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tv   Today  NBC  May 29, 2019 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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800-501-6000. comcast business. beyond fast. thrie. . battered. overnight tornados roar through several states from kansas to new jersey. devastated residents in ohio taking measure of their >>lives things that have been here any whole life are gone. >> ts of millions at risk again today. states of emergency. unrelenting storms in the south and midwest. a homesnd businesses underwater. >> prepare for the worst-case scenario. >> the situation growing only more dangerous this morning. war of words. tensions escalate between the president and joe biden as the former vice president hits back. >> i think the worst thing that happened to the united states of erica of lat is this
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divisionville of talking downr otpeople. plus, death trap. new concerns that overcrowding and inexperience are making unt everest more treacherous than ever. a live report just ahead. summer travel nightmare. y whrprportelays could be worse than ever this season. and grateful to be alive. >> i mean, that is pure, that is a miracle. it's a miracle. >> the hiker saved after 17 days lost in the hawaiian jungle tells us how she survived. today wednesday, may 29th 2019.a >>nnouncer: from nbc news this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefelleplaza. hihi, everody. odgo morngni. nice to have you with us on a wednesdayor morning. once again it'she the storms tt top our news. severe weather, cmuomnities across the country bracing today for a 14th straight day of
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storms. >> overnight tornado warnings stretc fd all the waym t the southern plains into the northeast. one twister even touching down near new york city. >> in the s oth thousands homes are being tteeatene by historic flooding. >> and again there is a new threat for severe storms today for some 84ilillion peoplfre fr texasen to >> this haseen itque a resttch of bad weather. we have it all covered, inclinudingal's f forecasttus ahead. let's start with nbc's gabe gutierrez in tornado-ravaged dayton, ohio, forus. >> reporter: good morning. ohio's governor has declared a state of emergency for several counties. ta a look at this. this tornado tore through concrete. this building came crashing down. luckily, no one was inside. not far from dayton one person was killed. all this as yet another round of severe weather marches acros the country. overnight new severe storms on the move with more reported tornados, including this monster
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witterer devastating parts of kansas the dangerous system sparing kansas city but injuring nearly a dozen people in a neighboring county. travelers forced to take shelter at kansas city international airport as a precaution. storm debris shu ting downhe airport for several hours and grounding flights. in the northeast a suspected tornado touching down in new jersey. >> i have never seen this ever in new jersey. >> reporter:igighin wds damaging a high school in stan hope. two people suffering minor injuries after a light post fell on their car. in the new york city area a rare tornado warning with lightning stretching across the skyline. violent weather tearing apart buildings in northern nnsylvania in a matter of seconds. relentless weather had already carved a path of destruction through indiana and ohio. >> the walls shook like an earthquake and it was so deafening. i mean, it was so lo. ud r>>eporter:n and around dayton rescue teams frantically search for survivors.
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>> fire department. >> reporter: one man was kled in salina, ohio. and this morning lisa has ler ig strung to cope. >> it would be better i if i k e i was going to stay. >> reporter: she huddled in her bathtub as the powerful winds ripped the roof off her apartment the ef-3 tor packed winds up to 140 miles an hour and obliterated this shopping mall, tearing through brick and concrete causing most of this struck include to collapse. it's been a devastating few tornado reports each of the las3 ays, more than 500 over the last 30 days. >> things that have been here my whole life are gone. >> reporter: here in ohio, shelters have been opened for displace residents and local tohorities are urging people conserve water becau tsehe power is still out to some of the vannah and craig. >> gabe gutierrez starting us off. thank you. now to the other major t problem tie this relentless severe weather. that historic flooding. it's hitting communities
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especially hard along the arkansas riverncding sand springs, oklahoma, where evacuations have been issued and homes, as you can see there,re many underwater. nbc's kerry sanders is there. kerry, what's the latest? >> reporter: well, good morning, craig. it rained here overnight and every drop of water is adding to this fast-moving disaster. this is the arkansas river. let me take you upriver just a little bit. what you are looking at is an ocean of water here. as we fly back from this ever expanding lake you can see that cos rps of engineers is trying to control the flow of ththis water as it races toward tulsa with this, the keystone dam. how much is flowing at this chokepoint? 2.4 million gallons of water second. that's twice the amount of water going over niagara falls. this morning massive flooding in the midwest.ny maives beingea tned in nebraska, missouri, and kansas from the rising waters. in arkansas a state of emergency
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is in place, including mandatorc evtions in see areasrehere the swollen arkansas river is threatening communities. the river expected to crest above its flood stage of 43 feet by saturday. >> the river has not crested yet. this event will happen. it will be historic. it will be unlike anything that most of our residents in arkansas h >> reporter: in arkansas, the water got so high it spied over some leaveies. the fear is theam cou pphapper here resulting in more homes and businesses just like this oklahoma's keystone dam lerelegin 2.4 million gallons or arkansas riv water a second. all of that waterlo fwing downstream towards tulsa, threatening areas that are already hard hit. i came across these gentlemen in kayaks trying to make it bk to a newly purchased home. >> i just bough t hou in october. >> reporter: you hfle flood insurance? >> yes. i bought the minimum.
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so i'm only covered for 50,0.00 so if it does more than that, ilve already -- i w have to cash out my 401(k). >> reporter: also in danger, casins river spirit resort which employs 1,800 people. the resort's pool which normally looks like this now underwater with water beginning to seep into the building. the casino remains f closed safety, but management still looking out for their employees. >> we are currently continuing all of the compensation to, you know, a lot ofhe tm have flood issues. we want to help them out to the extent we can. >> reporter: unfortunately, in the coming days there is more rain in the forecast. already someas caseshe damag s has done. 170 homes underwater. rmfarm fields flooded in some sse with 1feet of water. crg,ai sallvannah. >> a right. kerry sanders for us there in oklahoma. thank you. of course, al roker has been tracking this al, what i expected now? >> we have got more bad news,
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unfortunately. we have another day, we go from 13 to 14 consecutive days witha to. 353 tornado reports since this outbreak began 13 days ago. and severe storm reports, hail, rain, wind, over 2,500 so far. and, unfortunately, we have had seven tornado fatalitie all of them occurring at night. and the problem with that is nighttime tornados 2.4, 2.5 more likely times to be deadly than a daytime tornado. and we still have serevere weather going on right now. severe thunderstorm watches in texas making their ionto ararkans,as, parts of kentucky well. flood watches from dallas all the way into pennsylvania. weight now have 11 states in the northeast under severe risk. 59 million people. we move back to the west, you can see i the plains seven states, and we currently have 25 million people at risk for tornados, damaging winds, andha . this system will be a slow mover
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and continues to train systems on top of it. so severe storms from the texas to the northeast,or tntrential rain, a risk of fodlooding. tomorrow more of the same. the goods news the severe ris will be much lower on thursday. so we are getting a break finally. in fact, airport impacts for today, dallas, oklahoma, st. lo s,le claveland, new york city as well. on the roads we are looking from dallas all t way to des moines on i-35, st. louis to oklahoma city, des moines to new york on i-80 and boston to btimore i-95. of course, the other story as you saw in kerry's report, we have a flash flood threat and it a moderate risk from cenaltr texas right on into southern illinois. and missouri. veand then we ha even got a risk of flooding here into the northeast from columbus all the way to new york. rainfall amounts 3 to 5 inches generally, and unfortunately it's falling right on top y where the don't need it,
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arkansas river, mississippi rivers. still talking about this going right intohe tweekend. >> all right. meanwhile, to that ongoing war of words betweenre psident the democratic frontrunner in the 2020e rac joe biden. in their latest attacks on each other coming with the presi just back from japan and the former vice president back on the campaign trail. nbc white house correspondent peter alexander has been t following back and forth. peter, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. democrats will not pick their nominee for another year, but president trump's repeated attacks on former vice president joe biden have for theent eventu essentially turned this into a one-on-one race. at his first campaign event in ten days, biden did not mention the president's lesatt former vice ident joepanign cal president trump. according to aides waitingth unl e president landed back in the u.s. to deliver a scathing statement in response to president trump's weekend attacks.
