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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  May 16, 2019 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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in just a matter of hours president trump will roll out a new immigration reforme packag and how a point system could determine who gets into the united states. after hours of a clean-up, the wreckage from this fiery i crashs finally cleared. where this crash scene could have been much worse. and after the morning rain, now we're talking sunshine and a warm forecast. all of those details coming up in a moment. >> announcer: "news4 midday" starts now. hi there. good morning. i'm meagan fitzgerald. >> and i'm erika gonzalez and we beg with a latest on a serious
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train accident in maryland that caused hourf delays for rail passengers. a woman walking along the tracks was struck by a commuter train and the marc penn line service was suspended. trains are now moving again but there could be delays. the woman was taken to the hospital in critical condition. police are investigating what she was doig along the tracks. look for updates in our nbc washington app throughout the day. ev the following two dloping stories in prince george's county this morning. police are trying to figure out how a woman e ded up dead in a creek. her body was found in verdale on 64th near a middle school. video shows where detectives discovered the victim yesterday morning. the body was found in the murky water covered by debris and decomposing, the medical examiner will do an autopsyo determine the cause of death.
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now to laurel where orthbound ai-95fter a crash snarled traffic. around 3:45 a tractor-trailer hit a car and both caught on a fire fuel spilled all over the roadway. crews spent hours removing the vehicle and tryingo clean up what it left behind. one person was taken to the hospital. but we're told no one in the car that got on fire died. no cause yet on what causeds t crash. so let's switch gears. now is the time to plan your mmute ahead of metro's month-long shutdown that is happening this summer. >> definitely a good idea because all six blue and yellow line stations south of reagan national will be closed following memorial day weekend. >> ju lin finch ise at reagan national with more on what you need to know. this is a headache for so many people, justin. >> reporter: we're trying to help them avoid that headache.
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you have options to et to reagan but a lot of people preferaking metro. it drops you off right here and when word of the closures came out there was concern. metro said don't worry. and they want that message out the before next weekend. good news for air travellers who take metro. your routine is safe for the summer. when it is time to fly, travelers like derek jeffries lookrward to kicking the car and letting metro take him to and from raik -- from reagan. >> i grew up in in north carolien and wh you went back and forth to the airport, you drove for a couple of hours but here you could go to francona or hop on the vre and get here. >> reporter: from the platform to the planes, concern about may 25th, next weekend, when metro is set to close stops south of reagan airport for a summer of critical repairs tomb scruing station platforms. >> i'll have to think about other ways to get here and i'll dve and be in the traffic. >> reporter: hold your horses.
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the airport station won't clos metro reminding him and others you can take the train to the reagan stop but they are hoping to prevent an onslaug of traffic to choke roads or worse make travelers miss flights. >> i'm coming the next two weeks and oh, my goodness, if i have to go through that, that is cr azy. >> reporter: so metro still hoping that summer travelers ditch cars and continue to take the rails which will still be open here to reagan nationalond blue and yellow line. if your stop is below, there are shuttle buses that will runth ugh the summer to get you here to get you there for your summer travel. live at reagan national, i'm nbc4. finch, back to you. >> thank you. plenty ahead that is key >>ere. >nd now turning to the weather. some parts of the area saw showers. >> clay anderson standing by xith the forecast. can we epect more rain drops or are we in the clear. >> we're in the clear. and here it is looking forward
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to a nice day today and even warmer into the weekend. we started out with rainshowers, cloudy nditions for the a.m. and the morning commute but things changed. storm team 4 radar allf the showers for the morning moved out of the area to be replaced by high pressure,signs of things to come across the rewhon ch means more sunshine and warmer temperatures. of course you have rain showers for a weath day. but at nats park the sun is out and in that area temperatures will cooperate for the early afternoon game. here we are with temperatures at mid-60s. 70 degrees into the mid-70s and, guess what, it on gets warmer from there. the complete forecast and just how warm it is going to be. a hint -- it will feel like summer. back to you. >> we'll take it. thank you, clay. ready for summer. this afternoon president trump is set to unveil a eeping new immigration proposal. >> the administration said that it will emphasize skills and education instead of family. craig boswell reports.
