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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  May 31, 2019 4:00pm-4:56pm EDT

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andok cannabis craze. the key hearing that could5- determine whether cbd is allowed in your food, drinks and beauty products. >> announcer: news 4 at+ 4:00 begins with bricking news. and weko start this aftern with breaking news. local coupleó[ found dead ine paradise. at the live desk. >> we are following reports thea rie gege'souny cple were found dead.fá 49-year-old cynthia day and her holmes. their body showed no signs of any violence. investigators havei] not yet determined a cause of death in the couple's family says that they had been in contact withçó the u.s. +jfembassy and they a happened.
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bahia prince resort on theñi southeast coast of the island. according to thec domini today, the hotel director says that the couple checked in on mayey 25th and th were scheduled to leaveñi on may 30th. this investigation comes after a delawar woman revealed tha she punta cana earlier this year. case. we are gathering new details on that latest case. just staylp tuned to news 4 and the nbc washington app and we'll give you updates. >> thank you, leon. the family of the mother and son found dead in afá spotsylvaa county home are asking for help for the victims and the survivors. >> the woman's boyfrien was so found dead and this look at learning more about this tragedy. >> northern virginiañ»(u)eau chief julie carey is9 joining live. what you learned today and in the past 24 hours? >> reporter: well, neighbors e
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telling me that michael coleman bought this property about six months ago and was trying to fix up the house for the family, t on wednesdayxcqçócolemapl÷ his girlfriend rachelt( o swrzuna a 14-year-old son kyrrus were found dead in theok home. also in the homet( the couple's hild and a daughter.he couple's rachan's family made appeal for funds to care for thee1 orphans and for funeral arrangements. with thi go fund me picture, we are seeing the father,+ mother and her teenage son found dead diovered in this home by another family member. neighbors say he was in tears outside the home and sheriffs deputirrived responding to rachel's relatives in utah e writing on go fundxd me page ur families andi] community are devastated. no reason imaginableçó is reaso enough for these three to meet their end the way theylp did.
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the fund will go towards funeral arrangements and the ongointv middle schoollpq classmates oftó 14-ye kyrrus. drewxd wilder spokew3 to one onr thursday. >> i feel like he didn't+ dese tha >> reporter: spotsylvania count days searching for evidenc!ñ they are saying littleozaboutçó what happened here. only that the three were killed by a sharpxd object.xd thetime scene ésqe lifted today, we are getting a closer look at thexd scene. nine differentt( trucks and lux( vehicles and lots of construction equipment. the only sign of the horrible cident thatlp claimed three lives, the fingerprint dust covering the front doorc of the home. michael coleman'st( relativesda to they live in fredericksburg, but they say it is too soon for them to comment onc this tragedy.xdjr
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we are also still awaiting word from the medical examiner's office about haactly what ened inside this house. back to you in the cstudio. , >> julie careyank you. to learn more about that go fund me effort, you open our nbc washington app and search go fund me. cleaning up after the mess from homes have been left with prettq nasty wind damage. ho oftrees.i] amelia draper is joiningfv+m n. walkxd us through all of what w think happened there. you can see thesee1 threes just absolutely sheared off, not even toppled over where you see the heite here on top st trees. that's where that tornado just crumpled thatw3 tree. you look at scenes like this where you don't see a tree snapped in half like a. pencil
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it's almost twisted around. this also confirms to the national weather service there was in fact at(rnxd too yesterd in howard county. howeveré( down around spats veinia the national weher ervice is still gathering all of the storm reports before they go out and make any further stormñi surveys. spotsylvania. y althoughe1 it looks very,ñi very cool. this is going to be a shelf cloud out there, but again,ht y serious weather mov#!tcçóñr thr the area yesterday. we had a confirmeo: tornado in howard county. we're also potentiallyçó seeingf the national weather service is going to go out and do any more surveys to seei]er if thereany hopefully wexw"11 get a rating on that tornado in howard county before the day comes to an end. >> pretty nasty stuff there. c right nowlear skiesq for most of thexd d.c. area. hat means a perfect night for show. >> yes.
