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tv   Today  NBC  May 27, 2019 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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relentless threat. the storm-weary southern plains bracing for more severe weather today after yet another round of deadly tornados. >> we had debris on top of us. >> meanwhile, the south baked by a record-shattering heat wave. the forecast to plan your holiday ahead. pomp and substance. roernight president tru meets japan's new empedoing an elaborate ceremony before serious tal with the prime minister on the economy, iran, and north korea. >> i am very happy with the way it's going and intelligent people agree with me. >> the latest in a livreport from tokyo.
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miracle in maui. new details ontihe drama rescue of that hiker in hawaii and her harrowing 17-day ordeal lost i the woods. >> it did come down to life and death and i had to choose, and i chose fe. >> this morning her incredible story in her own words and our interview with the rescuers who ver lost hope found her. all that, plus everest overcrowding. the death toll rising on the world's tallest p is a traffic jam of climbers to blame? fatal shark attack. the warning to beachgoers ever a tourist is killed near a popular resort. the first deadly attack in the u.s. this year. and fallen heroes. the nation pauses to remember thevi sermen and women who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. today, memorial y, monday, may 27th, 2019. >> announcer: from nbc news this
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is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and welcome to "today." thanks for joining us on this memorial day. i'm craig melvin alongside sheinelle jones. hoda and savannah have the morning off. >> first of all, the rescue of amanda eller. she was least in the hawaiian rest for 17 days. >> she says she chose life. that was the only way she was able to survive. we will hear from her. also the three men who rescued her. we start with that weather. parts of the south and midwest facing the threat of dangerous storms once again after a weekend of even more tornas, including a deadly twister near oklahoma city. in the southeast record-breaking heat waves are intensifying. we will get to dylan's forecast in a moment. we start with nbc's kerry sanders at the scene of the latest tornado. kerry, good morning.
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>> reporter: good morning, craig. this was a motel. it was hity a powerful tornado at around 10:30 are on saturday evening under cover of darkness. those inside heard a warning but within ments the tornado struck. it stayed on the ground. while everybody here survived, just beyond three residents were killed. residents of el reno, oklahoma, following a crushing one-two punch from mother nare. >> we saw a green flash in the air and then we started hearing the noisef the tornado, the sirens. >> reporter: a deadly and destructive ef-3 tornado rippinh throug the small oklahoma suburb satury night wit violent wind clocking in at 140 miles per hour. he powerful twister leveling a motel and devastating a nearby trailer park. >> i opened the front door and want a sound that i never to hear again. >> reporter: shane clark says he
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didn't think he and his wife would survive the terrifying moments when the tornado tore apart their home. >> theouse exploded. i remember us flipping in the air and spinning around and landing. i looked around for a second and it was just pitch black. >> reporter: crews now sifting through the rubble. theea town dng with more loss just days after widespread flooding swept through the area. >> we need your prayers right now. pray for us. the main tng is we have to pick the pieces up. >> reporter: another tornado carving a path of destruction nearul t. b homes,usinesses, and schools left damaged. the storm's powerful winds toppling tes. in the town of sepupulpa people staying off the streets because of downed power lines. overnight more severe weather roaring through the region
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making recovery efforts even those who lost everything in a matter of minutes. on this memorial day where we remember those who died in service of this country there are 250 members of the oklahoma tional guard who have been deployed not only to help clean up here, but also to help with the growing flood, especially in and around tulsa where youan c see that the arkansas river is still rising. the mayor says the leies wer built in the 1940s and have not been stressed with this much water for four decades. residents who live in the lowest-lying areas are encourage tday leave beforere is a mandatory evacuation. sheinelle, crai >> heartbreaking to watch. >> dealing with so much in the midwest. thank you. >> dylan is in for al this morning. she has more on today's severe weather risk and the scorching temperatures in the southeast. >> good morning. the records southeast.e in the we will likely see record flooding across parts of the plains as it is ongoing.
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we have strengthening storms moving through south central iowa. also north central missouri. we have sever thunderstorm warnings in effect right now, damaging winds, large hail. we can't rule out tornados, although there re no tornado watches or warnings in effect right now. we have flash flood watches and flash flood warnings. therkansas river should crest by the end of this week up to 42 feet. the record is 38 feet. so we are certainly goingaso su that as the rain continues. asre for this sehreat today, the strongest storms, one in the midwest, one towards western nebraska. 26 million people at risk. four more spin-up tornados. winds up to 60 miles per hour or higher and large hl and torrential downpours. tomorrow western nebraska, that shifts to the east, and the southeast, too, includingarts of northwestern missouri, eastern kansas and parts of oklahoma as well with all the same threats we have bn seeing lately. this frontal system slowly moving to the east. chicago a chance of storms late
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this evening and then it will move to the eastern great lakes and the interior northeast going into tuesday. we are expecting a lot of folks traveling today of course in the air and on the roads. your trouble spots at the airports, minnealis, chicago, kansas city. on the roads the same general area we could see things slow going withnthe torl downpours and potential for flash flooding. meanwhile, president trump is spending memorial day in japan and overnight during a stunning ceremony at the imperial palace he became the first world leader to meet japan's newnb emperor. s chief white house correspondent hallie jacktrn is aveling with the president. she was there. good morning. should i say good evening to you? >>eporter: you can say both, craig. good evening and good morning. as you are getting ready for breakfast, president trump is getting ready t wrap up a dinner here with japan's new emperor. the day's biggest diplomatic d newsls not with the country we are in. a different country, north
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korea. president trp's contradicts his host here and own top aides by downplaying pyongyang's latest provocation. avo dismissive determinationrom president trump this morning, brushing off north korea's latest missile tests. >> it doesn't matter. >> reporter: but it does matter, very much to neighboring japain the prime mter saying thest tes violate u.n. security council resolutions, the national security adviser ages. >> my people think it could have been a violation as you know. i view it differently. i view. it as a man, perhaps he wantso get attention and perhaps not. who knows. >> reporter: president trump insists it'ssi still possible k jong-un could eventually de-nuclearize but as he's in no rush to get a deal there and apparently h no regrets now abt his eets that seemed as to side with the north korean dictatoror against a potential 2020 rival, joe biden. >> well, kim jong-un made a statement that joe biden is a low iq individual. he probably is, based on his
