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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  May 10, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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that parking lot and it seems like they're paying extra attention, real focus on a black car that's there on location. maybe picking up some evidence there as well. but the circumstances surrounding this, how the woman as shot, we know that this happened maybe around 5:00 this evening, so about an hour ago. there you're starting to see closer images of tt vehicle and what may have been a bullet or bullets going through the driver's side window. so we're waiting to hear more from green belt city police. we have a crew headed in that direction. wel update you as soon as we learn more. >> all right. erika gonzalez, thank you. let's turn to the weather and the storms moving out at this hour, but we're not done with the rain for this weekend, are we?> >no, not at all. really not even done tonight. i think we're going to see a couple more showers, maybe a thundersrm or two. right now the heaviest rain is out of here. we saw it come through the metro
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area. really coming down in spots. half inch to an inch fell in a quick amount of time. take a look wher is. you can see down to the south and east of washington, down in portions of calvert county, southern maryland. look at this storm. this is in towards culpeper county. some shower activity along the eastern shore or moving towards the eastern shore. look right here. this is right over downtown culpeper making its way to the south towards fredericksburg. there has been thunder and lightning. a strong storm but not severe. tracking more rain back to the west. that's going to knock temperatures do by 15 to 20 by tomorrow and into the day on sunday. we're looking at a rather nasty weekend for mother's day. it.l talk about we'll break it out for you. i'll take it hour by hour. >> doug, thank you. as elected leaders and the police department condemn the use of a racial slur by montgomery county police officer, the police union is now coming to thatof cer's defense. >> cell phone and body cam video recorded as the officer who was wii used the "n" word during
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an interaction th a group of black >> this evenie're learning more about what led up to the men being stopped by police in the first place. let's get the latest from news 4 darcy spencer. she's in white oak more on the story. darcy. >> doreen, this whole incident happened right here at this mcdonald's here in montgomery county. what we learned today is that there was no 911 call. there was no complaint about these men. police are saying that they've had some trouble with illegal activity right here inhis area and that it was an officer who initiated the top. the police union coming to the defense of a montgomery county officer who was captured on video using the "n" word. the union says in the statement a officer was repeating comment made by one of the men who was detained. she had no intent to discriminate against those men.
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it's a lengthy body camera video capturing montgomery county police questioning and searching four young men who say they were waiting for a ride to work at a mcdonald's no white oak. several minutes in the female officer coulibe heard us the "n" word. it was captured on the body camera and cell phone video recorded by >> we have more people y'all [ bleep ] trying to something. >> one of the menng challeed her use of the word and she responded. >> nope. that's a quote. those were your words. >> one of the men could also be rd using the "n" word on the recording before the officer used it. police rey the will be a thorough review of the entire incident. >> we are friends. >> the officer's actions have drawn criticism from government leaders to private citizens. >> i was disgusted. that type of language has no
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place for any person who represents this government whose job is to c serve theizens and residents of the county. >> i was bothered because it's wrong. there's no justification for talking that way. people are trying to be professional and you have to maintain your professionalism at all times. >> reporter: we are told that this female officer has been on the force for more than ten years. we tried to find out what her status is right now but police are telling us that they can't comment because it's a personnel matter. back to you. darcy spencer reporting from white oak. thank you, darcy. reaction to a news 4 i-team report about an escaped psychiatric patient from a local veterans hospital. the ie-team has learned there will be a congressional hearing about that incident and problems inside the medical center. scott macfarlane has been
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investigating the medical facility for two years. scott joins us with the late zble. >> internal v.a. records we obtained say a 29-year-old man escaped a psychiatric ward at d.c. v.a. medicalenter after entering the shower late sunday night. after entering the shower,he removed the ceiling tiles and crawled to a neighboring office. a relative who asked not to be identified explained he was then able to get all the way from d.c. to manassas. >> he went through the emergency room and asked someone in the emergency room, the staff of the help to call him a b. >> he was wearing his hospital clothes? >> he was wearing his scrub ttoms and a tank top. pa >> that ent made his way to house in manassas where he used of holding a woman he knew