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biden'samampanig calling the president's behavior beneath the dignity of the office, adding to be on foreign soil on memorial day and to side repeatedly with a murderous dictar against a fellow american and former vic espresident speaks foreltselfnd it's part of a pattern of embracing autocrats at the expense of our institutions. spdked covtrover in tokyo. ent >> kim jong un made a statement that joe biden is a low-i.q. indiviy al. he proba based on his record. i think i agree. i can tell you that joe biden was a disaster. >> reporter: late tuesday president trump taunting biden object twitter claiming he was actualck actually stig up for him by paraphrasing kim jong un's words, tweeting sarcastically, who could possibly be upset with that? most republicans have stayed etlent. but van gop congressman peter king called it wrong to target biden while in japan, tweeting politics stops at water's edge.
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never right to side with murderous dictator versus fello. american bidenpp appearing at a teacher' union event never took the bait, instead accusing him of fueling divisions in america. >> i think the orst thing tha happened to the united states of america is villainizing and talking down other people. >> reporter: the latest attacks by president trump underscore how he views biden as his most foidrmidab potential opponent. some of the president's allies tell me they worry byepepeatedly targeting the former vice president president trump is only.levating him savannah and craig. >> so, peter, meanwhile, some folks are pouncinghen t comments from mitch mcconnell about the supreme court. what did another mcconnell say? >> reporter: you areisight, this getting a lot of attention. democrats are acuting the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell after he said yesterday t publicans would conrmrm a justice to e sreme cou if a sea opened up next year during the 2020 campaign.
7:13 am
of course, you remember when stic scalia died in 2016 and espresidobt obama nominated jud rit garla a. mcconnell the time refused to hold a hearing for obama's pick. mcconnell's previously justified his actions in 2016 arguing because different parties control the white house and the seldte, american voters shou w weigh in. next year republicans would control both. craig and savannah. >> a rll right. peter alexander fm the white use this morning. thank you. now a landmark case. the first civil trild that cou hold a drug company responsible for the epidemic is now underway anou i cds oavlde a other cases nationwide. nbc national correspondent mimiguel almaguer is covering ts fo us. miguel, good morning. >> good morning. the courtroom battl i is the first major test of whether big pharma can be held responsible for the nation's staggering and deadly opioid crisis. lawyers for the state of deonr ns cohasohh j & in on pe
7:14 am
suffer from chronic pain. isthis morning dru gntiant john & johnson under fire in court. >> this opioid crisis is a killer and it's a killer that does not discriminate. >> rteorter: lawye forhe t state of oklahoma saying the company helped fuel t opioid epidemic, destroying lives and costing the state billions of dollars. >> did you oversupply? if you oversulypp, people will die. the reason w we ave an opioid crisis is that simple. >> reporter: attorneys arguing n jojohnn son hnjoso and ssiubsidy janssen pharmaceuticals should pay billions for allegedly creating the opioid crisis. >> johnson & johnson knew opioid drugs were addictive and caused harm. despite that, they marketed their drug as safe and effective. >> reporter: the drug company's
7:15 am
attorney denying the claims pointing out the products have fda-approved labels warningf diaddictn rihes. >> t provided medically necessary medications for the treatment of terribl terrible problems. >> reporter: defense attorneys arguing doctors legally prescribed the regulated drugs andh of the opioid crisis is tuom illegal activity. >> many ses show that opioids are rarely addictive when used properly for the management of chric pain. >> reporter: two other drugmakersriginally named in the oklahoma lawsuit settled with thete sta. on son teva pharmaceuticals agreed to pay $85 million. in march purdue paid 270 million. both denying any wrong dong. johnson & johnson's attorney telling theourt its company makes a small share of the opioids prescribed in oklahoma. now she twoes are preparing to battle it out in what could be a precedent-setting case. >> as mentioned, this case is
7:16 am
important, but miguel there is kw other cases making their way through the coures? >> t is. the oklahoma trial could pave the way for roughly 2,000 ooid lawsuits filed against drugmakers nationwide. those cases haveee bn consolidated before a federal judge in ohio. an. >> tha nk you. now to the latest on that miraculous rescue in hawaii. were getting the most detaid account yet of what happened in that dense mauiungle directly from amanda ellernb herself. s molly hunter joins us with more on what she is now revealing. molly, what is she saying? >> reporter: craig, good morning. she held a press conference wyesterday. it incredible. she was emotional at times. sheas was poignant. she was in control. she was very eloquent. the story started pointing out of her. i poke wispoke with her after t press connce. she said it was all from the heart and she hopes it makes a
7:17 am
difference. >> i am sora graful to be alive. >> reporter: an emotional amanda rueling days lost in the out he7 maui jungle. >> what don't people understand about your experience out there? >> i don't know if anybody can feel what i feel. >> reporter: at the hospital that treated her she spoke with the will to stay al e. >> a ind i was sitting in a foo of water on hard rocks that i knew were digging my skin. i didn't have another choice. >> reporter:-yhe r-old yoga instructor and physical therapist says she wspiritually guided after way. >> i was screaming in pain. >> reporter: she kept going. each night a struggle to find water, find food, and a placeeeo sl >> the sun startsds to go down. okay, another night alone. how am i going to stay warm, alive? >> reporter: her mission each mark st morning stay present and stay visible to the helicopters.
7:18 am
>> they are passing over and i ing tanding on rocks and w them down. >>epeporter:0 20 choppers pass overhead she says and those were ju the ones she could see before finally she was spotted. > when i looked up and saw thee is pointingight a a me i just like fell to the ground and started bawling. >> reporter: hoisting her to safety, her friend javier and his team of searchers. t> the best first hug ever. >> reporter: tha followed by so many more in recent days. so you have chosen life. you chose life every day of that journey. do you want now? > i am so driven by my p purse of being here and helping people come out ofain and enjoy their life. that's what gets me going in the morning. >> amanda hopes that her rescue and themunity effort can the replicated. she was blown away by the outpouring of love here, guys. now, she ao sdaid probably won't go hiking anytime soon without a cell phone and she is not rushing back to the forest.
7:19 am
>> ok.ay. anthank yo >> weet g back to al and get the rest of your forecast. >> all right. let's see what's going onround e rest of the country. you can see some showers out west. sunshine through the plains. record highs again down through the southeast. and those strong storms moving and those strong storms moving not northst and the plains. hi, i'm christina stembel and those strong storms moving not northand i foundedains. farmgirl flowers. what started at my dining room table, has grown into a serious opatation. that's why i chose the spark cash card from capital one. withimnlimit% 2% caba back on everything i buy why wouldn't i get ts hicard?! redeemed $115,000 in cash back in just one year which doubled our marketing budg last summer and i saw 69% growth year over year. my spark card is more than a credit card. it has actually helped me grow my business. what in your wallet? good morning, everyone. it is and humid in washington this morning. we are also under the gun for a chance for strong to severe storms.
7:20 am
the northern half of our viewing area is under an enhanced risk for severe storms this afternood anhis evening. nonetheless, stay with nbc 4, the storm tm 4 weather alert day. temperatures in the low to mid 70s for most. a high near 94ee degr toasty warm. another hot, humid day coming up for tomorrow. that's your lt est weweat r t>>nkhayo you. still ahead this morning, the crisis unfolding on mou everest. climbers dying amid that human traffic jam near theat summit. caused it and what's going done about it? richard engle is going to join us wh a live report. get ready to wait. a new warning before your summer travel. why experts say lines and delays atir airports coast to coast cod be worse than ever. we'll tell you why. first, this is "today" on nbc.
