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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  May 14, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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mail slots of doors. this morning, police papered the neighborhood with reward fliers in this troubling case of rd mur. ncd as they did that, cops released surveillae video showing how this all went down. the victim walking down the s e sidewalk. he senses trouble. he startsun rng.
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he was gunned down in broad daylight. he was 28 years old. he had friends andfa milies in this neighborhood. his dad says he alwaysmas% warn his son about the dangers of the streets. >> i told him every day. if you go out, man, be careful. anything can happen, man. anything. just be careful. xx. >> police say they recovered that get away car. they hope to get evidence from e car that will help them identify the suspects in this case. back to you. >> pat collins, thank you, pat. the gw parkway has been a headache since last week because of that big sinkhole.
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it's still not fixed. one lane is now open between route 123 and the beltway. but the work continues. our transportation reporter adam tuss is live along the parkway. why is this taking so long? >> reporter: well, this is a whole host of issues that we're dealing with, wendy. mainly drainage issues here. if you look tonight, we still have one lane closed and the delays continue to bld in this area. we're talking about this road being down to o lane for six weeks. finding a permanent fix is not easy. back on but not completely. the gw parkway still showing the scars of going down to one lane in a stretch around mclain for sixixeeks. >>eeks? that's a long time. >> reporter: national park spevice telling us it hoto come up with a permanent fix over the next month and a half. all the rain we've had has basically washed part of the
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road away. e lane is now getting by. but you can see the area where the sinkhole is dipped far under the ground. it's going to take a while and a lot of -- six weeks, you'll have a permanent fix in place? >> we're doing everything we can so that drivers traveling on the parkway are going to have safe -- >> nothingmp ctely smooth just yet. >> the fact that the roads are undermined by the water, weeot to b conscious of that. >> for drivers like amy barker, a new wrinkle now for an already tough commute. >> i feel like a lot of my life is planned around when the traffic patterns are. yeah. [ lost audio
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assat charges have been dropped. nicholson and was arrested after this fight outside world of beer restaurant in ashford. it's just about five minutes way from the team's practice facility. loudoun county commonwealth's attorney says the victim did not want to proceed with criminal prosecution. convicted, nicholson could have faced up to a year in jail. >> a former episcopal bishop was drunk when she hit and killed a bicyclist in baltimore. has beenrreleased early f prison. heather cook served over half her sentence for the deadly 2014 crash. witnesses say cook struck the cyclist left the scene. didn't return f half an hour. blood alcohol registered nearly three times the legal limit.
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>> cook was maryland's first female episcopal bishop. she will be on supervised or probation f the next five years. >> another potential blow for people who rely on the district's only hospital east of the an accost i can't, united medical center may have to -- that budget received preliminary approval todayndnbc's mark segraves explains, any staff cuts could have a domino effect at other hospitals you may use across the city. >> the united medical center in southeast d.c. has been plagueds with probleor years. district leaders have fought to keep the hospital open until a new hospital could be built to serve that part of the city. >> the mayor and the d.c. council disagree on how much money to give the cash-strapped facility. bowser proposed an amount. the overseer of the hospital operations convinced them to cui
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the fun to 15 million d, arguing the rest of the money is better spent on a new hospital. the board of directont se hospital staff letters warning of mass layoffs in the next 60 days. >> we're already working with insufficient staff. we have been. >> robertarg has been an emecy room nurse here for 20 years. she fears if united medical reduces services, people will flood otherspitals across the city. >> where are people going to go when they have to do hospital hopping so they don't have to wait 10 or 12 hours? >> phil men dellon supports reducing the subsidy -- >> the management has been so poor that the spending is way outside of budget. over budget. therefore, there has to be fiscal measures taken. >> the bowser administration wants to keep them afloat until a new hospital can be opened in 2023. the deputy mayor for health an human services says if the council's budget gets final bproval, there will cuts at the only hospital east of the
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river. w t it means is the hospital will have to be right-sized. you won't see people turned away because services are being reduced. >> a spokesperson would say the hospital sent warning letters about layoffs. in the distric mark segraves, news 4. the council will take a final vote on the hospital's budget next month and changes are still possible. the council's threatening to dissolve the hospital's board of director and replace them with a control board if spending isn't brought in line with that budget. wendy? >> thete inm ceo for the prince george's county schools says it's time to give the teache teachers, the bus drivers and others a pay raise. 8,000 teaers support staff had their pay frozen in 2010. when the county was in dire fiscal straits. today, dr. monicads golon announced the plans to apply a 3% salaryncrease and cost ofli ving adjustment.
