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tv   Today  NBC  May 21, 2019 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morni. new outbreak. >> that is wild. damaging tornadoes tearing through the nation's midsection including twi twisters near oklahoma city. homes turned to rubble. power knocked out. the threat still not over. and al's got the latest on the dangerous . dems divided? an internal battle brewing over whether to start impeachment hearings over president trump? nancy pelosi pushed by key members of her own leadership team to do it. and it all comes to a head on capitol hill today as president trump orders his white house counsel not to testify. two people killed. just one week after that tragici
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mid-r collision between sightseeing planes. both crashes involving the same operator. we're live with the latest on the vestigation. those stories, plus shark spots. for the first time ever. a great white is tracked in the shallow waters in texas. jeopardy juggernaut. >> his answer was correct. >> james holzhauer makes it 23 in a row and closing in on the all-time record. > and golden again. >> t t finals for the fifth straight year. >> and that'll do it! "today," tuesday 21st of may 2019. >> announcer: from nbc news this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller pveza.
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>> hi, ebody. good morning. welcome to tuesday morning. nice to have you with us. >> good to have you back. >> yeah. i took a day off on monday. kt was fun. >> she too a day off because she gave a fantastic commencement over the weekend. we're going to h playhlights later. >> it was an exciting honor. but the weath is the top story this morning. >> this new round of extreme weathe >> what a night for folks in the hasouth. more t a dozen tornadoes rom texas to missouri on the heels of that weekend outbreak and another major problem from the storms is the flooding. al is standing by with today's forecast. but let's ktart withry sanders in oklahoma this morning. this is where the town is picking up pieces there. good morning. reporter: well, good morning. this morning there is more damage from the plague of tornadoes that have been touching down. this location here, this was a barn that housed animals ffum re farmers of america. unfortunately the injured animals here all had to be put down. and this morning the threat of these tornadoes is far from
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over. >> oh, my gosh. >> reporter: this morning t threat of tornadoes still very real across the nation's mid-section. >> o check the tornado watch. that is particularly dangerous o situatn. >> reporter: meteoros at nbc's oklahoma affiliate kfor warning residents in thetorm zone to seek shelter. >> powerful tornado now coming up. >> reporter: forecasting live as isters touched down. >> there it is. it's now turning into a large wedge tornado. >> reporter: mom -ts later >> big tornado. it's been grinding up a debris cloud here. >> reporter: despite the significant damage, no reports of injuries. on lmost got two tornadoes the ground at one time, >> reporter: elier chopper pitsri captu this double touchdown. more than 80 possibleordoes spotted. including in texas. funnel clouds spotted in paducah and in pleasantfa s. >> this is where my bed was.
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this is where i was sleeping. >> reporter: charles mckinney woke up tdo a torjeromo, oklahoma. >> i have a pour concrete storm shelter in my attached garage. i thought do i make a run for it. next thing i ow, it'sgoing. and seconds later, it's all over. here's sky, i'm being rained on. >> reporter: his home now just a pile of debris. >> it's prett surreal experience to go through. especially to have this devastation coming out of it unscathed. >> reporter: with th tornadoes flooding today, some schools are closed yet another day today. savannah? >> all right. kerry, thank you very much. >> so w are those storms headed now? what can we expect today? mr. roker has the answers to the questions. >> thank you. as kerry mentioned, we have ervere thuorm warnings, this area in green. flash flood. wa the areas in pink, tornado
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watches. most of your deaths in these kinds of situations happen from flooding. when we look at the risk areas now, 11 states under the gun for damaging winds, tornadoes li ly, 2 inch hail. and we're looking at 17 million people at risk. this continues right on into tonight where we have storm hazards of hail, damaging winds. the good news is a low risk of tornadoes. then it fires up again tomorrow as we s- in fact, in the northeast and mid-atlantic states we have a risk of severe weather. damaging winds in this area of orange. this is how powerful it is. it's bringing snow back to the rockies 4 to 8 inches. storms moving through missouri, arflnsas. ooding rain in the plains. more heavy rain in the midwest into tomorrow. scattered storms into the ohio river valley. rainfall amounts from 1 to 3 inches of rain. but some places could see rainfall rates 1 to 2 inches per hour. if you're travelin look for airport delays.
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dallas, st. louis, chicago. f houston afternoon storms. snow from salt lake to denver. st. louis to denver on i-70, problems. minneapolis on i-55. but we're going to continue tot monitor situation. >> all right. we'll check back in. thank you. now to the big story in washington. a democratic late last n key democrats pressed house speaker nancy pelosi to move forrd with an impeachment inquiry against president trump. the issue boiling over after the president ordered his former white house counsel to ignore a subpoena today to testify on capito we've got two reports for you. we'll start with kristen welker. good morning. >> reporter: savannah, good morning to you. the standoff is intensifying between thend white house a congressional democrats. with president trump blocking his former white house counsel don mcgahn from ttifying on capitol hill. but now democrs are digging in, too, and the debate over hm impet is mounting.
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this morning, house speaker nancy pelosi under fire for members of her own paerts. >> if don mcgahn doesn't testify, it is time to open an impe hmentinquiry. >> reporter: several members of the house judiciary committee pressed pelosi ononday night to move forward with an impeachment inquiry against oresident trump if don mcgahn fails to testify be congress. one source inside the meeting telling nbc it was a big debate and was long and very emotional. pelosi wary of impeachment telling democratic leaders we've always said one thing will lead to another as we get information. we still have unexhausted avenues here. mcgahn says he'll heed the president's order to defy a congressional subpoena to testify. the white house citing justice department opinions going back four decades to say senior white house officials like mcgahn habe lute immunity from testifying. the president defending the move. >> they're doing that for the office of the presidency for
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future esidents. i think it's a very important precedent. >> reporter: but democrats are demanding that mcgahn appear. the house judiciary committee chairman calling the order unprecedented arguing mcgahn is a key witness of obstru aion afterusing the white house of blocking their efforts at oversight. nadler insisting they'll still hold the hearing as planneddi ad the committee is prepared tocese all enfnt mechanisms at its disposal. >> first thing we're going to do is going to have to hd mcgah in contempt. >> reporter: now, overnight "the washington post" reporting that chairman nadler privately made the case to lear pelosi to start the impeachment inquiry but publicly, savannah and craig,de has sai just the opposite. he said he's not ready to take that step. and based on our reporting, the two are still in lock step on that issue f now. >> incredibly significant point
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there. and kristen, meanwhile the white house lost a battle in court. ris one was ove the president's financial records. the judge saying they must be handed over? right.orter: that's a federal judge sided with democrats and said that the has dent's accounting firm to turn over his financial records. the president yesterday called that crazy. he vowed to appeal. healls it overreach, but the democrats say it is oversight. it's the latest front in this intensifying battle. >> all right. kristen welker, thank you so much. meanwhile, it's early but a key battle ground is already taking shape in the 2020 presidential race. president trump holding a rally in pennsylvania overnight just two days after his democratic rival joe biden did the same thing. so why is this state getting so much attention so soon? peter alexander has more on that. peter, good morning. >>oeporter: good morning t you. there are three states that helped put president trump over the top in 2016. miigan, wisconsin, and pennsylvania. all of them by razor thin
