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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  May 20, 2019 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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look at you all meteologing. southbound near democracy boulevard, chopper 4 headed that way. what woole -- what we'll see is a vehicle off the roadway and a response. a slowdown southbound. we'll let you know as soon as we get there.le a coupf things in virginia. centreville, eastbound 66 before fairfax county parkway. disabled dump truck in the left lane. triangle northbound 95 after quantico, a disabl vanausing some delays. mclean northbound gw parkway after turkey run park, a work zone blocking the right lane there. as you zoom out and look at the beltway, everything looking good. everybody behaving themselves. eun? >> thank you. now to possible road live rage incident in montgomery county that left a cyclist in critical condition.ll >> fe riders say this was one of the hardest things they've experienced on the road. news4's cole jacobs live with more on this incident.
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good morning. >> reporter: aaron and eun, family members have n chosen to reveal the woman's identity, but her friends say they simply want to bring attentio exactly what they say happened. i want to get you to video of river road in poolesville. the driver of a silver suv was driving aggressively, honking his horn, swearing, and swerving close to them as they rode along the road's edge. we're told their friend crashed her bike and was left with broken bones and a head injury while the aggressive driver kept going. it's unclear if the driver hit her or if she panicked. now there is a push finish the driver to come forward. >> if it's you, be a human being, fess up. own it. >> reporter: at last check, the woman was in critical condition. her frien say several good
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merritttance did stop to help -- good samaritans did stop to help, one with medical training. we'll have more at 6:30. >> thank you. 6:02. a waldorf man is dead after being hit by a car while walking on crane highway in upper marlboro. 26-year-old adrian harris was walking in the median near rosariville road. before 5:00 a driver hit him. the driver thought he hit a deer and inste of calling police, called onstar to report the damage. police responded about a half hour later after receiving calls about a body in the center median. the driver cooperated with police. [ chants ] this is a look at some of the thousands of people who spent their sunday marching in , alabamprotesting the state's ne abortion ban. it is the strictest in the nation's ban, making it a felony to perform abortion except in
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cases where the mother's life is in danger. governor i kay signed the ban into law wednesday. and thousandschlso mar in kansas city, missouri, to protect that state's abortion ban. >> the bill was passed by the motion legislature on friday. and it would ban abortions after eight weeks. we have more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. that's right. a lot of eyes on missouri. governor mike parson plans to sign the bill into law whenever it g to his desk. awe mention -- as mentioned, there were two separate protests thyesterday. e folks came out against the bill. illino you'll notice a woman who supports it. she said she wanted the protesters to see the other side. other womenavay not hng the right to make sdigs decisions for their own body scares them. >> as a won, not being able to choose my bodilyautonomy scares me. >> reporter: it would ban abortion after eight weeks.
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just like the new law in alabama, it would notllow for exemptions for rape and incest. the only exception would be in the case of a medical emergency for the mother. doctors who perform abortioft a eight weeks would face prison time. all of this, of course, setting up a series of legal battles that could leado the supreme court reconsidering roe v. wade. that's the latest. back to you. >> all right. megan fitzgerald, thank you. prident trump gave an in-depth explanation. his new controversial immigration policy. he sat down with fox news. the proposal would eborace rder security and create a so-called merit system favoring young, educated, highly skilled workers. >> allt is is very simple, strong broerk strong border, we'll have the wall built, too, and you have to come in through merit. >> democrats and repus have criticized the lan. me top democrats have said the proposal is dead on arrival.