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record. i think i w agreeh him on that. >> in terms of criticism that you are supporting a dictator instrid of an amen vice president. >> but i can tell that you joe biden was a disaster, his administration with president ally a they were bas disaster when itba came to so my things, whether it was economy, her it was military defense, no matter what it was, they had a lot of problems. so i'm not a fan. >> reporter: the president is a fan of prime minister shinzo abe. the two leaderszo making a poind the emphasize their in a trip that's all about relationships, including the ones between the trumps and japan's royals. together today at tokyo's imperial palace. this is really rare access for foreigners on the grounds of the palace. but this is the centerpiece of president trump's visit to tokyo. he is now the first world leader to meet japan's iyou emperor. the pomp and pageantry continuing at aor fmal state banquet after the sumo diplomacy
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that left theresident impressed. >> and they are bigger and stronger than i even thought. >> reporter: as for trade, which is another bigop t on the agenda, no trade deal between the u.s. and japan at the end of this trip. but that's no surprising. president trump said heen wante to wait u after japan's parliamentary elections this summer to try to work some kind of an agreement out. >> halle jackson traveling with the president there. thank you. also thisg, mornin if you details are emerging in that amazing story of survival from hawaii. the hiker found alive more than two weeks after she disappeared in a dense forest in maui. in a moment, we will talk with the volunteers tert spotted h in a helicopter. first, mollie has more on the dramatic scue. mollie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, we're at the start of the trail that amanda eller headed down. it's one of the densest parts of the forest, back there, vegetation really overgrown. you can see how easy it would be to become disoriented and st. this morning overcome with
7:11 am
releaf. >> i have the most gratitude and respect and appreciation i can't even put into words for the people that have helpedme. >> reporter: amanda eller found alive afterer 17 treacherous da lost and alone in the maui jungle. airlifted to a hospital. eller suffering a broken leg, severe sunburn and a skin infection. >> the lastct 17f days o my lif it's myou life. >> reporter: the terrifying orde p starteday 8th when the 35-year-old yoga instructor and therapist went for a 3 mile hike theik forest. eller says she stopped to rest and got disoriented. without her phone for gps, she became lost in the 2,000 acre reserve. >> there were times of total fear and loss and of wanng to give up and it had come down to life and death and iad h to choose and i chose life. i wasn't going to take the easy way out. >> reporter: she survived on jungle fruit and river water,
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sleeping in mud for warmth and even crawling when she could no longeraung after falling off 20-foot cliff. her family had moments of despair but never gave up hope. >> her mental strengthh is m more than anything. if anybody couat survive th, it was her. >> reporter: an army off volunteers searched alentlessly daer day. >> we were exploreing all the gulchs, waterfalls and pools. >> reporter: a part of theea rescue tm describes the pure elation whente eller was spotte below from their helicopter. >> they were like, oh my god, coming out of the woodwork like a mirage. bam. that's amanda. >> everybody was all sing we found her, we found her, we found her! se we just awesome bec only had ten more minutes left and we were running out of fuel. >> reporter: and her family filled with immense joy. >> it's just a miracle. >> just seeing the power of prayer and the power of love when everybody combines their s,
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effort it's incredible. >> reporter: and later today right here on the island, aleig ceation thanking the community and rescuers for rallying together to bring her home. guys. >> mollie. thank ysyou. we are joined now by the men who were on that helicopter and rescued amanda eller. good to see you guys. let me start with you. because as i understand it, as the search amanda went on for days and weeks you had this hunch, you had this hunch about where she was and how she was doing. what was that hunch? >> i just felt that she was alive, man. you know, i was telling myself or everybody, you know, if we haven't found her and we haven't smelled her,s then that'ecause she's one the move, she's movi out, she's way farther out than we think she is. >> heewe heard about the nditions she had to endure. how many of her survival,
7:14 am
javier, is because of who she is? i think a lot of her survival has to do with who she is. herxperience in the forest, itself. her knowledge of the vegetation. reality, her physical therapy. you know, her expertise in the human afat my. i think her winjuries, s able to treat them and assess her situation out in the field and be able to me forward with those t injuries. >> chris, what do you think the most important decisionehe mad was that kept her alive? >> deciding that she wanted stay alive, absolutely. and the poid can do a lot. but the -- and the d body can a lot. but the will and spirit can do more. she was out there with someone with a lesser spirit to live h y notave made it out. >> that and staying by water definitely helps us helped us o finding her. >> tell us you were dealing wh
7:15 am
wild boars, all sorts of challenges, what was it like? >> there was definitelyild boars, there was a bunch of obstacles. the first thingng they did was drop us off on the opposite sofe he gulch there. we couldn't get down to her. so the helicopter pilot pete had to come back and pick is up and drop us off on the other side and it just happened to drop us off right on my hunting trail so i knew the layout. i knew the place. we were doing leapfrog through a bunch of the louie ferns. we got t a spot where i was right everybody toac go and she was actually on the bu we made a little circle. left. came ove the top and dropped right down on top of r. >> javier. >> it was pretty awesome. >> we seen this video, javier. the emotions are palpable just to us. i know t yt knew amanda before all of us. when you're hugging her and she's hugging you guys, what is she saying? what was that moment like for all of you?
7:16 am
>> it was pure elation for us, i got to tell you. it was a surreal moment. for all three u ofs in the helicopter. we went w past c nine and actually ng there and hugging her and being a part of it. actually troy and chris. they had never met amanda before. that was the first time they had been with her. i had known her before. it ping my arms around he was the greatest moment i can say of my life. no doubt about it. >> she is lucky it was you three ys out thereooking for her. congratulations. >> she did say -- she did say her prays were answered. too. >> i bet. >> chris, javier, troy, thank you, gentleman. thank you, thank you, tha >> thank you. >> thank you guys so much. >> it's great. another major story is unfolding in t mauis morning where shark warnings are posted after the first deadly attack in the u.s. this year. nbc news' kathy park joins us with the latest on that, gind morn
7:17 am
>> such a tragic story. good morning, the water iss a popular place to be this holiday weekend. in twoeparate incidents, an alligator attack in florida, ordinary swims took nightmarish terms. this morning, beachgoers in hawaii onedge. and keeping their eyes opened. it is believed a sark killed 65-year-old thomas sley of california, who was vacationing in maui. >> it was really tra you can to see. >> reporter: smiley, on optometrist who just retired in january was swimming 60. >> brian: from the shore. >> it looks like tn ski on his wrists was just torn off. i got looking closeris and h entire left leg from his knee down was just missing. >> reporter: first responder pulled smiley in by jet ski. but he was pronounced dead from his injuries on the scene. l officialsater posting warning signs on the beach. the island hasn't seen a deadly shark attack since 2015. different eekend, a attack in the water.