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margins. he's hoping to keep them in his column in 2020 makin c hise for re-election in a deep red part of pennsylvania monday night taking new swipes at formform er vice president joe biden accusing biden of deserting the state where he was born. president trump overtught rerning to what may be the battleground in 2020. pennsylvania. >> i'll be here a lot. got to win this state. president's the trip underscoring his emerging rivalry with democratic front runner joe biden who officially kicked off his campaign in pennsylvania just two days earlier. >> the single most thing we have to accomplish is defeat donald tr >> reporter: the president repeatedly taking aim at the v formere president. blue collar workers could decide the state. >> this guy talks about i know scranton. well i know the place better. he left you for another state and he didn't take care of you
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because he didt take care of yourbs jo >> reporter: but trump's allies say there's reason for concern. in n currently leads trump pennsylvania by double digits according to a recently released ll. rnie sanders also comes out front. and several other democrats are within the margin of error. esident trump is counting on a repeat in the rustbelt. out of more than 6 million votes cast. in his far, the lowest statewideunemployment since. 1976. >> when you have the est economy probably that we've ever had, i don't know how the hell do you lose this election, right? >> reporter: but his escalating trade war with china that's costing manufacturers,er farm and consumers threatens to undercut his efforts and provide new fodder for his opponents. >> president trump inherited an economy from obama/biden administration that was given to
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him. just like everythin else he's been given in his life, he's in the process of squandering that as well. >> reporter: as for the president's line of attack that biden abandoned his home state, biden's family moved to neighboring delaware when he was a boy. the state that biden represented in the senate for four decades. but he's kept close ties to pennsylvania ove all those years and actually recently opened his 2020 campaign headquarters right there in philadelphia. back to you guys. >> all right. peter alexander, thank you. this move over no in escalating tension between the u.s. and iran. top national security officials are going to brief congresy on g u.s. troops inhe middle east. bill neely is with us now. he joins us from iraq. mobill, good ing. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. more tough talk from the president. another warning to an. but in recent days, such mixed messages from the white house. but here in iraq and across the
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region, they're nervous. not sure whether the president wants to talk to iran's leaders or remove them. american fire power poised near the persian gulf. exercising in recent days to respond to what the u.s. calls threats from iran. now new threats from president trump ramping up his rhetoric. >> they've been very hostile. they've truly been the number one provocateur of terror. we have no indication that anything's happened or will happen, but if it does, it will be met obviously with great force. >> reporter: this follows his tweet threatening the official end o iran if it wants to fight. iran's foreign minister responding with, #never threaten an iranian. try respect. it woths. united nations secretary general asking everyone to lower the rhetoric. the president also signaling that he's ady to talk with
7:14 am
iran. >> if they would certainly negotiate. >> reporter: a rocket atta jang. it prompted a strong warning from the u.s. to iranian backed militihere. iran has powerfu across the east. at least a dozen in iraq. groups in syria now bate hardened. hezbollah which domines lebanon. iran's revolutionary guard backs all these groups. u.s. intelligence officials have briefed congress on what they call iranian threat streams to the.s. and iraq. prompting lindsey graham to tweet, if the iranian threats are activad, we must deliver an overwhelming military response adding, stand fenm, mr. presid
7:15 am
when rouhani responded this morning, he said he favors talks and diplomacy. but right now that's not possible. out.e's not ruling it so he says we have to resist. and iran is also appealing to the u.n. saying the situation is alarming. and on that, most people in this region would agree. >> bill neely in iraq for us. thank you, bill. to areska now whe authorities are investigating yet another deadly crash involving a sea plane. and it comes just one week after two planes carrying tourists collided killing six people. molly hunteras the latest on this crash. good morning. >> reporter: craig, good morning. that's right. two people were killed in this latest crash. a pilot and a passenger. and a plane involved is owned by the same companynvolved in last week's mid-air collision. ntsb will try to pin together what haened. overnight, another deadly float plane crash in alaska. the pilot and one o passenger a
7:16 am
commuter flight killed after it crashed in southern alaska. the small plane operate b taquan air. you can see it floating offshore upside down. pontoons still attached. good samaritans arriving first using their bgts to tra the plane to the beach. both victims were taken to shore but they didn't survive. the coast gua saying the circumstances of the crash are not being released at this time and they're not identifying the two victims. the crash happening just 20 miles from last week's deadly mid-air collision. another plane operateed by taquan air collided with a plane. >> the taquan plane was submerged in 75 feet of water. >> reporter: at the time taquan air resumed flights.
7:17 am
five of them aboard the mountain airplane. one pilot from a royal princess cruise ship. remarkably ten people survived that disaster. n and there's another crash to investigate. is we've reached out to taquan air. they responded by referring us back to the sbnt but a lot of scrutiny now on this company after its second crash in a week. >> yeah. i'd say so. molly unthunter for us in l.a. thank you. let's turn to al and get th. forecast >> yesterday we actually got a tropical storm. that's right. subtropical storma andre west of bermuda. not going to have anyeal effect. but for the last five years, a name ed atlantic storm before je 1st. not going to be a big problem. rest of the u.s., we are looking
7:18 am
at more snow through the rockies. wet weather from northern california into the mid-pacific northwest coast. these severe storms in mid-sections of the country. going to be a pretty day. that's what's going on. we'll get to your local forecast co ng up in the next 30 seconds. sure to aim it. i'm aiming it. ohhhhhhh! i ordered it for everyone. [laughing] (dad vo) we got the biggest subaru to help bring our mily together. i'm just resting my eyes. (dad vo) even though we're generations apart. what a day. i just love those kids. (avo) presenting the all-new three-row subaru ascent. wave to grandma, (avo) love is noer the all-new than ever.w subaru ascent. good morning. i'm t stormm 4 meteorologist chuck bell. sun's up on a gorgeous tuesday morning. temperatures are a lot lower today than ty were yesterday. we're starting off in the mid to
7:19 am
upper 50 low 60s around town. your hour-by-hour planner for today will be around 70 degrees at lunchtime. degrees.ay close to 75 another day in the 70s tomorrow before the warm air and the hint of summer humidity come back. mainly dry for the long holiday weekend. >> and that's your latest weather. >>okll right. lot him rocking the purple tie. i like it. still ahead on tuesday morning,he alarming discovery as we get ready to start the unofficial start of summer. the great white shark spotted for tirst time ever very close to new york city. >> okay, now you're scaring me. >> going to need a bigger boat. then eating or education. jacob soboroff with a look of college and its toll. >> i don't have enough money for grocery shopping sometimes. >> you don't have enough money to shop for food? >> sometimes. >> the story all families need to seeis but first ths "today" on irst, t nbc.
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you ate the new spokescandy? not all of him. m& new hazelnut spread s. 7:26 is your time now on this tuesday, may 21st, 2019. good morning to you. i'm eun yang. >> and i'm aaron gilchrist.hi today an storic new beginning for washington's catholic community. wilton gregory will make history african-american to hold the position of archbishop. police say one person is dead after an early morning crash. it caused mor delays on eastbound 66 in centerville. let's get right to melissa mollet now in your first 4 traffic for the latest. >> good morning. still have an eight-mile backup here eastbound 66 at 29th. this is because of that early morning crash.
7:27 am
stick on the right side of the road. take a look at all the alternates. 29, 28. everybody here slow. you have to allow a lot of extra time. beltway looking typical. 270 southbound going about 40 miles per hour. >> all right. thank you. later teed on news4, the i-team is looking into the most commonly stolen items from cars in our area. >> find out what's catching the eye of thievesoday at 5:00. we'll take a break now. your forecast
7:28 am
morning, everybody. cold front went through overnight so we'll have a northwesterly breeze for today and temperatures will be noticeably cooler after our first 90-degree day of the year yesterday. we'll be in the low to mid-70s. right now upper 50s to low 60s around town. afternoon highs today like i mentioned in the low to mid-70s. great weather around here the
7:29 am
next couple of days. little chance for showers on thursday. the warm air makesck a comeba for the weekend. >> all right, chuck. >> we're back t afterhe "today" show. have a great.