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against her will and assaulting her. congressman connolly saw the story and responde saying, quote, incidents like this are unconscionable. my committee will insist on ty and will proceed with the planned oversight hearing on the d.c. v.a. medical center next month. in a statement the medical center told the i-team they quickly identified the patient's location and quickly contacted virginia pice. the medical center center is currently reviewing the policy and its procedures. in the newsroom, i'm scott an macfarl back to you. from sneakers and smartphones to fruit and frozen sh. just about anything imported from china is about to cost you more. president trump just slapped a 25% tariff on a massive array of chinese products even as trade talks were under way. the talks ended today without a deal. now analysts are warning the trade wars can have global consequences. blayne alexander joins us now to explain. eporter: we saw the
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escalation in the trade war coming overnight. from both negotiators super powers have been here in the natiopi's catal this week deal.g to reach a today they walked away wiout one. trade talks between the u.s. and china finished for now but with no resolution. >> there were constructive discussions between both urties. >> reporter: the.s. escalating the trade war overnight sharply raising tariffs from10% to 25% on $200 billion of chinese goods. for president trump a bargaining >> i happen to think the tariffs for our country are very powerful. >> reporter: this morning in a flurry of tweets the president defending his strategy writing the talks were moving in a very congenial manner. there is absolutely n need to rush. adding tariffs will bring in fmo wealth to the u.s. >> despite what the president says, we know from history going back to the 1930s and other peris where you see a full
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scale trade war among countries around the world, it can cause a recession. it can cause the global eco tmy toip over. it's a dangerous game to play. >> reporter: so what can increase? higher prices on everything from cars and appliances to smartphones and shoes. fears china could further retaliate raising tariffs on american goods. . some farmers say bad news. >> it's being challenging beingt the poin man in this war considering we had the low prices and now the prices are even lower because of tariffs. >> reporter: the uncertainty enough to send stock markets falling this week. both sides say they will continue tas in the future. and today agriculture secretary said president trump asked him to come up wth a plan to help americanfarmers during this trade war. that's on top of last year's $12 billion plan. jim. this is a bitter sweet moment for us. it's the last time blayne will be talking back to us here at news 4, but not the last time in
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we'll be sher. blayne is leaving us to become a network correspondent at nbc news help congratulations, blayne. kell us about your new role. >> than you. i will still be around, just not in this current 6:00 p.m. forum. i will be all over news and i look forward to hopefully seeing you more. at 6:00, you wl always be in my heart at this exact time. don't worry. >> that's great to hear. we wish you the best. we look forward to watching all your great work on nbc. blayne, thanks so much. >> i have loved working with you guys. thanks so much. >> we will miss you, blayne. to now a report causing a lot of people to stop and take stock of just where we are right now onamerican politics. "the new york times" reports the trump campaign is soliciting the help of a foreign government for the 2020 election. the mueller report concluded that the trump campaign gladly accepterussia's help to defeat hillary clinton in 2016. even if the admissible evidence did not rise to thelevel of a criminal conspiracy.
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now "the new york times" is reporting that the president's personal lawyer rudy giuliani is headed to ukraine to solicit that kind ofelp. the times reports that giuliani will push the new president-elect to pursue anve inigation into the son of democratic front runner joe biden. he told the tses in hi words that information will be very, very helpful to my client and may turnout to be helpful to my government. he added there's nothing illegal about it. somebody could say it's improper. in fact, a lot ofeople are saying it's improper, including the democratic chairman of the house judiciary committee, jerry nadler. >> we've come to a very sorry state when it's considered okay for an american politician, never mind an attorney to the president, to go and seek foreign intervention in american politics. >> massachusetts senator elizabeth warren read from the mueller report on the senate floor this 's one of joe biden's many competitors in therace for the
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democraticon nomina and today he described rudygiuliani's plan as, quote, highly unethical and she said he should in her words back off. just out 24 hours ago nm gu jumped out of a bmw, and ached their targe opened fire. the man they shot later died at the hospital and now d.c. police are looking for those gunmen. this all happened on xenia street in southeast d.c. lastt nighand the district's 60th homicide of the year is leaving another family devastated. wark milline lived in the neighborhood wherup. it was the center of his life. he was close to his father who ares his named his dad told us today he can't believe the man he raised isone. >> i told him every day if you go out, be careful. things can happen. anythingcan happen. anything.
