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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  May 14, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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it's still going on. the superintendent is dr. jack smith. the man on the left. in his letter, he broke down what he says happens at night and after -- it's broken into three parts. they were late in arriving. they didn't say they'd be late. a parent first reported the assault on the evening of october 31st the coach told the school resource officer the next morning that the incident. superintendent explained the f future o two members of the school's athletics team. >> >> he will not be teaching at
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damascus in the future and the jv coach will not be coaching or working for ps. >> mr. smith says a new jv football coach and new athletic director will be hired at damascs high school much the football program will be under a probationary oversight next season. nc will continue to monitor that news confere more details coming. news4's jackie benson will be live as soon as the news conference is complete. sctt mcfarland. back to you. >> thank you. breaking news from capitol hill now. donald trump jr. has struck a deal to testify bore the senate intelligence committee in june. the president's son is under subpoena from the committee to clarify inconsistencies in his testimony during the committee's investigation into russian campaign meddling. he agreed to a limited ppearance between two and four hours long. when asked about trump jr. today, committee chairman richard burrtold nbc news the committee does not addreaddres m
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engagement with witnesses. losing somey,00 points he dow jones industrial average ended with a gain of 207 points today. some experts say the markets rallied because the fundamentals of the economy are strong, but they warn the trade wars are unpredictable and once the max match is lit, it can bearoa to control what happens. craig boswell is tracking it all wmr us. some of the laakers are losing tience over this? >> that's right, leon. patience will diminish more as costs go up. the president is putting a positive spin on the trade war. at the same time he is escalating and threatening new tariffs. president trump sounding optimistic about resolving the escalating trade battle with china. >> we're having a little squabble with china because we have been treated very unfairly decades. many reporter: he is threatening hundreds of billions in additional tariffs.
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>> we are looking at that very strongly. 325 billion. >> reporter: monday china slapped tariffs on $60 billion of goods, including batteries, spinach and coffee. it's a retaliation for the president trump's tariffs >> it's another one of the trump lies when he says china pays for this. american consumers are paying. american farmer are paying. >> reporter: the chinese tariffs scheduled to take effect june 1st target agricultural products and u.s.r fars, especially soybeans sold to china. >> we just need to get a deal done, get somethinged fix with china and all of our trade tosues. >> something ha start changing, particularly for farmers. eporter: republicans and democrats agree on an even playing field for trade, but they disagree on tactics and timing. >> at the same time we are trying to get tough on china, we are picking needss, silly trade disputes with our friends
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like canada that weakens us and makes it easier for china to engage in this kind of tit for tat strategy. >> reporter: today a chinese ministry sakesman vowed chin will fight to the finish. as to who ishe winning, t president said the u.s. will win . just in case h is preparing billions in aid for u.s. farmers. >> thank you, craig. president tump has repeatedly proclaimed that when it comes to tariffs on chinese goods, china pays the price, but it's actually u.s. consumers who usually pay because importers e exporters or manufaturers pass along the price hikes. the tariffs president trump leveled last year have already resulted in higher prices for housing materials such as granite, cement and vinyl floor coverings. the new tariff increase on chinese goods could raise consumer prices in other sectors including toys, computers, electronics and furniture. the cost of tariffs imposed laso
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year out to about $420 per household. those costs areex pected to double ifal these addition tariffs stay in place for a year. police hope newly released video will help they cm track d three surlance cameras captured in this as two people hop out of a ca sand firets at a man walking down the block. this happened last thursday. inveigators tell us that they have recovered the vehicle from the shooting but so far they haven't been able to identify these gurmen. tng to our weather now. it's been another chilly, windy, ay day out there. although there was a little bit of sunshine. >> at the start of the day. >> yes. >> just a little. >> sunny, but wasn't warm. >> a peek or a poke, right, doug? >> we got both. it was a peek. it was a poke theat times. we have the clouds and a of showers in the northern zones.
