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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  May 14, 2019 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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it is 5:00 a.m. good morning, everyone, i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. we'll tegin with a check of forecast and commute. melissa mollet is standing by with the first 4 traffic. >> we'll begin with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell and a look at the weather this morning. no rain, so the coolness in the air isn't quite as bad as yesterday. >> yes -- >> still pretty >hilly. the rain makes it worse. >> it does. and it's not raining now -- reason i was giving you the quizzical look. not raining this morning, but bring the umbrella with you. it may rain on you a little later on in the day today. nothing like the super soakers of yesterday, but quick-hitting showers, not at all out of the yes, indeed, very chilly. your spring fleece early this morning. it's also going to be on the breezy side. northwest winds have arrived, and that will mean that things stay plenty cool. afternoon high today will be a
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smidge warmer than yesterday. we topped off at a bombing 61 yesterday. we'll reach about 63 this afternoon. still plenty cool. ell below average. some quick-hitting rain chances come our way later in the day, as well. it is indeed a chilly start. open window weather for sure, as long as you kept the extra blanket around. 47 in montgomery couy. 43 in frederick county. 43 in howard county. 48 in prince george's county. fere's the pocket oain chances to the west. that will come by during the course of the afternoon. your bea stop wer, kids, put the umbrella in the backpack to play it safe. 48 while you're waiting for the bus. you could probably get away with outdoor recess. watch for afternoon showers.ut more abo the rest of the week d a phenixweekend just minutes away. melissa? thank youik i l that weekend for sure. northbound g.w. between 123 and the beltway. we [ all talking at once ] ing about it. i know we're -- we keepg talkin about it, but i know we'll have more. they thought the lanes would
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reopen yesterday, now we're still shut down northbound. pushed on to 123, southbound is not affected. the loop, outer loop beltway, no problems. do have in new issue northbound 295 at suitland parkway, that single lane getting w by therk zone. that's the long-standing work zone we have. 66, 95 in virginia, nooroblems. 270 good through prince george's county, as well. >> thank you. it's 5:02. more on the first 4 traffic alert on the gw parkway sinkhole. melissa just mentioned it. >> the found lanes are still closed between 123d the beltway. news4's justin finch live again on theparkway with more on what is slowing down the repairs here. >> reporter: well, very simple answer here, the answer is rain. that was the culpriculpr . yesterday had fingers crossed that perhaps we'd see one lane of traffic open on the northbound side for the evening commute. wl, the rain kept that at bay which means thathamps like tis
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off the chain bridge road will be closed just a little bit longer. in case you have seen it, thissing is the -- this is the problem. this massive sinkhole here. it measures ten feet deep. 30 feet long and 20 feet wide. that is why the northbound lanes of the parkway between chain bridge road and 495 are closed this morning. stnow that sinkhole fir shut down and caused problems over the weekend. this morning, that problem still persists out here. and crews will be back out here today to try and fill that hole and hopefully have at least one la open on that northbound side by this afternoon. again, the x factor is going to be the rain. it hold out and allow crews to get that patch in place? if not that means we could see continued delays. if so, that means you could see again one lane open on that northbound side by the time you go home from work and school today. so again, fingers crossed. back to you. >> all right. justin finch for us on the gw parkway.
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thanks. following breakin news this morning of a deadly midair plane crash in the alaska. >> megan fitzgerald is working the story at the live desk. what? >> nbc news has learned fivele peopre dead, and one person still unaccounted for after two float planes carrying passengers from a cruise excursion collided midair. now the plane was carrying passengers from the royal princess. they were on a seven-day, roundtrip cruise out of vancouver. the u.s. coast guard was called in after the planes collided midair yesterday. one of the float planes was air.ated by taquan they've suspended all flights at this hour for cruise-goers -- this hour. forecrui four cruise-gotters and the pilot were killed. we'll give you updates here in the live deskte this morning. >> thank you. vi> despite receing an eviction order, protesters could still be inside the venezuelan embassy in georgetown.
