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tv   Today  NBC  May 11, 2019 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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tis all i desire. did thou bring enough for the whole kingdom? george: nespresso, what else? good morning. high water in houston. >> oh! >> more recn in the forast today for the city dealing with dangerous flooding after a week of torrential rainfall. massive foding plus two barges and aol tanker cding causing a chemical spill. we're live on the scene. daring rescue. an american hostage and three others rescued by french commandos in west africa, a raid that left two of the rescuers dead. this morning we take you inside the raid. wild shoot-out. >> oh, my god! oh, my god! >> a dramatic police pursuit in los angeles. the murder suspect hanging out the window and firing at officers as they tried to chase
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him down. the scene like something out of a movie. this morning, how the dramatic chase ded. all that, plus, big chill oh e catwalk. announcement from victoria's secret. drama at disney. the grandmother arrested for having cbd oil in her purse. and true warriors. >> long distance. that's a three. >> seth curry score 33 points to leez the w tread warriors ov rockets. they're headed to theff playos today saturday, may 11, 2019. >> announcer: from nbc news, thiss "today" with sheinelle jones, peter alexander and dylan dreyer live from studio 1a in rockeller plaza. welcome to "today." thank you for joining us on this saturday morning. we are alrea getting all set for tomorrow.
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mother's day. >> yes. >> hope you're properly pampered. >> i hoe soap. >> hope so. >> despite the weather, i know it's tricky in parts of the country. >> raining here, too. >> the top storyto for day. right to it now. beginning i the city of houston. on edge this morning after days of heavy rain and severe flooding there. today there i more rain in the forecast for a cit that still is struggling after hurricane harvey battered it two years ago. nbc's morgan chasky is in houston this morning. moan, good morning. >> reporter: yeah, peter, good morning. i can tell you right now it wile not tak much for many upcoming rain to drive water ouch the bayou behind he and into surrounding neighborhoods here houston. this morning, houston on high alert. the city facing aod flog deja vu from a storm system stretching down the entire gulf coast. the swollen waterway seen from aboveworiday when t barges and a tanker collided in the city
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ship channel causing a chemical spill.ei >> it's a wrd feeling to just t'not be sure wha going to happen. >> reporter: for maria, every matsch irsto ma stormto brings flashbacks when her home looked like this. the aftermath of hricane harvey. >> nervous but prepared. >> reporter: flooding almost by de,gn. a fl densely populated area just above sea level where heavy rainfall overwhelms drainage systems spilling into neighborhoods. one state over, the governor of louisiana has already issue a state of emergency. heavy rain prompting numerous water rescues. this woman saveed by road crews after driving into deseptembertively deep water. in mississippi, residents rushing to cleaner up aft high winds toppled trees into one home after another. back in texas, the first wave of storms are expected this afternoon. >> oh, [ bleep ]! >> reporter: just days after a
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whole month of rain fell on thursday. >> rain, sleet or snow. >> reporter: the motto for everyone. with another round of unpredictable weather -- well on its way. and this morning a flash flood warningssued for harris county, which includes houston, until 7:00 p.m. tonight. meanwhile, that storm system is continuio make its way east. those storms expected here in houston come later this afternoon. peter, sheinelle? for the people who live in houston and along the gulf coast. the news isn't good. >> it's not. a lot more rain to go heavieain falling across southern mississippi but also a line of heavy storms from dallas extending back towards west and central taxes. we're goi texas. moving towards houston again. more heavy rain in the houston area. flash flood watching in effect for most of the gulf coast and a threat of severe storms, large
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hail and damaging windsly especialacross central and southern mississippi into most of louisiana and parts of southeast texas, too. so it's all because of this stalled front, and waves of low pressure that ride along this front reinforcing the heavier pockets of . this continues to move to the east coast as we go into tomorrow pushing the teat of steer storms no the northeast and unsettled across the mid-atlantic and the northeast as were el. tomorr, the best chance of severe storms with winds in excess of 60 miles an hour, isolated tornadoes across the carolinas extending back into georgia and parts of alabama. that will be the zone we're watching for mother's day. peter? >> dylan, thanks. your national forecast in a moment. now to that stunning rescue mission in the west e african nation. an american woman held hostage for nearly a month,en freed by fr chand ommandos in a dares rad that left two of them dead. she's freed along with four other hostages. we followmhe story fro london.
