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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  May 28, 2019 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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breaking overnight, there has been anotherhootingn the district following a violent weekend. d. police are investigating several shootings that injured more than 29 people since commuter t. many of you head back to work and school for the first time stations o closed six for the summer. what you need to know to get around. overnight, severe weather drikes the heartland. we look at theage as people are dealing with what's left following a possible tornado. 5:00 a.m. now.
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ne, i'm ning, ever aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. tuesday, may 28th,2019. good morning again. let's check theeather and traffic. >> melissa's off, so jack taylor of wtop is in for her. we'll start with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell and the weather alert to start off the work part of this week. yeah,unfortunately, that same cluster of thunderstorms produced severe weather in ohio last night has held together to sou extent dng the overnight hours. fortunately without daytime heating it's lost a little of its punch as it'so coming t us. we'll have a weather alert day. the main reason -- rain and thunder during the morning commute. before we turn really hot and humid here today, another small chance for storms later. i think the main -- the big show from the weather department will be in the first half of the day today. already stere's that clu of storms now in the mountains of west virginia. they trail back quite a distance, all the way to morgantown, west virginia. thunder and lightning now in and around the winchester, virginia,
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area. moving into parts of clark and warren county, now headed toward blue mont. leesburg, all of loudoun county, this is coming your way in the next 30 to 45 minutes or so. then obviously that will make its way into the d.c. metro area. the rate they're going, it's about 2.5 hours or so away. that would put the thunder and lightng here at about 7:30 and continue onward to 9:30 or so before things start to improve. temperaturewise, 60s and low 70s. the commute, the morning com bte, jack taylor, wille a stormy one. a result, could be a slow one in the 90s later today. >> reporter: that sounds like it's going to be hot. you get out early, it will be fine, but a few things in your way. fauquier county, 29-year-old at vint hill road -- 29th at vint hill road. there's a crash. the hov ,lane express lanes
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heading across the 14th street bridge, accident activity. apparently may involve an overturned vehicle a you've gotlot of equipment on scene. this is notelpful for day one of the metro blue and yellow lane closures. 95 southbound in maryland with the delay build willing as you approach -- building as you approach the icc, accident activity, but two right lanesge ting by. there's activity on the northbound side at the service road. those traveling, it's open. back to you. >> thank you. 5:03. it was a violent memorial day d. weeken 21 people were shot in the district since friday. >> overnight a man was shot and killed in southeast washington. news4's justin finch is live at that scene for us with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: aaron, eun, good morning. we't actually down the set right now from the berry farm where five people were shot yesterday. more on that coming up. azerbaijs you can ski,he 2600 -
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you can see, the 2600 block of bernie street. at least one man was kil ed. we'ltake you to the scene. as you see, heavy d.c. police area.nce in this this trip where a man was found shot again close to midnight last night. he did die after he was taken to the hospital. we have no information at this time about a suspect or what may have led up tohe shooting. that victim also at this time time the -- it at this victim has not been identified. we're talking about five people shot near the rec center off the 1200 block of sumner road in southeast. that was about2:30yesterday afternoon in broad daylight. four men and oneoy b all shot and taken to the .hospita their injuries said to be non-life-threateni on-life-threatening. as we come back live, we can tell you in that case, police are looking for a silver or gray nissanh sedan t was seen
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leaving shortly after the shooting. they're asking for more tips in this case a well as the case with those five shot just up the street, as well. we're live in southeast, just finch, back to you. >> very sad. justin finch in southeast.. thank you it will be an emotional andn tough retuo school for some students in southeast washington. summer set prop honor role student maurice scott was shot and killed sunday. he was just 15 years old. news4 spoke with his mother.l >> i'm stil thinking that he might walk tough the door. that i could hold him one more time. >> according our news partners at wtop, his school, somerset prep, plans to have grief cnselors and extra security on campus. no arrests have been made in his
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murder. call police if you have any information. an update now on a street sweeper accus of killing a man last friday at a chantilly strip mall. this morning we're hearing from the victim's widow. steven green charged in the death of miguel jeva hernandez.s hernandez'ife said the incident started when green injured her. she said her husband was getting cigarettes at a convenience store when green began cleaning with his leaf blower. she said he blew debris into her face. when she asked why she said green made it a racist comment. she said green later hit her twice with the leaf blower erawing blood. >> translator: h attacked me. he hit me with the blower, mys frieny, hey, relax, don't do that. and after that, he take the blower to my han and hit me again in my head. >> when her husband returned, he reportedlytacked green. then there was gunfire. hernandez was found bleeding in the parking lot and was taken to the hospital where he later died. green did stay on the sce ter that shooting.
