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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  May 15, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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right now, police are investigating how a car ended up off a path and into the c&o canal. chopper4 is over the scene during the rescue. we'll bring it to you. concern is growing for a missing west virginia teen. searchers are look for clues in her disappearance. we'll have the latest on where ast seen. and we finally have some sunshine out there. we are looking at some warming temperatures as well. but any rain in the forecast before the week's end and we'll talk about that in the ten-day coming up. >> announcer:4 "newsidday" starts now. good morning, and welcome to "news4 midday." i'm meagan fitzgerald. >> and i'm erika gonzalez. and an update to a scary situation near the c&o canal
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near great falls. montgomery county officials told us two people had to be rescued from an overed car that crashed into the vq$]water. we brought you this as breaking news earlier this morning. chopper4 was over the scene of the victims and were pulled from the car and put on stretchers and laters rushed to an ambulance on the scene and we're working to learn the condition and police are figuring out why they were driving alopa a where cars are not allowed.rm as new infoation comes in, we'll have the very latest in our nbc washingtp happening right now, the national peace officers memoriav sece getting underway at the u.s. capitol. >> it is one of the biggest events of national police week and president trump will be speaking there today. >> nbc4 nichol jacobs is live near the west lawn. good morning. >> reporter: good morning t you, megan and erika. things are getting started as we speak on the west front lawn in front of the capitol but i want to draw your attention to the
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poignant moment our cameras captured moments ago.o motycle police officers in full force from all over the country rolng in to stand for a caravan of buses carrying the survivors of officers who lost their lives in 2018. this events in memory and honor of the 158 police officers who have lost theire lives in th line of duty. one of several vigils throughout the area that are held during this nationalolice week. police officers and police associations have gathered here on the west front lawn of the capitol to take part in this two-hour long ceremony.e we spok with sheriffs of loudoun county who have been remembering some very specific peop t throughouthe week as well as today. >> there was a loss of life with the sheriff's office and retired from the administration so i l know severa people that have died in the line of duty with
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the dea so i have a dual role here. >> reporter: and surely there are officers representing every state and jurisdiction. there will also be a wreath-lmoing cere following today's services. erika and megan, back to you. >> nicole, tha you. one of the most solemn honors at today's peace officers memorial service is in the family of fallen officers. yesterday police honor guard and drum bands competed for that spot. showing off the precision andmu cal talent. the ceremonial units perform from graduations to funerals. thiweek they'reonoring those killed in the line of duty. >> that is what ts about. it is about honoring the people who step in our society to rs protect otnd who have paid the ultimate sacrifice. it is truly a very moving sort of thing for us as law
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enforcement officers. >> and among those remembered is prince george's police sergeant ramaden killed in 2018 when he stepped in to try to help a neighbor involved in a domestic dispute when he was off duty. we take a turn to ourer weath warmer weather thankfully. so it is a beautiful day for all of those police activities. >> it is been cold, lauryn ricketts. will it warm up? rm we're going to up. yesterday the temperatures were in the low to mid-60s.t oday we're already past that 66e degrees on bottom right-hand of the screen. full sunshine out there. just a -looking day. finally we deserve it. because after this weekend, and after the last couple of days when the temperatures have felt more like march, early rch, e're finally getting into feeling more like spring out there. and looking more like spring. look at how green. 66 degrees is our temperature right now. it is not dark.