7:18 am
this one in florida. where a woman is recovering from injuries caused by a nearly 9 foot alligator. first responders rushing t an east florida pond in an effort to save 26-year-old nicole tillman. >> the next thing well know we pull her out. her side a her thigh was . opened >> reporter: nearly a dozen people were in the water unaware of the danger lurking pe low. >> 30 secondslater, i see a gator head pop up. >> bystanders wrapped a badly injuredeloman with ts and shirts before help arrived. then a gator trapper moved in to remo tf rep too ill. >> in the exact samepot where the incident happened is where he wass called out. >> reporter: this holiday weekendd experts remindi swimmers to always be on alert while in the water. >> we should note these kind of attacks are rare. but in the case of the florida alligator attack. experts say with theer weather
7:19 am
warming up, gators become mor active this time of year, if you happen to see one, kp your distance. also don't feed them it's not onlyus dange but illegal as well. >> dylan is back with the rest of our holiday forecast. what are we looking at? >> for now, that's a look at the weather in the understand can. we'll get to your localorecast in the next 30 seconds. good morning. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. rain chances are a lot lower than they have been the last
7:20 am
couple days. temperature wise, we're in the upper 60s to around 70 degrees. afternoon temperatures today mix of clouds and sun chine. we'll getnto the low- to mid-80s today. there is a chance for a stray shower later on into the afternoon. all day rainouts to worry about for today and tomorrow a little warmer and humid as well. today nothing to worry about. 85 degrees. >> that's your latest forecast. fatalityahea another on mount everest. is overcrowd to go blame? the victim's own warning days before his death. a busy season for stretch limb zbleens. before you ride in one an exclusive look at the results of crash tests you need to see. first, this is "today" on nbc. ♪
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good morning, it's 7:26 on this memorial day monday may 27 account. i'm molette green. >> here's what's happening. we have traff warning. two lanes of i-70 westbound are closed near maryland 75. that's in the new market area. we are told this is because of a serious crash in that area. >> now to a reminder, a summerw shutdoas closed six metro stations on the bluend yellow line for the next three months, for more on how no navigate the osures, open your walk app and search summer shutdown. you can expect plenty of road closures and detours in downtown d.c. today. >> the national memorial day
7:27 am
parade is this afternoon at 2:00 on constitution avenue. the parade will include special guests and cebrities, including the winner of nbc's "the voice." your full forecast isoming up. >> that's right. stay with us. hey babe, what's the password for the cable bill? rollerbladeking22. capital "k". ok... what about the phone bill? it's the entire alphabet backwards. z y x w v... i got it. i got it... what about electric? shrimp. uh uh. lobster? it didn't work. try all see ood. rds "all seafood" or like different seafoods? no, just like work your way through the ocean. whrg? all your passwords. bill pay on the td bank mobile app keeps all your bills in one place.
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inally a holiday, monday. the weather will be cooperative. unlike last year. this one thoughin we're start out with clouds now. we'll have more sunshine and a lot lower chance for rain today. curreny it's 72. in arlington, 67 degrees if frederick, maryland, afternoon plans should include a slight little chance for a shower or two. not a big fmpact the weather for today, rain chances are generally 30% or less, nothing more than one or two isolated rain showers, if you like hot and humid weather, wait around, back to 90 tomorrow. mount 90s w coming nesday
7:29 am
and thursday, should turn cooler just in time for next weekend. >> all right. chuck. thank you very much. we will have another local news date in 25 minutes. >> for now back to the"today show after this short break.
7:30 am
. we're back at 7:30 on memorial day. arlington cemetery, the final resting place for thousands of u.s. men and women we honor and remember today. >> the unofficial start of as i remember. if you think it's about beer and barbecue. an avid reminder it's about so much more. >> that is why we mark the day. residents in el reno, oklahoma, are picking up the pieces this morning after a deadly tornadoe ripp through their city. wind clocked in at 140 miles per hour. the twister leveling a motel and
7:31 am
devastating a nearby trailer park. at least two people were killed, dozens more injured. take at look a this dramatic foote outside an oklahoma city chik-filet friday night. terrified commerce leaping window the drive through to seek shelter during a storm. there was a threat of more severeeather today. dylan will be back in a few minutes with thisre cast. >> president trump is spending the day if japan. he spent hoursit meeting wh prime minister shinzo abe to lk about a wide range of issues. president trump saying he didno t believe the latest missile testsla vioted u.n. constitution d mr. trump's own national security adviser. >> my people think it could have been a vials, as you know. i view it ifferently. view it as a man, perhaps he wants to get attention and perhaps not. who knows. >> president trump insists it is
7:32 am
still possible jim jong eun couldiz de-nuclear as he is in quote no rush to get a deal there. racing fans all over the world talking about the dramatic finish at the indy >>500. n the final retch. simon image know, the two drivers swept the lead, he was is first one to min the indy 500 in more than five years. image know called it the dream come true. >> it's quite the race. now to se alarming concerns with overcrowding at the top of everest. this is one of the deadliest climbing seasons there in years, the latest tragedy over t weekend. the claimer who died hadou sed the alarm about the situation just days earlier.
7:33 am
nbc news' sarah harmon has this story. good mornteg. >> repor craig, good morning, standing in line in mount everest is not like standing in line at the supermarket. climbers actually comparet to being under water. because at that altitude, you are struggling to breathe the whole time. a humanjaraffic m, climbers packed leak sardinesuwaiting to mmit the world's highest peak. brith climber robin haynes fish were died achieving his >> personally, it's all worth it. >> reporter: in his final instagram post. he fears the overcrowding could prove deadly. writing, with a single route to the summit, it could prove fate am. he is thought to have died from altitude sickness during the descent. overcrowding in this so-called death zone can be especially dangerous, oxygen is scarce. >> your body begins to degrade. are you in this race to get to
7:34 am
the top andk get bac down before something deadly happens. >> reporter: on friday another experienced climber, irishman kevin hines died during dissent. utah tom cash died during dissent. his son recalling his pride at completing his seventh >> the last message he sent to me personally. he said, i love this, i feel so blessed to be on the mountain i th read about for the last 40 years. >> reporter: climbing everest was a bucket list item for har core mountaineers. but as the expeditions become more popular, scenes like this have become the norm. actressre mandy moo is currently on a trek to everest base camp during one of the mountain'ses deadli years in decades. >> we're at 15,400,in havg a meal for the day. >> reporter: they only issued 381 everest permit each one
7:35 am
costs $11,000. that's just the permit. the sherpas, the oxygen tanks, it all costles xpextra. thience of a lifetime now even riskierhan ever. and, guys, the u.s. no coincidence, these deaths are happening on the dissent. experienced climbers tell you going down is actually more dangerous. because you are exhau ed and you start to lose focus. add in overcrowding and delays, it's a recipe for disaster. craig. >> awful. >> sarah harmon there for us in london. >> my goodness. let's turn to your holiday forecast with dylan. >> unfortunately. weave t watch for severe weather again. may has been terrible withoe tornad we had a record number, 23 of 26 days so far this month reporting tornadoes across 28 states. 409 tornado reports. the average is closer to about 250. so we e certainly seeing above average tornadoes with most of
7:36 am
those tornadoes beingna in tor ali. >> that same zone we have to watch, refiring up later on this overnight to the hours. we also have exceptional heat. temperatures running 10 to 20 degrees above average. all of these people have the potential to break records, 101.sta, georgia, yesterday breaking the record. today we see highs 105 to 90 degrees. wilmington will liky brake a record with a forecast of 98 degrees. jacksonville the record is 98. we're forecasting a high of 100. you factor in the humidity on top of that. it is going to be brutal in that area. then on tuesday, the heat starts toead to the north. we get up to 90 in norfolk. wash tgton, d.c. closer 90 as well, later in the week, we will stay hot in d.c. until friday when it drops to 66 degrees. 88 on wednesday, that's a look at weather across the country. h now,rings a peek out your window. >> sorry about the background
7:37 am
noise, the fire alarms are going opoff, i wasing it's a test. temperatures in the 70s now, afternoon highs today. we have around 85 degrees.e there go. everything is back to normal. near 90 highs in the mid-90s on wednesday and thursday f. have a good memorial day. stay safe. >> and that's your latest weather. >> dylan. thank you. cyber atcks, computers in a major city held hostage. wait until you hear what hackerp parently used to do it. also ahead are you sober curious? inside the growing movement and alcohol-free bars sweeping the nation. >> plus a new way to look at "game of thrones."s how star reacted to the surprising hits and turns. first, though, the wedding
7:38 am
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7:43 am
year bridal paerlths and teens riding in limos. they may be good for pictures and are they safe? now in the aftermath of that limo crash that killed people last fall. in this exclusive, we were invited to a stretch limo crash test. as you'll see, the video speaks for itself. once a stretch limo now all that remains is a mangled mess ofs metal thi is a crash test simulation. in july of 2015, four women were killed when their limo crashed in long island, new york and last october, a birthday celebration i state new york turned tragic in this stretch limo accident. in all, 20 people killed,g includinour sisters and two brothers. it was the most deadly transportation accident in the u.s. in almost a decade but what
7:44 am
is it that makes limo accidents especially dangerous? >> we show you what happens with dummies dein this is one of the leading crash test facilities for commercial vehicles. is is the head engineer here. nick, what are we looking for? >> we will see how the passengers will fair for the day. they're passenger, she's not wearing a seatbelt. a total of five passengers in the back of the limo. engineers installing sensors, riging cameras all over the course, high speed cameras to capture every frame. now one final check inside the limo and in the control room, they're getting ready, to >> 10-4. we'll confirm control now. >> the crash seconds away. >> 3, 2, 1. now watch as the stretch limo speeding at 35 milesr per h heads right towards that wall.