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just ahead, ellen degeneres
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♪ 7:26 is your time now on this wednesday, m 29th, 2019. good morning, everyone. i'm eun yang. i'm aaron gilchrist. developing this morning, prince george's county pice say off-duty officer devon mckenzie was killed in a motorcycle crash on the beltway overnight. this happened near rou 202 and arena drive just before midnight. office mckenzie was 24 years old. today metro riders are hoping f a smoother commute. yesterday was the first workday of metro's summer shutdown of six blue and yellow line stations. metro ctracted extra shuttle buses, but many of those drivers were unfamiliar with their routes. now to the commute with
7:27 am
wtop's jack taylor. >> reporter:n ax accident on the gw parkway. on the lane, traffic was alternating heading into manassas. maryland, top side outer loop in the delays to georgia avenue near new hampshire avenue aok br down lane on the side of the roadway. back to you. >> thank you. we'll take a break and check the forecast next.
7:28 am
good morning, everyone. storm team 4 weather alert today. a slight risk of severe weather from washington south. an enhanced risk for severe thunderstorms from the washington metro area northbound to the pennsylvania line today. before any storms get going, it's going to beot and humid. in the low to mid 70s across much of the area now. today's high temperature forecast, de94 ees.
7:29 am
again, watch out for some strong to severe storms between about 3:00 and 8:00 today into this evening. >> thank you. another update in 25 minutes. >> back to the "today" show. ♪ free range eggs for free range living. nellie's free range eggs (chicken clucks)
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♪ ♪ free range eggs for free range living. nellie's free range eggs (chken clucks) now gives you a 29-day total $2,254,938. two and a quarter million dollars. >> wow. there appears to be no stopping holzhauer. he trails the all-time money t record by jus 265,000 bucks, and he has done it in a third of the time. h is just going to keep rolling on, i think. >> i am anxious to see how this ends. let's start with the headlines of the morning. the latest on this severe weather sweeping across t couny.y. overnitgh more reported tornados, including a massive isiste trhat devastated parts of kansas.
7:31 am
the dangerous system spared kansas city itself, but nearly a dozen people were injured in a neighborg county. at kansas city rpaiort, flitsghs grounded there. tuesday marks they 13th cons serevere weather, reported tornados, a treak tt incdelud a ave avera of 27 tornados a day. and included a suspected tornado touching down in new jersey. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is rsiaing eyebrowsom for cments he made during a luncheon in kentucky yesterday. he was asked what would happen if a supreme court seat opened up in the lead up to the 2020 presidential election. >> we'd fill it. >> well, those comments contradicted his decision in 2016 to not consider president c obama's suprt nomination of merrick garland after the death of justice scalia. at the time he said that the
7:32 am
american people should have a voice in filling the vacancy. in a tweet chuck schumer called mcconnell a hypocrite. mackenzie bezos, the ex-wife of amazon founder jeff bezos, is pledging to give more than half of her fortune toha charity. she receid more than $35 billion in a divorce settlement. she is e latest to join the giving pledge an organization created by bill and mendnda gates a warren buff fetts. they donate half of their meyon to philanthropy or charitable. causes jeff bezos said he is proud of her. now to that dire situation onve mount erest. this morning concerns are growing amid overcrowding and the rising death toll. nbc'shief foreign correspondent richard engle has just made his way to nepal this morning. richard, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning from a very wet city of kathmandu. it is actually a national
7:33 am
holiday here. it is everest day. y 66rs to the day enwhen everest was first summite tbut aer this recent spatede of hs mountaineers are saying that something needs to change to improve safety at the roof of the world. after the deadliest climbin ason on mount everest in years this morning mountaineers in nepal say theea deas were mostly preventible. >> a lot of deaths because of human error. it almost makes it more tragic. >> increblbly sad. you know, i think most of the deaths i think are fairly prentible as wellhith good judgment, good decision-making, experienced guides that aou are ing with. >> reporter: this year hundreds of climbers were locked in bottlenecks withinee 1,000 f of their goal. everest's prized summit. in an area often called the death zone because t there is s little oxygen you can't think straight, climbers described pushing, shoving, and arguments.
7:34 am
some calling it lord of the flies on the mountaintop. distressing images emerging of sherpas strugglg to help the dying. this photo says it all. climbers walking past what appears to be a body. woody hartman, a americanrom denver, capturing the image. >> along the trail there were actually frozen bodies presumably from the day before or some prior time. so, i mean, you are already wrestling with your own fear of death, and then you are sineein litelly dead people strapped to the safety line that you are passing. >> reporter: at leastve 11 peop died on this widowmaker so far this year. among them chrisf colorado after reaching the top. the death toll is already double the annualverage. experienced climbers blame narcissism and greed. too many inexperienced climbers scrambling for sesfies t check
7:35 am
off a bucket list. f >> somee people don't know how to put on their clamp ons and the harness. >> reporter: there is no minimum standard. to equired skill level attempt the climb. >> i amn onhe themiummitf of mo everest. >> reporter: colin o'brady, an experienced climber and endurance ththeate says everes presents many challenges. >> if you are stuck in a queue, the risk is that you end up on the death zon ae actylly runnin out of supplemental oxygen. >> reporter: the maynepalese government is eager to take the money fro expeditions that can cost in t tensf thousands of dollars a head. >> how about it, richard? you are there inwh kathmandu. is the nepalese government saying about this criticism that they are allowing too many people on the mountain and that there could be more constraints on who can actually climb? >> reporter: in this case these nepale government is saying that weather played a factor.
7:36 am
there is aer vyho shog climbin season on everest, and this year, because o bf bad weather the season was even shorter. and they say that caused there to be great are clouds, caused more agitation among the climbers. but this is not a newriritismci against the naplize government. for years expnced climbers have said that something needs to be done to not only pick up the trash on everest, but to make sure that people who aren'd for the mountain don't go to the mountain. >> absolutely. richard engle in kathmandu for us. thank you very much. let us turn once again to mr. roker for another check of the forecast here. are we going t get relief soon? ck i think we will. we have been stu in the pattern for may. an have low pressure out west. high pressure bd into the south. this stubborn pattern has been locked in place. a strong jet strea acrosshe plainsed trigger the strong storms. plus persistent tropical moisture pushing in, that's bringing in the rain and dflooding. anow we are finally seeing a break. this weekend, next week the jet
7:37 am
evream lifts to the north. that reduces the se threat. we will have that tropical moisture remaining. we have a lingering flood threat. we alsoea have lingering h to talk about. the record heat continues in the southeast. potential record highs today an. tomorrow in fact, for savannah, they have seen, they are going to see 100 degrees today. that's the fifth day of 100-plus degree heat. that ties an all-time record. 95 montgomery. tampa5. torrow that heat lifts into d.c., norfolk, raleigh, ro actually e won't have to wait until tomorrow to feel the heat. we had itst yeerday, we made 91. today i'm forecasting 94. a lot of humidity aoutside, well. that combination of heat and humidity will lead to a likelihood of severe weather and enhanced risk for strong to severe storms on the north side of the d.c. metro area up to the pennsylvania linement don't turn
7:38 am
your back on mother nature today. use nbc washington app and staya with us on and on line for updates ads needed. >> o of my forecasts, i know that you are listening. >> i know. it always perks me up. al, thank you so much. coming up, how much does your child's iphone interfere with his or her sleep? an eye opening new report that could spur major changes to your family's nighttime routine. also ahead, ellen degeneres getting candid withnavid letterbout the abuse she says she suffered as a teenager. and surprising news from "game of thron" star kit rington that has a lot of folks concerned this morning. but up next, expect delays. it's shaping up to be a record-breaking travel season and not in a good way what y.ou
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and leaves your clothes lo. so lettuce make the right choice, and choosene seventh tion's plant based detergent. seventh tion's plant based detergent. was that too corny? seventh generation. powered by plants. tested on sixty of your toughest stains. >shis morning on "in depth today," dire predictions ahead of the summer travel season. >> might not be a pretty one out there. you are likely to have a lot of company on planes, on the roads, at rests across theount.ry nbc's tom costello is at reagan national airport this morning. om, there is a reason we might be seeing bigger delays at the airport? >> reporter: yeah, several reasons. listen, if you thought last year was bad, expect even less elbow room this year. the airlines expect 2.8 million day.ngers every single mpcomplingting matters here, th 737 max still isn't flying, so
