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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  May 10, 2019 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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listen to your mom, knuckleheads. hand em over. hand what over? video games, whatever you got. let's go. you can watch videos of people playing video games in the morning. is that everything? i can see who's online. i'm gonna sweep the sofa fort. well, look what i found. take control of your wifi with xfinity xfi. let's roll. now that's simple, easy, switch to xfinternet for $29.99 a month for 12 months and get the speed, coverage and control you need with xfinity xfi. click, call or visit a store today. a maryland woman leaving work is gunned down by a shooter outside her office. and the killer in o the loose tonight. > one person is dead after an explosion rocks a virginia gas
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station. several people are missing. and the family of a -year-old boy killed in an accident at school is speaking only to news 4. >> just send your kid off in the morning and they're supposed to come hom>> he hope this family is now finding after their tremendous loss. breaking right now the ground opens up on one of the busiest roadwaou in r region. it's just the latest problem on the gw parkway. >> a u.s. park police officer spotted a sinkhole this eveang nd it forced officers to close l northboundes of the parkway from chain bridge road all the way up to the beltway. you may remember another sinkhole back in the same area in march. >> this is big and growing. the park service has a plan to fix the parkway but doesn't have money. we are working to learn when crews expect to reopen the l northboundanes. tonight's pounding rain
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likely not helping the pothole situation. hopefully you weren't caught outside without an umbrella. we almo were. we are stuck in a stormy pattern right now. that is not what you want to hear as mother's day weekend arrives. let's get the word on the weather and the weekend from doug kammerer. >> most it has moved out and as the stormsame through lookat what happened outside the studios here in northwest d.c. the lightning was really kicking for a time. wind was moving and rain coming down picking up toabout 0.5 inch of rain. it was a lot of fun to sit and watch for a good 20, 30 minutes with that thunder and lightning. right now the same area of storms weakening just a bit to the south and east.
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thunder and lightning earlier. now down around waldorf south of annapolis making its way down toward fredericksburg with heavy rain there alo i-95 and 301. charles county, southern prince george's co ty, still seeing the heavy rain around la plata, in toward northern calvert county. that is moving down toth the s and east. that is really it on the map. that's the last line we have moving through here. we'll get a little bit of a break. the rain comes back tomorrow but not all day. i'll show you which part of the day you can actually get out and what it means for mother's day as well. >> thank you, doug. we're hoping you stay on top of any changes to' the mothday forecast. get hour by hour updates on our sbs washington app. storm team 4 i back on the air tomorrow morning m. 6:00 a on news 4 today.e btty jennifer is the victim, a terrifying situation. a woman shot to death after work. now her killer i running from
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police. >> they say he walked up to her with a gun pointed right at her as she was leaving her office on ivy lane in greenbelt. we had chopper 4 up over the scene this evening. now at 11:00 news 4's jackie benson has new details. >> it was 5:00, quitting time when the victim started walking out of this door into the parking lo people were all around. police say she was walking out of the office building at 6301 ivy lane in greenbelt when a man approached a pointed a gun at her. >> the victim began running. the suspect fired multiple shots toward the victim. >> reporter: rather than running a few feeback into the busy lobby or to her office just off the lobbyhere people were still working for help, the victim took off running toward her car. she ran nearly the length of the parking lot.fl bullets ying past her until one struck her. the injury was fatal.