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temperature-wise we are on the cool side, too. look at the clouds. they continue to come in frome th north. the showers continue to move in from the north ads well. numbers wise those current temperatures way cool as a result of this storm system. 58 degrees at dulles. 56 gaithersburg. 55 fort meade. 62 fredericksburg. the warmest on the map on the water at 63. they a much more of the warmer air making its w in, almost double this one. that's what we get for the weekend. almost double. not quite. see you back here in a minute. >> thank you, doug. breaking news right now. alabama state senate -- >> breaking news. >> well,right now the alabama state senate is debating the most restrictive abortion bill in the nation. the bill essentially outlaws abortion. doctors could face up to 99 years in prison for performing the procedure. the sole exception is a serious health risk to the mother. the bill's sponsor acknowledges
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her goal is to provoke a supreme court challenge. she and others believe theen currt court offers the best chance in decades tooverturn roe v. wade. the decision in 1973. raises are finally coming to teachers, principals and support staff who had their pay frozen a decade ago in prince george's county. how the interim school'seo uncovered the money to make that happen and who sells goielse is annefit. >> reporter: tiffy her is among those people fortunate to follow her life's passion. >> we are doing it because this is what we truly want to d it's definitely not for the money, you know. >> reporter: still being fairly compensated is important and thousands of teachers have had their pay frozen in time back to the days when the couy was in recession. that could change. >> it sends a message to every emoyee who stu with us since
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10 that we value them. >> reporter: the interim ceo announced a plan to restore step pay $46 mon of unpaid increases fiscal next thr ye the interim ceo says one much her first tasks was to streamline the operating budget. >> i went line by linen every budget, trying to find ways to reduce our overhead so we could focus on compensation. >> reporter: recovery from the great recession is very important. >> a united administration, very important. >> reporter: amid all the good news and celebration,here are adjustments to be made around the edges of this so that everyone benefits as much as possible. for instance, the president of the teachers union explains that someone newlyed hiruring a freeze period is compensated for the experience they bring, but they would be making more money than someone who has been with the system with that same amount of experience because their pad been frozen. >> i am hoping they understand that we're trying to right the ship. >> reporter: support staff would see their wages reflect the
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county's current financial health. back in the classroom teachers hope to concentrate on the county's tomorrow and worry less about her own today. >> i am a mother ofth ree young kids andaycare is very expensive. >> reporter: the county council is set to vote rly next month. a woman who broke barriers in the federal government and got d.c.'s financial house in order died today. aliceve rin was a widely respected economies, the first ever director of the congressional budget office and the chairman of d.c.'s financial control board from 1998 until it dissolved in 2001. former d.c. mayor tony williams has long touted her as a leader in the fiscal turnaround of our city. he died today after a battle with cancer. she was 88 years old. relief cou be coming for tens of thousands of people adopted if foreign countries as
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children. >> details on the bill today, ced in congress this could fix this problem. >> it's called the adopting citizenship act of 2019. it aims to close the gap in the law that's been there nearly20 years. today when an american legally adopts a child from another country that child automatically becomes a u.s. citizen. the existing law excludes adoptees to w adoptees who had become adults. some are now considered visa overstays and subject to deportation. in february we introded you to a virginia man who lived heref or decades. he has a green card but his parents never filled out the proper work to make him citizen. the bill would make a
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difference. >> i think it's a good step in the right direction. it's going to fix the problems to a large degree. we have concerns. >> reporter: there are restrictions in the proposed bill. she says it would exclude adoptees who don't have current lenl status, those whored the u.s. illegally as children and those who fail a criminal background check. a similar bill is expected in the senate in the next few weeks and there is bipartisan support for the adoptees. earlier versions in years past did not succeed. jodie fleischer, news4 i-team. more coming from the i-team later this hour. this is a jaw dropper. a local halfway house under scrutiny after an alarming independe number of inmates walk out. scott mcfarland looks into this. ovthe future of a d.c. hospital. some money diverted to a new and improved facility. stop they they need to bleeding at the hospital they
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already have. coming up next, a girl's fight for her life and the help she is getting after a devastating car crash. >> walk up and see your own veh ic
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i brought you a drinking, darling. >> oh, thank you very much. >> you can't help but laugh. the carol burnett sw made comedian tim conway a household name. he made millions of us laugh. he was a comedy genius. he not only made us laugh. even his co-stars couldn't keep a straight face when they were
