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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  June 3, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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woodbridge, virginia, in april, but several law enforcement sources tell us that blakeney was wanted by police for attempting to abduct myri's stepdaughter. according to this incident report, law enforcement sourcesn say the yogirl was walking her dog when blakeney allegedly grabbed her by the hand and id, quote, come with me into the woods. the younggirl escaped. akeney was murdered and his neighbor myrick is now sitting behind bars. >> i'm sad for the life that was lost, obviously, because it's a sad thing to happen and then sad for the man who committed the crime as well. now we have two lives that are lost and no good will come out of this. news 4 did speak a withngelo blakeney's uncle who told us he does not believe that his nephew tried to kidnap anyone. let's go to the latest in virginia beach where the wounds are still fresh and an email from the man suspected in a shooting rampage just hours
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before the attack is doing little to provide insight into a possible motive. pat lawson muse standing by in the newsroom. she's got a closer look at the community's efforts to heal tonight. >> several churches have been holding services, memorials have been set up, and today many school kids in virginia beach wore blue at the show of unity. however, in terms of the llnvestigation, there's s many unknowns. investigators say the man who carried out thehoing rampage worked for the city for 15 years, but resigned via email earlier that day. thours later he wento the municipal complex with two 45 caliber pistols and opened fire appearing to shoot at random. 12 people were killed. 11 of them city workers. authorities call the resignatior email bf and unremarkable. the city manager says the gunman had been in good standing with his employer. for now the mayor of virginia beach says the focus is oncoming together.
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>> it's the people that make this city great. it's the people that work here that make the cty great. and through adversity, we are going to not only find opportunity, we are going to be a stronger community because of this unfortunate accident. >> the atf sayar preliminly it appears the gunman bought his weapons legally in 2016 and 2018. we should note that this is only june and it marks the 150th mass shootingin this country and the deadliest so far in 2019. leon. >> numbers that no one wants to see continue to climb. thank you, pat. stay with us, folks, for continuingth coverage of mass shooting both on the air and online. just ahead in our next half hour, we'll have reports from virginia beach. we have some new details in the murder of that family in spotsylvania county. the medical examiner says rachel ozu and her 14-year-old son kyrrus were stabbed in the neck
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but the autopsy on the third vi tim, rachel's boyfriend michael coleman is not yet released. the three were found inside their home onrlene acres drive last wednesday. there was an infant and toddler inside both unharmed. investigators are calling this a homicide. let's turn to a story that is drawing international intrigue and tied t our area here. today we've got some new clues in the miss tier your deatteyso local couple. >> cynthia day and nathaniel holmes were staying at a resort on that island. they were foundead in their room last week. news 4's cory smith today we learned more about how they died. >> i was numb. i'm still numb. >> that was cynthia day's sister sewni sonya speaking to news 4 the day after h learninger sister and her fiancee were found dead in
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their room at a resort in the mo gany man republic. today investirs announced their cause of death was respiratory failure.he in words, excess fluids on the >> the most likely indicates that there was some type of lung injury that led to basically leaking of fluid into the portions of the lung that should be filled withair. when that happens, people don't get enough oxygen and they can die. >> reporter: investigators are looking at the possibility that carbon monoxide poisoning can be blamed. >> it basically poisons the cells, so even though there's en enough oxy around, it's not being used properly and the cells lose their energy pump, so it's like a car without a motor. >> both families are having a hard time believing respiratory issues caused cynthia and nathaniel's death. they point to t photos likes that the couple was happy and healthy on vacation. just as she was friday, holmes
