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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  June 4, 2019 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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may be at risk. we'll tell you why. t>> good morning, everyone. it is uesday, june 4th, 2019. i'm eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. 5:00 a.m. now. we begin this morning with a check on your forecast and the commute. melissaollet is standing by. >> let's begin with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. a chilly start, it's june. >> know, but it felt so good. i went to bed last night, the windows open, the breeze was blowing. i needed my blanky. it was good. i hope everybody else enjoyed it. some free airit condning from mother nature. and you never say no to free. skies have been clear overnight. the wind also laid down after sunset. as a result, temperatures fell quickly during the overnight hours. tst of the suburbs are in the 40ss morning. a chilly summer morning. 100% sunshine today before the humidity, and the thunderstorm chances return tomorrow
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afternoon. nothing to worry about today, though. 48 n in esburg. but 41 in winchster. 41 in the mountains of west we only get another 40 minutes or so before the sun's up. i wouldn't be surprised to see an isolated spot drop into the 30s this morning. closer to the city, the upper 40s and mid 50s. your school day forecast, the final weeks of the school year, 52 at the bus stops this morning. the sun will already be shining by the time you get out there. it will be near 79 degrees later on in the afternoon. we'll time outthe retur of the rain chances tomorrow coming up in a few. for now, over to melissa. >> reporter: south dakota avenue at rhode island, still have the area shut down becau of the fire there. the structure fire. aimee cho is tere onawrence street. northwest, inbound canal road, we thought it was cleared. it is being pushed off at arizona avenue as youe headed inbound because of a downed tree. are working to get that out of the way. inner loop, outer loop of the beltway, no major problems.
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and 66 into town, fairfax county to the parky, takes you nine minutes. >> thank you. 5:02. we're following breaking news in prince george's county. a man and woman were found dead in a home in clinton. >> the discovery was made late last night. news4's justin finch is live with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. moments ago, we saw police bring out the remains of at least one of the two people found dead in this home behind the ne is still very active this morning. you can see yellow crime tap is up. you have officers and dete behind that tape focused on the home just behind us there where that door remains open. t insideat home, last night police tell us they found a man and woman in a bedroom. ey were found with upper body trauma, and they were pronounced dead in the home. that's all we know about them a thiime. we can tell you this began with a welfare check last night.
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officers acting on they came to the home, made their way inside, and that is the site that they found -- that is the sight that they found. we're in the clinton area not far from the park. what we are seeing right now is the early start toth a dea investigation. again, two people found dead. at this point all we know is they're a man and woman. the relationship isot clear. as you see, an active investigation. it was just after 10:00 last night. t remains of one of the people we saw come out a short time ago. we are following this and will bring you moress it co in. live in clinton, i'm justin finch, news4. back to you. >> all right. thank you.e ware staying on top of breaking ns in the district. firefighters rescued a woman there a burn -- woman from burning home in northwest d.c. aimee cho joins us live near lawrence and 22nd streets with
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details. aimee? >> reporter: d.c. firefighters tell me when they got here to this house fire they found a man standing outside who had just escaped the fire. he told them there was a woman still trapped inside the house. i want to step o of the way and give you guys a better look at what is happening. that is the house ov there. firefighters had to go inside and were able to pull the woman out from the second floor. he is said to be in extremely critical condition. the man who escaped is expected to be okay. the fire is now out. but still a huge amount of firefighters trying to put out hot spots. this i in the brookland area of d.c. at lawrence and 22nd street northeast. we're talking about an extremely heavy fire here. there were flames on the first and second floors as well as the attic. there's also a heavy smell of smoke in the air. firefighters say they searched the whole house and have confirmed there is no one else trapped inside. we will continue to monitor the situation and bring you any updates as we get them. >> all right.