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workingth him. the legendary actor died today in longitude. conway had been figing dementia. fans first met him as vincent parker in mchale's navy. his work on the carolurnett show earned him foir of sur of y awards. he starred in the apple dumpling gang. he ran into carol burnett he says at the right time and it was the most delightful 11 years he spent in the business. tim come way, a comedy legend, was 85 years d. >> what a legacy, anytime someone mentions your name, they laugh. > d.c.'s only hospital east of the anacostia is on life store. united medical center may be forced to make layoffs if a budget is approved by th d.c. council. it received preliminary approval today and news4's mark segraves explains any staff cuts could have a domino effect at other
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hospitals across the city. >> reporter: it's been plagued with problemsfor years. diict leaders have fought to keep the hospital open until a new hospital could be built to serve that part of the city. the mayor and the d.c. council disagree how much money to give the cash-strapped facilitad they h proposed $40 million. vince gray, who oversees the hospital's operations,nc convi his colleagues to cut it to $15 million arguing the rest of the money is better spent on a new hospital. letters warning of mass layoffs in the next 60 days. >> this ish a healtare crisis across the city. providence hospitalnd closing a now extreme cuts at united medical center. folks are not able to access health care. >> rt council chair supports reducing the subsidy the hospital gets from d.c. taxpayers. >> the management at the hospital has been so poor that the spending is way over budget
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and there, therefore, there have to be physical measures taken. >> reporter: the bowser administration wants to keep it afloat until a new hoespital is opened in 2023. if the council's budget getsn fi approval there will be cuts at the only hospital east of the river. >> it means that the hospital will have to be right-sized. esople won't be turned away because serv are being reduced. >> reporter: a spokesperson would only coirm the hospital has sent warning letters about layoffs. mark segraves, news4. the council will take a final vote on the hospital's budget next month. changes are still possible. council threatening todi olve the board of directors and replace them with a control board if spending isn't brought in line. secretary of state mike pompeo just wrapped up his first diplomatic trip to russia where he met with president vladimir putin. this is the highest level meeting between u.s. a russian officials since president trump met with putin in l helsinkist
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july. that day the president sparked bipartisan fury for siding with putin over the u.s. intelligence ommunity on the matter russia's interference in our 2016 election. at a news conference with his russian countpart today pompeo said he has made it clear that interference in 2020 is unacceptable. >> as we've made clear for the past month that interference inn americlections is unacceptable. the russians were to engage in that in 2020, it would put our relationship at an even worse prplace. >> ident trump and putin spoke on the phone for 90 minutes earlier this month. he president afterwards said did not talk with putin about election interference. a reality check on the alarming report of a shift in u.s. military strategy with iran. "the new york times" first reported last night that patrick shanahan presented a new t plano
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trump's top securitst aides la week and the plan calls for sending as many as 120,000 troops to the middle east if iran attacks u.s. forces or accelerates its work on nuclear weapons. nbc news reports this plan was one of a range of options shanahan presented and that was a worst-case scenario contingency plan. it is not beingim emented right now and there are no deployment orders being prepared. a fundraising effort is building tonight for a prince william county teenager a car lly injured in accident. >> she was airlifted from the crash earlier this month. >> northern virginia bureau chief jul carey shows us how the community is rallying around this young woman. >> reporter: this is the acdent scene when his phone app told him daughter christina's car had come to a standstill atge danus intersection on route 29 and he went to investigate. >> you walk up and see your own vehicle completely destroyed an
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your daughter is nowhere to be found. >> reporter: 16-year-old christina ha a hospital.fted to they rushed to the hospital. >> she was in pretty bad shape, in a coma at the orime. >> rr: there were broken bones, internal injuries. this is a picture of christina on the gofundme page. thes family'ggest wore russry, head injury. >> amazing she survived at all. >> reporter: she is one of five sibling b her oldestther set up the gofundme page. the contributions and messages boosting the family's spirit as they face a long road ahead. >> it's really lifted us up. without everybody's support, without faith, i don't know if we would have been able to endure allthis. >> reporter: her friends also a help bringing this picture board when they visited. i want her to get better. i don't want her toorry about anything at schooler anything e that's been going on. >> reporter: and there are encouraging moments in the hospital room like the other day when chriina's sister visited. and her sister waved to her and sher was able to raise nd and wave back.