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the gunman jumped in a car and drove away. police say they are working quickly to develop aetailed description of the shooter. >> this happened in front of multiple witnesses, soere are -- they are in the process of interviewing witnesses to get as much helpful information as possible. >> reporter: we are told the victim worked at a temporary employment business located on the first floor of the building. in greenbelt, news 4. new at 11:00 family and friends are mourning the death of a marine from d.c., fir lieutenant hugh mcdowell of washington was killed in a vehicle rollover at camp pendleton in california yesterday morning. the accident happened during regularly scheduled battalion training. officialare investigating the circumstances surrounding the accident. six other marines were treated for light the measles epidemic is getting worse in maryland and today w learned a virginia county is one of the most at risk in the entire country. maryland.rt in the maryland state health department confirmed another
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case this week. the state now has five. the individual lives in the pikesville area but there are no known public exposure locations. we also found out today loudoun county is one of the 25 ounties in the country at greatest risk of an outbreak. that's according to a computer model fromen ssts at john hopkins. the racial slur from a montgomery county police officer has lot of people talking. local officials say i there no, no justification for it.ey >> now th are putting together evidence to show this isn't an isolated incident. if yout haven't seen it, here i is. >> moreeople. y'all have been trying to -- >> this happened yesterday in white oak. white police were searching four black men who say they were waiting for a ride. wleon harris joins ush the latest. >> it appears the officer
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involved say the footage was hard to watch. now the department has opened an internal investigation into the incident. some peoplesan the commun they believe issues like this are systemic and they tell us that young black and latino men in that community have had very similar experiences with montgomery county police. >> there iep a percon here in montgomery county that we do not have a problem with policing the way we see happening across the nation. i am concerned because it's not an isolaed incident. >> it was disturbing and troubling. it also troubled me with the ease with which it was said. whii to me seems lke it's been b donefore. >> coming up at 6:30 on monday, the silver spring justice coalition plans to have those men come and talk about the issues in a public forum. the police union issued a statement sayifi the ofr was repeating a comment made by one of the men who was being detai sd. they say had no intent to decriminate against th men involved. those men told news 4 they were cited for trespassing. two of them for possessingri maana. but they say they felt like in
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this case they were being profiled. >> thank you. new information tonit on the alarming story about seven children abandoned in a hot car. not one of them older than 4 years shomare has an update on how the children are doing and what happened with the adult who left th in there. >> reporter: good evening. charles county sheriff's deputies say the kids were hot and sweaty inside the car. the temperatures were in the lower 80s today, much hotter inside a vehicle. deputies say a 37-year-old woman left the seven children ages 2 to 4 inside this black monte carlo parked at st. charles town center for around 20 minutes. s a mother of two of the kids and is baby-sitting the others. a child in the car called 911 saheing he and children were id ins it was hot. around 1:00 this afternoon. police found the car with the windows rolled up, the doors
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unlocked, and it was not running. the woman arrived ten minutes later. she is charged within confment of children inside a motor ve cle. >> itis deeply upsetting. for anybody listening to the story it'sg. upsettin but i'm just very glad the officers were able to locate the children as quickly as they did especially with the help of t 911 call taker. >> charles county sheriff's deputies say it is against the a law to lea child under the age of 8 in an unattended car unless there is a reliable person of at least 13 years old. in charles county, shomari stone, news 4. at least one person is dead after a gas station exploded in virginia tonight. reree to five people a still missing in rock bridge county, near the west virginia state line. you can see from this video tt there's left of the gas station. police are still searching for those people tonight. four adults have been hospitalized with injuries. meanwhile, police still don't know what caused this explosion
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but they do not think itis suspicious. president trump is planning to move the fourth of july sucelebration from its u spot on the national mall and possibly address the nation on the steps of the lincoln memorial according to "the washington post" today. the new event is be called "a salute to america." the fireworks launch will shift to west potomac park about a quarter mile southwest of its usual location near the washington monument. the fourth of july celebration has long been nonpartisan, but "the post" is reporting that it may potentially turn ito another version of a trump campaign rally. next at 11, storms tonight. rain for your weekend. doug is back to help you plan around the showers. only on news 4, a school accident took the life of their littoy. >> now for the first time the parents of the fairfax county third grader are sharing their anguish and their hopes for the
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now to a story you'll see only on news 4. we are hearing from his parents for the very first time. >> wesley lipicky was helping a teacher operate a motorid partition at fran cone aye elementary school last may when he got caught between it and the wall. changes are now being made in the county and across the state to protect other students. >> our consumer reporter has been following the story from the very beginning and sat down wleh we parents at their
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home earlier this week. >> reporter: our hearts could not go out more to this family.o noty will may 18th mark the one-year anniversary since they lost their only child, this will be aimee's first mother's day without her and next week the couple will stand behind the governor of virginia as he signs a bill named in honor of their son. >> he was always just happy, jovial, jiggly, moving around. >> reporter: it's what we all hope for as parents, for our children to be happy and, boy, was we. >> he was just happy. always smiling. jumping around. when i think of those things, that makeme really happy. >> reporter: he was always thinking of others. >> he was friends and nice to anybody. you can ask anybody. they'll say the same t>>ng. esley was a very kind boy. >> reporter: aimee says they did everything together as a family.