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impeachmpnt talk is rag up again. this time a republican congressmais is going against h ann party. michigan congressm justin amash is the first republican lawmaker to a tcuse him impeachable contact. he said he read the full mueller report and said it cleared clear, impeachable offenses by . president amash accuses attorney general prwilliam barr of misreesenting the report when he summarized it in march. president trump fired back over the weekend tweeting that amash is a total lightweight and looking for publicity. days after president trump reportedly told his fast he didn't w t to goto war, he's now threatened to end iran if u.s. military sfrilts attacked. he -- filities are attacked. he tweeted, quote, if iran wants to fight that will be the official end of iran. never threaten the united states ain. tehran says the situation is entirely made up by the united
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states. iran says they don't want a war b will be ready to deal with one if it happens.s thi time next week thousands of metro riders in northern virginia will need a different way to get around. six stations on the blue and yellow lines will be shutting down for the summer while crews do platform work. that's every stion south of reagan national. friday is the last day they'll be openmb until septeer 8th. there will be other travel options for riders. metro will have five free shuttle buses to move passengers beten the closed stops. there will be a few other options to get people to the area faster and there will be a water taxi starting a 6:40 in the morning. a texas girl is safe after a man snatched her off the street while she was with her mother. this was the scene from a doorsbell camera. that's e -- doorbell camera. that's the mother being thrown from the car as he took off with
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8-year-old salem sabatka inside. an amber alert was issued. some community members went out looking for the suspect's car. they found it at a motel, called police, and the girl was found safe. >> i wasn't sure. if i thought i wasn't going to find he i wouldn't have done. >> happened three blocks from my house. it's scary to think that something like that could hapn to yourkids. >> 51-year-old michael webb is in jail charged with kidnapping. hours after the girl was found, others in the fort worth community marchedthrough town as a show of and strength. middle school students have been charged in a mob attack of a fellow student. the attack happened may 10th as a 14-year-old girl was walking home from graham park middle school in prince william county. police say a group approached the girl and starteder beating h up. three girls and a boy have been charged with assault. a man who survived the columbine high school shooting 20 years ago has died. austin eubanks was found dead at
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his home in colorado early saturday morning. eubanks was open about his su history of tance abuse in the years since the shooting. he hid under a table in the library with his beie frnd. eubanks was shot in the hand, s his friend wakilled. a new plan to curb gang violence in ston is stirring up controversy. a nonprofis paying current and former gang membe to attend class. boston uncornered plays members $400 a week to -- pays members $400 a week to attend classes. some say it's far less than the money spent on policing, parole, and prison for each gang member. the goal is to have boston gang free if five years. 6:08. hundreds of thousands of students across the country gradted from college this weekend. if that wasn't enough of a reason to celebrate, the graduating class of morehouse college wasven more than justdv
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aice by commencement speaker and billionaire robert f. smith. >> we'll put fuel in your bus. this is my class, 2019. my family is making a grant to eliminate the student loans. [ cheers ] >> you heard that right, smith's family is paying off the entire graduating anclass' student debt. that's $40 million worth of student loans. more its house is a historical -- morehouse is a historically black college in atlanta. what a gift to start off on the right foot and not have to worry about paying off the s dudent loant. incredible. >> he was a chemical engineer begin, became an inventor, philanthropist, worth about $4n billio think. >> charitable, too. >> yeah. the "today" show's savannah guthrie had advice, as well, f graduates at george washington university. >> she was the commencement spear for the clays auto -- speaker for the class9.f 201 she said she didn't remember th speakers her graduations includingor at getown, she told the new graduates that even if they don't remember what she said, they should remember h
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they lfe >> don't stress when other people seem to be going higher and faster. they're getting married, having kids when you can't, when others are getting that promotion, going that trip,etting those friends, don't you worry. the life you're making is enough. it is enough. are you enough. >> g. awarded guthrie with an honorary doctorate degree in i public se to go with her j.d. >> i have a feeling those graduates will remember who spoke at theirmm ccement. ahead this morning, the 2019 preakness stakes will be remembered for years to come. not because of the horse that one but because of the one who came in last place. >> t moment that had people talking. and a wild weather weekend across the midwest. lie at the deficit reduction left b tornadoes -- look at the damage left by tornadoes. chuck? e thinking about the getaway for the long holiday weekend, a chance for storms
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coastline on friday. saturday and sunday on into memokial day itself, log great with temperatures in the 70s. this what's funexpected?