6:21 pm
it meant a lot. >> reporter: her parents hoping, praying for that progress to continue. >> she has a lot of figh in her. very strong willed and determined. and we are confident she isg goin pull through. >> reporter: one thing christina won't have to worry about, the school work required to finish up her junior year. because she is such a strong student, the principal is giving her full credit and straight a's. if you'd like to check out e gofundme page for christina, go to our nbc washington app and search gofundme >>me. > coming up, a redskins player accused of assaulting a man outside a bar in ashburn has the charges dropped. what happened in court today for montae nicholson. thursday is weather day at nats park with nbc4 and telemundo 44. our chief meteorologist will throw out the first pitch and h will reveal his summer outlook
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here on news4. >> how come we didn't get jerseys? >> i don't know. >> and when it's finally going to feel le summerik
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doug rg t cooleray. you have been telling us about
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wednesday is going to be the best day? >> it has been all year long. we have had some very wet fridays. a lot of severe weather on fridays. this friday another chance of showers, maybe a thunderstorm, lthough not tooad. wednesday has been the day we could all look forward to for sunshine and nice weather. >> and? >> wednesday. nobody wants it on wednesday. we want it on saturday and sunday. right. >> i got it for you then, too. so there you go. >> perfect. >> finally. >> hump day tomorrow looking really, really nice. not bad now. again, it's cool, it's cloudy,h it'sly, it's a little breezy. you can see some sunshine out there. temperature only 61.we nor winds at 14 miles per hour. we are gusting 20 to 30 miles per hour still and t makes it feel cooler. 30-mile-per-hour wind gusts towardssb leeg, 20 fredericksburg. this helps with the cool factor. we have seen that about all day. temperature-wise only 56.
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martinsburg. 61 d.c. where the average high is 75 grees. and that's the good news here. we are going to get -- start to go back the right direction. as far as the rain is concerned we have got some showers through parts of west virginia. these showers coming through parts of our viewing area around the metro, including along the beltway and0 towards bubowie. this is moving to the east. it's all part of this bigger system just rotating around the entire northeast and it's going to stay there for another day or two. so we're on the cool side now, but that pattern is going to break down and the warm air out westoi is gng to start to move our way. that means great weather over the next couple of days. tomorrow on your wednesday i am thinking it's a great day. 71 for the afternoon. a great afternoon after what will be a cool start. all in all, looking good.
6:27 pm
looking good on thursday. 82 degrees on friday, 30% chance of a shower or storm. saturday 85 desrees. wedny looks great. but saturday, ah. >> yes, yes. >> finally. >> all right. thank you, doug. let's get back to our breeding news that we talk about at the top of the hour. th superintendent of montgomery county schools just finished his comments abouthe t locker room sault scandal. jackie benson is live from rockville here at 6:30. the news4 i-team discovers dozens of inmates escaping from a halfway house every year. what someme forr inmates say is the cause.