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the state department says venezuela's opposition government requested assistance clearing the embassy last night. police cut the chains that locked the front gate and handed the activist an eviction -- activists an eviction order. the group supports the embattl socialist president nicolas maduro. the protesters outside support ntu.s.-recognizeded presi juan guaido. today friends of a maryland gradte who vanished in hawaii will hold a vigil for her. >> no one has seen or heard from amanda eller since last thursday when she went for a hike. she is from st. mary's county but now lives in maui. her car was found in a forest reserve. her cell phone and wallet were hiding nd her keys were under a tire. the family is worried she might be hurt. past few days, volunteers have been searching f any clues that could bring her home. one of her closest friends tells news4 she is not gi ng up and will head to hawaii today toea
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help sh for amanda. >> if she is ht or injured out in the forest, i know that she is waiting for help. it's -- a it'sbsolutely nerve-racking and absolutely gut wrenching to think about that. >> the fire department in maui called off the official search,s but voluntee show up every day to look for amanda. her family is offering a $10,000 reward to anyone who helps locate her. 5:06. in honor of national police week, thousands gathered on the national mall last night for a candlelight vigil. they remembered the men and women who died in the line of duty last year. attorney general william barr assed their families that their ultimate sacrifices willbe never forgotten. >> being here tonight, we help ensure that the names of these officers are known just ashey deserve both in their communities and across the nation. >> one of those being honored was prince george's county police sergeant mujahid
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ramsadin. tohe was trying protect a neighbor in a domestic disbutte. -- domestic dispute. more from his mother about what family. for the >> overwhelming. it's so sincere, so heartfelt. >> last ar, 158 law enforcement officers lost their lives on the job. a coast guard lieutenant accused of creating a hit list of prominent decrats and tv andersonalities will remain -- personalities will remain in custody. the judge revoked the order thad wouave freed christopher hasan until the trial. prosecutors referred to hasan as a domestic terrorist plotting a mass shooting. he is not facing any terror-related charges. authority found more than a dozen firearms and hundreds of rounds of ammunition at his home when they arrested hasan in he's pled not guilty. all eyes will be on wall street is morning. tny investors will be looking to see ifhe stock market rebounds after china struck back
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against the u.s. yesterday china imposed $60 billion in trfrs on american good -- tariffs on american goods. thaw announcement s the dow jones close down more than 600 points making it the worst day on thear u.s. mket in four months. a near survey suggests that the trade war between china and the u.s. could a cost therage american family of four almost $800. the tense conflict could cost you mo l for itemske luggage, electronings, and toil -- electronics, andtoetries. and many farmers only survive if prices start dropping and china starts buying. >> in order keep farming, we pneed to be able to keep with technology production and stuff like that. in order to do that, we needhe chinese market. >> the tariffs by china are in retaliation for those imposed bl the u.s.ast week. president trump claims china io to blame fthe collapse of a potential agreement. right now trade talks have stalled, but the president says he plans tothmeet wi china's president, xi jinping, next
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month at the summit in japan. some speculate that may be too late.rt tariffs staune 1st on products made in the u.s. 5:09. relief may be on the way for metro comters. day lawmakers in alexandria will consider a proposal that nt would discou some city-owned parking garages and lots in old town between late may a early september. that is when metro will temporarily close the blue and yellow line stations south of reagan national. if approved, the garages would be a $2 flat rate down om r $2.50 afte midnight and all day on weends. there's now help for maryland driverst confused abou the real i.d. 4's darcy spencer is live in beltsville now with what the mva is now saying. good morning. >> reporter: well, good morning. this realon.d. situatiere in maryland has been real confusing for a lot of people. this morning, the mba is tryingt to g this clarified for thousands of drivers before thae
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june dline. we have the update coming to us there our partners at wtop. he mda says, and weaver been reporting this we've been reporting this, 66,000 drivers are facing having their licenses recalled, again, as oft june 1s. they have to provide documentation to the mva in person, or their license could be confiscated if they happen tt g pulled over by police. the problem is when many went on the mva website, they mistakenly thought they were included in the group and that they had not been notified. this is where the clariomcation is cg from the mva. the va has adjusted the language to make it clear -- you only need to do this, to provide the documentation right now, if there is a june deadline when you plug your information in in the mva website. again, this has been very confusing. people need to go on the website to see if theyneed to update that information and look for that june deadline. if it's not there,yo still
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have time. if it is there,ee you nto head out to an mva and get it done. the deadline is approaching june 1st. back to you.yo >> thank darcy. in> new this morning, states we know they shinehealth care, others soar in education. ours does well in both. >> "u.s. news and world report" ranked the best states in the country. virginia and maryland came out near the top. maryland moved up seven spo from last year to be ranked sixth. health e scored well in care and career opportunities. virginia moved up 13 spots to number seven. the best results came in education a fiscal stability. d things. your children learn a lot from you. hen it comes to learning new words, their brains maye wired to learn better from someone else in your house. new insight into bullying. we're learning that kids who now up under certai circumstances are more likely to be bullied as teens than other children.
