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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  May 25, 2019 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> tamara, now is a really good time to get your nbc washington app. make sure that you are ready. breaking news ngtonight the floodi emergency. millions on alert as relentlessrms batter parts of the country. t with the threa of more severe weather on the way. a rarkable story of survival. a woman rescued from a remote forest in hawaii a er being lost for more than two weeks. police calling off the search, but her family and friends not giving up hope. >> it's just unbelievable.m i' so incredibly happy to have my girl back. >> how she managed to survive. president trump arrives in japan for a state visit and wastes little time criticizing his hosts as iran calls the t's plans very dangerous for
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international peace. ol the dea rises on mt. everest as newideo shows the dangerous overcrowding on the world's highest peak. pay the price you at the market or your favorite restaurant. what's driving a big increase in bacon, ham and other pork products this holiday weekend. and behind the wheel with mario dr anti still feeling the thrill 50 years after he won the 500. good evening. tonight more than 26 million people are facing dangerous severe weather in the south through the midwest. they are bracing for more flash floods as rivers rise to historic levels. this as huge parts of the country are reeling from more than 200 reported tornados the last week. storms responsible for at least five deaths.y th latest from ft. smith, arkansas.
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>> reporteht raging rivers carving catastrophic new paths. the arkansas river is poised to spill over and reach historic ve lels threatening communities in arkansas and oklahoma. thousands already evacuated in tulsa. the state's governor surveying the rising flood waters, the national guard standing by. pa>> we are prered to do whatever it takes to make sure other arknsans are safe. >> reporter: the storm down river threatening to swallow the community of port smith, arkansas. and it's going to get worsehan this. the first responder johnson urging residents to get out. >> we won't he the resources to reach every single person. >> reporter: it's all hands on deck as beck ae her parents evacuate. >> if it becomes any higher as you can see it will b in my parent's of course we are
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preparing for the worst and praying for the best. now they're acing for floods, too. and tragedy in indiana. a 4-year-old boy swept away. he's still missing. back in arkans fear as flood waters creep even close>> his is actually our third flood in this area. but this is the first time it's come into the house. i'm kind of at a loss for words. >> reporter: this morning this street wasn't flooded now i don't have to walk far for the water to reach my knees. come monday officials expect that river to crest a historic 41 feet. ater would be above my head. and even more rain expected along with record breaking heat in the southeast. >> more rain, more heat. as we take a look at two areas ofhe
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country. one from ohio valley through northern new england, we hd through the overnight tonight pushing offshore. then we go back to the and es once again in through the midwest. tonight isolated super cells. good news we may have clouds creating more il sty in the environment. but with these storms and tomorrow's cold eofront the same pe affected by last week's severe weather under the gun again. 21 million people at risk for tornados, a high winds flooding. 7 million people affected right now by flash floods alerts. it's not just t arkansas river. other rivers and tributaries throughout the region affected, tand at the samee we go to the southeast and look at extreme heat. climbing up to near 100, and on monday it will be 100 in savannah with heat indices even warmer. we lot to talk about this end. next, the remarkable story of survival. one woman's ordeal that lasted 16 days in a forest in hawaii. tonight the hiker is
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bruised but safe and reunited with her family. nbc's molly hunter and how she managed to survive. >> repor after more than two weeks finally the momenam anda eller's family has been waiting for. right there hoisted into the air barefoot and skinny but alive. and today in her hospital bed speaking out about the ordeal. >> the last 17 days of my life have been the toughest days of my life. >> that was not expected >> you can cry now. it's awesome. >> it's just unbelievable. i'm so incredibly happy to have my girl back. >> reporter: when orolice called off the search eller after herst 72 hour family and friends offered up a reward. she told "the new york times" she got lost and that first day
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hiked until midnight looking for her car. she knew the forest well, sleeping in the mud some nights, surviving off water and berries, losing he shoes into flash flood. and then she fell into a ravine between two water falls. dauck until yester >> we're all literally looking down at the same time, and at the same time we all did a double take of oh, there's a hike r orter: it was amanda waving at the rescue team in the sky. and tonight safe and sound airlifted to the hospital surrounded by w grateful family. >> thee times of total fear and loss and wanting to give up, and it did come down to life and death and i had to choose, and i chose life. i wasn't going to take the easy way out. >> reporter: and we just heardrom amanda eller's doctors and her mother. when she woke up from a short nap she was disoriented and headed