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back to thae breaking n. school leaders in montgomery county have wrapped up a news conference address ago locker room sex assault. >> jackie benson live from rockville where the sunierintendent just fied speaking. tell us what he had to say. >> reporter: well, we learned that thisnt inal investigation by montgomery county public schools could not begin until they had a clearance from montgomery county states attorney who is investigating this alleged incident involving a broomstickand jv football players. we have a timeline for you to show the dates and times that factor into this investigation. october 31std an allege assault in the locker room between 2:50 and 3:15 p.m. reported to the jv football coach that novem 1st school resource and
6:31 pm
montgomery county police. the results that we learned rence, n this press con the jv coach has been fired. we learned he will not work for montgomery county public schools again. the varsity coach, according to superintendent jack smith, will keep his job. the athletic director is out according to the superintendent. he will stay as a teacher in the school system, but not at damascus high school. and, as we snoknow, the princip has been reassignedas jack smith w pressed hard by reporters on why, given texts exchanged between school staff that night about thent incide why police were not called until the next day. >> i don't think i can be any more clear. in the context of everything d, saiit didn't indicate there was a sexual assault. there was a lot said. i frankly can't share that information at this time.ll but i am teg you it did not
6:32 pm
indicate a sexual assault at that time. the next morning it became much more clear as staff members talked with students about actually what had transpired. >> reporter: now, the criminal investigation continues. told by the o perintendent including looking into whether this was some type of prior pattern that students had heard about fore. live at montgomery county school headquarters, jackie ben se. an i-team investigation raising questions about one of our area's oldest halfway houses. >> hope village, alace designed to help inmates nearing the end of their sentence prepare to return home. they can only leave with approval and they must come back when told. >> but a review by scott macfarland and our i-team reveals what's happening when many of those men sign out for the day.
6:33 pm
>>. >> reporter: this is how willie sharp describes his granddaughter. the girl he helped cise from ldbirth. >> joy. >> reporter: joy that turned to heartbreak. when she was murdered in 2017. >> why wouldnt somebody wa to hurt her? >> reporter:ion as kay-kay to her friends, she was shotnd stuffed in the body of the trunk of her car, the vehicle set on fire. police charged three men in the killing. the i-team learned one of the suspects shouldn't have been on the streets at all.- theam has learned marcel vines, a man with a historyof gun and drug convictions signed out of the halfway house on the kay of carries's murder. he did not return. federal authorities considered that an escape. >> do you find it concerning that one of the men arrested for this escaped a halfway house that day? >> first time i heard that. >> reporter: that halfway house is hope village. it's the only halfway house for
6:34 pm
male prisoners the place before they are given full release for custody. they oly leave for work wi approval and are required to ac come right b when the i-team started looking into hope village, one of the largest halfway houses in the u.s. with more than 2en resid, we found an alarming pattern. we found marcel vines is not the only person to have escaped recently. far from it. our investigation found about 10people from this halfway house go awol eachth year. gh hope village holds 3% of america's hlfway house inmates, it accounts for about 10% of the escapes. there has been episodes before where people have walked away and committe crimes. >> reporter: attorney c.j. gideon represents the family of joel pavalov, man killed in june. police say dominic macheil murdered him with a hatchet after escaping from he village. they have filed a wrongful death
6:35 pm
lawsuit. many do return, federal prosecutors and the u.s. attorney have convicted roughly three dozen on escape charges since 2018. >> in the district if you look at your docket over the last year or two, dozens of does that concern the justice department? >> it is concerning. that's ne of the reasons why we're so active about prosecuting these cases. >> reporter: it's a halfway house, not a prison. by design there are no cells there. it's easy to move in and out, which we discovered when we went seeking comment for management. we were even able to open the front do which is unlocked. >> unsafe. >> reporter: rodney byrd is a convicted drug dealer who served the final weeks of his sentence at hope village. he says many people try to leave because of problems inside hope village and because they findt community outside unsaf >> they are frightened of the neighborhood that they in. it's bad. >> reporter: in a recent escape case in court,de a fel judge acknowledged well documented
6:36 pm
concerns about hope village. crime in the vicinity of the facility and issu with security. >> the nickname is hopeless village. >> reporter: hopeless? >> hopeless village. >> reporter: officials defended the facility at a d.c. community meeting earlier this month. >> so that they can return and have a place to come. >> reporterthey declined an interview with the i-team, issuing a written statement saying it takes public safety and the accountability of our citizens very seriously. they track whereabouts and track all problems. when an objective analysis is performed of people who go through the program versus those o leave, the number of escapes are relatively low. carisse's family says there at o consolation. >> i love her. m sorry this happened to her. i wish i could have bn there.