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welcome back. breaking news from the live desk this morning. jetblue airways announcing somel significant des. we want to show you this tweet the airline just posted. says there are some system issueshich have caused the most recent extensions of the delaal and additio delays are possible. our airport crew members will provide updates as they become available. jetblue also just releasing this statement say, "systems are ecovering after a global sabre outage impacting multiple airlines. jetblue customers may experience longer lines in some airports this morning. we apologize it our customers for the inconvenience." we will continue to monitorje
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blue's twitter feed and website for updates and let you know once e issue has been solved. ck to you. >> 5:16. we're working 4 your health with insight as to how children learn flew words. scientists from ohio state wopling with 2-year-olds ed a recording of words repeated by voices of people from different ages. they found toddlers learn new words best when they heard them froml or children. experts believe it's because toddlers are more attuned to voices that sound like their own than to the voices of adults. a t about how kids learn. w research shedding light on one factor that may increase a child's risk for being bullied. researchers in canada say children who grow up in orlow-income communities likely to be bulled when they reach their teens than children who grow up in affluent neighborhoods. the study looked at nearly 90 ,000 teenagers from 40 countries. maryland is raising the age
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limit for buyingnd vaping a tobacco products to 21. >> governor larry hogan signed y bill mond that goes into effect in octer. the n law is in response to the dramatic rise in the number ofeens whoreport vaping. the american cancer society which pushed for the legislation says ift kids don'tart smoking or vaping as teens, they're less likely to do it when they're 21. >> entertaining the minimumge for purchasing tobacco products to 21 and including vaping in the definition of tobacco od prts. >> now military members will be exempt from the law. people can still buy vaping andp tobacductsal 18 if they show -- products at 18 if they show a merilitary i.d. we are talking about much cooler temperatures for this time of day.s 53 degrutside the studios. >> but, but, you don't like the chill now, but t i corners in sight. >> good. >> thef turning oe corner,
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the changing of the seons. the blossoming of late springtime. >> who knew? >> it will be an upward climb in temperatures toward the weekend. that iselcome news. and i can't guarantee that every day, friday, saturday, and sunday,inwill be completely ra free. when you compare it to the last five or six weekends it will be y marked improvement. outside a tuesdamorning, skies have been clearing out nicely overnight. that has actually helped allow temperatures to fall into the 40s and 50s. 53 mow at national airport with a light wind out of the north ap six milesr hour. but away from the city and away from the bay, way down into the 40s this morning. 42 in northern parts of frederick county. 46 in charlestown and falling waters, west virginia. i 50 front royal and luray. 52 manassas into maryland. montgomery county, 47. 41 now at ft. meade. a real chill for sure. here's your planneror today. a mostly sunny but chilly start to the day.
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clouds are going to be building up very, very quickly b late morning to about lunchtime. and the afternoon will turn mostly cloudy. the building of the clouds and the sealing out of the sunshinei means not a bwarmup. only into the low 60s today and afternoon showers, a real likelihood. here's a little pocket here across west virginia now. you think this is cold, that's all snow in the upstate parts of new york and the higher terrain of interior new england. that is usual for mid-may. we'reed with a pocket of cold air -- we're concerned with pocket of cold air that will come in here during the afternoon. as a result, what's a sunny morning will turn mostly cndudy aome fast-moving rain showers, a gusty northwest wind today. these will be moving in and out a hurry. not everyone's going to get one. but they're going to be dotted across the landscape. take the umbrella just t play it on the safe side. skies clear out again as soon as the sun goes downtonight.