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just be careful. >> take a look at the suspect'se car h. police found the bmw but they're still trying to track down the shooters. new at 6, the teenager o accusedf shooting his girlfriend's parents to death in restond in 2017 will stanrial in their murders. police say he killed scott fricker and because they intervened in his relationship with their daughter. he also shot himself. the parents were concerned he was a nazi supporter. today a judge ruled he is competent to stand trial and turned down a defense request for another evaluation. coming up next on news 4 at 6:00, news 4 is trying to clear up some confusion about the new real i.d.rer's licenses we're all supposed to beg gett a big deadline is coming up in maryland. mark segraves will break down hat you need to know no matter where you live. plus we're a week out from the preakness stakes nd there
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are being oblems at pimlico racetrack. there are calls to move the race to laurel. a helium shortage leaving the chain party city to close dozens of stores. and i'm tracking more rain across our area. still some heavy showers into parts of our region and more developing right now. these are going to all make their way through our area. we've got a little bit of a break here in parts of the region. the rain is coming back is this our new car? it's a new buick envision. and i got it with wi-fi for all of your wi-fi stuff, wireless.harging for your phone cool! wait til you check out the back! that's a lot of groceries. look at my strong man! don't patronize ... the new buick envision is full of surprises.
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the jewel of the triple crown will be in our back yard. >> all eyes will be on the pimlico race course, but the future of racing at pimlico
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could be in trouble. >> much of the track needs to be rebuilt and that could cost millions. news 4 chris gordon reports frot baimore. >> reporter: the kentucky derby is still controversial. maximum security finishingir fst, then disqualified on a fault claim and country house named the winner. >> the rematchis n't coming. that's going to set upne for o of the best preaknesss of the long time. neither one of the horses are coming. emely disappointing. >> the owners of pimlico who also run royal park want to move the preakness there. we askedlong-time trainer mark reed for his opinion. an i've been coming here since 1969. d saw all preaknesses through here. i prefer here. i'm an old school guy. >> reporter: more than 6,600 seats in the grand stand have been closed to the public after anne engiing firm said they weren't safe. vincent gross of new jersey are
6:17 pm
traveling the country visiting tracks. this is their first time to p pimlico. >> we've been to laurel last year. >> our opini of this track is you know, if they don't put the money into it, we'd like to see it moved. >> reporter: this is the clubhouse where e theensive seats are above the restaurant. on this side on the grandstand. a report by thearyland stadium authority last year suggested that much of pimlico should be torn down and rebuiltat a cost of $424 million. >> i think that the preakness bshould stay inltimore and i'd like to see it stay at pimlico, but there doesn't seem to be a onsensus on how to make that happen. >> reporter: on any regular race dae you can't hlp but notice 's paded glory, but on preakness t day world will be watching to see running of the freakness heprean
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baltire. >> the president and first lady melania trump celebrated military moms at the white house today. the first lady thanked the women for their sacrifices and president trump wished them a happy mother' day saying he'd always support them. also thanked military spouses and recognized them for their unwavering devotion. well, we've got a busy weekend coming up. of course sunday is mother's day. there will be a lot going on in and all over washington. >> there sure will. here's a quick look at four things to know going into thise week the air show at joint base te andrews stard today. it continues tomorrow withfl hts and demonstrations by the air force thunderbirds and the navy blueel angs. if you're interested, park at fedex field and take a shuttle bus. the new carnegie library apple store openstomorrow at 10:00 a.m. after two years of construction and renovation inside. historic building. it's going to be spectacular. the opening coincides with the start of a six week long story
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maker festival that runs through june. d.c.'s annual funk parade and festival ism tomorrow fro treat. 7:00 on "u" the actual parade starts at 5:00 p.m. the music festival heads indoors aft 7:00 p.m. at more than 15 venues. sunday is the grand reopeningof the international spye musum. the new museum ens at 10:00 a.m. and since it will be mother's day, moms can call in advance for a free ticket. something to do. we've got links and moreor infmation about these events and more right now in n our washington app. all you have to do is search your weekend. >> good thing some of those things are happening indoors, doug. there is a lot going on this weekend and we really need some nice weather. >> that's what we're saying. >> then you talk to me and i say no. >> take it away. >> that's the thing. unfortunately that's not going to be the case. speaking of the air show, i don' think they'll be flying sunday.all on