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they're off in the preakness, the maiden bodesy express lost the jockey at the start. >> certainly a memorable start to the preakness stakes on saturday. take a look, the house borse bo exs threw his jockey to the ground. that poor guy. even though the al qaeda -- wit
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jock he ran thentire race and finished ahead of two other horses. nobody was able to finish ahead of war of will. the horse took the 2019 s preaknesstakes. the rbelmont, fince of the triple crown coming up on the 8th. you can watch it -- >> never saw that before. right at the beginning. over the weekend, former vice president joe biden ll officia kicked off his campaign for the white house. >> he is calling for less anger and more unity in the coming political election. political analysts say pennsylvania, michigan, and wisconsin are must-win states. president trump won all three in 2016. while calling for unity, biden did not hold back on the current president. >> if the american people want president add to our division, lead with a clenched fist, a closed hand, they don't need me. they've got president donald trump. >> democratic presidential candidate senator elizabeth warren and senator bernie
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sanders also campaigned over the weekend. warren spoke to voters in new hampshire while sanders rallied supporters in georgia. it was a perfect weekend for a cookout in anacostia. members held the big brown getdown. it pairs students with mentors to et advice. thets studen get opportunities for internships and scholarships. the goal is tour celebrate cult and look ahead to the future. >> want to connect young people with folks who made it beyond where they are to help them think about their next steps in life, to help them shape their futures. want to affirm that who you are nough. and you can make it in this world. al right now this is an ann event, but the group hopes to expand and have several of these events throughout the year. >> very nice. >> good. ns> this morning folks across the southern plare cleaning up after devastating tornadoes over the wk kend. >> looat the video from the storms in nebraska. dozens of tornadoestouched down there. and they packedpunch.
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can see a semi-truck was ouown arnd a bit. you know that's some strong wind. the tornadoes were produced from super-cell forms that moved across lar patches of land covering hundreds of miles. >> want to show you thi video out of abilene, texas. that area under a risk for severe thunderstorms through towarrow. this video recorded on saturday morning. according to the national weather advisory an ef-2 tornado ripped through the area. more than 100 strikuctures were damaged by that storm. the wind is so powerful. >> the amazing thing, the storm prediction center had yesterday and today highlighted for a high riesk f risk for the weather days and days and days in advance. the folks have had preparatory time, get yourself ready for bad weather. have your phone fullycharged, and have your emergency plan, why -- where you'll go decided ahead of time.
6:17 am
if you need to be prepared for sure. we will have a chance for stor here. not a big risk of severe weather. any individual storm cou w have gustyds, and any time you hearing thunder means -- hear thunder means lightning is present and you need to go indoors. now, sun up. a mild start, as well. current temperatures are well up into the 70s now. 74 degrees here in the washington area. well up into the 80s later in the day. my computer doesn't seem to be wanting to move too terribly much. not sure why that is. i can tell you e thing, it's going to be a very warm day outside. 74 now h here in washington. 76 in quantico. 78 degrees there in annapolis. there's your planner then for yor monday. maybe a rain drop or two shortly afternoon. between noon and 5:00 or 6:00, that's the boast timing.
6:18 am
the weather front ready -- the besttiming. the weather front ready over the border. the current track it's on puts ay here just after the lunch hour tod storm team 4 radar, not much going early.s this i the high-resolution model it's updated ever and every hour and showing a lot of consistency here. the first line of showers development -- developing chtween 1:00 and 2:00. about the time sls are letting out. be on the lookout if you're picking up the kids. 3:00 there will likely be thunderstorms to be dealt with. the thunderstorms head over the bay by 4:00 or 5:00. things should be settled down by 5:00 or 6:00. skies will clear tonight. we will have much more improved weather around her the next few days. haveyour nbcwashington app downloaded and ready to go with the interactive radar feature and push alert for any storms that might back severe. quiet for might be severe
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credit card and 70s. got to love that -- quiet for the area, about 70s. got to love that. the ten-day outlook the nf xt hahour. now it's time for melissa. good morning. southbound 270 at montrose. had a pickup in the middle of the road until about five seconds ago. we have a delay southbound 270 near montrose because we had the back up there in the middle of the roadway. northbound is looking quite good. rae other issue, southbound 270 near democ, have the car off, the roadey are pullinging that to the five -- pulling that to the payment. we have a disabled dum ltruck in thft lane but the one in lorton is gone. outer loop, outer loop, everything is looki good on the beltway. now big complaints. travel times good in virginia and not bad in maryland either. top of the beltway, 35 miles per hour.