7:44 am
the airlines can't rely on that in their fleet. and you may he longer tsa lines because the tsa is sending officers to the border to help withhe crisis there. up,p, and away. america's summer vacation season is about to kick off. 257 million of us fg before summer's end, many flying more than once. but at some airports tsa officers are already being diverted to help atiche mexan border. in all, the tsa says several hundred officers, office workers and c air marshalsld be temporarily transferred. the concern, if too many leave the nation's airports, we could e a return of01 2when long tsa lines stretched for hours on nd. >> frtrtrating. . ridiculous >> it's unnecessary. >> reporter: the nation's flight attendants warn it could happen again. >> it's a concern for flight attendants and pilots wnow what it's like when that security backs up and tens our ly thr abilityon to run anime
7:45 am
operation, to run flights at all. >> reporte with a record passenger surge airports aread ng extra seats. but with the boeing 737 max still grounded, american, southwest and united have had to cancel some some summer flights and won't have as many planes in bthe event ofea weather. the max unlyel to fly this summer. when the faainally does clear it to fly, the faa chief concedes passengers may be reluctant to board. to what extent do youeaven airline confince problem but also a public confidence problem in this plane? >> it's completely understandable people have reticence and coerns. there has bn two accidents. it is our job to make sure that we correct anyroblems that exist or may exist and that we get the 737 max back to the ability to fly safely to our st rdards. r>>eporter: meanwhile, if you are ato procrastina and still haven't booked a family vacation, experts say you are not too late. >> you candind a great deals a
7:46 am
long as you are flexible with departure dates and kind of ere you flynto. you know, maybe it's t expensive to go to one local irport, but theres i another hub within driving distancef your destination city. >> well, that was disheartening, tom. i o ow you have been talking the experts to find out how to get the best deals as we head into this travelea seaso what are they telling you? >> reporter: so a couple of tips. tuacally i, havmoe re tnha a couple tips. number one, guess what? youan find a rylly good deal, the best deals are usually online midd,ay mweek. th'she wn fewer ppleoe are online shopping. tuesdays and saturdays usually the cheapest day to fly since fewer business travelers are flying. friday the most exposive day fly because all those business travelers trying to fly back and people trying to go on vacation. also, we can sell youound tckse. buying a one-way ticket can save
7:47 am
you up to 10% on some u.s. flights. dand iou you make a connection, you can also save some cash. it may not be con tnient. it mayake longer to get there. but connections can save you money as well. >> all right. om, you brought us down and ftlift us up with news we can use. thank you. >> it's a roller coaster, isn't it? >> yes. > to t thank you. stick around. coming up next we are going to show you what may just bethe worsirst pitch in the history of baseball. but it's got some competition. but it's got some competition. that's right after this. with moderate to severe ulceratiyour pns...or crohn's, can change in minutes. uryour head was too doon o. but your gut says not today. if your current treatment isn't working... ask your doctor about entyvio®. entyvio® acts specifically in the gi tract, to prevent an excess of white blood cells from entering and causing damag. entyo®as haspeeld many patients achieve long-term relief andemission. infusion and serious allergic reactions can happen during or afr treatment.
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i've got an idea. ooh, what is it? what if we ge the people iphone 10r when they join t-mobile j for a limited tin t-mobile and get the awesome iphone 10r on us. wearing powerful sunscreen? yes! neutrogena® ultra sheer. unbeatable protection lplps evprevt early skin aging and skin cancer with a clean feel. the best for your skin. ultra sheer®. neutrogena®. carson joins us. carson, can't wait for your take on this. some call it the worst ceremonial first. pitch ever >> it happened at yesterday's
7:51 am
white sox-royals game. the white sox's employee of the month wasiven the honor. eccheck this out. things started out just fine. shein winds up. >> oh, gosh. >> the ball quickly goes straight for the photographer. >> is that her ex-boyfriend d i donno know. >> we need the shot. ionder if we got the shot. >> that's harder than throwing a strike. >> all right. that's the photo. >> wow. >> he got the shot. okay. so this inspired u wetarted talking about the worst pitches ever. so let's count itdown. all right. ey.r three, baaba b 2009. >> just a little outside. >> hangs his head in shame. here is mariah carey . here comes mariah. >> didn't even try. >> there is really only one option for number one.
7:52 am
>> d50 cent. we love you. >> i'm telling you, that's hard to do. >> it would be hard. the pressure, you know? >> oh, my gosh. >> right tre. don't forget, al, you were out there. that's a gem. let's bring it back. 2017, mets. >> you didn't shame us. >> no. >> just the pants. >> ooh! >> you know i love those pants. >> al, what is it like to be out there? >> eililarating. you can't explain it. >> not intimidating at all? >> of course it is. you understand why baseball players have the egos they do. everybody is, yeah. led it. you did a great job. >> best first pitch? bush 43, world series, game moa nth aft9/11. >> that's right. >> they made a 30 f. 30 on espn perfect strike. >> a whole documentary? >> yes. >> he was a baseball team owner. >> yes, he was. allight. just ahea studentd, ♪ can't stop now i'm on a roll ♪ ♪ this euphoria feels phenomenal ♪
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>> 7:56 is your time on this wednesday, may 29th, 2019. good morning, everyone, i'mngun developing this morning, prince george's county police say off-ty officer devon mckenzie was killed in a motorcycle crash on the beltway. ofcer mckenzie was 24 years old. more in the nbc washington app. let's check on the commute with jack tayl in your first 4 traffic. good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning. southbound george washington parkway with some slowdowns trying to hole down to a crash on the roosevelt bridge blocking the right lane. 270 out of frederick, we're also slow. accident activity after 80 in urbana had been blocking the right lane. reports of a vehicle fire northbound on route 4 after ritchie marlboro road. authorities were headed to the scene. back to you. >> thank you. we'll take a breake and chk recast next. stay with us.
7:57 am
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7:59 am
under an enhanced risk of thunderstorms this afternoon. temperaturewise, it's a steamy mid to upp 70s across the area. today's high, 94 degrees. you'll want to have our nbc washington app downloaded. thu can follow severe w and get push alerts to your phone. for any severe weather that occurs later today. tomorrow, another hot one,high, 92. a higher likelihood of rain but t as high a threat for severe weather. the humidity goes away on friday. we should be comfortable over the week highs in the low to mid 80s. more dry hours than wet. >> thank you. another local japanese update in 25 minutes.
8:00 am
coming up, on the move. overnight another round of severe storms sweeping the country. parts of kansas hit by an outbreak of tornados. in the south and midwest, residents brace for even more flooding. >> this is a very catastrophic not over yet scenario thate' wre dealing with. >> al has the latest forecast. plus, sharing her story. >> is there h anything ween't covered? >> no, i think we covered a lot more than i evenntended on covering. >>ll een degeneres talks to david letterman about an alleged sexual assault when she was just a teenager. just ahead, her encouraging message for survivors. and there is a nap for tt.
8:01 am
an eye-opening look at how technology may be affecting you and your kids' sleep. >> i don't do it ten minutes before going to sleep. they are like just 15 more minutes. >> i read on my phone before i go to bed. >> what you can do to help the family get some shuteye. today wednesday, may 29, 2019. ♪ >> b the apple for lilly's sweet 16. >> good morning, athens, >> from saint christopher in richmond, virginia. woo! ♪ >> north dakota to ne>>york. high school graduation. > good morning "today" from baltimore. a shout out to the "today" show crew. >> for both of our girlsnd our 50th birthday.
8:02 am
>> good morning. welcome back to "today." wednesday morning. nice morning out there. glad to have you with us. >> happy birthday, john, by the way. you don't plaza to get in on the fun. my today plaza, use that hashtag. put it on twitter. put it on instagram. we'll grab it and put you on television. you will be part of oal plaza. the nation's heartland took another powerful hit overnight omfromhe spreime tornado onslaught. the severe weather has even reached as far as the northeast. at the sameime states facing record we have it sl covered. wert with nbc's gabe in hard-hit dayton, ohio. good morning. >> reporter: good morovng. ohio's gnor declared a state of emergency for several counties. luckily, no one was inside this building when it camesh craing down. overnight a new round of severe storms. a mon twister devastating parts ofkansas. kansas city was spared but nearly a dozen people injured in the neighboring county.
