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tv   News4 Today  NBC  May 12, 2019 9:00am-9:59am EDT

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temperatures are in the 50s for daytime highs today. that's where they re rightnow. so going ahead and popping out that screen, you can see thatn raishift will continue to push through the watch out for the fog when you head outside. visibilities are low now. that temperature 57. that's where we're going to stay. northeast winds at 10 to 20 miles an hour. we'll talk about the rain ending on tuesday. we'll time it out fto today and rrow. that's coming up in 15s. minute >> lauryn, thank you very much. the rainthat lauryn was talking about is already causing major problems for drivers. we're talking about a five mile stretch of t gw parkway that is still shdown. >> could stay that way for several more days. live now, derrick ward joins us from along the parkway. good morning. >> reporter: good morning again. we're here at champ bridge road and the ramp which is closed because of that sinkhole.
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take a look, crews got down there yesterday and they also let some of our news crews down it take a look at that sinkhole, 10 feet long, 20 feet deep and 30 feet wide in the same area of the sinkhole that happened in march, they had to close for several days. now, the cause understand is also similar, has something to do with the heavy rain we had and the age of the inkeastructure. a look. we did hear from an official with the park service yesterday about this tisitua. >> so both this and the previous sinkhole that happened in march were caused by large rain events. all about water moving off the roadway and into the drainage system that is built under the george washington memorial parkway. >> that drainage system is described a 60 years old. they are waiting federal money to do a major overhaul of the parkway. infrastructure and we have seen several close
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calls here. this ramp is now closed. that goes into the ramifications of haling a crum infrastructure, especially on a busy thorough fare like this. whether it is open tomorrow for rush hour, that remains to be seen. ews have been on it. hopefully they get that solved soon. another sinkhole in the same areano around dead run hbound lanes. the parkway is closed between train bridge road and the beltway. we're live along chain bridge, derrick ward, news 4. >> continues to be a problem. tn sto this morning. t local marine killed in the training acciden in california, o had deepies to our area. >> this is tragic. we're hearing from the family of first lihtenant hug conor mcdowell he grew up chevy chase, d.c. michael mcdowell spoke to us via skype from hislifornia hotel room, the proud father says his
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son was a leader and exceptional marine. conor died late last week at camp pendleton. his dad recots the tragic moment that three marines showed up on his door with devastating >> srtoteth rds thenews. president of the -- and i said, stop, please tell me my son is still alive. >> heart breaking. he wa their only child. he leaves behind a fiancee. the family plans to honor his legacy by helping others who need financial assisnce to the marine co we're also learning more about the murder of a local woman who had just w leftk in green belt. news 4 confirmed the victim's husband is chris attoh, a well known tor in the west african nation of ghana. on friday, police say a gunman shot bettie jennifer of bowie as she was leaving work onlane. she died at the scene.
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gunman jumped the in a car and sped off. and they are relying on multiple witnesses who saw the incident, hoping to track down that shooter. hiter this happened, attoh tweeted out t message on the day jennifer was killed saying when it comes to relationships, remainng faithful is never an option, but loyalty. a manis locked up in the d.c. jail for killing another man at prince william county. police arrested a suspect. tectives say he strangledd an stopped angelo blakely to death last month. they found the ctim's boin the woods. evidence discovered at the scene led the police to mirek's home. he will be extradited froba d.c ck to virginia to face second degree murder charges. another tough one, an update to a story out of howard county where a woman was killed and mar
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badly h in their home. police have arrested 22-year-old wilson lemus. they say he broke into a couple's apartment and through an unlocdoed winw. we're told he beat the man and h woman wi a baseball bat. thenstole jewelry and a cell ho p. 36-year-old amanda nicole harris died, willm james webb remains in critical ndition. police say it doesn't appear the suspect knew that couple. m thisorning, four hostages inuding an american woman are back home after being hld captive in west africa. they werelleed r burkina faso. two french nationalan commdos died while trying to save them. both french citizens vanished on may 1st during a safari, their guide was found dead. it is believed that al qaeda and atta could be bendhihe american or the south korean went missing. that american womanchs oosing