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>> reporter: onrder security, president trump's immigration proposal outlines border wall in 33 designated areas and scanning improvements at ports of entry. >> not one more american life shoulde lost because our lawmakers failed to secure our borders. >> reporter: the plans main portion mandates immigrants pass a civics test and requires language skills and shipping to a merit-based system from the cmily-based approach where greenrds go to those with family ties. >> we welcome about a million of ry yearld's neighbors ev to come into our country legally. >> reporter: the plan does not address the millions of immigrants already in the country illegally. the status of dreamers or touches on the deferred action for childhood arrival program known as daca. democrats. es for >> i have a humanitarian concern and when the president eliminad the daca program it left 800,000 young pleeop an un
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nt>> reporter: the presideants to adjust the asylum process at a border where there is backlog and they plan to deploy tsa agents to help with the migrants influx. >> we'nd seen a treof different hours and in the morning but after midnight is as trend we've n. >> reporter: as for the president's plan, lawmakers from both sides say it is unlikely to get through congress.ub some repcans acknowledge the plan is largely intended to be something they could pitch on the campaign trail. in washington, craig boswell, nbc4. > nbc news has learned that a 2 and a half-year-old gauatemaln boy died while in custody. he had been battling pneumonia. he and his mother were detained on may 5th and this is the fourth minor to die in u.s custody since december. u.s. customs and border protection has n responded to requests for a comment. four men accused of attacking a police officer had their charges reded.
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this all started with a physical con frontation that was caught on camera. do you remember this video we showed you yesterday at the apartments on w. street in southeast. this is on tuesday. and an officer is seen slapping the cellhone out of a man's hand and then pushing him. witnesses recorded some of what happened here. the psaice union id officers were there investigating complaints about criminal activity. >> there is a line that youen cross you walk within an inch of theofficer's face and put your finger in his face and walk behind officers that armed -- >> the cops, they just came on aggressive. >>according to court documents somebody intentionally bumped an officer acting like they were going to take a swing at him and court records say one woman slapped an officern the arms. new calls for transparey after a white montgomeryounty police officer was using the n-word while interacting with a
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group of black men outside of mcdond in white oak and that is when the offic used the slur, allegedly repeating what one of the men said to her. they demand the police release body cam footage and answer questions. police would not comment only saying that the department is working on a response. if you drive through northern virginia today, opt for the toll road and they will donate te to a good cause. 100% of the tolls today will go to seven local charities and the ulles greenway scholarship program. looun hunger relief plans to use the donation toelp pay for a new global pantry to open in the fall. t price medical bills could hurt a family budget and take weeks or months to fight. coming up, the bipartisan billa thould help change that. and the battle lines are drawn after the alabama governor signs a nearly total ban on abortion. we have the latest on theegal we have the latest on theegal ght ahfi
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welce back. we're talking about cell phone video capturing the moment a helicopter crashes into the hudson river and the pilot ssurvived. hiame is eric morales and s wa moving from the fuelling erea to the cust section when it started to down. a nearby water taxi saw what happened and resed him. as president i will take on the wealthy, i will take on the big corporations. >> decisn 2020 this is a look at aid video just posted to youtube showing bill de blasio announcing his bid tor the white house. the campaign slogan is working people first. he is joining a democratic field with almost two dozen other candidates. he's the first sitting mayor of
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new york city to run for president since in the 72. and another democrat running for president is campaigning in our area this morningw ashington governor jay inslee is at the blue plains wastewater treatment plant in southwest d.c. it is a newly renovated facility that uses green technology to turn wastewater into engy. nslee is unveiling a jobs plan. the proposal is focused on combatting climate change and creation of 8 million johns over the xt ten years. for the fourth consecutive year women in the u.s. are having fewer it cau the birthrate to reach a 32-year low. thar that is according to the national center for health statistics, the decline in births was seen in teenagers, but thete birthra is rising amng women in late 30s and 40s. while the reasons for the decline isn't certain, it is trend -- the trend continues. experts say this lower birthrate could ad to labor shortages. at this race the current
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generation of americans aren't having enough babies to replace itself. very interesting. now to a problem plaguingli mils of americans. surprise medical bills. >> a new bipartisan effort is now underway to protect patients from these unexpected costs. >> stephanie gosk explains what it means for you. >> reporter: patients are outrwied. a woman insurance got an appendectomy at a hospital in network and still charged nearly $5,000. >> theyade money off of me durieg -- one of th most vulnerable days of my life. >> a 2-month-o needed emergency heart surgery. >> there was months andofonths bills. >> reporter: her parents who also had insurance were whacked with $100,000 in bill chblt in a recent poll four out of ten with health coverage received ed surprise mal bills within the last year. >> oh, it is outrage out. it is totally unacceptable. >> senator maggie hassan and bill cassidy, a physician himself, say they have a fix.