7:30 am
we're back at 7:30. it's tuesday morning, the 21st of may, 19. those are the waters just off greenwich, connecticut. 30 miles from where we are right here. that i also where a great white shark being tracked by redarchers has turne up for the very first time. good morning. hello. how do you do? >> my wife was talking about this at dinner last night. >> that's your neighborhood there. >> we are not far from those waters. we will be staying out of those waters. we'll get to that in just a moment. we should probably check with the headlines. >> weather is at theto the violent storms sweeping across the southern plains and the south. 85 tornadoes reported just since friday. and those areas not in the clear ye e they're faciven more
7:31 am
tornadoes, hail, andeavy rain today. more than 4 million people under a flash flood warning or watch through the end of the day. al is trackingor the st he'll be back in just a abort rights protests are expected today in nearly all 50 states. th sto the ban demonstrations come in a wave of new anti-abortion laws. expected tota converge of ste houses, courthouses and town squares across the country. organizatis like planned parenthood and the aclu. k>> the golden state warriors are headed bac to the nba finals for the fifth consecutive season after completing a four-game sweep of the portland trail blazers last night. went to overtime though. stephen curry led the way. the warriors will face thef winn the eastern conference finals between the bucks and the ptors. game four of that series is tonight. so the steph versus seth battle r over. you know i wasooting for the little sibling.
7:32 am
>> wasn't much of a battle. >> you don't have to rub it in. >> hard to beat the warroors. good lng team. and they're doing it without kevin durant. now to that unique visitor ofira connectis s for the fst time ever they have tracked a great white shark in long island sound. kristen dahlgren is in greenwich ne where this shark was spotted. say it ain't so. >> reporter: it is unfortunately so, craig. impeccable timing. just before these beaches are about to be packed for memorial day weend, he makes an appearance making swimmers a little bit wary as they head into these waters. it was something researchers did not expect. >> you see him in there, something we were surprised about. >> rorter: the great white known as cabot tracked i deepnto the long island sound. a place no tagged shark has ever been before. at first, osearch, a research
7:33 am
thought ittagged him was a mistake. >> i thought maybe it wasad a b ping and the shark was more south ofong island. >> reporter: but cabot nearly ten feet was, in fact, there. the shark even introducing himself to the area on his own twitter account. asking, anyone know of some fun things to do around here? his arrival actually craebing the wsite used to track him because so many users overloaded it. researchers say the water quality and the abundance of fish make the area welcoming and could invite other saggedrks too. but cabot might have already had friends with him. >> it's likely if cabot is in there, there are other white sharks in there. >> reporter: sin he was first tagged, he'sogged plenty of miles. making his way from nova scotia all the way down to the gulf of mexico. beforek coming bac to north carolina's outer banks where he met up with several o teragged sharks less than two weeks ago.
7:34 am
cabot's arrivalt a connecticut beach justays before memorial day weekend, a reminder of what danger lurks in the water. last summer, beaches at new york's nearby fire island were temporarily closed after two kids were bitten in separate attacks. in cape cod, massachusetts, one man died after he was attacked. weeks earlerr, anoth swimmer was able to survive by punching a shark in its sensitive gills. >> its head was way out o water grabbing my leg trying to tip me over. reporter: but experts stress people just need to be smart when enjoying the water. >> look at the ocean. v before you go in it. don't just assumeou yan go in whenever and wherever you want. >> reporter: all right. so overnight, that shark tracker did come back online and researchers have now pinged cabot on the south side of long island. that's a more common place for sharks this time of eyear. thect had imto stick around there until the water gets too warm.
7:35 am
if the food source dries up, he'll move up north. so who's going swimming this weekend, guys? >> not me. not re. it's good he's traveling with friends though. >> we're really up in kabin cab business. he should te location services off on his iphone. you know? all right. let's get a check of the weather. >> he's going to west port next. >> no, he's not. >> all right. let's show you what we've g going on temperature wawise. out west it is unusually cool. we've got spring warmth in the east. birmingham above average at 91. minneapolis at 59. it's 12 degrees colder than usual. look at storm. palm springs. got to break out the long johns. chicago, 81 degrees. lafayette, 90 degrees. and the latter part of the week by friday. you're at 92, richmond.
7:36 am
mid-90s all week long. even rochester getting into the act with a hig of79 degrees. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in y >> i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. its a beautiful tuesday here in the nation's capital. temperature now 63. 65 in quantico, virginia. 57 in montgomercounty. 62 in beautiful prince georges county. your fdaecast for toy, breezy. but today's wind f will bem the northwest so that's a cooling breeze for us. highs today only in l the to mid-70s. a far cry from the 90-degree weather yesterday. don't you worry though. the heat and humid y will be coming back. >> that's your latest weather. >> all right. thank you. amazing story the of a coach who began going the extra mile for his young athletes when tragedy struck that team twice.>> also, i know you're excited for this oione. we're gng to get a sneak peek at the downton abbey movie from the cast. >> and alisson williams will be
7:37 am
here. why her new movie is being called theie creepst thing all year. i could barely watch the trailer. first though tuition or food? how the rising cost of college is actually forcing students to make hard choices. and what, if anything, can be done about it? that's right after this. ny guys, what's the matter? the great outdoon. is supposed to be fu i heard there were fleas out here. and t-t-t-t-t-icks and mosquitoooooooooooes! listen up, scaredy cats. we all have k9 advantix ii to protect u it kills and repels fleas, ticks and mosquitoes. and mosquitoes? all three. so let's just enjoy ourselves out here. i wasn't really that scared. ahhh! get it o! get it off! it's a leaf. k9 advantix kills and repels fleas, ticks and mosquitoes, too. 30% off paints and stains, right? well, you know what they say the early bird gets the best paint! get 30% off paints and stains with sale prices starting at $26.94, may 17th through june 3rd. only at your sherwin-williams store.
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plus, ilumya wr shown to have simisks of infections compared to placebo. plus, don't use if you arehave simisallergic to ilumya or any of its ingredients. before starting treatment, your doctor should check for tuberculosis and infecngons. after chechere is no need for routine lab monitoring unless your doctor advises it. ilumya may increase your risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them. tell your doctor if you have an infection or have symptoms, or if you plan to or have recently received a vaccine. c ould be your chance to leave your psoriasis symptoms behind. ask your doctor for ilumya today, for a clearer tomorrow. we are back with in-depth today. and monday we brought you that amazing story of the entire e class of 2019 having their student debt forgiven. amazing story. not every student is lucky enough for that. >> of course. and there's a troubling trene i developing. a new study shows tens of thousands college students cannot afford basic things like
7:42 am
food and rent. jaco soboroff is here. you saw this first hand. it's an important story. >> good morning, guys. students. 100 institutions were surveyed. many recently said they could not afford meals or housing. almost 20% had been homeless in the last year. and the numbers are higher in .alifornia where we took a close >> reporter: it is five minutes to 10:00 in the morning an a monday moing. i'm on uc irvine. these are all students lined up. they're not lined up f class. they're lined up to get into this food pantry. >> athing that you see here, you're welcome to help yourselves to. >> reporter: here theyooffer free fd to students who can't otherwise afford it. what kind of stuff did you pick out today? >> pasta, almond milk, things for sandwiches. >> reporter: and this will last you the week? >> i think so. i can make it stretch.
