bridge which is causing traffic tie-ups and re-routing traffic. here's what icl ed. talking about the rock
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tariq-potomac streak area near the kennedycenter. his is virginia avenue northwest and going behind the lincoln mem at the i-66 pritoma r freeway change. all of the roadwor is moving through the change ramps up there. bicyclist and pedestrians will be affected. the west strip by the kennedy center will bel closed as w to virginia avenue. also at 23rd to the lincoln memorial. as we kin b of lookack out here live, you can see that work is happening. lots of road closed signs and of tonescourse. peyway back in the back, the big apparatus will be a triktrt pa in slowing that pedestrian bridge that will go from the center told the water. as of now, avoids t-- avoid the area if you can. it will not be back to normal until tuesday at 5:00 a.m. that means traffic tie-ups now census bureau the weekend,
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affecting t --ie-ups now and through the weekend, affecting all of you. >> thank you. this morning we have a better idea of how the national parks service plans to repair george washington parkway. it's one of the roughest surfaces o road inur area. the northern section will be rehabbed first fromspout run by the key bridge all the way to the beltway. the parks service says it just needs the money to make the i are pairs. it's trying to secure that right now. this morning, we e learning more about video showing a montgomery county police officer using a racial slur toward a group of black men. >> the men say they were waiting to be picked up for a landscaping job outside of the mcdonald's on silver spring yesterday. police say they were trespassing. >> y'all [ bleep ] trying -- >> in the video you can hear a female officer using the "n" word. the recording reveals one of the men made a derogatory comment towardthe officer. montgomery county leased the officer's body camera footage, and you can hear her use the
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same rd in the video. one of the me involved says he felt like this was a case of racial profiling. >> just terrible that in is almost from my skin color other r, e almost always have do with the swalgevery day. it's a skin color thing. >> montgomery county police released a statement that read in part, "the matter brought to our attention today is disturbing and contrary to our department's values and our overarching mission to fairly and impartially slerve or community." now to an i-team investigation. a patient who escaped a locked psychiatric unit at the medical affairs in the district is in custody and facing several charges. according to police and t v.a. records obtained by the news4 am i-tethe patient removed the ceiling tiles above a tloem shower in the psychiatric -- above the bathroom shoren the
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psychiatric unit. he crawled to a locked base. a relative told us he was able to catch a cab to virginia. >> he went through the emergency room and asked someone in the emergency room the staff at the hospital to call a taxicab. >> reporter: they cd him a cab? he was wearing his hospital clothes. >> he was wearing his scrub a bottomsnd tank top. >> it man took the cab to manassas where he held a woman he knewagainst her will and assaulted her. he's being held at a hospital and fes several charges. the v.a. hospital told us it is reviewing its policies and procedures. new developments in the situation.anning she is no longer in federal custody. that may be short-lived. manning was in the atexandria dention for refusing to te jury about the release wikileaks
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documents. she may be asked to appear before another grand jury for the same questions next week. manning's lawyers say she will refuse again to provide any answers and fear it could land her back in jail.n mang served seven years in a primarily prison for leaking documents we look. her 35-year sentence was commuted by then-president barack obama. it's 6:07. president trump is rushing to h son's deficit after donald trump jr. was supposed wanted to answer more questions related to russia. the republican-led senate sbeps committee wants to know whether donald tmp jr. was forthcoming in the meeting and the trump tower moscow project. trump jr. said he was only vaguely aware of the project. the president's foer beaver testified he briefed him about ten times. president trump argues congress's investigators are
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trying to rep the investigation. >> my son a good important. he testified for hours and hours. the mueller said he did nothing wrong. >> with the escalating battles between the house and speaker of the house nancy pelosi she says the trump wants to have a, quote, constitutional crisis, and the constitution must be protected. breaking news concerning ney's latest missiles. desk.mith at the live >> reporter: g.w. parkwyeah, it time. theost recent missile fire came yesterday. xpthis morning military ets are weighing in and saying these missiles are reallily familiar. according too the "associated press," military experts say the missiles look just like a missile the than matter was trying to follow years. they're short range, nuclear-capable ballistic missiles that have been in the