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åct'tinues our backyard weather. he is at wolf trap on th3n beautifult(ou night. d >> hey,xd doug. it is a gorgeous afternoon. one week ago i was having a problem, younow, ocean city maryland on a beautiful afternoon. we've got the sammy hagar concert tonight. so excited about this anduñso many people i've talk to, are you going to the concert, that's going to be amazing. a lot of people will be coming out xdhere. make your way on through the rest of the night, really looking good. we'll talk not just about theq t concert,fá babout wolf trap and what else isçó out here. it's not just açó concert venue. let's show you what'sappening ather wise. if you're wondering what about we going to see them again today? no. we are high and dry tonight. a perfect night for axd concert. 85 degrees right now in d.c.
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ocean+ city coming in at t09. down around rockingham kocount they should stay south of just ab aoust ount far north at luray, over towardsqq fredericksburg. that's the area down to the south of that reuon. yo can see thefá severep, thunderstorm watch in effect for southern virginia andçó souther portions of north carolina. there's wolf trap right there right offñr the dulles toll roa. temperature tonight about 80 degrees at 7:00. perfect. low humidity. 75 byt( 9:00. 70 degreesy 11:00 as people 70 degreesy 11:00 as people aj up as we mak our way out of wolf trap tonight. it's going to be a fantastic night. i can't wait, guys. a little van halen. ready to go. >> you've got a tough job. >> someone's got to do it. here's the story only onok news 4. that man accused of a drunk driving crashñi that killed one conle's three young childre was in court today. >> he wants the trial moved out of prince george's county, but
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the judge isn't having it. i]çó investigators say thomas hawks was driving drunk when his vehicle plowed into ac car, landingt( on top of it and t their 1-year-old brother. >> our county bureau chief tracee wilkins is live now in upper marlbol. ts what happened at thee1t(e1 hearing today, tracee. notñ4(e county where their client could getçó fair trial. they asked that there be a change of venue and they also asked the state's attorneys ìáh% ant(ñi tainted a juror pool. the judgeñi disagreed, but whate did seeq today is just how complicated this actual trial is going to be for this family. he supporters wore buttons in memory of the three young children lost ini] a drunki] drg crash onfá route 210 at the endf
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last year.t(i]lp today theq defendant thomas haws left without saying one word. he was indicted on three counts iving while under the influence. according to chargingoc dents,e1 hawks was drivingxd drunk, hisç blood alcohol levelnb nearly te the legal limit when he crashed into the back of the car killing 5-year-old twins and their 1-year-old brothert( isaac they argued a motionjf hearing d ask the state's attorney's office not be allowed to prosecuto$ññr the case. he said the prosecuting attorney comnts and may have swayed potential jurors. the court ruled against the defense and the trialt( will be george's.ince today the mother-9 described w it was like to sit in court with the man accused of killing all of her children. it's thejf harágr thing. it's thei] hardest thing apart losing my beautiful babies.
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just the case itself,e1c it's a whole new different pain apart through and tou have to bep,s7 through this iso heartbreaking and it's so hard. >> rorter: today in court the defense alsoñi talked a lot abo media coverage, specifically mentioning ourfá coverage at nb4 and a w piece that done by news 4 i-team and scott macfarlane on howxd few people p actuallyding any timejf in prison after dui convictions here in prince george's county. reporting live in upper i] marlboro, i'm tracee wilkins.lp marltudio. 'm tracee wilkins.lp >> tough stosst(tracee. thank you so much. d.c. leaders arejfxd gettin ready for a 4th of july that will be unlike any other in recent history. %9q%uurj expeed tobgpeak at the link kncoln meml and ñ means that the fireworks are going to be moved toxd a different location. >> newsñi 4 mark segrassve i lir celebration could be moved. the districtñ5ññi its7 still't
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hasn gotten muchuidan what do we know? >> reporter: that's right. the very people who were charged with the support and theçó infrastructure of this event say and it's just about a month away before this 4th ofe july g here. they said what they do know is what you said. the president will give a speech and the fireworks will be moved( this has been the scene on the 4th o july for decades. hundreds of thousandsf people gathered on the national mall. the big finale, fire works around the washiá/won monument. the trump adminisation is working on major changes to3w event. but so far d.c.'s mayor and the head of metro who are responsible for much of the logistics and support forg'?y t event say they're still waiting government. but they have been told there >> the late thaest that we've h is that there will be a speech and that the location of the w mok
