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tv   Early Today  NBC  May 27, 2019 3:30am-4:00am EDT

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/s severe weanger warnis on this memorial day as tornadoes rip through the central u.s. we've got the latest, including janessa's holiday forecast >> late breaking details from half a world away as president ump is meeting with japan's prime minister, with developments on ir m, north korea, andore. >> i found a person bit by an alligator. >> thiins morng a florida woman isecoverinfrom a large gash after she was attacked by an alligator. >> it was a race for the ages, why t one of the most exciting indy fa 500s in history.
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>> a man in korea. when he died no family members could attend, but what happened will touch your heart. "early today" starts right now >> good morning, i'm marlie hall >> and i'm frances rivera. we start with breaking news on this memorial day. an out break of deadly storms blasts parts of the central united states. so far six people have bee killed three were out of el reno, oklahoma, after a cagory ef-3 swept through the city leaving a trail of debris in its wake. more than 100 miles away a second twister spawned in tulsa hitting speeds of over 80 mileou an hr. payton jaeger, a reporter for our affiliate kfor is in el reno with the latest. >> reporter: frances and marlie, we're outside the hotel where the tornado first touched down in el reno, oklahoma the storm hit latet saturday d the people said they didn't even see it coming. the powerfulrm sto rolled through oklaho after dark. just before 10:30 in el reno >> all of a suen we saw the
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green flash in the air, and then we started hearing all the >> reporter: a twister touched down we justot hit by a tornado. >> reporter: 75 yards at its wide he est, the ef-3 blew more than 2 mes, winds 165 miles an hour >> the units respond and we have one on the ground. >> reporter: at sun up, the this motel took a direct hit this is what it looked like before and after shane clark's mobile home destroyed. >> when i heard the glass and everything started exploding, i thought we were dead >> reporter: all day long search and rescue teams sifted through mangled debris looking for anyone that might be buried under the rubble el reno is battered, but all too like this.ith natura 60 years ago a powerful tornado ripped up this community takg eight lives. mayor matt white, a fourth generation el reno-ite is vowing
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to rebuild gent. >> we have to get to work. that's how we are in el reno >> reporter: pummelling america's mid section, 231 in the last ten days. and people in this region aren't out of danger yet. the arkansas river is set to reach historic flood levels over the coming days. thousands already evacuated this week but as the day goes, emergency crews and residents in el reno remain focused on helping each other cope in the midst of yet another tragedrey he >> it just breaks our heart they lost everything. and they had absolutely lost everything >> reporter: the mayor telling us all who aread missing h been accounted for. power crews are already on scene. meanwhile, local residents mobilize to clear debris so that more help can get in frances and marlie >> all right, thanks to payton jaeger froorm kf >> let's bring in janessa webb who is tracking all of those storms for us. >> we're on day 12 of the severe weather threat unfortunately it really continues across the plains. right now getting reports across
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kansas with this squawe lin that's forming here. gusts to 60 to 70 miles per hour so the damaging straight line winds are going to continue throughout, unfortunately, the overnight hours. so these potential frn noctu tornadoes very dangerous and this will continue into the upper midwest and plains for the afternoon. we still have 18 million under that severe weather risk and unfortunately, i'm focasting torrential rain really for the southern plains up to the upper midwest where we could see potentially another 2 to 3 inches. guys, unfortunately for tomorrow afternoon, an enhanced risk of moreevere storms, though this is going to continue. >> a tough go. janessa, thank you we turn to breakinutnews o of japan half a world away, president trump held formal talks with prime minter shinzo abe. moments ago, the two leaders addressed trade negotiations north korea and more during a joint press conference let's turn to nbc's kristen welker who is traveling with the president. kristen, good morning.
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>> reporter: hi, marlie and s. france good morning to you. president trump wrapping up a news conference here in tokyo. a joint press conference wit prime minister shinzo abe. the big headline, president trump once again breaking with his own nationalec sity essentially said tha saw north korea's recent missile test was a violation of u.n. security resolutions well, president trump saying here overnight that it doesn't maer he's not bothered by those missile tests. it was remarkable because the prime minister had a vy fferent message. his wassage s that north korea has, in fact, violated those u.n. security resolutions and he called that regrettable. so that was really a notabmo nt another one when president trump doubled down in his criticism of former vice-president joe biden. he was pressed on why he's siding with the murder rust dictator over a former u.s. president. president trump's response to thhe was that sees joe biden and former president obama as disasters for the country.