7:43 am
>> a lot of my money is for rent. i don't have enough money for grocery shopping sometimes. >> reporter: you don't have enough money to shop for food. >> sometimes? >>?eporter: do you wo >> i work part-time. >> reporter: and so a part-time job plus i beingn school is not enough to pay for food and rent. >> yeah. >> reporter: and so something like this, what does it mean to you to be able to get here? >> it means so much. just even the staff here and energy inside means so much.ah ye >> reporter: everybody's so friendly. >> yeah. >> reporter: it makes you emotional. >> yeah, it does. it does. >> reporter: it sounds to me like the students that are being served here are not coming here for any other reason than they are working their butts off and this is their last hope. >> definitely this is not an issue of personal responsibility. about 48% of undergraduate students have self-reported to having experience with food insecurity within the last year. >> reporter: almost half of all students have talked about food insecurity in the? last year >> yes. >> reporter: it's not just the university of california system.
7:44 am
community colleges have to be able to deal with a large number of food insecure students h too. anour away at santa monica college, there's an email when lunch arrives. how long until they respond? >> not long. if nair thot here already. >> reporter: this facility is on seven food pantries on campus. it's shocking that you need to have food pantries throughout the campus in order to serve the need. >> reality is we actually need more. things like tuition have gone up over 600% in the last couple of decades. housing costs in los angeles, san francisco, new york, some of the b cities has gone up exponentially as well. >> reporter: housing costs are so high that at many colleges, students don't have enough money for food or rent. two years ago i med hanna who just moved into an hrv wit her mom and younger sister. >> people are so judgmental. >> reporter: today she attends a
7:45 am
college and i stillhomeless. when i first met you, you were what? 16? >> i was 16. >> reporter: and you were taking sch classes in the rv. >> yes.nd >> reporter: aoday you're going to college. >> yes. >> reporter: what's that like? >> they're helping me get rv.ough my hardships in the they know i live in an rv. they showed me around school. we have two pantries and a t wardrobe go in which helps. >> reporter: two pantries and a wardrobe to get free clothes? >> u he. >> reporter: she used to keep heres homeless and. hunger to herself. but now she's not alone. she's part of this center that ssists food and housing insecure students. what are you going to do? >> i'm going to study my ass off. i'm going to work my hardest and transfer to ucla. that's where i'm going to go r orter: you sound pretty sure about that. >> i'm positive about that. a >> i think for lot of folks watching it's hard to get your head around how it can be
7:46 am
there's so many college kids whn are strug for food. give us a sense perspectivewise. like, nationwide, wt are we talking here? >> it's not unusual to go to a campus to find a homeless shelter or food pantry. 45% of studentsn i this poll, 86,000 kids were surveyed, were food insecure inhe previous month. 56% were housing insecure in the previous year. and 20% nationwide said they were homeless at some point in the previous year. unbelievable to think about. we're talking about college students. ar we've talked about this a lot with element kids. hunger and how that affects their performance and it makes perfect sense if you have an empty stomach, how can you concentrate on your schooling? >> same thing for the college ystudents. ifou're food or housing insecure, h can you focus on the task at hand? nd it's pervasive issue, a systemicissue. >> what's the solution? how do we fix this? >> this is economic inequality
7:47 am
101. it's facing not just college students but people all across the country. >> all right. thank you for bringing it to us. appreciate it. >> we'll have more o the third hour with you as well. thank you. >> much more ahead on this tuesday morning including what jeopardy james did lt night to take his remarkable winning streak to a whole new level. that's right after t ♪ el ♪ so kim, you going for our big drive safe & save discount? yup, using the app. i've been quite vigilant. sharon says step on it. the meeting's started. ok, write her back 'dear sharon, don't mess with my discount!' faster mommy, i gotta go to the bathroom. i do too honey, but we're gonna hold it for mommy's discount. easy, easy! but you're in labor? co don't mess with my disunt! uh hem. get a discount up to 30% with drive safe & save from state farm. ♪
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7:52 am
and it's those daily doubles wheree's cleaning . he answers 52 of 56 correctly during his run. >> with last night's holzhauer closing in on the record of $2.5 million. that's held by the legend himself ken jennings who wrote this in "the washinon post." he said, we are witnessing -- excuse me. we are seeingn history made i front of our eyes. the jeopardy equivalent of a basketball playerot ning 70-point games for an entire season or baseball pyer hitting an cycle ievery game. i'm the only person alive that knows how difficult to do what holzhauer is doing. that is why i'm rooting him on. >> i like he's rooting for the next champ. >> and kudos to our graphics team. >> i know. >> that was so cool. >> felt like i was in jeopardy. stillea ah we're going to talk about this commencement speech you gave over the weekend
7:53 am
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7:56 is your time now on this tuesday, may 21st, 2019. good morning. i'm eun yang. we have some breaking news. metro says it temporary removed all of its 3,000 series cars from service after its received a reportf a door malfunction. this reduces the number of available rail cars by about 15%. this couldause some delays, so ahead.e to plan now let's check on the rest of your commute with melissa mollet and your first 4 traffic. >> at this point thimorning, not hearing of any delay yet but this could snowball throughout the day. eastbound 66 at 29, a six-mile backup this morning because of an earlier fatal c crash. 29nd 28 are alternates but both are very slow because of everybody needing to use them. on the beltway, inner loop before braddock, all lanes open.
7:57 am
lays continuing from the shoulder. >> we'll take a break. foreca. [vacuum] ♪in troducing fresh step clean paws, t with lowracking litter. your vacuum becomes a cat toy.s let'ke litter less of a mess. let's start fresh. raat little bits dof extang.t is it's the best. i mean the flavor is fantastic.
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7:59 am
good morning,everybody. hope your tuesday's off to a pleasant enough start. temperatures have fallen into the comfortable range overnight with a coldbyront going . we're in the 50s and 60s now. today's high a far cry from the 90-degree high of yesterday. today only in the low to mid-70s. another day in the 70s coming your way for tomorrow. but the warmer air and the higher humidity values returnayn thursdith a rain chance. and then mostly dry and on the hot side for mos of the holiday weekend. >> all right, chuck. thank r you. anothecal news update in 25 minutes . for now b k to the "today" .how.
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." oming uporoure >> oh, my gosh. >>ra millions bcing for another round of severe weather after dangerous twisters tear through the south. >> this is where my bed is is where i was sleeping. >> me than 80 reported since friday. so where's today's danger zone?g al'sot the forecast. plus, mental health coach. we'll meet a mentorur tning tragedy into triumph after two of his players took their own lives. >> it hit us hard because there were no signs. he didn't let us know there was something going on. >> just ahead, the lessons he's teaching his players on and off this is everest.
8:01 am
actress mandy moore ready to tr through w theld's tallest peak. an inside look the her walk to remember. "today tuesday, may 21th, 2019. ♪ >> shoutout to shelby, north carolina. >> howdy, lubbock, texas. >> shoutout from south jersey. ♪ >> turning 60 and retiring from westfield, mass. >> today's my birthday. i'm already off to a fantastic . star good morning. >> good morning. t'ser biry!addy love yo hi, mom! >> hi, everybody. good morning. this is tuesday morning. so happy to have you on our plaza or watching at home on a nice, spring day. >> we'll explain why all those kids are seating at those tables in a moment >>indeetd. we've got a special show on
8:02 am
thursday. i'll be at the indianapolis dwmotor spee with my guest host tom hanks. we've got a special hour and we are shining aig l on our military caregivers. the it means to much toot us. it's called hidden heroes. >> i h hope hanks been practicing. >> i'm going to tell him you expect a lot. >> someone else is going to be thercr >> sheryl ow. yeah. we're going to treat you to a concert. we hope you'll join us there. let's get to the weather. no letup in the weather causing so much violence in the south. where's this headed? >> it's slowly moving east. we've got tornaow warnings firing up throughout much of oklahoma. from tulsa all the way down to the texas border. so this is a situation. flash flood warnings are up. so all this going on while w look at the risk areas. you can see from st. louis down to little rock. 11tates involved.