7:45 am
whoa. take a look from a different angle. this is the moment the front of the limo smashesin. now in slow motion, smoke filling the air, debris flying everywhere. >> look at all that damage. >> that is j you from 35 miles an hour. >> and 35 miles an hour is not uncommon. obviously, cars are traveling at higher speeds. they can sometimes have the chance to pre brake before impact. >> this is the outside of the limo, can we look inside? remember there was a woman sitting right here and whoa, where'd se go? >> from the inside, it is chaos. this unbelted passenger becoming a projectile. head smashing the roof of the limo. >> inside the little more it looks like this passenger is wedged underneath this seat. >> so she was seated in the back of the uslie, clearly she's moved all the way to the front and somehow wedged herself underneath that cushion. how bad are some of the injuriey
7:46 am
in here think? >> itooks to be a near fatal if not a fatal injury. >> this passenger experienced major whiplash. what object this r?passenge >> this passenger was belted with a three-point belt but slid down underneath the belt. it's not an ideal place to find ourselves. >> we showed senator chuck schumer is resultsf the crash test. >> it's mayhem. dee's a project presi is ile. >> she ends up underneath the seat. >> oh my god. >> repter: in a 30-year span, two limo accidents occurred in his state. putting the lack of regulation on this. >> it's sort of the wild west. anybody in a garage can stretch them and for every inch you stretch them, th more dangerous the limo gets with no regulations. >> so once they're modified, they're no longer regulated? >> they're no longerd. regulate there are no rules about what kind of safety standards should be in those. >> when people get into limos leak this, seatbelts are kind of
7:47 am
an afterthought. >> exactly. there aren't regulations even about those. >> would you ever ride in a limo? >> i'd be really careful about it. i'd beeally worried. >> nbc news reached out to the national limousine association, offering them the opportunity to comment on the crash test they didn't respond to a our repeated requests. guys, back to you. >> good information. a wild story from taylor swift on nearly wrecked one of the biggest interviews of her career. but first these messages.
7:48 am
7:49 am
7:50 am
7:51 am
. coming up, legends of stage and screen, blythe danger stop
7:52 am
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good morning, it's 7:56 on this memorial day monday may 27th. i'm molette een. we have an update to a first 4 traffic maryland state police say lanes on westbound i-70 in the new market are opened after a deadly ash. one driver was killed. >> that person's name has not yet been released. today metro trains are operating on a sunday schedule. the system closes at 11:00 p.m. offpeak fairs will be in effect all day. the blue line are closed for platform repairs through september 8th. and you can expect plenty of road close years. theational memorial day parade is this afternoon at 2:00 on constitution avenue. the parade will include specialb guests and celrities including ther winne of nbc requests "the
7:57 am
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7:59 am
. good morning, still, a few clouds aroverhead ely this morning. not a whole lot of sunshine just yet over the nation's capitol. >> that will soon be anging. we will have much more than anything, temperatures jump from the low 70s, up to highs in the low- to dad-80s it could be a quick shower or two in the afternoon, our severe weather chances are nice and low for today. we will not see the kind of strong storms we did yesterday. warm today, turning hot tomorrow, temperatures likely in the mid-90s on wednesday and thursday afternoon. get ready for the feel of summun. >> have f outside, another local news update in 25 minutes. for now, back to the "today" show after thi short break.
8:00 am
. it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, one-two ncpu the southern plains still dealing with an ongoing threat as wicked weather batters the region. >> ine oped the front door a an hearound that i never want to hear again. while downut so residents prepare for another day of extreme heat and humidity. dylan hasour holiday forecast ahead. plus, dry bar. we'll take you inside a popular new spot that has everything except alcohol. >> wy reall want to have more spaces and occasions where being dry is something that' encouraged and completely casual. >> so are you sober curious?
8:01 am
we'll sho you what the latest trend is all about. and fun in the sun. we're kicking off the summer season with a breakdown of thes behopping deals ins store on we will show you more this monday, may 27th, 2019. >> god bless america. >> happy 30th anniversary to my wife t'lisa. >> i a great nation. >> we're fm tucson, arizona. >> from michigan. >> from oregon. >> takg "today" off my bucket list. >> happy birthdayrom new york city to my "today" show friends. >> from california. >> and hawaii. >> on my 88th birthday.