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arsenal for more than a decade. it's designed to fly at a flattened altitude of around 25 mis. they're able to make guidance adjustment. the central hughes agency released mad hope issing the missile w enforcement yesterday. sew's president, president moon jae-in, says the launches were protest a type of protest against the failed hanoi in february. >> thank you. a homeowner thought he was shooting at an intruder, but now police say i was a case of mistake earn avenue. it happened at 11:00 in theea ar after someone walked into his house. according to the call, hep ried to hele person he jot because they knew each other. >> three are of us ready to get in -- >> apartment it was the daughr's friend and he didn't
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know it who it was so he shot. >> police are confirming the relatiohip between the victim and homeowner. the victim goinged to be okay, and the morn busyelp not charged. if you want to invest in uber, you can w startling today. expensi -- startingvow. it'sing 180 million shares of its common. is move comes as let it are quick democrats fromdrivers. earlier they demanded a increase in pay, better benefits, and an impd tipping system. 6:10. in an exclusive with nbc nes, chris hughes is making headlines saying the company should be broken up and that facebook ceor mark zuckerbis too powerful. hughes was zuckerberg's roommate at harvard. he said the maybe it exists today is not the same one he founded with zuckerberg in 2014. hughes says facebook is far too
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big and he explains why he is speaking up now. >> every single time there's a newheadline about a privacy scandal or an election that's going on. i do feel a science of i'm angry at mark and angry at a lot of facebook's leadership for taking something that could have been so amazing and sacrificing quality, secury,tability for clicks. >> hughes left the company in 2007. he sold all of his stocks in 2012 making $500 million. in a statement to nbc news, facebook says, ith six comes accountability, bough enforce accountability by calling for the breakup of a successful american company." 6:11. this morning, we're learning more about jeez' new airspace project called "blue origin." >> he talked about a rocket ready for human use this
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year for space development. look at this. bethesda us on showed e-- bezos showed elaborate of what he called space cal niewill to nie -- space colonies, a glimpse into what the futurecould look like. >> people are so creative once they're unleashed. and if this generation builds the road to space, builds that infrastructure, we will get to ee thousands of future entrepreneurs buildings a real spay industry. >> it may seem hard to imagen now but dezs on ended saying that -- imagine now but bezo ended saying everything that's big started small. >> i can see you doing it. >> once there's established colonies. >> send me a postcard. 6:12. ahead, mother's day is just a few daysaway. >> if you're wondering what to buy to thank her for all that d shee -- not that you can
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put a price tag on that, we have ideasor the chuck bell. >> all right. gardening forecast for the weekend, best tme is on the inner clarns on saturday and less cnce on sunday. april showers bringing the may flowers. beautiful. they brought thyself -- make wonderful arrangements. perfect time to enjoy the peonies. >> reporter: it's project hope.e we'oing to cut the ribbon and show mu the project that brings together laenforcement, the community, and these children children at j. it nole. coming up --
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sons and daughters on expected to spend $25 million on mother's day. one idea is a fitness tracker. wireless ear buds - >> why don't you get me a vacuum, too. >> butt out -- >> yeah. >> ear buds and portable items.l shoppers buy more than $2 billion worth of electronics for mother's day. >> that's a lot -- it's hard to pick out something for your mom. a group is bridgng the relationship between students and police one project at a
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odme. >> reporter: goorning, guys. yes, project happy. it will bring students and law enforcement -- you see the uniformed officers around the room. r we are here ady to cut the ribbon because they have five bathrooms that they have redone, beautifully. go ahead, tax cut that ribbon. okay, we'll see, this is the girls bathroom look inside. beautiful. there's a message tt says "clear your mind of self-doubt." that's what this is all about. lamont geddes is one of the folks who brought this to the school. pell me about the impact of bringing the peole together. the children, the organizations th law enforcement. >> the impact was simply amaz g amazing. our students made metors, made friends weekly with police
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officers and then together we created magic in the bathroom stalls. r bathrooms no longer look like just regular thoms, they are actually beautiful art with positive messages. >> iov lthis. i'll bring in kevin codelapd, he is with co-three and a retired police officer. mpd officers in the house, as well. [ cheers ] brothers andpesisters k, nccf, kevin, this was a collaborative effo because it has to be that way to make the relationships work. >> at is correct. and the goal -- our goal was to bring people together. bring the youth and the community together so that we could make a difference in the community. so the relationships with the children became impactful. it became veryng meal to the children. they now have a better relationship. they can talk to the officers, call them by names. when they see them, they're friendly, how are you doing.