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daughter is struggling to make sense of all. >> it's still hard to believe. >> police in t dominican republic would not confirm whether the couple's room had a carbon monoxide detector. investigators are waiting for the toxicology results which would show if carbon mnoxide was in the couple's system. new at 5:00, d.c.'s attornel gener iseuing purdu pharma, one of the leading opioid manufacturers. attorney general karl racine said pharma and the owners lied about the safety and effectiveness of those drugs. racine says the company misledc. octors and patients about the benefits. d.c. is the latest jurisdiction to sue the company.ea suits are alr pending from maryland and virginia. just about an hour ago president trump joining queen elizabeth and the rest of the royal family as heelrates his first official state visit in the uk. the president andt firsdy, members of the administration
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have been in london all day meeting with the british royals. t tonight's dinner both the president and the queen addressed the special relationship between our two nations. mr. trump who was aso inurope to mark the 75th anniversary of d-day paid tribute in his toast to the queen's husband who served in eritish royal navy in world war ii. it's going to be a tense week in maryland as the fte of toll lanes along i-270 and the beltwagoes to a big vote on wednesday. today state leaders and residents gathered urging governor hogan to rethink his proposal. tranortation reporter adam tuss live along 270. he's got a closer look at where this all stands right now. adam. >> you know, this is shaping up to be one of those really controversial transportation votes. remember the sverine? remember the inner-county connector? this is kind of on the same level and this his huge implications for the entire
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region. she is almost 2 years old. not old enough to rlize this park next to her house could be gone as part of a plan to expand the beltway for toll lane. >> it makes e want cry every time i think about it. >> her mom was there opposing the plan for a new toll lane. >> i feeto like i want leave a community that i love. my family is really happy here. we have awesome neighbors. >> leaders from mony,omery countrince george's and frederick meeting with the governor to talk about alternatives like getting better use instead. >> no matter hat the governor does to speed people around the beltway, when you get to places like orgia avenue and connecticut avenue, you're not going anywhere fast. >> b americanrd of public works is scheduled to take a
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critical vote on the project. that vote would allow companies to bid on t project. this isd what woul be known as a private public partnership. the secretary won't make any promises about homes and some land being lost. >> i can't flat-out say it until we see what the properscome back with. >> and governor hogan has sent out some tweets like this one that reads these anti-congestion activities show no regard for those of you stuck in day.crushing traffic every and a safety crisis that's hurting the quality of life in the region and now the region including some of the youngest wait for a vote on wednesday. theye local leader put it, think this would be a great time for the governor to start over on the project. not sure that's going to happen, but we'll be watching what happens in annapolis this weekend. >> there's a lot of money tied up in this idea with the
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governor. the price tag for the project now eimated to be $11 billion. billion with a "b." wendic a traff alert. it could change your commute as you head out of d.c. and into virginia. vdot has now closed an exit on the hov lanes near t pentagon. that means you can't take the hov lanes south across the 14th stre bridge anymore unless you plan to be traveling with some other occupants in your vehicle. drivers could previously hop on as a cut through, rejoin the main lanes anymore. this is all part of the 395 express lane project that's set to debut this fall. doesn't that just make traffic that much more fun? hey, this is an interesting story, navigating race in retail. >> we're in difficult times now and we have to learn how to manage diversity.
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>> still ahead on news 4, the incident that has prompted sep ira to close stores for an entire day this week. plus we're working for you with a consumer alert that new data breach putting your credit card information at risk. >> and a sinking situation. the call fromews that got the county to take action. butirst, cannabis confusion. the new action to protect medical marijuana patients in d.c. and it just doesn't get much better than thi 74 right now. our average high is 81. i'll show you when we get back not to around 80, but well above. we're going back closer to
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antonio? i'll get it. get to know geico and see how much you could save on renters insurance. well, the d.c. government appears to be at odds with the c distrt's own medical marijuana laws. some government employees who haveli quafied for medical marijuana cards have been told they could be fired if they don't quit using the legal drug.