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but it is sunny outside. but we'll continue with sunshine all throughout ty. d so just a few clouds possibly by the time we head into the g. evenin there could be a stray shower. as we head through the overnight but we are comfuntable. the going down about 15 minutes after 8:00. so plenty of time to get outside and enjoy. and thanks toigh pressure in charge, it is cleared out everything for us. including some clouds. we'll take a look at ournext chance of rain. a good chance of rain because it is coming before we head out of the workweek and take a closer look into the weekend. things going on this weekend. we'll show what you is going on coming upte in 15 minu >> thank you. today police in morgan county, west virginia, will launch a massive search for a missing teenager. disapplly crossman from her family home last week. the last time anybody heard from her was wedneay morning. she tried calling her boyfriend around 6:00 a.m. but he was asleep and didn't answ. nobodyhas seen or heard from her since. none of reilly's social media
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accounts have been active since that day. her parents insist she didn't run away and believe sheas abducted. the following developing story in the middle east. the u.s. is warning am icans to stay away from iraq. u.s. embassy there is ordering all non-essential and no non-emergency government staff to leave. they've issued a warning for those wanting to tr to iraq because of terrorism, kidnapping and armed conflict. president trump is denying a plan that would send troops to iran. tracie potts has the story. >> reporter: president trump said "the new york times" report said it is considering sending 120,000 troops to the middle east to deal with iran is wrong. >> i think it's fake news. now would i do that? absolutely. but we have not planned for that.e hopefully we'rnot going to have to plan for that. and if we did that, we'd send a hell of a lot more troops than
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that. >> reporter: the u.s. is investiging attacks on four foreign tankers with intelligence iran may plan attacks on the u.s. there. >> we've made clear if american interests areck at, we will most certainly respond in an appropate fashion. >> reporter: a group has been staged in the gulf in case of a conflict. critics blame america's pull-out from the iran nuclear deal. >> w need tork with our allies in europe and try to get iran back to the tale. >> reporter: getting the u.s. and china back to the table on tde, there is no timetable for that. president trump calls it a small squabble. >> china needs to quit moving the goalpost and get back --na >> quit hemming and hawing and let's finish the deal. >> reporter: even democrats are urging the president not give in. >> and critics say this back and forth with tariffs between the u.s. and china should just be to get the two nations talking
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again. not the entire trade policy. racie potts, nbc news, washington. we're staying on top of another developing story on pitol hill. donald trump jr. agreed to a second closed-door interview with the senate intelligence committee. a source tells nbc news the president's son will discuss a half a dozen topics under oath including what he knows about the president's efforts to build a trump tower in moscow. new details, several people have lost their jobs at damascus high school after aca sing internal report into the alleged rapes of football players last year. the adults who were supposed to be supervising the student-athletes were not where to be found. justin finch has more on that report. >> reporter: we heard the superintendent said he wished thnever happened. understandable concern about this report which uncovered the jv football players were meunsupervised at the tihat alleged sexual assault
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took place. here is what we now know. on october 31st, 2018, last yeat ben 2:50 and 3:50 four jv football players were reportedly seasally ulted by their own teammates in the locker room and a parent did alert a coach that evening but there was no until november 1st, the next day when a school resource officer got involved. and some say that was just too late. the report goes on to find the students were seunsupervi because their coaches were running late and didn't notify other staffabout that. and in that 25-minute window those students lives re changed forever. part of why the county should keep an eye on the football team well into next season and some say that actions had to be taken. >> our office will provide d oversight an support with all type of things, particularly around supervision and structuring things in place to make su that the operations
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after school, prop -- for pract and game are in line with r tion plan and template. >> reporter: the county made chantes to the inci reporting on school campus and as well as after-school protocol and calling for an external investigation and as they are able to and also the five football players are now facing criminal charges about this case. in damascus, i'mi justfinch, nbc4. now the montgomery county public school superintendent jack smith is speaking at a news conference. he's once again addressing the alleged rapes of junior varsity football players by teammates at damascus. we'll have more on what he said coming up on news4 at 4:00. alabama could have the strictist ortion members in the u.s. they could make performing an abortion a felony. alabama is the only state to ban abortions since the supreme court decided roe versus wade
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back in 1973.ex the only ption for an abortion under this bill would be if the woman's life is in danger. it does not include a waiver for rape or incest. >> i think that was the hardest thing to live with, the misconceptions and things that were put out there about fear and n we can just deal with what is actually it does and look forward and see what happens. >> we askedhe doctors for the state of knowingth w or not they could have reproductive health care. that is what my policy is for. >> the alabama state house overwhelmingly approved a bill and any doctor performing an abortion could face nearly 100 years in prison. the bill now goes to alabama governor to decide whether to sign it into law. critics say it is uncupstitutional. rters are hoping it will send -- it will go to the supreme court. this morning a virginia family is celebrating small victories after a terrible accident.