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to remain anomous. >> a major part of the air show at joint baseandrews is canceled today because of -- look outside. weather. air show officials say there will be none of this. aerial demonstrations, rain and overcast skies making it impossible. you can still head out to the air field tho you can check out the vintage airplanes from the ground. >> cool to seehem up close and in person. a> another major change to tell you about, holiday celebration change that has aleot of pe around here talking. talking about the fourth of july fireworks display that will be irve inig this year. the forks will be launched about a mile away in west potomac park. president trump wants a bigger celebstion. so thi is being dubbed a salute to america and there will be traditional concert o west lawn of the capitol as is common most years.a and possibly second stage of entertainment. the president may deliver an address from the stops of the lincoln memorial. tin a statement park service
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said in part, quote, this move will allow the national park service topen newreas of the national mall to spectators, including the area around the eclincoln memorial reflting pool so that many more people may joy the performance. many of you have commented on this story in ou facebook page. it is the topry sto in our nbc washington p. go there if you want to learn more about it. check th h out,appening today, the grand the international spy museum. it officially opens to the public later this less than our from now, 10:00. since today is mother's day, moms can call in advance for a free ticket. there is your gift. >> yeah. >> i like the spy museum. >> it is free for your mom. more information about these kind of events in our nbc washington app. just search fo your weekend. speaking of moms, at 9:07, still ahead, consumers are o expected t buy more than $2 billion w of electronics for mother's day this year.
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welcome back. potential health alert for those of you who wear the fitness trackers around your wrist. 40% of americans. >> that's a high number. as far as i'm concerned. amazing. they're causing some people ai serious and now the maker of a popular device has advice on t best and safest way to wear it. our deer recent gentzler sat nddown with a doctor a a virginia man with a warning for others about the possible risks. >> i got a fit bit for the of tracking my steps. and you get to that magic number of 10,000. >> reporter: rich williamson likes to stay active and he's a useitness tracker to count tos steps, but almost a year after starting wear his new fitbit charge 2, he says he developed serious pain and
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numbness in his left wrist. >> i went to turn my wrist and it kind of locked and i had to kind of twist it back to get it to release. >> reporter: he says the pain was so bad, it was difficult to do simple tasks like brush his hair. >> my hand was so numb, i actually had to switch the hair brush to the other hand. and that -- then i really started to get very concerned. >> reporter: williamson had a hunc that his fitness tracker might have something to do with his pain. so he we online and was surprised to learn he wasn't alone. >> when i googled fitbit wrist a pain and saw whole world out there of people that were experiencg the same issues at different levels, here's one, same thing just happened to me, feels like nerve pain. >> reporter: dr. oliver tanus is with orthopedic institute at medstar washington center and he knows what nerve damage looks like. he thinks people are wearing ths fitness devictoo tightly.
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>> you have a fitness tracker on the wrist and the nerve is compressed 24 hours a day, just a matter of time before the nerve starts to a up, hence pain, numbns or tingling or weakness going down into the hand. >> reporter: ifou start to feel pain, the solution may be as simple as taking the fitness tracker off. >> number one, take it off for a couple of days, give the nerve time to rest. >> reporter: in a statement to news 4, fitbit had this advice. we encourage anyone wearing a watch or her device on the wrist, regardless of the brand, to follow four key elements for the best experience keep it clean, keep it dry, don't wear it too tightly and give your wrist a rest. they recommend wearing the band loosely enough so it can move back and forth on your wrist. fit bit also offered to give rich williamson a rund in exchange for the device, but he declined. >> and if you ask me, am i going to put my fitbit back on, the answer would be absolutely not. >> doreen gentzler with that report
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this is not just a problem with fitb there have been online wi complaints th other fitness trackers as well. the doctors say you should be able to fit one finger unterre your watch. >> you got it. >> to ke sure it is not on too tight and place it two inches away from your wrist crease. as for rich, he said the pain nt away when he stopped wearing the device. >> should be a hand model. >> thank you. i did a good job. i appreciate tha compliment. time now is 9:13. on this smoday rning, mother's day, but wish we could dial up someicer weather for us. it will wash the pollen away. look on the bright side. this is northwest d.c., a bit of rain that's watchi over the area and fog as well. probably from our tower camera out there. lauryn will let usnow if we
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lauryn will let usnow if we get any breaks in the
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the big carriers are talking about their current 5g roll outs, but their efforts are limited to a few pockets in select cities or trying to convince consumers that 4g is actually they're ecting small towns and rural communities, leaving them on the wrong side of the digital divide.