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as news 4's mark segraves reports, the d.c. council plans to take action tomorrow to protect those patients. >> since 2013 medical marijuana has been legal in the district ofolumbia. t employers are still allowed to test employees for marijuana use and restrict it. as for c. government employees, while the district government does test for erijuana use and restrict some safety sensitiveployees from using medical marijuana there's growing concern amongst d.c. council members that the d.c. government is discriminating ov against gernment employees who legally use medical marijuana. >> people are not getting the jobs that they're applying for simply because they have a medical marijuana card. i think some people have also lost their jobs. >> this letter oewas recently s to the department of public works who told their empyers ey have medical marijuana cards. the notice gives those employees
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30 days to stop using marijuana or face possible termination. >> i thinkomebody who qualifies for medical marijuana, who has a card should not then have theirinjob jeopardy. >> today d.c. mayor muriel bowser responded to the concerns. >> those policies are under review and should they change we will let our employees know. >> when pressed whether employees would be fired if they continued to use medical marijuana,owser would not say. and cut off questions. >> that's all i have to say. >>. d.c. council will vote on emergency legiation that would protect employees from losing heir jobs. council members also stressed the law does not allow any employees to use medical marijuana while on theob >> it doesn't say that you can show up stoned or intoxicated in any way whatsoever. of cour you can't do that. there's also concern about the use of cbdi by government employees and while legal to use, it could still
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show up in random drug testing as positive for marijuana since it is a cousin of that. as the news 4 i-team rently reported, council members want government employees procted in the use of this legal oil. speaking of that legal oil, cbd, ben and jerry's could be adding that chemical to their ice cream. cbd? that's not the chemical in majuana that makes you high. that's thc. it has little or no effect on you which is that psychoac ve component of pot, but the fda e added tollow it to food and drinks. they say it's only going to be added cbd if rijuana is legalized on the federal level. news 4 working for you with a consumer alert. a major breach at one of the company's largest blood testing providers, quest diagnostics, up to 12 million patients may have had their medical, financial,
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personal informationom comed. regulators say sometime between august 1st last year and march 30th this year someone gained unauthorized access to aoca. that's quest's billingec collons vendor. quest says it was notified on friday it has not yet received details or complete information from amca about this breach. nbc 4 responds to a sinking situation in prince george's county. >> you can put it that way. you justd. di consumer reporter susan hogan here now with another example of how she's working for you. >> and i actually have to wait until the end to see this surprise it's good. you have to wait for it. e were contacted by a man named art. he said a huge hole was forming at the end of his driveway but he could not get the county to come and fix it. not knowing where else to turn, heontacted nbc 4 responds. so this story obviously has a
5:17 pm
hapg, endin but for about nine months, art and brenda weren't so sure it would. >> it's a safety issue. people walk up and down here. if they step in a hole, we've got a legasituation. >> art says a pipe the county installed under the end of the driveway wasusting out and the ground around it caving in. >> that hole went from this to 30 inches long and 10 inches wide. i didn't know if my truck was going to cave in, ups trucks come up here all the time. >> he started making calls to prince george's county last june. after months of gettingo response, he reached out to the count executive's office and even the governor. >> they kept telling us yeah, we'll have somebody call you. six weeks would go by. he'd call back. oh, yeah, we're going tove ha somebody call. >> and never did? >> no. >> then i'm saying where do i go now? chann 4. annel 4 is the answer. >> we got right to work letting
5:18 pm
pr nce george's county knat was going on. >> i had more phone calls in ou called ay after than i had all nine months. they couldn't do enough to f ll all over themselves to help me. >> just days later, this was happening. >> we're very satisfied and like i aid, it was a bear. >> the job is now done and art's no longer worried about someone falling in the h hole or driveway collapsing. and as soon as the work crew left, rt decided to put his own mark on the sproject, he doesn't forget who came to his rescue when he was just about to give up hope. the caller tells nbc 4 responds due to our name. >> 100%. thank you so much. >> thanks, art. >> so prince george's county st sent us a ement reading in part repairs of this magnitude can take up to aar ye
5:19 pm
during this process we understand that there was miscommunication in terms of the necessary timeline to repair the storm drain pipe. we will continue to provide the citizens of prince george's county the best custom service possible and we appreciate mr. growden's patience. prey cool, right? >> nice brand there. >> wait for the ending. it was the best part. this story came to us through and bc response tip line the contact information you see right there on the screen. it is so important. we do respond to every email and every phone call and we getre lts like that which are so great. we don't say that you have to engrave our name and everything that you have. >> but it wouldn't hurt. >> yeah. >> that was nice to see. >> for sure. >> thank you,an sus >> thanks, susan. it is the end of an era for
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apzbl apple. >> why the tech company says it's ready to get rid of i tunes. we'll find out what new app is coming in to replace it. theemperature is not even hitting 70 in some places today. wait until you hear where the temperatures are going to go tonight. tonight. doug's got that for you ri
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was indimy air cononed house. i walked outside and went whoa, my air conditioner is warmer inside. >> you had 40s on that thing. >> oh, yeah. >> are you serious? >> yeah. >> it's nic it's cool and refreshing. >> it's so nice out there. this is the kind of weather you would expec in early may and here we near early june. the heat is going to come back. were you out and about yesterday? >> yeah. it wasin kof fun. >> it is kind of fun beca dse it'sferent for us. we don't get a lot of hail. this is in parts of northeast. we actually saw hail, most of it was about penny size or dimeiz you can see these are smallma rble size, but we even had golf ball size hail in our arean area in parts of bethesda that actually had hail damage cars. >> it doesn't take much to turn your car into -- >> exactlyye h, thousands of dents he said on his car.
