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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  May 20, 2019 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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back on after a couple of week.ively cool dates last it's been feeling like summer over the weekend. the little hint of humidity out thes well. there is a chance for rain and thunderstorms later on today. highest likelihood between 3:00 eyd 7:00 this evening. keep a weather to the sky and have your app downloaded and ready to go. temperatures in the mid 7 around town. parts of the shenandoah valley a in the upper 60s. bayside, annapolis, a steamy degrees. today, dry roads in. dry for most ofe early afternoon. rain chances betweenn nood 6:00 p.m. are there. there's the cold fronts bringing thetorm chances along with it for later. it will leave us cooler and less more about that in the five- y forecastming up. for now let's go to melissa. good morning. woodbridge here, minnieville road at prince william parkway,
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a crash has cleared. 66, 95, both looking quite goodp at this nt. new situation on the beltway. i just said everything's clear, and of course we have more construction prop up. out loop after rockvilleke, left lane is what's blocked by the work zone. you can see up top, there is no delay. everytng islooking good outer loop and inner loop of the beltway. in northeast, 44thtreet south of nannie helen boroughs avenue. fire investigation. the voodroad is shut down this g morni no problems in and out of town. to a possible road rage incident in montgomery county that left a cyclist in condition. >> fellow riders say this was he one of hardest things they've ever seen on the road. news4's nicole jacobs with more. >> reporter: aaron, eun, family members have chosen not to reveal the woman's name at this point. those she was riding with
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saturday afternoon say they want to bring attention to what happened. let's get you to video of river road in poolesville. witnesses say the driver of a silver suv was driving aggressively, honking the eahor swring, and swerving close to them as they rode their bikes along the road's edge. the friend crashe the bik and was left with broken a bones a head injury while the aggressive driver kept going. it's unclear if the driver at this timeer or if she panicked and crashed her bike. now there is a push for that driver to come forward. >> if it's you, be a human being, fess up. own it. >> reporter:t last check, that bicyclist was in critical condition. witnesses say there was a good samaritan who did stop to lend help. hear more about that coming up
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at 5:30. aaron, eun, back to you. >> all right. nicole, thank you. a waldorf man is dead after being hit while walking along crane highway in upper marlboro. 26-year-old adrian hair i was in the media -- harris was ie median near rosary road. just before 5:00 a driver hit him. the driver thought he hit a deer. instead of calling police, he called onstar to report the damage. police responded after receiving calls about a body in the center median. the driver cooperated with police. [ cheers ] this is the scene as some thousands of people spent their sunday marching in alabama protesting the state's new abortion ban. it is the strictest in the nation abortion ban, making it a felony to perform an abortion except in cases where the mother's life is in danger. governor kay ivy signed the ban into law last wednesday. and thousands of people also
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marched in ksas city, missouri, to protest that state's abortion ban bill. >> the bill was passed by theri missou legislature friday. it would ban abortions after eight weeks. megan fitzgerald with more. missouri's governor says he will sign this into law? >> that's right.a lot of eyes on missouri. governor mike parson plans to sign it into law whenever it hits his desk. there were two separate protests in kansas city, missouri, yesterday. the folks came out against the bill. yootice there's a woman there who supports it. the woman said she wanted protesters to see the other otde. other women say n having the right to make decisions with their own body scares them. >> as a woman, the idea of not being able to choose my bodily autonomy scares me. and i don't trust that. >> the missouri bill would ban abortions after eight weeks. like the new law in alabama, it
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would not allow for exempt ns for rape and incest. nce only exception in case of medical emerges for a mother. doctors who perform abortions after eight weeks would face prison time. this iseg setting it up l battles that could lead to the supreme court reconsidering roe wade. back to you. >> thank you. 5:05. trump gave an in-depth explanation of his controversial new immigration policy. he sat do with foxnude. the president's new proposal would enhance border security and create a so-called merit syem favoring young, educated, highly skilled workers. all it is, very simple, very strong border and, by that time we'll have theall built, too. but strong border, and if you're going come in, come in through merit. >> both democrats a republicans have criticized the plan. some top democrats have said the oposal is dead on arrival. tanwhile, impeachmentk a ramping up again.