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it has made a difference here at j.c. knoll. >> reporter: we're not done. six bathrooms in all here at itx. kno-- with j.c. knoll. we'll be back w more. stay with us. project hope. >> yeah. really spectacular art dozens work there. and a great effort. greatause to be supported by artwork. thank you. >> thank you. 6:19. let's check the forecast with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. how it's looking? >> after a beautiful ssunri about 20 minutes ago, it turned a little on the cloudy side out there now.oi we are g to be tracking sieve opportunities for rain today and a big chance that you're going to get rained on he over tweekend. right now, 68 degrees under a cloudy sky. southerly winds have kept temperatures up gover. it's 64 in loudoun county, 65 in montgomery county. 66 in prince george's county. 70 degrees by the way in annapolis. your planner fortoday, it will be a mostly cloudy day. you'll get periods of sunshine. temperatures will easily climb
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into the upper 70s to around 80 degrees today. but there is at least a 60% chance of rain and thunderstorms coming our way later on in the day as that weather front to our west presses into the warm air in placethis morning. already a little light rain has been spotted across northwest washington. southern montgomery county, right up there to near the jessup area. west of columbia, maryland. more raindrops through parts of the let my show you future weather. this first wave of clouds gives way, and then wee should hav breaks of sunshine. late morning, early afternoon. temperatures will jump to near 80. here's 3:30 this afternoon. thunderstorms starting to develop out to the north and west of the i-95 corridor. rain most likely right in here during the course of rush hour, right into the evening plans. be ready for some rain and thunderstorms, afternoon into evening. tomorrow, we'll start out cloudy and for the mos part rain free. rain starts to move in after lunchtime tomorrow.
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and by 5:00 or r6:00,n becomes very likely. and it's probably goingpr to ra tty much every moment of your mother's day. near 80 today. that's it. temperatures will stay below 70 degrees all weekend. and well into the middle parts of next week. the ten-day forecast in the next half hour. melissa? all right. thank you. i really would like some dry weather on sunday. goshen road at mid county highway. had a crash in the middle of the roadway. you can see still the response, to on the scene. the cleanup they'll have to deal with. justmember that might be slow. rock creek parkway shut down between virginia avenue and 66. i they -- they are installing the pedestrian bridge. itll be slow. southbound and southbound 95 looking good. northbound between 197 and 198, slow because of paving this morning. more news, weather, and trafc
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coming fiu
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welcome back. everyone's journey to getting an education is different, but in the end, hards work pay off. >> news4's shomari stone shows woman overcame want odds to win her diploma. [ cheers ] right the time is now.
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>> outstanding award -- >> reporter: the moment claude yo obang has waited years for. >> it's been a long journey, challenging, but i'm excited. >>ud claia alta obang. >> reporter: she's smiling as she aepts her degree in radiation and therapy and outstanding student award. >> it's big mile smartphone. i'm proud of myself -- big milestonement i'm proud of myself. >> reporter: she overcame adversity, claudia's mother became very sick when claudia was a teen. >> happy you made it. >> at the age of 15, my mother got diagnosed with lupus and couldn't no longer take care of us. >> reporter: claudia stepped in to help. they sometimes atet food banks, and she worked minimum wage jobs. she graduated from high school in 2011 but her college dream on hold for a year.