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summer's all but here, and n san antonio mof you will try and beat the heat by going swimming. >> ahead, the fourthings to keep in mind to keep your family safe in the water. later on ", lenellen," -- >> are you saying you're friends with jen than me? >> i don't need to say it, it's obvious. >> she to me she was excited to work with me because she was triered of hanging out with you. >> that's not nice. reese witherspoon drops by. which one of them does jennifer like tter? ellen calls jen. see what happens today at 3:00 and then more at 4:00.
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welcome back. 6:26. warmer weather has finally arrived. across the region, p and beaches will soon be packed with crowds. >> along with the fun, a warning about the dangers of drowning every day. every day ten people drown unintentionally. melissa mollet with what you and your family need to know to stay safe this morning. >> reporter: good morning. there is no better time this chat and no better way to keep your child safe than ensuring tey know how to swim. as we're abouto show, you'll never be too young to learn.
6:25 am
never be too young to learn. she's just 2 years old, but smiley bella can kim, paddle, jump, blow bubbles. sheets been in swim lessons e sincwas only four months old. >> she takes off, and i feel nfident that she can paddle herself to the wall. she knows whatoro do. >> repr: lifetime gaithersburg aquatics manager sean gaffney says knowing what to do is key. first up, swim lessons early are essential. >> they're going to be more confident and better swimms. >> reporter: and teach kids from infancy how to float on their backs. something else to s that waiting, patience could be lifesaving. tell them you must give them the green light before they head in. make sure they're clear on the pool rules. no running, horseplay, and onlyg diving in desnated areas. take breaks, and a good plan to follow -- if. >> if your child can't swim more than 25 meters consecutively, you should always remain within ten feehem. >> reporter: avoid air-filled floaties. >> unfortunately they can deflate or pop.r: >> reportend remind them how to ask for help. lastly but perhaps most importantly, know cpr.
6:26 am
>> there's a lot of neighborhood pools or back yard pools or your going to the beach or the lake where u don't have that access to a lifeguard. so you know, it's great to just have more people whknow cpr the better off we'll be. ,> reporter: as for bellaom jessica is going to keep bringing her here twice a wek to practice being safe and adorable. >> she is good, yes. she's really good. if you have a pool at your home, put an alarm on your home's door that is closest to the water. if the door opens, a child goes out, you know. also, youan buy pool alarms, of course, if the water is disturbed. the alarm could go off. it could be the difference between life anddeath. >> great thips. thank you. thelk of summer means football season is just around the corner. coming up at 6:30, we hear from the skins' new rookie before the team hits the field today. chuck? all ight. the forecast today, warm and
6:27 am
onmid, get any gardening das early as you can. new details about a man who went missing after being arrested. hey, it's me, thursday.
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look, i never wanted to be the py ular day. helook, it's thursday! but in this place, it's just getting out of hand! hey thursday! popularity has always been friday's thing, and ifthriday finds out about whole scene, trust me there's going to be drama! ofso, let's just keep all this? thursday. friday! what's happening here? nothing. [ screaming ]
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exactly 6:30 as you get your konday started. here's a live loo outside as you start this new week with a little sun, little breeze there. id yeah. 74 degrees outs of our studios already. mild start. it was hot yesterday. moremi hot weather cog. meteorologist chuck bell is here to fill fuus in on the -- to fin on the roads, then we'll turn to melissa mollet for traffic. >> hope you enjoyed your weekend. skies are partly toc mostly udy as the sun's going up. 4 things to know about -- first thing is today, a chance of thunderstorms in the middle part of the afternoon. it will turn cooler and have nice weather for your tuesday and wednesday.