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this time republican congressman is going against his own party. michigan congreman justin amash is the first republican lawmaker to accuse the president of impeachable conduct. amash said he read the entiree er report into the russian interference in the 2016 election. he said it outlined clear peachable offenses by president trump. he accused attorney general william barr of deliberating misrepresenting -- deliberately misrepresenting it when he released it in march. president trump teted amac is a total lightweight and looking for publicity.> just days after president trump reported told him staff he did not want to go to war, he's threatened to end iran if u.s. military sdilt e attacked. he tweeted, if iran wants to fight, that will be the official end of iran. . never threaten the united states again. the white house claims tehran is up to no good. butys tehr the situation is entirely made by the u.s. iran says that they too not want
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a war but will be ready to we'll do one if it happens. it's 5:im. this t next week thousands of metro riders in virgin will be looking for a different way into .c. half a dozen stations on the blue and yellow lines will be closed all summer. justin finch liech from the king street metro station in alexandria wh more than more on options for riders. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. if you live or work by any of these impacted stations, you've then lots of construction with the bus path to roadway. now new options to get around this are being talked about, to. our partners wto talking about options emerging over the meeting at a city council meeting on saturday. first, you'll see six stations closed, yellow and blu line south of reagan national. talk about braddock road, king street, eisenhower avnue,van
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dorn, huntington and frack-seinfeld s-- and set to b closed all summer here. wtop reporting more transit ptions are going to be made available. they include express bus service between a-francoringfield and the pentagon and also between haunting ton and the pentagon -- huntington and the pentagon. local service also beg talked about, too, wit stops between franconia/springfield and not reagan. not indduding braock and stops between huntington and crystal ci that wo not include a stop at ulty. reagan national. d.a.s.h. service here in alexandria also said to be stepping up its s service, a well. and another option for you, the water taxi running four round trips daily between alexandria and the whatever starting at 6:40 in the morning. we're just hearing about this more. more set to come out this week,
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pecially as we get closer to that pileggi metro dloesh that will gwen on may 25th -- closer to the weekend ending on may 25th. >> thank you. dle school students have been charged in a mob attack of a fellow student. that happened north koreanth as a 14 -- happened may 7th as a 14-year-old girl walked home. a group aroached the girl and b startedting her up. three gives and a boy h been charged with assault. a plan t curb gang violence in boston is srring up controversy. a nonprofit is paying current and former gang members to attend classes. boston uncornered pays ganger me$400 a week to take classes. that's about $20,000 a year, all coming from private donations. the program creators say the cost is far less than the $100,000 in policing, parole, and prison that is spent on each
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gang member. the goal is to have boston gg free in five years. this weekend, hundreds of thousands of students across the country graduaty from that -- graduated from college. enand if that wasn't gh to celebrate, the graduating class ouse college was given more than just advice by the speak and billionaire robert f. smith. >> we'rein to put fuel in your bus. my family is making a grant to eliminate student loans. >> atlanthat wasn't part of the speech -- hismily is paying off the graduate class' student loan debt, $40 million of it. morehouse is ay historicall black college in atlanta, georgia. what a gift.y. reall and to put students onri the ght foot forward, not having to worry about the debt is incredible -- >> no debt to start their careers. good for him. and the "today" show's savannah guthrie had advice at
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george washington university. >> she was the commencement speaker for the class of 2019. ishe said she ddn't remember the speakers at both of her onaduations, including her law school graduati at nearby georgetown. she told the graduates that even if they don't remember what they said, they should remember you on they felt. >> don't stress when other people seem to be godg higher an faster. they're getting rried, having kid when you can't. when others are getting that promotion, buying that us on, going on that trip, hving those friends -- don't you worry. the life you're making is enough. it is enough. you are enough. >> g.w. honored her with an an he doctorate in service. >> she's rie. still ahead, the 2019 preakness stakes will be re remembed for years to come. not because of theat horse won but bause of the one that came in last place. >> the moment that had a lot of the people talking. plus,a i wild weather
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weekend across the midwest. the destruction left behind, coming up. chuck? yes, indeed. lots of severe weather across the great plains. we have a chance for thunderstorms here today. our kpesevere chances are low. the gardening forecast, get it done early. otherwise before a rain chances, it is going to be warm and humid. of the perfect time to do specting of plants to make sure there aren't bugs on them. make sure that we've got to cake tr ofur plants
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they're off in the preakness. andhemaiden pony express lost the jockey at the start. >> uh-oh. >> memorable start tohe preaknes there on saturday. bodie express threw his al qajo to the ground as the gates opened. even without the jockey, the horse ran the entire race,sh fini ahead two of other horses. >> i've never seen that before. >> who needs a jockey?