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a bipartisan suppor to get it passed. >> let's hold the patient harmless and let the other entities work it out. >> it is called baseball style arbitration and it is used well in new york. >> reporter: the proposal forces health care providers to negotiate out of network bills witinsurance companies. if they don't reach an agreement, an independent arbiter would step in choosing a price for the alth care based on the market rate state by state. >> patients that i've spoken to, they spend weeks, months and some cases years wrangling with insurance companies, hospitals doctors. will this really get them out of that process? >> that is the whole point of this bill. >> reporter: the senators say health care providers and insurance companies have concerns. >> but as long as wetay focused on the patients, those concerns will worklv themse out. >> reporter: the goal is to get it passed quickly. until then, the surprise medical
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bills keep coming. stephanie gosk, nbc news, washington. >> national hospital week celebrates health and healing and the women and men who support the health and well being of the community. >> last ek we stopped by medstar georgetown hospital dur ug nurse appreciation week and we recognize them for outstanding work in thit communy and working on projects like food for families and coat drive campaigns. >> it is so important to us. we're great providers of care in our four walls but it is just as important to dthat outside of the four walls. >> now this is medstar georgetown hospital's four magnet designation meaning the nurses at georgetown exceed in quality patient care and nursing excellence and professional nursing practices. congratulations to them and happy hospital wk to all health care professionals.
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a federal program has paid out millions to people who say they were injured after having a vaccine administers incorrectly but many patients are finding t they are not eligible. leaving them few options for any relief as jodi fleischer and the news4 i-team report, some are questioning why all vaccines are not covered. >> reporter: you probably haven't heard of shoulder jury replaced to vaccine administration. it could happen from any shot given too high in the upper arm muscle, no matter which vaccinee is in t syringe. bob simons said it happened to him ter getting a shingles vaccine. the 72-year-old thigh athlete said a year afngr getti the injection he could barely use his arm to work out or pick up grandkids. >> when they ran to me and i can't pick them up or hold them with this arm and it is not gettingbetter. >> reporter: the incidents madef up ha of all new incidents in the vaccine jury program so they
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don't sue but not allar injurie treating the same way. >> the program was created for the childhood vaccines which includes flu, pneunia and chicken pox. >> reporter: this doctor said adult vaccines like shingles is not covered. >> if it is a covered injury, should it matter what shot it is. >> that is ridiculous. why should it. >> reporter: and that is leaving him with few options. >> i just want to get my arm fixed. >> reporter: tonight on news4 at :00, why some vaccine are no covered and why victims are left out of lawsuits that have popped up instead.j i fleischer, nbc4 i-team. we're enjoying the warmer weather but rain to return for friday. and prices on your favorite products could go up because of trade tensions with
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whou should buy and how to
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christmas eve in washington is a holiday classic and in late 2017 we shared the start of mara sullivan's battle with cancer. this moing northern virginia bureau reporter david culver catches up with t r. >> iis about a year and a half since we introduced you to mora sullivan as sheembarked on the battle ainst cancer. in that time she's seen successes and more recently setbacks. she started treatment once again here at the schar cancer institute and part of the treatment is her humor and personality and joy. she's brought that to what is a very difficult process. >> i have nothing but hope. yeah. i feel great. i mean, you went into little speed bumps through life.