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that's going to be a big time repair. yay make your out and about today, temperature wise we're beautiful and those storms that came yesterday actually helped to bring in this nice look at this. 64 degrees. 78 in richmond. even ocean city at 75. temperature wise we're sitting at 74. winds out of the northwest at 17 miles an hour. we've seen higher gusts of 25, 30 miles an hour. the winds will start to subside special we're going to cool quickly. 70 martinurg, 75 fredericksburg. no rain currently. storm team 4 radar is dry. it will soray that way f the next 24 hours or so. this is something we haven't seen. satellite and radar, not much at all across the east. here's the storm right up here towards new england that caused that front to ce through, that gave us the severe weather. back to the west you see a few storms here but there are no severe thunderstrm watches or tornado watches around the area that i've seen them so much.
5:25 pm
there is one severe thunderstorm watch around denver. but that'sit. we have been so stormy across the country, that pattern has and will little bit continue to be on the quiet side. you might not want to turn onth a.c. it may be heat in some areas. 46 in frederick. 45 in leesburg. ve enough will not h time to cool to these numbers, so you probably won't need to heat tonight. kind of an interesting early tomorupw morning if you're when the sun comes up, this is the kind of number you can expect early tomorrow morning. very chilly 79, gh, in the afternoon. great day. lighter wind. all sunshine.eo just gorg out there on tuesday. how about the next couple of days? the heat returns. rednesday, thursday, friday, high temperatuin the upper 80s. a slight chance of storms coming up on wednesday. wednesday's storms could be possibly severe. we'll be tracking from the storm center. >> as you just saw, this weekend could be a mixed bag, but if you're planning toake part in
5:26 pm
any of the capital pride celebrations, for now it's looking like saturday can be the best day. you learn about all the events. you'll find it in the nbc washington app. search pride guide. >> a lot of us will be there. >> wll be in the parade. we have a booth out there. it's going to be a big weekend. an emotional reunion. two women going from strangers to family. >> the dna test that brought these hol survivors together. on wednesday it is store is cloe closing company wide for diversity training. what customers are saying this will do for the image of the beauty giant. and a community coming togeth to heal after yet another mass shooting. a report from virnia beach a report from virnia beach gic
5:27 pm
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>> annncer: you're watching news 4 at 5:00. back now at 5:30 with a look at our top stories. a man who was dpoufound dead in wooded area back in late april in virginia appears to be the victim of a revenge killing. officers arresting justin myrick in this case. both myrick and the other man lived in the same d.c. neighborhood. law enforcement sources are eved ng us that myrick be the victim had tried to kidnap his stepdaughter. investigators say a prince george's countycouple found dead in thepu dominican ic
5:30 pm
died of respiratory failure. cynthia day and nathaniel holmes were found deadr in th room at a resort last week. investigators investigators are looking into whether carbon mo nnoxide is to blame. >> and will toll roads be placed on 270? there is a lot of opposition because it will put lands and homes ashrisk. a t time ago the city of virginia beach released an email sent out by the man who killed 12 people. >> the gunman who worked f the city had put in a two week notice just earlier in the day. in it he wrote it had been a pleasure, but he cited personal reasons for leaving. >> tamara scott from our virginia beach sister statio a take closer look at how that ctrmunity is now ng to come together and heal. >> it's been three days since 12 people went in to work at the municipal center but never went
5:31 pm
home. just down the road at he courthouse, community united methodist church, they've opened their doors for healing. >> right now people are looking for a place and wondering if there's anyplace t in world to be safe. >> reverent beth andersonsays this hasn't been easy for them either. >> we're hearing a lot of sadness of how will i go forward, how will i move on. ve >> they haa job to do. >> children who lost their parents andthey'll never get to see them again. and so just helping them to grief one day at a time. >> less see lie is one of many overme with emotion. >> it's in our neighborhood nd our back yard. it doesn't seem possible. >> for her sadness comes in waves. >> i had a flash this morning of one of the people who was killed. she had helped me take care of something there. i just feltike -- i just felt such pain for her and for the families of them and also the
5:32 pm
familiesf the perpetrator. >> anderson says that's why they're here. >> not only are we here today, but we'll be here tomorrow, next week and next month for the year to come. these are our community, our neighbors, our families. we're going to be here always. >> this latest workplace shooting has people who study the issue scratching their heads. the suspect doesn't fit the profile. ennd out why coming up. now, ev if you haven't been inside, you're probably familiar with the newspaper front pages outside of a museum. today those pages are black. llat's in remembrance of journalists kied in the past year. the museum rededicatingalts to add the names of 21 journalists who died doing their tobs in 2018, including the five people killed las june in "the e capital gaze" shooting. the capita spoke at today's event talking about the importance of local
5:33 pm