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>> reporter: good morning. we still don't know much aboth american woman, who she's, why she w in that poort art of world and whether the u.s. government knew she was held turned out to be 28 days. four in custody held by militants associated with isis and al qaeda. and them elite t of french commandos faced a daring and deadly rescue operation to save them. the two french tourists were on a is safari when knapped six days ago. a vehicle burned out at the en the guide found dead. a daring rescue operationpl ned. a violent overnight raid. two french soldiers died, four kidnappers killed, twoescaped. an american official says the u.s. provided intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance
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but no boots on the ground. the french realed they did not know the american and south korean were held hostage and suggested the u.s. didn't know as well. in a statement, u.s. officials saying they are grateful for the successful recovery of four hostagesluding a u.s. citizen. they offered sincere condolences so the families of the two french soldierho died and providing no further information about the american woman due to privacy considerations. in recent months this region of west africa has been plagueed by an increase in extremist violence. the u.s. issuedng a warni urging americans to reconsider travel because of the risk of terrorism and kidnappings. later today france plans to honor its two fallen soldiers once they are bodies return home. the others are now safe. >> ron allen, thank you. and washington a top democrat issued subpoenas to get six years of presidenttrump's personal and business tax
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returns. the president broke with years of refusing to release taxes before taking office. we have more. what's the latest? >> reporter: frust ted house democrats issued a subpoena for the six years of president trump's tax returns. latest escalation in a standoff between the president and congress and again this time the administration is refusingss congreional demand. the subpoena comes fro house ways and means chairman. he asked f the documents citing a 95-year-old law that says the committee chair can request returns of any american. treasury secretary steve mnuchin refused. now the subpoena isirected at mnuchin and the irs commissioner. even now they're not expected to hand the documents over, and the battle is lely to end up in court. peter, sheinelle? >> also overnight we learned after the muellerpo re's release white house officials pressed one of its star witnesses to push back on the idea that the president
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obstructed atjustice. whore do we know? >> reporter: president trump tried to get the former white house counsel dond mcgahn to issue a public statement last month he didn't believe the president was trying to obstruct justice when he sought to influence the russian investigation, a request mcgahn declined. the president calledim twice and asked robert mueller to be fired but mcgahnouldn't do it. he reportedly told investigators he did not think trump'ro actios to the lifl of obstruction of justice and as the white house prepared for the release of mueller's report last month they sought for mcgahn to make a statementaking public what he had told mueller's team. in a statement mcgahn's lawyer says, "were did not pceive it as any threat or something sinister. a request professionally and cordiay made." moil, jerry nadler threatens to hold him in contempt if he
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doesn' adhere to the requests. ll and u.s. and china s locked in a trade war a dayhe after tresident levied strict new tariffs against the chinese. talks broke down friday and no in ones kwesscheduled. for the short term american consumers and businesses could pay the price. traveling the countti g reaction to this, from waterloo, illinois this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, sheinelle. we spent the last week driving through the midwest from detit to iowa, down along the mississippi river here to waterloo. the constant theme we've heard from folks was frustration. frustration with the unknown of where these talks are headed and to what extent they'll bear the cost. the power struggle playing out between the worlds's two largest economies hitting home hard this morning. >> okay. able to buy the same amount with what we budgeted for grocery?