8:02 am
>> well, a happy birthday to you. a good crowd out there on the plaza. welcome back to "today." thanks for joining us, enjoying time off. weertainly love your "today shoutouts. keep them coming with #mytodayplaza. we will get out there in just a bit. >> yes, we wiwe. will be doing barbecueing outside as well. before that we want to get to your news at 8:00. there has been no tim to rest or recover in the heart of oklahoma. that's where severe flooding was followed by a deadlyto rnado. nbc news' kerry sanders joins us from el reno, oklahoma. kerry, good morning. >> reporter: well, good morning, just outside of oklahoma city. you can seever my shoulder here, the motel that was struck by the tornado late saturday night under cover of darkness, a tornado estimated to be an ef 3. winds of about 140 miles opinion
8:03 am
hour came through here. remarkably, everybody inside this motel was able to survive. but the tornado remained on the ground. on the other side, it went into a trailer park where t people died in the last ten days, 230 tornadoes duchouching down in this part of the country. the three remains. it has been a difficult time. >> kerryrs sanden oklahoma. thank you. president trump is spending memorial dayn japan where this morning he became the first foreign leaders to meet the country's new emperor. later after talks with prime minister shinzo abe. mr. trump contradicted his host. he said he didn'think the missile tests violated u.n. resolution
8:04 am
resolutions. >> my people think it could have been a violation, if you know. i view it differently. i viewt as a man perhaps he wants to get attention. >> the president said he t believeshe u.s. will work out a new trade deal with japan and eventually end its current trait deal china. back here at home, cyber attacks are causing chaos. a largest baltimore, where hackers are essentially holding city computershostage. well, now we are leaing how it all started. nbc news' tom costello has the latest. this is a scary story. >> it is. it's concerning with thousands of baltimore computers demanding ransom. the new york sometimes is recalling details of the malware behind this,ne starting with o of america's top intelligence agencies. guess what, it's just a few miles away. this morn new details on what's behind a series of cyber attacks crippling cities across
8:05 am
e u.s. . >> everything. >> reporter: including baltimore, hit by a ran soldier attack six weeks ago, locking up the city's water bills, health alerts and traffic payments. m they tell me the syss down, you can't pay nothing. >> it's real frustrating. >> now the "new york times" reports a key component of thee malwar used by those cyber criminals was originally developed a n theional security agency. >> that according to security experts briefed on the case. oe "time's" reports the nsa lost controlthe tool known as eternal blue in 2017 when an unidentified group called theow shad brokers leaked it online. the "time's" says eternal blue was picked up by state sponsored hackers in north korea and china and in russia, the sakeackers that targeted the 2017 election in 2016 used w a cyberpon to compromise hotel wifi networks. the nsa and fbi declined to
8:06 am
comment to the "times" ands in newsal in the bmore attack they demanded bitcoins worth about system. to unlock the up top the officials says the city will not pa i the raom. >> we talked to technology and others that pay ransoms, that i can leave something in the system and shut you down again. >> reporter: it's the latest in a cyber warfare campaign. according to ,analysts5 local governments have been victimized this year. a similar attack targeted atlanta last year and cost the city millions to in greenville, north carolina hit last month. cyber security experts say cash strapped cities with aging digital infrurs andll rea out of date software are the most vulnerable because they lack the resources to build up to the defenses and then of course to pay off the ranso wear iare if
8:07 am
becomes necessary. nfl legend bart starr is being remembered as a:on and off th field. he died yesterday in alabama. he was under vince lombardi and his green bay packers dominated most of the 1950s. they won fiveit leak ts and super bowls. when his playing days were over, he became a businessman and philanthropist. he had two strokes and had a heartk attacn 2014. bart starras 85-years-old. >> one of the first faces of the nfl. we have ast coming. >> achieveing a goal so much sweeter when you spent years chipping away at it. right? well, in this case, 18 years. she has made her career helping runnina program at bodine college in maine. she always. ed to earn a degree. back in 2001 at age38 she decided to take one classvery
8:08 am
semester. she balanced work, homework and putting her own three kids through college. >> wow. >> this weekend, the grandmother ofr fou was as excited as any 20-something as she walked across that stage to get her diploma. >> that's great. >> to show their admiration, they gave thechool a gift. a scholarship in lisa's name. >> oh, that's >> one day at a time. one class at a time. she got it done. good astuff. right, just ahead, still o over, ge of thrones, a finale, revealing more about ths final seon. we'll have that. first up, are you trained in making healthier choice and avoid a hangover. our visit to a bar that caters to the growing sober curious trend. that's right after this. r searching foa way to help stop your cold sore?
8:09 am
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8:12 am
this morning on this morning on today's talker, sober curious, it's a rising movement becoming more re mainst. >> it's all about people taking a step away fm alcohol. they still like to socialize. with one of the biggest hot spots here in new york city, i decided to check it orout. >> repr: music, 20-something's. this bar has everything, except alcohol. >> they're saying let's meet for drinks. ist really about how much alcohol isho in tse drinks? i don't think it always has to be. >> welcome to listen bar. a once a month popup in new york's lively neighborhood, with simple alcohol concepts springing up in thtr coun in detroit, chicago, in atlanta. it's at the forefront of the growing sober curious trend. >> we really want to have more
8:13 am
spaces and occasions where being dry is something that's encouraged and completely casual. >> drink optional. >> yes. >> oh, that's a novel concept in this day and age. no? >> totally. going out, i no longer for the strictly sober or the currently pregnant. a survey o listen bar commerce reported most who were simply having a night off-of-or those that have more. >> alcohol is how we hav valuable times of being loose and being free but a lot of times it also gets in the way of what we're trying to do. >> reporter: and that's a rapidly growing demographic. a repeat survey says people in their early 20s reportedly drink 20% less than the generation before.
8:14 am
apps organized sober events even dating with fellow non-drinkers. this actress is choosing wellness overlcohol on most nights out. >> i reached a point where i realized the reason i was drinki was just for others just to like not let anyone feel uncomfortable. so i jus c didn'te and it was really liberating to see, ye, i'm not drinking, that's fineyo drinks i'm get you whatever you want. i'm not going to do it. he do you think that there is something about t times in which we h live that made a content e september like this more popular than it would have been five or ten years ago? >> so many things honestly. social media is huge. i think there is a better ability for people to discover somewhat niche things they're interested in and connect with people. i would say culturally, we're living in a time where everyone really wants to customize their
8:15 am
fe to what feels right for them. >> to be clear, though, are you not a tea totaler. right? this isn't designed to replace the traditional bar, is it? >> there are 10,000 bars in new york city. i'm under no impressions that like those 10,000 bars will go away. nor do i want them to to me, t's not about being anti-alcohol. >> this is about giving peo e anotherchoice. >> and the drinks for higher flavor and low on risk or hangover. >> based on the popularity and similar alcohol free options, more and more people are learning that ditchi the alcohol even temporarily doesn't mean losing the experience. >> we are still those people who have really fun conversations and you know start dance parties and we've kind of been told that we can only be those people when we're drunk. but when you have a space that invites to you kind of bring
8:16 am
that out in yourself, youight surprise yourself. >> now that was a good thought. >> have a good time. >> i don't know if i could dance if i wasn't drinking. >>y the way,hose once a month events, they will be a lot more regular, listen bar just got fullydrowd funde and is finalizing details for a permanent location. >> i like the idea. >> the drink are tasty. looking for a night off. >> just a break. >> hungover from the fight before. >> there you go. >> . >> okay. let's get to "game of thrones." we are still talking about it. last night a two-hour documentary premiered on hbo. we got t a behind scenes look at how the cast and crew prepped and trained for season eight as asll as ack footing from the first table reading from season one, episodeone. look how young everyone looks
8:17 am
there. 96 to showing the first table reading. last nightas documen showed footage and we've silenced this clip so as not to give spoilers away. f screensm the final episode were read out loud. the cas reacted to the fate of some of their characters. kit harrington who hadn't read it beforehandhead t most reaction, seemingly in disbleechlt i haven't seen it, so i don't know what happens. the documentary reveale that each hour costs about $15 million in the final season. i wonder if they got any of tt money from the iron bank. you know, channel? >> i'm only on season two. okay. yesterday, the greatest iectacle in racing took place. yes, they 500, david letterman returned to his home state ofia w intoch the sporting event.ot anher favorite at the race, kelly clark zorn, the singer almost took a tumble there on the red carpet. she was quick to recover her
8:18 am
balance and she wrote on briths, the best part of my day is always revealing to people that how utterly cool i am. she went to sing on the national anthem and that performance was flawless, of course. ctors christian bale and matt damon had the honor o signaling the red flag. >> a heck of a race. too. taylor swift over the weekend aevealed inn interview with rolling stone almosted end in disaster. take a look. >> so when rolling stone doeco r story, it's like they hang out. you know, you hang out with this journalist for a couple days and they just, you just hang out. if you drive around, they're sitting there. if you goo lunch, we hang. it's like a thing. i'm going to rehearsals. it's normal. i'mustoing to drive in. that's what i normally do. be yourt best self driving. i got if two car accidents with
8:19 am
him in the car. one was my fault. one was noe on was an i'm sorry. the second one was a you're welcome, i saved your life. but i was like fully panicking. when we got side swiped. he screamed oli something , i have a new baby at home! >> fortunately everyone is okay. maybe next time taylor should go on a nice walk. >> it's hard to drive when you are nervous. from experience. let's get to our daly click. this 2-year-old wanted to show her dad what happened at work that day. she wasn't pleased with his response. >> i thought you spoke about jesus. >> hallelujah. >> that's too loud. >> okay. sorry. >> very nicely. >> okay. haleluia. >> she said do it nicely. oh, that's cute. >> she prefers the quieter style.