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no one finished ahead of war of will to take the 2019 preakness. the final leg of the triple crown, the belmont stakes, set for june 8th. you can seeit here on nbc 4. >> i feel bad for the -- poor jackie. >> interesting -- poor jockey. >> interesting that he finishew thout a jockey. >> you can't winithout one. over the weekend, former vice president joe biden officially kicked off his campaign for the white house in pennsylvanian. >> he is calling for less anger and more unity in the upcoming election.a political analysts say pennsylvania, michigan, and wisconsin are must-win states. president trump won all in 2016. while calling for unity, mr. biden did not hold back on the current president. >> tif the american people wanta president to add to our division, lead with a clenched fist, a closed ha, they don't need me. they've got present donald trump. >> democratic presidential candidate senators elizabeth arren and bernie sanders also
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campaigned over the weekend. warren spoke to sports in new hampshire while sanders ralliyi supporters in georgia. it was a perfect weekend for ati cookout in anacos the community members held the annual big brown get down. it pairs students with mentors who give them e students also get opportunities for internships and scholarships. the goal of the cookout is to tolebrate tuch-- celebrate cult and look ahead he future. this morning, folks across the southern plains are cleaning up after devastating tornadoes over the weekend. >> look at the video a storm in nebraska. dozens touched dthwn re. they packed a pueeh. you s a truck was even blown around there. the tornados wereroced in from super-cell forms that moved across large patchesof land, covering hundreds of miles. >> our local forecast, about 15 seconds away. first, this video out of abilene,te xas, under a severe thunderstorm risk through tomorrow.
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this video recorded saturday morning. more than 100 structures were accordi to the weather service, the rnadoregistered ef-2 ripped through the area. >> this is that season. thatdom is devastating. --hat damage is devastating. chuck bell on what we can expect today. good morning. >> good morning. we will have a chance for st thunderorms, but we are not under a significret to seve weather threat. though i can't rule out you're going to hear rumb of thunders, i do not suspect it's going to be a high impact weather day. right now, 75. theind has been blowing. southwest winds all night have really helped to hold those temperatures up. southwest at 14 miles per hour, now, 73 in fairfax. 72 in manassas. 74 in montgomery county. 79 in annapolis. now '60s up in charlestown, west virginia. your commute for today, off to a dry, mild, and breezy start. there will be an opportunity for for a shower or thunderstorm
5:19 am
toey. if you traveling, you could have flight delays toward dallas or houston with some severe weatherhreats there. closer to home there's a cold front moving across ohio. that is reson we have that storm chance in the forecast for today. ahead of it, southwesterly windg brig the warm and humid and unfabel air into the region. that's cold front comes in later, it acts as a focusing mechanism to help generate storms. betweenbo a 2:00 and 3:03:00, plan on the rumbles of thunders. 2:00, 3:00, 4:00. after 4:30, 5:00, most of that heads toward e eastern shore and into parts of southern maryland. not everyone's going to get rained on. i would at lst plan for a thunderstorm or two. our severe weather threat in the lowest category, a marginal chance of an isolated, strongly storm. so your five-day forecast, after the storm chance, we knock the heatnd humidity out of here
5:20 am
for the next few days. 50s tuesday and wednesday morning with 70s in the afternoon. that's nice. back to another humid pattern that comes back with a rain chancy on your thursday. next half hour melissa mollet will talk aboia the memday weekend and the beach forecast. thank you. taking a look, eastbound 66 after 55, right lane gets by the worth. that's a worth that's supposed to be in effect unil 5:00 a.m. on wednesday. i was actually there this weekend, it was great. looking northbou after turkey run, work zone blocks thth pa the right side blocked by a disabled vehicle. as we zoom in more in northeast, as we zoom in more in northeast, 44th south
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i get really emotional when i think about where i was. most people don't survive blood clots on their lungs and on their heart. the last thing i heard was reroute to g wpital. on the day that came in and they treated me, i was the sickest person in the hospital. i was put on the ecmo machine it saved my life. learn more about bonits's sto of survivial at n b c washington dot com backslash bonita for life's defining moments the george washington univeristy hospital defining mine.