11:22 am
everybody does. >> she has an intense sense of humor that is wonderful and infectious. >> reporter: sh knows behind the humor, maura is facing pressures healthwise and now financial. for that reason she and others have launched several fundraisers. >> it is called all in for whaura. just you think there is no possible way you could love anyone more, your heart grows. that is what i think. >> reporter: david culver, news4. >> it breaks your heart. because obviously you are already dealing with cancer and now to add the fancial straight. and if you want to help maura fight with cancer, you can. >> to learn more about the ai fundrng efforts just search all in for maura in our nbc washington app. ove over avengers, a new superhero movie premiered in d.c. and the 10-year-old creator and producer is a superhero in
11:23 am
his own right.e it cam to life while nathan was battling cancer. and there is eun ya supporting. this is about super villains who become super heros to fight a bad guy. mason told us all about his big movie on midday this week. make-a-wish foundaaion mid-atlic granted the 10,000th wish to get the movie made. last night hundreds came out to watch the premiere in northwest and the d.c. mayor muriel bowser declared may 15th make a wish mid-atlantic day. the movie will be available on youtube if you would like to catch it. shallowat third. robles high and deep. left center. see you later. and the nates are hoping to get the win for weather day this afternoon. it worked out for them last
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night when they beat the mets and after losing a game the night before. storm team 4 meteorologist doug kammerer is set to throw out the first pitch when the nats take on the mets at 1:00 p.m. and of course we'll talk to doug down on the field inust a few minutes. >> i can't wait to see that -- throw that pitch. >> it is not easy. get it straight down the center. >> that is true. >> i don't think they'll have any weather to contend with.v we haa great group of folks checking in with live shots with folksre down the. >> no rain. >> how warm will. we get >> temperatures in the mid to upper 70snd also we're going to be looking at again a home run weather t wise becau rain showers move out of the area to be replaced with sunshine. take a look outside and show you what we're seeing and what you ar seeing. temperatures now in the mid-60s. they're going to rise another 10 degrees or so before this day is done. picking up winds out of the southwest, out of the south at 5 ieles per hour which is always a fine ingred or great ingredient to pick up warm air
11:25 am
around our area. here we are showing you satellitemagery and it shows that we continue to show that the rain showers have moved outside of our area and as a re result, we'ooking at clearing skies across the region. so for us, whether you are in bethesda or bowie and rain has been replaced with sunshine. and for us, signs ooming attractions. a.m. showers and morning showers are done. we'll catch the warm wave anwh do i mean? feel the heat as we show you the temperatures coming up for the upcoming weekend. outside now, talk abou temperatures already in the 70s out to the north and west because they picked up the sunshine earlier. 72 degrees for leesburg. 67 in washington. normally those temperatures are flip flopped but they picked up the sunshine from the north and west. here we are, shaky but here is the key. we're nudging the temperatures, warmer and warmer throughout the weekend. as a result, 86 and 88 degrees and it will be rather muggy. normal high temperature is 75
11:26 am
degrees. take a good look. this is the taste of summer. 78 degrees today. 85 degrees tomorrow. temperatures rise and rise sunday. hazy and h and humid. can you believe that for may? humid.nd hot and before memorial day temperatures close to 90 and still 80 on monday and we cool down but still take a look at the upcoming weekend. warm weather coming our way to very nice over the next extended period and from cooler temperatures in the 50s and 60s on the earlier days but now looking at warmer temperatures and we'll continue as the ten-day goes across. so more details coming up in just a bit.k bac you. >> feels like summer. >> oh, yes. >> thank you, clay. another state passes a tou new abortion law. we have the new information and the latest on what could become a supreme court battle against alabama's new law. plus people are calling it just plain dangerous. we'll show you the traffic pattern causng a lot of confusion in northern viinia. rgu