8:03 am
17 million people at risk. tornadoes likely in this area. esen we move into tonight. itns a bit, but can't let our guard down. luckily a o low risk tornadoes. and tomorrow we've got a risk of some severe weather in northeast and mid-atlantic. we're also looking back to the west from selena kansas to amarillo. hail and tornaes poss. fast-moving storm bringing with it colder air behind it. we're looking at 4 to 8 inches of snow in parts of the rockies. but ahead of this system into missouri and arkansas, scattered storms into the hoiss valley tomorrow. rainfall amounts r anywhere fro the 2 to 3 inches of rain. but rainfall rates in some spots anywhere from 1 to 2 inches per hour. and the roads are going to be a mess as will the airports from minneapolis, denver, dallas, houston, st. louis, and chicago. >> all right, al. thank you. president trump has ordered former white house counsel don mcgahn to defy a subpoena today.
8:04 am
house democrats want to grill mcgahn about his m part in the mueller report that mr. trump tried to impede the justice investigation. senior officials like mcgahn have immunity, the white house says. jerry nadler is threatening to hold mcgahn in contempt and members are pressing pelosi to move forward with an impeachment inquiry. the ntsb is investigating the second deadly sea plane accident in alaska. last monday six tourists died when theirig shtseeing planes collided in mid-air just 20 miles away from the new crash. the same flight operator was involved in both accidents. ew york state lawmakers would consider making it illegal for pedestrians to text or even look at their phones while crossing the street. fines under a new bill would range from 25 bucks to $250 for repeat offenders. exceptions wld be made for emergencies. aimilar bill was introduced
8:05 am
last year without success. but the sponsor of this lates i he'st got people talking about common sense things to do and not to . if they start fining texts and walking in new york city, they'll generate at least $200 million. >> maybe that's the right thing to do. 'll see. let's get to the m boost. a california dad played along when his son had a magic trick. the act still needed a little wo. >> what hand is the ball in? >> yes. >> . this one? >> oh, got you! >> i mean, so cute. he got him. >> budding magician. all right. just ahead, savannah heads back to school. some highlights from that powerful commencement address over the weekend on theational mall down in d.c. plus k ours under pressure series. >> everybody in a hurry to do
8:06 am
things that we don't slow down and lk. >> can't wait to introduce you to an incredible coach. he's helping kids who have been through a lo he's helping them open up and get the support they need after tragedy his team twice. . need after ♪
8:07 am
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> we're back. 8:09 now with our special series kids under pressure. >> that's right. aook at how relationships with caring adults can really help protect our kids against some disturbing realities. kate snow is here with the story full of sadness but also hope. >> yeah. both. exactly. there's evidee kids are overscheduled. they feel they have to be perfect, spending too much time on devices and social media. not enough face-to-face interactions. one expert said we have a jenuation of kids who lack the roots of msilience. we a coach in utah who's trying to be support for his players after they went through the if. >> reporter: with strong minds and even start erstronger heart coach is trying to help his
8:11 am
team. alleason he's been teaching them lessons. not just about the game, but about life. >> nice! >> reporter: coach juan knows every one of his 33 players by name. he'll drive out to their homes just to check in or take a few players out to lunch. all to build closer relationships with them. it's a mission that grew out of tragedy in this picture perfect rural utah community when team captain nate cowsart took his own life. >> he didn't let us know anything was going on. he sent me a text saying i'm sorry and i love you. >> reporter: nate's parentsed receivhe same text. >> there's a daughter-in-law i will never meet and grandchildren i will never holdp >> rter: then last summer, it happened again.♪ ♪
8:12 am
jeremiship the teammate also ended his life. >> i always thought it couldn't happen in my family. i always t certainly not jeremy. it can happen. and i don't know the answer. >> a moment of silence for our lacrosse brothers that are no longer with us. >> i t decidedo take action and change to get to know my boys a little better. >> reporter: coach juan opened up to his players about his struggles. >> emotions aren't a manly thing. they should be separate. everybody's hurt inside. everybody's sufferin ♪ >> everybody's in such a hurry to do things that we don't slow down and talk.ll
8:13 am
>> reporter: a the time teens spend on socl media instead of face-to-face doesn't help. and as youth suicide rates rise, making it the second leading cause of death for 10 to 18 jeer 18-year-, researchers a finding overpressured kids don't often have a supportive adult they can talk to. it's not easy for tee to share. coach ju's own son brandon found it difficult to admit how he was feeling. >> i had had suicidal thoughts. and so for me it was embarrassing to have to tell my parents, have to tell my parents that. >> reporter: but with his dad encouraging openness, he saysas the team h gotten stronger. >> there you go! h >>e's very open. thattic mas us able to be more well.with him a >> i think it shows them that someone cares. i think it shows them that somebody'slistening. somebody's willing to help them out sometimes. and to them, that's important. they feel loved. they feel cared about.
8:14 am
>> he hy reallilt a connection with these kids. he puts a big emphasis on not only connecting with them, but finding their faith as well. and theyave this thing they do where they do team dinners. and they start by going around their ing everybody s most embarrassing moment. it's a way to break the ice. i thought it was a great tip for families. that you might dous that j to get people talking. >> what a story. and your perspective as well being the parentenf teers. >> it's tough. >> let's bring in the president of the child mind institute bcght here in new york city. because our new news survey poll out this week found 55% of americans would expect their child to come to them if they were experiencing a mentalis health e. that means 45% are not sure. so good morning. >> morning. >> increase in suicides in this country. what are we doing wrong?