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teachers and workers will see a bump in pay over the next three years. this will cost the county about $46 million. golson says most of the money comes from cuts in overhead. that will make the budgetef mor icient. >> it sends a message to every employee who stuck with us since o 2010 that we value them, our focus is on classroom, but in order to do that, we have to make them whole. >> the council was set to vote on this plan early next month. comedian tim conway was sos e splittingly hilarious, he didn't need to say much to get a laugh. he died today ina los eles. he will always be best known for his time on the carol burnett show. >> you have anything onat hotel we discussed? >>otl? yes. i'll get those plans right now. >>y everturday night, hey, it
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was scenes like this would cause harvey core man to laugh in the middle of a skit. it happened all the time. >> flowers were placed on his star on the hollywood walk of fame. last year, conway had brain surgery. he had been suffering from dementia. >> tim conway was 85 years old. 1 o >> he was a class act. >> oh, my gosh. let's turn to our forecast. it was chilly out there. i dugout my winter clothes. >> a little bit on the cool side for sure. temperatures this morning, 40s and 50s. right now, only in the 50s. we've got the cloud cover and breezy conditions. let's take a look and show you what we're dealing with outside. there's the storm continuing to just bring in these clouds and the cooler weather from the no h. shower activity as well in our northern zones. up around frederick maryland. here's the storm spinning off the coast and starting to make its way off the coast.
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farther off the coast. in behind it, 61 d.c. 59 leesburg. 54 in winchester. we're going to talk more about the temperatures. they're going up. the rain chances going down. i think someing we're all ready for. we'll talk about that and including what to expect forhe weat day at mets park. >> you want to know that. we all io. counsel's e special report completed, some republican lawmakers say it's time to investigate the investigators. it appears there are now two such probes underway. the attorney general is tasking john durham a u.s. attorney in connecticut with looking into the origins of the russia investigation. durh durham, a career prosecutor with experience looking into corruption allegations andan orged crime, we'll see if everything was lawful and ppropriate when the fbi had started its inquiry into the trump campaign. a similar investigation is already going on with the doj spector general. still ahead, the search in
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hawaii for that missing university of maryland graduate and coming up, there will be a local vigil. fries here gather to pray for her return. plus, the news 4 i-team sees -- what some former inmates say is the cause. >> you think it's set up to fai l?♪ ♪ you know reliable support when you have it,
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there is a clue in the timeline of of the university of maryland graduate who disappeared in hawaii. amandhe willer vanished. while hike not guiling in maui lives. she likely arrived at the hiking trail sometime after that, hoping that this will enable people to think back, see if they saw her arod that time. she's originally from st. mary's county. there's a vigil planned at 7:30 tonight for her saf return. that's in lynn ard town. a new investigation raises questions about one of our area's oldest halfway houses. >> it's designed to help inmates nearing the end of their sentences. help them find jobs and new futures. they can only leave with
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approval and when they're told to. but a review by scott mcfarla and our team reveals somethingg is happeninen many of them leeft front leave the front door. >> this is how willie sharp hi describes granddaughter. the girl he helped raise from childhood. >> a joy. >> joy that turned to heartbreak hen she was murdered in december 2017. >> why would somebody want to hurt her? >> known at kk to her friends. someone shot her multle times and stuffed her body in the trunk of their car before setting the vehicle on fire. rged three men with the killing. the i-team learned one of the suspects shouldn't have been on the streets at all. the team learned that a man with historyof drug andun convictions signed out of his halfway house on the day of reese's murder and did not return as required.