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aimee cho, live innortheast. thanks for the update. five days now since a gunn killed 12 people inside a virginia beach government building. while the community mourns, the issue of gun violence is again taking were? stage. this morning virginia governor ralph northam is expected to address the issue. the governor has long been a champion of gun control and safety measures. in january he announced several laws designed to prevent gun denwhs in the comlth. he's expected to speak this morning at 10:00. meanwhile, details about the investigation into the gunman have been made public. >>ee know that th suspect e-mailed a resignation letter the same day of theng shooti that e-mail has been released. the suspect simply wrote he was giving his two-week notice and that, quote, head been a pleasure to serve the city, but due to personal reasons i must relieve my position. he confirmed his last day would be june 14th. hours laterhe was dead along with 12ty other ci workers. among the killed, christopher
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rapp who used to work for stafford couy. he was the former director of public works. he will be remembered at ape memorial service tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. at theerrmed svices memorial on courouse road. the public is welcome to atend. 5:06. wean whatd kille a prince george's county couple during their dominican republic vacation. their families don't believe the autopsy report tells the full story. this is new cell phone video of cynthia day and her fiance, montthat at yell holmes, hours -- nathaniel holmes, hours before they were found dead. according to reports they died from respiratory and pulmonary edema. in other words, excess fluid on the lungs. investigators are looking at the possibility of carbon monoxide poisoning. they were found de the day in their hotel room the day they were supposed to return home. ate family says, "at this time the cause of de remains a mystery. the various theories have that have been reported why vyas wel
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to be supported." today there will be l news go medical marijuana. employers are still able to test employees for cannabis. under the current law, they run the risk of losing their jobs. >> i think somebody who qualifies for medical marijuana, who has a card, should not then have their job in jeopardy. >> concerns were raised after a letter was sent to d.c. department of public works employees who haevealeddhey ha medical marijuana cards. the letter directed them to stoi u medical marijuana or face termination. d.c. law does not allow employees to use medical marijuana while on the job. good news for peop who use river road in montgomery county. the road is back open following emergency nkhole repairs over the weekend. this is what it looked like last week when a large hole opened between maidens bower drive and esworthy road. all latinasen are now o for the
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commut's that good news. >> a busy area. >> it is. oppositi to a proposal to add new tolls along the beltway 2nd i- is growing. but that's not stopping state officials. >> tomorrow, maryland's board of public works is kuld to vote on whether to allow private companies to bid on the project. some fear too much land will be needed, and they're concerned that homes and parks could be taken away. >> it will feel like i want to leave a community that i love. my family's really happy here. we have awesome neighbors. >> now governor hogan released some tweets like the one you see here, "these anti relief activists show no regard for the hundreds of thousands of you who are stuck in g soul-crushinaffic every day." even more, "they offer no real ideas to solve the crisis that't huring the quality of life in the region." d the privata of up to 12
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million patients of quest diagnostics y be at risk. financial, medical, and personal information compromised following a data each. request s one of the largest blood-testing providers. regulators say sometime between august 1st ofnd last year march 30th of this year, someone gained unauthorized access to amca. that is quest's billing collections vendor. quest said it was notified friday and has not received, quote, detailed or complete information about the breach. lab results were not part of the breach. politics takes center stage england this morning. >> president trump is at a business roundtable event with the outgoing british prime minister theresa may right now. trump and may are said to be in talks with execives on trade and the possible post-brexit agreement. thdes was the pre's motorcade just a few moments ago headed to st. james palace for the roundtable. the two leaders are i'll asked to hold a new -- are scheduled to hold a news conference later this morning.
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stay with us for complete coverage of that. the network will bring it to you live. last night the president and first lady melania trump were greeted at buckingham palace by queen elizabeth for a lavish state dinner. the and the queen -- the president and the queen each shared a toast. >> i am so glad that we have another opportunity to demonstrate the immense important that both our countries attach to our relationship. >> i offer a toast to the eternal frienhip of our people, the vitality of our ndtions, and to the long-cherished a truly remarkable reign of her majesty, the queen. >> the three-day visit i celebrate the relationship between britain and te united states. 5:10. watch what happened last night. >> i knew you were happy about this. >> i didn't car for him so much. >> you weren't a big fan. >> talk about "jeopardy."