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>> to wave to her and she was able to raise her hand and wave back and that meant a lot. >> that is the father of a car accident. see how community support is pouring in for the family. and hanging on for dear life. that is two people inside of a swinging basket on top of the sty -- skyscraper. people stopped to watch
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errifying moment this is morning in oklahoma city where two window washers found themselves swinging wildly out of control on top of a tower at 50 stories it is the tallest building in oklahoma city. this is cringe-worthing and every time they scrape by they are scraping the side of the buildinea brng some of the glass. rescue crews eventually managed
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to get the two tofe . the fire department said it is checking them for any possible juries they may have. can you believe that? >> talk about worst night mere. >>what a wild -- >> a risk doing that and hoping that never happens. but wow, that is scary. if you think you are getting more of those annoying robocalls, you're right. >> the nber of robe o-- robocalls skyrocketing and the scammers are taking their games to a whole new level. >> tom costello has a new push from the fcc to crack down on the calls and bring you relief. >> reporter: it is the sound everyone loves to hate. >> i ignore it. >> i g tons recently. >> i don't pick up because i know it is a robbo call. >> reporter: and the barrage of robocalls is onlyti getng worse. according to estimate 163 million robocalls every day in america. over the last four years, up to
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nearly 5 billion this april and coming from are all across the globe. >> there are some that ar in other languages. >> reporter: a 222 from maurityainia and 421 from slov aquio but soon there could be an anuwer for the anted calls. the fcc will announce today it is proposing a w regulatory rule to authority and require phone carriers toat automally opt in customers to robocalls blocking technology. right now you have to manually sign up. if the new rules areap oved, carriers will detect and analyze and block those calls even before they reach your phone. >> to block robocalls by fault will stem the tide which is overwhelming for many and led too many nsumers to stop answering phones altogether. >> reporter: phone companies could sen them straight to voice mail or bck them altogether. the new fcc rule comes as
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robocalls are being more sophisticated. >> welcome to our management er >> reporter: the latest money grab known as the one ring scam. you get a call often while you are asleep and they hang up right away. the number may call multiple times. >> and i thought, you know, oh, my goodness, it is a family emergency. >> reporter: when you dial it back a connection to a costly 900 number and you're stuck with the charges. other scammers could even mask their numbers using your own local area code hoping you are more likely to pick up. with a new wave of robocalls the fer said t is no silver bullet for stopping all of them but if the proposals are approded customers coulotice fewer call this is later this summer. >> i have at least 50 calls that are blocked and they keep on coming. that was tom costello reporting here. and here are thgs you can do. ake sure your phone number is registered in the national do-not-call registry and sign up for apps that screen unwanted
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calls and remember legitimate organizations don't call you asking for personal information. the next few weeks will be bumpy for drivers using the george washington parkway. more closures will be put in place so thwork crews could try and fix potholes and even a sinkhole. for the next six weeks the gw parkway will be down to one lane in a stretch around mcclain. o a the rain has basically washed part of the roadway away. and you could still see some of the dips that exists. drivers tell us they are being cautious. >> the roads are ing undermined by the water and we have to be conscious of that. >> we're doing everything that we can so that drivs traveling on the parkway will be safe. >> there is good news for drivers. yesterday the parkway between cambridge and beltway was reopened. a truck plowed into a parking lot on pennsylvania avenue in southeast. so at the top ofhe screen you see the truck coming down a hili andt doesn't stop and goes
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right through the fence and slams into a parked car. the accident happened on saturday and the owner of one of the damaged cars sent us this video. six cars were damaged and two, as you can see, wew!totaled. wo a fund-raising effort is building for a prince william county teenager hurt in a crash. >> she was airlifted this month on route 29 in fauquier county. >> northern virginia bureau chief julie carrie shows us how they communit rallying around her. >> reporter: this is the accident scene when this father said his daughter's carr had come to a standstill and he went to investigate. >> you walk up and see your own vehicle completely destroyeur ad yo daughter is nowhere to b found. >> reporter: 16-year-old christina had been airlifted to ix torf tfahehe hanosapiketal.d