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the victim's family is now hoping to raise money with a gofundme page to send his body back to el salvador for burial. president trump is back on wis way tohington after a four-day visi to japan. just before he wrapped up his trip, he visited a u.s. naval base and spoke with troops on memorial day. he made remarks to more than 80m embers of the military aboard the "uss wasp" stationed in japan. esident i have no higher honor thab than serving as you're commander in chief and ordinary men and women of the american armed forces. >>viuring his t, president trump became the first head of state to meeting japanese's new emperor. he also met with japanese prime minister shinzo abe. they met in meetings and on the golf course talking about trade, north korea's nuclear program, and iran. happening irday, the big trial in the opioid crisis sgins in oklahoma. the trial is to get underway against consumer products giant
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johnson & johnson and several of it subsidiaries. oklahoma claims the defendant helped create a public health crisis in the state by marketing highly addictive opioids and miiorepresenting the addict risk. the trial could reveal documents and testimony that see what the companies knew, when they knew it and how they responded. the state has already reached several settlements with other drug makers right now, 80,000eople are without power in ohio after suspected tornadoes in the state overnight. here's a look at some of the damagee've seen so far in the dayton area. crews may need to wait for daylight tn really uderstand the true extent of the damage there. the ohio deptment of ransportation is using esnowplows to remov debris from majorhighways. no word yet on any injuries. for many people it is the firstf workday othe week, and could be a very tough commute to fe office. >> this is theirst time a lot of commuters will experience the metrorail summer shutdown.
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the blue and yellow lines at six stations south of reagan national airport are closed for repairs until news4's a cho is live at one of the shuttle pickup stops available for. commuters tod aimee, good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning. yeah, anybody showing up here to the franconia/springfield metro station is going to be greeted by this sign. station wosed. yoll not be able to get on a train. instead, you'll have to take a free shuttle bus to the pentagon in order to transfer.r now the closu are affecting all the blue and yellow line stations south of reagan national airport.ns this m tens of thousands of riders will have to change up their commute. metro says the closures are needed so they can make safety n repairs he platforms. some other options besides free shuttle buses are the vre, metro buses, even water taxies. there's a new slug line forming that wl pick up at franconia/springfield, landmark mall. it is going to be a long summer
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for a lot of metro riders. >> going to take the shuttle bus. i'm going to plan on -- usually i give myself an hour to get downtown. now i'm going toe to give myself an hour and a half. >> reporter: and we've got more information about all your differents opti for getting around. tfind it in nbc washington app. searcidea metro -- search "metro. >> hopefullyit will be a smooth morning out there. thanks. >e metro expects to m the deadline for safetyification on he new 7000 series train to protect blindriders. the federal transit administration ordered metro to add chainstween every rail car on the new trains by may 31st. this happened after at least two people stepped off platforms and fell straight on to the tracks after miss taking the gap between the cars for an open door. 5:10. today in prince george's county, round two of the scripps national spelling bee
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preliminaries at national harbor. 565 spellers ranging in ages from 7 to 15 will compete for the grand prize of 0$50,0 the finals ellheduled to begin on thursday. good luck, everyone. >> yeah. still ahead on "news4 today," how an army tweet about the value of military service generated more than 10,000 responses. soldiers share how the army has affeded them and taken a tol their family. and working 4 your health, how a woman is making a difference to stop medical misinformation on line. good morning, everyone. storm twm 4 radar shog rain with some embedded thunderstorms here across parts of northern virginia from just west of the r leesburg and dulles airport out toward winchester and berryville. we'll be tracking this right into the heart of the defeats into the heart of the defeats metro area. ♪