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>> i had to kind ofup pick the responsibility and work to help my family. >> reporter: she enrolled a howard in 2012 and drove 100 miles to get there. her mother and professor are proud. >> i'm so happy. >> claudia las theder of her class. she was a true joy to teach. >> reporter: she hopes her story inspires you. >> do not gi up. you might feel like there's no end, but everything has an end and you will finish what you started. >> shomari stone, news4. coming up, have you updatedr your iver's license lately? a warning forrivers who haven't. why you could soon lose your license if you don't act fast. good morning, everybody. time for your dog-walking forecast. cute little ajax here. pto months old. available for adon.
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go to humane11:rescuealliance.o. temperature up to 80. it will be cooler overhe weeken td.
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it is just about 6:30. as we begin this friday morning, a live look outside. happy friday to you. it's going to be another rainy nd, at least wee the weekend's here. >> if it feels like deja vu, juror right. today is the sixth y --u're right. today is the 6sixth friday in a ot rain. we've >> chuck bell is here to take your complaints. >> no. >> he's here with the forecast and melissa to tell us out the roads. cluck? >> i'm wanting to get to the weekend as fast as possible. that's all this is about. friday starting off very cloudy indeed. had a pretty sunrise, plenty of clouds alsoerad. we are dealing with a little rain, as well. nothing too serious just yet.-m hit-ass raindrops moving through the suburbs, light indrops in the shenandoah valley. an increasing chance for rain and thunderstorms later on in the day today. right now just a couple of re
6:31 am
sprinkles he near bethesda and chevy chase, moving into northern parts of prince george's county. a few more drops there between winchester, strasburg along the i-81 corridor. mild, upper 60s to near 70. your school day forecast, put the umbrella in the backpack. anice day. temperatures near 80 baylor university the storms get going later in the day. ghd unfortunately, hi rain chances all through your mother's day weekend. we'll detail that coming up. good arning. taking look, chopper 4 over 270. northbound, southbound, everythg actually looking pretty smooth here this morning. thisis near montgomery village avenue. you see the southbound lanes moving quite nicely. in northwest, a reminder, rock k creek pay, we can't say this enough, shut down between virginia and 66 ramp there. they are installing the pedestrian bridge. no pedestrians orbikelifts. some -- bicyclists. some will try it they will stop you. inbound through virgin avenue
6:32 am
through tuesday at 5:30. tap of the beltway, everything looks good here this morning. northbound on bw parkway beten 197 and 198, still a little slow from that paving. take a look, we'relso see something rain falling across the area. eun? >> melissa, thank you. and continuing atirst 4 traffic warning melissa told us about, this is a closer look at rock osures in place on creek parkway right now. the road going by the kennedy center was shut down last night. it is scheduled to stay closed until early tuesday morning. the area right around the kennedy center is closed even to bike and foottraffic this weekend. crews are installing a pedestrian bridge connecting the kennedy center to the waterfront. it's part of a multimillion dollars improvement project that started last summer. news4's justin finch is on the parkway now and will have more on the closure coming up in just a few minutes. this morning, wee ge two perspectives of one incident. cell phone video showing a montgomery county police officer using a racial slur toward a
6:33 am
group. black men. montgomery county also released the officer's body camera footage. megan mcgrath joins us live from police headquarters in gaithersburg now with more on this situation. megan? >> reporter: when officers arrived at that mcdonald's in white oak, they began to question four african-american men about a trespassing complaint. there's cell phone and police body cam video of the lengthy exchange that took place. in it, a white female officer can be heard ing the "n" word. we have bleeped it out for broadcast. >> you'll [ bleep ] -- >> reporter: in the bo camera video released by police, o onef the men being detained can be heard using the racial slur. ese female officer ushe same word. the man then uses a derogatoryt rm toward the officer and says she is ratist. the officer said she -- racist. er says she was using
6:34 am