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>> reporter: on friday, president trump raised the import cost of chinese goods by imposing massive tariffs on nearly 6,000 everyday household products. >> a you concerned? >> oh, yes. yes. who wouldn't >>be. what control do we have. ri reporter: now amecans facing higher prices from fruit, vegetables, cereal and shampoo, to big-ticket atemsecting furniture, t aevision setsnd smartphones. >> i don't like raising my prices. i don't like charging my customers more when they come in. >> reporter: don is a fourth generation hardwore owner in st. louis. >> the biggest importer we sell here. >> chine 23a is? >> ryes. >>orter: and president trumpo hoping t force china'shand. making us strengther, not
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weaker. >> i think trump was trying to do the right thing. prices keep dropping. corn c dropped 20ts in the last week. beans dropped 30 cents. >> reporter: last year he struggled to break even. now this new tariff hike adding to a increasingly tough outlook for what would be the next erneration of farm > i would like to keaep it going. to do that we need to fix the dropping prices before they get lower. >> reporter: now 14 months old taking toll on everyday americans. to note, the president already warned of an additional round of tariffs on even more goods and with no talks scheduled between the white house and chinese officials it should be much more clear in the weeks ahead the true extent of these ramifications. ll>> vaughn rd, thank you. a wild shoot-out on the streets of los angeles. hemurder suspect firing wildly at police as t tried to chase him down. look at this video.
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bystanders watched in horror as it all played out for miles miles. nbc's kathy park is here with us today with the latest. kathy, a scary and dramatic scene. >> yeah. a wild scene. good morning. residents in los angeles are no stranger to police chases but this one was crazy even by lrd. standas and looked like somethingipped straight from a hollywood movie. >> shooting at officers right now. hw reporter: a wild chase on the streets and higays in and around losngeles. >> oh, my god! oh my god! [ sirens ] >> oh my god, he isg shootin his gun! >> reporter: a murder suspect hanging outside of the window of the car he was riding in, firing backtfficers in hot pursuit. >> there he shooti at officers right there. shots fired, shots fired! >> reporter: the pasntnger ed for questions in a fatal shooting of a convenience store employee opening fire as a toyota prius raced at high speed trying to get away. >> guys, very ngerous. here we go.
7:14 am
pointing a shooting randomly. >> reporter: drivers caught in the ecrossfir thankfully none seriously hurt. finally the car stuck behind the truck with a shooter and the female driver both shot by gunfire. >> officers are shooting at that vehicle rht now. wow. wow. suspect is hit. suss spepect is down. .> this is one you don't let he has to be stopped. an immediate danger. >> reporter: and hospitalized with numerous injuries. the driver shot as well but her wounds not life-threatening. >> the standoff lasted more than ouo on live tv as well. >> terrified. glad it ended the way it did. kathy, thank you. back toit dylan w the national forecast. >> heavy rain along the gulf coast. rain shors akoss the northern plains. 20 degrees above after from seattle to portland extending
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down towards western california, temperatures in the 60s and 70s. the northeast, nice. partly cloudy. temperatures mid to upper 60s close to 70. here's a peek out your window. o our window, plenty of clouds out there. headed to legends of flight at andrs taking away from fedex field, where you get on the shuttle, we are going to have avin showers, but later this afternoon could h a spotty sprinkle early. most after 3:00 or 4:00. rain tomorrow and goes all weekend. rain for your mother's day. also rain monday as well. it againy kids' games, a spotty shower a better chance of rain for everybody after 3:00 or 4:00 today. that's your latest forecast. >> dylan, thank you. still to come here, a tradition more than two decades, but victoria's secret's annual tv show may fall out of fashion. plus, a trip to disney for one great-grandmother turned out to be not so magical thanks to the c oil inside of her
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>> announcer: this is a "news4 today" news break. 7:27 on this saturday, may 11th. good morning to you. i'm david culv get you a check of headlines. start with a traffic alert. now part of the george washington parkway shut down because of a sinkhole. a u.s. parkic police off spotted it last night. forced other officers to close fromge cambr up to 495. we're working to learn when they will reopen. >>nand opening a apple store. a six-week-long storymaker festival that runs throughne ju more details on the nbc washington app. lauryn ricketts is checking
7:28 am
your mother's day weekend forecast. we check in with her right after this.