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welcome back. warmer weather has finally arrived. across the region, pools and beaches will soon be packed with crowds. >> certainly warm enough now. along with the final warning about the dangers of drowning, every day ten people drown unintentionally. melissa mollet joins us with a look at what you and your family need to know to stay safe this summer. melissa, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. there is no better time to have thischat, and no simpler way to
5:24 am
keep your child safe than ensuring they know the dangers ofater and learn to swim. as we show, you can never be too young to learn to swim. she's just 2 years old but bella flame has been in swim lessons since she was only four months old. >> she takes off, and i feel confident that she can paddle herself over to the wall. she knows what to do. >> reporter:lifetime's aquatics manager in gaithys knowing what to do is key. first up, he says swim lessons early are essential. >> they're going to be more confident and better in the pool and better swimmers. >> reporter: and teachds fromw infancy hoto float on their backs. omething else to stress, that waiting patience coup life saving. tell them you must give them the green light before they head in. make sure they're clear on the pool rules. no running, horseplay, and only diving in designated areas. take breaks.
5:25 am
and a goodw plan to follo -- >> if your child can't swim more than 25 meters consecutively, you should alwaysin rema within ten feet of them. >> reporter: avoid air inflated >> unfortunately they pop. >> reporter: and remind them how to ask for help. lastly but perhaps most importantly,now cpr. >> there's a lot of neighborhood pools or back yard pools or going to the beech or lake where you don't have access to at lifeguard. it's great to have the more people who knowet cpr, br off we'll be. >> reporter: as forbella, mom jessica is going to keep bringing her here to practice being safe and adorable. >> she's good. >> reporter: keep in mind the three-to-one ratio. whetherhildren or ults, maic sure there is one swimmer for every three that is unable t swim. >> the younger kids, you can't
5:26 am
be in arm's you can't watch from a distance. thank you. f the talk o summer means football season is around the corner. upat 5:30, we'll hear from the redskins new rookie before the team hits the field today. and this little beauty, there is diana, 4-month-old puppy dog. maybe you can teach her how to do the bag podle. >> what a cutie -- teach heifer to do that. >> what acutie. >> temperatures going to be way on the warm side today. in the 80s with a chance for some thunderstorms. next half hour, i'll show you future weather. new details overnight about a man who went missing after being arrested.
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5:29 is your time on this monday morning. a beautiful look outside as you start your workweek.
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it's 75 degrees outside already. so pretty warm out there. >> that is not right. >> it's may 20th. typical washington, here we are. ta-da. good morning, everyone. i'm eun yang. >> no such thing a fake temperature. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. going to be another hot day outside today. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell will fix -- will fill us , innd melissa mollet is on the roads. that picture is deceptive it doesn't feel that pretty outside. >> honestly, i think it looks ai lot it feels personally. kind of a gunky, cloudy sky ou there. souther lly breezes up overnigh. temperatures have really stayed up. 75 degrees here inashington 73 at dulles airport, 47 at germantown, 74 at at germantown, 74 at brandywine today.
5:31 am
warm and humid. temperatures jumping to 80s before lunchtime. afternoon highs in the mid to upper 80s actuall with a 40% chance of thunderstorms primarily between about 2:00 and 6:00 today. the cold front in ohio should be reaching the 95 corridor. you can alys use our nbc washington app. we have an interactive radar feature as well as your storm team 4 forecast tailored right down to your zip code. you can also find and follow me i'll be posting dogn. informatio >> enjoyable to look at. bethesda, southbound 270 year democracy. a car off the ouad. it ss like we have police on the scene there trying to get there out of the way. it is not slowing anything at this point. mclean, northbound gw parkway after turkey run park, this is the work zone with the sinkhole that's going to be there for some time. the right side is blocked.
5:32 am
the left side, the only thing getting by. delaplane, eastbound 66 at 55, the right lane getting by until 5:00 a.m. wednesday. we see a delay. inbound suitland parkway after naylor, right side blocked by a disabled vehicle. aaron? >> thank you. new overnight, officials in fairfax county are se a man accused of grand larceny. >> meagan fitzgerald with more. we want to get right to the screen and show you who forecast officials and u.s. moshlts are looking for -- marshals a looking for. his name is donald bernard lewis. he escaped around 10:00 last night. he's from d.c. and has a history of being violent. he was last seen worrying a yellow button-up shirt and tan pants. if you see him, call police right away. back to you. >> meagan fitzgerald at the live desk, thank you. we are working to find out more about a developing d.tory.