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if approved, only the combined availableresources of t-mobile and sprint can deliver on al the spectrum bands needed to quickly bring unprecedented 5g connectivity across the nation. nbc 4 keeping it green and clean. >> we have a garden. we'll show you. residents in northeast d.c. are doing good. working with nonprofits, and helping to grow a healthy sustainable community. check it out. >> reporter: at this northeast
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community garden, it is all hands in dirt. evenlittle hands pitch in. tell me what you know about gardening. >> i know you have to make the soil correct. it can't have rocks in it. >> reporter: these volunteers are pouring their hearts and sweat into keeping this corner clean and green. organizers of this community cleanup called it code green and omit has its roots in a cmunity wide coalition. it includes the green scheme, a group working primarily iwards 7 and 8 to end food insecurity by turning garden into a classroom. >> our mission is to end things goingn in d.c., like food apartheid and food deserts. >> we partner with the local schools around here. we bring them down to teach them how to garden, how to harvest the food and teach them how to cook it. >> reporter: another group, rooftop roots, helps feed underserved communities by providing jobs, building and
9:18 am
maintaining the sustainable landscape. >> seeing how your food is grown, where it comes from, and food is really unmething that ites us all. >> reporter: this goes farther than feeding and cleaning up this community. it is connecting generations from seniors who go to a center just across e street to youngsters who use a nearby playground and ball field. >> i grew up around here, i played on this playgrnd, i played on the field, basketball, football, stuff like that. it is giving back and i really like it. me >> thage is being passed on. >> i like planting. today i helped taking out the roots. i helped taking out the roots. >> you mean the weeds? >> yes. >> it creates young environmentalists, they're thinking about the dirt, the sun. it makes them think abonm the envirot. at the same time, eating what they grow. >> you're going to love it. >> she is very excited for the
9:19 am
garden. let's look at the nbc 4 garden again. this is growing in templel hil we have already harvested delicious spinach and kale, you should eating that. >> i'm going to deliver some to lauryn as well. here is some of the folks who are gardening with us. some newdolks joine pat and her crew last weekend with hill crest heights elementary students. na thanks to the master gardener ester mitchell. it is tough stuff, first of all. great we're doing this. that is hard work toake sure everything is correct. it looks great. >> yeah. >> i don't have a backyard. >> i don' either. >> my condo, i can see the garden. >> you get the rain today for the garden. >> yes,el absolut no gardening out there today. just going to be super wet all throughout the day today. we have scattered showersug throh theay tomorrow. we're going to continue this into the beginning of the workweek. isi feel like everybodyired out there today. it is a gl tmyype of day. >> indoor tv day. >> exactly what it is.i mom breakfast in bed.
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there you go. >> it is 9:20. >> mr. judgy. >> mom must have what she wants. go back to judge town. rain all day today. we have got some showers all throughout the day today. that is going to continue. and no storms, we're not talking about any storms, no strong ones out there. we could have an isolated outhunderstorm to the s through southern maryland and also through the northern neck. for most part, we're just going to see some scattered showers. are we dryor monday? still have scattered showers around for monday as well. but then we start to dry stretch and that will star ontuesday. and it will go right into next weekend. thankgoodness. dry stretch and we deserve one after the last 24 hours. we'll have rain for the next 24. and, a sin,cattered showers scooting through the area. rain could be moderate at times. it could be light at times. we're dealing with fog. and not only are we dealing with
9:21 am
all that, low visibility is out there. we're dealing with breezy conditions. winds are at about 10 to 20 miles an hour. temperatures in the 50s. cool out there. scattered -- widespread showers today. and tomorrow. and we dry out tuesday wednesday into thursday. the rnushing out of here, the heaviest rain early afternoon and just se scattered light showers through dinner time, through tonight, through tomorrow morning. tomorrow morning, wake up an have fogor the monday morning commute. scattered showers for monday, start wrapping this up late tomorrow night. dry on tuesday. it is chilly out there. especially in the shenandoah valley. temperatures in the 50s. hour by hour, look at this,ez bre conditions. rainy conditions. just a wet day out there for moms. take all those plans indoors, today and tomorrow. fog tomorrow morning. wind won't be asow breezy tomorr throughout the day.