his words. barry tucker is the man who took the cell phone video. >> i couldn't believe it. c otldui el bthat she made. she thought it was actually a cool thing to say. and it's not. she even said it was appropriate. >> reporter: now montgomery county police released a statement saying in part, "we retuet the dising nature of this video. we understand the pain such languaus ca the entire community." meanwhile, barry tucker says he and his friends should never have been detained in the first place. r a were simply waiting right to work. back to n u. >> megamcgrath live for us this morning. thanks. we have breakinignews r now. we have an update on an invesgation we've been following. cory smith is at the live desk. what's going on? >> we spoke with d.c. police not too long ago. they foundthe car they'vebeen searching for in connection to a homicide. no arrests have been made yet. here's a picture of the car police were looking for. a green four-door gm sedan. f it wasnd in the 3300 block
6:35 am
of 10th place southeast about a mile from where a man was shot and killed yesterday afternoon on xenia street southeast. his name so far has not been released. police have found the vehicle but flow a suspeof yet -- but no suspect as of yet. a well-known children's netter in northern virginia has -- children's entertainer in northern virginia has been charged with child pornography. for more than a decade, he's beenegularly performing at children's birthday parties and malls. he is the now accused of looking at child pornography. a tip fromse an internetice sparked the investigation. police say there is no ndication that rossi had contact with any of the children in the images. a loudoun county teacher has been arrested for ohio issing up to school drunk. gary goodwin was arrested yesterday for coming to school intoxicated and having bottles of alcohol in his car. goodwin teaches gym at horizon elementary school in sterling. heels also the boys varsity
6:36 am
soccer coach at loudoun county high school. taking a look at our other stop stories at 6:35, a man wanted in a double murder in fairfax county will be back in court. hfairfax county police s gunned down two sprgfield residents in december, 2016. he was captured in ethiopia and brought back to the u.s. earlier this week. he left the country before being arrested. students in highlands ranch, colorado, are describing 18-year-old devin erickson who you see here as a bully. they say he would try to scare students. erickson and the other suspect, 16-year-old maya mckinney, will be back in urt. the pair is accused of killing one student and injuring eightr othe on tuesday. nbc will have more on this coming up on the "today" show. president trump saysis ministration is working with congress to reduce the sticker shock that can send some hospital patients deep into debt. the president wants to limit
6:37 am
out-of-network emergency costs to what patnt pay in network. he also wants those receiving nonemergency care to receive up-front estimates. a heads-up for driver in maryland. some of you could have your license taken away the next time you're pulled over. >> more than 66000 maryland drivers have a valid license, but never verified their identity in a w that satisfies the federally mandated real i.d. process. starting in june when a driver in that situation is pulled over, the officer will take the lr ense. so faivers who need to verify their i.d. received several letters from the state. those affected need to go to the mva and show your birth certificate or passport, your social security card, and two documen proving your maryland address. . now 6:37. coming up, anbr historic liry transformed by te nology. we'll get anique peek indiana apple's flagship store on the opening weekend. hello, and good friday morning. >> today at 4:00, barbara harrison has a heartwarming
6:38 am
story about a former d.dnesday's ch >> juran was just 3 when we had met him. a foster child since birth diagnosedth shaken baby syndrome. >> one family saw something special in uron. >> i said if i can't have that one, i don't want any. >> a (vo)t pro plan, we believe nutrition is full of possibilities to improve your pet's life. we're redefiniwhat nutriti. because the possibility of a longer life and a healthy life is the greatest possibility of all. purina pro plan. nutrition that performs.
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hello there, i'm leon harris. our" harriharris' hero" the int a man who doesn't have a big organization behinds him. he simply saw a need in his community and decided to do something about filling it. oftentimes a lot of the news that we hear out of southeast d.c. isn't very uplifting. but cousin wne, as he's known in the streets, is determined to change that by mentori, ounseling, even feeding young men.