publications. >> in society to recognize the importance of a variety of voices in the news media. we needs not only the giants, but small voices that you can find nowhere else than in community journalist. >> and we couldn't agree more. also honoredodt t's event, jamal khashoggi, "the washington post" columnist murdered last year. sephora, themassive beauty chain is going tos close it doors on wednesday at every store across the country. it's part of annest to be more inclusive after an incident with the grammy nominated singer. tracee wilkins takes ase c look at the fallout. >> on wednesday sephora, the super beauty supply chain isng closill of the u.s. locations for one day to focus on diversity training for its employees. the move comes one month after african-american r & b singer
5:34 pm
sza says she was racially profiled at a store. in a tweet she says lmao, sephora location called security to make sure i wasn't stealing. whad a lo talk. you have a blessed day. sandy. >> that racialng profilieeds to go. >> the shoppers in prince george's county had this to say a the controversy. t we're in difficult times and we haveo learn thou manage diversity and we've got to get rid of the old stereotypes that we haveaboutow certain people look and how we think people are. >> if it were me, would they have reacted the same way if i tweeted that or is it because she is who she is that they felt like they need to make a change or diversity training? >> t sephora corporation posted that the diversity training, theseav values always been at the heart of sephora and we're excited to welcome everyone when we reopen. join us in our commitment to a
5:35 pm
better community. >> there's a lot of other stores that should be interested in doing it. we spend a lot of mohey. >> t diversity training is for one day only on wednesday. all of sephora's stores, distribution centers, and corporate offices will be closed. they open backup on thursday. in prince george's county, i'm troike. >> sza says she was searching for products from rihanna's makeup line when she was shharassed and ironically starred in the lipstick campaign for yat beaut line. sephora apologizedo the singer via twitter. dpoumogtgomery county is gon to accept more kids into one of the highly sought after and highly competitive school programs.ig "eh grade"ers who want in can begin applying nextpr year. ng zra-- those schools sit in
5:36 pm
sections of the county that don't have the classes. the program is highly sought after in the county and only accepted 10% of applicants last year. d.c. mor muriel bowser is making an effort to close the economic and racial divide wen it comes to health care. >> we commit to dive deep into the day-to-day operations of our health care system across the city. >> she signed a bill today to create a new commission on health care. and tapped former council member david catanya toco-chair the group. it will be to improve access to mental health and primary carry, especially east of the city. e currently runs a lobbyi firm that has health care providers as clients. violence front and cter yet again. what to look for and what youn ca do now to try to stay safe
5:37 pm
at work. plus another change for commuting. bus only lanes. we check them out to see how they worked on day one. >> plus, have you noticed a bit of a haze in the sky? i noticed it outrunning. ngis is haze coming from wildfires burni in alberta, canada. tonight about an hour after sunset we're going see something really cool some of us in the night sky. i'm going
5:38 pm
5:39 pm
5:40 pm
kevin spacey made a surprise appearance in a massachusetts courtom today. 's accused of groping a youngon manhe resort island of nantucket back in 2016. spacey was not requed to attend the hearing today. the act tor's attorney demanded access to the accusers cell phone. spacey's attorney accusedo prsecutors of withholding information from thens defee. prosecutors argue the defense already had all of the information from that young man's cell phone. the judge said that the earliest this trial will happen is in the fall. there is going to be a show up in theky thatou can see tonight and this captivating display is manmade. >> we were talking about this during the break. amelia draper is here with the look at this new spacex project what it could do. >> let's start you of with a video of what you could potentially see. check this out. thineline is a li of satellites. this video was ta in the netherlands over a week ago.
5:41 pm
spacex launch 60 satellites n into theht sky, and yes, youc an see them. tonight some of us will be able to see them, but next monday, if the weather cooperates, all of us will be able to se them. check it out. it essentially a line of 60 . satellites let it play just to the beginning. here it starts just how cool would that be to head out wetht wihe kids. right around 9:20 you'll be able to go out. some of us, and this will be in the most rural locations, let's talk about the direction. tonight these will be moving from north/northwest to the north at 9:21. it on lasts a few minutes. you have to be out there on time and you need to be well outside of the beltway tonight away from iolight pollut to see that cool display. however, next monday on june 10th, everybody, if the weather cooperates, will be able to see this line of satellites. it will be 60 times brighter thni tonight happe at 10:45.
5:42 pm
this is spacex starling satellites that they lunched 60 comllnication satees. they will be launching thousands of them in hopes to provide worldwide internet. that's definitely a pro. some cons potentially, the impact of observing the night sky when you put that many satellites up into space. also we could see interference with radio signals. something cool to see if not tonight, next monday night. >> it is cool. you know what? when you're talking about the light pollution out there, that's something you have to think about. we light up our homes and yards and all of the -- my goodness, it looksike daylight 24/7. >> a whole other topic for a whole other day. >> thanks, alia. a major announcent from apple. the staple that's going away in the new feature the company is calling da k moods. plus a holocaus survivor meeting a long lost family member for the first time.