7:29 am
well, a few spotty showers out there right now moving through the area. this is what we're going to see as we contit e through aleast the first part of the morning. by this afternoon, steadier, heavier rain pushing our way. expect sprinkl this morning.
7:30 am
most of the heavier stuff moving in later, aftr 3:00 4:00. temperature 60 today. rain all day tomorrow. 50s. >> lauryn and i back with a ful hour of news and weather that starts at 8:00. d you ever think this day would actually come? >> no. no, no, no. >> that is 99-year-old elizabeth barker johnson who waited 70 years to be able to accept the college diploma earned back in 1949. her life story coming up a little later. >> a great story to celebrate today. back on this saturday morning, may 11, 2019. a little rainy heren the northeast, but we're feeling good about mother's day, a day away. maybe a good day for moms to stay in,roperly served a little brake fist eakfast in be >> pampered 21 million people under a flash flood wash from texas to mississippi. houston is under water already and expecting more rain today, which could make the flooding
7:31 am
there worse. more trouble. two barges and a tanker there friday causing a big chemical spill. meantime, the governor of louisiana alrdy declared a state of emergency. agh frining scene caught on camera on a california freeway friday. a murdect suspe leaning out the window of a car and exchangin gunfire with police. others caught in the cross fire. this episode ending in a barrage of bullets with the drive and suspect both getting hit. the suspect was wanted for questioning in the shooting death of aos angeles county convenience store employee. ride was a little rough for uber, stock publicly traded first time friday on the new york stock exchange. the stock opened at $45 a share and fell nearl 8% by the end of trading friday. but the payoff could still bg bi for early investors like ashton kutcher, gwyneth paltrow, jay-z and lance armstrong. headed to the next round of the nba playoffs knocking off the houston rockets.
7:32 am
the warriors led by none other urthan steph cry who went on a tear in the second half. curry, held scoreless in the first, scored 33 in the second. klayom hompson adding points as well. the warriors now host game one of the western conferences fina y against the winner of sunday's game seven between the denver nuggets and the portland trail aazers. lso this morning. victoria secret announcing it's rethinking its fashion show in the wake of the #metoo moment and changing themage of women's bodies. the lingerie retailer saying network tv is no longer the right fit. molly hunter has more. good morning. >> reporter: sheinelle, good morning to you. right. it's that star-studded and often diamond-studded event featuring the world's topmo ls.
7:33 am
the american brand accused of falling behind the times and today a hintmay be willing to catch up. ♪ >> rorter: for the last two decades some of the mows bedazzled, scantily clad women on the planet strutting their stuff down this catwalk. victoria's secrets angels comef to beauty, but more and more americans are no longer buying it. >> a lot o americans are just, they want to see something different, and also just for themselves, too. like, so mey peopl do not fit into that narrow standard of beauty. king porter: faced with s sales and low ratings looking for a new home for its fashion show. fashion is a business of change. must evolve and change to grow. the ceo wrote with that in mind ded to rethink the traditional victoria's secret fashion show and don't believe network television is the right fit. >> like to see inclusivity. that would make a lot of people
7:34 am
happy. >> reporter: the show air and cbs and abc suffered woert rat rati. sales in stores have fallen three years in a rowhe and t l brands stock fell 55% in 2018. also lastearmid the #metoo era, the company's ceo apologized ageer sugsting plus size an antrsgender models had no place in their fantasy fashion show. >> you want a lot of diversity in what's i reflected everyday lie and a little inspirational goal. >> reporter: and other companies taking a bite out of thes share made comfortable made for all different kinds of women possibly even the parent company says they're focusing on developing exciting and dynamic policies for a new idea. >> and it wasn't what thought. girl power, empowerment.