6:37 pm
>> marcel vines has not yet entered a plea. dominic has pleaded guilty in the nashville case. the u.s. buru of prisons says tails are confidential. they ll decide whether to renew hope village's contract when it expires this fall. >> i have so many questions. doesn't sound like there is no effort to change the situation. ion by e was a consider the federal government to get a new contractor, a new halfway house elsewhere in the district, but hope village challenged that saying the standards or the criteria used were improper. they keep the contract. these contracts are short. they will stay the government contractor to november. >> hard to get another neighborhood to agree to the halfway house. >> that's right. >> scott macfarland. >> thank you. >> to see more much the i-team's coverage or send a tip visit our nbc washington app a select investigations. coming up, a tree near the
6:38 pm
washington monument is older than the monument itself, was a casualty of our weekend heather. t is a push to save this. >> good news for drivers on the northbound g.w. parkway. one lane back open. the bad ews, this sinkhole is still here along the other part of the roadway. i'll tell you what it's going to take to perm ently fix the road coming up. those things weather relate how about that? 61 degrees in d.c. cool night tonight. but warmer weather is moving in .i'
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if you living in arlington county give yourselves a pat on the back. it's been named the fittest city in america for the second year in a row. the american college of sports and medicine index examines the biggest 100 in the country looking at everything from eating habits, exercise, and the obesity rate forfeit cities nearby. d.c. ranks sixth overall on the list. the dinkrict r first for availability of farmers markets and for people who walk or bike to work. a piece of living history toppled on the national mall.
6:42 pm
this mulberry tree fell over the enweekend after the r rains we have had. the national parks service says it's more than 100 years old. many call it a witness tree because of its history. crews are doing everything they can to save this tree. they say they won't be able toup fullyight the mulberry. isey are opt they are optimc they will be able to save part of it. it was there before the washington monument. same-day shipping is one thing. droe drone delivery is another. now food devered to your car while you are stuck in traffic. coming up, who thinks this is a good idea? >> maybe not in arlington. the fittest city. >> that's right. after another chilly night signs of a warmup on the way. doug's got thebe nu. it looksore like m
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a quick fix but more problems lie ahead on the. g parkway. several lanes along the parkway are back open now, but we've learned about more closures to y to find long-term fix. news4's transportation reporter adam tuss joins us near the sinkhole with ahy look at w this is turning out to be such a challenge. >> reporter: here along the parkway one lane now gettingut . b you can see the area where the sinkhole is still dipped far under the ground. it's going to take a while and a lot of fixing to make this road whole again.