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>> anner: you're watching "news4 midday." new this morning, missouri may become the name state to pass an abortion restriction law known as the heartbeat law. >> the state senate passed a bill and house lawmakers decided this morning to consider it. the billit prohib abortion in a fetal -- if a fetal heartbeat can be detected and sometimes as early as sixks weeoften times before a woman even knows she's pregnant. >> this as alabama governor signs the most restrictive abortion law in the country. nbc's kerry anders reports. >> reporter: this morning alabama has a new abortion law. that outlaws the procedure in the state. house bill 314 passes. thadsponsor tting her goal is to challenge roe v. wade. the long-standing supreme court
11:30 am
decision giving women the right to have an abortion. >> this bill is to address roe v. wade and to let hopefully that decision go back to the states so that states can make the laws that are most appropriate for their people. >> reporter: 28 states have introduced similar restrictive abortion measures. last week georgia joined three other states outlawing abortion at the first sign of a fetal heartbeat. with two new conservative justices on the bench, the stage is being set r a supreme court challenge. >> my humble view is that this is not the case we want to brino the supreme court because i think this one will lose. >> reporter: now hundred dollars of women against alabama new law shar g theirn emotional abortion stories online. [ crowd chanting ] >> porter: despite the governor's signature, opponents insist t fight is not over. >> abortion rights groups say
11:31 am
they will challenge this new alabama law in court. and it may wind up before the u.s. supreme court. which isex tly what conservative legislators say they want. nbc news, s, montgomery, alabama. new this morning georgetown university plans to expel two students linked to the college l.missions scan georgetown said in a statement that knowingly misrepresenting yourself on an application could be cause for a dismissal. you recall severalgo months a dozens of wealthy parents and coaches across the country were arrested, apaused of ng large sums of money to get their kids into elite colleges. a georgetown student filed a lsuit to prevent the his rsity from rescindi admission saying he didn't know about the bribe. and finding street parking in montgomery county could be kerd enough but the county council could mat more expensive. the council is set to take a vote on the issue later on today
11:32 am
and news4 megan mcgrath is in bethesda with more. >> reporter: if you shop or dine in downtown beth he had dah, dig deeper into the pocket to feed the meter. the couil is expected to take a final vote on a proposal to increase the hourly cost of parking to $3.25. that is less than the $4 an hour proposedt by the coun executive but it is an increase of $1 an hour. it would go toward parking and landscaping and beaification projects. some are worried it coump it businesses in the area in a negative way, that people don want to pay higher fees and will go somewhere else. earlier this week council members decided to delaycr ineasing rates in silver o hold and also decided off on increasing the hours of parking enforcement in the wheaton area. but here in bethesda, it is still on the table. that vote expected later on
11:33 am
today. back to you. megan, thank you. the flames coming from this -- back of this fairfax county home. firefighters were the ones who posted this video. an electrical malfunction sparked the fire in the 3100 block of deshield road. arlington county firefighters were able to put the flames outd and the go news here is that everybody was able to make it out of the house safely. >> wow! all right. today is weather day at park and outside it is shaping up to be a very nice day so we'll check in with the team in just a minute. bmeanwhile, there is a lot of chaos and a lot of confusion. over -- >> all words we heard to o describe tricky traffic circle is basically that. chaos, confusion, bn clarendo circle doesn't technically even exist if you know the area. so but it is giving -- it is er
11:34 am
giving driv a headache essentially. and it turns out a lot of people are not happy about. >> it let's get right to adam tuss. >> reporter: when norma johnson walks through so-called clarendon circle -- she's fully aware of the issue. >> right now i couldn't tell what signal was supposed to go. >> reporter: and that is because old habits can be hard to break yoe, this is a story about followinthe rules. and, well, a lot of people aren't following the new no left turn rules here at so-called clarendon circle. >> you could sum it up in one word? >> dangerous. >> reporter: sit here for just a second and you see it over and . over aga >> chaos. it's always chaotic. >> signs posted from washington and to clarendon, traffic and google maps have been updated to let people know about the change here. but that hasn't exactly worked.