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a sple tweet by the army tred light on the iact of serving our coun and what it's had on the veterans and ie their famil. the army tweeted asking about the value of military service. responses detailed the harrowing stories about the toll warnd military life can have on families. many said it led to dr addiction, mental illness, and trouble acclieating to socty. for some, it led to thoughts of suicide. >> just decided everybody would be better without me. i grabbed my glock, sat down, and put my glock in my mouth and tried to pull the trigger. and the thing that stopped me was the realization that my family would have to live here in the house. >> reporter as the responses poured in, the army responded by posting a crisis hotline number
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and tweet, quote, your stories are real, they matter, we have to take care of those who come back home with scars we can't see. we have to do better for the men anwomen when sacrificed everything and the families who sacrificed, as well. >> the military has tried to get the message ft. the lastew years they've been pushing that. ere's still a fearof, you know, if i talk about my mental health issues,here goes my promotion or there goes this -- you know, there's still that concern that needs to be tackled. >> very impornt. >> andchanged. working 34 your health, cracking down -- working 4 your health krarking down on misinformation. one florida woman has made it her mission to stop dangerous myths includes something that n have been seellions of times on line. >> the efforts andst assi from tech giants. >> reporter: when amanda seigler's son was diagnosed on the autism spectrum six years ago, she went on line to >> i'm autistic myself,. and iave tree autistic
5:16 am
children. found some she useful information, some downright dangerous. >> speak were feeding their children bleach to try to cure them. they give instructions on how much to give, how to give it. >> reporter: she's been crusade ever since on youtube and facebook. >> i observed, screenshot, and report it. is not hard to get in, you make a fake profile to show with a couple of puzzle meesz. it's not difficult. >> reporter: withrn rising over medical misinformation, some of the most powerful platfor r areponding and removing content. the bbc reports youtube has pulled many of the questionable videos. earlier this year, ytube changed what videos they rewsmmend. nbc neound that facebook's taking some pages down, but they're not gone for long. >> the secret now because of everything that's being shut down. >> reporter: on top of misinformation, there's a misperception, she says. >> until these parents can learn to embrace their child's
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difference and helpthem, we have a lot of work to do. >> reporter: that amazon reportedly pulled books that promote fake autism cures. it's 5:17. maryland is among the 26 states in the country dealing with a brmeasles ok. the latest numbers from the centers for disease control show there are 940 cases nationwide. the vast majority of the cases are in new york. new york has nearly 800. a this time, measleeahas not sprto virginia or asles is a highly infectious and preventable diseases. the summer jobs season is heating up. many young adults will be looking for employment to make extra money. a lot of job opportunities are more widely available in some places than others. if you're summer job seeker, wallethub reports the best cities for summer jobs, orlando,
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florida. columbia, maryland, came ninth. richmond, virginia,e in 20th. and washington, d.c., was ranged 25th -- ranked upon bad. the worst place, santa clarita, califoia. among the key factors -- ffordability, income, availability of summer jobs, and rental pri es. >> the rental prices if our area are very high from what i hear. >> very steep. >> expensive to live in the city. it is. and we'll have a chance of thunderstormst firs thing. get it it's better to out of the way. >> yes. the storms are likely to work over the atmosphere and te the instability out. so that will actually help our day.e later in the so lorrainei chances ths afternoon. but the return of sunshine means it will be toasty warm this w afternoon, as ell. southerly winds have returned overnight after a lovely day yesterday of 85. we never really cooled off much in the city. the western partsof the suburbs here into the blue ridge have
5:19 am