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tomorrow definitely the better day to go. if you wereor thinking saturday sunday, i think tomorrow is the better way to go. yes, we'll have cloud cover, but we're not going to see thera . i am worry the clouds will be too low for them to do their maneuvers. we've got rain and thunderorms out there and more started developing over the last hour or so. you see what's happening in our aouthern zone. this was the r that came through early are. right now going through the eastern shore. wawn towards the culpeper county area in tos fredericksburg. this was coming towards fredericksburg. more forming in through fairfax cokty. more bacto the north and west back to the panhandle of west hivirginia. tis right around charles town just to the north there. we are looking at a pretty good shower. this is going to move right over harpe harpers ferry. this one has been a very heavy shower, moving slowly through k culpter county. t is going to move slowly
6:21 pm
right on down towards fredericksburwi now, the der picture showing the first round of rain that came through. now a second t round anden maybe a third round with the actual front as it moves through later tonight. if you're going out toght, od idea to take the umbrella or at least if you see the rain coming, make sure you stay ldoors until it's done. it's not going tt all that long. this rain here will last long. we're got one storm near little rock. we've got one storm back here in north texas. those are going to actually comm together trrow and into the day on sunday and give us some wet weather. tomorrow here is the most important part. dry early. i think it's dry through most of the early afternoon 66 degrees. rain moving in. heaviest rain will be tomorrow night and into the overnight hours. let's time it out for you. 9:00 you can see some shower activity around our area. heavier showers around 11:00 or 12:00 as that front moves through. that will set the stage for cooler weather. you can see the clouds all day. but we're dry.
6:22 pm
notice by around 1:00, still dry inost of the area. starting to see the rain move in from the south. not a lot going on een around 3:00 or 4:00. we have rain and shower activity. it really ces in tomorrow night. here's mother's day. turn off the alarms for your mom and let her sleep in because t it's going be a great time to sleep in. nothing better than rain and letting everybody sleep. it's going to be a nice one. then look what happens around the time you're going to brunch. here's another tip, fellows. pick up your wife at the front door. drop her off at the front doer. >> anoth good tip. >> go park somewhere else. >> another good tip, doug. you're full of them tonight. >> chifal re is not dead, especially on mother's day. you'll need the jackets a umbrellas as we stay cool. the rest of the 10-day forecast coming up and more tips on how to -- fr mother's day. >> tell them how it's done.
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>> it's never worked for me. >> thanks, doug. safe track backto good. summer shutdowns andho srter hours. metro has been working hard to get the rail system back where it needs to be. tonight new evidence that riders are starting to notice. plus a series of recalls of important blood pressure medicines. one fmer fda inspector says he was sounding the alarm long was sounding the alarm long the big carriers are talki5g about their current oll outs, but their efforts are limited to a few pockets in select cities
6:24 pm
or trying to convince consumers that 4g is actually 5g. they're neglecting small towns and rural communities, leaving them on the wrong side of the digital divide. if approved, only the combined availableresources of t-mobile and sprint can deliver on al the spectrum bands needed to quickly bring unprecedented 5g connectivity across the nation.
6:25 pm
working for your health a involvingn investigation of the common safety of drugs coming into the united states. >> millions of americans rely on blood pressure medication, but the food and drug administration has issued 4ss recalls in le
6:26 pm
than a year for some of the most popular generic blood pressure meds in the country. the reason, therugs have been contaminated with a chemical linked to cancer. >> tonight a former fda inspector is talking about what he saw in the overseasto fac that make this vital medication. >> as we continue to push the price down, companies a forced to find creative ways to make money. >> which means what? >> not adhering to our laws and regulations. >> the former inspector says ea public hh is on the line. exactly what he saw in those factories coming up on nbc nightly news with lester holt right after this news cast. coming up at0, 6:3 national requirement for new more secure driver's licenses. it's the reason for some longer license at the dmv and in maryland an important deadline could cost you your license if you don't meet it. mark segraves up xt with wh you need to know about real i.d.
