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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  May 31, 2019 5:00pm-5:53pm EDT

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foundq dead in their home. now relatives raising fus to handle thee1 funerals. julie carey is live with more on what the family has to say on jules. >> reporter: wendy, it's on the from the grieving relativesof the mother and teenage son who died here the other day. the family had livedñi inñi fredericksburg several years but only moved into this house six months ago and now the home michael coleman was tryi to fix up for his family is the terrible violence. kyrrus ande1 rachel ozuna and h boyfriend michael coleman. xd families and community are no reason imaginable for them to
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midate school classm oft(jf 14-year-old kyrrus. this teenñi spoke to drew wilde on thursday. >> i feel like he didn't deserve that. >> reporter: the three victims were discovered wednesday morning when the teen boy'sr fatheme by the house. neighbors saw him crying outside after the sheriff's deputies arrived responding to his clfáe for help. also discovered inside the house alive, a 6 week old baby and a toddler. children of the couple.o spylvania county sheriff's investigatorspent ta5 collecting evidence here, even searching the woodsacross the they are saying little about only that the three were killed by axd sharp object. with the crime scene tape lifted today, weñi are getting a close look at the scene. parkedll across the property, nine different trucks and luxury st0q$icles and lots of construction equipment. incident that claimedfá three lives, the fingerprint dust
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home. we're still waiting to hear from the medical examiner more about exactly what happened here. i did speak today t some of michael coleman's relatives, but they said it is just simply to soon after this tragedyjf to family, achel ozuna's they say the money raised from the go fund me will be used tofo care r the orphans and for funeral arrangements. >> thank you, jules. to learn more about the gor fun me effort, open our nbc washington app and search go fund mñ.ktr(t&háhp &hc% n howard cleanup county under the way. for the second time in a week a tornado touched down. downed wires, oktrees$k diddye all over the area emójfáhere. prince george's county and anne arundl(county as wl.t( housands of people also left without power. >> but we aree1 getting a break from those storms. weekend. doug is getting a break. >> he is live outdoors at bear
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trap national park. he's got xdbackyard weather fro out there.ea >> just a biful day out here. i love the fact that we've got nice high clouds coming in from wendy, you said earlier you had neve'gjuuçó wolfy. well, here he is right here. th mascot of wolf trap. this is him right here. he wants to meet you as well. he said you are welcome down here anytote. you've g plenty of places he can show you. we talked a little bit earlier about the chance for or thunderst tonight. yeah. yeah. all south of s. that's okay, buddy. we'req looking great as far as weather ist(lp concerned. quijut we're in the 80s for the most part. v(82 right now hagersto. 76 ocean city. the weather isi] looking great tomorrow. 9 the wide view showing severe thunderstorm watches andt( warnings well down to the south.
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again, not for ours7 t wolf trap.or ours7 temperatures dropping through the 80s intohe 70sçó by the timk sammy hagar is taking the stage ifv-q coming out here you don't even need to bring the umbrella. nolp problems with weath. 'll send it back to you guys and talk more about what to expect here at wolf trap all season long. >> see you later.ep&r(t&háhp &h% see you ater,olfy. we have a collection of 9 brick aric and each is crafted by a survivor of a close are look at this powerful hibit and how it's helping its authors find peace. coming up at news 4, local officials say thea( still have o details about theçó 4th of july celebration the president is planning. plus education leaders in this is not a bed. reort aboutw3 a high rank
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. breaking news if you're just joining us. multiple pple injured in a mass shooting in virginia beach. the suspected shooter is in custody. this is video from our nbc lefiliate. it shows peop running out of that building that houses the courthouse. their hands in the air. we don't know how many people have been wounded owhat started this. we're going to keep working the story. weill bring you updates. district lead ares getting ready for a 4th of july unlike any other in recent history. >> because the president isxp ted to speak at the lincoln memorial and that means the fireworks are going to be in another location this year. >> buts mark segraves found out, district leaders still haven't received much guidance from the federal government. >> this has been the scene on the 4th of july for decades. hundreds of thsands of people gathered on the national mall. the big finale, fireworks around the washington monument.