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>> they said she was in bad shape. she was in a coma. >> reporter: there were broken bones an internal injurie this is a picture on the gofundme@ú> it is amazing that she survived the accident at all. >> reporter: she is one of five siblings, her oldest brother s up the gofundme page. the contributions and messages boosting the family spirits as they face a long road ahead. >> this lifted us up with support and i don't know if we would have been able to endure all of this. >> reporter: her friends from brentsville high bringing this picture board when they visited. >> i just want her to get better. i don't want to her worry about anything, school or anything else that is going on. >> reporter: and there are encouraging moments in the hospital room like the other day with her sister visiting. >> h sther waved to her and she was able to raise her hand and wave back and it meant a lot. >> reporter: her parents hoping and praying for that progress to
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continue. >> s is strong-willed and determined and we're confident she's going to pull through. >> reporter: one thing n'ristina wohave to worry about as she recovers, the school work required to finish up her juniob yearause she's such a strong student the principal is giving her full credit and straight a's. in prince willia i'm julie prry, nbc4. a gofundmege has been set up and for details go to and search gofundme. she was arail blazer in the federal government and helped get d.c. financial house in order. now we've leaed alice rivlin passed away and broke several gender barriers. the first director of the congressional budget office and the first woman to lead the office of management and budget. she served as the chairman of d.c. finaial control board which was created at the time to pull the ty out of a financial
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crisis. she was 88 years old. well actresst carol burn is remembering her long-time partner in comedy tim conway. the emmy-winning actor died yesterday after battling a long-time illness. he was best known for starring on hit series like the carol burnett show and others.e he not only m generations of americans laugh and even his co-stars couldn't keep a straight face with him. burnett released a statement yesterday saying in part, she's heartbroken. conway was 85 years old. wake up feeling refreshed after just a few hours of sleep. wouldn't that be nice. it happens for some people. we'll explain why coming up. >> and not for these two ladies. >> no. and what is slowing down
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we are three days away from the second leg ofhe triple crown and this morning we've learned there isub more for baltimore race track. crews are working to repair a er main break outside of the main entrance. not only has the work shut down nearby roads it also means there is no clean running water that is going into the park and it is not clear if it was fixedni ovt. but you may remember last month more drama. 6,000 seats were determined to be unsafe and won't be open on saturday's preakness race. so from bad to worse. aye yai yai. tomorrow nbc4 and sister station telemundo 44 are partnering with the washington narfo nationals weather day. doug kammerer will throw out the first pitch against the mets and then on nbc4 at 4:00 doug will reveal the official summer
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forecast. how many can we expect and are hurricanes going to threaten the coastline and how hot will it get and he'll answer the questions come thursday r ternoon. >> i'm ready foe heat. they could bring on the heat. this last stretch of cold air, no thanks. >> i know. >> but now that back half of the ten-day forecast is looking mighty fine. >> i whel tell you, some of t models have us going well into the 90s next week. >> really? >> my gosh. >i'm saying that because you don't follow the model guidance. you have to forecast. we that is a trend that could possibly be may not mid-90s but of course maybe warmer than it actually will be especially for today. now todayez temperatures in the low 70s. that is below normal under this final of th year but we'll take it. yesterday only in the low to mid-60s so we'll take whatd e coulet and taking the sunshine. hopefully you're takg it in. it is a beautiful day out there in the d.c. area. and temperatures arepo resing. the temperatures are in the 60s right now across the rdboait
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was chilly this morning and i was on wtop and bruce allen talked about how he had the heat on in the car. i can't blame him. i had the heat on the last two days and i had a puffy coat but not today because the temperatures will move into the low 70s today with a few this afternoon. now there could be a spotty sprinkle but that is about it. for the most part w tre goi be comfortable heading into the overnight. and you can see high pressure aring out everything so we are looking good and clear across the mid-atlantic. n, for a high in d.c. today. now aga sprinkle is possible. i would say a 10% chance. so very, very low c nce. better chance of see something showers overnight. when i say better chance, 2 chance. we'll say maybe a light shower by day break tomorrow morning. sun tdoor lunch, grab that block and you need it and the sunglasses and for after-school games there is nothing to worry about the. the evening commute could have sunshine delays with this bright