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it's everything a small business owner needs. comcast business. beyond fast.
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more now about that breaking tonight.e covering a woman has been shot and killed in an office park in green belt. >> that's right. chinper 4 here fl live over the scene. this is ivy lane. police tell us gunman opened fire on a woman in this parking lot. she was pronounced dead. we are still working t lrn the circumstances here and we're gathering details on the hunt for the killer. look for live coverage tonight on news 4 at o 1:00.
6:30 pm
an important warning. if you have a maryland driver's license, about a million drivers till need to updateeir information with the mva as part of a federal real i.d. program. >> a critical deadline is coming in just a few weeks for thousands of those drivers. mark segraveseports not complying could get your lense revoked. >> reporter: the lines have beeg gettin longer at the maryland motor vehicle administration si location nce the agency ramped up announcents that tens of thousands of i drivers are danger of having their licens recalled on june 1st. >> a little anxious because knowing i'm off on a friday i had had to do today and put everything off. i don't know how long these > ines are. > know the confusion. >> while the real i.d. requirement to get through tsa don't go into effect until nextd year, marylais phasing in the process for drivers to bring their documentationn person to be compliant with the federal requirement.
6:31 pm
for 66,000 drivers that deadline is june 1st. each month until moktincome mon th will notify another group of drivers. if they don't get in wth the document, their driver's license will be recalled whh means you can't use them to get airport security. >>ic a physical lense will no longer be valid, so if you happen to get pulled over by law enforcement, they would take that license from you. >> while june is the deadline for 66,000 drivers, the number of drivers in maryland o will need to go to the mva overhe larger. is much >> there will be more people so the is a totalf a million customers who are in this situation. >>earing almost a million people are getting these le ers. it's going to be ridiculous. >> you can avoid the lines by making an appointment. they guarantee to see you within 15 minutes. maryland mva will be sending out notices in the mail each month. if you get one, you have six months to comply. if you want to check toee if
6:32 pm
you're one of the million driver, go to the mva website and enter your driver's licenseb . in maryland, mark segraves, news 4. each date is handling real i.d. driver's license differently. in virginia you have the option to ma l yourense real i.d. compliant when you renew. in d.c. you mustbt on a real i.d. license. if your current license expires after october of 2020, you need to go to thedmv before then to renew. the dritistrict will star sendi out notifications to all those affected early next year. w at 6:00, a mom accused of shooting and killing her daughters is preparing for trial now. late today a fairfax county judge ruled there's enough evidence against veronica youngblood that the murder case against her should go forward. northern virginia reporter david culver was in court today as detectives revealed new disturbing details.rt >> repo: after refusing to
6:33 pm
show up to past hearings today veronica youngblood finally left the jail and headed into the courtroom. it's there fairfax county police detectives testified. o t of themlling the judge that youngblood admitted to him that she killed her two daughters last august.he tnvestigator telling the court that youngblood told him she'd been planning to kill kr herself and herds for a while. she admitted to giving her 15 and 5-year-old daught sleepi pills. she th shot andilled both kids. the killings happened inside the family's mcclain apartment following years ofou contenti custody battle between youngblood and her ex-husband. her defense attorneys have argued in the past the mother is mentally ill and she has attempted suicide. the judge ruling the case can idve forward. there's enough evence to gotr to l. reporting in fairfax, david culver, news 4. tonight arlington county police are looking for more possible victims of a man accused of sexually assaulting a
6:34 pm
woman inside a restaurant freezer. the suspect is 25-year-old douglas he's jail tonight facing several charges related to an incident with a woman in a walk-inr freeze a restaurant last saturday night. police arrested him when he came back to the restaurant the next d. they sayantos has worked at several restaurants in the county and they want to know if something like this has happened in the past. years of improvements and the focus on main nance mtenanc paying off for metro. the transit areas rep take is recovering but not fast enough to offset declining ridership. in a recent "washington post" 68% of washington area residents tave mro a good or excellent rating. that's up dramatically from a low of 42% just two years ago. but the shorter hours and shutdowns needed to make repairs may be taking a toll too.