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so i don't think we have the fine details of the plan yet. >> reporter: the head of metro says the transit agency is also waiting on newq details from th feds. >> we'ref!1 working through this right now. we will adjust. obviously we deal with a lot of issues, different events throughout the e1t(year, so we finalized. >> because president trump plans agencies are preparing for more road closuresxd thanfá on a typ there will be protesters and that could require more police >> t chief willrk andfá he will figure out if he needs to call in additional aidxd from t surrounding . jurisdictions from coffee tot( t(candy, c products are everywhere these hem9ñ >> still ahead, the government's new efforts to cleart( up the confusion about cannabis. confusiope1 yourq shopping
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experience. coming up on news 4, the new neighborhood. also cing up atom
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back now with aq live look t the radar. storm teamym 4 keeping a closee on this system tonight, but "pstorms over the weekend. we'll have more from doug just i ahead. while some drug companies have been pushed to put outxd
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chey mi generic forms,here'sr still a realq issue about how much popular prescriptions cost. new research published in the journal of the americane1lp med associationjf shows half of top medications sold fromxdt( 2012 2017 doubled in cost. 49 of nse topt( selling medicationsi]t up. iin andjf tnf inhibitors saw the highest pricexd jump. prince george's county is çó buildings into new stores and restaurants. today the county>!s'ounced it's help tho give out grants tot's spruce up these old shopping centers. news 4's aimee cho takes us to one in clion,çó maryland, to show us what the shopping center of the future will look like. >> reporter: right now at the lanning at woodyardopping center there's only açó feiñiñ options forxd shoppingfá or eat but the goal at the county's ne project to fix that. they say one year from now when the construction is done, i will be an aldi grocery store,j
4:16 pm
cafes and even sit-down restaurants. >> we're so excited to be standito here y. >> reporter: prince george's county executive announcing the new shopping center project today. she says they wantedi] to take tired empty buildings and turn proud of. >> i understand that we have h>>i wad s ehappy. i wasw3e1 so happonñ dya or to years. she and her friends say they'red excito finally see new shops. >> you just look at it. it's going downjf and down and down and down.ó[ now whene1 you see these new developersnd new people coming in,e1 it really helps. >> reporter:t( some of the new businesses,@pchick-fil-a,lplp andlp marshalls. hyattsville. walk toñi iverson, but now we cani] shop
4:17 pm
iverson. >> it's about time. need. we are big advocates of what's going on in ourçó community. >> reporter: the landing at woodyard you c already see some of the progress. new stores open and many more to come. well, let's go from thes pping center to wolf trap andt( backyardt(e1jf weather. doug. >> guys, a beautiful afternoon down xdhere. it is really just perfect. plenty of sunshine. we hit oura heat w officially.e1 three days in axd row of 90 degrees in a row.qmxo cf1 o we did not see thatñr today. temperature now sittng in the low 80s. i think everybody is ready for the sammy hagar concert. what they don't know is the concert doesn't start until about 8:00. you kow you've got four hours to go, right? they've got plenty of time.
4:18 pm
they even brought an rv. they're ready to gourfor s we are here in wolf trap on a beautiful afternoon. it's kind of a different÷d way dojf br.kyard weathe with meq is the e1ceo of the wo trap foundation. you've got thelp concert tonigh. this is what you're really built around.ptell me a little bit mo mission is. >> rk are the only national for the performing arts. we want to celebrate music. arts education and give everyone a great big urban r(t&háhp &hc% beauty of this area. >> when you talk about wolf trap, i used to live right down the street. i thought it was just a venue,b you have so many other things. >> there's a big wooded area,çó there's a two mile trail. there's ponds. there's a stream. there's a beautiful meadow to have a picnicxd in. i think8.zjt come to wolf trap, they should come early like these guys to enjoy the day. >> we had ak little sneak pee a
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little earlier.xd we hadxd sammy hagar actually ce through in his corvette a little bitrl ear. he didn't sayt( that, but he's ready to go. going to be a great nighte1 for cort. temperatures will be perfect. let's show youxd what's happeni out there right now. nothing but/#)9m!%9ñ a few clouds, but plenty of sunshine around the abe9ñ 85 soe1 far. o winds out the northeast at about 7 miles per hour. i'd like a little bitmfjjut of breeze. out there around the restxd of e region, 79 winchester, 84 ine1 frederick. warme1 spots, charlomiesville co in at 87. we are tracking a couple storms, area.ot in much of the for tonight we are totally dry north of fredericksburg we think. the best chance of rain will be to the south. youell wherei] thatis, down down towards raleigh all under severe thunderstormfoatches. us we don't have anything like thatq here. , that's the area we think youe1 have thei] best chance. here we are ati] 5:00, we'll ta