7:35 am
girls were strong. remember, dylan? in awe of-- look like. like, they're strong. >> y sayi they're strong. look at the muscles all over the place! >> all right. feel like celebrating some birthdays? pretty sure everyone on the plaza is having a birthday. you're turning 60. >> yes. >> from -- >> rhode island. >> awesome.a th birthday over here. where were youfrom? >> florida. >> florida. and we've got 13. 14. we've got 16. i mean, everyone's having a birthday, which means also a lot of moms on the plaza, too. talk about your mher's day recast. we are going to see some of the wet weather that's in the middle of the country move e through the day today. we are going to see more flooding rain possible in houston. we have flooden rain expected along the gulf coast and possible of severe storms. pacific northwest enjoy another above average day. temps running 10 to 20 degrees
7:36 am
above oerage. lo sunshine, too. northeast, a mix of sun and clouds, nice temps as well. the mother's day forecast. the best weather across the western third of the country but ueary weather moves and down the east coast and looking at a chance of severe storms especially through the carolinas and back into georgia or tomorrow as well. that's a look at the weather across the country. now here's a peek out your window. we're going to see a few otty showers. spotty sfrink sprinkles through first part of your morning reallying in about 3:00 where we see this move through. a more steady rain ushtoushing inur area from the southwest, moving north and east. north and east, anne arundel county, ltimore, last to see it. expect steady rain through the evening and steady rain through your mother's day. temperatures today around 60. temperatures tomorrow not making it out of the 50s and steady rain all day. this side of the plaza, who's birthdays over who? how old are you?
7:37 am
>> 675. >> -- 65. >> who are you here with? >> friends, nieces -- from boston. >> even better. my special place. also a 7th birthday here. hi! >> hi. >> are you excited for your birthday? >> yeah. >> what's your name? bella. >> where are you from? >> maryland. >> have fun in new york city and happy mother's day. >> oh, thank you. >> dylan good way to celebrate. thank you. >> bella. i love . . >> cute just ahead, pop star rihanna, a historyaking move. and trendy treatment for aches and pains getting a great-grandma in trouble with the law. but first, these messages. i have heart disease, watch what i eat, take statins, but still strule to lower my ldl bad cholesterol. which means a heart attack or stroke. could strike without warning, (s) because with high bad cholesrol, my risk of a heart attack or stroke is real.
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7:40 am
everre including disney world. >> i was in shock. i didn't know what was going on. >> reporter: this morning the 69-year-old can believe what happened to her at disney world visiting the orlando theme part with her family stopped at a security checkpoint a arrested for having a bottle of cbd oil in her purse. >> i havehr artitis what i've got. >> reporter: she says shiher dor recommended it for her arthritis. >> used it the way the bottle said and my doctor told me to and it helps me. >> reporter: in florida, cbd oil is illegal without a ooescription. >> the officer tk me to the car, and he handcuffed me. they made me take pictures, put on a jumpsuit, take my clothes off. >> reporter: she was traumatized after being held at the jail more than 12 hours with no food c water andrged with possession of hashish, a felony.
7:41 am
the orange county sheriff's office defends the arreststith a atement saying in part, this was a lawful arrest, possession of cbd oil is currently a felony under florida state statute. she posted bail and was released. the charges later dropped. >> i don't feel like i'd done anything wrong at all. >> reporter: laws ocbd oil v vary from state to state. following u.s. customs and order patrol officers at dallas-ft. worth international airport and found a dramatic increase in seizures of cbd oil in passengers bags. >> maybe a year ago almost non-existent. the last six months increase and our interception rate skyrocketed. reporter: cbd oil is considered a controlled substaale under feder law. if agents find it in your bag in an aiort, on cruise ship, or crossing the u.s. border you could be arrested, fined or denied entry into the u.s.
7:42 am
as for this great-grandmother, hur trip to the happiest place on earth turned into a drug bust. >> i didn't see anything wrong with it. >> reporter: she says disney refunded some of her money but did not apologize. for "today," kristen dahlgren, nbc news. >> we rched out to disney for comment and they referred us to the orange county sheriff's office. a challenge. a big store opened in new york city selling all sorts of products. looks like a grocery store. nothing edible. creams, loss. >> cbd has ducome a long way bu only legal in certain states. >> you have to know the law. dylan, what's comingup? e>> the twistwitter it, th.