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blue skies and sunshine we'rege ing. but for the most part we will be fine. and looking good as the nats take on the mets. 7:05 is that first pitch and again a spotty sprinkle possible but really short-lived and very light. so it is looking cloud up just a little bit at the beginning but clearing skies for the game temperatures falling through the 60s, a light jacket for the lat innings and we'll talk about the rest of the ten-day and talk about the weekend and next chance of rain. good chance of rain coming up in a few minutes. >> lauryn, thank you very much. police are hoping that a cold case is now closed. we have new information on a 2018 hit-and-run. and budget cuts for a d.c. hospital. what the proposal could mean for em
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>> announcer: you're watching "news4 midday." back now at 11:30, we have
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new information out of prince william county on a dead hit-and-run accident that left a 17-year-old dead. police say a suspect raymond robinson turned himself iner yey. investigators issued an arrest warrant for robinson after tip led to a damaged vehicle regisred to him. the accident happened in september of 2018 on sudley road in gainesvillas adrian ariz killed in the hit-and-run. andntire fleet of planes grounded since march due to safety concerns around the globe. e boeing 737 max was volved two crashes in five months killing 346 people. >> aanti-stall system new to the max played a role in both disasters. now the house transportation committee wants to know how federal regulators cleared the t place fly in the fi and why it took two crashes to ground t max. >> why did it take so long?
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the faa is data-driven risk based systems approach to all things safety. >> boeing is working on a software fix for the anti-stall system and is expected to submit it to the faa later this month. but the max is not expected to fly again before the summer is out. we have new informatn in that deadly mid-air collision in alaska. six people died in tuesday's crash. three of the victims are americans. the passengers were on sightseeing tours as part of a cruise excursion and survivors were pulled to safety in a passing ship. no word on what caused the crash. the d.c. only hospital is on life support. united medical center may be forced to make layoffs if a new dget is approved, the budget received preliminary approval yesterday. mark segraves explains any staff cuts could have a domino effect
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at other hospitals across the city. r: the united medical center in southeast d.c. has been plagued with problems for years. leaders have fought to keep theo hospitaln until a new hospital could be built to serve that part of the city. but the mayor and the d.c. council disagree on how much money to give the cash-strapped cility. bowsoposed $40 million. the counsel member vince gray who oversees the hospital operations convinced h colleagues to cut the funding to just $15 million. arguing the rest of the money it ter spent on a new hospital. t umc board of directors sent hospital staff letters warning of masslayoffs in the next 60 days. >> this is a health care crisis across the city. where providence hospital closing d extreme cutsto united medical center that means folks are not able to access health care. >> reporter: phil mendelson reports -- supportsu the sidy from taxpayers. >> the management of the hospital has been so poor that the spendi is way outside of
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budgetand way over budget and have to be e physical measures taken. >> reporter: mhe bowser adistration wants to keep umc aoat until a new hospital could be open in 2023. the deputy mayor nor health and scheuma -- and human services said there will be cuts on the ome e hospitalast of the river. >> it means the hospital will right-sized. you won't see people being turned away because servic are reduced. >> reporter: a spokesperson would confirm the hospital has sentarning letters about layoffs. mark segraves, nbc4. >> and the council will take a te next month and changes are still possible. the council ishreatening to issolve the hospital board of directors and replace them with a control board if spending isn't brought in line with the budget. this afteoon d.c. mayor muriel bowser will launch the great graffiti wipeout. the department of public works graffiti abatement teem will embark on an eight week blitz
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through eight wards and will include new set signs, free lerd signs and advertisements featuring notab residents and tarted enforcement. the mayor and police department are also putting a focus on fighting the violent crime in southeast. people in the community call the murder rate a crisis. police launched their summer rime initiative yesterday and an drew wilder reports, in addition to cg up the streets, officers are also cleaning up a few yards. >> we know you're in there -- >> reporter: no, it is not an episode of cops. >> >> come on out. >>reporter: more like hgtv. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: metropolitan police officers are in southeast volunteer much-appreciated yardwo for people who have served the community and our country. >> we're going to do what we ca to makeu feel appreciated. is that oka that's beautiful. >> it is called mpd yard crashers. we'll cut the crash.