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>> it was the three of us all the time. and i miss that. and i'm going to miss the future him. er reporter: a year aft wesley's future was abruptly cut short, the pain is still setting in. the first year is numb. >> year numb. you're just numb. it's a blur and it's hard to explain. it's hard to understand. recently it's gotten harder. >> reporter: josh and amy stil lk to wesley every day here in his room. morning.s by every >> we talk whale we feed the fish. >> reporter: and amy every >> i give him a kiss and talk to him and then i turn off the light. >> reporter: friends and family have helped the couple through this first year. u may remember amy'som sally. her testimony helped convince virginia lawmakers to pass a bill designed to protect students. the wesley charles lipicky act
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prohibits anyone from o a motorizedartition when students are in the room unless it has a safety sensor istalled with it. and every ctar, school distris will now be required to train anyone who operates the walls. >> the bill is a good thing and it's okay to look at it that way. >myreporter: josh and a say the new law is a bit of light in this horrible tragedy. they think wesley would be proud. >> i know if he knows that it'll save live he's happy. >> reporter: for allhe pain and sadness that comes with losing a child, wesley's parents say the nine years of happinessh he brou to their lives will continue to live on in their hearts forever. >> heas just such an enormous part of our lives, for just the small time he was here. that something we have nobody can ever take awa so that part's really good, too. love you, babe.
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>> the ceremonial signing of the wesley charles lipicky act will take place next week by theway, fairfax county, they're starting the process of addirs those motion sen to partitions already installed in the schools and new ones will also have the added safety feature as well. back to you. >> susan hogan and her team have been covering this story since last may. as part of their investigation they compiled a map showing which schools in our area have the motorized walls. there is a link to that map in our nbc washington app. search partition map then zoom into your county and see if your child's school has a torized partition. it is a busy weekend ahead around our region. leon harris is back now working forloou with a q at some of the big things happening in and around washington. >> it's not just about the moms this weekend. there is a lot going on. the biggest hurdle for drivers all weekend will be theur cl of the rock creek and potomac parkway.
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the road and the pedestrian and bike routes are all going to be shut down around the kennedy center for construction there in that zone. tomorrow apple opens up its new store at the d library downtown. it's more than a story apple though. the space is also home to galleries run by the historical soty of washington in their new space there. the air show at joint base andrews continues tomorrow witha flights nd demonstrations by the air force thunder bds and the navy blue angels. the best way to get there is to park at fedex field and take a shuttle over there. and, of course, sunday is mothells day. sti time to get that card, the flowers, the wine, and maybe a rain coat would be most appropriate for mom this year.e, becausguys, where ufr weekend takes you, sounds like you'll be running into rain out there. >> i r notommending a rain coat or an umbrella as a gift for mom. >> not a winner, huh? >> no. >> really? >> really. >> what about new rain boots? so.o, i don't think >> take them back. >> don't get a vacuum cleaner
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either. >> i'm staipg oying out of this. take it from the expert. doreen knows what she's talking about. >> flowers are nice. okay. you better get busy, doug. nice weather would be nice. >> that ain't going to happen. >> that would bet the b mother's day gift. >> funny. my wife says i just want it to rain all wn'kend so we dot have to do anything. honey, look what i got you, baby. i got you plenty rain. here's the thing about tomorrow. i don't think we'll see rain all day tomorrow. i think it's starting during tho late afn maybe around 3:00 or 4:00 so if you're thinking of getting dow to the air show tomorrow is definitely thet bet day. i don't think we'll see much of it at all during the day on sunday. right now outside you can see what's going on. you can see the rain coming through the area. the thunderstorms, the line of thunderstorms comin through. they were pretty strong. a lot of very heavy rainfall. no real strong winds.
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we did seeh some wind wit it. that's about it. nothing severe but it was a pretty good line. really enjoyed just sitting outside for 15, 20 minutes watching this thing come through our area here. annapolis right on down through northern anne arundel county, rather northern calv ctunty down toward waldorf, quantico, around the fdericksburg area. one in toward parts of charles county, southern portions of prince george's county, eagle harbor, sunderlin. down to the south around fredericksburg ving into spotsylvania county. starting to see heavy rain there as well. now the whole thing moves on through and behind it not much. here's the last little area. we saw one area go throgh early. another one go through over the last few hours. now we're waitin s on thisrm right here. we have some time before it gets here and then the next storm onl sunday moving our way. if this was winter time i'd be really excited.