6:35 pm
40% of those surveyed said that they use metro less now than they did five years ago in the second half ofast year. metro ridership declined to its lowest point in decades. the sound of that bell, uber hasutone public, the ride share company had a rough first day. uber clod almost 7% down from its initial offering of $45 a share. uber's chief financial o icer says today was tough, but the comokny is g forward to how the stock will time saying its investors are in it for the long ride. uber is the second ride share company to go public. lyft had its ipo in march and its stock price also tumble d bout 7% today hitting the all-time low. still ahead, it's nogh lauing matter. the helium shortage is deflatinr paty city business. and our vorite story of the day, a lesson in lo on
6:36 pm
this mother's day weekend. our barbara harrison has a story forou that will give you all the great feelings. wait until youth seebefore and 20 years later. >> it's one of the best from barbara harrison. thistory is amazing. tune in for that. for us we've got rain across the area. more storms and new showers developing. i'll show you what that means, and i'm slletting over my cold. i'm really choked up because it's going to be a rainy
6:37 pm
♪ 1,2,3,4 this spring, it's out with the old and in with the awesome. as in, in with theastest, most reliable internet from xfinity xfi. so you can be in with brilliantly connected devices in every room.
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6:39 pm
on my god. >> this is in los angeles. this has been a draum scematic we have been watching play out for aboutst the la half an hour or so on a freeway. this all began with a murder suspect, possible murder suspect fleeing from police in this prius going at high rates of speed on the freeway.he t passenger going outside the window shooting not only back at police but also at the nearby vehicles. this comes to ama dc halt when police stop taking any chances and begin to fire at this vehicle, boom, boom, baoom and you see the front windshield and ba windshield shatter and moments later the car com to a halt and you see a female driver bloodied begin to backwards walk towards police with her hands above her head, fntic, hysterical. meanwhile, police are trying to determine whether or not the passenger who is still armed was deceased or no they have a number of law
6:40 pm
enforcement agencies still there on the scene trying to determine if they cance ac that vehicle safely, but a wile seen for sure downey g in the area of in los angeles. back over to you. >> quite an event out there. you may haverd a ha time finding balloons for your next summer party. it all has a do global helium shortage. the party is so bad retailer party city says it has to close 45 stores across the country to profits.e the world's helium only comes from three places. qatar, wyoming, and texas. and the national helium reserve in texas is running low. the shortage could also affect the medical profession. helium is used for mried o.ocures and some medical devices to up next,'s wed child revisited. barbara harrison with a story you won't want to miss heading into mother's day. >> do you know who i am? >> do you know who i am? >>
6:41 pm
6:42 pm
the big carriers are talking about their current 5g rthl outs, bur efforts are limited to a few pockets in select cities or trying to convince consumers that 4g is actually 5g. they're neglecting small towns and rural communities, leaving them on the wrong side of the digital divide. if approved, onlethe combined availablresourcesof t-mobile needed to quickly bringon all unprecedented 5g connectivity across the nation.
6:43 pm
for more than three decades we've been watching barbara harrison introduce children in the foster care system all around the region. >> this will give you all the feel. little lonones, teenages, all i eetween. all of them in nd of a home and a family to grow up with. >> we've been catching up with some of them. >>
6:44 pm
he was just 3 years old when we first met jaron, a foster child since birth diagnosed with shaken baby syndrome. faany perspective adopted ly would be told he could have developmental delays but one family watching wednesday's child that day saw something special in jaron. >> the day i saw him was on television on your show and for some reason it was like a magnwe that want that child. >> earl taylor and his wife sarah both active in the air force had been thinking about opting before being transferred here from colorado. > we had just started the process when we got an assignment here to the washington, d.c. ar >> they had found a home bu timing was wrong. they needed to get settled, but sarah called to ask about jaron anyway. >> we knew that that was the one that we wanted to try to adopt.v >> if i can't that one, then i don't want anyone. >> the call led to several visits with jaron. earl says from the very first he knew there was no turning back. >> in the first day that i saw him, he came up to me and asked ou my daddy, and i said yes, i am. >> sarah was convinced on jaron's first overnight visit. >> that one evening we were in ion edroom watching telev
6:45 pm