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but the trump administration is working on major changes to the event. so far d.c.'s mayor and the head of metro who are responsible for much of the logistics and support for the event say they're still waiting on details from the federal y have been told there will be big changes this year. >> the latest that we've heardre is theill be a speech and that the location of the fireworks will be moved. i don't think we have the fine details of the plan yet. >> the head of metro says the transit agency is also waiting for more details from the feds. >> we're all working through this right now. we will adjust. obviously we deal with a lot of issues, different events throughout the year. we will adjust. but right now it has not been finalized yet. >>ay bowser s because president trump plans to speak to the crowds, her agencies are preparing for more road closures than on a typical july 4th and the likelihood there will be nd protesters athat could require more police officers.
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>> we have to have more resources likely to support the event, police resources to support the president's movements, additional rd closures if needed, and if we have first amendment activity, we of course wouldor supp that. and we will not have any diminished resources in our neighborhoods because of it. >> mark segraves, news 4. a spokesperson for the department of interior tells news 4 they are working to expand access of the national mall forr greate public participation and they continue to work to ensure the success of he event and execute the president's vision. it is friday and doug is kicking off his backyard weather at wolf trap national park with his backyard weather and a bunch of other stuff. >> he's got the worst job in town. >> i know. >> ah. i haven't had any food yet. that's a little bit of an issue.
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wolf trap is working on that because they've got great food here.o we're going t seeing that coming up a little bit later on. right now i'm at wolf trap. venue, it's known for the but wolf trap is so much more than that. over 100 acres. with me is will -- how do you spell that? don't worry about the spelling. tell me more about wolf trap and what it is. n it' just a venue. >> it is the only national park for performing arts, but it's more than that. it's a yearal round nati park. we're open every day. we have trails. we do backstage tours. different ranger programs, theater in the woods, our children's programming the hill. we also do pre-performance discussions. if you're coming to a show this sumr, we have eight pre-performance discussions that will be prior to the shows, one hour prior to that and we have show that night. shongwi >> wolf trap is back in the
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1700s, right? >> at the very bottom of the creek or bottom of the hill we have a creek that we got our name from. and so the surrounding area became known as wolf trap farm. you jump forward to 1930, they purchased the land. 30 years later a toll road came through. she donated it to the national park service and the department of interior and thenve fiears later we have our first center opening. >> wow. great. thank you very much, will. for some reason i want -- it's almost like a harry potter thing. do you get that often? i want to make sure it's not me. we'll show you what's happening. we've got great weather for this. temperature wise we're looking at the radar first. right now not much going on. we have the storms well down to the south and west. don't worry. that's not coming our way. 83 degrees the current temperature. 85 degrees coming up.
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'rctually i think we on the wrong map. there we go. look at the numbers, shows you what's happening. 83 winds outth of the nor at 6 miles per hour. leesburg at 82 degrees. reston right down the street here also at 82. manassas 83. just a beautiful night. low humidity. with these higher clouds streaming through, from those storms right there, it actually makes for a really nic night. there's the severe thunderstorm watches all down to the south. norfolk, virginia beach, over towards anoke, right on down towards raleigh. most of the state of north carolina is having the same type of system we had. even a tornado warning nth and west of the raleigh area. for the most part, we are going to be high and dry. the only chance for us storm wise would bethdown to south. let's show you future weather as we move on through about 7:00 when everybody will be in the venue. we'll have the fans out there on the lawns and no worries out there at all night. if you're down around fredericksburg, back towards r ray, you may see sho activity down around there. getting out of here overnight
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and by early tomorrow morning, really a beautiful day on saturday. high temperures tomorrow right back into the 80s. we're talking plenty of sunshine all day. the only chance of storms tomorrow or rain would come overnight tomorrow night. plenty of sun tomorrow. hot. 87. that's definitely warm for this time of year. aot bad at all. 60% chance of r and storms on sunday. we could see some stronger storms. we are not anticipating much in the way of severe weather.ld we couee stronger storms sunday afternoon. that storm system actually brings in some really nice air. monday breezy. temperature around 76. 79 on tuesday. a couple of days below average. 're right back into the 80s, well above average humid wednesday and thursday with a couple chances of showers and thunderstorms as well. guys, this my first time here in a long, long time. i've got to tell you, i w definitelynt to come back. i'm really excited. to bring the kids out here and otenjoy what they've going on. you guys will love this fact. they say that the performers love it here.