6:46 pm
back open but not completely. the g.w. parkway still showing the srs of a massive sinkhole will be down to one lane in a stretch around mclean for at least six weeks. >> six weeks? >> reporter: yeah. >> that's a long time. >> reporter: the national parks service telling us it hopes to come up with a permant fix over the next month and a half. all the rain has basically washed part of the radaway. when you think at the end of that six weeks you will have a permanent fix if place? >> we are doing everything we can so drivers are gng have smooth drives. >> reporter: nothing completely smooth just yet. >> the fact that the roads are being undermine by the water, we have to be conscious of that. >> reporter: for drivers like amy barker, a new wrinkle for an already tough commute. >> i feel like a lot of my life is planned around when the worst traffic times are. so, yeah, try to drive when i'm not going to be in it are i keep in mind this problem spot will coincide watth th massive
6:47 pm
summer metro clore along the blue and yellow line that we're facing in just a few weeks. along the g.w. parkway, adam tuss, news4. >> don't despair. no whoppers coming. >> there you go. the washingtone rkins montae nicholson has been dropped. he and his friends were arrested in december after a fight after a restaurant. the attorney tells news4 the victim did not want to proceed . if cvi cted, th wi nicholson could have faced up to a year in jail. he is expected to compete for a starting job for the burgundy and gold isn't it awful when you are hungry andn stuck there i traffic? >> yeah, some cities burger king is solving half of that problem. the fast food giant is delivering food to drivers going nowhere. the delivery works through an app. they are using cyclists and motorbikes to get the fd to
6:48 pm
you. gps tracks the customer's location as they much along in bad traffic. >> the delivery area has to be within three kilometers of the area so the burgers are still warm when they get to the customers. so far the service is only g ailable in mexico city. they are planninto expand to los angeles. >> where the people will be xpanding soon. >> there is no way that works. >> and what about how all the other people around youn traffic would be if they see you getting a burger? >> that's right. >> did that guy just get burger king? >> exactly. >> doug, those skies out there this looking. yeah. >> sunshne over here and then dark. >> dark clouds. that's that cold air aloft. it's cold air aloft. the clouds form. sunshine. it's differential heating. there you go. differential heatinghe you get t clouds. it was cloudy that's what it
6:49 pm
was. we have the sunshine in pas of the area. we have clouds and showers currently. you see the sun and the cloud cover out there. current temperatures 61. way below average. our average high is 75. 58 by 7:00. down to 54 by 11:00 tonight. take a look at the numbers. 56 at gaithersburg, 57 reston. it's a cool night. it's going to beno aer cool one. a couple of showers. we have some towards anne arundel county. leesburg shower activity through loudon county, lumont county, too. they are not going to do a lot. sprinkles right now. all rotating around this area of low pressure. this big area of low pressure that's really just not spinning and moving off towardsas the e fast enough. it is going to continue to make that trek off to the east. look what it's leaving. i mean, vy cool air up into parts of the northeast. only 49 in new york. 45 in buffalo. there was snow today in the mountains towards vermont and
6:50 pm
new hampshire. back to the west. this is what we want to get into. the 70s and the 80s. they are back to the west, and that's the pattern right now. a verof warm dom area in the middle part of the country. cool air around our area.n that patter shifts. the cool air stays in new england. but we start to get on warmer side of things. we will be between very warm air and that cool air. but i think warmer air will win out for the mst part the next couple of days. at the bus stop 51 deges early, 64 recess, 71 by the time you are picking up the kids. tomorrow a nice afternoon. thursday weather day at nats park. 75 degrees. looking good, too. if you are heading to the game, a 1:05 game, i amrowing out the first pitch. weather is going to be pretty good. could be a shower 9:00, 10:00, 11:00. storm team4 talking to thousands of kids that way. 74 degrees by the time you make your way out.
6:51 pm
tomorrow trea turner bobbleheads at na park. 25,000 fans get those. thursday doug kammerer bobbleheads. what? >> yeah, dozens. 25,000 trea turner and dozens of these guys. hey, buddy. how you doing? >> we need a close-up look of that. >> we need a close-up look of the kammerer bobblehead. >> the forecast looks awesome. >> i don't see any gray in his hair. >> and second prize, two doug kammerer bobbleheads. >> all ug, thank you. ug, thank you. coming up, e natsth
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the big carriers are talking about their current 5g roll outs, but their efforts are limited to a few pockets in select citiesto or trying convince consumers that 4g is actually 5g. they're neglecting small towns and rural communities, leaving them on the wrong side of the digital divide. if approved, only the combined availableresources of t-mobile and sprint can deliver on all the spectrum bands y needed to quing unprecedented 5g connectivity across the nation. this is the xfinity sports desk. >> all right. is the home cooking going to help the nats? that's the question. >> it couldn't hurt, right?