5:43 pm
>> it's a little bitlate bat bettere than never. l
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don't miss the xfinity spring sale. get started with this limited time offer and get your choice of dvr or speedr.pgrade free for a yea click, call, or visit a store today. well, more american workers, especially after last week, one in seven says they do not feel safe in their workplace. >> that's right. that's according to a study by the society for human resource management. at news 4 derrick ward reports, that study was done months ago but it's finding some new purpose. >> reporter: the stu was done in march by the alexandria based society for human resource . manageme johnny taylor says there were already some alarming trends before the latest incident. >> we've seen an uptick in workplace violence generally and hat's people fighting, people stabbing, throwing things at
5:46 pm
each other or alarmed about a recent tip where someone was poison. >> taylor says this sector has indeed changed and hat's because we've moved from postal shootings to the more common si incides of workplace violence. he says that's part of a societial shift a >> people disagree and realize people n don't think they can disagree without being disagreeable. >> reporter: he also says this latest incident in virginia beach,ell that just c founds all of the current knowledge and guidance to what to look for. >> he was not being terminated. there was no disciplinary action. he actually resigned earlier that day. and so it came out of apparently nowhere. >> reporter: as the invtigation continues and more is revealed, it may mean rethinking the indicators. taylor also saysth e's another thing to take away from this latest incident and that's not to overreact. >> you're having a bad day. it happs to all of us. voice.ise your
5:47 pm
does that mean you should be on our watch list? >> reporter: that is ala baing act leaders must perform. derrick ward, news 4. >> the stu also finds that even though american workplaces are among the safest in the world, workers doents feel n't safe as thuld be or should be. if you own an ipad or ipod, you could be in for changes. liz has the run down on all of apple's big announcements today. >> apple ceo timke cook k off the annual worldwide developer conference. >> welcome to 2019. >> where thousands are gathered to learn what's next for apple products. this year a nail if the coffin
5:48 pm
for itunes. >> the new maco os going to get rid of itunes. >> the ipad is getting its own operating system and the apple watch is getting its own app store zpl we're now making it possible to create apps that run independently on the watch. >> thoughhe company is moving od away from ts dependent on smartphones, the new operating system took center stage. >> yes, it's ios 13. >> boasting faster speed. >> launch speeds. up to twice as fast. >> and the addition of light and dark mode,tus already available on android q. another change to match google. ambitious updates to mapsin cluding street view. apple aims to stand apart as the tech company that prioritizes nrivacy and security and the ability to sign i with apple. announcements just one day after a researcher exposed a flaw in
5:49 pm
apple's mac >> nbc news. >> two virginia universities are going to allow you to get a craft beer certificat virginia tech, center for organizational and technological advancement and the school for professional and continuing studies are teaming up. it's a year long noncredit program. the certificate will be -- it's not giving you free beer. it's similar to virginia tech's business in brewingpr ram. it's going to cost about $2,500. classes will bein in november at the virginia tech roanoke center. >> you know who has four sons and don't need the credit? these two guys. >> don't need the credits. still want to larn.