6:41 am
that's why he is this week's barris' hero." >> how to giveck in your community. this is how we learn how to teach others. en they see me dothis, when i get old, somebody's going to step up and dohe same thing. >> you think so? >> i hope so. >> you won't want to miss it tonight on news4 at 5:00 p.m. pae most valuable com in the world is set to open a new flagship store right in d.c. thisweekend. >> and they'll be working in a servery old historical building. a new apple store is set to taupe carnegie library in mt. vernon square tomorrow. the store will open with the new d.c. history center from the historical seat of defe.c. there will be workshops and event space. the store will start a six-week storymaker festival next weekend. here's your cnbc business report. ng>> reporter: good mornidelta will test free wi-fi in more than 50 domestic flights this month. those tests will run for two weeks starting on monday and
6:42 am
will let passengersdo just about everything except stream video for free. customers who have tickets on the test flights will be notified by earmark the delta minneapolis. correctly jetbeue is th only u.s. airline with free wi-fi. with your business report, i'm frank holland. and good morning. if you're thinking about getting the car washed, get it all sudsy. rainhances are high, and mother nature will be providing the rinse. not just high rain chances today brm trrm, saturday, sunday, into the early parts of next week. ng while shoppit sears,
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you need to place yourself in the moment.
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you need confidence in the appliances you select to build the home and life you love. shop top-brand appliances at sears, including kenmore. sears, making moments matter.
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there is what drivers are finding on rock creek parkway this morning. road closed signs. the busy road will stay shut down through the weekend. that means drivers should stay away from the kennedy center. justin finch has been tracking the closure. he's by the roosevelt bridge with more on the work happening now. justin, good morning. >> reporter: hey. that's right. happening now and throhout the weekend, as well, the work here enter a new phase as crews prepare to install a pedestrian bridge that will givevisitors access to the water. if you take a look, you see the police aree here on sc keeping watch. the cones are up. the crews at work, and way back in the back you do have that crane. so with the big machine on the scene, that means that traffic has to go elsewhere.u if yo travel through there
6:46 am
area, come take a look at your screen. the rock creek potomarkway stretch by the kennedy center, it will be there way until early tuesday morning. that means no vehicles, no bicyclists or pedestrians allowed in this area. traffic for all will instead be diverted to virginia avenue nearby, awell as 23 street and other roads nearby the area, too. that is going to mean backups fromhis area throughout the weekend and into early next week, until tuesday morning. also especially the foggy bottom area. now here's what the work is doing here. again, crews installing a pedestrian bridge tmeat will co from the kennedy center and go over toward the water here. it is part of a multimilliol dol project here to bring enhancements to the kennedy center. that bridge as we come out oiv, wiln sometime this summer. hopefully by early september. as you look out here live, this is why youcaot travel down here by bike, by foot, or by until tuesday morning. some major construction
6:47 am
happening right now here at again, should reopen, close to normal by 5:00 a.m. on tuesday. back to you. he driving through there is already a dache. going to be a migraine now. our team coverage is going to continue in first 4 traffic when we check in with lissa mollet for a look at the impact on traffic there. thanks. and new delopments in the chelsea manning situation. she is no longer in federal custody, but that may be short-lived. manning was in the alexandria tention center for refusing to testify before a virginia federal grand jury about the release of wikileaks documents.e her fredom may not last long because federal prosecutors have asked manning topp ar before another grand jury for the same questions as soon as next week. manning's lawyers say she will refuse again to provide any answers and figure t could land her back in jail. manning served secretary of years in a -- seven years in a leaking prison for documents to wikileaks. her 35-year sentence was commuted by then-president barack obama. president trump is rushing
6:48 am