8:15 am
what are we not doing? >> number one as a nation we have to say suicide is not an acceptable death orenagers. think about it. 5,000 teenagers will kill themselves ts year and 1.2 million will show up in an emergency room because of suicidalht tho or behavior. that means one every 30 seconds is going to an emergency room. so a nation has to say we're wearing seat belts, tackling aids, taking care of kids with asthma. we will not let kids die of suicide. and therefore that means that participants haveo be involved, doctors have to be involved. >> unwith of the things so striking with kate's sery is thes situations come out of nowhere. the parents did not see it coming. most parents think i would know if my child was down in the dumps, if they were thinking about this. i would know. the teenage brain is not like the adult brain. it's just different. explain. >> right. so children and adults have different types of brains an olescent adolescents can still learn
8:16 am
chinese. we can't. our brains have gotten very old. theycan get bad habits but also are more impulsive. they feel things more intensely. because of that, they're more at risk for psychiatric disorders. so depression adolescents. and they can be tajs. so that suicide for a teenager can be a contagiousn phenome while it wouldn't be for an adult. >> i was going to ask about that. this team we profiled in utah, tone happened andn six months later, the second player. and the really worried about -- and they were basically trying to stop it frompe hng again. sfl this kind of cluster contagion has happened across the nation. but it's not usual that kids are -- teenagers think about suicide. 2 million teenagers have suicidal thoughts that are not acting upon so they'reensitive when someone they love or know commits suicide. th's why tv programs like "13
8:17 am
reasons why" can be so dangerous for a teenager and not for a child or adult. and why role models like kevin love and others who say i struggled, i got treatment,ot you're n alone can be such positive effects on teenage boys. >> really quickly, you mentiones three d' that parents should be on the lookout for in terms of changes in behavior. what are they? >> if the behavior changes, the duration. the level ofan distress the level of dysfunction. and parents can get more help on symptom checkersu. >> thank yo have ays, you're going to a piece in usa today about the mom of teenagers. we've got a lot more on including how the parents of the boys from kate's piece are working to help other families. >> plus,k but loo to see more of our kids under pressure series. and if you a orone you know
8:18 am
needs help, call the national suicide prevention lifeline. there's the phone number. i'll read it tos youll in case you're listening and not watching. 1-80 1-800-273-. > now a check of the weather from al. >> we're really watching tfs line o thunderstorms and it's really starting to fire up. we're seeing these areas in red are tornado warnings. the areas in pink, watches. and flash flood warnings also in the areas in green. so a lot of dangerous weather still happening. we're going to continue to happen it. of course stay tuned to your nbc stations. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> good morning, everybody. i'm storm team 4 meteorologistb chuck ll. beautiful sunshine here in the nation's capital today. temperatures have been pushed down into the 50s and low 60s courtesy of a cold front that went by overnight. in the wake of that front we'll
8:19 am
get a northwesterly breeze today. that'll keep temperatures in the d-low to mis for highs today. no rain to worry about today or tomorrow. next chance for a shower or thunderstorm comes on thursday thene'll be back close to 90 most of the holiday weekend. >> all right, al. thank you. jenna joins us p with rart. >> let's getht to pop start. first up, "game of thrones." watched ion people "game night's episode of of thrones." breaking another hbo record. many are still talng about the water bottle mishap in the series finale. last night on the tonight ow, jimmy fallon addressed the issue. >> i can't believe they leave a water bottle in one of theho sts after they left the starbucks cup. >> you think it's somebody's job on set to make sure that thathi kind of doesn't happen. you know, somee's in chargef that kind of thing. >> exactly. you got to pay attention to detail. >> i think there's a specific name for that kind of geez.
8:20 am
it's like a -- >> it's called a continuityro er is what it's called. it happens from time to time when you're filming a movie or tv show. of thing d that kind would never happen here. because we're the i bestn the biz. always on the ball. nothing gets past us, right? >> you got tharight. >> well done there. up next, mandy moore. the actress using her iatus to the fullest. she's hiking to mt. everest base camp. the trek takes about nine days to get there. and so far, she's all smiles and seems to be having a great time. aside from the donkeysci canni up that dust. she said it doesn't scare me. it's inthgorating. e moment you push of comfort ut and fulfilling. this comeszo more than a year a when she hiked mt. kilimanjaro. mandy moore is about as cool as it gets.
8:21 am
>> thank you so much. some congratulations are in order on this tuesday morning. we have a new graduate among us. on sunday miss guthrie here received an honorary doctor degree in public service from george washington university. she also had the honor of comme address as well. ngis we'reoing to talk about that in a moment. but first a few words of her wisdom. >> today in this moment, you a what stands out in this storied place. you are making your own history. the diploma you receive today is your own personal monument tour yowork, your sacrifice, your passion, your perseverance. i'm here today toou cheer across this finish line. and to cheer you on. because this is also your starting line. whatever is in your mind or yout hearthis morning, you can do
8:22 am
it. every person sitting here has some kind of dr an idea of what their lives might look like. it could be a career goal. it could be an athleticen achiev it could be the place you want to live or the family that you hope to create. here's the thing. whisper to yourself if you must, but say it out loud. put it out there. don't curb your ambitions. don't tell yourself, i could never do that, i'm not good enough, it's too much. my advic is really simple. think big for yourself and then st head in that general direction. whether you arrive at the ideal destination is not even the point. the point is to be ambitious for your life and then just try. maybeou're lost and adrift. maybe you're frozen to the spot and you don't know what to dream or wre to g next. or even how to start thinking about getting there. that's fine. whoever you are. the one who has it all figured out or the one who is lost.
8:23 am
it's fine. you are on your way anyway. you're going where you need to go. ready or not, here you come. because the journey itself is the destination. the path is your purpose. don't worry so much. things have a way of working out. few of can handle a your missteps. even yourbiggies. the times you ruined your life? you didn't. you may leave your path, but you path doesn't leave you. don't waste your time feeling old when you're young. love andrppreciate you own unique beauty. you know that picture you want 's delete? it the picture you might one day look back and say, wow, i looked pretty good back then. don't stress when other peo e seem to be going higher and faster. they're getting married sooner, having whkids. you can't. when others are getting that promotion, buying that house, going on tha trip, having those friends. don't you worry. the life you're making is enough.
8:24 am
it is enough. you enough. and don't miss the monuments. don't become so use to the things that are beautiful in your life tt you don't see them anymore. so let me tell you.s here's whaeautiful in your life this morning. your beating heart. reur lively mind. the people that looking withli det and pride in their eyes when they look at you. today you are at the top of the summit. forget that selfie. lookround and take a picture with your mind. screenshot this moment. that image you capture with your memory captures not just wt you saw but how you felt. i promise you will ner forget. you can forget this bspeech,ut don't forget how good it felt on this day to be you standing on top of this mountain and ady to climb a few more. i am cheering for you, class of 2019. congratu >> well done. >> you know what i loved about
8:25 am
it? ou that is how y talk to all of your friends. you do. with all heart. it's exactly who you are. >> it was so fun. and it was such an incredible experience and such an honor to go to gw and speak to the students. i actually came to washington 20 years ago. soul it was like circle. >> what a location. >> it was a beautiful warm washington day. and the students areust so impressive. and it was really fun to among them. >> we need to make a bumper sticker that says the journey is the destination. >> we got encouragement from hoda as well. on instagram, there's her post. so proud of the gw university grads as well >> yeah. when i woke up sunday morning i saw hoda texted me to say go get 'em today. i looked at, it it was 2:40 a.m. i was like, oh, yeah. she got a newborn baby. >> by theway, watch the whole speech on do we have to call you ordoct
8:26 am
>> no, no. straight ahead, i can't wait to talk toll alison wims about her new thriller. it is terrifying. >> two more reasons to get excited as chef andres he good morning, everybody. it's 8:26 now on this tuesday, may 21st. i'm aaron gilchrist. right now let's get a check on the morning commute with melissa mollet. >> eastbound 66 at 29, we're slow but it's getting a bit better. we're talking about a five-mile backup nte ins of an eight-mile backup. sided a fatal crash on t of the road. 29 and 28 still slow as well as your alternates there. al alexandria. gog about 30 miles per hour. >> all right. thank you. we will get a check on the forecast when we come back..