8:20 am
thankfully her dad learn his lesson quickly. >> let's get to it. lots to get to in the weather department. because we got these storms. this is one aft another after another and today we're going to see them across the mid-we and redevelop through the western plains. we have heavy rain right now. >> that is almost over. we also have some heavier rain approaching the kansas city area moving through southeastern kansas as well. so we had the flash flood alerts in effect. flash flooding is also a likely scenario with the fact that the ground the totally saturated and more heavy rain is expected. two areas, one that includes chicago, north of indianapolis, another that includes north platte. we could see damaging winds,il ha possibly an inch or more in diameter. tomorrow we will see that threat back across kansas into nebrka, also through northwestern missouri as well. i want to focus on the flooding right now. the arkansas river especially
8:21 am
where we could see significant if not record flooding. the water just continues to overflow these banks and any additional rain will continue to make matters worse in that area. that's a look at weather across the country. now, here'sou a peek t your window. >> we have a little sunshine, peeking outside inwalk. we have sunshine to get temperatures into the low and mid-80s. there will be an opportunity for a stray shower or thundershower on future weather here. you can see a small chance for showers or a rumble of showers in part of southern maryland. highs today in the throw to mid-80s, back to near 90. a little better chance of a thunderstorm tomorrow. super hot for the middle of the week. highs in the m-90s. >> and that's your latest forecast. craig. ty'nk you, on todas consumer summer sales memorial day not onlyarks the start of fun in the sun, also the beginning of somgreat bargains, we're talking deep discounts, everything from furniture to passion.
8:22 am
who better to talk? couponsavings. you.ys good to have >> thank you. >> are we talking brick and mortar? >> both. it's really exciting. massive sales, we have a sneak peek at sales you can shop and wait later in the summer. for home. we break this down to items to buy now, to buy later. buy now, furniture. we saw massive indoor and outdoor furniture sales, two companies have and have 70% off sales. so you can find a great outdoor rocker tonjoy the summer months, for $159. it's normally $279 or a side table for $39. now another item you want to buy now. don't forget your ruggings.
8:23 am has 70% off plus free shipping. >> what can we wait ? >> so to wait on. patriotic items. >> that means the longer you wait before the fourth of july, you will find cheaperred, white and blue items. also tabletop items. the gallery's got a great s anniversarye coming up. you will find 25% off. >> all right. what do we have next here? >> for appliances, everybody talks about those big appliances, now iset a diorate time to buy small appliances, best buy has a 40% off sale. you can find cool electricgg cookers for $18 down from 40. volume cleaners. people will g crazy, dyson is having a hume sale, 40% off seam. so you can find a vacuum for $399 instead of $499 dyson. >> grills. >> it's a great time to get a grill. 40% off. >> hold off on lawn mowers and
8:24 am
leaf blowers.home depot will ho great deals. >> next. what do we have here? >> we got a great deem. amazon has a monster seam. so you can get a 55 inch toshiba 4k for $100 off. so instead of 450, you will pay 350. >> wow! >> part is watch. that's a deal. >> that's a huge deal. it's a huge tv. too. so for smart watches. this is exciting. you don't hear about it lot. you can find at the apple watch series three for a huge savings. just $199 and home assistance, 50% off at amazon for the edition. >> we can wait on the fitness tracker. >> you can wait on those, especially if you are looking for thate googl pixel with the great camera later in june. will you find a great savings
8:25 am
there. >> w do we have now? >> fashion. this i think so to buy now, nordrom is having a 50% off designer men's and women's shoes and clothing. you want to check that out. dresses or pretty much everything is going to be 50% off at gap. so you can shop ere. and active wear, for father's day idea, eddie bauer has swim trunks, you name it. and items to buy later, a lot of people are going to be excited about this. lingerie, if you can wait a couple of days. >> which i can. >> you can wait aew ys, will you have the victoria secrets semi annual sales to look forward to lots of great savings. >> always good to have you. >> thank you, craig. >> for more details on these summer sales, he ed to just ahead, not one but two llywood legends teaming up for the very first time. we will catch up with blythe danger and john lithgow.
8:26 am
popularac attrons drawing crowds to the southwest. the story behind the most nstagram spot in all of new mexico. a cool story. you don't want to miss this. but first your local news. t s is a news 4 today news break. >> 8:26 on this monday, may 27th memorial day, i'm adam tuss. millions of americans will head home from their memorial day festivities. you should head home before 10:00 in the morning or after 10:00 at night. expect speeds to drop to 32 miles per hour late this afternoon. folks headed home on westbound route 50 will experience delays threenimes longer tha the normal delaysraith ave speeds just under 14 a miles hour. you can expect plenty of road close years in downtown d.c. because of the memorial day
8:27 am
parade. this is video from last year's event. it officially gets under way at 2:00 this afternoon. we'll get a check of your forecast with chuck wn we come back. stay with us.
8:28 am
. good morning, everybody. sunshine now coming into the washington area. very light traffic on the 14th street bridge complex. always good news on a monday rning. 72 in manassas, virginia, 71 in gaithersburg. high temperatures in the low- to mid-80s,armer weatherear 90
8:29 am
coming back for tomorrow. a better chance for storms tomorrow and wednesday. only a slight chance of the shower today, adam. >> all ght. chuck. thank you very much. the latest news and weather any time in r nbc walk app.