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cheryl grosheryl crow, she love her bike out here. sammy hagar was just riding around in his corvette with the top down. >> of course he was. it's nice took reminded there are trails. it's not just a place to sit and watch music. that's good to know. >> really cool. >> tell will they could have used his name in a speing bee yesterday. that would have been a big help. >> no kidding. i'm goingo write it down and have it right by tomorrow. >> all right, man. >> see y in a bit. there are important anchors m the nity, but a number are in need of a major spruce up. just ahead, the plan to revitalize dozens of shopping centers in prince george's coun county. also going behind the lens of a teenager who is starring in the new netflix series about the wrongfully convicted central park five.
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d.c.'s state board of education says the district is no keeping close enough track of how many teachers are calling it quits. yesterday a news 4 i-team investigation revealed more than 13% of d.c. public school achers leave the district each year. tonight the head of the state board tells our scott macfarlane
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that more needs to be done to track and reduce teacher turnover. > leon, the rate of teachers leaving d.c. public schools is the worst in the region according to school records obtained by the news 4 i-team. as you r mentioned,ghly 13% left all together. one in five quit, retired, swapped roles or changed schools. a memo issued by the d.c. state board of education says the turnover rate is now reachingva ating proportions for students even though it's slightly improved last year. in 2018 the state board began studying this issue. but the head of the board said both traditional and public charter schools should routinely report the number of teachers who leave throughout the year so d.c. officials can better track the problem that impacts thousands of children. >> schools succeed with a strong culture and it means you didn't just meet yhat personsterday. you worked with them over a period of time. you have a way of working together that's effective.
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>> we found more than 10% of teachers departed other local school systems last year too. that includes fairfax county and frederick county. we surveyed nearly 5,000 teachers to see why so many leave their jobs. only some cited pay. others cited lack of support, nd class sizes a testing. there were other answers we did not expect. to see the results, see our nbc washingt app. search investigation. scott macfarlane, news 4 i-team. it was a historic first during the scripps nationalll speg bee. eight winners named co-champions. the spellers were so good the organizers ran out of words. one of those serup spellers was from maryland. he was the first champion from maryland. "eighth grade." he hails fromks cllle middle school in howard weoing to show you the word he ld to spel to win and then we have some new reaction from him afterwards. >> b-o-u-g-a-i-n-v-i-l-l-e-a.
5:20 pm
>> you are correct! >> i was just hoping that i would spell it right and everyone else would spell the words right because at that point i know everyoneon that stage deserved to win. >> okay. we just love him. if you were wondering, the word he had to spell had something to do with -- t'well, thas a beautiful ornamental vine. you n find it in at caribbean. you can f idt in the mediterranean. >> you can find it in my back yard because i paid a fortune to replace it y >> there go. he spelled 47 words correctly. he gets $50,000 for his efforts. well deserved. >> congratulations. cbd oils are becoming more and more popular and they're finding their way into everyday oducts. just ahead here, the fda begins
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to take a look at the impact to your health. a tribute to the strength and resilience of sex assault survivors now blanketing our national mall. sprucing up your shopping experience. i'm aimee cho in prince george's county. coming up on news 4, the new
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i'm pat lawson muse. we've gote breaking n at 5:30 if you are just joining us.