and he looked up at me and he says, you know, i love you. that just, you know, i just didn't know wtht to do after t. >> although social workers had warned about the effects of jaron's mistreatment as an infant, the taylors decided to use their own brand of healing for their new son. >> the ladies were advocating h that needed to have ritalin and he was adhd andn hold them all he needs is love and attention and direction. >> tisy brought him home to th house and more than 20 years seemed to just fly by. jaron still comes home regularly when he gets off work. >> jaron. >> hello. >> do you know who i am? >> yes, ma'am. >> it's so crazy to see you agn. he's now a police officer in anne arundel county, maryland and he still remembers things about coming here the first time at 3 years old. >> it would probably be in the
6:46 pm
driveway asking my dad are youd my >> do you remember asking him that? >> uh-huh. >> what did he say? >> he said yes, i am. >> were they tough parents? >> tough but not pushy. they got the job done. here am now. >> his parents are very proud of him. >> he was the victim of shaken . baby syndrom so a lot of things they told us that he couldn't do or he wouldn't be able tohe's done. he'll never be able to run. he'll never be able to ride a bike. well, when you're a police officer, you have to run. >> we watched together and we s rememberedry that began nearly a quarter century ago. a story of love at first sight. jaron's mom might call it a match ma in heaven. it was so wonderful beng with them. tron spends a lo of his spare time, he's a police officer.
6:47 pm
he mo he ntors kids. he andom his m both teach martial arts. i i askedf they agree on mostt hings. he said just about everything except she likes the cowboys and he's a redskins fan anyway, they are a fbulous family. > he was raised on a lot of love. . >> absolutely i hope we find more of those b kiause we want to see them how they're doing. >> we love seeing how they turned out years later. really wonderful stuff. thank you, barbara. >> i hope to bring more. well, we hope so too. >> happy mother's day, doreen. >> well, thank you. >> to you as well, barbara. >> thank you. doug was promising more tips about the appropriate ways tole ceate mother's day. >> you folks with young kids, make sure that you, sir, get up with the kidsn iead of the
6:48 pm
wife. let her sleep in. you get breakfast all set. cereal, let me tell you where it is. your wife gets something better. your kids get cereal. >> waffles. >> have you read b myok? come on, man. >> didn't you say none of these things ever work for you? >> they don't.en wheople write books, nothing ever really works for them. there is a guy who lost weight 100 diffent ways. come on. out there right now what i'm talking about now, if i had a book to write, was be the incoming rain. how about the rain we already omd. that was cing in. i love this next one right here. this is the time lapse. the capitol looks great. wre did it go? right back again. another ot from the capitol from a difrent vanta point showing the heavy rain. some areas picked up half an nch to an inch of rain very quickly. moved on through fairly quickly. right now we're dealing with nice conditions. take a look what we've got out e there, t tower cam showing a
6:49 pm
mix of sun and clouds. there are some storms returning back in our western zone that will move through our region over the next couple hours. shower activity all around the area. we've got more storms that just developed. showers in through fairfax cnty right around mt. vernon. over towards national harbor, clinton, maryland do towards waldorf. follow this down to the south and west. come right towards fredericksburg. he s has been one of heaviest of the day. it's been a slow mover. we've had more behind it, but a lot of rain from this one. more rain back towards the luray area and up toward the north. look at all the showers that have developed over t last hour. i'm really watching this area right here, right along 340, north of loudoun county, jefferson county, in towards frederick county. expect more rain tonight.he if you're ing to dinner, have the umbrella handy. one storm here. e storm here. we're going to put those two together. they're both coming our way for
6:50 pm
the weekend. this one gets here first. it comes tomorr. afternoon most of your saturday is dry. then saturday afternoon and night we really get the rain in here and it lasts pretty much all day on sunday. i think we get a little bit of a break maybe around 2:00, 3:00, 4:00 on sunday before the next wave starts to come in. we're looking at fairly wet weather. how much rain to pect? most computer models agree that just about everybody gets over an inch of rain. some locations pick up close to 2 inches of rain 1.3 in d.c. we're talking a lot of rain through the d on sunday. a lot of games are canceled today. we've got games tomorrow games on sunday. best chance to get these in will be tomorrow if tonight's rain doesn't rain us out. 66 for agh tomorrow if we can get there. 61 on sunday. and a lot of the computer models keeping us only inthe 50s on sunday with that rain. once again, not nice at all. 64 degrees on monday.