11:35 am
they're findinghat people are ignoring the no left turnsign. you see that too. >> i see that all of the time. >> this no left turn issue brought to light by a website. all of this is happening because theircle is being redesigned for better safety. probably more appropriate to call this place a star-like intersection with conflict points everywhere. gabriela coke is with arlington county. >> we're playing catch up. but once thee project is complet it will be clear and it will be more clear to everyone how the prtersection works. >> reporter: thisect is expected to finish in the fall and until then just be sure you're right when you're making ur left through here. >> that is adam tussre rting. so we were talking about nats park and the weather being perfect. shaping up to be a great day for a baseball game out there. >> absolutely. and storm team 4 has been out there all day ahead of the first pitch. and our chief meteologist doug
11:36 am
kammerer just talk to about 1600 ki kids and he joins us lve on the field. how is everything going out there? fun day. >> reporter: just the start of what is an amazing day for us here at nats park d of course with storm team 4. right now take a look at the field. we have matt scherzer now taki batting practice right there. how cool is that. i love any time on the field. i get to see the players that i love watching on ay to day basis. we're here at nats park and this is our day. weatheray here at nats park. and take a look at the scoreboard. i love it. nbc4, telemundo 44 weather aly. l day. so if you come down to the ballpark, the game at 1:05, i'm throwing out the first pitch anu yo could pick up nbc4 sg as well. now we're talking to 1600 people that came in earlier to talk about weather. we had all of the storm team 4. we had chuck bellm and aelia draper and lauryn ricketts and from telemundo 44 had joseph martinez. so all talking different kinds of weather and showing the kids
11:37 am
what it is likeo t the weather here in this area and how varied our weather is. just how mh fun we have doing the weather in this area. just so cool because we have the four seasons. we have hurricanes, we have ornados, we have the heat, we have the snow. we have the blizzards and the ti kids had doing that and we got to -- you could hear them giving away the t-shirts and sunglasses and still doing that now. if you come down toward the centerfield gate we'll give that out. now if you come later in afternoon, we're going to be live right outside here right by the anacostia, at the salt line and i'll do the weaer and amelia drape ser joining me and we'll meet people. gme on down and say hello and we havets for you as well. however, what the real deal is today, not just weather day, we're doing the summer forecast today. i'm giving that out this afternoon at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. i'm talking about how many hurricanes we could e ect in the atlantic basin and how many
11:38 am
90- agree days we may see we're talking rainfall. you know it is one of the wettest years ever -- the wettest year ever last year.hi and since t time last may, over70 inches of rain. i was talking to the field crew earlier and they said can we just get dry, warm days. guys, that is exactly what we have coming up over the next couple. on is how do ues you get one of the doug kammerer bobbleheads. that is what people wantor >> repr: you have to know somebody to get a bobblehead. that is the truth. you have to know somebody. so we're giving them away now. you could also win it in plinko. we have the nbc4 plinko game out there. >> how fun. >> reporter: that is fun. oh, yeah. >> that is awesome. i'm gladyou have good weather. >> i didn't know we have an nbc4 plinko game. okay. all righty. we'll eck back in withou. have fun out there. >> have fun. rolling stone concert is back at fedex field. >> and we're going to tell you when and show you how mick
11:39 am
jagger is recoveri from heart suery. i' suggan hoggon workingon a consumer investigation. a local business man charges of stealing tens of thousands of senior citizens and those wi disabilities is talking publicly for the first time. >> i'm talking about it and others are suffering because of me and i want to get that fixed. me and i want to get that fixed. >> what happened when he fac
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so call unitedhealthcare today and ask for your free decision guide. oh, and happy birthday... or retirement... in advance. the national zoo will be swarming with adults for zoo-fari. >> and this is an event we help to sponsor toaste food from ll across d.c. and some of the best restaurants. but since the national zoo is the host, the animals are first in line to see what there is to offer. yesterday a chef of callawa
11:42 am
whipped up treats in the kitchen and then went out and fed the animals. >> zoo-fari begins at 6:30 tonight. >> very cool. so i attended last year for m first time. hope to go back again. and i remembeeing rain boots because -- well it rained so many days ahead the ground was so muogy. >> . >> so let me ask you, my friend, am i wearing rain boots again tonight. >> only if you like rain boots. so the ground should be dry? t >> groundry should be >> for now? >> the atmosphere should not afft why you are wearing your rain boots. as we take a look outside right now across our area and sunshine is now coming through. the morning commute, we have some rain showers and some clouds. i would say now we'll call it partly cloudy or partly sunny. depending on your sposition. so i always say sunny outside. temperates are in the 60s. and for us,whether day as doug was saying at natsrk, so for