6:31 am
right back to thunderstorm chances on your thursday. right now, though, a dry start. temperatures in the low to mid 70s for most of the d.c. metro area. there's your planner then for today. the most likely timing forny thunderstorms today. it will be earlier in the day than normal. probably between 1:00 and 5:00. your chapses of get -- chances of getting rained on, 40%. about the time kids are getting out of school. keep that in mind. today, high of sizzling 88 degrees. the ten-day forecast which looks all the way into the memorial day weekend, that's coming u >> a sprinkler afternoon at my house, i can tell you that. 270 at montrose, the earlier crash in the middle of the mnei li is off to the right side of the roadway. chopper 4 showingla the not as bad as tharch a short time ago. southbound 270 through rockville, a little slow, not terrible. democracy with . test. vehicle off of t road, that's good, of
6:32 am
course. centerville, eastbound 66 before the parkway, still feeling the pain from the earlier disabled dump truck. delays are hanging around. outeroop, outer loinner loop, nr issues. eastbound 395 before the 3rd street tunnel, stabled vehicle in the right lane caung delays, their. aaron? >> thank you. ir> 6:32. new joh, fairfax police are searching for a man accused of grand larceny. >> reporter: meagan fitzgerald witmore. >> reporter: i want to draw your attention to the scene. rsis is the guy that the sheriffs and mals are looking for. donald bernard lewis. police say last night he escaped from custody. the sheriff's office is now calling if an errant of release from the adultio detent center in fairfax county. the man went missing at around:last night. cootering to bwdot, students --
6:33 am
wdot, students are being told to stay in a safe location. lewis was last seen wearing a yellow button-up shirt and tan pants. if you see this man, call police rightaw ay. back to you. >> hope to get the public's help. thank you, meagan. also new overght, take a look at these pictures from fire and rescue officials in montgomery county. a large tree crashed on to a house overnight, barely maced an 11-year-old who was hisleeping. happened on delarkmea lane in potomac. now children two and two adults are put a home. no one was hurt. this morning d.c. police and d.c. fire are working two investigations inside the same apartment building. >> yesterday a man was shot and critically injured around 1:00. hours later a fire broke out on e same floor. several people were rescued from
6:34 am
the building on highate police northwest -- on hyatt. police northwest got everyone out. no word i the two are connected. there time next week metro is going to be in the middle of an.ajor shutdow every station on the blue and yellow lines south of reagan close l airport wi until september. that means thousands of riders in northern virginia will have find a different way to get ewaround. >> n's justin finch is live at the king street station in alexandria with more on the looming shutdown. it is going to be a big headache for commuters. >> reporter: it's going to be a mess. what everyone's tr to avoid is a traffic mess here in northern virginia. our news partners at wtopre reporting that over the weekend some criticaltransportation alternatives were discussed at a meeting of the alexandria city council on saturday. first a look at what is going to be fixed over the summer. these crumbling platforms at the six -csoon-to-besed stations.