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federal authorities consider that an escape. >> you find it at all concerning that one of men arrested for this left a halfway house? >> first time i hear of that. >> it's called hope village. only halfwayr house f male prisoners. the place they're sent before the full release from custody. they can only leave for work with approval and are required to come rightack. when the i-team looked into hope village, one of th largest halfway houses in the u.s., with more than 200 residents, we found an alarming pattern. >> we fond vines, the man charged with lewis's murder, not the only person to escape from hope village. for from it. about 100 go awol each year. it holds halff theederal halfway house inmates, it accounts for 10% of the escapes. >> there have been episodes where people walked away and
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committed crimes. >> j. gideon represents the family of a nashville man killed ln june. dominick poe che i murdered his former boss after his escape from hope village. his widow filed a wrongful death suit against him. though many of the men do return, prosecutors have convicted three dozen on escape charges since 2018. >> in the district, if you look back a yur dockets the last year, dozens of people, does that concern the justice department? >> it is concerning. that'one of the reasons why we're so active about prosecuting these cases. >> it's a halfway house, not a prison. by design, there are no cells ere. it's easy to move in and out,w hich we discovered when we sought comment from management whoer w even able to open the front door which is unlocked. >> a convicted drug dealer whov serthe final weeks of his sentence at hope village. he's now working in .
5:18 pm
construction he says many people try to leave because of problems inside hope village because they find the community outside unsafe. >> frightened of the neighborhood that they're in. it's bad. >> in a recent escape case in court, a federal judge acknowledged well-documented concerns about hope village. crime in the area of the facility. >> hopeless village they call it. >> hope village defended the facility at a d.c. community meeting early yerl this month. >> the citizens could return and ha a place to come. >> they declined an interview with the i-team instead issuing a written it t and verifies its residents' whereabouts and reports all accountability problems. it added, when an objective analysis is performed of people who go through the programsu verthose who leave, the number of escapes correctly classified are relatively low. but lewis' family say there is no consolation.
5:19 pm
the escapee accused of kill her hours after walking out goes on trial later this year. >> sorry that that happened to her. i wish iha could been there. >> vines has not enter a plea in the death. meanwhile, the u.s. bureau of prisons tells news 4 tracks performance atsealfway hou but says the details remain confidential. they hope to renew hope village contract when it expires in the fall. >> that's a lot toge di. thank you, scott. >> to see more of the coverage or to send them a tip, visit the nbc washington app and select investigations. a crackdown on crime that starts with an act ofk dness. the impact police hope to have by transforming the yard of a vietnam ve ran. warmer temperatures are on the way. doesn't feel like it today.
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doug is back with the changes coming in our forecast. speaking of, nbc4 and our sister station, telemundo 44 part nerk with the washington nal nationals for weather day at nats park.i doug w throw out the first pitch for the game against the mets this thursday. then, tune in to news 4 at 4:00, from the srms to the hurricanes, 90-degree days, doug is going to reveal the official
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doug, a little chilly. a lot -- >> yeah. >> cold. >> cold. >> felt like march, not may. >> it really did. for this time of yea we're supposed to be in the mid-70s. it was actually march weather. you look at the averaye highs todthat's about where we march e the last week of instead of the middle part of may. i mean, the early part of may, shows how cool things are. the clouds continue to move on in. we'll see those through the evening tonight. northwest winds at 14 miles per hrer. temperaturound 61 degrees, ri not just the 14 mile an hour wind. look at the wind gust. 29 in leesburg. 25 miles an hour in martinsburg. 20 toward fredericksburg. the wind has been a factor day. there's technically no windchill. but when it's this cool and you
5:24 pm
get the wind like this, you definitely feelcurrent temperat. 56 at gaithersburg. 54 towards winchester. way below average by 15 to 20 degrees below average across our region today. the good news is, we're going to start to improve. that maeally hapy i lovmakidengi s keids k rds ha. these are the second graders ouw athite oak elementary in burke. these are the second graders down the street from where i went to elementary school. i went to fairview. this is white oak. the second graders, they had es great quons. talked about weather the next couple of days and we learned all about tornadoes and hurricanes. i was that age, i wanted to learn about tornadoes and hurricanes, too. tracking some shower activity. not much out there. there are a couple, in alexandria, look around mt. airy, damascus, seeing shower activity. eaern frederick county and back towards western frederick, to the south of there, looking
5:25 pm