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that will make tomorrow equally chilly. widespread 40s again tomorrow morning. tomorrow during the mday,e than enough sunshine. should get back to about 70 for a high tomorrow. as th warmer air tries to move in, there will be more cloud cover late wednesday into early thursday. thursday.tray shower by thursday afternoon and evening, it an improving weather picture again. the five-day forecast, 63, afterno n showersd a gusty breeze today. back to near 70 tomorrow. mid 70s thursday. mid to upper s on friday. i think friday comes with the 30% chance of afternoon showers, thunder.rumble of the weekend off to a dry start. good morning, melissa. no big problems on the beltway. northbound 270 to suitland parkway, a single lane getting by the work zone. as we zoom out, we end 66 at 55, left lane gets by the work zone. a big thank you to everybody at
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the mary center. was at the eighth annual event. folks braving the wet weather. here with the founder. and mary center serves 53,000 -- served 53,000 clients last year alone. folks did play through the weath weather. they raised $186,000 for the they raised $186,000 for the hry center toelp keep them
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welcome back at 5:24. this week we' taking a look at alternative wellness. perhaps if you're feeling run down or in need of a lift, you see a doctor. >> this moing, justin finch looks at the benefits of hypnotherapy. >> reporter: this may nct be the pire that comes to mind when you think about hypnosis or hypnotherapy. we sat in on this exercise called witch's brew. in the hot seat, suzanne windsor taking in positive feedback to visualize and later action actuallyize her -- actualize her dreams in the spotlight. we asked what life would be like without hypnotherapy. >> i'd still be home watching television instead of inspiring to be on it. >> mod be afraid to take on
5:25 am
risk and just be out there and socializing freely. i'd be kind of hiding myself. >> that's a good word, hiding yourself. >> reporr: clients seek out help for hypnosis to stop hiding and revealing what could be. >> people comhere because the subconscious mind is out of rapport with their conscious minds. they want one thing, but they're doing something else. >> i saw her on line. let's do it. >> reporter: john is looking to lose weight, get healthier, andn transitiis reporter life into one of a new dad and author. >> i noticed it helped bring inother parts of my life to balance.p esecially as i was writing the book, it helped me focus a lot. >> reporter: there's medical research finding hypnosis can be effective for ut maybe not all. as a certified hypnotist, rita's job is to be a guide. that's why she says she screens clients to make sure they're a good fit and able to use suggestiono tap into abilities
5:26 am
they didn't even know they had. >> the ability to visualize is the superpower that human beings have. to look into the future and see the possibilities, how they would like to experience the world, what they want to do. >> reporter: juwsin finch, ne >> interesting. coming up, a parking ticket proposal. why your neighbors could be the ones writing fines for those who break the rules. truck? >> sounds like ble. dog-walking forecast. there is malcolm. he says new york avenue location of the humane rescue alliance. a little over a year now. all. grown up he gets along with cats. if you have a kitty cat and would like a dog to go lcth it, mam would be a great addition to the family. dog-walking family, get the miles in early today. building clouds and increasing rain chances come along later in the afternoon.