8:30 am
♪ >> 8:30 now on this memorial day morning. monday, theth day of may, 2019. h's new york fleet week. we're sopy to honor the navy, the coast guard, the marines are here. thanks for hanging out with us. >> and a beautiful morning on the plaza. >> are we ready for a special
8:31 am
ment in where is mary from albany, here you are. >> good morning. >> i hear you want to be a news anchor one day? >> yes. >> where do you go to school? >> hyde park. >> you are starting a new station, a newscast? >> we had it. we've had it for a little bit. o but i'm going tbe on it next year. >> i have an idea, would you like t h start rightere on the "today" show. have you ever read a teleprompter. we will try this. are you ready? this is your moment. take it away. >> i'm merritt from albany, georgia, future average oor at hyde park elementary. and youre watching the "today" show. >> you are on my way yourfr iend, congratulations, a great m, grandma, congratulations. thank you, guys. and you are the little sister what is your name in. >> rowan. >> get the little sister in there, too, give her round of applause. >> i love when you watch somebody reading, you read along
8:32 am
with them. >> we all ydo. >> are moving your mouth. >> that was awesome, guys, so cute. >> stars of an ewuplifting n movie about second chances in life this is a greatth film, b danger and john lithgow are here to talk about it. the highly instagramable being called the future of art. this morning, we have an inside look. >> also ahead our friend anthony scott is here. he's got some delicious recipes for that memorial da barbecue. if you wait until the last minute. the best part, they're quick and easy, it's not too late to happen to the mennew. >> in honor of memorial day, a gold star mom will show us aia spec place many americans don't know exist. >> a really cool story coming up in a few minutes. before a of that, how about a check of the forecast? >> there is about as good as it gets in the northeast. in the southeast, we got the heat. in the middle of the country, rain. it is raining heavily across
8:33 am
iowa, up into southern a. minnesot >> that heavy rain is going to continue to move eastward today. we could see severe storms in chicago. more severe weath will work into the western plains. but where it is nice, if you are headed to the beaches. we're looking at highs in the 60s, up across new england. 70s in long island. jersey shore, new jersey in the 70s, too. the southeast, though. that's where you will want to head to the beach. e temperatures will be up in the 100s. it will be up in the 80s and low 90s. in florida, another nice day there, too. sunshine, temperatures in the 80s and 90s. not bad beach weather for sure on the east coast. that'sk a loo at weather across the country. here's a peek out your window. >> good morning, storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. 73 in washington. 72 in martinsburg, west virginia. 72 in prince george's unty. expected to reach 85gr s. there may be a stray shower around today. not as much coverage as yesterday. that's good news. back to 90 degrees weather. storms more likely tomorrow
8:34 am
afternoon. super hot weather. mid-90s for highs on wedneay and thursday. be ready for summer. it's here. don't forget the puck dr b tonight theoston bruins taking onnhl cinderella sorry the st. louis blues. you can catch game one tonight startingt 8:00 eastern on nbc. >> booze and bruins. just ahead, two acting heavyweights on their new movie with a sweet message. we'll talk to blythe a danger john lithgow. first this is "today" on nbc. (alarm beepi) welcome to our busy world. where we all want more energy. but with less carbon footprint.
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8:37 am
now the power couple are starring in the new movie "the tomorrow ma" >> you like chinese? we don't have to do chinese. >> ed hensler, a woman doesn't like to be left in the dark. ehen a gentleman takes her out, the least h can do is contact her in some way and let her know he had fond memories of theirge evening toer. even if he didn't, pause that's what gentleman do. >> well, i am a gentleman. >> ha ha, blythe danger, john lithgow, so nice to have you here. i would think >>so. here is none of this about it. he is definitely agentleman. >> i definitely noticed that. but first of all i am in shock th the first time you guy versus worked together. the chemistry is so palpable. >> we're bothhe from same gene
8:38 am
pool 1970s theater act soe have hundreds of mutual friends and share common experiences, we didn't even know each other all that well,he except t minute we hit the set, we never stopped talking. >> the same story. the only thing is we have the exact same story, different versions. oh, you heard that? >> all these people half our a would watch us like they were watching stiller andr mera o something entertained them all da i. to you wanted to listen two chat with each other. a quirky it makes me love you both even more. your characters are odd and quirky. what drew you to your character ed? >> well, it was a captivating script. i just read the script and ery
8:39 am
pages there was some completely unexpected surprise in the story telling. it's boy meets girl romance between two centogenaryans. it is sweet and funny. it's got all sorts of differe colors, melancholy and dread and they're old. to me, it was a story that just never gets told. >> right. >> and blythe, your character, we don't find out her secretds until towhe end of the movie. >> yes. >> what drew you to her, her character? >> him. >> many my case her. >> he drew me. i thoug good god all these decades, i would see john, go, oh, how i'd love to work with him. so when this was mentioned, i just leapt. itas almost as if i didn't read it. i thought oh this is a challenge, too, because i love e to play p i've never played beforend i haven't played someone quite like her. >> one thing i loved watching this movie is i've seen both my
8:40 am
parents go into the dating world, try to find companions, they've both managed to find companionship at an older age. did i've readwyneth wanted to get you onto the datingsing sites. how did that -- >> i would say usually lovely gentleman, a couple. but i thought oh i'd rather be home watching television. isn't that awful? >> really. >> first bruce was a he was constantly laughing all the time. so you can't expect to find daddy magain. ery happy. i got my grandchildren around the corner on both coasts. i have my two sets i'm content. >> john. have y so, so buee. i fl the characters you play larger than life. bill clinton, roger ails, winston churchill and ed. was it fun to take break fro the big, big characters and go
8:41 am
ed imode? >>t was wonderful to go minnalist. ordinary man wit extraordinary issues. and no makeup. you know, it was basicallyme, sadly. in many ways it was like a play brought to life. all those things appealed to y. >> thank both so much for being here. congratulations on your honorary doctor rat. >> yes. it's sitting next to my favorite congressman john lewis. we've had such wonderful talks. >> what was this? >> i got my fourth docto atmosphere. i have no idea. i certainly didn't deserve them. >> you gotou yvote in the big easy. >> they're running out of old ladies. >> you have been dr. danger for awhile, yeah? >> it was thrilling. >> congratulations. the movie is fantastic. the tomorrow man is in select theaters now. craig. >> dylan. thank you. up next, the mind blowing interactive exhibit that's
8:42 am
drawing some huge crowds and it's surprising connection to "game of thnes." first this is "today" on nbc.
8:43 am
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back at 8:44 now. taking to you an unusual attraction in santa fe, new in mexico, with a strange name and fan base. >>nsoe fryer joi us. good morning. >> good morning, the place is called meow wolf. you heard me nice. meow as in the noise the cat makes. wolf is in the animal. up to the,000 visit meow wolf each day. it's been called the most instagram place in all of new mexico. what exactly is it? as you are about to see, that's a tough one to answer. there is no question what you see inside mow wolf is art. bright, quirky, interactive art. >> it is totally amazing.