6:35 am
the closure begins on may 25th, a saturday, and will extend to september 8th just about. again, those six yellow and blue le stationshat gooding to close. wtop is supporting thce. in pla of the trains, we'll see enhanced bus andther options to get around including enhanced d.a.s.h. service, metro alsowill run. so shuttle buses there, including express service between franconia-springfield annt the peon and huntington and the pentagon. you'll see local shuttles likely, as well, with bus serviceun rng between franconia-field and reagan making all stepswe in bet except braddock. as well as huntington to crystal city, making all stepsin between except for reagan national. a water taxi also set to make fourroundtrips daily between alexandria and the wharf. here we're h
6:36 am
service at king street starts at 9:00 in the weekend. and as we get closer to may 25th, you'll likely hear more about the ways to get around before the big tuesday commute after the holiday. back to you. >> all thetions out there, hopefully people are listening and will bible to make it work for them -- and t will be able make it work for them. thanks. today in virginia, skins players will be back on the field today for the start of ohs, t's nfl talk for organized team activities. it will be the first time for the veterans and rook toes work together. -- rookies to work together. some are enjoying the new perks of being a pro player such as getting your own trading card. >> it's unbelievable that kids will be collecting myway the way i would collect cards when i was younger. this is full circle now. it's really exciting, get to make sure i give a goodsi ature for the card and make that kid's day. >> that's dwayne haskins. this weekend he was one of
6:37 am
several young players invited to the rose bowl for a trading card photo shoot. he's expected to be on the field today. has to get to work -- >> collecting baseball cardss a a kid -- grandad got me into that. the real actionts in 79 days when the redskins take the field against the browns in the first preseason game. wel get to see whey have. >> you should see if your cards are worth any money. >> maybe. coming up, a depression drug that can help tients feel better within hours of taking it. plus, you've probably watched the series finale, but did you catch the lat ot mistake man "game of thrones"? good morning, we have something special for you foodies this week. >> tt's right. tommy mcfly's going to be with us every day. what do you have pplanned? barbecue tips hot off the grill. getting you ready for summer cooking. >> we've got a i model --
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♪ the twoart finale of nbc's "the voice" begins tonight. the final four artists will perform hoping to earn enough votes that will win them the crown. it's down to two coaches. john legend and blake shelton, their teams. >> maelin jarmon is the only woman among the finalists. ght.will sing to the singing begins at 8:00 p.m. on nbc 4. i feel like team blake has won several times. i'm team john. the most popular show on tvc is offlly over.
6:41 am
sorry "game of thrones" fans. it aired the 73rd and final episode. >> we're not going to give any spoilers, but beware of smoke detector. it's all anyone's -- beware of social media. it's all anyone' talking about. it dominated the d.c. area's top trends all night b theren mixed reaction to the ending. some are content with the way things wrapped up. others call it the worst ending ever. >> this is what happens on an iconic show. the end of "sopranos" people were freaking out. many fans have been frustrated ason.the here's another complaint you'll be hearing about. a water bottle was spotted in a scene. >>t says ye old water bottle. >> it's behind the character's foot. this mistake comes a few weeks after that coffee cup was spotted in another episode. that earned criticism, too. > and continuing the discussions, here's your business report. >> reporter: good morning, some of your woe corks may be suffering -- co-workers may be suffering from the "game of thrones" bluesy. a think tank predicts more than
6:42 am
27 million viewers will miss work, arrive late, work from hom or be less productive. the report says 36 million "game of thrones" watch verse spent at least one hour per week talking or reading about the show since the loss last month. it ready cost3.3 billion in revenue. with your morning business report, i'm seema mody. good morning, everyone. car wash forecast? you may be dodge something drops lighter this afternoon. if you wait, tuesday and wednesday look a-okay. if you're thinking about going to the eaches, ocean city to rehoboth, other than a little friday rain chance, i think saturday, sunday, even meoorial dayng great. foe ten-day
6:43 am
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back now at 6:45 a lawmaker from president trump's own party is now accusing him of impeachable conduct. mitch representative jtin amash is thenirst republica lawmaker to side with some democrats when it comes to the mueller report. >> nbc's kristin welker is live
6:46 am
at the white house with more. >> reporter: good morning. president trump is lashing out at the first republican to accuse him of impeachable offenses. as you say, michigan congressman justin amash tweeting over the weekend that president trump has engaged in impeachable conduct. the president taking aim on twitter calling amash a loser and a lightweight and adding, quote, if he actually read the biased mueller report he would see that it was nevertheless strong on no collusion and ultimately no obstruction. in amash's 13-tweet thread he said he did read the 448-page report which found no conspirace between t trump campaign and russia but did not reach a conclusion -- o whether -- conclusion on whether the ucesident obstrd justice. amash is a frequent critic of the president. not unusual for him to break with republicans. still, this comes as the race to unseat president trump is heating up among the democrats. former vice president joe biden officially launching his icampaign saturday battleground pennsylvania saying