11:36 am
>> and put e plan in and i'll cut this and cut that out. >> when i first came out, i kn didn't ow whether to rejoice or run. a lot of police out here. >> you're right. >> reporter: kenneth best is a purplepi heart ret and vietnam veteran and suffered with ptsd and now volunteers his time helping other service wh members they come home. >> the ptsd, i didn't know anything about i said -- i was in therapy for 23 years. we're able to help the guys coming back now from iraq and afghanistan and desert storm, the whole nine yards. >> he's in hisnd 70s a still givek back to his community so we wanted to take a moment to give back to him. >> reporter: and down the street ira christian's yard is getting love. >> everybody say hey. i say wow. >> reporter: he served mpd for 33 years. >> how does it make you feel when you see the flowers and the grass getting cu >> i feel good. it feels good. >> reporter: with a fresy-manicured lawn, a brand-new american flag goes up
11:37 am
flying above the home of one of our country's heroes. me theuld see all around love being shared. >> reporter: police want the city to see it and hope that it results in a positive relationship on the street. reportinsoin theast, drew wilder, nbc4. >> that is a great story. >> love that. beautiful. all of the time. >> he was wearing his joy on>lo face. great story, drew. r caving a little peace and quiet? what uber is doing to make your wish a reality. >> good wednesday morning. >> every parent knows that toys high-tech. more >> but tech comes with cyber crime and there are more signs that hackers are targeting your kids. >> this is sry, yes, because i have -- >> so what can you do to ten keep your children safe. >> consumer reporter susan hogan reveals everything you need to know about thmo
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good ing at cnbc headquarters and uber is rolling out a new feature for luxury car service to discourage some drivers. there are a quiet car mode that you could request when you hail a ride and also ask for help with luggage, communicate your ndreferred temperature a request extra time before getting into the carwithout getting thatate pick-up fee. uber are more expensive andhan 200% more expensive than uber pool. ith your cnbc morning business report, i'm raul solomon. i knew you would change and i know you'll keep changing the world. >> let me show you where we put the tree. >> so you'll sohi see t video on your social media feed. this morning the girl scouts are rolling out brand-new
11:41 am
campaign. >> they're calling it girls the wod needs. mol gree mol -- molette green has the story. >> this is the young woman featured in the video you just saw. all of the ladies, girl scouts did amazing things. 225 in our areand we have some with us this morning. what did you do? >> have a financial literacy ks worp. >> help a woman of collar and raise education and illustrated a children's book. >> sprd awareness and education about cerebral palsy. >> taught senior citizens how to use technology. >> taught kids about compute advocacy. >> created a safe space for college students. >> and you're featured in the video. how do you feel. >> it melt a -- it felt amazing. >> gold award girl scouts.
11:42 am
>> it is amazing. they are teaching us a that you can solve the world's challenges andkñy we have a lit gift for you girls the world needs. so we're excited that you're with us today. >> lydia, thank you so much. thank you for the great work you've de. beuse you are -- >> girls the world needs. >> i remember those days of being a girl scout. selling the girl scout cookies. >> i never made it that far. i got to like davie -- >> i got to brownie and that is where it was for me. >> so, lisifn -- >> ou want to go outside it is looking good. >> the kids are wrapping up the after-school and high school actices and that kind of stuff, going to be looking good. not cold or need the layers, the sweatshirt. nothing like that. i there just shorts and sunglasses and some sun block to protect that skin. look at that.