called at least into the -- have cooled at lea into the 60s. close totown and the chesapeake bay, currently 64 in front royal, 64 in loudoun county. 68 in spotsylvania. there's a risk for thunderstorms here. first thing this mornin between now and about 9:00 or 10:00 this morning. one or two could be strong, but there are higher severe weather chances today traveling northbound toward state college, pennsylvania, pittsburgh, or philadelphia. you'll have a higher chance for severe weather there. still have a chance here. most of that will come here first thing this morning. if you're planning out your day, around 70. 60s to near 70 this morning. 70% chance of rain and thunderstorms here before lunchtime. after lunch, the son's back and we're in the 9s. severe weather last night, there's the radar loompt the tornado near dayton, a lot of damage done there. this is the same cluster of storms that lost intensity overnight. that's the good news. still more than enough lift int atmosphere for thunderstorms here first thing this morning
5:20 am
now. thun r and lightning not to far outside of the winchester area extending down into page and shenandoah counties. swook, t's brook getting rain chances. this is going eastbound toward blue mont an eventually toward leesburg. a sweeper here is dulles airport. and he radar site here. thxts is coming over the ne couple of hours. be ready for that. tomorrow, our storm chance goeg back to later on in the day. after ay and thumd start tomorran -- humid start. there's the five-day forecast now. rather stormy here between now and 9:00 or 10:00. then drier wa hot andumid for the rest of the day and staying probably going to be 90 degrees or higher the next three daysin a row. for this time of the year, that would qualify as little heat wave around here. our average high is only 79 degrees. we're more than ten degrees
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above average for the xt three days. humidity 'tis appears on friday. the first half of the weekend is looking nice.ce a chf thunderstorms on sunday. the ten-day forecast coming up in the next half hour. now it's time for a check of the commute with jack taylor. >> reporter: we've been watching the accident for a while. tctivity moved off vint hill. 29 has reopened. you may find yourself under direction. scey've got a medevac helicopter requested at the e. that was going to head to a ar school png lot. again, if you see the equipment literally leaving as we speak, much better news. in maryland, not done yet. 95 southbound could tractor-trailer was involved in the crash before the icc. two lanes getting by ainterruptly near 198. apparently this may have been a southbound issue into the northbound side. or vice-versa. be careful. it sund like a tractor-trailer may have clossed the line -- crossed the lane. getting into the district,395
5:22 am
on the 14th street bridge, that accident activity moved out of the roadway. the overturned vehicle cleare back to you. >> thank you. still ahead on "news4 today," we're working 4 you to help you buy r headiphones. what you need to know to save money. and later on "ellen" -- >> lean over please, tell him what this is. >> a very yummy cereal from our childhood. sflax. ted >> fruity pebbles, that's what it looks like. i think so. fruity pebbles. comedian ali wong stops by "ellen" to play "taste buds." watch at 3:00 followed by news4 at 4:00. we'll be right back. hey babe, what's the password for the cable bill?
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keeps all your bills in one place. headphones? not the cheap ones but apple or beats? >> they want good stuff. the only tiny items can cost big bucks. susanis hogan working 4 you with a way to buy the name brand without spending a fortune. >> reporter: keing up with echnology is expensive even when it comes to head phryes. >> ve pricey. >> really expensive. >> reporter: would you ever buy? us >> yeah. >> reporter: why? >> because it's cheaper. and that'sit.
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>> no, i wouldn't. something that was in someone else's ears. doesn't do it for me. >> reporter: it's an as unusual as you might think. "consumer reports" says buying refurbished electronics can save you as much 50%. >> they could have been returned by anderson psomeone who didn't ma needed repair. no tter what was wrong originally, by thme you get them they should be good as new. >> reporter: where can you find them? >> ou're shopping for refurbished headphones, you can get them from the manufacturer. we've seen the best selections at amazon, best buy, and walmart. >> reporter: retailers even have programs for refurbished products. renewed n has an entire department with products that are guaranteed to look and function just like new. >> reporter: best buy has its geek ifuad certed refurbished program with the company's standard 15-day return policy.