8:27 am
♪ i've slain your dreaded dragon. for saving the kingdom at doth thou desire? my lord? hey good knight. where are you going? ♪ ♪ climbing up on solsbury hill ♪ gb your things,
8:28 am
salutations. coffee that is a cup above is always worth the quest. nespresso. tis all i desire. did thou bring enough for the whole kingdom? george: nespresso, what else? it is a comfortable enough start to your tuesday morning. temperatures are still in the mid-50s in the shenandoah valleyhs today's hig will only be in the low to mid-70s. a far cry from the 90-degree day yeste day. if you'rready starting to plan your holiday weekend at the beach, tempe tures will be in the upper 70s to right around 8 degrees. and if you need an updated forecast here at home, need your
8:29 am
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8:30 am
. 8:30 now. tuesday 21st ofmay, 2019. got time for a crowd moment? >> sure. >> i won't take you far. they're right behind me. what yourname, ma'am? >> joe kinney. >> and what's your name? >> tim kinney. >> i want you to read this si. well, thank you for the birthday wish. but more than that, mrs. kinney was my fifth grade teacher. junior elementary. >> and you're her son? >> yes, sir. >> how about that? s >> talks about about you
8:31 am
every day. >> what does she say? >> don't do that. >> i have so many questions. >> d't go into specifics. doing?she >> wonderful. >> please send my love. >> will do. >> and tell her thank you. i wouldn't be here without miss kinney. so good to see you. thank you so much for coming. that brings back memories. >> that's lovely. coming up, one of the stars of downton abbey is herellen leech. he has a peek at the film. >> i cannot wait. then another movie the peiaection, alison will with a creepy role. then we got a little dinner time here. he's prepared thousands of meals. whipping up payaya on the
8:32 am
plaza. the fifa women's world cup will kick off in france in a few weeks. and telemundo will be the exclusive spanish language home for all the actionet who br to talk about it than sports commentator andres cantor. pleasure to have you. >> hello,ou guys. nice to see you again. >> nice seeing you. >>roht t cup back. how about this time? >> they're favorites to win ag gn. but it'sng to be a very, very competitive world cup. i think it's going to be one of the best i history. we're going to watch it on telemundo. france has a very good team. i think they'll give ru but the usa is looking very, very good. >> we're proud of them. a lot of house hoefld names we reeamber. this m so much for young girls who aretc wang, don't you think? >> of course. if there's a before and after,
8:33 am
women's soccer in americafter winning the world cup here, i think the girls all over the country look up to the stars like carli lloyd. but now they're saying young generation of players, those at watch the world cup, that they've won over the years. so on tv and now they're part of the team. and, you know, there's lots of kids playing the game and they're very good. and the u.s. is going to be a powerhouse for a long time. >> we can't let you go. we canou let y say good-bye without a sample crowd. >> i'm ready for my payaya. >> will you come over here forus ? >>e jos andres. >> listen. let's go. >> three, two, one. >> goal!
8:34 am
>>ndres cantor, thank you. >> that'll get you in the spirit. >> yeah, it will. fifa won's world cup will start june 7th on our sister network telemundo. >> i love it. al, got to top that. jose very impressive running here and then doing that. >> i run every morning. >> let's show you what we have going on as far as your weather. we start off with today, again, very dangerous situation in the mid-plains. cooler and drier here in the east. more snow in the rockies and wet weather in the pacific nort est. then formorrow, it stays wet out west. still mountain snow hanging around throughout parts of the owckies. warm and humid d through the gulf and into the southeastern atlantic states. sunshine and mild ias the northe and new england. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> cool sunshine outhere for now. refreshing northwest breeze today. so your forecastedhi gh, 75 degrees. that's about as good at can get around the washington area this timcoof year.
8:35 am
we s! yes! 75 for today. if you like the 70s, it'll hang around for tomorrow as well. the 80-degree weather returns before the week is through. we might be near 90 on sunday of your memorial day weekend gliday. have ad tu. >> and don't forget you can always get the "today" show. take it wherever you .want go with "today" show cirrus xm channel 108 and you can listen as you drive. the beloved series "downtone aby" wrapped after six seasons. it brought in three golden globe award and three imetimemmy awards. >> because it's an amazing show. now it's coming back. but this time it's hitting the big screen. here's a look at the first "downton abbey" movie trailer. was released moments ago.
8:36 am
>> 1927. we're modern fol ♪ >> the king and queen are coming to downton. >> what? >> well, look who's here. allen leech. just chatting him up. he plays tom branson in the show and film. we're all so excited. did everyoneust say yes immediately to this idea of a movie? >> we first started talking about it before we even stopped filming the series. so i think everyone was up for it. it just took awhile to get right script. we wanted to make sure taking as manying from tv to film, you want to make sure that the and 's bigg and bolder more theatrical. eo we put julian in a room for three years andim come up with the script. >> is it like riding the bike? do you just get back into swing
8:37 am
when you're back together? >> oh, yeah. the first time you go up to thei castle,s a beautiful building. you haven't seen it for three years and think i took this for granted too long. then it kind of felt like i had just gone back for a sleep in my trailer. it didn't feel like we were gone three years. >> i don't know how much you can say, but does it pick up in the future? where are we in the time with the characters? >> it's pretty much directly after. six or seven months. i think they get a letter saying the royal family is going to visit. >> that's exciting. >> that is going to bring its own drama. >> definitely. we can't wait. hank you so much. >> mypleasure. >> every time you're here, i want to call you tom. >> you fan girl like crazy. >> izy am c about the show. thank you so much, allen. we appreciate it. if you want to watch the full trailer, go to e movie hits theaters september 20th. now over to jenna. >> thanks. just ahead, the fabulous alison williams. she's going to tell us about going way outside her comfort
8:38 am
zone in her latest role. but first this is "today" on nbc. k
8:39 am
8:40 am
we're b at 8:40 with one of our favorites. actress alison williams. she starred in "girls"nd then scared audiences everywhere in "get out." well, now she is takg on a terrifying and i mean terrifying new role in the movie "the perfection." she plays ale troubd musical prodigy. >> going to be okay. >> no, i no, it's not! >> listen to me. >> something is wrong. something is wrong with me! >> i know. that's why we need to get you help. >> i'm i'm dying. what's ening? what's happening? >> oh, by -- >> nothing good's happening there in that scene.
8:41 am
bugs coming up out of the arms. >> you know, it happs. >>his is so scary. the trailer had me, like -- >> i know. >> just feeling terrifie s there'sething i'm working through. however, i love this genre. because without giving anything away because this movie is full spoilers, it's just going to take you on a ride you're not expecting. whatever you think is going to happen t based onhat clip, you're not right. let it happen. >> our producer who saw the file said e time she thought she knew where it was going, it went different way. >> it's really intense. she had just watched it and i was like, it's soon to talk to i me. ad the same experience reading it. w i wasdering. first of all, do you like scary movies? is this something you would do in your normal off time? >> yes.t i sor of like them. but i'm not obsessed withthem. but i guess i am starting to identifys someone obsessed with them or at least making them. i watch scary movies o rplanes because there's a lot of ambient activity and it's
8:42 am
easy to not think it's real. >> unless it's a plane crash movie. >> that would be a terrible id t. i've madet mistake before. it's not pleasant. i don't love being scared. but these movies aren't like his or her ree movies like you're going to check under your bed. ee is much more psychological and dy human which may be even more scary. >> lots of twists and turns. i heard you w screened thh your family. did they think? >> they like me are not genre people. so they were -- > woee know your dad brian williams. i can't imagine that he would -- i don't know. i feel like he wouldn't like scary movies. >> t i thinky're very -- they're very excited to be introduced to this whole different kind of movie that we never watched as a movie. usually we just watch "love actually" several times a year. >> that's the brian i know. you kind of owe them like a good movie because "getout" was
8:43 am
scary. and "girls" was difficult to watch on a different level for parents. >> i think i owe them one where i'm a puppy wrangler. that's a >> or a wedding planner, krgt teacher. a romantic comedy. >> there's something deeply wrong here happening i need to work through. >> you know what i love? you really -- like, you get out of your comfort zone. and i know you worked really hard after marney was such a successful character. you didn't want to do ten more roles like marney. >> that's right. i'm very grateful to you for sying that. because it ish an incredible gift of a problem to have that people associate you with a character so strongly. and it jus required some patience and flexibility on my part. then jordan peele comes along with this insane character in "get out." i thought, what a gift. itsing anned a yens's understanding of me against them. and then "the perfection," you're coming into it with the
8:44 am
emional hangover of "get out." >> no spoiler alert. i don't think you should be trusted. you have a billboard in times square. have you seen it yet? >> not in person. i'm excited. ,> you need to visit it. >> listen i'm not at a level where that doesn't faze me. that's crazy. that's my face in times square where i've spent so much time. >> okay. assignment. you must go. we're close to there. go over there and take picture. post it on ins gra m. are we going to write letters of this? >> you're one of the only people that have written me a thank you note back for my thank you note. >> it's a beaiful tradition people write a thank you note. but nobody writes back? >> no. >> i wrote a thank you to the thank you. >> it madey me reall happy. >> i'll write you backagain. >> we'll keep it going. >> we're making the post office work. the perfection is out on netflix this friday. brace yourselves. all right. i've got my buddies here. and this guy.