6:47 am
that the single most important thing we have to accomplish is defeating donald trump. this as president trump setting his sights on mayor pete buttigieg who's been gaining ground. he appeared on fox news. overnight he took aimat president trump and said it is time to take back the white house. ay."'s coming up on "t back to you. >> kristen welker live at the white house. thank you. again, the full report coming up next on "today."ad also ahe on "today," stephanie goss will have more on tance on trump's abortion. over the weekend on twitter he distanced himself controversial laws suggesting some may be going too etar. he twe in part, "i am industry long pro-life with three -- strongly pro-life with three exceptions -- rape, incest, and protecting the life of the mother. the same from president ronald reagan. a car may have caused a bike rider to crash in montgomery
6:48 am
county. >> the cyclist is in critical condition. nicole jacobs has more on her injuries and a warning for other good morni >> reporter: aaron, eun, witnesses who were riding alongside this woman say this was by far one of th scariest incidents they have encountered on the roads. her family does not want to reveal her identity, at this point, but friends who were riding with her say they wante evone to know the dangers they encountered on the roadway. i want to geto video of river road in poolesville. you see it is a tight squeeze. witnesses say theriver of a silver suv was driving aggressively, hkinghis horn, swearing, and swerving close to em as theyde their bikes edge. the rode's their friend crashed her bike and was left with broken bones and a head injury, while the aggressive driver kept going. a good samaritan with medical training did stop to help.
6:49 am
>> took control, took car of her. and got a lot of thanks for him and for everybody. like i said, this ar was covered with people. >> reporter: it's unclear if that aggressive drivery actuall hit the bicyclist or if she panicked in the midst of his si aggres. those friends who were riding with her, they're pushing for the driver to now come forward. aaron, eun? >> nicole jcobs live in montgomery county this morning. thank you. 6:49. a wall doir dorf man is d walking on crane highway. adrian harris was walking in the mediann rosariville road before 5:00 in the morning. the driver thought he hit a deer and instead of calling police he called onstar to report the damage. police responded a half hour later after responding to a call abt a body in the center
6:50 am
median. the driver cooperated with police. an 8-year-old texas girl is safe this morning after police say a man snatched her off the street while walking with her mother. this is a doorbell camera. own out of the toll pla car as he took off with salem sabatka. community members went out on their own looking for the suspect's car. they found it at a motel, called police, and the girl was found safe. 51-year-old michael webb is in jail charged with kidnapping. ay tuned for the "today" show day" sho for more. and storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell tracking heat sticking around. >> another war day. today should be five days in a higher.or there's a chance for thunderstorms today. we don't need rain in the month of may. reagan national, dulles airport,
6:51 am
bwi-marshall more than an inch more, some placesre mohan two inches. another likelihood you'll get a shower or thunderstorm later today. right now we're in the mid 60s in the shenandoah valley. low to mid 70s around town. dog-walking forecast, look at this cute koout littlerl gihere -- cute little girl here. 4-month-old diana. she's available at humane rescue alliance. thu can add a new family member. temperatures for walks today, 37 and muggy this morning -- 73 and muggy this morning. mid 58in theafternoon. we will have a chance for thunderstorms later on in the day. as that cold front presses down into the warm and humid air that we have incepla our high-resolution forecast model updates each and every hour. t's been consistent with showing a little development of thunderstms between 2:00 and 3:00 in the afternoon and working heat and south toward the bay. any time between 2:00 and 6:00
6:52 am
this eveng, be on the lookout for a chance for a shower and thunderstorm. severe weather chances today are -- never zero. but the lowest rungonhe ladder. here's the ten-day forecast now. cooler, less humid weather for tuesday and wednesday. another chance on thursday for some storms. that's the warmer, more hume air coming back. hello, memorial day weekend. mid to upper 80s, perhaps even 90egrees on sunday. memorial day looks warm but rain free. melissa, that's good news. >> i like that a lot. taking a look at the road. right now chopper 4 headed to southbound 95 near the c, hearing of a new crash. should be there hopefully by the end of the show to show what's on.g centreville, eastbound 66 before forecast parkway, disabled dump truck in the left lane. the truck is gone, but take a loo the delays are still hanging around there. outer loop, outer loop, no minimum wage complaints. looking -- no hugeexplains.