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plus, details for a record-setting adventure to the deepest point in the world. and what explorers found at the bottom. may surprise y. ou
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right now, waking up to another chilly start. just 53 degrees outside of our h studios in norst d.c. the rain is moving out, but you may want extra layers and the umbrella, too. we'll fill you in on the tuesday neighborhood forecast. stocks slide. what caused the trading trouble and what it means for your finances. plus -- >> people are dying. peole are getting sic and they have no idea that it's being caused by roundup. >> a warning about a popular product used on across the country. the multibillion-dollar payout for a coupleay who ss it gave them cancer. rst at 5:30, we are taking a live look outside this morning. a little bit of daylight starting to break over the horizon. the third day in a row, though, you will need the raincoat, maybe the umbrella at some point. possib, finally relief from
5:31 am
all the rain. it's in sight, folks. good morning, everyone, i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm yang. it is going to be another slippery moing on the roads. melissa mollet has first 4 traffic. >> first back to storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell and a look at the weather today. chuck? >> good morning, everyone. off to a very chilly start. we'realking widespread 40s and low 50s across the region this morning. so it's a pretty picture. that'for sure. the winds will increase as soon as the sun comes up here which is not that far away. sun's up before 6:00 this time of the year. what do youeed to ow? today will turn breezy. the northwest wind will help to build quite a bit of clouds by luncfime. plenty ounshine early. a cloudy afternoon with a gusty northwest wind and a risk of quick passing the next cou of days, more sunshine. less wind for tomorrow. looking quite nice for weather day at nats park on thursday. and close to 80 degrees by friday. what do you -- wait until youse the weekend forecast on the ten day.
5:32 am
it's all about the chill this morning. mid 40s to low 50s across the region. here's this little chance for rain in the west virginia thmountains. will be coming through here during the course of the afternoon. so expect building clouds. your commute, dry roads on the way in. but potentially some wet roads on the way home. make sure you've got the umbrella. it's going to stay plenty cool. highs only in the low 60s. >> i likeen the week though. i like the weekend. mclean, northbound gw parkway between 123 and the beltway, lanes blocked because of the sinkhole. all the northbound lanes being pushed on to 123. they thought they were going to wrap it up, it is still happening because of yesterday's rain. northbound 295 at suitland parkway, single lane gettinby. silver spring, left getting by the water main break. we'll have more coming up. aaron? >> thank you.:3 5 let's go live to the gw parkway. >> justin finch with more on the
5:33 am
shutdown melissa just mentioned. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the hope is that we have just one more morning of that closure on those northbound gw parkway lanes because crews are going to retur today and hopefully we'll have at least one northbound lane open in time for the evening commute. behind these cones and barriers there, yes, those found lanes e remain closed. choked traffic in this area for several days. let's show you that sinkhole at the center of all this huge mess here. it measures ten-feet deep. also 20- wide and 30-feet long. of course i've seen -- the sinkhole is a huge problem, closing the northbound lanes for several days between chain bridge road and 495. it first began causing problems over the weekend and is continuing to cause problems into the morning commute today. we can crews will be back out here. the national parks service says they'll come back out, assess, and hopefully start to fl part
5:34 am
of that sinkhole today. med we'll hopefulle have one lane open in ti for the commute. hopefully by this afternoon. as we come back out live,i drrs have adjusted. traffic coming off the parkway not going back on. they're using work-arounds, route 1123 ll be onehere. they'll come back out and try to work around -- the one thing that could get in the way is going to be rain. if it's too wet too rainy, there's a chance that closure will continue perhaps until tomorrow. homey that won't happen today -- hopefly that won't happen today. back to you. >> th>k you. hat do we want? >> justice! >> when do we want it? >> now! >> dozens of activists areng calli for an independent investigation of a montgomery county police officer. they held a rally yesterday at he 3rd district station in silver spring. we first brought you the story last week. a white officer was caught on camera using the "n" word while
5:35 am