8:45 am
>> reporter: what's less clear is if you should call this pular attraction a museum. >> i'm still impressed by the fa that the door opposite. >> even vince and memory montoya, theco-founders, wres ed with that on >> what is meow whwolf? is it? >> that question is like so hard to answer these days. we produce large scale immersive story-telling iperiences. it a museum or is it more than that? >> it's really more ofus j an art experience. you can come in and there is no prescribed path. you can go wherever you want and look at whatever you want r >>eporter: the first thing you ill see inside meow wolf is a home. they call it the house of eternal return. >> i thought it would be like a bunch of paintings. >> reporter: quickly it becomes clear, something change happened that had broken time and space. the family thatlives here are
8:46 am
missing. visitors are free to poke around searcling for ues, rifling through the mail box. >> you can touch stuff. >> yeah. you can touch everything, wemost. nvite people to engageit with how they want to. >> rep ter: it doesn't take long to figure out this house is unlike any other. take the iffrigerator. ou look inside, will you not find a bunch o groceries, rather a bright white mysterious portal. it's not just a fridge. the washing machine opens to reveal a lead is leading visitors to a psychedelic multi-verse. >> when are you a kid and your imagination runs wild and you walk through it, i'm getting goose bumps talkingbout it. >> reporter: one path leads to a glowing mastodon with bones that can be dumped like a xylophone. here lots of things make noise. cluding a ha made of lasers and the mysterious woman who wanders around playing a tuba.
8:47 am
this artistic explosion started a much smaller scale in 2008. back then meow wolf was a collective of artists in santa fe who did pop-up projects in various locations. but in 2014, they wantede something m permanent inside a vacant bowling alley, sotchey pid the idea to george rmplt r. martin, local resident and author of "game of thrones." >> he loved the idea. he's kid at heart. he ended up buying the building and became our landlord. the fun nest i thing george r.r. martinur is o landlord. >> reporter: they featured a couple nods. meow wolf is catching re, attracting fans of all ages and soon expanng to other cities. a new one is set to open years end in los vegas and another in denver, a city that already boasts some meow wolf theme ride at the ilitch theme rtrk.
8:48 am
the sta of an artist movement that hard to describe but easy to enjoy. >> joe, the obviously question, why do they call it meow wolf? >> reporter: back when they were just getting started. they threw a bunch of words in a hawaii pulled them out and got a bunch of combinations. for example, buy the hut. in the end, they went with meow wolf thinkt g ae time they would probably change it later. they were wrong, ultimately, the name stuck. >> good-bye hub? meow wolf? it works. >> it seems like it's working. >> joe, thk you. >> thank you so much for that. let's go back outside to dylan. >> coming up, if you are finalizing yr memorial day menu, don't worry. anthony sciotto is here with last minute side dishes. we're working on . first this is the new c
8:49 am
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all right. we're . >> all right. we are back. a patriotic food for memorial day. if you are looking for a simple delious menu to feed your crowd. we got you covered. we got great recipes for who better to help us than our anthony sciotto of new york city. it's always good to have you here. >> it's memorial day. a wonderful day in the city. it's azy. >> what are we making? >> chicken. we have to have the grill. it's this time of year. let's dochicken. manner nate it a little with a little beer.d ad a little ginger. a little olive oil, ginger, spices. >> it doesn't matter what kind of beer you use? ik i l an ipa, a little tangier than a malt. so you know that. suggest ar, soy sauce. onions. >> and can you swap pk for -- >> you could do that, by the way, do me a favor, make sure
8:52 am
it's on a bone. i ls,e bo it's on the barbecue. it seems to stay moister. >> what's the word? amazing. >> it's so good. >> thank you. >> doesn't waste any time. >> another key ingredient, a way to d this to make sure, you kind of want to wipe this off a bit prior to putting it on the grill so it doesn't flare up. you are looking 10 to 15 minutes. >> so good. >> you drink your beer while you use it. >> you want to marinate overnight a little bit. you more marinate. >> if you don't have that time. >> 15, 20 minutes. now we go into a pasta. we are grilling. all these items can be done outside while you are grilling. so it makes it icier for you. i did new potatoes. and purple hair loom tomatoes. >> why? >> the color. i love the color. we add this to the water. >> this is a -- i think potato
8:53 am
salad, this is what i think of. >> fresco, you got to kick it u a bit. you want to cook those until pork tender. cube those the way i have it here. >> my gosh. >> you love that color in. >> i do love that color. can you get purple potatoes? >> he's got it covered. i'll dig in. >> try the potato salad. so good. >> we're going to smash this. it is called smashed bo that toe oas we' finished smashing this and doing it, we will add a little cery. >> no mayo? >> no mayo. >> this is really good. >> peas, carrots. >> hit a le crunch to it. >> we will add a little scallions to this. >> i like that a lot. >> r >> me too. >> a little salted pepper. then we're going to finish with the eggs. you got that? >> yes. >> that morning, no problem. >> it will be a hit.
8:54 am
because it'st.differen it still tastes like what you want it to taste like. >> it's what you want in a bo that to salad. >>eep it tside. >> you got a pasta salad, too. >> you got a pasta salad here. tm using fusili. i like texture. i like fresh tuna. if you want to use can to make it t simplet's fine. i like l aittle mustard to start with. ive oil. i will whisk that in. red wine vinegar. i'll take salt p andper if you don't mind. sorry. >> so good. >> a little salt, a little pepper. >> go ahead. i have a little garlic. i have a little parsley. thyme and oregano. put on the cheese. >> that's good. i'm going to add the tuna. give me one second. en i will add regatta salada
8:55 am
cheese.. >> look at th >> thank you, thank you, thank you. >> brother, it's my pleasure on this memorial day. >> thank you. >> this is so good. >> you can get the recipes by the way miss dryer. >> announcer: smuckers celebrates today is sponsored by smuckers. with a name like smuckers. it has to be>> good. ll right. you all keep eating. we've got some special birthdays on this memorial day. our viewers c areelebrating loved ones who have birthdays weekend. holiday richard is turning 80 today. he stays active. by enjoying time by his 13 dc grldren. look at that beautiful picture right there. carley is celebrating her ninth birthday. carley's mom says she saved her life just by being born. so sweet. mary calls her friendim an inspiration. because she had such a positive attitude even on the toughest you can keep those photos coming at >> remember you can find more
8:56 am
great stories at day. >> just ntastic. coming up in the third hour, an importa lesson in summer pool safety with somedorable help. >> who is that by a? dylan's son calvin. he will join us third rst, enjoy your memorial day. ni good morng, it's 8:56 on this monday, may 27th. memorial day. i'm molette green. in your headlines today, metro trains operating on a sunday he scle. the system is opened now and closes at 11:00 p.m. remember that major summer shutdown islso in effect. six blue and yellow stations closed for platform
8:57 am
reconstruction. the closuretill las until it's sunday, september 78th. meanwhile, luck may be turning n around for theional there is. they're on a three-game winning streak. the senates were up 8-0 against the marlinsyesterday. the senates won 9-6. a win today, they'll sweep the marlins in this ries. first pitch today 1:0 a 5 at senate's park. witheget a check for the ball we come back and other activities. my lord? hey good knight. where are you going? ♪ ♪ climbing up on solsbury hill ♪ grab your things, salutations. coffee that is a cup above is always worth the quest. nespresso. tis all i desire. did thou bring enough for the whole kingdom? george: nespresso, what else?
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♪ oh sorry, we were running late. no problem, come on in. ♪ good morning. we're getting more sunshine with each passing minute in washington. it will be plenty warm today. not as hot as yesterday, today it's 92.f a chance o a shower, no major interruptions to your memorial daans. turning very hot and humid towards the middle of the week.
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