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he said he's not a fan doubled down in his criticism of him as a low i.q. individual expect that tos make waveck in the u.s it already got heavily criticized by democrats and republicans on the sunday shows. then finally, no signs that a trade deal between the u.s. and japan are anywhere i any time soon. president trump essentially acknowledging that there is not going to be a deal until after the y rliamentarelections here that's going to happen in july both sides saying they are agreeing to talk through their remaining sticking points. there are certainly quite a few of them. now, president trump on tuesday will give cha spee to those soldiers who are based heret a u.s. air base in the tokyo area, and then he heads back to the u.s. marlie, frances, back to you >> all right, kristen welker, thank you. >> a california man has died after being attaed by a shark in hawaii. the 65-year-old died on saturday while vacationing in maui.
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authorities say the attack happened as he swam in the ocean about 60 yards offshore. first responders rescued the maf and pemed cpr, but he was unresponsive no word on what kind of shark was involved this is the first deadly shark attack in maui since 2015. >> one of the all-time greats of foot ball s died bart starr who played for the green bay packers for 16 years was the first quarterback in history to win five nfl championships. the hall of famer was immortalized in the 1967 game known as the ice bowl ing the quarterback sneak to rush into the end zone to score the winning touchdown against thdae as cowboys his health had been failing after a stroke in 2014 bart starr was 85 years old. >> now to an incredible story of survival after a hiker went missing for nearly three weeks, the 35-year-old fell 20 feet off a cliff during a hike in the maui forest she suffered a fractured leg, o t was spotted clinging t life nbc's mollie hunter has her
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remarkable story >> reporter: frances, marlie, good morning that's right good news this morning amanda is out of theospital at home resting with her family here in maui, anwe're getting new details about her extraordinary survival this was the moment amanda elleger will never fort after being lost for 17 days in the maui forest. >> and there she goes. >> i have the most gratitude and respect and appreciation i can't even put it into words, for thhae people that ve helped me >> reporter: one much her rescuers, former special ops javier describes the moment ey first spotted amanda deep in the forest >> i'm just like looking for any sign movement. >> reporter: with just ten minutes left of fuel otheir last run, they looked down and suddenly noticed something >> we all lothed pretty much at same time doing a double take coming out of the woodwork like >>a miraage. everybody started kicking their feet and banging on the chopper and making thepp choer vibrate. >> everybody said, we found her, we found her, we found her
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>> reporter: the 35-year-old yoga instructor suffered are fractuleg, sunburn and skin. she stayed hydrated with river water and ate fresh fruit. eller describing her harrowing two weeks alon sleeping in the mud or in the den of a wild boar, only able to crawl aftebeing injured when she fell 20 feet off steep cliff. >> i felt in my heart that my daughter was alive i am human and i had those moments of da spare. >> her father calls herkr remale >> her physical conditioning, mental strnlt. if anybody could survive that, was hurt. >> it just warms my heart just seeing the power of prayer and the power of love when everybody combined their efforts is incredle >> reporter: and tomorrow night on the island there will be a huge celebration to celebrate the community here that rallied together to bring her home
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frances, marlie? >> what a survival story mollie hunter, thank you >> some incredible video out of china. a 28-year-old man is a hero after he saved a toddler he put himself beneath a 2-year-old child as thaught letter dangled from a 5th floor window the child's fall was broken thanks to the man's quick thinking >> the moment i saw it, he was already falling, said the samaritan. when i woke up, police and rescuers were all here >> doctors say the toddler suffered minor injuries. as for the man, he was knocked out cos from the fall ended up with minor scratches and bruises. >> all right let's check in with janessa on this memorial day. good morning >> good morning. good morning, everyo water is your friend this afternoon across the southeast and portions of the south. look at these dewpoints. oppressive air currently in place. 60s and 70s, and that will continue to rise throughout the afternoo that's sparking up the severe weather concerns it makes its way into th lakes and midwest this
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afternoon. it will travel across the northeast tomorrow. that's a look at the big weathering story today now here's a closer look at your day ahead. very warm air across the plains here. that's going to spark up thegh storms back in the 80s. 100 degree temperatures across florida and portions of the south. severe weather, it will continue, but we'll take a look at the week ahead coming up. >> all right look forward to it, janessa. thank you. od> in t's quick hots, the hardock hotel and kpa sin owe isng expandi the plans to make it thet worls firsguitar shaped hotel. the building is set to open in five months. they'll start taking reservations at the end of july. >> a special engagement took place this memorial weeken houston texans defensive end j.j. watts announced he is engaged to his girlfriend on twitter. he said, quote, i'm the luckiest >> the university of maryland baltimore county, he graduated