5:33 am
police and fire working two investigations ins e the same columbia heights apartment. >> yesterday a man was shot and critically injured around 1:0 a.m. hours later, a fire broke out on the same floor. several people were rescued from the building on hyatt place. crews got everyone out safely. no word on whether the shooting and fire are connected. montgomery county police are searchingor the driver of an suv who may have caused a bike rider to crash in county.ry >> a cyclist is in critical condition. news4's nicole jacobs has more. >> report situation was one of the scariest they've seen. while the woman's family doesn't want to reveal her identity at this point, those friends who were riding with her saturday
5:34 am
t to bring mply w attention to the dangers they faced ohe roads. i want to get you to some video ofd river roa in poolesville. the witnesses say the driver of a silver suv was driving aggressively, honking his horn, swearing and swerving close to them as they rode their bikes along the road's aedge. it is a tight squeeze. their friendrashed her bike and was left with broken bones and a head injury. while the aggressive driver kept going. a good samaritan with medical training did stopto help. >> took control, took care of her. a lot of tnks for him, for everybody. this area was covered with people. >> reporter:it's unclear if that aggressive driver actually hit the bicyclist or if she
5:35 am
panicked in the midst of that aggression. i can tell you right now there is a push for thatriver to come forward. back to you.. >> thank you it's 5:35. here's a look at the other top stories -- president trump reinforced his stance ono abortiwith several tweets over the weekend. he distanced himself from someh of t controversial laws being passed imany states. he tweeted in part, quote, i am strongly pro-life with three xceptions -- rape, incest, and protecting the life of the mother. the same position taken by ronald reagan. talks of impeachment area ring back up. more in a few days afterdent trump told his staff he didn't want to go to war, he's threatened to end iran if u.s. military facilities ar attacked. the white house claims tehran is up to no good. the country says this situation is entirely made upby the u.s. iran says it doesn't want a war
5:36 am
but will be ready to deal with one if it happens. an 8-year-oldgirl in texas was found safe at a motel hours after she was abducted on the street. a doorbell camera recorded the moment it happened, and the girl's moth was thrown to the street. an amber alert was issued, and community members ended up finding the suspect's car. police arrested 51-year-old michael webb on kidnapping charges. it's 5:36. happening in virginia, skins players will be back on the field for the start of otas, that's nfl talk for organized team activities. itrswill be the fi time for the veterans and rookies to work together. some of the new skins are still enjoying theew perks of being a pro player like getting your own trading card. ec it's unbelievable that kids will be collng my card the way i used to collect cards when i was younger. and this -- it's fundamental circle now. it's exciting, get to make sure to get a good signature for the card and make that kid's day.
5:37 am
>> cool. that skins rookie quarterback, dwayne hackins, this townsends, he was one of several - this weekend, he was one of several invited to the rose bowl for a trading card photo shoot. he i expected in ashburn today. the actual football starts in 79 days when the redskins take the field against the browns in their first preseason games. we can look forward to that. >> talking about football r aldy. 5:37. ahead, he is the pga's latest winner, but this golfer's awkward moment with his girlfriend is what everybody's talking about this morning. we'll fill you in on the golf course goof. >> imagine that conversation on the way home. plus, another "game of tones" blooper weeks after a starbucks cup was spotted in a scene. we'll show you the latest. good morning. we have something special for you foodies this week. >> that's right. tommy mcfly's going to be with us every atday. wh do you have planned?
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♪ not really sure ">> the two-part finale of nbc's "the vo begins tonight. the final four artists will perform hoping to earn enough votes to get them the crown. it'sdown to judges john legend and blake shelton. the only woman will be singing for team legend. she's the only finalist to turn four chairs. she's been a front-runner all seasonment team blake's country artists are filling the other three spots. >> the singing begins at 8:00 p.m. here on nbc 4. lake has won a lot on team john this time. speaking of winners, pro-golfer brooks koepka i celebrating his second pga championship win in a row. that's pretty awesome. the 29-year-old almost blew the lead he started with yesterday. he ended up finishing eight under par and made history as the first golfer to hold
5:42 am
back-to-back major titles. but despite the win, this is more likely to headline -- the headline you may be see, yearn is talking about how he apparently snub united states his girlfriend. right there, you see? she went in for a kiss -- >> maybe he didn't see her. r. i think he saw he this is being shared all over thcial media showing him denying her twice as walked between rounds. maybe he's not into pda? >> i think i heard that. he's not -- >> waited until after they were done or something. >> this wasn't -- he had plenty of kisses for her and the trophy. but she's not happy. >> talk about the forecast -- >> girlfriend or wife? >> girlfriend. >> that's the trick, if you're a ried, 50% of it's already hers anyway. if you're not married, everybody takes their chances. speaking of taking your chances
5:43 am
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the big carriers are talking about their current 5g roll routs, but thei efforts are limited to a few pockets in select cities or trying to convince consumers that 4g is actually 5g. they're neglecrang small towns and rul communities, leaving them on the wrong side of the digital divide. if approved, only e combined availablesourcesof t-mobile and sprint can deliver on all the spectrum bands needed to quickly bring unprecedented 5g connectivity across the nation.