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multiple people have been injured in a mass shooting at virginia beach's municipal building. police say they believe there's persone shooter and that is now in custody. we're still working to learn the extent of the victim's injuries. we've been watching video from our nbc affiliate in virginia beach, but shows people leaving the municipal center with their hands in the air. the city manager says he's seen victims leaving the public utilities department. this building is next to both the police department headquarters and the virginia beach sheriff's office. we don't yet know anything about the shooter. we do know that the governor, governor northam has just issued a statement. hds just tweeted an the governor says in his tweet my i team and are actively smonitoring theituation in virginia beach. he ss please stay away from the area and follow all instructions from law enforcemel. and we wil keep working the story and we'll have updates for you here on news 4 at the live desk and on the nbc washingt app. leon, back to you. >> you got it. thank you, pat.
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prince george's county iski ma a new push to turn run down building into brand new stores and restaurant. >> officials have identifiedca loons that need some sprucing up. they're hoping to increase the mprove g's viability or the safety. aimee cho shows us theture of one building in clinton.: >> reporter shattered glass and bren down buildings. not a sight any shopper wants to see, but these workers laying the foundation for bigger things to come. right now at the landing at woodyard shopping center there's only a few options for shopping or eating, but the goal at the county's new project is to fix that. they say one year from now when the construction is de, it will be an aldi grocery store, cafes and even sit-down restaurants. >> we're so excited to be standing here tod. >> reporter: prince george's county executive announcing the new shopping center project today. she says they wanted to take tired empty buildings and turn them into a place people can be proud of. >> i understand that we have
5:26 pm
struggled to have quality food options. >> sit down staurant will be nice. not fast food. > eva has been coming to the landing at woodyard for years. she and her friends say they're excited to finally see new shops. >> love it. i am so impressed and i am so happy that they're coming. >> some of the new businesses, hick-fil-a, panera and marshalls and eight other areas around the county will also get an upgreat. marco town center, green meadow shopping ceyaer in hisville >> i remember there was a time we couldn't even walk to iverson, but now we can shop at iverson. >> it's about time. >> developers say they'll create hundreds of new jobs in the county. aie cho, news 4. some $2 million was awarded
5:27 pm
to nine shopping centers for the first wave of renovation. indidual stories of pain stitched togethernto a powerful call for action. the handmade monument quilt is t meantbe a source of strength for victims of sexual abuse. news 4 derrick ward is live on the n etional mall toxplain why organizers selected our city to be the final stop on this quilt national tour. derrick, tell us about leon, of course washington is famous ft this par of town, this federal enclave, the mall, the capital on one end, the monument on the othir. th of all the other people that come through here on any given weekend. that is their target. there is a message of healing. it's a varied message, but that is the unifying thread, that there's a long healing process for the victims of sexual abuse and rape. they're going to have that message on display here through the the mess can be subtle, general, simply words of
5:28 pm
encouragemege. the messa can be blunt and to the point, carrying the anger and the pain that victims of sexual abuse and rape often arry. whatever the means, they transformed this section of the national mall. >> actually, it's like a space to heal. we are demanding spaces for survivors to heal where they are shamed. d instead of >> reporter: the monument project named because of its purpose, something many of the organizers know because some of them are aur visurvivors as wel >> a lot of times when we see needs of ons, the survivors in the healing process aren't put first. >> reporter: th has traveled across the country. the final stop in d.c. say the organizers is a way to dreive home the message. >> while thereor have been m and more restrictions on people's bodies, this is a resistance. >> the government hasketo ta esponsibility that this is a
5:29 pm
human rights issue but also a health problem. >> reporter: besides the quilt, there are tents along the mall for quieter reflection. the subject can evoke unexpected emotions and memories. you might notice these quilts don't play flat on the ground. they're eleusated, spended on stakes. park service has some concerns about the grass, but actually it makes them move. they're dynamic. it's almost as if they were alive. however the message ise conveyd, there is a theme that runs ch through eaf these quilts like an endless unifying thread. it's a message to survivors you are not aloje. this pro started with just 50 quilts in baltimore a couple of years ago. it's grown to 3,000 onay dis here now. they will be on display through sunday afternoon. we are live on the national mall. wendy, leon, back to you guys. >> it's a beautiful night to go hear those voices. thank you, derrick. did you know when she stayed in washington rosa parks stayed
5:30 pm
at the mansion on "o" street? the mansion is now designated a historic site and destination on the african-american heritage trail. today mayor bower and city leaders unveiled that plaque for all to see. >> i did not know that. >> now you know. >> theore you know. all right. a chance tomorrow to see this in a way you've likely not seen it. they're cutting the ribbon the creek board walk. an elevated walk through a wetland reserve. >> it's a three quarter of a mileestination that spans from the historic site to the julie mets wetlands and takes visitors on a meandering journey through a one of a kind ecosystem here in princeun william co. >> the celebration will include food trucks, live music, and science demonstrations.