8:03 am
also touching down in new jersey. homes damaged in pennsylvania as well. ef-3 here in ohio this twister packing winds up to 140 miles an hour, did so much damage to this area. shelters have been opened for the displaced residents, and local authorities are urging people to conserve water because the power is still out to some of the pumping stations. >> abe right. ga thank you very much. from the tornados to the flooding now. dams and levees strange to hold back surging rivers after days of heavy rainfall. nbc's kerryanders is in holama w where the situation there has turned life-threatening. kerry, good morning. >> rep ter: good morning. this is the chokepoint on the arkansas river to try to control the water. you can see here this is the keystone dam, the army corps of engineers allowing 2.4gaillion ons of water to flow through here every second. that's twice as much as flows over niagara falls. as it's heading down river here
8:04 am
fast and furious towards oklahoma, it's hitting certain neighborhoods. in somecases, it's alrdy flooded out homes and businesses. more than 170 underwater. the fear is aerthe wat continues to flow and the rain is still falling, more in the forecast, we wi see more homes getting flooded out. craig. >> all right. kerry sanders for us in oklahoma. we are going to get to al's forecast iua moment. yo will have the latest on "nbc nightly news" tonight? >> yes, we will have the latest on that. meantime, politics. joe biden's campaign firing back at president trump for shots at the former vice president while on a state visit to japan. it happened at a tokyo news conference monday. the preside says he thinks he agree wes a north korea's dictator kim jong un that biden is a, quote, low-i.q. individual. well, yesterday biden's campaign released a statement calling the president's behavior beneath the dignity of the office. they added to side repeatedly with a murderous dictator
8:05 am
against a fellow american and former vice president speaks for itself. s > the transportation security administration say's going to make it easier for air travelers to carry some forms of cbd oil and marijuana on planes. under updated rules fda approved medical marijuana will be allowed along with cbd oils that meet federal regulations. that change was prompted by the gring use of cbd oil medicein approved for treating seizures in children with epidemic. until now allms for of marijuana had been prohibited in both checked and carry-on bags. the the new season of "america's got talent" treated viewers to an unforgettable moment last night. cody lee, who is blind, autistic and remarkably talented brought the judges to tears in this performance of "a song for you." ♪ we're together
8:06 am
♪ we don't doubt i'm singing this song to you ♪ >> you are a great inspiration and a great. talent it was amazing. >> wow. >> i got chills. i don't know about you. the show's newest judge gabriel union used her first golden buzzer. atthatds automatically s cody to the live shows later this season where he absolutely belongs. >> we will be following that story closely. good luck. coming up, is it a problem in your house? the negative toll that sleeping with a phone within arm's reach at neht could b having on your teenager's entire day. but first, ellen degeneres talking with david letterman,ve reing the abuse she said she endured as a teenager. natalie has her story right after this ♪ a moment of joy. a source of inspiration. an act of kiness. an old friend. a new beginning.
8:07 am
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siyorloin stk ead and big ribs. u one-upimim with a steak but add a steak, figuring steak and steak trumps ribans and steak. but,oes it? fifteen combinations. steak, ribs, shrimp, and more. two meats. two side $14.99 hey allergy muddlers...o! acho s?.do your sneezes turn he try zyrtec... starts working hard at hour one... and worktatwice as hard when you it again the next day. zyrtec muddle no more. are confusing quilted northern for robes. thmf're both cushiony, coorting, and add elance to your home. but quiltehern is not a robe. it's just really nice toilet paper. 8:11 now on a w wsdneay morning. back with stood"today's talker." a candid interview with ellen degeneres.
8:12 am
>> natalie is in los angeles with more on what she is saying. >> good morning to you guys. the comedian is opening up like letterman. teo david detailing the alleged sexual abuse she says she endured as a teenager. >> anything we haven't covered? hi>> no, i tnk we covered a lot more thai even intended on covering. >> reporter: ellen degeneres opening up in detail about a traumatic experience from her very bad man, her stepfather, began sexually assaulting her when she was 15 or 16. nbc news confirming dheeneres made claim during a taping of david letterman's netflix talk show my next guest needs no ineoduction. th cedomnian tnglingteetterm the alleged assault came after her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. he told me when she was out of wn that he'd felt a lump in her breast and needed to feel my breasts, and then he tries to do it aingathnother tim t andn another time. degeneres saying at first she kept it from her mother because she was trying to protect her.
8:13 am
i didn't tell her for a few years, and then i told her, and then sheid didt believe me and then she stayed with him for 18 remore s,ars, a finally left him because he had changed the story so many times. adding, i didn't really let it get to me untilecently. kind of went, i wish i would have been better taking caen ca. i wish she would have believed me. she is apologetic, but you kn.ow >> i was 15. i had something happen to me. >> reporter: she first publicly shared her story in an emotional interview with allure magazine in 2005, describing the time her stepfaer allegedly tried to break down her bedroom door. i had to kick a window out and escape and sleep in a hospital all night long. last year savannah about her painful past in the context of the " tme too movement. >> you haveal talked about you own experience with abuse, and i just wondered how you feel this moment is impacting our country
8:14 am
and you personally. >> well, as a victim of sexual abuse, i am furious at people who don't believe it and who say how do you not remember exactly what day it was or what -- you know, you don't remember those things. what you remember is what happened to you and where y were and how you feel. at's what you remember. and i wasou 15 years old, know, and i was -- i am not going to go into the details. it doesn't matter. but, you know, we are really vulnerable at that age, and we trust and we -- and then when you are violated, you don't know what to do. >> reporter: degeneres hoping her powerful words will encourage others to come forward saying, it's a really horrible, horrib story, and the only reason i'm actually going to go into detail is because i want ever let s to not someone do that. ellen has spoken out about the
8:15 am
allegations in the past but she never mentioned her stepfather's name, only saying he has since passed away. we reached out to ellen but she is not commenting furthertht time. as for mother betty, nbc news has been unable to reach her. she hasn't commented on ellen's claims in the past. that interview begins streaming friday on netflix. it's really powerful, g guys. i to watch it. >> it can't be easy to relive that and do it publicly. she obviously feels like hopefully she is helping others find their voices, too. >> hopefully good comes from it. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. it's 8:15. let's get aheheck of the weather. >> all right. and we are looking at some st sngrms still firing up in the plains. we have got severe thunderstorm watches from texas all the way into arkansasnd tennessee as well. thare are goingo be pushing through, severe thunderstorm warnings. also flash flood watches and ash flood warnings from texas into illinois and back into the northeast as well from all the heavy rain we have seen. 11 states in the northeast and
8:16 am
59 million people at risk for the possibility of a tornado, amaging winds, or hail later this afternoon. also, from illinois all the way down into texas 25 million people at risk for the same kind of weather. we are going to be watching this push through. we are also looking at a r moderak for flash flooding from texas into southern missouri. intense rainfall rates, up to that's a per hour. >> that's your latest weather.