6:51 pm
65 on tuesday. average high by the time we get there, 76 degrees. that's what we're expecting next week. by the way, next friday may actually be dry, everybody. i can't think of the word right now. i'm out of time. >> all right, doug. thank you. coming up, it's like the first day of school for redskins rookies today as they begin their life in the nfl. we're going to show you dwayne haskins and players as they report to mini camp today. h first here's lestelt with a look at what's ahead o nbc nightly news. doreen and jim, ahead for us, recalls of contaminated bloodressure medications raising serious questions about drug ingredients made overseas and who's watching over them. also some deflating news about balloons and the helium that fills them wh en
6:52 pm
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desk. >> kicking us off with redskins mini camp. >> i'm worried aboutng getti cereal now for mother's day. i've got to stock up on that. draftarty at gaithersburg bowling alley. that was cool. the photo shoot at jefferson memorial was monumental, but it's all real now for dwayne haskins. he's not just a redskins first round draft pick. he has a number and it is number 7. joe thigeismann's number. haskins has a number to deal with he with. his first mini camp. haskins in the number 7 jthsey everyone wants to see. 15th overall pi fresh off taking his cook r deal yesterday. haskins went through the normal team drills, but it wasn't just signal calling that was making his debut at redskins park. remember the team's secondick the first round? montez sweat not setned, but he was there also working out
6:56 pm
with the defenge. we're goi to hear from dwayne haskins coming up at 11:00 and of course full coverage throughout the weend here on nbc 4. from the south bay to the valley. from the west side to the east de. it's easy to get lost in los angeles. for the nationals, geography has not been a facto they seem lost everywhere. sweptthree games in milwaukee, saddled with a four game losing streak, they found their y in l.a. against the dodgers. the team with the most wins in bpaeball. rick korver drew the assignment of dealing with the dodgers. you know when he got support?re befoe even took the mound. kendrick got the storing start. first inning homer. his sixth of the year. and those runsould be plenty. as corbin, wow, he was just domina dominant against l.a. corbin won seven scoreless
6:57 pm
innings. a stellar career resonating. the bullpen hel strong for the final two innings. the nats come away with a 6-0 win in los angeles. >> it came out how we hit a big home run. we scored first. what a performance by patrick. it was good to see. but he's been pitching really well. he comes in the and gives us the outs and duke comes in and finishes, but the boys played ll. they really did. like i said, when you play clean baseball and limit the mistakes, we have a chance to do those things. starting the day 1-0 and come back tomorrownd do it again. >> simple. sounds like a plan. d.c. united failed to score in three straight home games but did last saturday in columbus. the 3-1 win elevating the spirits at practice. wayne mu-- head coach ben olson
6:58 pm
has a result to build on. >> lastme ga we played we had a little bit of that swagger i talked abo and guys looked pretty comfortable out there. put on a good performance. sent the fans home happ so we have to continue with that. we have a very, very tough two weeks. it's a good group. the menlity is good. i like that we are -- we understand right now when we're good and it's when everybo shows up. it's no different than allhe other teams, but i think that's onen reinforced enough. sunday.ll win they're serving fish and chips. true story.s national action later tonight. we'll have that and also dwayne haskins and so much more. >> we need more corbin. >> yes, patrick corbin. he keeps win. >> thank you, dave. >> that's going to do it for us. "nightly news" starts i60 seconds. >> we hope to see you for news 4 at 11:00. have a great evening.
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
bre breaking news tonight. the shocking discovery during a dramatic raid to free tourists held hostage. the team that was surprised to find an american woman among the captives. the mystery, who she is and what she was doing ther the trade war escalating. talks ending with no deal in sight after the u.s. hiked pena in chinese products. president ump doubling down on his tough talk. how it impacts the price you pay on everything from shampoo smart phones to your bed sheets. severe weather othe move tonight. >> whoa! [ bleep ] >> 21 million under flash flood watches, roads under water, drivers stranded, doze rescued. record-breaking storms in one of the nation's largest cities getting a month's worth of rain in a single night.


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