speaking to a group of black men. >> it men were searched and cited for trespassing outside a cdonald's in white oa waiting aid they were to be picked up for work. protesters said while the word that wassed is a problem there's a larger systemic issue at hand. >> need to understand that officers need to be trained properly. >> what i'm really concerned about was the level of professionalism that i didn't see in that encounte it's not just the words. >> the police union says the officer was just repeating language used by one of the men in that incident. and this incidents still under investigation. 5:35. it is national police week want tributes to the officers who protect and serve our communities will continue today. last night thousands turned out for a candlelight vigil on the it honored the 317 officers who died last year. each of their names was read aloud to the crowd, and they are now engaved on the national almorial -- engraved on the national memori wall. anyone with a 401(k) may
5:36 am
nervous this morning after the worst day on the u.s. market in. month the nose-dive comes after chain retaliated and imposed tariffs of their own against the u.s. megan mcgrath with more. >> reporter: the stockeutures arp this morning which could point to a little calmer day on wall street. this comes, of course, after china unleashed $60 billion in tariffs on american goods. that announcement sent the dow jones tumbling more than 00 xpedites yesterday. one of the worst days for our market this year so far. the tariffs by china are in retaliation to the ones the u.s. imposed last week. the presidentaised them from 10% to 25% on friday. he claims china is to blame for the craps of a potential trade agreement. that leaves talks at standstill, though the president says he will speak with president xi jinping next month at the g2mm sut in japan. some speculate that cube too
5:37 am
late. tariffs start june 1st on products made in the u. we'll have more on how much this could affect you and your wallet coming up in a few minus. back to you. >> end megan fitzgerald at the desk. sorry about. that now to the other top igstories. rt now, federal investigators are headed for alaska after a midair plane crash. five people were killed and one person is still missing wi follo yesterday's crash. passengers were on sightseeing flights from the cruise ship "royal princess" when the kmx occurred. the search for maryland native amanda eller continues in mow i. she vanished last -- maui. she vanished last week. she lives in maryland but was in maui. frieigs will hold a vil for her. there are still protesters in the venezuelan embassy despite an eviction order. police locked the chains that -- cut the locked chains and handed them an evision order.
5:38 am
the group supports the current presidentnd ishave occupied the building for34 days. coming up, a controversial arking ticket proposal giving more power toe people who live around you. why your neighbors could soon be the ones cracking down on drivers. hello, and good tuesday morning to you. >> coming up at 4:00 today, a feel-good story abo how a summer job a golf course led a high school senior to a full-ride scholarship. >> meet genesis, the first-generation american who stays busy in and out of the classroom. >> this national honors society student raised by a single mothr completed three summers in chicago ewgaa's caddy academy.
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5:41 am
it's now 415:. a jury awards more than $3 ouple claiming roundup caused them both to develop cancer. >> the husband and wife were diagnosed with non-hodgkins lymphoma after using roundup in their yard in california for more than three decades. they're blaming the parent company,fo monsanto, not doing enough to warn customers about the cancer-causing agents in that weedkier.
5:42 am
>> changed our lives forever. we can't do the things that we used to be able to do, and we really resent monsanto for that fact. this isthe third trial to end there way for pavillion sanny to. there are still more than -- for man sny to. there are still thousands with pending awsuits against the company. we are ahead of rainfall so far in may. if you look over the last 365 days to the middle of last may, we carrying a 30-inch rainfall surplus. more than 70 inches of rain in the last year. it doesk like we may have dry e-- drier month to enjoy. a the forecast includes a chance to dry out but ne, warm weica
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♪ you know reliable support when you have it,
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and that dependability is what we want to give our customers. my at comcast, it's ob to constantly monitor our network. prevent problems, and to help provid the most reliable service possible. my name is tanya, i work in the network operations center for comcast. ngwe are working to make t simple, easy and awesome. 5:45. u china and the. are going toe to toe with tariffs. >> china just unleashed $60 billion in tariffs onerican
5:46 am
goods. this comes aider prest trump increased taxes on china last week. the trade war could trickle down to you. tracie potts joins us live with the items we could be paying more for. good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning. everything from luggagto rozen vegetables, electronics, toiletries andatural gas. esident trump heads down to louisiana today to promote that. could it cost more to sell our natural gas overseas in the middle of the tradear w? and could they be dipping into your wallet, into your checking account? oxford economics reporting thatr the e american family of family could lose $800 a year if the trade war escalates. now president trump says he's got china right where he wants them even though the negotiations seem to have broken down, there's nothing scheduled at lntil next month when he talks with the chinese presidential overseas in japan -- chinese president overseas in japan. the negotiators are at a