8:17 am
jenna hager bush has joined. carson daly has shifted the "popstart" position. >> we will jump right in this kit harington, the "game of thrones" actor checked himself into a wellness retreat prior to the series finale. he played j sno own "gameorf thrones" f all eight seasons. in footage from a behind-the-scenes coup behind-the-scenes documentary, you can see harrington was emotional upon reading that final script. the statement sent from harrington's reps, he has decided to utilize this break in his schedule as an opportunity to spend time at a wellness retreat to work on some personal issues. we, of course, wish him notng but the rest of his road to recovery. good news reporteding alex ebek. he opened up about his cancer battle back in march. he announced he was diagnosed with stage fourea pancrc cancer, one of the toughest a 9% of cancer to fight, survival he has good news to share saying it's kind of mind boggling. the doctors said they hadn't
8:18 am
seen this kind of positne result i memy. some of the tumorsavave shrunk by more than 50%. of course, trebek has more chemotherapy treatment ahead. great news. we are rooting for him. you canul read the interview, pick up thees l i intvierew of "people" this friday. >> terrific. >> incredible. >>in other news, few athletes have experienced a greater downfall than lance armstrong. he lost over $100 million in sponsorship deals and lawsuits and was removedrom the live strong foundation. 20 years after his first tour win, mike tirico sat down for a new interview. we have an exclusive preview of that conversation. >> reporter: so you were driven to this place? >> yeah. >> reporter: by win at all costs? >> yeah. >> reporter: are you ever afraid that guy is going to come back? >> yeah, 100%.
8:19 am
that would not. e good >> reporter: how do you fight that guy from coming back? >> well, i think i took the firs step by telling you that i'm aaid he might come back. if i told you noinay, then i that's a problem. >> you can watch the special lance armstrong next stage tonigh at 11:30. that is directly follong game two of the nhl stanley cup final on the nbc sports network. finally, kanye west, my next gues needs no introduction, letterman sitting down with him, opening up about losing his mother and living with bipolarr diso and used the meeting as anan opportunity to give lettern a personal makeover. >> letterman swag. that's fire. >> kanye, how do i look? do i look okay or do i look like, oh my god, what's he up to? >> is like an artist. it's like when i used to work with tgap, bro. show kim your outfit.
8:20 am
a dress day. >> you're a new man. brilliant. >> i know. i feel really good. and this is the stuff, even if i wa not doing this and somebody could dve me to the mall, i'd buy this. y?ea rea ea yeah. i like the colors. i like the fit. i love the shoes. and so there you go. >> are you going to have it? >> no. >> what do you think >> looks gd.d. >> i like it. do you like it, carson? >> i do. a little bit of a flashing sort there. going on >> i didn't see that coming. >> nkah, i thi he wears it well. >> i think so,oooo. >> funny to see david letterman in the kardashian world. >>os exactly. episodes, five of them, season 2 of letterman's sho gins streaming on netflix this friday. you have a click? >> i do. is poor hiker's drone demo ended up costing him -- well, it was a bit of aac distron.
8:21 am
he was focusging on the drone. his phone -- >> uhuh-oh. >> which do you do? >> oh,o. >> yeah, before accep fate and watching the phone tumble the rest of the way down, i don't know if he gotta phone back. i don't want this was quite the drone footage heas was hoping f. >> at leaste was smart enough to stop trying. >> he should have sent the drone to get the phone. >> all right. >> has your husband mike seen this? he is a drone advocate. >> he is. that would cause him pain. that phone in the drone. that's all he needs. yeah. >> sakpeing of phones, by the way, we all know t teersgers ne slee right? well, there is a new study out this morning. ittis p a sharp focus on how tech is impacting how much sleep our kids are really getting and the rest of us, for that matter. nbc senior national ndent kate snow with more on the study. >> all right. let's start with true nfessions. wh ho h teesak tirhe p pne to the bedroom? bedside table? we are not alone. a study from comn sense media
8:22 am
documents just how many of us take our devices to bed and h many tns are actually sleeping with a phone in the bed. >> reporter: if you have spent any time with teers lately, you know how dependent they are on their phones. >> it started ever since they got their firstec iphonese it's very hard for them to control when they are supposed be using it and when they are supposed to just stop. >> it is frustrating if she tries to take away my phone and she doesn't have a good reason. >> reporter: gabriella harding tries to keep technology out of her 14 and 16-year-olds' bedroom, but easier said than done. >> i think it means everything for growth, for performance, for everything. when it's time to go to sleep, and the light, whatever they are watching t stimulatesm. so they have to go to sleep.
8:23 am
i tell them, my battle is like don't do it ten minutes before going to sleep. they are like, just ten more minutes, 15 more minutes. >> i read on my phone before i go to bed. >> reporter: new numbers show the harding kids are the norm. common sense media surveyed 1,000 parents androhildren ac the u.s. and found 68% of teens take their devices into the bedroom. almost a third of teens sleep with them actuay in the bed. and most concerning, one in three wakes up during the night to check a device. half of them because they want to check social media. >> this is clearly having a huge impact on people's ability to sleep and also the physical and mental health implications of that. >> reporter: and parents, listen up. we are not being very good role models. 74% of parents have their mobilr device withineach while they sleep, and more than a quarter of those adults check their devices during the night. the american academy of pediatricsryrges evee to keep screens out of the bedroom,
8:24 am
and doctors recommend everyone stop using a screen one hour before going to sleep. but that's not happening either. 61% of parents and 70% of teens said they check their mobileit device wn 30 minutes of falling asleep. i sat down with a great group of students in late 2017 at the marin school in northern california. do you go to bed with your phone and kind of wake up with your phone? >> yeah. >> i use it as an alarm clock. >> reporter: problem lit first thing y check? >> yes. >> reporter: and last thing you check at night? >> yes. g >> i am guesshere are a lot of adults in the studian who c relate to this. the commonense study also points out that parents are worrying more about their own time spent on devices compared to a few years ago, but get this, the opposite is true for teens. the number whoai s they spend too much time on their devices for teenagers has shrunk. >> maybe they are spending less time on their phones? >> no, they are not. they just don't think they are. >> what do we kw or do we know, like what teenars are
8:25 am
saying about what their parents are doing? >> the study looked at that, too. actually, they throw thes parentnder the bus. nearly 40% of teens said that they think their parents spend too much time on their mobile device. so, look, we could all benefit. self-inincluded. >> little kids, too. >> you have teenagers. do they concur? >> yeah, they would. but also, we were talking in the break, my kids are not allowed to take their pnes to the bedroom. >> mine aren't either. >> we started that when they were little. th agay phone -- >> you are an adult. like you h heat earned th right. >> get off my law enforcement! >> -- get off my lawn! >> i was channeling my inner roker. >> once they take it, then -- >> right. >> you have to t'stop. >> tright. coming up, we will sit down with millie bobby b bro tal talo
8:26 am
good morning, everyone. 8:26 now on this monday, may 29thme. i'm aaron gilchrist. let's look at the traffic with jack taylor. jack? >> reporter: terble start, new market toward mt. airy on i-70 eastbound near the rest area. we may have an accident with all nes blocked on i-70 eastbound. at one point we were single file right getting by. it sounds like nothing moving. in virginia, good news, 95 northbound near the rest area in daat city. thccident activity has been moved to the shoulder. we're still slow. 66, couple of the issues. eastbound after them prince willrkway, there was crash in the left lane.
8:27 am
at 650 activity to the shoulder. your lanes are open. >> thank you. ♪
8:28 am
♪ ♪ free range eggs for free range living. nellie's free range eggs (chicken clucks) free range eggs for free range living. going to be a busy afternoon i suspect. a slight to enhanced risk f some severe thunderstorms around here this afternoon beginning around 3:00 near the blue ridge. probably reaching the d.c. area between about 5:00 and 7:00 p.m. sky a weather eye to the and your ears tuned to nbc washington.
8:29 am
we're already in the upper 70s to near 80. a hot one today t before storms get going. up to 94. luckily the weekend will be coolernd less humid. >> thank you. the latest news and weather available in the nbc washington app. ♪ for years, i thought i was lactose intolent. tuves out i was just sensiti to a protein commonly now, with a2 milk®... ...i can finally enjoy cereal again. it's totally natural. and having only the a2 protein makes all the difference cereal, smoothies..., everything! my first latte in 12 years. a2 milk®, real milk that's easier on digeion. love milk again.
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it is 8:30 now on this wednesday morning, may 29th, 2019. happy hump day to you. we hope they will be back on friday pause we have linbecause a fantastic concert. ladies and gentlemen, country superstar thomas rhett live on the citi summer concert stage. hopefully a little warmer. >> that should be a heck of a show. >> we have got a crowd moment involving a fure nbc friend of ours. molly. molly, hi, how are you?