9:22 am
dry conditions all the way through this upcoming weekend. >> i'm carrie dan. >> i'm mark murray. if you had asked a political pundit, maybe president company included, two days ago, they would have toldou both had a great shot at being the head mom knee. >> a lot of buthat didn't happe. both have mostly been mired in bingle digits especially after joe en's splashy entrance into the race and the flurry attention to pete buttigieg. >> now behind the scenes, they're going for resets, r o'ourke, that means big staff tres and attempt get more organization and structure. >> and for harris, that's looking look alan to take on donald trump more directly than ever. the 2020 roller coaster continues and either onef these ca
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rumblings in ecuador, check this out, a volcano lighting up the sky with lava on friday. a streak of smoke reached almost a mile above that volcano's crater. popular site for hikers, butic ofls warned tourists, keep away from the area. >> probably good advice there. want to show you chaos on the routes after flash flooding caused a freight train to derail in mississippi. take a look here at the scene.
9:26 am
more than 20 cars, yikes, found hescattered around the wasout tracks. the engines overturned, leaking chemicals into the water. but they do not believe it poses community.o the so far no injuries were reported. >> to the midwest, a meteor illuminating the night sky over the city of chicago. one man captured it all. i don't think he realized it. his doorbell camera did all the work. watch this top left part of your screen. there it is. the meteor streaking across the sky. >> or was ? >> ufo? okay. spi conspiracy theorist over here. the eta acquireid is active until the end of the. month best time to see it is before dawn, weather permitting. >> very cool. the next one, all about rma.
9:27 am
a new york waiter turns into a good samaritan. armando marc found a $420,000 check and he returned it to its owner. unbelievable. we have the check to show you. the waiter was cleaning a table last weekend in harlem when he made this discovery, grabbed the check, ran after the woman, but she was gone. with the help ofthe new york daily news, he returned it to the 79-year-old retired social worker. >> immediate reaction was, oh, crap, i don't want to be responsible, let's put it where it is safe. >> i'm very grateful to that young man. he wouldn't take any money from me, but i plan to have dinner or a lot and leave hemim a big tip >> pizza is good there too. he declined the money. the woman plans to give h a gift certificate to help him in medical school. the check was her life savings, by the way, and she was going to use it for a down payment on a new home so she got it back and he did the right thing. >> yeah. that's awesome.
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>>local marine killed in training. this morning his family opening up to news 4 about the emotional moment they heard the
9:31 am
devastating news. deadly explosion. search crews find sevelodies in the destroyed wreckage of a virginia gas station that blew up. the latest comingup. and one of d.c.'s historic libraries home to a new flagship apple store. more on the big grand opening just in time for mother's day. "news today" starts now. >> looks eol. havo check that out. want to welcome you in at 9:31 on this sunday, mother's day. i'm adam tuss. >> i'm david culver. good morning. lauryn ricketts hanging out with us this morning. a more like a sister, not mother to you and i, more like a little sister at that. >>r youngester. >> i would say like early high school. >>. immature who is also very good at tellin us what e weather is. >> her math and science skills on point. >> thank you, so much. look at all these -- >> really backhanded comment,
9:32 am
she took it. >> i'll take what i can get from you guys. listen, we have got some rain showers out there right now. not the prettiest of ays. look at this, over the next2 hours. rain, showers, s scatteredowers by this afternoon. breezy as well. i'm looking out the window. i see the trees we have nst winds at about 10 to 20 miles ar. hou we'll be dealing with those throughout the day today. so, again, scattered showers, aves of rain are going to continue. frontal system has just kind of set up shop in southern virginia. waves of low pressure going to ride along that a front like train rolling down the that going to reinforcesh er activity right into our area all day today. tonight, and through tomorrow. noreast winds at 14 miles an hour, 57 degrees, that's about as good as it is going toet as well. temperatures stay on the cool side today. we'll talk about when we can see peaks of sunshine, we'll dry out, we have several days of
9:33 am