5:31 pm
we've got information about the event in the nbc washington app. go to our site and search board walk. oils come in almost jverything from toothpaste to coffee. t ahead at 5:00, the fda looks into whether there should be new rules about this billion dollar product. and it is a beautiful night for a concert out here at wolf trap right now. really enjoying t yesterday at this time we were in full bore with storms, tornadoes, everything. today nothing like tat at l. as a matter of fact, i got food coming in in just a couple minutes. we'll talk about that and talk about what's happening hre at e
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e say this could become a $22 billion business just in the next few years. today the government took the first step to explore how to regulate cbd, that compound made frohemp plants and unlike the cannabis cousin marijuana cbd t nly containsrace amounts of thc. the compound that makes you high. so it will not get you high. the fda hel a hearing on cbd which is currently prohibited from being inoo f drinks and supplements. despite that, it is showing up in all of those products and more. laws vary wildly from state to state. the science on cbd's effects is not there yet.
5:35 pm
>> the public needs to trust the products they're buyire safe, are made with the ingredients they are promised and don't contain any misleading information about its benefits or use. >> don't expect any immediate changes. it could be years before actual regulations are put into starting this month drivers will be seeing red on some downtown streets and ri goaltendeng depending on the time of day being in one of the lanes could cost you big time. testing out bus only lanes along stretches of "h" and "i" streets. the mayor even breaking out the roller to play some paint onhe pavement today. driving or parking in one of the lanes could earn you a $200 fine, possibly could end up getting your vehicle towed as well. tonthis series is getting a of buzz. it's the new netflix series that sheds light on the wrongful conviction of the central park
5:36 pm
five. we're going to hear from a maryland teenager who stars in that show. >> i just love being in the space of acting, being able to m transfo into a character and tell stories that people need to hear such ashis one. plus you're going to meet a woman who has hel transform woman who has hel transform the way people see kids with
5:37 pm
the biabcarriers are talking out their current 5g roll outs, but their efforts are limited to a few pockets in select cities or trying to convince cons.ers that 4g is actuall they're neglecting small towns and rural communities, in leavg them on the wrong side of the digital divide. if approved, only the combined availableresources of t-mobile and sprith can deliver on all spectrum bands
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back to the breaking news we're following this hour. we're getting some of the first images out of the ground out of th active shooter situation in virginia beach. multiple people wounded. the suspected gunman in custody after a mass shooting at the municipal building. the shooter opened fire in building two of the municipal center there.