11:43 am
not a cloudn the sky. at least from the live tower camera. you could see the beaut in our nation's capitol. blue skies and just beautiful out there. finally we deserve it. look at the temperatures over e next couple of days. temperatures low 70s today. mid-70s tomorrow. which is normal for thtime of the year and low 80s into friday. mid-80s by saturday. i want to talk about the weekend, though. becae it looks like by this weekend we could have some differingre focasts. especially from your phone app e and i'llain why in a second. current temperatures, not much going on out there right now. right up throughs the 60 into the low 70s. by this afternoon, aboutnc 10% ch of a sprinkle. that is it. so a very small chance. but a 20% chance overnight. there is nothingon the radar now thanks to high pressure. forecast for tomorrow, temperatures are going to be in the mid-70s tomorrow. and once again we could have the early morning shower and then maybe stray showers throughout the day and there is the one chance of the shower at 7:00 p.m. 10chance and then gone.
11:44 am
and more showers possible. especially north and east of d.c. during the overnigt. so you may wake up to find a few rain drops on your windshield. otherwise clouds will move in and out throughouty your thurs and then move rain expected on friday. about a 40% chance of showers and thunderstorms as we get into the friday. now as we head throug, the weekendmperatures in the low 80s but this weekend we have a m frontal syst and it will stall and depend on the weather. right now a small chance of rain on saturday and dry on sundayry but jutill out on the forecast. we'll talk about the next workweek coming up in a little bit. >> lauryn, thank you very much. each year restaurants in our area are honored with ramie awards in many categories from the best new restaurant to the best cocktails to the best brunch. >> and this week on "news4 midday" we're profiling some of the nominees from the best casual restaurant and today we'll
11:45 am
hey, it's me, thursday. look, i ulver wanted to be thear day.
11:46 am
hey look, it's thursday! but in this place, it's just getting out of hand! hey thursday! popularity has always been friday's thing, and if friday finds out about this whole scene, us trme there's going to be drama!, solet's just keep all of this between us, hmm? thursday. friday! h what's happeningere? nothing. [ screaming ]
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the nominations are in for the 2019 ramie award a thewards are hostedy restaurant association metropolitan washington and honorhe capitol region top restaurants. and then nominated for the best casual restaurant of the year, our chef joins us with what makes thisrestaurant so special and up for this coveted spot. i will say, my husband and i have been there twice already. it is a fun place to dine. >> it is a fun place to dine. it is food. >> the cool kids go there. aes. >> and lot of dishes have a small plate so you could ha an array of dishes and one we're making today called the avocado -- what are we making. it is on the menu there. >> we have nice osavocad >> you had me at avocado. >> they are nice d ripe and just peel it off the skin. >> so chef vickram ofa raciknd
11:48 am
he's been on midday before and i was asking you about they're alb special where you spend the most amount of time and you hop around from restaurants. >> like the kids. >> well-said. >> i smashed the avocado with salt and lemon juice for the zing. and that is the filling for the avocado. but these are biscuits. >> light biscuits and i would order this as an appetizer. i haven't ordered this yet. >> yes. it is all of the flavors like sweet and tangy. it is spicy. and best way to eat it is lik a shot. just pop in your mouth. >> so explain to me while my mouth is full what else we have here on the table. >> we have some popular dishes.
11:49 am
this is again -- you have to the whole thing -- >> okay. a bad joke about college days i won't. >> and the way to do it -- >> so ladyike but this is very good and then you just eat the ell. very good. it is the consistency of cheechar ownes. fl and this is from mumbai and all of the avors and spicy and garlic and chili. >> and this is not what you would get, but it is a bit more approachable. and yes, maybe for a younger crowd. the vibe is so cool. you could explain, it sisit. so i'm seeingo through t another side -- is that restaurant also part of the family? >> yes.