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off in the wrong direction. >> thank you so very much. preside arrived in japan today for a state visit aimed at winning a new andetter trade deal with that country. but the president also has other global challenges on his mind. >> reporter: a red carpet arrival in tokyo for president trump amid escalating tensio in asia and around the world. the four-day state visit aimed at strengthsing ties between the two major allies with the president invited to become the first world leader to meet the country's new emperor. but in his first stop taking aim at japan ter being on the ground for less than half an hour, telling business leaders to remove barriers to u.s. exports and ensure fairness. >> japan has had a substantial edge for many, many years but that's okay. s mue that's why you p or ur:s o er sekerious policy issues loom large with north korea front and center. national security
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advisor john bolton for the first time acknowledging pyeongya 's recent ballistic missile tests do violate u.n. security resolutions. that's a break from trump who down-played it earlier this month. >> nobody's happy about it, t we're taking a good look and we'll see. >> reporter: another major flash point, ir trump announced friday he plans to send 1,500 troops to the region amid mounting tensions. iran's foreign minister calling the president's move very dangerous for international peace. mr. trump defending the deploent as he left washington. >> we want to have protection. we're going to be sending a relatively small number of troops, mostly protective and we'll see what happens. >> reporter: next the es prent and prime minister will attend a sumo wrestling match and play a small round of golf in the same spot where an earthquake hit just before the president
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landed. and another setback for president trump's plan to build a wall at the southern border. a federal judge on friday halted the transfer of $1 billion in pentagon money to build parts of the wall in texas and arkansas. the judge said the president overstepped his authority by using the money without congressional proval. and now to mt. everest where yet anothe climber has died scaling the world's highest peak. a british man who was among the record number of climbers on the mountain this spring. how the biggest peril on the mountain may now be all the people. >> reporter: it's the ttraffic jam atop world, an image now emblematic of a deadly new normal, droves of for bers waiting their chance to summit mt. everest. so far at least ten have died climbing the world's tallest mountain since the start of the season this month. che latest 44-year-old u.k.itizen robin fisher collapsed and
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died on the way down after summiting. aco lished mountaineer well versed in difficult climbs. his family said in a secretary of state we deare deeply sadd by his loss as he still had so many adventures and dreams to fulfill. at 21,000 feet mountaineers are trapped for too long in an area often called the death zone. this season there are a record number of people pushing the summit most nowhere near as exrienced. >> it's really an economic. equation you know, nepal has monetized mt. everest. r >>orter: the government now under fire for issuing more than 380 permits to foreign climbers all quired to have a guide or sherpa. >> the number of people climbing, hethat's increased t opportunity for guides t o come in t sometimes are not certified and not qualified to be leading. that's the recipe r disaster. >> reporter: everest remains an irresistible goal for so many adventures but now the rush to reach
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the summits more dangerous than ever. a volcano erupted on the indonesian island of bali spewing out lava and rocks over a distance of 2 miles. no evacuations were ordered. some flights to and from australia were canceled but were operating normally again today. back in this country nike is making a major p after growing criticism of how it treats pregnant athletes sponsored by the company. nbc's kathy park has the story. >> reporter: olympian elisia montanyo ran the 800 meter in 2014 eight months pregnant. >> they call me the pregnant runner. >> reporter: but off the track this celebrated runner says she's struggled to keep her paycheck, sharing her story publicly with "the new york times." y>> i was sponsored b nike and then when i told them i wantedo have a baby during my career, they told me simple, we'll just pause your contract and stop paying you. >> reporr: she's just one of many
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female athletes speaking out over what they say are nike's unfair pregnancy penalties. six time olympic gold medalist allison felix said nike wanted to pay her 70% less after e aving a baby. >> i be able to be a with company who, you know, takes a stand on this issue. ni>> reporter: a runng ad for nike praises women on this very same topic. >> winning 23 grand slams, having a baby and then coming back for more. >> reporter: now after criticism the compa championing change. nike tells us in a statement it will weigh performance reductions for 12 months for athletes who decide to have a baby and knows it can do more to support women. jose>> hank you very much. and now to the price you pay for pork. you may have noticed that it's increasing this holiday weekend. turnsut it's all about what's happening half a world away. reporting on the problem in china and the ripece eff
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here. >> reporter: shoppers are stocking up for holiday barbecues, but for many pork is not on the many. because prices are up nearly 40%. pennsylvania butcher joanne is trying to keep costs down. >> we have not passed those prices onto customers. we're hoping that they come do although we're getting ready to go through hot dog season and we know they could continue to go up. >> reporr: like many they're feeling the piv of a pork shortage caused by an epidemic ravaging pig farms in china where much of the world's pork is produced. the outeak of swine flu started last fall in china's north then spreaded across the country and into asia. the virus is harmless to humans butsor pig there's no vaccine or chance of survival. this has never happened before, she says, who lost 100 aligs within days. offici china