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leading th, e news afternoon of fun in the sun turned into a near death experience for a florida woman who is now recovering afr she was attacked by whatitnesses described as an 8-fo alligator, leaving her with a large gash here's nbc's kathie clark with the latest >> a person bit by an alligator. >> reporter: an afternoon swim at an east florida pond took a near-fatal turn. >> nbc necticuext thing we know het and her side was open. >> reporter: nicole was air lifted to e hospital after witnesses say an 8-footot allir attacked >> 30 seconds later, the gator >> reporter: later, a gator trapper moved in to trap
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the reptile. gator attacks are re, but not in florida an alligator snatched then dragund laneneneveras der water at a disney resody his as recovered the following day. disney installed new barriers and posted warning signs after the attack but back in ba vard county, officials say this latest incident is unusual. >> as far as alligor bitesink td i've h in 35 years >> reporter: but with the weather warming up, a warning that floridaal gatormos become active this time of year. >> and wildlife officials say that alligators inhabit all 67 counties in florida, and they're typically found anywhere there's standing water the swimmer suffered non-life threatening injuries frances, marlie? >> thatht was kay park reporting. thanks, kathy. up next, politics and rock and plus an indyin 500 fh for the record books you're watching "early today." don't give it up ♪
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nbc's first-ever indy 500 broadcast was packed with excitement acrs matt damon and christian bail were on hand to wave the green flag and get the first indianapolis 500 running simothn pagenaud ie bright yellow car is the racer to watch. the 35-year-old frenchman was able to avoid multi-car wreck in route to two attempts of a
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second victory it's the 7th closest finish indy 500 history and the indy 500 wasn't the only major sporting event this weekend. we saw some established tennis stars push through the first round at the french open both roger federer and sloan stephens advanced in the straightets. in her 22nd go around at roland garros play, venus williams fell in the first round >> many rock and roll stars day.ess the politics of thei from eisenhower to trump a traveling exhibit opening in chicago shows dozens of rockers. they look at the intersection of rock and politics. >> reporter: the album cover for rod stewart's "night on the town" and the hat he was wearing. the green army jacket worn by curtis mayfield on stage the tour jacket worn by roni vanzant, leonard skin ardern
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a small sampling of the 176 artifacts that makeup the ne w exhibition "louder than words, rock, power and politics." >> we really wanted to make sure to bring another exhibit in that has a national appeal. >> reporter: this populaexr travelinbit is on loan from the rock and roll hall of fame in cleveland. it's organized by presidential administrations from eisenhower to trump >> the focus is on the music of the times through everwh president and was going on at that time >> reporter: this is the tour's first stop that includes the trumadp nistration do you remember this make america great dress designed by andrej soriano well, he's seeing it in e museum for the first time. joy villa wore it to the grammys in 2017 and it created such an uproar >> i didn't know they were going to chop my head in l.a. because this gown i lost -- we lost friends from 25 years because of this gown. >> reporter: it's made out of a trump campaign flag and curators added it to the exhibit because it was worn the grammys >> i didn't know that there is a stigma like that
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it just ran through my heart >> reporter: this louder than words exhibition brings the impact indpiration music has had on american history for nearly 60 years. >> all right thanks to lyanne trotter for th report. it's really cool to see because we know when there is music out there, especially so many messages in there, rlly, really important messages, naturally, politics. >> of course, yeah that's the connection we don't often think about. >> but certainly brings it to the forefront in the way this exhibit inhe art we see there. >> well, your holiday recast is just ahead. plus how hundreds of people came of a u.s. veteran they didn't even know. a heart failure pillt helped keep people alivesto, t and out of the hospital. n't take entresto if pregnant; it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto wiis an ace inhibitor or alren, or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems,
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good morning, everyone many of you have seen this extended weekend here, you're going to w contendh rain and severe storms. across the midwest and another storm system moving into theno pacific hwest, but if you're across the southeast here, make sure you have the water handy. we have record daytime highs, triple digit heat, and that's going to last until wednesday afternoon. another round of severe weather impacting the central plains into your wednesday, then things kind odry out here across the central plains but that same storm system i ts headedo the midwest. very active weather pattern. >> janessa, thanks when we come back, is it the end of theoad for memorial weekend tradition? you're watching "early today." when it comes to scent, helen's motto is, "the more the better." so, when she tried new gain scent blast detergent,
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