11:50 am
sababba is a part of the same tsoup, yes. we have ten restan our group. we decidedh7y more tan 30 years ago. >> you mus be excited about this award. and also excited and proud of your staff to put this together. >> well it is a good moral boost. because to be part of ramies and to be sort of f nominated an award, it is just elevating us. >> chef, thank you so much and acongratulations to you to everybody at bindaas. thank you for the yummy food. megan. > you've heard how important need is but do all of us the same amount. coming up,
11:51 am
11:52 am
11:53 am
ha> imagine if you coul a super wer, what would it be? would you fly or read minds or not need sleep. psychiatrist dr. joshua winer joins us to talk about are ative super power that 1% of the population has. good morning to you, docto thank you for joining us. obvious question, what is the super power. >> so about 90% of the population, adult population, we need seven or eight hours of sleep. about 5% of the population needs more and 5% needs less but for 1% they could function perfectly fine physically,al ment and they're sharp and good to go and
11:54 am
they don't need to catch up with just four or five hours of sleep. throughout their whe lives. >> wow, which is crazy because we hear about the health affects ñ take place if you enough are they affected in any way? >> no. they are not affected and the reason this haens, this is what they think, so there is this one gene mutation called dec-2 and that is onealf the severenes that controls your sarcadium o rhythmr yur body clock and their quality of sleep is better than us mortaleople. so when they are sleeping their body could get the quality sl restful ep in four or five hours that for other people might take eight hours so thur functioning fine. no ill-effects. >> they e not sleepy or tired assthough they ju had an amazing rest. >> exartly. so they able to go along and it is not as i they need to catch up on th weekends because some people out there might say, well i do fine with five hours.d i couo that for a week.
11:55 am
no, you don't have the super power. if yoneed to catch up,ou don't have it. you're good to go all of the time, four or five hours a night. >> and especially thiswbqnz mor show. we were just talking, you get up early in the middle of the night essentiti essly and you are tired and take the 30-minute power nap. these people don't need it. and for the rest of u talk about how important sleep is. >> sleep is unbelievable. it involves everything, athletic performance and mental crity d mood. you cannot veore stthimeatree t are people who say, you know what, i do think i could do okay on like six hours of sleep. maybe you are in the 5% that could get away with less. but they have done a study where they took eight-hour sleerps ane for o week you could only sleep six hours a night and they did cognit be testingefore and after and asked how do you feel. people said i feel fine, but whenhey tested them they were
11:56 am
functioning much worse n gnitively and a decline cognitive function is the equivalent if they stay addq ke for 24 straight >>hours. wow. significant. >> so we have a lot of people is th population who are sort of priding themselves or overachievers and they are thinking they e doing better than they are. >> but they don't have that super power. >> and you probably don't have that super power so chances are need your rest. thank you so much for joining us dr. winer. fascinating information. >> thank you. my pleasure. >> thank you. we'll send things over to lauryn. 66 degrees and climbing. >> and climbing. the temperatures will topping out in low 7 today. plenty of sunshine. we could have about a 10% chance of sprinkle, about a 20% chance overnight towar day break. if you are headed to zoo-farri, starting at 6:30 at the national zoo and temperatures low 70s. very similar to todary and ve similar to the nats
11:57 am
game like this afternoon. well 7:05 this evening. but it iser nats weath day tomorrow. we'll see you out there. storm team 4 out there and doug will unveil the summer forecasta talkut hurricanes and how hot it will be. and it definitely is getting hot on friday and into the weekend and showers andst thunderms on friday. and then jury still out on this weekend. temperatures right now in the 80s with a small chance of rain on saturday but we'll continue to watch that forecast. thank you, lauryn. >> thank you very much, lauryn. >> thank you so much for joining us. that is it for "news4 midday." we are back first at 4:00. >> and get news and weather updates any time with our n updates any time with our n bc at redfin, we charge you a 1% listing fee. and because is america's #1 brokerage site our yoents get more eyes on ur home so you sell for thousands more than the one next door. don't get stuck in the past. sellith a redfin agent.
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we're live in five, four, three, two, one. >> look at that. >> take that picture in everybody. incredible. that's the largest class of african-american women ever graduating from west point. >> 32 women will be graduating ney. saturda that's the largest group in the 216-year history. congratulations to everybody. it was really very cool. when women look at this photo, they want them to realize the ability and fortitude to be a force to be reckoned with. >> that is awesome. think about west point. what an


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