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welcome back at 5:46. this time next week metro is going to be mid a majo shutdown. every station on the blue and yellow lines south of rtigan naal will be closing until september. that means thousands of riders in northern virginia will have to find different way to get around until fall. >> news4's justin finch is live at the king street station in axandria with more. going to be rough. >> reporter: yeah a rough star,s especially this time next week. you see the major renovation abehind usthe king street station. we can tell you this, as well, start your planning. good news, though, is that here in this area,re y alternatives getting you ready
5:47 am
week.round starting next we want to look at what the jor issue will b repairing a lot of crumbling platforms along the yellow and blue lines south of reagan national airport. it will begin may 25th and run e until seper 8th. essentially all summer here. it's going to be a long time. transit alternatives are going must. a our news partners at wtop respecting that you'll see enhanced bus option that's a.s.h. here inexandria will step up its service, as well. metro offering service between franconia and the pentagon and huntingtoand the pentagon, as well. there will be local shuttles between franconia-field? but not at -- anconia/springfield, but not at huntington. no service for reagan. the water taxi will begin making four roundtrips daily between alexandria and the wharf.
5:48 am
here in the king street area, g wng back live, can tell you trollies will start at 9:00 a.m. on the weekends and 6:45 on weekdays. a lot of ways to get around. for that long you're going to need them. >> a lot of patience. going to be a mess. justin finch live in axandria. thank you. 5:48. a republican congressman is breakingith his rty. michigan representative justin amash is the first gop lawmaker o accuse the president of impeachable conduct. he has alsohu rled accusations at the attorney gver the special counsel's report on cessian interferen in the 2016 presidential election. >> news4's craig boswell joins us live from capitol hill with more. the president is firing back, true to form. >> reporter: and on owtwitter, n calling justin amash, the michigan representative, calling
5:49 am
him a lightweight and a loser. this after amash said there's evidence of collusion. some saying this migh make a bipartisan case against he president. republicans say not so fast.y say the that justin amash is al often critic of the president and oftenes sid with democrats on a number of issues. of h was heavily critical william barr for not releasing t w full report before it released. amash saihe he read t entire redacted report before makinginp his md about president trump's actions. back to you. >> craig boswell live on capitol hill. thank you.
5:50 am
>> reporter: i'm following terrlyying moments for a fami in montgomery county. look at these pictures -- a large tree came crashing downon this home, barelyissing an 11-year-old inside. it iced through theroof, pierced the ceiling there. this happened on lark meade lane inc. po first responders say there was also damage to the first floor. two kids and two adults are now without a home, but no one was hurt. back to you. >> all ght. thank you. fufr news4 is working 4 you bringing the first new treatment for depression in years. doctors say it works fast. >> d reen gentzler hasreaction from two mothers who say th medication savedhe t lives. >> reporter: an old drug is giving patients new hope in thet fig against depression. doctors call ketamine a game changer because it can work omwithin hours cred to all the
5:51 am
other anti-depressants which can take weeks to kick in if they work at ath. e who have used it say the treatment dramatically improved their lives. >> i feel free. i look forward to waking up very day. i look forward to thefu ture. >> ketamine has been used san ly ihe operating room since the '60s, but it's also been abused as a party drugknown as special k. octors say when given in low dosages in a managed medical setting it's safe. coming up, hear from a local psychiatrist who took rt in the clinical trials. why she says this drug is different than anything else on the market. doreen gentzler, news4. another hot day. >> fifth day in a row, 80 or higher. it will be the longest stretch
5:52 am
of hot days since the beginning of october. next thing you know, it's going to be summertime. we managed to miss out on a 90 yesterday. we have another chance of getting close to or into the 90s before the next ten ds are through. here's the way it looks from our city camera this morning -- literally just a couple of minutes away from sunrise here. current time, 5:52. sun's upt at abou three or four minutes. not sure we'll have a pretty sunrise thanks to the clouds and the eastern sks. last thing we need is any more rainfall for a while. so far, for the month of may, nearly four inches at national airport. over four at dulles and 4.5 at i bw marshall. big rain surpluses again as the changing climate tons deliver more and more -- climate continues to deliver more and r it's really warm. 72349 annapolis -- 79 in annapolis. 73 at dulles airport. 66 in martinsburg. today, a quick warmup.