8:31 am
>> good. how are you? n you are a student at emerso college? >> i am. >> and tomorrow you are starting your nbc internship at nbc connecticut? >> yes, i am. >> very excited? >> yes, super excited. i can't wait to start my career. >> you woke up thisorning at 1:30? >> i did. i'm getting prepared. >> that's right. you are going to be working the morning shift? >> yes. >> let's see how rky you are at the end of the show. you are going to do great, i can tell. >> thank you. so much >> you will be there and ready. >> thank you. >> yes, all right. go! ees. part of th peacock family. she is rey. >> awesome. >> great welcome by al roker. coming up, as this year's college grads make their way into the rl world are they ready to handlehe student loan debt? we will talk about that with suze orman. she will dole out some of her world famous advice. with a new season of "stranger things" and her big movie debut, it's going to be the summer of millie bobby
8:32 am
brown. did y'all love "stranger things"? >> love it. >> we will talk to her. a david is here with his favorite better forou you finds from this year's sweets and snac expo. >> wow. they hav se sometng like atngat comiup? in a few minutes, the star of "frozen" on broadway is going to open up about her life off stage battling with anxiety. first, a check weather. >> all right. let's show you what we have starting with today. we have been talking about, a lot of storms here in the northeast and into the mid-plains. record highs in the southeast. some showers in the interior northwest. rare storra storms through texas again tomorrow. the record highs continue in the southeast. strong storms in the ohio and mississippi river valleys. and it a gets wet you get into the pacific northwest. northern california and interior sections of the good morning. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist
8:33 am
chuck bell. we are watching for a chance of severe weather later today. an ekanced ris of storms. chance of isolated stronger thunderstorms just in time for the evening commute between about 5:00nd 6:00 and potentially another round pptween 6:00 and 7:00. before that s, it's going to be hot and humid. 94 in the expected high for today. aigher chance of rain but lower rk of severe weather tomorrow. humidity goes away on friday. don't forget you can always take us withou you wherever you go. just download the "today" show sirius xm app. hearo us on the g wherever you go. i want to show all the people at this end. all right. now that is your latest. savannah. >> all right. al is getting it done. kids in cslege? suze i going to answer the questions about student loan
8:34 am
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8:36 am
. this morning on your money, a look at the real cost of student loans and the numbers are staggering. nationwide there are more than 44 million borrowers who collectively owe $1.5 trillion. th iat is a record high. and it's more than double the total from just ten yearsd ago. or the 70% of 2019 grads with student loans,ge the ave balance $30,000 each. so what is the smartest way to prepare for a tackle student loan debt? suze orman is a personal finance expert, host of the women and money podcast she is here to answer the burning queions youot from parents. good morning. >> yeah, it's a big issue, especially right now. people are graduating college, high school, and now they are going to have to deal with getting loans or paying for those loans. >> 'tis the season. $1.5 trillion in debt. this is more than car loans,
8:37 am
more than mortgages, right? >> yeah. and if you look at it, look att . one in five who hav student loans are adults. do you know that the owe -- if you are $250 biion are owed by people who are 50 years of age? >> still paying? >> and still paying. imagine you graduate 20 and you are still paying at 50. really, savannah? really?ea >> y and the number one question that parents ask. when suld i start saving for my child's education? what is the answer? >> it's a simple one. when you can afford to. now.t about your kids for it's you. do you have credit card debt? are you saving for your retirement account? are you still paying for yourt studoans? if you don't have the money to pay for yourself, you cannot pta and s saving for your kids. it's just that simple. >> that's going to hurt parents to hear because they want to put their kids first in front of themselves. how do you advise them to deal with that situation ifwen'ren't? situat >> yeah.
8:38 am
here is thehi thing. yove got to start the conversation early and you have to be honest with them. otherwise, what we're doing, savannah, is we' saying i am going to pay for you, then they are going to have to pay for th we have a family of people eneir kids. who are in total poverty. so tarostart the crsation early with them. >> like how old? >> i'd say 10 years. >> 10 years old? >> sten, these 10-year-olds todayre not like the 10-year-olds when i was a 10-year-old. money, know out about phone. they already know. start the conversation early and they'll get it. st next qn is how much can we spend or should we spend on college? when you are looking at your own budgetav >> so you he to look at this and you have to look asou see here, i want you tow alculate homuch can you really afford? and because youknow, are y able to put anything away? can you not? what can you afford to pay? the thing is, before you even apply for your financial d forms, your fafsa.
8:39 am
sometimes you qualify for more financial said than >> but the first thing is look at the ikbudget, le how much could i actually spend on tuitn bill? >> and how much can the kafs ford to pay it back. >> let's say you have gone to college, taken on loans. what you do now? you have graduated to kind of mitigate theepayment of loans. >> yeah. you have got tond uerstand that your student loan has got to be your number one priority. they are notge discharable in most cases in bankruptcy. whatot you could do is why n start paying some of those stent loans, the interest back while you are in college? t a job. get two jobs and start paying it back before they come due. go live back with your family. you can do that. get many roommates. but you have to do tt. >> yeahon't let it accrue? >> if you lett accrue, you are going to see 50,000 or 30,000 hat you talked about at the beginning. it's going to turn into 60. it's goingo turn intoyi 90. it >> you just said prioritize the
8:40 am
studt loans student loans. a lot of kids are, goi i have an entry level salary, i have to pay re f, payd. ulw do iak make this work? >> they shod have figured that out seriously before they took onon student loans. there is nothing wrong with going to community college.hi there is n wrong -- listen, you are not a bad parent just because you cannotpafford for your kids' colle education. be honest withhem. ll them what's true. really look at financial reality for yourself as well as for them. don't let them graduate with $100,000 of student loaneb you make the school. the school will never make you. >> suze, thank you so much. appreciate tough talk this morni . coming upnext, a young star of "stranger things" and a new godzil movie, too. we will catch up with millie boy brown. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:41 am
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millie bobby brown, a two-time emmy nominee for "stranger things," is starring in one of the year's most anticipated action adventure movies. "godzilla: king of the mons trs." check os season where her chacter findserself trying to take down godzilla's ultimate nemes single-handedly. >> wow. millie, good morning. >> good morning. >> you are not messing around in that cp? >> no. >> this is your first feature film. >> correct. ot >> and it's nust any feature
8:44 am
film. this is the second in the godzilla series. what was thatike for you? how much fun was this? >> oh, i had so much fun. i mean, just to be on set and to be with such amazingor act you know, then you are working with godzilla who is the biggest diva of them all so, yeah, so fun. >> in this films there t' something thas in the room with you there? is there an actual monster, or is it all computer generated? >> yes, we tried so hard to get godzilla out of the trailer. no. it was either a tennis ball or t piece e or a beach ball. like one of those three. >> so it really requires some acting? >> oh, yeah, yes. the ultimate test. >> we were talking a few moments ago, you are calling it land to home. you were born in spain. you lived in london. you are quite the global renaissance woman at just 15? >> yes. well, if that's what you think.
8:45 am
>> i know. >> live on a plane. i live on a plane, yeah. >> let's talk a little bit about things." did you know that that series was going to become what it has become, thisort of cultural enomenon? >> you know, i think i was expecting it to be brilliant. e outcome was going to be great. i didn't know that the people would love it so much. so it turned out to be, you ow, amazing. so, yeah. i lovet so much. it's so close to my heart. >> what do you think it is about s manag to really capture the attention of millions of people? >> i think that the show represents individuality andct each chara is different and uniquenn t their own way. so it represents, you know, individuality, which i love so much about, yeah, about the show. i think that's what peopl relate to. >> what can we expecn in sea
8:46 am
3? >> it's bigger, better, and stranger, of course. >> it soundsike the folks at netflix won't let you tell me? >> no, no, no. not at all. >> i read recently that you had decided to take a bit of a breai from social mea to focus on work. why? >> well, i hadeen doing -- i had been filming "godzilla: king of the monsters." you know, it's always good to have a bit of a break. i think it's important to enjoy your family time, also to focus on your work. but then i came back and i'm back on social media now just to get ready for everything that's coming out. i'm really excited. following.a great so it was sad to leave them behind, but i needed to focus or my chara >> did you find when you left social media, did you find yourself more relaxed? >> you know, i found myself focused more. >> okay. >> focused more on m m work because, you know, social media is a bit o a distracting place to be. it's very addicting. you want to scroll.