4:20 pm
nans are piling on i here, literally running in here qu[ 6:30 to get a good lawn se. there's 7:00. you notice the showers down aroundq fredericksburg, down spe we had the potentialrnado last night. through 9:00 you still see thef showers well down toçó the sout. by 10:00 or 11:00 they are out of here. clear skies to the north meaninn waking up tomorrow morning,c nothing but sunshine.t( your saturday is looking fantastic. 1e afternoonw hn% tomorrod then by tomorrow night there will be alp chance a storm tomorrow night. we're going to talk more about that coming up atxdq 4:45. let's show yout( what we're expectinght forro the dw on your saturday. 30% chance of a passit shower3w evening. as we move on through the next ten day, 87 egtomorrow, 86 des on sunday. better chance of rain and thunderstorms on sunday in the
4:21 pm
afternoon. then watch monday. a highof 76xdñr degrees. tuesday, 79 after a low of 56. l i wasoking at chuck q?&l this chuck bell put out something about tuesday morning may be the coolestq morningfáq we seewo# u fall. how about that? for the nextxd three or four orning may be the coolest that we setu sday is going to be a good one. you guys have not just a great venue, butlp great ticket of all kinds of talents. we't talk a little bi more later on. are you going to entire time?ko sammyxd more important? or backyard weather? yes, backyard weather, you? >> that'sçó wolfy, yeah. t t's wolf trp's co i justfá saw hback there. that's my first time seeing imt
4:22 pm
wolfy. after i've been here for some nd years a think he deserved ae1 little shouté@ out. there you go. all rig. shout out. he's feeling gov". he's loving thisi] weather righ now. >í!gll right. >> we love seeingt( him back there. >> thank you, doug and wolfy. the value of a dr. is turning into a valuable math lesson for some prince george's county. >> up next on news 4, see xo# their special oject isaking a surprising twist at the did you hear about this? seveal students ended up beingt crowned the champions, including one from maryl one from maryl anis is not a bed.
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. most parents want to teach their children the value of hara a dollar. jtttjuttk where a new playground is helping teach kids about e1both. >> reporter: it's time fornñmat st. ambrose school in prince george's county. if you're thinking there's no way this is a math class, think again. st. ambrose needs a new playground and t( students e needed to se how math plays a role in everyday life. ff of incipal and his s math teachers put the two
4:26 pm
together and came up with a challenging idea. >> we asked the kids to design and buildñi and do fundraising >> what are pome of theblems we currently have? how doñi we solve those fáprobl? all those things that math is involved in. >> reporter: thexnstudents were placed in groups of four to six people and were assigned a parenteadviser. th proposal had to includee1fá different areas ofcxd learning. they researche frederal requirements for handicap equipment. this wasn't just thinking outside the box. the students had toe1 figure ouh how much ir plan would cost too. finally the powerpoint equipment. >> a lot went into our playground design. we had to ensure it would fit within the property area. >> we plan to design a playground thatñi providesñiñi s. ropriate equipment byzoolor
4:27 pm
>> the fundraising activities that we can host to raise the necessary dollars for our anan. >> e1 just likeok the teachersfs hopes, th mathlpt( project brout students and teachers together from allli discips. this creative math lesson turned into a valuable life lesson these kids won't soon forget. >> it( learned that we have to >> it takes more work, hard work with some effort to make it look -- the plaround better than whatlp it is now. >> making learning fun. >> they are cute. he still a on news 4, ako place to heel. share the stories of sexual ng assault survivors. and an nbc news exclusive. we're hearing from ellen time about t abusehe
4:28 pm
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if you are justoining us, i'm leon harrislp here in theq newsroom. let's get you caught up with four things to know this evening. a prinle george's county coup was found dead at a resort inko the dominican republic. cynthiaay and her fiancee edward holmes were found inside çóx thei s bodiesowed no signs of any trauma. gathering new detail, we'll have more formi you co up. w3 family members and the mother of a son who were found dead in spotsylvania county are raising funds to help thet(xd
4:31 pm
survivors and pay funeral the mother's boyfriend also rend dead. investigators a saying little about what happened, but they're saying only that the three victims were killed by some kind drunkokt( driving crash t kille three young children appeared in court today. u prince george's county. his attorney said that the tooty's top prosecutor went far in pretrial comments during a news conference arguing thatx it wouldn't be possible to find a fair jury in thatoñr county] the judge ruled against thai motion. andçój8uájtt are trying to something about that dangerous strch ofighway wheret(ñr that crashkqp(pened. speed cameras will be turned on starting tomorrow along indian head highwaynd route210jf injf prince george's county. and they'll be operating all day every day. pat, back to you in the studio. >> thanks, leon. ts7ç a handmade memorial desd to comfort victims of sexual