6:55 pm
despite t nationals struggling ingly they , surpr have been more successful away m home. the team back in d.c. after a difficult road trip and the nats are hoping to given the home fans something to cheer about. washington's back home after a ten-game road trip, three wins in that span. currently, the nats are eight games below .500 and trail the division leading phillies by eight games. ryan zimmerman out with a foot injury still. good see him back on the field working out. tonight the start of a week-long six-game homestand and a chance to turn things around. >> we got to play better ba eball. i knowe that wd played better baseball in l.a. we got to put a string of weeks the where we play better, hitting, pitching, defense. all facets. >> when you arelaying banged up, you've got to play per perfect. it's never fun. i felt guilty that i wasn't there. i feel sitting at home watching
6:56 pm
them fwriend through it, it's tough. that's baseball. nody is going tofeel sorry for us because we don't have aur guys out there. you've got to find a way to win games. >> a pching part of their problem. we remember this pitch from last y.ear on the weather da doug on the mound. that was a little outside. looking good. on thursday, it's the 2019 news4 ather day. ance to l get another choons make it pitch perfect. he showed matt grace this video. he has some tips for you. >> pretty impressed by it. i know you are asking me for some tips, but dwron if i got any for him. >> what? >> try to get a little more extended out font. that's about it. and maybe don't shake so much on the signs. just throwht. ot than that, it's solid. sign the ball like a pro, too. his shak are pretty pronounced, pretty dramatic. other than that, it's all right.
6:57 pm
looks like it's coming out pretty good. got that four-seam rise on it. >> bget out of here. how much did you pay him? >> we go back a long way. we played together -- >> how much did you pay him? >> that was cool. that. nk you for >> that was pretty neat. >> if the weather thing doesn't work out for you, maybe? >> that day is long gone.t thay is long gone. >> all right. chicago for the nba combine today and tomorw. the news the basketball world is waiting for is who gets the first. pick the washington wizards hope their name is called first meaning they get the first pitch. the besthance to bring phenom zion williamson. nbc sports's washington chris miller explains why the number 9 is so important to the wizards tonight. >> reporter: we are here in downtown chicago. behind me is the hilton hotel where it will go down tonight. as you know, zion williamson is the consensus. he is the unanimous potential number one overall pick in
6:58 pm
june's a draft. and 14 teams that didn't qualify for the playoffs have an opportunity to land that top spot. as you know, the washington wizards, who had 50 losses this season, has a 9% chance of getting that number one pick. let's stick with number in 2001, the wngtonza wirds collected kwame brown number one overall. nine years later john wall was e e number one pick. so hopefully ninars later the wizards get an opportunity to select number one eovll. but they have also got to figure out who their next gm is. i am told within the next week or twoizthe wds hopefully will be naming their new president of basketl operations. a lot of activity with the washington wizards. . most of it will be going down right here in chicago over the next week. back to you. >> all right. there are 14 teams. there is 1001 possible combinations for the lottery. fingers crossed, arms crossed. >> we are rubbingo our luck
6:59 pm
charm here. >> are they going to get the nine? >> lilea
7:00 pm
tonight, inside a two planes fillewith passengers apparently slam into each other in the skies over alaska tourists on a popular cruise ship excursion. at least four peoplete are dead, others pulled alive from the wreckage tonight the search for passengers still missing. this accident coming less thaa year after another high profile crash involving the an alarming new report about u.s. military options for iran, including the possible deployment of to 120,000 troops in the middle east what president trump is saying about that tonight. the new vote on what would be ive most restriabortion law in america, effectively outlawing the doctors whorm abortions could face 99 years in prison why proponents say th


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