5:53 am
we should easily be in the 8ow to m by lunchtime today. there will be a chance for some thunderstorms today starting potentially as early as about 2:00 here in the washington area. bigger severe weather to the . west there's a cold front coming through ohio now. ahead of it is the southwest wind, the rson it's been so mild. it will be a dry start. future weather, here we go, bubbling up with storms, right around 2:00, 3:00, 4:00 in the afternoon. take the umbrella just to play is safe. only a 40% chance of storms, but you don't want to get caught without. that the ten-day outlook, nice the next two days, low humidity and highs in the 70s. the warm air and humidity come back -- thursday with a rain chance. friday, saturday, sunday, memorial day itself, toasty warm. mid to upper 80s, might each be near90 on -- might even be near 90 on sunday with an afterneron thutorm chance. most of the holiday weekend, warm and rain free. >> i like. that looking at the roads,
5:54 am
beltway at bw parkway, chopper 4 showing the shot, outer loop headlights are coming toward you there on the inner loop of the beltway. bethesda southbound 270 at democracy, we still have a car off the roadway here this morning. you can see right now the tiniest bit of a delay as well because of that problem. looking elsewhere, mclean, gw parkway after turkey run, worth blocking the -- work zone blocng the right lane. and a delay 66 inbound because of a disabled vehicle. travel times in virginia, fairfax county to the beltway, 55 miles per hour. issue on 270 as far as a slow down or the tap of the beltway. one of the most popular showson tv is officially over. "game of thrones" aired its 73rd and final episode last night. >> we're not going to give away
5:55 am
any spoilers in case you haven't seen it, but beware of social media. it's all ybody's talking about. "game of thrones" references dominated the d.c. area's top trends all night. the's been mixed reaction to the ending. some are content with the way things wrapped up. others are calling it the worsta ending to series ever. >> that's what happens when you have a popular show. >> yeah. >> fans get crazy. many fans have been frustrated with the season. and here' another complaints you may be hearing about -- a water bottle was spotted in a scene. you see it there? behind a character's boot. this comes just a few weeks after a coffeeup was spotted in another episode. remember that? that earned criticism from fans saying they hav t allese details about dragons and costumes and everything, but they can't -- >> get rid of the water bottle. >> oops. good morning, i'm seema seema mody. some of your co-workers may be suffering from the "game of
5:56 am
thrones" blues today. a study predicts more than 27 million viewers will miss work, arrive light, work from home, or be less productive. the watchers have spent an hour a week talking, reading, or posting about the show since the premiere last month. the loss of productivity has cost employers an estimated $3.3 million in revenue. with the morning business report, i'm seema mody.ig > we'll be rht back.>>
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5:59 am
good morning, everyone. coming up on 6:00 a.m. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. let's begin with a t check of forecast and commute. boy did summer come in weekend. >> fast and furious. >> yes. melissa molt has the first 4 traffic. >> we'll begin with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck beot and see howit's going to get today. >> yeah. it is another one in the 80s today for sure. here we are coming up at0 a.m. in the morning. tery died.-- by b >> man -- >> chuck was going to say it's just about 6:00 a.m. and we've t already go temperatures in the 70s around here. going to feel a lot like summer.
6:00 am
we'll tell how much so -- look at you all meteologing. southbound near democracy boulevard, chopper 4 headed that way. what woole -- what we'll see is a vehicle off the roadway and a response. a slowdown southbound. we'll let you know as soon as we get there.le a coupf things in virginia. centreville, eastbound 66 before fairfax county parkway. disabled dump truck in the left lane. triangle northbound 95 after quantico, a disabl vanausing some delays. mclean northbound gw parkway after turkey run park, a work zone blocking the right lane there. as you zoom out and look at the beltway, everything looking good. everybody behaving themselves. eun? >> thank you. now to possible road live rage incident in montgomery county that left a cyclist in critical condition.ll >> fe riders say this was one of the hardest things they've experienced on the road. news4's cole jacobs


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