4:32 pm
abuse is ending n itstionwide tour here in d.c. >> news 4'sderrick ward joins us from the national mall to explain why the organizers selected our city tasxdlp theu n monumentgwñu quilt's final stopo >> reporter: think about howm y people will walk across the national mall, especially this weekend. think about all of thoseçó peop it. that's the idea behind this project. it's called aon mq quilt because they think this is a monument to the people who have they figurew3 this ishe best message to that get that across. each of these quilted panels each of these quilted panels tells a stor that isxd paiully keptt(ecret. abuse. of rape and here stories are laid bare in >> it's like spaceto heal. we are demanding spaces for
4:33 pm
supported instead of shunned. itsrp some of themççó areñi survivors well. >> a lot of times when wexd see public conversations about this issue, the needs of survivors id our always put first. >> reporter: the exhibit was the idea of hannah whow3ñr borrows the famous aids quilt. ite messages and emotions are hand stched in thejf cloth. sometimes an easier process than talking openly about thee1 orde. the #qç%át(u has traveled to al 50 states. it's traversed the southern border with mexico. the final stop here in d.c. is a natural way for the organizers toñr drive home their komessag >> while there have beenñr more people's bodies which is a part us. >> the government has to take reponsibility that this is a human rights issue but also it's a health problem. >> reporter: besides thei] quil there re tents alongñg6 the mal
4:34 pm
for quieter reflection.w3 subjects canok evoke unexpected emotion and memories.t( the irony here is that there are ld ugh quilts, enough unt stories to blanket the entire space and they still need more. now, the project will be ere through sunday at 4:00. after it's all over, some of those quilts will go back to the people who made soem. will go on display in some various cities. they hope to keep making the rounds with these. they hope to not needthem, but they feel like they will. this is done by a group called force. their title and mission is unsetting rape culture. we're live on the mall. derrick ward. back to you. the mother of ellen degeneres is reactibgñr publicl for the first time about how she handled ellen's claim of sex a abuseáa$ teenager. ellen has saiderhat her betty did not believe her when she spoke of abuse from her late stepfather. now on david letterman's new netflix show, an emotionale1 eln talks about how her's mother
4:35 pm
reactioni] impacted their relationship. well betty degeneres is respding to nbc news about that interview saying, quote, i know now that one of thei] hardt things to do is to speak up after being sexu i love my daughter and i wish i had the capacity to listen to ñ me what happened. i livexd with that regret and i wouldn't want that for any other parent. she goes on to say that ifçó courage tot( speak out, please believe them. switching gears now, it was an historicure1fá first dg last night's scripps national spelling bee. eight wners were named co-champs after the organizers ájjt out of words. aaron gilchrist is here to tell us about the maryland student among the winners. >> he may be onea5 winners, but he is the<  first he3w is from howard county.
4:36 pm
this is the momentg'oñr he won3 >>qxdt( b-o-u-g-a-i-n-v-i-l-l-e. >> i feel like therexd could hat been more lrs in that.ñ3=eìáhp % by the way, that has something shrubs. he survived 20 ro ge spelled 47 words before be crowned a champion. here are a few of the words he spelled right. i'm not even going to try to say any of them. this was the 13-year-old fourth timelp in ttñ big spelling bee there. he's been açó finalist every ye he made there. this year he's taking home a top prize, $50,000 among other thing 9tr(t&h% a big congratulations to him. >> would you say those words are english? ohçós7 my goodness. by the way,e tied for 19th
4:37 pm
place last year. >>xd which is still really impressive. this was his finalee since he is going off to high school next year and will no longer be eligible. having co-champions isn't unkmu uncommon. it happened in 2014 through 2016, but never eight at one time. congratulations to all of them. xd still ahead, crisis point >> multiple levies in danger of failing across the midwest and the south. >> the new evacuations!uñr tha now r way. plus tommy mcfly is workingr for yo weekend at the hearn do -- herndon festival. into at the herndon
4:38 pm
thanks for the ride-along, captain! i've never born in one of these bef
4:39 pm
even though geico has been- ohhh. ooh ohh here we go, here we go. you got cut off there, what were you saying? oooo. oh no no.ei maybe that gco has been proudly serving the militaryfo over 75 years? is that whatwanted to s? mhmmm. i have to say, you seemed a lot chattier on tv. geico. proudly serving the military for over 75 years. you ok back there, buddy?