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no matter where you shop, check out ase return policy in c something is wrong with the ones you buy. back to yup. comin she's one of the best tennis players in history. why is everyone talking about serena's outfit instead of her game? why her fashion choice is making headlines this rning. chuck? >> and good morning. storm team 4 weather alert for o be ready for rain and emboded thunderstorms here first thing this morning. rain now moving into parts of loudoun county, thunder and lightning now along i-818 from winchester southbound toward the woodstock area. keep that in mind over the next couple of hours. scg-walking forecast, magic available for re through the humane rescue alliance. the 3-year-old housebroken and friendly as can be. a.m. storms, then turning hot and humid in the 90s this afrnoon. plus, new video of a dangerous drive. passenger caught on camera punching his ldriver. the story behind this wild video
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>> breaking news, violence in the district.
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another shooting overnight after a weekend where more than 20 people were shot across d.c. n>> and it's one of the most dangerous roads our area. now new technology could help slow down drivers on indian head highwwe. l show you how it works and when it i couldmpact your commute. plus -- ♪ she's all you'll ever want okay w. "america's got talent". returns a sneak at the performances and the new judges joining the cast. >> that is no tom jones. he's a live look outside on this storm team 4 weather alert day. this is the calm before the storm if you will. >> we don't ha long before that severe weather moves in. it is o heading way just in time for the morning commute. steamer team 4 meteorologist chuck bell is tracking the forecast. >> then wtop's jack taylor will fill us in on whether it's
5:32 am
impacting the commute. l chuc's start with the forecast. we can do that. it's going to be a bumpy to your tuesday. back to work, back to school after a long holiday weekend. it's still quiet in and around washington. we are having a weather abrt ause it will be stormy before the heat and humidity return this afternoon. on radar, it's coming in in p ces. piece number one in northwesternmost virginia. and thunder and lightning back out to places like morgantown,rg west ia. we have a couple of opportunities between now and about 10:00 in the morning to have erin, brief pds of heavy rain with thunder and lightning. rain moving into a chunk of the western and northern half loudoun county. thundershowers now from winchester down to white post, front royal, spock, extending down the i-81 corridor. the general trend line on this should bring most of the first batch. moderate rain into the washington area here over the next 60 to 90 minutes.
5:33 am
temperaturewise, rain-cooled 60s in the shenandoah valley. still closer to 70 around the city. here's your planner then for to y. rain and thunder between now and about 9:00 or 10:00 in the morning. jumping quickly, then into the 90s today. hot the next couple of days. more about that coming up in a few minutes. jack taylor,ng good mor >> reporter: chuck, good morning. we'll start in maryland with our crash on 95 southboun as you approach the icc. it's back by 198. the left laneke bloc two right lanes getting by. a tractor-trailer was involved. at one point they had hazmat on scene because they thought there was an iss with the gas tank. the saddle tank on the side. the hazmat left the scene. just got to get the tractor-trailer cleared from the roadway. youl find we've had activity on 29 northbound at vint hill. you see trafc moving well. nothing even left that shows you there was an accident there other than that marking the roadway. all travel lanes open. delays easing as you come out ow renton. plan for the potential of a slowdown. don't forget this is mortga-- t
5:34 am
morning one of the work on the yellownd blue line. there are shuttle buses that have been set up. in is --isthis for platform repairs. back to you. >> thank you. it's 5:346789 we're following breaking news ths morning. it was a violent memorial day weekend. >> overnight, a man was shot and killed in southeast washington. justin finch has the latest. justin? >> reporter: aaron, eun, this neighborhood on edge again. another shooting within a few hours' time here in southeast. we're talking about the crime tape and crews still on schoe urs after trying to put the investigation together wherm a an was fatally shot overnight. it was just after midnight the call tamehen from t -- call came in from bernie place i southeast. at least ones man washot. he was taken to the hospital but died due to his injuries.