to his son's defense after donald trump jr. wased subpoena to answer more questions related to russia. the republican-led senate intelligence committ wants to knowmp if donald t jr. was forthcoming when he testified about the trump tower meeting and project. he said h was only vaguely aware of the project. the president's former fixer and attorney michael cohen testified that he briefed him about ten times. the president argues congressional investigators are trying to reopen the mueller investigation. with the escalating battles between the white house and house democrats, house speaker nancy pelosi isn't resuming out impeachment. now to a news4 i-team investigation. this morning a patient who escaped alocked psychiatric unit at the veterans affairs medical center in the district is back in custody and facing several charges. this is a story you saw first on 4. according to police and v.a. records obtained by the i-team, the patient removed the ceiling tiles from above a bathroom
6:49 am
shower in the psychiatric unit sunday night. the 29-year-old mansas man crawled to a neighboring office outside the locked the s relative who didn't want us to identify him said he was able to catch a cab to virginia. >> he went through the emergency room and asked someone in the emergency room, the staff at the hospital, to call a taxicab. they called him a cab. >>eporter: he was wearing his hospital clothes? we> he was ing his scrub bottoms and a tank top. >> the man took the cab to manassas where he held a woman against her will and assaulted her. a woman he knew. police arrested him. he's being held at a haven't. the v.a. -- at a hospital. its .a. is reviewing policies and procedures. time to check our forecasta friday. meteorologist chuck bell has more on what we can expect. pretty warm now. >> very teasant start to day. not a lot of rain yet. there are plenty of clouds.
6:50 am
we have seen sprinkles of rain ready, and there are more chances for rain coming up in waves later on in the day today. so far the month of may has beem nd wet. we're about 6.5 degrees warmer than average for the month. and we're in plus territory for rainfall sim hear toast year. the -- similar to last year. that will get a boost over the weekend. a lot of folks coming down the river into national airport this morning. w 68 currentlyh a south wind at 12 miles per hour. he's in the upper 60s to near 70 already across tregion. a little cooler, mid 60s in the shenandoah valley. it will be a plenty warm day temperatures m0s by noon. near 80s for highs today. increasing chances for rain later on into the afternoon and high chances for rain laterr and 100% just about chance of rain on your sunday. this cold front will bring us that chance for thundstorms today. ahead of it we'll be nice and warm, near 80.nd the rouof thunderstorms with want front, and the cold front will be settling to the south over the weekend.
6:51 am
as a result, we'll be on theil cher side of things. future weather, by noon, showers and thunderstorms in the shenandoah valley. 4:00, the western and northern suburbs likely to have their round of thunderstorms. coming through the d.c. metro area between 5:00 and 8:00 this evening been tapering -- evening before tapering off. yomorrow, starting dry, rain likely probably bo later than 3:00, 4:00 saturday afternoon. rain starts to finish on mother's day. monday's rain a chancesso increased dramatically. and after today, we may not be near 80 again foree another w >> that's too bad. chuck, thank you. >> it is toobad. all right. taking a look at your first four traffic, chopper 4 over white's ferry showing that we are back in business. wipe had flooding earlier this week. everything is looking good there on white's ferry here at this point this morning. elsewhere, we don't have any major problems, but remember this closure in northwest. rock creek parkway shut down between virginia avenue and 66 mp. because the pedestrian bridge, we've beenye saying it terday, earlier in the week, we'll be
6:52 am
saying it next week, as well.v we haan issue there until next tuesday. traffic diverted t virginia avenue through tuesday there at 5:30. inner loop and outer loop of the beltway, don't have any major problems. travel times looking pretty good. top of the beltway has the normal slowdown. andnd 66 a5 rolling along nicely. >> thank you. if you haven't made your plans for mother's day, time is running out. if you can't decide between flowers, jewelry, or dinner out, why not try something old-fashioned. we found some kids who deded to write their moms a letter. >> mom, you wake up at 2:30 a.m. every day so that you can get to work. we don't know how you do it. >> after too many long hours at work, you drive us to where we need be. >> and every day you remind us of how much you love us. >> we already know because your
6:53 am
words.s speak louder than >> are you always showing your love for us through every breath, step, and action you take. >> mom, we love you. happy mother's day. >> you do a lot for our family. you try to be there for everyone. we thank you, mommy, forer evhing that you have done for us. and we love and appreciate and are very grateful for all the things you do. love rickey, riley, and daddy. >> my mos melmollet, as incredible as it may be, she's far nicer in person than she is. on tv >> true. >> she's a role model, a woman adore.ire and to me she's a friend and so much more. she's smart, pretty, and stylish. even though she went to james madison, she still yells, "go, irish!" what would we do without you, i can't say say so happy mother's day. >> oh, my gosh.