5:47 am
standstill, and wall stuset is nervo watch the markets when they open this morning. the dow dropped more than 600 points strday. >> thanks. 5:47. news4a working for you to spencer changes to keep your -- news4 is working for you to keep change on the books in virginia to protect students aroundze motod partitions. wesley lipicky's family stood behind the governor as he sned the bill into law last night. more than a year ago the fairfax county third grader was killed by a motorized partition atco frana elementary school. his parents say the law is a bit of light in a tragic situation. >> a like this which will provide for oth children never be putt in the tuation that wesley was nut is a fitting tribute. -- wesley was put in in is a fitting tribute. >> it prohibits operating the
5:48 am
partition when students are in the room unless the sensor has a safey stall. it rires anyone who operates the walls to be trained every year. the law takes effect july 1st. > n to as4 i-team investigation into a local se.fway h nearly 100 people are walking away from it each year, and they're not supposed to. we're talking about inmates who are authorized toheeave for t day but who don't return as required at night. now scott macfarlane and the a i-team re raising new concerns about a facseity that's suppo to be keeping those men and us safe. >> reporter: hope village is the last stop for federal prisoners from d.c. they're free to leave during the day to work jobs but must return each night. an investigation by the news4 eam reveals there may be a heir full release, inmates by the dozens flee hope village every year. federal authorities call that an escape. in at least two cases, we found
5:49 am
escapees are accused of committing murder while on the run includg a man accused of willing willie sharp's granddaughter allegedly the same day he fled hope village. do you findof the en arrested escaped a halfway house that day? >> inonestly didn't k one of them was in the halfway house. >> reporter: in a statement, hope t villaged us it tracks its residents s' whereabouts and reports all accountability problems. it says the number of escapes that are correctly classify read relatively low. why are men willing to still walk away and risk doing more hard time in prison? as part of our investigation, at 5:00 we hear from a former inmate about what lif isike inside and outside the halfway house and the changes that could be made. reporting for the i-te a. you confused by the maryland real i.d. program a ines? you are not the only one. >> news4's darcy spencer is live
5:50 am
needltsville with what you to know. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. i can only hope that i can clarify the situation for thousands of drivers here in the state of maryland. this real i.d. program has been real confusing. this morning, the mva is trying to clarify what is happening. now we've been reporting that the 66,000 maryland drivers need to provide documentation to the mva by june 1st. if you don't get that done, your license could become invalid. that means if you get pulled over by police, they could actually confess case your license. this update that we're going to bring you now is from our news partners at wtop. when many drivers went to the mva website to see if they were among the 66,000, they mistakenly thought they were. but they had not been notified. now the mva says since adjusted the wording on the website to make it clear, to make sure
5:51 am
people understand you only need meet the deadline if it says thebeocumentation needs to provided as of june 1st. again, this isus confg. the best thing is to go to the web site, put in your driver's license information, and find out if you need to provide this documentation. you can go to mva, go to our bsite, and of course the nbc washington app. i hope that clarifies it for everyone. back to you. >> hope so. thanks for that. have you ever wished you could do something about drivers who park illegal? make blocking fire hydrant or in handicapped spaces? in the district it may happen. ward six is proposing the citizens safety enforcement pilot program. there aren't enough enforcement officers, so here's how it would work for regular joes. citizen enforceerts would use an app and take a timestamped picture of the violation. violators would get a ticket in the mail. initially ten people in each word would be trained to hand outhe tickets or snap the pictures, report i should say.
5:52 am
no word on when the council could vote on the proposal. >> you see what could happen -- you have a grudge with a roighbor -- >> that's the pem. >> someone didn't pick up the dog poop outside of the house -- >> all you do is sit in the window -- >> mrs. crabidge, right?e thll be as popular as the hall moon tar was. >> exactly. >> -- mooanitor was. >> exactly. >> i'm telling. the sun ready to come up on a tuesday morning. it cooled quickly duringovhe night hours. many locations this morning starting out below 50 degrees. at least the skies are ear and the sun's on the way up. 46 now in frederick county, virginia. 46 also in martinsburg, west virginia. 42 in thurmont. 47g from gaithersb to germantown. closer in to the city, arlington now is at 53. meanwhile, capitol heights, toward upper marlboro there, 48 degrees this morning.