5:35 am
he is not yet -- he has not yeti been identi. police not saying what prompted the shooting and gunfire. this was hours before anototr shong just up the street at thery berfarm rec center. four men and one boy were shot close to 2:30 yesterday afternoon. this is on memorial day. there will be non-life-threatening. that case under investigation, as well. if you look here, you see the focus here is just knd of this strip of bernie place. crime scene tape on either side. officers are still here. we can tell you in the case at berry farm, police are looking for a silver or n grayissan sedan they believe could be connected to the shooting. live in southeast, news4. >> thank you. take a look at this map. eachf those markers here represents a shooting over the weekend. we know there were nearly two
5:36 am
dozen victims of t shootings. one of the shootings claimed the life of somerset prep honor roll student, 15-year-old maurice scott. no arrests have been made in his murder. major changes coming to one of the mos dangerous roadways in the region. starting saturday, there will be three roving speed cameras along 19 head ohi-- 19 deaths on the highway. tracee wilkins spoke to one of the activists who is helping bring change. >> it's been a long trek. many people hve been lost along the way. we're doing the best that we can to try to change behavior. >> starting saturday, the rovine sp cameras will operate 24 hours a dy, seven days a week. they will move from location to located along 210. the cameras are the first of their kind in the state and were made possible by legislation. 5:36. here's the other top stories. that metro shutdown jack m
5:37 am
tioned, six stations on the blue line and the yellow line closed over the weekend for platform repair work. every station south of reagan national will be closed through the first weekend in september. working 4 you with the include ways to get toli work, plus a interview with the metro general managercoming up in ten minutes. as many as 80,000 premwithout power after a suspect tornado hit ohio overnight. this is video of some of the t damage in dayton area. crews may need to wait for daylight tond understa the true extent ofll the damage. no word on any injuries. right now, president trump is on his way back to "washington post" after a four-day visit to japan. before wrapping up his trip, he memorial troops on day. we will have more on the president's t ip coming up in a few minutes. the boston bruins are one win closer to becoming the next stanley cup champions. they beat the st. lis blues 4-2 last night in the first game of the nhl finals on nbc 4.
5:38 am
the bruins have to win three more inhe best-of series to get the cup to boston. game two is tomorrow night. it is 5:38. coming up, new details in an incredible story of survival. a marylandative has been found after being missing for weeks in hawaii. we're hearing from one of the rescuers who happened track her down. first, beate frome back seat. the storys behind thi disturbing new video of a ride-share driver beik attaced by a passenger. stay with us.
5:39 am
5:40 am
welcome back at 5:30. police in new york are looking for a man caught on camera brutally beating his lyft ediver. >> this happen in the middle of a ride. look at some of thevideo. >> you [ bleep ]. >> get off me -- [ bleep ]
5:41 am
>> this started as a normal ride for eduardo madero. you see the passengers in the back seat there. the man appears to be ck. he's sort of lying down in the seat at one point. he was ang. later he took off his shirt and then demanded that the driver go faster and weave through traffic. >> excuse me, man, if you're going to bes direspectful. i'll pull over rinot w. [ bleep ] [ bleep ] >> you [ bleep ]. >> maderoaid he wasn't eriously hurt but is re-evaluating whether he's ever going to drive agai. the guy and the ladgot out and took off running. after he hit him again before he ran off. some medical issue seems like. they haven't found him. >> how terrifying. people always talk about the risk to the passengers. there's also the risk to the drivers who don't know what's coming. very scary.