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we'd be talking about a reay nice storm. it's just dry early. that's the good news. rain moving in. heaviest overnight. let's talk about when the rain moves n. just clouds and maybe even somen sun i our northern zones. i'm not expecting a lot. you might get some. even through 1:00 we're dry. 4:00 in the afternoon this computer model is dry. i expect it to start moving in around 4:00 or 5:00. notice by around 9:00 overnight tomorrow night through sunday morning you've got the rain. through noon, this is daroun brunch time, it looks like the rain is pretty heavy there. maybe around 5:00 another round coming nrough. it is going to be raining the entire day. periods of rain but when it does rain you need the umbrellas and it w't make for a very nice day. the high only 61. that's generous. most of us say in the 50s all day sunday. 60 on monday. it says 40% chance of rain. i think i'll up it to a 60% or 70% chance. looks like the system wants to stick around on monday.
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tuesday ada wednesday, wednes looking a lot better with a high of 67. the average high is 75 degrees. we'll be wellelow that ju about all next week. thursday, weather day at nats park, chance of showers. we're hoping we don't need the umbrellas for that. >> okay. thank you. >> you're hoping. >> happy mother's day. >> thank you. coming up the redskins rookies took to the field inn ashbor the first time today and we've got our first look at the new number 7. ♪
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you know reliable support when you have it, and that dependability is what we want to give our customers. at comcast, it's my job to constantly monitor our netwk. anprevent problems, to help provide the most reliable service possible. my name is tanya, i work in the network operations center for comcast. we are working to make things simple, easy and awesome.
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our first look at our new
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quarterback in town. a little look. >> depending how things ago ing either the most important or second most impornt job in our town. >> exactly. >> no pressure. no pressure. hey, it's okay to dream. member? after the redskins drafted quartinback dwayne haskins the first round of the nfl draft his father dwayne haskins sr., said he could see the redskins, winning the super bowl very soon. but very soon is for another time. and for a dream to come true the has to be a reality. and for rookies it is not real until they step on the practice field, which dwayne hskins did today. he started rookie mini camp and wearing number 7 last worn by a aarnow aacll the team's rookie ashburn thisfternoon but all eyes on the 15th overall pick. the local kid. tried to lead the franchise into the future. it's not a cliche'. it really is one step at a time for haskins who has considerable talent but knows he has a lot to learn as a qrterback in the
11:26 pm
national football league. >> i'm expecting to be a sponge and learn all i can learn. i'm not going to beec perft the first day. i am very awaref that. i'll just be the best i can as far as a leader of the rookies. be a greatua qrterback. i'm just looking forward to learning. i'm excited about playing football again. >> the do what your dad swis, a super bowl very soon. taking on the dodgers, second game, four-game series. a lead-off walk in the first but his teammates can't get around n.anthony rendo flies out. nats don't score in the first like they did the night before. john peterson, uh-oh. in the first leads off. yeah. that's gone. sanchez giving peterson's 11th of the year. still a 1-0 game in the fourth inning, nats and dodgers. the orioles at home tonight welcoming make trout and the angels for a weekend series in
11:27 pm
baltimore. trout showed early why he's considered the best player in the game hitting a two-run homer in the third inning to break a 1-1 tie. look out. coming in your living room. his eighth of the now more trout. he is pretty good. in the fifth. runners on. this is going to left center. hit it where they're not, right? they're not and he hit it there. 4-2, angels. then thanks, doug. a long weather delay this is still going on. probly won't get done until 3:00 in the morning. angels leadin 8-3 now in the seventh inning. the black jerseys last nate, looked like d.c. united, finally they had lift-off. a 3-1 win over columbus. yeah. wayne rooney and d.c. looked trre like the team unbeaten in march beforegling in april. now we're into may with a share of first place. the head coch believes he has something to work with. >> the last game we played had a little swagger i talked about and guys looked pretty comftable out there. and put on a good performance
11:28 pm
and sent the fans home happy. weoave to cinue that. we have a very, very tough two weeks. it's a good group. i think the i mentality good. i like that. we are -- we understand right now when we're good and it's when everybody shows up. it's no different than all the other teams. i thinken it's be reinforced enoabh. >> talk out home field advantage. the british ambassa to the united states is going to have the first kick on sunday. you can't do that in just any wn. that's what we have in d.c. we have power. >> we sure do. pretty cool. >> something to see. >> i'll be there. >> thanks a lot. >> thanks a lot. >> thanks a lot. (music throughout)
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