8:45 am
this guy. chef jose ordres. this mning we are putting him to work cooking for some very special but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:46 am
8:47 am
. this morning on "today's" than chef andres' plate, his heart. for nearly ten years, chef jose andres has made it his mission to feed those in need. from a devastating earthquake in
8:48 am
haiti to cyclones in africa, wildfires in california, even the political crisis in venezuela. chef andres and dozens of volunteers have prepared andde livered meals to those through his organization world central the chef's work in housn after hurricane harv and puerto rico aer hurricane marina that catapulted him into the national spotlight. >> we are about to reach 1 million meals cooked by the men and women of puerto rico. >> reporter: gaining attention from hollywood stars. >> it cannot exist if you don't have eevolunt. >> reporter: his reach going to the oscars. >> remind us of the understanding and cpassion that we all owe to the invincible people in our lives. immigran and women who move humanity forward.
8:49 am
>> reporter: with more than 30 restaurants now including his new market littl spain at hudson yards in new york city, jose andres is making a lasting impact. >> we've shown that food has the por to change. >> yes, it does. he invited some of his friends from his favorite organization. wellness in the schools to be our official taste testers. thank you s much, kids, for being here. first of all, let's talk about this organization. why is this important to you. >> it's one of the best. great menus made with lots of food, vegetables, fruits, fish. at the same dollar amount any her school in america has. so we can feed our children better. and the schls are doing that with leadership of a great chef.
8:50 am
one of the best chefs. >> what are we making this moing? >> well, my book. what are we doing? we are unleashing the power of vegetables. ef you've got every vegetable. baby onions, green peppers, red peppers, eggplant. we're bringing all those beautiful vegetables from the goodness of the earth and putting them together into this big pan and jus making a very simple dish that you can feed entire families. >> vegetable paella. >> what makes it paella, chef? >> pple are watching in spain where paella comes from, probably they are killing me right now. becaove i am mg away from the tradition. paella is the pan itself. but the pan gives the name to
8:51 am
the dish. the traditional one is with chicken. but here we are moving a little bit adaway from the trion. we are using the same pan but in this case we are bringing the bounty of the farms of america into one pot. >> who taught you to make paella? >> my father since i was 5 would make pael for every single person. and he put me in charge of the fire. never of the cooking. why? my dad told me one day jose, i know you want to do the cooking. but if you are able to control thefire, then only then you can do anything you want with your life. control the fire fifirst. your fire. and then you can do the cooking. >> fantastic metaphor. we just lost your father recently too, i understand. i'm sorry for your loss. >> we did. but he's up there in a better place. >> how old was dad? >> 81. you know what?
8:52 am
everything i know about cooking, even though he was not asi profesal cook. he was a nurse. i owe it to him. >> you got so many restaurants now. every time i look up, y're on a different continent feeding people who are helping people who have been ravaged by some sort of natural disaster. how do you find the passion? like, where does all of this come from? >> it's so many amazing people out there around the world that thhe are giving best. nobody's watching. but they are doing it. that's what makes humanity amazing. that we have a lot of great people doing the best they can. she was like me, we only feed the few. but we have the power to feed the many. what i'm trying to do momentsic amer or anywhere else need it, we show up and feed the people that are hungry. >> thank you for this morning.t thanks for wha you're doing around the world as well. kids, thank you! >> thank you, kids! thank you! >> we've got this recipe on our website for more on the book vegetables
8:53 am
unleashed, head to we're back in a moment. but first this is "tod [music playing] (vo) this is matt and rachel.
8:54 am
and this is the few minutes they have until naptime is over. th(rachel) [whrs]positing a chhave you seen my debit card?es (matt) [whispers] no. (vo) this is rachel turning off her debit ca. (matt) [whispers] babeba (vo) and ck on again.
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this is your right here, right now bank. this is wells fargo. gh all ri welcome back. there's even more about what you love about the "today" show on >> and ahea on the third hour, an exclusive interview w nhba commissioner adam silver. a number of plars have openly expressed political views whether it's the black lives matter movement, police brutality. you haven't punished these players. why not? >> first, i'd say there'sst a y of activism in this league. essentiallyd we sai there's guardrails. we talked to them the difference between the substance of what they're saying opposed to the language they use.e we'r proud our players demonstrate to people frankly globally that they're
8:56 am
multidimensi. wide ranging conv a few minutes. >> looking forward to that. and fourth hour? >> yes. h wee natalie. the reunion continues after your . 8:56 is your time now on this tuesday, may 21st, 2019. good morning, everyone. i'm eun riyang. ght now let's check on your morning commute with melissa mollet and your first 4 traffic. how's it going now? >> -- near 29 this morning. it's because the right side of the road was e blocklier by a fatal crash. 29 and 28 are altereates.
8:57 am
they atill very slow from earlier issue there. urbana, is ther and the inner loop is slow.yo >> thank we'll take a break now. your forecast when we come back. stay with . [vacuum] ♪ introducing fresh step clean paws, with low tracking litter. your vacuum becomes a cat toy. let's make litter less of a mess. let's start esh. i get really emoonal when i think about where i was. most people don't survive blood clots on their lungs and on their heart. the last thing i heard was reroute to g w hospital. on the day that i came in and they treated me, i was the sickest person in the hospital. i was put on t m ecmo machine it savedlife. learn more about bonits's story of survivial at n b c washington dot com backslash bonita for life's defining moments the george washington univeristy hospital
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take your business beyond. little break from the heat of yesterday. "tod h's"hs will be about 15 degrees cooler than yesterday. right now we're in the upper 50s to around 60. that'll feel nice compared to the 90 yesterday. 80s return on thursday. and we should be 85 to 90 degrees all the way through the holiday weekend. >>eeling like summer. chuck, thank you. back.
9:00 am
rockefeller plaza this is the third hour of "today >> and good morning. happy tuesday to you. third hour of "today." i'm al along with sheinelle, craig, of course dylan, and jacob soboroff. >> sobo is re. >> now we have third hour "today" show. >> very, very nice. >> my nervous twitch is aays egoing people told me i bang my head on the wall. >> i am sorry. >> i don't know. >> tell sheinelli do that. >> i never noticed it. >> you have so many habits, it's tough to -- >> wow, okay


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