4:40 pm
reading and writing. evey$t fá taking placeround town this weekend. news 4's tommy mcfly has some ideas if you're planning what you want to do forko the weeke. >> basketball, books and the v band441 horizon. i'm tommy mcfly with what's up for your weekend. tomorrow in congress heights, it isñr opening day forçó the myst at their very first season in their entertainment and sports arena in congress heights. the basketball block party kickf on-court activity, food, prizes, music and even autographs fromñ former mystics players. happening now through t(sundaym it'sñr the herndon festival thi year int( a brw.b newxd locatio.
4:41 pm
the mayor told us all about it. >> the festival hasq movedjf to% spring street. oedit unin.xd there are trees everywhere, picnic tables, grassyt(lp areas ha even more room for the carnival. p r(t&háhp &hc% hills to navigate. hope you come dwn and join us. it's goingto3wxd e a blast. >> on sunday the headlining performer who caps off more than 50 entertainers is vertical íq3jujjy baom. this is huge booki] festival with speakers with upcomingl it's free to check out and it's important reading is even during those warmt( summer months when schooli] isjf off. check out books inq bloom. tommy mcfly with what's up for n your weekd on news 4. and for more on these gd9qm and others, including theqe1 ki
4:42 pm
scene in nbc washington app. federal regulatorsu want soe clarity on the o so popular cbd. >> newsx=i- is working for your health ase1 the fda wrestles wi how toñi regulate the products. t( inhat's not supposed to b thexd kitchen. oug kammerer . out here at wolf trap. mazing day. wolf trap. rightçó now i'm right outside t center. it is the sound check. let's take a look and see if we can get there. i can't get through the -- we'll be right back in just a minute.
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and this is annie paying back her friend for theickets with zelle® before the previews start. and this is annie getting ready to enjoy the sho [whispers] this is your right here, right now bank. this is wells fargo. leon harri in the newsroom with some breaking news here from the live desk. our nbc affiliate in virginia beach is reporting that
4:45 pm
authorities are responding took possible active shootere the courthouse. ge/çiejt some live pictures from there and as soon as we get an update and we you hereñi on news 4. t(cbd products are flooding store shves. users say they experience many of the health benefits associated with pot without getting the high. >> now the isfda t( scraqeming catch up and to layout
4:46 pm
concerning cbd products. >> rightow they're marketed and not testing under fda approved strategies. the public opinion is guing how we're treating it. >> businesses don'tfáe1 know whs legal and permissible and some are making health plans in the absence of regulatory jfguidene. >> cbd's popularity is growing as users report healthfáçó bene duced aini]ñr relief to r moste1 claims lack scientific proof. an fda official sayt( criticalñ questions remain. >> what if a topical ñilotion,ñ consumesñr cbd beverage and oil. how much is ''l much? how will it interact with other drugs a person may be taking? >> no decisions today. the information now goes to a
4:47 pm
deral group tasked with deciding the next step inñi the future ofq cbtd in foo andq supplements. nbc news. well, right now we're going back to the backyard. actually, wolf trapxdhere doug cpm9ñ >> yes.w3w3 ccheckearly. >> hey, doug. >> yeah. i mean, apparently it doesn't matter who you are. you can't get into the sound check. r coming !1. they're going to behaqh through the night tonight starting at 8:0is wn eryby' gng er on the l. best thing about this, 7,000 people, halfq of them are actually on the lawn. they fit about 3,200çó undercove which is g onxd stormy nights. i'medicting anything. right now i'm loving what's n p happening weatherwise.i we'vet( actually got some nice high clouds. this is actually blowoff from
4:48 pm
thunderstorms that are happening now in west virgin. this is reallyx$$rqfuxjt curreny right now withi] what's going o. people are alreadyi]ok lining u here. already lining up becausehey are the first ones to be ablefáo pick theirre seats right t onçó the lawn. again, this opens up at 6:30, so they're going to beñi sitting he an hour and a take a look a'1 some of theuxd amazing acts they have coming. just looking at some ofñr these acts, it gets you excited. sheryl crow,çó lionel richie. and i'm alsowk) right here. so lr it ia, i'mxd going to to intot(xd you. sting, amelia, is coming in." august 26th through wednesday, augu 28thi( mer%ujt((sv working for youçó i you're asking me like tat, fáa5i doug. >> yeah! >> i owe doug a birthday present. was out of town when it was doug's birthday, so sure, i will be here.