7:43 am
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7:45 am
anymore. not after today. got you covered. dylan in the orange room. >> the saying, if mom ain't happy, hant nobody happy. ke her happy with the perfect mother's day gift. that can be difficult so we did some of the work for you. dads, 'tkids, haven gotten anything yet, listen up. posted an unscientific survey to twitter asking mom what's they want. day off from parenting, handmade gift, store-bought gift, flowers and candy. results no surprise. 65% say moms just want a day off from parenting followed by the handmade ft. then t store-bought gift, with flowers and candy coming in dead last, ifou can believe it. moms weighing in on line, too. one says amazon gift card. all chores done without me asking to do them. a weekendf free o their friends of the house o and never having to cook again. so i totally agree. i want chores to get done without me having to tell anyone
7:46 am
to do them. some moms took to tw ster. somet us video. take look. >> what i want, all mothers make connections with their faith, their family, have fun and fellowship happy mother's day, sheinelle. love you, baby. >> thank you, mom! >> this year all i want is warm weather. warm weather without any that's a little out of your reach, so the second best thing is actually what i'm getting for mother's day. to come up, baby-sit calvin. cal is one lucky, lucky kid to have you for his mom. i love you, sweetie. see you soon. >> mommy! >> hi, peter. >> oh, my gosh. >> one thing i want most on mother's day. a phone call from my son. i know you'll do it. you're such a good boy. you always have been. and i love you. >> that is so nice. >> the sweetest thing. >> i didn't know that was ming. a good treat. nice to see mom. >> so nice. >> i wasn't expecting that. >> the tricky thing about being a dad,ressure on the dads to
7:47 am
figure what to do with the kids all day long while you enjoy. sometimes a pressure. so niceel to crate our moms. >> funny. you went back into, "yes, mommy." >> what did she say?u' yo a good boy. >> mom's a performer. could you tell? >> you're a good boy, peter. >> dylan has a little "pop start" for us. >> i can't focus. thinking about my mom. >> coming in today. can't wait. get to "pop start." he's here and perfect. what kim kardashian has to say about her and kanye's new baby born born via surrogate friday. also ed the news adding chicago's twin. now looks just like her. baby number four for kim and kanye, the little one joins north -- now twoirls two boys. no word on name. i'm sure i'll mess that one up, too. rihanna. the singer breaking news ground
7:48 am
launching a fashion ne. ke the 31-year-old's cosmetic brand her fashion line will g by the name of fenty. in perspective, a historymaking deal. rihanna, first to create a brand at this company and first woman of color to lead a fashion brand. other others givenchy and finally, renee zellweger. the first look at the actress as judy garland. spoiler alert, she's spectacular. ♪under the rainbow way up high ♪ there's a land that'v ieard
7:49 am
of once in a lullaby ♪hm >> >> judy. judy garland bio pic focusing on the last year of the legend of life released in september. >> good. that was a lot. good>> stuff. up next, more good stuff. the 99 world war ii veteran against the graduation ceremony she's always longed for. why it took so long. we're back after this.
7:50 am
7:51 am
a story back with a story about a remarkable 99-yeaold woman, war veteran, teacher and single mother after serving in the only all-female all-african regimen in world war ii. attended college on the gi bill. >> and missed out an oppor cnity toebrate a milestone foreg any coll xustudent graduation.