5:42 am
>> 5:41.? chu heavy rain moving into clark and warren county with thunder and lightning. on the way to the bus stop, stormy as you wait for the buses. turdng hot and humi later today. tracking the storm chance with auture we
5:43 am
5:44 am
5:44. it could be a longer commute for metro riders heading into theof ce this morning. this is the first time that many will experience the metrorail summer shutdown. >> the blue and yellow lines at
5:45 am
all six stations south of reagan national airport are now closed for repairs through september. news4's aimee cho is live at one of t shuttle pickup stops available for commuters today. good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning. yeah, ts is going to be a familiar sight at a lot of blue and yellow line mgetro stations. a metro closed sign. folks are taking the shuttle to get to transfer. tell me what repairs you'll be making during the closures. >> this is major platform work decades in the making. we're getting out in the next 15 weeks to replace'l them. webe working posts at that time, as well. the shutdown will last roughly 15 weeks g >> reporter: you. not surprisingly, passengers saying they feel likes metro i
5:46 am
shut all the time. what is your response? >> i wish we had done it earlier. unfortunaly 40 years of wear and tear has come home to roost. we're taking care of it. >> reporter: what are alternate options? >> lots of it. we've worked with the locals and the states of virginia, the commonwealth of virginia, and we have a number of bus options. we're also asking people to telework if they leave lat in the day.we l shift their time. just anything you can do to sort of reduce the load on the system. we have a very good system on the bus shuttle. direct up to the pentagon, then the bailout out of here. it's actually so far, so good. o >> reporter: thank you sch for about being with us. -- for being with us. more in the nbc washington app. just search "metro." guys? >> good. glad it's going sor faso good. >> it is going to be a long summer for commuters for sure. >> thank w video shows president trump leavingapan after a four-day visit. e'sow headed back here to
5:47 am
washington. just before he left, he gave a memorial day speech to service men and women at a naval baits there. >> tracie potts with a wrap-up of the trip. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. three things to know about the trip. first of all, north korea, the president rejecting both his own national security adviser a japan's assessments that north korea's missile tests violate ec internationity agreements. the president says not necessarily. it may just be kim jong-un flexing his muscles. issue. that's a big not one the president is ready to deal with. not with china and not with japan although he did emphasize the upside down trade balance with japan. and joe biden, the president on foreign soil agreeing with dictator kim ng-un, criticizing joe biden. he's catching heat from his own rty on that. back to you. >> all right. reporting on the hill. thank you. today we cou get a big
5:48 am
signal whether the high court is ready to rovisit e v. wade. urt is . supreme expected to announce whether it will review two laws in indiana that limit abortion. lower courts blocked both those laws. several states have passed restrictive abortion laws if recent week. tnservative lawmakers hop highest court in the land will take up roe v. wade and riimately overturn it. another amen climber has died onve mt. erest proving to be a very deadly climbing season. 62-year-old christopher john coolish is the third american and at least the 13th person to die athe world's highest peak. most of the death are attributed to exhaustion and lack of oxygen. the climbing season ends this month. today the maryland native wh m wentsing in hawaii for weeks is expected to give her first public press conference. amanda eller was found friday. 17 days since she fell down a
5:49 am
cliff and fractured a leg. she's out of the hospital. last night her family held a barbecue for the hundreds who continue to search for her even though the lice called off their efforts. one of them spoke to nbc news spotted moment they her from a helicopter. >> everybody was makg noise -- she's there! we were getting excited. the pilot was telling us to calm down, calm down. >> erl ller is resignee from mechanicsburg. in addion to her leg she head severe sun born and sun fin intersection. what an incredible survival story. >> can't wait to hear from her. tonight, "america's got talent" returns. this season wot be just be marked by the discoveriy of new talent. >> two new judges are joining the show.
5:50 am
julieanne huff is joining gabrielle union there. the four judges will help decide which of the acts will have a chance at stardom. singing, magic acts, sometimes bidsar th gs happen that stage. you'll see it all this summer. the season gets underway tonight at 8:00. stick around for the premiere of the new songwriting corketition, songland. john legend will help transform hits. words into looks promising. >> i think it will be fun. >> i love the magician on "america's got alent." cool magic. >> i don't stay up that late. you're easily wild sometimes. >> no, i'm not. i'm a hsh critic. >> except when i'm onair. be ready for some rain and some thundernd lightning early this morning. storm team 4 weather alert day for you. it's not all that common to get thunderstorms so early on in the
5:51 am