5:53 am
so certainly chilly but with a clear sky. we're going tobe off to a gorgeous start this morning. however, you know it can't last forever. clouds will quickly build up later though, and t into afternoon. what will be a sunny and cool morning will be a mostly cloudy, breezy, and coolafternoon. high temperature today only about 63 s.degr that's a full baker's dozen short of an average high. the breeze will beblow, cloudy, breezy, cool. a risk of showers. tomorrow,ity beginning of the improvement. more sunshine, temperatures back above 70 degrees. the rain chance is the coldt northwow. that's bringing a pocket of very cold air aloft, overhead during the afternoon hours today. what's starting out with sunshine will quicklyurn cloudy. and then between noon and 6:00 p.m., a risk of a quick-moving rain shower or two. won't be a day-long rain like much. yesterday was. but i'd take the brella. tomorrow, sunshine, getting away
5:54 am
with little cloud cover. might have a quick rain chance thursday. thursday afternoon looks great. friday, back up into the upper 70s with an afternoon storm chance. both days this weekend, we e keeping the rain chance out for now with highs in the 80s. i love it. i willa t it. thank you. southbound new hampshire avenue at oak view drive. take a look at this. this is righ where my mom grew up in silver spring. southbound on new hampshire. we have a dlaits delay because. a work zone that just pped up on the right side of the roadway. we are kind of slow through the. section it's going to get worse. not even at 6:00 a.m. it's going to stick worse, just have to stick ruined fthe paving project. mclean, speaking of projects, northbound gw parkway between 123 and the beltway, lanes down from the earlier sinkhole. all the northbound lanes are pushed on to 123. outer loop in artyson's nehe dulles toll road, have an incident reported there. ft. washington road near swan creek, fire department activity and lanes blocked.
5:55 am
good morning. i'mera hello solomon at cnbc s. headquart walmart is rolling out next-day shipping on more than 200,000 popular items including diamonderts, toys, election -- diapers, toys, electronics and non-perishable food. the service for orders over $35 starts in phoenix a las vegas. it's expected to be available in 33% of the country by year end. will ship in one box or as few as possible from a fulfillment center close tohe customer. amazon has also promised one-day shipping but just for prime members. a difference there. with your morning business report, i'm rahe all right simon. >> thank you. new this morning, we're learning of an incredible expedition like any before it. >> so cool. new record has beent for the deepest ocean dive in human history. a crew led by a texasbu
5:56 am
nessman descended 35,853 feet below the surface. that adventurer and these images were just disclosed last night. take a look. the submarine spent more than our hours in the mariana trench. the deepest known point in the ocean. the team collected scientific samples and identified three new spoesh of marine animals. they also found a plastic bag and candy wrappers on the oegds floor. that's a -- ocean floor. that's a sad state. to put in perspective just how deep this crew ve, that's nearly 65 washington monuments stacked on top of one another or 20empire statebuildings. they went down there. >> yeah, they did. pretty cool. >> i'm hoping to learn more about our world. still ahead, aanking of which states are the best to live in. and where maryland and virginia fall on the list and why. elplus, motivated to accomplish your goals? that's a promise of
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
good morning, everybody. coming up on 6:00 a.m. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. isn't the sunshine pretty? >> nice to see you it.
6:00 am
>> hope it warms us up. let's begin with a check on the srecast and commute. melissa mollet anding by with the first 4 traffic.>> let's begin wit storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell and a look outside. >> yes, indeed. got to love the fact it's 6:00 straight up in the morning, and the suns already up i our sky. 5:58 the sunrise. we get to keep these before-6:00 a.m. sunrises well deep into the month of june. get used to it. what a great looking picture early. four things you need to know about the weather -- mber one, it's chilly outside. 40s and 50s. if you slept with the windows open, you know what i'm talking about. later in thert day, noest winds are going to increase. they'll be in the 15 to 25 mile-per-hour range. you'll notice the breein stay on the school side, even with the sunshine it won't last long. a pretty high chance for quick-moving showers later in the day. even with the sun out, take the umbrella with you. 40s and low 50s to get your day started. the schoolkids will need the fleece at the bus


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