nice weather. we l show you when that's coming up in 15 minutes. >> thank you. the rain that lauryn was talking about caused some big problems for drivers already five-mile stretch of the gwut parkway sh down because of a sinkhole. >> could stay that way for several more days. let's take you out there live, derrick ward, day two of you being out there with this mess of the closure. >> yeah,wo day t and incident two. we were out here in march for the same issue in the same area. we're here at chain bridge road, the ramp to the gw parkway north. it looks like a contractor t tryingget down there, go around the barricades. he's become stuck there in that soft, wet grass. that's part of the chain reaction to this sinkhole. take a look. crews got down there yesterday. news crews t down there yesterday, got a look at the sinkhole, described as being about 10 feet long, 20 feet wide and i don't know maybe 10 feet
9:34 am
deep. they are working to fill it in and it waspparently caused by indirectly or possibly directly by the heavy rain that we have gotten in this area. take a look what one ofe park service officials told us yesterday. >>o both this and the previous sinkhole that happened in march were caused by largeain events. it is all about wat mving off the roadway and into the drainage system that is built under the george washington memorial parkway. t >> yeah,at drainage system is about 60 years old. it is a brick drainage system. they'reworking to dosome major rehabs on the infrastructure around the parkway. ut the federal funding hasn't been in place yet. so we have to do these patch work fixes in the meantime. whether this will be open for tomorrow's rush remains to be seen. crews are on job. maybe a contractor here, stuck trying to get down there to help out with that. but, again, if you go on to --
9:35 am
to the gw parkway northbound you dge road from chain b up to the beltway. a lot of people are staying on chain bridge, t getting the beltway that way. out of way thing, but got a sinkhole and all about safety. 're live, derrick ward, news 4. back to you. >> thank you so much. ne.ll stay on top of that a local marine who was killed in a training accident in california. and this marine had deep ties to our area. >> this morning we're hearinging from the family of first lieutenant hugh they lled him conor. he graduated from st. john's college high school in orthwest. michael mcdowell spoke to us from his california hotel room. the proud father said hison s a leader and exceptional marine. conor died at camp pendleton afteraris red vehicle rolled over. his father remembers the moment when three marines showed up at his door with the devtating news. >> they started to say the
9:36 am
words, the president -- and i said stop, please tell me my son is still alive. >> sawn the background his fiancee being comforted. conor was the couple's only child. he leaves behind his tancee. y plan to honor their son's legacy by helping those who need financial assistance to join the marine corps. sad news from the entertainment world as well. peggy lipton died of cancer yesterday. she was pretty well known for starring in the tv show "the mod squad" in the '60s and '70s. she later married and divorced quincy jones. they had two lion was 72 years old. n>> updateow on that deadly gas stati explosion. this is in ofcials confirmed three people are dead after the massive fire in rock bridge county.
9:37 am
the tragic scene friday morning near the west virgini state line. police say those who died have not yet been identified and that could take several more days. we know four adults were hospitalized after the explosion. right now police are searching for those who may have been inside. they'll stay on scene until everyone is accounted for. the cause, still unknown. pretty amazing video and some sound coming out of . california a car chase in los angeles with gunfire. take a listen now as the news chopper pilot is deribing the ataos here. >> look at th person shooting at officersght now. look at tha >> this is amazing firing his gun at a crowded freeway on friday. the man who rode in the passenger seat started at the police. he was wanted for the shooting death of a convenience store employee. the chase ended but not before the passenger, the gunfire keeps going and the police fire back at the car. you can see the back window ho getting s out here.
9:38 am
one of the passengers gunshot wu wounds was self-inflicked. the woman driving surrendered. she's in jail. and several drivers got caught in the cross fire here. one bullet hit next to a man's h young daer's car seat. she had just been dropped off. and my goodness, what a scene. >> yeah. let's tellu about the apple store. it has officially opened in our area. the newest store, ey're in the library business now. yesterday the tech giant's ceo tim cook welcomed hundreds to the new apple carnegie library in d.c.s crowd packed outside the building until the doors opened across from the convention center. he hugged fans and took selfies here. you can buy apple products here now andr also lean. apple will share the old enegie library with the historical socity of washington in mount vernonsquare a research library with panoramic pictures in there as well including ose of amelia earhart.