day. i couldn't rule out gusty windsf and brieriods of heavy rain. i think that any real chances for big-time sere weather are low. not zero but relatively low. there's the sun right there coming up iner our ea sky first thing this morning. a lot of great early morning color out there. 727 in washingtonment winds have turned to the sou while were sleeping. a lot mother nature humid, temperatures risery than esterday. we've mainly cooled to the 60s. mid 60s in the shenandoah valley. this cluster of storms has been going on for quite while now. it's the same little ripple in nhe atmosphere that generated severe weather ohio last night. it's lost a little bit of its intensity this morning. but thunder and lightning now from northwestern and northern virginia and still more thunder and lightning out toward morgantown, west virginia. we have to get that area of
5:52 am
storms through here before an imrroving weathe picture. thunder and lightning in clark and warren counties headed into western loudoun county. blor our friends toward mont and perriville, look out for rumbles of thunder in the next little bit. that will come into leesburg, dulles airport, herndon. this is all going to be n your back yard in the next0 minutes or less. tentually it finds itself all the way inside beltway, as well. here's future weather to help time it out. again, there could be rumbles of thunder betwe now and 7:00. the batch near morgantown is the one that arrives between 8:30 and 10:00 this morning. that may be a little bit stronger. the forecast, hot and humid. morning stores today. afternoon storms tomorrow. isolated storms on thursday. the humidity goes away on friday. the weekend will be delightfully cool and temperatures staying closer to average as we get into
5:53 am
the first full week of june. jack taylor, goodmorning. >> reporter: thank you. we'll start in maryland. i-95 southbound, chopper 4 found our crash. the pt. was involved, quite a mess. he was on the northbound side of 95. cut through the trees and crashed. two left lanes remain blocked. with the diesel, it was a worry. not much of spill. south 95 before maryland 200, the icc, two right lanes will get by the scene of th. cras now the green is coming in which means the weather is starting to roll in. never good. in northwest, nebraska avenue at reno road. a crash brought down utility wires, blocking a lane ortwo. this is the beginning of repair work onhe platforms at the blue and yellow line. shuttle buses are established to
5:54 am
get you around the area. back to you. >> thank you. s>> serena williams i making another fashion statement on the tennis court. she debuted her french open look yesterday. a full gown that she posted on social media. this follows last year's cat suit on. the court she wore a modified version. it was shorter. but like the gown it said "mother, champion, queen, and godde" goddessn french and champion is right. the three-time french open winner dominated the first match. she is moving on to the second round. i don't know. very gorgeous dress. university of virginia fans are celebrating the school's second national championip in less than 2002 ii months. >> the although crass team beat yesterday yesterday 13-9. this marks the school's sixth national championship for men's
5:55 am
lacrosse. congratulations. good morning, i'm frank holland at cnbc hedquarters. ikea is launching a new app to let customers shop remotely for products while they can ill visualize it would look in their home. enter the room dimensionsand choose in different styles and life stages to narrow the area. and i's testi urban areas that only carry a fraction of the entire lineup. with your morning business report, i'm frank holland. >> thank you. imagine innovative dance choreography and the aff ican-american tradition stepping infused into one performance. that's what members of step africa brings to the stage. >> molette green has a very special anniversary. mlette, good morning. >> reporter: goning to you. talking about the 25th anniversary. i'm with the world rowned step
5:56 am
africa dancer here's at one of their early performances. they are getting ready for quite a show next week in town where you'll see a little bit of everything. hip-hop, additional stepping, south african dance zip in there. coming up at 6:00 we'lltalk to the founder about what the special anniversary means and how they want to interest rate with the community on news4 today at 6:00. >> each before 6:006 a.m. one man shotin d.c. the latest on the shooting during a violent memorial daywe end. weaver live with the details.
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
overnight, there's been a sh deadly ooting following a violent weekend. d.c. police are investigating several shootings since friday. commuter alert. many of you head back to work and school for the first time since metro closed six stations for the summer. what to get around. > sreporter: overnight,ere weather strikes the heartland. we lookt the damage as people
6:00 am
are dealing with what's left following a possible tornado. good morning, everybody. it is 6:00 a.m. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. today is tuesday, may 28th, 2019. let's look at weather and traffic. melissa is off. >> judge mathis: jam taylor is in for hear. >> first, storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein. >> clouds are quickly moving in from the west. after the brief tomorrow this morning, our skies are going quickly to a darkshade of gray. the storm team weather alert the next couple of hours, stormy for the tuesay commut then toasty warm. hot and humid in the 90s today. c may not be done with afternoon stormnces tomorrow and the day after. today, only a marginal a slight chaps severe weather. higher can


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