5:39 pm
lenow we've seen pe leaving the building crying and hugging each other. no word on the extentof any injuries there that people have suffered, but keep it locked right here. we'll keep you updateds we learn more. in 1989 five black teenagers in new york city were falsely convicted of raping and nearly killing a woman. you likely know that story of the central park five.u' but y never seen it told this ay. it's a new mini seri based on this real life drama and it made its debut on netflix. it's making its debut today on netflix. one of the young stars is from our area. cory smith tells ushis story. >> reporter: in the last 24 hours, desante black has graduated from high school made his television debut. not bad for a kid from waldorf who is just 17 years old andali ady celebrating his big break in hollywood. >> life is hectic right now. >> reporte black co-stars in
5:40 pm
the network mini series "when they see us" based on the central park five. version ys the younger of kevin richardson. >> i kind of wanted to bring the joy and the sweetness of his portrayal as a 14-year-old inst ad of making it pain and sorrow. >> reporter: that will be a heavy lift for any act. black's been doing this since he was in the second grade. >> i love being in the space of acting, being able to transform inte a character and t stories people need to hear such as this one. >> reporter: for his parents, om education c first. they're thrilled he was able to get his diploma while filming. >> i'm proud of his ability to be able to push three and persevere and accomplish it all. >> reporter: to see her son debut in such an important story is something she could have only hoped for. >> when asante got this this is
5:41 pm
deep and this is heavy, but you've been given this opportunity so you're supposed to be telling this story. >> a story that will make you cry and cringe. above all hepes you learn something from the mini series and about the men who lived th. >> 're human beings that have lives, dreams, goals, aspirations, families. they have so much going for them. they're so much more than just this case. >> reporter: cory smith, news 4. >> wow.he again, "w they see us" available on netflix right now. as for astante, he plans to tak a year off before heading to college at rutgers. good for you. let's get back out to doug. doug has got his backyard weather thing going even though he's not in a yard today. no, but he's in the nation's backyard, wolf trap. >> it's kind of a yard.00
5:42 pm
cres right here out at wolf trap. i've got a couple here who lives -- thiis kind of your ackyard. you live right here in vienna. >> we do. we do this a lot. >> you've got the wine. you'resaeady. you you do this a lot and you guys are big in rock. >> yes. we love rock and roll all pes, everything from sammy hagar to motley crew to a band called disturbed. this is an incredible place to come and enjoy an evening, a meal and a wonderful to have it this close to home. >> and you get to come here early. you guys brought your snacks and everything. yo guys are ready to go. i've got my food too. empanadas.he these are amazing. these are made in vienna. this is s a greatauce with chips.
5:43 pm
take a look at this. quinosalad, but this is the one. look at this right here. this is, let me read it, this is a funnel cake chicken sandwch raspberry chipotle rub and powdered sugar. ands, i do have to take a bite of it. but -- it fell off a little bit. that's okay. but you don't like to watch me eat on tv. so i'm going to do this. and then i'm going to look at you and go wow, that's amazing. . amelia, next time you come in -- i shouldn't talk with my mouthful either. can you talk to her. >> next time you come in you have to try it. >> i think i will. oh, doug, i also know you that are breaking your diet or what you kind of have been eating. so that mustal mean it is r tasting. good as we take a look at storm team
5:44 pm
4 radar, you can see the d.c. metro area is completely dry. looking fartherk to the west and south, seeing some showers as the luray some showers and a few rumbles of thunder are certainly going to be possible southand west of washington. luray, southern fauquier county, into fredericksburg as this disturbance passes mainly off to our west. d.c. metro north and east, you're completely dry. a 87 for high on saturday. 86 on sunday. we'll have some thunderstorms on sunday mainly between 2:00 and 8:00 p.m. the experts at maryfield garden center tell us you want to plan veggies and fruits now for late summer ha ivest. hisludes bean, cucumbers, squash and melloons. if you're heading to the beaches late day showers and thunderstorms are likely. next monday and tuesday looking fantastic. tonight, though, great for eating that chicken funnel cake sandwich thing you got there.