5:50 pm
>> pay to drink some beer. it's true. >> to learn about it, the ience of it is fascinating. >> it helps you enjoy it even more. >> that's right. >> it's going to be nice to have a cool be tonight and a cool night. >> my gosh, a really cool night to the point where you try to maybe -- we can open up the w n windows, but u close them before you go to bed because it's that cool. temperatures in the 40s. this is going to be the coolest night we've seen most likely until then of september, maybe early october. this is some really cool air coming in across our region today. on the chilly side right now. i think chilly side. one of mto phographers just had shorts on and he goes i don't think i should have worn the shorts. we're still at 74 degrees, but there's that coolness to the atmosphere. sef 70 degrees at 7:00. by 11:00 i think some people will be down around 50 degrees in theur sub, maybe the upper 40s. 72 in leesburg, reston,
5:51 pm
manassas, centerville coming in around 74. rightow it's a beautifu afternoon. no rain. storm team 4 radar is dry. take a look at the entire country. at least most of the country. the only place we have severe thunderstorm watches, eastern portions of denver, colorado, overrt towards p of new mexico, but nothing in the middle part of the country. this is an area that has been hit so hard over the past couple of weeks with severe weather. the good news is they're not seeing it today. yes, they' s seeingrms down here, but no watches or warnings ongoing. thunderstorm e warnings, but nothing too big. tomorrow at the bus stop, cool for sure. 52 degrees for the kids at the bus stop. 72 at recess. 79 by the time you pick up the kids. no problem there. it really is going to be a spectacular day. we're below average today and tomorrow. we go well above as we make our way into the day on wednesday. we're back into the warm humid
5:52 pm
type storm. >> scattered thunderstorms are in the forecast on wednesday. on thursday some isolated showers and thun rstorms are possible during the day. plenty of drive time. you can see tomorrow, frida and saturday looking dry. i love that saturday is dry because of course we have the big pride parade happening downtown. morrow going to be a great day to get out in the garden. it's comfortable. we have low humidity out there. the experts at marysville garden center are telling us let's take a look at their tip for today with a cool start and a nice afternoon. feeding your lawn now is going to help maintain color and vigor as we progress into thesummer. if you fertilized earlier, wait until september to make the next pla application. this is on wednesday. this is scattered showers and p.understorms firing u they continue to move through the area until about 8:00 p.m., then maybe some plain rain overnig wednesdayinto early thursday and the humidity building back into the area on wednesday as well. tomorrow i think we need to plan
5:53 pm
something outdoors. >> we go right back up. coming off what was one of the warmest aprils of all time, the warmest april and may together of all time in our area. you know we'regoing to get warm again as we make our way through june. there's temperatures in the upper wedne, thursday and friday after a beautiful day tomorrow. pride looking great on saturday. high temperature of 86. no problems there. ren, though, lik re right now on sunday. i'll be watching that for you very closely. that's an interesting little system. long time until we get there. you know who got to enjoy the weareer? hund of kids with disabilities. part of an annual sports festival put ony the good folks at keen which stands for thekids e organizer was our har hero last week. the event took place in potomc.