4:49 pm
here's a look atñi your weather q3 as doug was staying, we're tracr'g rain south and west of the area qtonight. we are getting someñr of that bw off here in the ñid.c. metro ar north andheast. we're going to be completely '8% dry. verybodyxnis dry andñ] summer like. tomorrow throughout the day maybe a few isolated showers and thunderstorms. dothayunundentorms. splentoy of dry time at storm radar. you can see our area is dry. but thençó you see this disturbance moving through the severe ngi warnings to areas likefá roanok ri. a severe storm watch has been issued. tonight for most of us we're going to keep it dry. tomrow is going to be a ñ planned. d tomorrow isinitely a day you need sunscreen and drink lots of water if you're going to beçó a
4:50 pm
há" of 87.ñi saturday day is dry. on sunday maybe an isolated morning shower out there. we start off at 69 degrees and but we're really tracking those showers and thunderstorms sunday not a washout, but a high of 86 degrees. storms also not looking to beñr severe. maybe strong with someñr heavy rain. but the severe weather threshold low. here's a look at your storm team 4 w310-day forecast.ko monday ioñuutáqpvrefreshing on monday w%> a gorgeous breeze and temperature of 76 for a high. on tuesdayxd we're atxd our nor high for this time of year. about 79, 80 degrees. the chancet( for sometorms '"t) thursday. doug, it is a great night to be out at wolf trap.  finallyçó made itjf now you know what i'm talking about. the lawn seats versus sitting under the real coolfá venue. >> the great thing, you were out
4:51 pm
here forq mei5] last year for eh .ya and i knowi] you have a date in your head. what are you looking forward to seeing? >> içó can never say it. 4['a5e mom wants to go. >> oh, you're going to go to5a that too? you're going to see themq there to%5 they'll be herexd too. they are waiting in le rightñiw w. daniel is ready to run in. he isñi+ ready to go. w >> that's tt( to do it. >> guys, we're talking about you want me to come out to your backyard, go to my facebook page and send me somefáçó pictu y ujáát ty noueighborhood. ng w dai'ou aoiepl c i love people's back yards. whaw youfá have to drink infáq there? fast? you got some good stuff and you you loseçóñiñr this.
4:52 pm
703 -- mention the sound ofxd music si along. >> i can't have it. i'm onok the clock. >> all right, doug. i'm sure there's something in there for you. ñi thisjfok next story is ki interesting. how would you like to come out in the middle of the night down an 1alfoot gator. he broke into this house near tampa. >> talk about an uninvited he decided to takeqok the easy u route bing through some low windows to get intoçó the kitch. police were able to remove the gator with the help of ai] trapper. hankfully no one inside theq house was hurt. >> but you've got to wonder what i've never been in gator country. anything he wants iwhat he's looking for when he's 11 foot long. so there you go. let's goñi to the newsroom w with leon.
4:53 pm
>> i'll tell you what he was looking for. after having lived downiááá)y he's lorr aiin lookgingfo for.ñi >> really? >> you know it. i] that i get. >> we'll take your i word for it. >> trust me on that one. alldoight? >> whaou have coming up. >> coming up, an unforgetfá 24 l graduation, he celebrated his big break on the tv he's portraying one of the accused in the netflix series of the the story central parku five. those five young men were wrongfully committed after an attack they had nothing to do th also i'm going to talk aboup disabilities. we'll talk about how people see them and how the kids see themselves. breaking rightxdt(fácxd now
4:54 pm
>> i think we're trying to breaking situation in virginia beach. we are looking at what's happening there at the courthouse. righ'q$jju we areñiñis4vqqr'gñi these liveictures just now coming in. again, this is --çó if you know the area, this isñi nimmel roadf you know that area in virginiañ beach. right nowe hey're saying th was an active shooter situation there. we're still trying to figure out more inf mation and we'll get that to you just ahead ♪rr for many kids,
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
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