9:39 am
>> it is an opportunity for us to bring a lot of d.c. history to new audiences, which for us is sort of our mission. >> t new store will host daily woshops as well on subjects like photography and coding. for the next six weeks, they'll hold a storymaker festival that will have local artists. they say half of the new store's employees are also d.c. residents. some college students are done th the books forhe year. thousands more in our area are studying for finals this weekend. this means lots of could have fine will caffeine will be consume i >> there something else that they're turning to that gives them a competitive edge.>> in the rat race to succeed in college, there is one fix students are turning to at alarming rates. >> stimulant drinks like adderall and ri hlin areelping students focus, sometimes helping them stay ake and alert for hours of studyi but at what cost to their health.
9:40 am
>> the medications havearned a reputation as smart drdss or steroior the brain. >> it basically made me feel like i was able to accomplish things that i noally wouldn't be able to. and it made me extremely e perfocused in the moment. >> reporter: thcent college graduates tell us students don't think twice about popping the pills. >> you'll hear from medical experts about the dangerous and sometimes even deadly consequences of taking these medications without a prescription. c >> our teerage on what some are calling a crisis on campus starts tomorrow night on news 4 at 00. still ahead this sunday morning, a localan saw a need in his community, so he stepped in to fill it. find out how he's helping folks around him and why that makes him this week's harris' hero. is this our new car?
9:41 am
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this morning's harris' heroes, a man making a big difference in the community. >> he called cousin wayne, he's doing mentoring, counseling,g helpth some food, that's why he's this week's harris' hero. ♪ >> what do you think your job is? >> taking care of the community. i destroyed this community. >> what d you mean? >> i used to sell the drugs back in the day. me coming back out, doing this once a month, i'm giving back. >> the people in lifenow, i talked to 15 of them who said cousin wayne, cousin wayne. what he means to this community. i can't even tell you. how does that make you feel? >> feel good, feel like i'm doing my job. >> you got kids coming up here for your cookout who may not have any food at home at all. this may be the only thing they get. >> a young man, 10:00 at night, i see him a the ti i said why are you out m here?
9:44 am
i'ngry. that may put that in my head. you think a kid is out there about to rob somebody or sell drugs, he's hungry. >> i saw you out there passing out these flyers. >> a lot of kids, a lot of olde peoploke marijuana, synthetic drugs. i'm trying to educate them on this. smoke something, you don't know when you're smoking. >> that's why you got nominated. >> people know you do a that. you are one man government bureau. you got young men coming to you for mentoring, right? they look to you for advice. break it down f me. what was the first meeting like? >> first meeting. i try ied, he didn't go forit. he knew what he was doing. wasn't really a breakdown. it was more he was trying to show me life. he told me, you can do something else with that.d turneto something positive. >> that's what you're doing now. boxing, right? >> yes, sir. >> what is your record now? where would you be in life if
9:45 am
you weren't in the gym? >> wasn't for the gym, i would be dead. that's the way i was going. can show you that everybody can change. >> you don't expect anything back for this, do you? >> no. h don't want anything back. let god deal witat. >> i want people to get along. h this is we learn how to teach others. somebody going to step up and do the same thing. i hope so. >> cousin wayne tries to nce a ze these cookouts month. he pays for most of the stuff out of his own pocket. if you like to help him in his mission to make his neighborhood a better place, check out the nbc washington app to do that. not a great day for a cookot. live loo outside. dallas toll road in reston, virginia. the rain drops dom co s coming our lens there. you'll need all of it today fo mother's day. but is the week looking better? laun has your answer whenry w
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welme back. nearly five years ago we introduced you to a remarkable young woman. rashima melton. she earned a full scholarship to georgetown, all of thisdespite being homeless. >> think about that. mark seagraves sits down with
9:49 am
melton now that her journey to graduation is almost over. >> reporter: it was mayor bowser's turn to pay tribute. >> you make us d.c. proud. >> report : rashima and her younger brother and her mother spent five years without a place to call home. l >> it was horr it had a negative impact on me e and my younr brother, moving from house to house, couch to couch, hotel to nd then finally making i to the shelter. >> reporter: she stayed focused on one thg, getting to college. >> i knew education is the only way out. >> reporter: she graduated valedictorian and got a full scholarship to georgetown univeity. but melton knew the hard work was just starting.s >> i waere with the most elite people, you know, in the country. it waro like, i'm this girl fm south d, graduated f anacostia high school, i don't know if i'm able to, like, meet these standards.