5:54 pm
the goal is to make children with disabilities feel included and allow them to have fun and give parents a a break well. each athlete got paired up with a volueer for the day. there was an eotional reunion today at the holocaust museum. two cousins separated by the war and tt holocaus met each other for the first time. today panina and helen met and chatted about their history. dna and genealogy investigator brought them together. >> it's a little bit late, but better late than never. >> this reunion part of the locaustmuseum's ongoing effort to repair broken families. still ahead here on news 4, a 6-year-old girl being hailed as the hero. joe, joe, mommy's not
5:55 pm
breathing in my house. >> new at 6:00, what this child did that may have saved her mother's life. we'll hear from the fire chief who came to the rescuers fit drivers are seeing red. we're finding out how d.c.'s new we're finding out how d.c.'s new bus lanes are faringn o
5:56 pm
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5:58 pm
some new dedicated bus lanes. news 4's megan mcgrath caught up with people along "h" and "i" streets to get their take on these new lanes. >> rush hour along "i" street and the buses are moving right along. today is day one of the dedicated lanes. so far, so good. >> it's great. i love it. i like the way the bus can go through with no problems. >> how much faster would you say it was? >> a lot faster. >> the bright red paint seems to be doing the trick. carsenerally gothe point and stayed out of them. although we did see a delivery truck get a ticket for blocking the way. >> it was pretty much a smooth commute. people were following the lane and everybody can see the red. it's a god color. it's eye catching. boom, it's right there. >> the lanes are "h" and "i" street. the corridor gets sost coed that many buses can only go about 3 miles an hour.
5:59 pm
byvi remo other traffic from the lanes, vdot hopes to pick up the pace and cut commute time >> i think it's great so we can make it faster to work and there's less traffic. i think that's exciting. >> the lanes areon bus just during rush hour. you can still make a right ha-h turn from a la at t end of the block. bicycles can also use the lane, a big plus for this cyclist. >> there were no cars parked in the bus lanes. bikes were moving. the buses were moving. this is asign of the future. we're there. this is great. >> part of the reason things went so well we believe is because the lanes are painted red. really gives drivers the idea that hey, i'm not supposed to be dring here. in the district, megan mcgrath, news 4. now at 6:00, turning agony into action. >> obviously this is going to prompt a national discussion. >> let's not get too de into politics. >> how the mass shooting in virginia beach could lead to change.
6:00 pm
plus what we know so far about the gunman and thele colue who never came home. cannabis confusion. the major step in the nation's capital that could break down barriers for people in need of medical marijuana. i'm adam tuss. more tol lanes coming to the maryland beltway and 270. so fast. s> plus a little girl takes lifeaving action. >> mommy is not breathing in my house. >> new at 6 and only on news 4, hear from the little girl whose quick thinking probably saed her mother's life. news 4 at 6:00 starts now. first tonight remembering the victims of the tgic massacre in virginia beach. >> a sales clerk, an engineer, a mother, a grandmothe usband, wives. today a sobering sight outside that municipal center where those livesereost.


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