6:54 am
>> ow. did you see that? >> you guys, those are theb t. thank you so much. >> i want to watch that ten more times. >> i want to her everything -- >> my gosh. >> i feel like i otn the lry when it comes my kids. than they're perfect all the time. you know. >> they've had their moments. . >> very, very grateful. >> thank you. happy mother to all of the wonderful mothers. >> and your adorable daughters, molette. >> reporter: i'm sweating. like oh, my goodness, what does their hair look like. because thigh -- >> they love you. >> reporter: this is a total surprise. that was beautiful. yeah. beautiful. >> so molette, tell us why you're at the elementary school in southeast d.c. >> reporter: i know, i got to get back to work. we are delighted to show you project hope. this one great example of th bridging gap, bringing the
6:55 am
community together. i love these signs that read"p roject hope is bridging ps," right back there. my goodness. several outreach groups, community groups with the community and, of course, law enforcement, retired and active. can i give a shout out? the artist who did thegirls bathroom. and emmanuel's in the back, he did the boys bathroom, okay. code three -- that's who brought this together and paid for all of this. and dale sutherland who doesn't want to be on camera, doesn't it look beautiful, though? >> yeah. they did a fantastic job. it's really, really good. >> reporter: we can show you inside. we'll pan inside to show more. let's move out of the way because the bathroom is beautiful. project hope, are you awesome. we'll make sure we continue to work with the community, bridging that gap between law enforcement and the community. and these kids make the difference. [ cheers ]
6:56 am
woohoo. wonderful. >> thank you. >> reporter: back to you. >> absolutely wonderful. >> all right. 6:56. here are four things to be -- ng uber's goi public. starting today you can buy stock in the ride-share company. the initial public offering is about $45 a shar the move comes as the company faces demand from its drivers for increased pay, better benefits, and impriped tng systems. today you can stay with the nbc washington app for updates. cell phone show has surfaced showing a montgomery county police officer using a racial a slur toward group of black men. this happened yesterday at a mcdonald's inhe t white oak area. police say the men were trespassing. they say they were waiting for on ride to work. more what led to the word being used and the department's response in our nbc washington app. overnight, north korean state tv released photos showing a missile launch. three have been fired in north korea this week. military experts tell the a.p.h thbe russian-designed missiles. look for the latest on "today." vintage airplanes from world war ii will fill the skies over
6:57 am
the pentagon and arlington national cemetery. all part oa commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the d-day invasion. the planes will be in the arlington area at about 11:30. tay with us on air and in the nbc washington app for updates. that is the ne for today. we appreciate you waking up with us. >> the "today" show is next. have a wonderful mother's day. thank you, everyone. >> you guys are tricky. >> i was surprised. >> happmother's day. ♪ here i go again on my own ♪ goin' down the only road i've ever known ♪ ♪ like a drifter i was-- ♪ born to walk alone! keep goin' man! you got it! if you ride,ou get it. ♪ here i go again
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there is no betterime. da to be devoted. jared. good morning. breaking news. going big. president trumpak on china unleashing a massive hike in tariffs t.overnigh $200 billion worth of chinese products now hit with a 25% new charge. china vowing retaliation quickly. the goods from soap to sneakers rtto smaphones that are about to get a lot more expensive. hot spots. this morning, americ b-52 bombers arrive in the middle east as tensions risen iran. and inorth korea, images of kim jong-un overseeing missile


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