8:47 am
but, no, i think it was important for me to take a break and to focus on madison, which is the next movie coming out. so i really wanted to make sure we got it right. >> you have so much going on. you havech achieved so success. you are just 15 years old. you have this sherlock hmeolmes project this summer. "stranger things." how are you staying grounded? is there someone or something that is helping you stay right here? >> i would say my family, you know. i travel with my family. i don't leave them behind. they are constantly with me. >> there they are. >> yeah, those are my siblings. isteri frien anandy my sisters, whout absoly just love. i mean, paige travels around the world me. we are so close. my parents are the greatest. we travelogether as a pack. they will never let me get out of order. >> we hope not. > yeah, never. >> thank you.
8:48 am
"godzilla: king of the monsters" hits theaters may 31st. "stranger things" 3 debuts july 4th on netflix. rson, other to you, buddy. >> thanks so much. coming up next,oave zinczenks the king of steering us towards healthier choices when it comes to eating. he is introducing us to the best new sweets and snacks hitting the market. he did his research, went to chicago,en went to the expth e best of the best coming up. firs this is "today" on nbc. my body is truly powerful. i have the power to lower my blood sugar and a1c. because i can still make my own insulin. and trulicity activates my body to release it like it's supposed to. ulicity is for people with type 2 diabetes. it's not insulin. i ke it once a week.
8:49 am
it starts acting in my body from the first dose. trulicity isn't for people with type 1 abetes or diabetic ketoacidosis. don't take trulicity ift,ou're allergic to i you or your family have medullary thyroid cancer, or have multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2. stop trulicity and call your doctor right away if you have an allergic reaction, a lump or swelling in your neck, or evere stomach pain. serious side effects may include pancreatitis. taking trulicity with a sulfonylurea or insulin increases low blood sugar risk. n side effects includesea, diarrhea, vomiting, belly pain and decreased appetite, which lead to dehydration and may worsen kidney problems. i have it within me to lower my a1c. ask your docr about trulicity.
8:50 am
> . [ cheers and applause ] >> tired of the samps old chi and dips, can't stomach another granola bar.en dave zincz, founder of eat this, not that, is here to hp us out. that's the expo in chicago, sweets and snacks. looking for the latest and greatest products that will be hitting the shelves and you havh brou some of the hits of the expo to studio 1a. so good morning.
8:51 am
let's starwith the expo in chicago. did you see one trend from a product or what compa es are trying to do? >> the trend is towards more delicious.but sti these are the best of the best. entireke encountering an herd of unicorns in the candy and snacks world. they are brand new. they get y o a path to better health. >> delicious and nutritious not an easy combination. >> that was very hard. >> what did you bring back? >> two great breakfast options. this is a twist on your toaster pastry. the great thing is you get tpu t your own topping on it. it's like a blank canvas. e so here whave a strawberry chia smart tbet with more fi more protein, fewer calories than your usual teaat. we putt butter on the top of it. use chocolate hazelnut. >> wow. >> deliciousness is one of the trends.
8:52 am
you've got to keep it delicious or they are not going to want to bot it. >> what a this core bar? >>t's like overnight oats, fresingredients, completely real. keep it in the refrigerator, but it's alsous f on your ore. prebiotics and probiotics for ov erall digestive health. you can crumble ion some greek yo yogurt or something like that. >> are they pishable? >> iis. it will last for about a week. so you want to refrigerate them. >> okay. good. what do you gothi next? >> is great for flex ternism. ifou don't want to give up meat, you can go with schrooms. that's taking portabello mushroom, a meaty mushroom and combining with filet mignon. >> ty mixt up? >> yes. completely natural. a lot of fiber. at's another trend. less sugar, more fiber, fewer calories, still delicious. that's a great grab and go treat. >> i love me some jerky. what is the difference between
8:53 am
the portabello and fil mignon once it's jerkied? >> it works perfectly. they also have turkey and peppered beef. >> excellent. >> this is a one ingredient wonder. this is just the cheese. cheddar. it's wisconsin cheddar. you are going to steal it? >> i am doing shopping while we are doing this. >> all you do is bake it. one ingredient. real cheese. it's not made with cheese. it's made completely of cheese. >> right. >> and it's crunchy and perfect. >> wow. >> you want to steal those, too. >> i mean, that is excellent. >> i am going to steal everything. >> okay. we got more. we got more. >> taking that with me. >> we have a healthier version of cheetos -- >> you know me on the show. i call it like i see it. this is delicious stuff. >> wait until you try everytasng. this ee peetos.
8:54 am
instead of a corn and potato base, this is a pea based, pea and lentil. >> a discount over here. >> oh, come on! you can't take it. >> i'll block from over here. you block from over there. anyway, these are crunchy. they have doublehe protein. >> this is a take on cheetos? >> triple the fiber. this is the classic chador. new ranch in junior. th heyeavhr three other flavors. >> delicious. al, come get this one, too. >> okay. great. >> oh, my god. >> how much time do we have left? >> the cheetos are wow. >> all right. wait. these are smart ptrings. 28 grams of fiber. no added sugar. a whole day's worth of fiber right here. in this one bag, 80 calories.
8:55 am
>> tastes like a gummy worm. that's delicious. >> come over herot my mr said the whole time growing up, eat your beans. i wish these bada bing, bada booms this been around. these are delightful. these are banana chips. these are sort of whackier, crazier chips. everything is great. >> you killed it. at is unbelievable. there is nothing left on the set. thank you. to shop for all of these products and more head to guys. >> that's impressive. we like that. thank you. >> goodness. >> man. e are all eating. more great stories at all day. plus, a hilarious staple. cargo shorts. >> straight ahead, third hour, the star ofroadway's "frozen." >> the fourth hour, pen and tell will be here. >> is he going to do his roker? >> i think he is. >> a great roker.
8:56 am
>> first, yous local new and weather. thlet's get some more of set over here. 8:56 is your time on this wednesday, may 29th, 2019. good morning, everyone, i'm eun ya w. right nre going check on the commute with wtop's jack taylor in your first 4 traffic. goodormorning. >> rr: thanks, good morning. we've had a crash on the northbound george washington paetway. as you g toward 123, the right lane is locked. the emergency equipment -- is
8:57 am
blocked. the emergency equipment was having a tough time. 28 at centreville, an accident blocking the two right lanes. eastbound on 66 at prince william parkway, the krashl cleared. -- crash cleared. at telegraph, that cleanups blocking two left lanes. back to you. >> a mess. thank you. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ find something incredible, from somewhere amazing. findunique selection,ible, unbelievable prices. homegoods. go finding.
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8:59 am
it's weather alert day. we have an enhanced risk of strong to severe storms later in the day. the future weath shows the likelihood of strong severe thunderstorms. about 5:00 and 8:00 this evening. keep an eye o u on air and -- o line and through the nbc washington app. lowe's knows you're the powerhouse who does it right. who knows the right tool hhe no equal. eader in outdoor pwe do it right, too. so, you can show your yard who's boss.
9:00 am
rockefeller plaza this is the third hour of "today." >> good morning, everybody. i'm allong with craig and sheinelle. dylan is off. and it seems like a broken re rd. >> yeah. >> it's relentless. it's worth talking about. >> won't stop. record-breaking rainll in oklahoma, arkansas, and surrounding states. 500 twisters in les than two weeks. last night we had storms from kansas into new jersey, which is crazy. and we hae more sevather in the forecast coming up. >> look at these pictures. he>> yeah. >> t story now, al, you correct me if i'm wrong, now that we have seen so many


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