11:43 am
our weather day, you always have rain showers but then the sun o will c through and right on time it did. so for us, 11:00 a.m.,'s see the sunshine throughout the reainder of the day, we'll have more sunshine and warmer temperatures. the radar tell the story and rain showersove across the area. 9:00, 10:00 a.m. and cleared out and so it will be replaced by sunshine. a broader view inside of the beltway. again no rain showers to speak of. with that, as we talk about a preview of the weekend, what do we have to look forward to? the warm wave. catch the warm wave because the heat will you feel throughout the weekend. tempatures already in the0s and 70s and they only go up from there. as we continue to push those temperatures up, saturday into sunday, notice we're closing in on the 90-degree mark and a quick look at what we 85, 86, 89 ees for sunday. hazy and hot and humid. a taste of summer. and guess what? as we roll into next week, temperatures in the '80s,
11:44 am
approaching 90s one more time. so if you like summer, the next ten days arein goto be just for you. back to you. >> i like summer. >> oh, yes. >> thank you, clay. >> each year restaurants in our area are honored with awards in many categories from best new restaurant to besto cocktail t best brunch. >> and this week on "news4 midday" we're profiling some of the nominees from best casual restaurant and today we test restaurant and today we test some at redfin, we charge you a 1% listing fee. d because isamerica'e our agents get more eyes on your home so you sell for thousands more than the one next door. don't get stuck in the past. sell with a redfin agent.
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the nominations are in for the ramie awardst hos by metropolitan washington and the honor the capitol region top restaurants. mikedo is nominated for the best year. restaurant for the our chef is here with sweet treats that make the restaurant very special. so first and stforemo welcome. thanks for stopping by. talk to me about what mikedo is
11:47 am
and the fusion of thing that it is. it is not just a one-stop shop for a particular thing. >> we have a lot going i on h. street northeast -- it is a taiwanese cambodiur restaant so we have a retail area, we have cafe and pastries and the asia restaurant. >> that is tremendous to receive the honor from the ramies and you are so much more than just a restaurant or pastry boutique if you will in the area. so congratulations to yous. guy talk to me about the influence in a pastry chef and that you have here. and these are beautiful and you'll assemble something for me here and what are we making and can get this at maketto. this is our strawberry ice cream
11:48 am
cake. >> it is like good humor strawberry shortcake ice cream bar. do you want me to tell me everything. >> sure. >> so macha cake and then lemon d marmaladeousse. and it has good humor crumbles on the outside. eome strawberry jam and strawberry ice cram that i made in-house. >> that is so nice. >> great for summer. >> that is >> and then this is our hon kono ma pudding so taiwanese dessert and ten i add fruits so it is pineapple, basil and some strawber jelly. >> apple basil. and then jelly. >> some strawberry jelly and we have some mongo bobba. >> and would you mix all of these things together or do you try to take a little section of the pudding with a little ther side?on e >> i personally like to get a
11:49 am
little bit of this and a little bit of that. >> i got u. >> but you do what you feel. a are tnse beas? >> these zuci beans. >> are they sweeter? >> they are sweeterd an do add this -- >> that is pretty. let me pick this up. look at the different colors in tha that is beautiful. very pretty. very nice. my eyes are drawn to the green is it what i nk it is. macha. >> it is. it is a blueberry cake donut with macha glaze and lemon dust to brighten it up. >> is this your first time being nominated for a ramies. i want to reach over -- >> no. >> congratulations. ale you at all nervous or what do you think re has set you guy as part in this category? >> j i think wet featured who we are. we keep doing our thing and it.le like >> people like it. so people have to come down to visit you.
11:50 am
maketto. so chef rebecca, thank you so much. this is beautiful. and it is just a nice take, a different take on a sweet treat here. so -- that is so good. you made these? >> yes. everything is made in house. >> they are ridiculous. this is a blueberry macha. ridiculous. >> all of these things are available at the cafe every morning and then our desserts all day as well. >> chefs, thank you. megan, back over to you. prices of some of ur vorite products could be going up because of trade tensions with china. so coming up, what you should buy nenw to avoid sping more.