7:52 am
now she's making up for lost ti. zaapplause ] >> reporter: elith barker johnson it waed 70 years for this moment. the 99-year-old finally accepting her college diploma seven decades after finishing her degree >> did you ever think this day would actually come? >> no. no, no, no. >> reporter: unable to walk with her class in 1949, because she already had a teaching job and no o toover her classroom. >> you have been such a trail blazer. >> well, i just was determined i wasn't going to give up. >> reporter: with a life story that sounds like it could bete writn in a history book, johnson joined the army duringw worlii and was part of the only all-black, all-female d overseas.tatio their job, deliver mail to the soldiers. >> that was almost three years of mail backed . we were in this building here working with the mail, and they had the chandeliers and those
7:53 am
things swinging back and forth. >> because of the bombs dropening? >> uh-huh, yeah. >> reporter: after the war johnson became the first female to attend winston-salem state university on the g.i. bill. >> so proud. >> reporter: and hnspired granddaughter tiffany scott to enlist in the navy. >> just keeps going. she won't stop. she's just amazing. >> reporter: a single mother who held down three jobs. the family bond here runs deep. >> i think mama was justfhe typeerson that, if it was out there she was going after it, go do it. >> reporter: at her 99thri su birthday party johnson found out she was finally going to get to walk across that stage. >> when they told me i was going to do it i thought it was joke. does it feel official now? >> re. >> reporter: another chapter closed of an incredible journey. for "today," tammy leitner, nbc news, winston-salem, north carolina. >> wow. >> wow >> what an accomplishment.
7:54 am
what a life! >> at 99 years old. amazing. goodness. so as we celebrate this mother's day weekend of course we know about you ladies. allow the moment, pampered properly by your families tomorrow but your work family wants to celebrate you as well. >> oh, my goodness. >> tha you, ys. >> so beautiful. >> it's beautiful. >> sheinelle, for you. >> oh, thank you. >> my wife alison at home these ar for you. thank you for putting up with me being away. we love you. on behalf of all the dads and families, have a wonderful mother's day. >> thank you, guys. >> happy m to all the moms! >> there you go. >> how about this? >> happy mother's day, mom. ijoy it. you're a mom, make some noise! [ cheers ] >> that's a lot of moms. >> that's not hard. >> what are you doing? >> my daughter's ballet recital. >> that's what we do i just want to sleep in and don't want to cook. >> that does it for us. tomorrow on "sunday today" willie sits down with keanu
7:55 am
reeves about his latest "john wick" movie.da and mony third hour of "today," professional athletes intoroadcasting when playoff days are done. we'll meet one that chose a different path. now a mathetician studying at mit. >> happy mother's day! and ve your lives. that's why we redesigned humira. better for you. now there's less pain immediately following injection. we've reduced the size of the needle and removed the citrate buffers. and it has the same effectiveness you know and trust. humira citrate-free is here. a little change can make a big difference. humira can lower your ability to fight infections. serious and sometimes fatal infections, including tuberculosis, and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened, as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems,
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i'm david culver. straight ahead on "news4 today," rain relief but showers on the way. what you inking, lauryn? >> thinking unfortunately a wet weekend pap few isolated showers out there now. more filling in headingnto mother's day. we time everything out to plan out your weekend. up. s comin also coming up, the search l for a kil continues after a woman was gunned down in an office parking lot.or this mning we're learning more about the shoing crime and the woman who lost herlife. a sinkhole could throw off your weekend lans. one major road closed, and another shut down for construction. latest look at the roads that you need to avoid just ahead. those stories and much more.
7:58 am
we're going to get your mother's day weekend started off just ht rig rig the "ws4 today" continues ne in rig the "ws4 today" continues ne (music throughout)
7:59 am
>> announcer: "news4 today" starts now. gunfire in a maryland office park leaves one woman dead. this morning police scraming to track down the shooter. two major road closures to
8:00 am
walk you through this morning. they could onve you turned around on where you need to go his mother's day weekend. and it's a shortage you wouldever expect.up a global sy problem means the party is over for dozen of stores around rye count we welcome you in this saturde morning. th11th of may, 2019. good morning. mime david culver. a wet start. images. a look at the downpour sped up outside ouruilding heren northwest washington. driving rain soaked describers d roads. be look outside, much calmer, lauryn ricketts, you're thinking things could get wet once again today? >> i think things will be on the wet side later this afternoon. a few spotty showers rig now. anything we are seeing out there right no is just light. we're going to continue to see spotty showers as we go through the morning, and then later on this er


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