at more showers. we may see a few more as we moon through. because of this all rotating around this huge area of low pressure, look at these showers moving on right back to the region. not done yet. most of us remain on the dry side. in olr another coight tonight. this has been the pattern. we've been cooler. this ngttern is goi to change, though. the warm air way back to the west. watch how it moves our way by fridayndnd into saturday a then it's going to -- this pattern is going to stick around for a while. the warm air to thesouth. this is going to fluctuate a little. we're not hot yet. not talking upper 80s to near 90 yet. we're going to get close over the next couple of days. then i got to -- 71 degrees tomorrow. more sunshine, less wind and a great afternoon tomrow. i think tomorrow afternoon will be spectacular after another cool start. 75 on your thursday looking good for weather day atats park. 82 degrees on friday. 85 on saturday. right now, the weekend is
5:26 pm
loong fantastic. i'll have the rest of the weekend forecast, as well as the ten-day forecast and a special guest coming to the studio to do weather with me. hmm. >> faliar face we kn t nk weyou. doug. our soggy weathe is a toll on the grounds of the national mall. the effort to save a tree thath washington>> mr. crystal, we know you're in there. >> police out in southeast cleaning up e streets and the yards? >> i can see all around me. the love that's being shared. >> officers giving back to people who help our community and our country coming up next.i julie carey where the community is rallying around the family of a 16-year-oldirl critically injured in a recent accident. coming up, her dad describes how coming up, her dad describes how he ca upon thaccident scene e [phone ringing]
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welcome back. back to the breaking news we brut you attop of the hour. we're awaiting a news conference withy montgomery countblic school officials releasing their findings after a sex assault at damascus high school last fall. >> in a letter, the superintendent explained two key findings saying that the locker room was not properlyupervised at the time of the assault
5:30 pm
because the jv football coachwa late and failed tomm coicate that to his fellow coaches. >> but the letter also stops short of blaming any school offials for how they reported this incident to police. it says, school officials called police the morning after a parent brought the assault to their attention. again, we're waiting for that news conference to begin. our jackie bensen is in the room. we'll get an update from her at 6tonight. tonight, support is growing for a family of a prince william county teenager who was critically injured in a car crash. >> christina is a junior at brintsville district high school. she was driving in fauquier county when that crash occurred and our northern virginia bureau chief,po s to them about what's keeping them going. >> friends and family describe cistina as a determined achiever: a straight a student
5:31 pm
with dreams of ivy league schools. on may 2nd, asshe was crossing route 29 in fauquier county, het car wasck by a pickup. her noticed in a phone app her car had come to a standstill s he went to investigate. >> you see your own vehicle completely destroyed and your daughter is nowhere to be foid. >> b learned his daughter was air he picked up his wife and rushed to the hospital. christina's condition, grave. a coma at the time. bad shape, >> there were broken bones, internal injuries. this is the picture of christina on the go fund me page. the family's biggest worry, her head injury. >> her closest friends at first devastated. >> it was really, really scary and it just -- >> now they're focused on helping her, visiting when lo d, making this picture board for iher. >> want her to get better. i don't want her to worry about anything at school or anything on. that's been going >> the community also jumping
5:32 pm
into to help. more than 200 peoe have contributed to a go fund me page created by christina's oldest brother. she's one of five siblings. >> really lifted us up. without everybody's support and faith, i don't know if we would have been able to endure all of this. ag >> most encog, the fact that she's starting to respond. like the other day when her sister visited. >> her older sister waved to her and she was able to raise her hand and wave back.. meant a lot >> her parents hoping, praying for that -- ot >> she's g a lot of fight in her. strong willed and determined. and we're confident she's going to pull through. >> in fairfax county, i'm julie carey, news 4. if you'd-like to check out the go fund me page, open our nbc washington app and search go fu me. a band competition just up from the capitol today celebrating national police week. police honor guards, pipe and
5:33 pm
drum bands from across our country showing off their precision and musical talent. the ceremonial units perform at everything from graduations to funerals and this week they are oring our nation's fallen officers. that's what this is about. it's about honoring thepeople who step up in our society, to protect others. and pay the ultimate sacrifice. it's a very moving sort of period for us. >> among those being remembered is prince george's county police sergeant rams dan. he was off duty in february 2018 when he stepped in to help a neighbor who was involved in a domestic dispute. andw he as killed. the sergeant's mother-in-law spoke onlyto news 4 about what this week means to her >> been overwhelming. something that we did not expect. it's so sincere.