5:45 pm
there was chicken in that? >> there was chicken in there, but amelia, you're right, i was off my diet and i apologize to oyself. so i am going eat the quinoa salad instead and i'moi to be just as happy about this when i eat this. doesn't that look good over there? hat looks really good over there. if there's any day to break yo diet, it's when you're going to see sammy t garlf trap. >> that quinoa is going to explode in his stomach. >> thank you, lori. you did a great job today. nicely done. brad, thank you, buddy. >> i don't know how this guy lives. >> well. he lives well. >> there you go. for nearly two decades, some young peoare in our with developmental and physical disabilities have benefited from a program called keen. the organization provid exercise classe for these youngl atetes and a vlunteer has
5:46 pm
een involved from the start diansforming the way that we see kids with sabilities and how those kids see themselves. karen's dedication is why she is this week's harris' hero. >> for karen, working with teens is anything but charity. it's her a callingnd you feel it the moment you meet her. >> how long have you been with them? 28, 27 years. i don't think about it as being that long, because i am not that old. >> karen started with the organization the yeart was founded, 1992. >> ironically i was looking for something to do on an occasional basis. >> she quickly found that she loved the program and everything it stands for. it stands for kids enjoy exercise now. it's a sports and recreation program for teens and young adults with disabilities. >> it shows what people with disabilities can do. >> they do it all. gym sportprograms, swimming,
5:47 pm
basketball, even zumba. the goal is y for theseng people to realize they can do anything. >> we're their c'rches. theye athletes. this is a moment where they get the time as athlete. >> and it's all free. the families dot pay for anything. this family gives their kids a confidence boost. >> she doesn't have many words, but we can tell that she enjoys it and she looks forward to it. >> after 27 years of volunteer service, there's no question why karen keeps coming back. >> these families are an incredible inspiration to me. me working with them, they're heroes. i'm not. i'm having fun. this is a big part of my life, and i'm going to cry. >> and she has a message for you. >> my personal pitch, volunteer. you will love these families. i'm going right to your camera. you will love thes families, so come and volunteer.
5:48 pm
>> give it to me one more time. ere you go. >> if you want to take karen up on her offer and volunteer, you can get more information about it in our nbc washington app. >> that way you get to work out everything. everything. side andin
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♪ ♪ everything. side andin
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♪ this is how driving should feel. the tech-advanced nissan leaf. the best selling electric vehicle of all time. this is nissan intelligent mobility. ♪ cleanup is under way in howard county after a twister touched down yesterday leavg a
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trail of destruction. wbal reporter had a look at some >> i seen the tree fall. i seen it start to fall so i stoppedntnd the car in fro of me stopped. then he started going and i saw it starting to fall so i just stopped. >> he stopped ande were right behind him on our way to a work assignment just like everybody else we talked to who also got out of their cars when they got stuck on route 32 in dayton when a massive tree came crashing down across the road. >> i just couldn't believe it. itwas, like, are you serious? >> the storm so serious in this spot, the dayton area, the national weather service was on scene this morning surveying the damage. >> we have a tor nnadtornadic e the wins get stronger higher up.
5:52 pm
>> a tornado doesn't have to rip off, your rooftear up your yard or cut off youro power t still feel the impact acutely the day after. >> there's a number of people around the area here that are all on wells, to they have feed their horses and all sorts of things, so there's a lot of people out of power, out ofwa r. we're just filling buckets. and feeding the horses.un >> anr: news 4 at 6:00 begins with breaking news. and we've got live breaking news coverage. an active shooter situation this time just a few hours uth of in virginia beach. you're looking at pictures of the virginia beach municipal building. we ve been watching as police swarm this building and we saw people coming out of the building with their hands up i the air. >> here's what we know so far. this happened in building two of whe municipal centerich is right next to city hall. virginia beach police say multiple people are hurt. they don't give a specific number at this time.
5:53 pm
theyd not say how badly those people are hurt. police also said they believe there is only one suspect and that at this time that suspect is in custody. police did not identifyhe person or say what his or her motivation might have been. >> now take a look at this video this is from our sister station in virginia beach. they were there as some of tns people ie that building came out unharmed and were reunited with loved ones. once again, breaking news coming in here now. an sctiveooter situation in virginia beach with multiple people injured and a suspect now


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