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confirmed37 cases and called more than a million exposed pigs. but the scale of the outbreak is feerd to be far worse than what china has claimed. farmers told us they don't bother reporting potential cases to authorities. instead pigs here are dumped along a grim stretch of road, then collected and dumped again into giant muddy pits dug by the vernment. already a national crisis, it could take years for the industry here to recover. in the u.s. a pork ficit means paying more for bacon, sausage, ham and chops, even higher prices at popular restaurants. but with the plague still spreading the shortage could force the world to change what it eats. nbc news, bovine county, china. he was part of a group of men whose special kills played a key role in world war ii. as a marine he was one
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nearly 6 million amer ans are living with alzheimer's disease. a number expected to double in the next 30 years. and while the world waits for a cure, one european city has found a unique way to tsreat alzheimer's patien, helping themve li better lives. dr. john torres shows how. >> reporter: nestled near the coast of belgium lies the city of bruge. what most people don't know it's also themo dementia friendly city in the world. the idea is to treat dementia patients like ciny other residents of the ty, keeping them independent longe which helps slow down the progression of their disease. bart works for photon, an organization that ensures dementia patients aren't isolated at home. >> they can go outside, keep moving, have social contact, staying alt
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much longer. >> reporter: photon provides everything from counseling to caregivers to music classes even a special cafe where families can spend time together. there's also this red handerkership, signaling to patients their dementia friendly. >> ask them three times or four times the same question, but i'm happy to do that. >> rorter: in total the organization has trained me than 1,000 residents including police officers and shop keepers on how to treat people with dementia. mariette is proof of the process. she was diagnosed with alzheimer's over a decade ago but still lives independently, only possible because of volunteers who visit her hom every day. did the progression of her disease slow down because she's able to live at home? >> yes. she stays in shape.
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the scene in the skies above south africa today. two giant airbus jet liners appearing to fly quite clo gether as they soared in formation with air force planes. it was part of the inauration of south africa's new president who hailed a new era len south africa as it stru with recession, high unemployment and recent corruption scandals. rock slides are not uncommon in mountainous areas of our country, but take a look at this. a boulder the size of a house came down on a highway in southwest colorado destroying part of the road. the huge rock will have to be blasted apart. officials said they don't know wn the highway will be reopened. and when we c
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ask your doctor if cologuard is right for you. covered by medicare and most major insurers. it's known as the greatest spectacle in racing. the indie 500, can this year marks the 50th annsary of mario andretti's one and only win there. anne thompson suited up and got behind the wheelith it racing legend. >> reporter: the indy 500 is the bgest event in motor sports, and the biggest name still is mario andretti. a halftu c after his one and only indy
6:57 pm
win. at 79 he has yet to down shift. >> i think my desire, my passion for the sport, i think if anything, has gotten stronger. >> reporter: retired from competition he still pursues the racers edge onhe track, sharing the thrill with daring wannabees. any advice for me? an exhilaratingide at 160 miles an hour, turning left and right on the indy road course. >> it'sever blase, that's the beauty of it. >> reporter: it wasn't etty in 1969. andretti crashed in qualifying, then won in a backup car, so hot it blistered his back. was that day a triumph of man or machine? >> it was a trim of maybe fate. >> reporter: the win made andretti an american icon.
6:58 pm
nbcports lee diffy will-call this race. >> how much charisma he has, the style he has. >> reporter: andretti is the only man to win e daytona 500, the indy 500, and the formula 1 world championship. tomorrow andretti will tch his grandson marco try to duplicate his indy 5 featy b team led by his son. >> to have kept the family together throughout my very demanding career, and my wonderful wife that she was the rock. that kept it all togeth and never onceade me feel guilty for being so lf seish. >> reporter: giving fans some of the greatest thrills in sports. anne thompson, abc news, indianapolis. >> and you can catch the indy 500 right here on nbc, starting
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11:00 a.m. eastern. thank you for the privilege of your time and good night.
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bring on will smith as the blue genie. he says the character was actually insped by the fresh prince. >> i think you're definitely goingo see some knew answnuance, but i asked his co-star who playeprincess jasmine i thought big willie's style was cool even back then. >> is it jiggy or notgg ji >> wait, is this -- wait! >> that is will smith. >> will, is this you?! >> we got you! >> oh, that's terrible! oh, wow! >> you in big trouble now! gh i know, ri >> big willie style. >> getting jiggy with it. >> if we suppos to be boys, you supposed to bring it to me. >> no!


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