5:34 pm
it's so heartfelt. et blesses our soul to see the gratitude and th overwhelming fellowship. it's amazing. >> this afternoon, the sergeant was also remembered in special wreath laying ceremony at the national law enforcement memial. honor guards from across the nation are taking turns today to and watch over the wreaths until midnight. the prince george's county police department washe given t honor of standing for the first watch today. mayor and police department have put a focus on fhting the violent crime in southeast washington. people in the community call the murder rate ther a crisis. today, police launched their summer crime initiative. as news 4's drew wilder reports, the dition to cleaning up streets, officers are alsoin cleang up a few yards. we know you're in the >> no, it's not an episode of
5:35 pm
cops. more like meopolitan police officers are in southeast volunteering much appreciated yard work for piem who have served their community and our country. >> we're going to do what we can to make you feel appreciated. is that okay? >> beautiful. >> it's something i call yard crashers. we cut their grass. >> put all these plants in. i'm going to put -- we're going to cut that out. >> when i came out, i didn't know whether to rejoice or run. lot of police out here. >> you're right. >> he's a purple heart ripient and vietnam veteran. years ered with ptsd for and now he volunteers his time helping other service members when they come home. >> the ptsd, i didn't know anything about it. i been in therapy 23 years. we're able to help the guys coming back from iraq, es afghanistan, drt storm, the whole nine yards. >> he's in his 70s.
5:36 pm
still giving back his community. we wanted to take a moment and give ba. to him >> ira christian's yard is getting love too. >> everybody say hey. i say wow. >> christian served mpd for 33 years. >> how does it make you feel he flowers go in and the grass getting cut? >> it feels good. >> with a freshly manicured lawn, a brand new american flag goes up flying abovehe home of one of our country's heroes. >> i can see it all around me, the love being shared. > they hope it results in a positive relationship on the streelts. reporting in southeast, drew wilder, news a special chance to see historic -- enjoy local arork. t's the gallery game. kind of a scavenger hunt and returns with a new mystery. tris gallery is among those involved. players can download the app and meet at a ghost site where they get to solve a puzzle.
5:37 pm
>> put together crew clues. they're supposed to match up the clues with the pryntings. in gallery, they critique one of the paintings in the gallery. >> the winner gets a gift certificate to a local business. for more informati the app, search gallery game in our nbc washington app. you want to be in the fittest city in america? well, you don't have to go far. ahead at 5:00 tonight, how our region fared in the annual ng ranki >> a tree that was more than 100 years old topples on the national mall. national mall. but we thinkhis piece t
5:38 pm
national mall. but we thinkhis piece t ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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the big carriers are talking about their current 5g roll outs, but their efforts are limited to a few pockets in select cities or trying to convince consy ers that 4g is actuall5g. they're neglecting small towns and rural communities, in leavg them on the wrong side of the digital divide. if approved, only the combined availableresources of t-mobile and sprint can deliver on all the spectrum bands needed to quickly bring unprecedacted 5g connectivity ross the nation.
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a piece of history topples on the national mall. >> it's a mulberry tree but it's more than a hundred years old. it fell this weekend. e ground was soaked from the recent rain. crews are hoping to save it. we have more on the plan to do that. >> the white mulberry tree is seei seen a lot in in the past. they don't know exactly how old the tree is. but they know it was planted before the washington monument dedication ba in bese of its history, crews
5:41 pm
are doing everything to preserve it. it did ruin some of the roots. but they're optimistic. >> won't be able to restore it to an upright form. but we're looking at things to restore the root ball. maybe propping and support so that it stays in the landscape e for soears to come. >> so as part ever that partial raise, cre have to prune back some of the branches. they plan to keep the tree in about the same spot it was in at the -- near the washington monument. they're going to build a kcusto prop for it. >> that is so cool. that's not easy. old tree with those roots? that's not easy. >> exactly. but ts is worth ving. it's worth savoring. >> exactly. it's own little monument down there. >> absolutely. >> i have hope. >> you're not alo.
5:42 pm
a week ago, tiger woods was getting a medal from the president. today, he's at the center of a lawsuit. why the family of a former employee is suing the golf star and what ods is saying about it tonight. on what can work wonde your
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leon here in the newsroom with breaking news. "the new york times" reports the presidmpt's son, donald t jr. has struck a deal to testify before the senate intelligence committee. the committee subpoenaed trump jr. to question him about testimony he gave in september of 2017 as part of the russia probe. trump jr. will meet with the panel in mid-june. we'll update you as we learn more about the situation. wendy, back to you. >> tiger woods is facing a lawsuit after an employee at his florida restaurant was killed in a drunk driving crash. this was a bartender and his parents say that the fellow restaurant workers verserved him and allowed him to drive home. jay gray has more. >> the grieving family- now blamingr tiwoods, his girlfriend and other employees atda f his death.