9:50 am
i question myself a lot, i doubted myself. >> reporter: she may have doubted herself, but she never gave up. r next week she'll get hediploma to georgetown. s a struggle, it has been a journey, and thiis just me making it to the finish line of one of the races of my life. i know there is many more to come. >> reporter: she has a job lined upand plans to go to law school. >> want to advocate and be able to make a change to put wo action to ms. >> reporter: this fall, she says she'll be focused on her younger brother edward, who also got out the homeless shelter and into college with a football scholarship at syracuse. >> it bringsears to my eyes. we're doing something that we didn't think we would do and people didn't think we could do but we're doing it. >> reporter: in the district, mark seagraves, news 4. >> hard not to get through school sometimes, to be homeless and do it, gre for her. >> very impressive. >> she'll have her commencement next weekend. a lot of folks this weekend
9:51 am
dealt with s me rain. >> definitely. we had -- yesterday the first part of it turned out to be all right. >> nice. >> it was nice. >> the rain moved in about 4:00, 5:00. and we continue with rain showers rom that sasystem. frontal system that staed across the area. just in the sout and waves of low pressure ride nlong that front. and that's whe we get the rain showers. we'll be dealing with this day ight, much of th tomorrow. it is a cloudy day out there. definitely good day to sit tnside and watch some movies. again, we have fog, we have breezy conditions and cool temperatures, in the 50s. periods of rain for today, keeps the chance of showers into the overnight and much of the day tomorrow. late tomorrow night and dry through theay on tuesday. some models have someis of th rain hanging around, just a little bit on tuesday. keeping us dry. somethir. to watch out fo waves of rain continuing through the heaviest rain between now and the early afternoon hours. and then more showery activity on and off as we head through
9:52 am
the afternoon and into the evening. currt temperatures out there now, 50s, that's pretty much where we stay, you can see quantico marine base to low 60s. average temperature for this time of year is in the mid-70s. so, of course, temperatures on the cool side out there. also on the foggy side out there, visibility still low across the region, make your wad out theor today, 61, daytime high, we already hit that. temperatures staying in the 60s. breezy, northeast winds 10 to 20 miles an hour. temperatures stay below normal. as we continue through wednesday and then we'll start to take the temperature up. say good-bye to the 80s. last time 80s on friday, 8 temperatures degrees. rain showers continue to move out of here. but, again, just some scatterede showers as head into the afternoon and evening. even into tomorrow morning. tomorrow morning dealing with a little fog. the rain wrap up late tomorrow night and we're dry as we head into your tuesday with more clouds and sunshine. 63 for a daytime high tomorrow. low 60s on tuesday.
9:53 am
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9:56 am
our luau gear on. >> i like your environment. >> nice. >> my mom as well, my wedding day. a while ago. i can't remember. a year and a half ago. >> beenlothat g. >> and mama tuss here at the station came to visit. you can see the cherry blossoms behind her. that wasn't that long ago. thank you to all the moms, stay inside >> stay i rain showers through the day today and tomorrow. >> all right. have a great mother's day. have a great mother's day. english premier league soccer. humira patients, you inspire us. the way you triumph over adversity. and live your lives.
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the big carriers are talking about their current 5g roll outs, trying to convince consumers to that 4g is actually 5g. cities they're neglecting small towns and rural communities, leaving them on the wrong side of the digital divide. if approved, only the combsed availableresourceof t-mobile and sprint can deliver on all the spectrum bands t neededo quickly bring unprecedented 5g connectivity across the nation.
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championship sunday and a happy motheree day to all the mommy out there. we have 10 games across the firstrms of nbc for the time in five years, the title will be decided on theal day. manchester city is in pole position at brighton. liverpool is chasing their at home on nbc. it is now out for your match


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