11:51 am
i l when i think about where i was. most people don't survive blood clots on their lungs and on their heart.
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the last thing i heard was reroute to g w hospital. on the day that i cd they trea, i was the sickest person in the hospital. i was put on the ecmo machine it saved my life. learn more about bonits's story of survivial at n b c washington dot com backslash bonita life's defining moments the george washington univeristy hospital
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good morning, i'm frank holland at cnbc headquarters. the rod cross isffering incentive to donate blood when supplies are tight. from now then the 10th eveone ill receive a $5 amazon gift card via email. the need is critical right now. with your cnbc morning business report, i'm frank holland. you'll see price changes on the shelves coming up soon. >> the president's latest round of tarfs on goods from china is going to affect more products than you might think. nbc's kevin tibbles tells us whatuy we should b now in order to save. >> reporter: here at checkout counter you'll feel the bite even on your daily bread. >> you can't escape the tar afs onnything you buy.
11:54 am
>> how does that make you feel? >> a little nervous. >> we'll have to sacrificee a litit to be better in the end. >> reporter: for or against them, businesses nationwide seeking to preserve the bottom line without scaring awa clientele. >> we've heard increases as high as 15% to 20% coming soon. >> reporter: the tariffs could soon hit your pocket book on ad wi variety of items. in fact each american family could expect to payn a extra $767 a year on items used every single day. from appliances like air-conditioners, vacuums and stoves, to beds, pillows and even baby cribs. clothing and accessories will also cost more. along withet toilies including shampoo, toilet paper and makeup. so those hunting for a new a.c. this summer. >> my advice now is come in soon. >> i don't think that you could stock up on things likehampoo d -- for months and months. but you can be very strategic about large items. there could be auge price
11:55 am
deferential between buying something made in korea versus china. >> reporter: and while drugs and medical devices are exempt from tariffs, the american hospital association said hospital expenses could spike as much as $160 million a year. which could ultimately get passed down to patients. and with no progress in sight, the higher price tags may feel like a bitter pill to swallow. evin tibbles, nbc news, libertiville, illinois. dunkin' donuts has come up with something unique. the company has created eight different nail polishes of all things. each one is in spiredby dunk insignificant nature latte and baskin-robbins ice cream flavored coffee and customers who select a dunkin color will receivenk a $3 duin gift card. we'll post a link to the salons on our nbc washington app. ♪ ♪ you betterome on.
11:56 am
mick jagger at 75. okay. >> 75? >> 75! >> wow! >> the rolling stones front man showing us a month after heart surgery he still has the moves like jagger. he pceted this dan party on twitter after having a heart valve replaced. he's probably preparing for the lling stones show coming to the dmv. this is mynderstanding our producer telling us newly announced because they had to reschedule some things because of this surgery. so theywill be at fedex field on july 3rd. very cool. >> look at him go. 75 >> amazing. >> that is awesome. >> you know what else is amazing? >> the weather today. >> well so after mick jagger, we go to clay. that is unfair. but we do have a great forecast. so 70 degrees by 1:00 p.m. 74 degrees, a nice sunny day us today and only gettingfr warr
11:57 am
om there. we talked about it earlier, jume on thave because warmer temperatures and the taste of the suer is on the way. how warm will it be?sa urday and sunday we'll try to push tempratures from mid-80s to upper 80s closing inn 90 degrees. normally we're about 75 degrees. so definitely going to feel summer-like. can weay hazy and hot and humid. saturday and sunday, 86 and 89 degrees. we go back to work and take monday off. still in the 80s. isolated chance of showers. but when you have temperatures like this, i think we can handle it. what do you think? >> no kidding. yes. finally. >> that is it for "news4 idday." thank you for joining us. we'll be back this afternoon first at >> but remember get news and weather update any time witsh
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♪4k.ñ how great is that? bts made their debutn colbert last night paying tribute to the beatles. that is so sexy. i love it. here we go, coming back. >> don't


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