5:46 pm
in a h civi suit, lawyers say 24-year-old nicholas -- was a bartender at the woods in jupiter. after working a lunch shift, spent three hours drinking at the bar before dying in a car crash his way me. >> when he died, nick three times the legal limit of alcohol from the woods in his system. >> lawyers say everyone at the a restaur knew he was an alcoholic. instead of getting him help, woods and his girlfriend, the general manager, sat with him at the bar as he brank daysfore his death. they also accuse employees of destroying key evidence in the case. >> they knew about the cra that night. shortly thereafter, that video evidence was then destroyed and deleted off of the servers that they had at the woods. >> woods was asked about the situation while preparing for the weekend's pga cha ionship. >> we're all very sad that nick passed away.
5:47 pm
it was a terrerle,ble night. terrible ending. just feel bad for him and his entire family. >> a very different emotion than just a month ago when woods won the masters. the high-profile golfer now, again, dealing with litigation and controversy. jay gray, nbc news. for the second year in a row, arlington vginia is america's fittest city. the annual list from the le american c of sports medicine examines everything from eating habits to exercise to obesity. and new this year, cities were judged on airquality. the number of pedestrian deaths and bikability. what city did arlington beat out, seattle was number two, followed by minneapolis, san francisco and madison, wisconsin rounding out the top five. d.c. was number 6. congrats. there is a new device that doctors say can work wonders on your skin.
5:48 pm
it's a pen. it can treat scars and skrech mar skrech marks and wrinkles and on all skin types. eun yang shows us how it works. >> the powerof the pen. acne scarred her as a teenager she said. at the time there was nothing she could do about it. now she's turning to something new. this skin pen promises to help smooth her skin and boost collagens. >> now the technology has caught up with my skin type. i'm hoping that i can get a good healthy skin look. >> the way tnt treatme works, we're wounding the skin in a controlled fashion so we're poking thousands of holes in e skin and the skin brings in inflammatory cells and collagen and tightens and firms and new collagen grows. about three months later, you get your maximum results. >> each treatment costs between $350 and $550 depending on the dermatologist you go to. minimal. is but you can expect redness for a
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few hours. each treatment lasts 15 to 30 minutes and mos patients need six treatments to get the look they desire. there are micro needles tools you can use at your home and they are cheaper. they go anywhere from 12ucks to 300 bucks. determine tolss say the results y not be the sames what you get at the office. they need to be disinfected so you don't infect your skin. that never looks good. well, a familiar face we are used to waking uto every morning. al roker is in the house, in town for a big -- >> you're getting an impressive award. >> i'm first going to get a facialr ttment. >> get in line behind us. >> fantastic. >> i look at this shot, i feel liki'm standing in a hole next to doug. >> we're very -- >> em gettng a climate visionary award from the earth day network. you know, for
5:50 pm
really the people i work with at the "today" show who made me kind our mouthpiece. we're talng about climate change. we try to fit that in whenever we can. we're not obviously making stuff up. so we try to use show bully pulpit to spread that message. just to make sure it fits. we don't push it where it esn't belong. when stories warrant it, we try to tell that story. >> we're doing that exact same thing here. we get off the changing climate initiative here at nbe the suit. you went to the -- >> you know, saw firsthand what was happening. as you know, the arctic is warming twice as fast as the rest of the world. these folks literally are going to be the first climate change refugees. 's already happening. along the north shore of alaska. so it's really serious. what happens in the arctic doesn't stay in the arctic. it impacts all of us.