6:53 am
looking normal. before the 3rd street tunnel, disabled vehicle. travel times for you this morning, 270 south, 23 miles per hour from germ stown to theur because of an earlier accident that's out of the way. inner loop, 28 miles per hour. 66 inbound, 38iles per hour, 95 north, 42 miles per hour. h . >> thanks. it's 6:53.e 4 today's" working 4 you if a commitment to changing minds about mental health. on's the first new treatment for severe depresn years, and doctors say it works fast. >> news4's doreen gentzler has reaction from two mothers who say the medication saved their lives. >> reporter: an old drug is givi patients new hope in the fight against depression. doctors call ketamine a game changer because it can work within hours compared to others that can take weeks to i kick
6:54 am
if that work at all. those who use it say the treatment dramatically improvedl theirives. >> i feel free. i look forward to waking up every dwa. i look to the future. >> reporter: ketamine has been years fely as the operating room since the bu'60s. t it's also been abused as a d grtg known as special k. doctors say whenen in low dosages in a controlled setting it's safe. coming up at 5:00, you'll hear from a local psychiatrist who took part in the trials for ketamine. why she says this drug is different than anything else on the market. doreen ,gentzler news4. you see her every weekday morning on the "day" show.s thiekend, vannah guthrie was in town to speak to the graduates of the george washington university. she encouraged them to embrace challenges and not worry so
6:55 am
much. g.w. award her with an honorary to could trat service. >> she already has her law degree, she'll be dr.saaah guthr, que. now listenav to this s -- >> we'll put fu in your bus. this is my class, 2019. my family is eliminating student loans. >> you heard right. smith's family is paying off the graduating class of student local debt, all $43 million of it. the presidint of the morny black college will be on the "today" show sharing more details about this generous donation. what an incredible gt in so many ways. >> looking forward to that interview. just about 6:56. here areow 4 things to kn -- metro's summer shutdown is coming. six stations on the blue and yellow lines will close this weekend and won't reopen until
6:56 am
september. for more on mother travel options, head to the nbc washington app. officials in fairfax, virginia, are searching for this man, donald lewis.'s he accused of grand larceny and was mistakenly released from the detention center in fairfax countyast night. lewis is from d.c. and has a v history oflence. check the nbc washington app for updates. president trump is sending a warning iran. over the weekend he threatened to end the country if it attacks lities.litary fa the white house claims trouble is brewing in the middle east, but iran is saying the u.s. is making it up. you can keep up to date on the developments in the nbc washington app. peopvi ling in the southern plains arei de with severe weather right now. strongms stor destroyed homes and businesses in next nebraska and texas over theweekend. coming up next, kerry sanders b willlive in oklahoma where a tornado touch down saturday morning. and our ren-day fost, a
6:57 am
chance for thunderstorms here during the middle parts of the afternoon. it will be a -- keep a weather eyto the ky. doug will be here during the 4:00, 5:00, and 6:00 news to track that. dry the next few days. the holiday weekend, whoo. that looks good. nice and warm. >> it does look good. southbound 95 near the icc, this isthe crash here. chopper 4 over the scene. no doubt delays as response arrives. that is the "news4 today." thanks for waking up with us. >the "today" show ine> xt
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
tornado alley. gd morning,ornado alley. >> tornado! >> the reason living up to its name, more than 60 twisters over the weekend. a brand-new rift today, the massive storm system that spawned and now is moving east, what we can expect. >> president trump taking a at a potential 2020 rival and fox news. why he's accused of wasting air time astu chris walce by getting a standing ovation. >> wallace, standing ioovatn. > also, how the president is responding to t f


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