5:51 pm
i was really thrilled w th got to tell that story. >> you're going to be doing the "today" show from d.c. >> i'm going to be here in front of the building here, hopefullhopefully owe you are? >> the barbecue is out here. >> impressive. very impressive. >> that's why we set it up. we knew you like barbecue. >> it comes together. >> going over to the big green wall. >> here's th weather inour neck of the newsroom. >> here you go. take a look and tell you what's happening. out here right now. how cool is that? al roker everybody. >> it's cool for us. come on.e pry cool stuff. you brought goodies. 60 degrees in -- 61 annapolis. a nice afternoon if you like it cool. up in new york, al and i were talking about thether there. rain and 49. ld itys, ou ce. nother reason why he came down here. we got showers out there in towards parts of montgomery county. seeing the showers making their
5:52 pm
way thugh olney,he aspen hill area. over towards 95 as well. we'll continue to see hemes moving into prince george's county. the storm itself spinning inhe e not. it's going to sit here for a couple of days. the good news, as it continues to inch off toward the east, we'll continue to see the warmer air. rrow.ll get warmer to still below average on our wednesday. all in all, looking at a good look at wednesday. a nice couple of days thursday and friday, too. your school day forecast tomorrow. 51 degrees at the bus stop. 64 at recess. that's perfect for the kids to get outdoors. how about 71 in the afternoon. we're starting cool. we're going to end on a nice note during the afternoon and it warmer.en i think we get there on thursday. now, remember, thursday weather day at nats park of the we'll be li down there from nats park as they take on the mets. we'll be talking to 3,000, 4,00 kidrly in the day. they're definitely going to win. this is what happens when you don't change your graphics
5:53 pm
right. this is the caps game. the capitals didn't make the playoffs. >> i know they didn't. >> 82 degreesn friday. 85 on saturday, i'm sorry i did that caps fans. that's kind of -- hits you right here? doesn't it >> that's not what ing do. 85 o satur wy.asryi thr toughout next couple of day he it comes. the warmth. talking really nice days. not just the 80s. look how many dry days we're seeing. we set records for last year. 70 inches of rainh since t time last may. new york, al, you know is extremely wets well. we're moving into a warmer a drier pattern. i think most of us will like that. by the way, weather day at nats park, everybody. it's going toowe fantastic d there for the nationals. the nationals have a game on thursday. >> what about the caps? >> al? >> that's enough. >> throwing out the first puck. >> nice. >> nice to see al.
5:54 pm
ex-congressman now an ex-con. >> anthony weiner cometespl
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
finally, disgraced formern coessman anthony weiner whose political career got sidelined by sexting scandals is once again a free man.
5:57 pm
>> he was released from a halfway house in the bronx this morning after serving nearly two years in prison for sending explicit messages to an underage girl. >> rana novini from our sister station in new york has the late it's. >> good to be out. with my family and make up for ofme lost time. >> walking out a halfway house in the bronx, former congressman anthony weiner is officially a free n. >> feel like i am glad to be getting backmyo t live aam lie of integrity and service. i'm glad this chapter in my life is behd me. >> he just wrapped up a 21-month prison sentence. he conviction coming after a political career rocked are scandal. he was serving as a state congressman when lewd photos of him appeared on twitter i 2011. he eventually resigned from congress. only to make a comeback two years later by running for mayor. but another sexting scandal
5:58 pm
derailed his chances and wrecked his relationship with his wife, huma abedin, a senior adviser to hib hillary clinton. in 2016, he was back in the spotlight when an fbi investigation uncovered he sent and solicited explicit text fr messages om a minor after pleading guilty and serving his time, weier is looking forward to a new chapter. >> what does that mean? >> take care now. >> he wouldn't say if that future includes politics. >> by the way, huma abedin had filed for divorce but later withdrew saying she wanted to handle it privately to protect threeir y ang ou l ael 1 sex offender. that is the lowest risk for reoffending. he will have to remain on the sex offender registry for th 2 next years. a locker room assault at a local high school leads to changes for next school year. good evening, i'm doreen gentzler. >> i'm lee on harris.
5:59 pm
breaking at 6:00. the superintendent of montcomery ty schools addresses the issue. why he said there was not a delay this reporting. president trump down plays trade tensions with china. the stock marketegins to rebound. for now the prices you play for eye slew of goods are still headed up. >> the i-team uncovers dozens of inmates escaping from a local halfway house each year. what some are accused of doing may shock ne at 6:00 begins with breaking news. we start with those new details on a locker room sex atsault that happened damascus high school last fall. >> school officials are holding a news conference right now and all of this after the release of a detailed letter about the district's investigation into what happened. >> scott mcfarlane has his hands-on that letter. >> here it is. sent by the superintendent of schools moments ago. a news conference has also begun it's still going on.
6:00 pm
the superintendent is dr. jack smith. the man on the left. in his letter, he broke down what he says happens at night and after -- it's broken into three parts. they were late in arriving. they didn't say they'd be late. a parent first reported the assault on the evening of october 31st the coach told the school resource officer the next morning that the incident. superintendent explained the f future o two members of the school's athletics team. >> >> he will not


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