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and the winning streak has ended. >> jason holzhauer has appeared on the last 32 shows. the professional sports gambler and trivia whiz lost for the first time since he made an atearance. whenwas clear his streak was over, hhe high survived t woman who beat him. -- high-survived the woman who beat him. emma boettcher is the woman who stopped him. holz hawer won more than $2,460,000. that's still $58,000 shy of the record still held by ken jennings. see, he won a lot, but he still liked ken. different -- >> yeah. lifestyle --james, early on i felt like he wasn't as nice to alex as she should have been. that was m thing. >> james is still walking away with the one-day record for most earnings. >> huge. >> he had a strategy, he would t go for daily doubles. >> fee got the first -- she got the first daily doublef out o the gate. >> she probably had her own strategy. ahead, another headache for
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boeing. the wings on passenger planes may include faulty parts.he >> how t faa is responding. plus, homemade sunscreens. you might see directions on line, but is it a healthier option? we'll explore that. chuck? i've had the holzhauer syndrome before, when your brain is empty of information, you lose on "jeopardy." automaker i'm opt -- i'm optimistic for a parade without raindrops. the festival, that might be a different story. a seve weather chance beerfo
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compare comcast business to your current provider. my current service provider does not provide half of what you provide. w and to knothat i could save money? i'd be thrilled. this sounds like a whole business package, which would be increble. so what are you guys waiting for? s do it. (laughs) so what are you guys waiting for? let' comcast business gives you more. switch now and get fast, reliable internet for a new low price of $39.95 a month. plus, get free installation. better, faster? i mean sign me up. call today at 1-800-501-6000. comcast business. beyond fast. welcome back. this morning, more troubles for the makers of boeing 737 planes.
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the faa is warning that hundreds of the aircraft may have faultyn partsheir wings due to a manufacturing problem. that includes both older versions as well as some of the grounded fleet. the fes says air must inspect and remov the affected parts within ten days. >> we'll stay coordinated with her customers. it's important and we want to minimize disruptions to our customers. >> the issue they say is not related to the dead crashes likely causedy the flawed anti-stall system. the ceo says he hopes those planes will be back in the air by the end of the year. d.c.'s attorney general ing purdue pharma saying its owners, the sackler family, lied about safety and the effectiveness of the drugs. he said the company misled d.c. doctors and patients abo the benefits. d.c. is the latest injures dikds to sue -- jurisdiction to sue
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the company. lawsuits are pentagon in virginia and maryland. we are working for your health. ever feel like your brain isn't working sometimes? scientists at u.c. san francisco hav developed a meditation training app that could help young adults improve memory and attention and do it quickly. the app helps users focus on their breathing. aer six weeks, users said they mprovement. all about the breathing, right? deep breaths? >> i guess it can work unless a tweet pops up while you're on -- >> that's the point. you're not supposed to be looking at anything else. >> they slide downer ovhe top of the phone -- >> don't look at the phone. close your eyes. >> you need the app -- >> no, you put the earbuds in. you don't need the heapp. there's a trends that's extending to sunscreen. >> blogs are popping up with make yourha own t promise they're chemical free and full
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of good nutrients for your skin. the products have not been tested and might not be protecting you and your family. the fda says there's an important reason they approve sunscreen >> not that it's necessarily harmful, but it's as helpful as you think it is. cey do have zinc oxide in them which is amercial ingredient. the problem is they haven't been tested and you don't k w how much in each one and if you're distributing itn evenly i the home made products like they do in commercial-grade ones. >> when you're shopping for subscreen, look for things that have the -- sunscreens that have zic or titanium dioxiden them. they provide the most protection. >> i understand there have been recent stories about the chemicals getting into your skin. but zinc and titanium dioxide are topical. >> absolutely, and important to
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hot or humid and you don't feel the sweat, that's when you get burned the most because i think that you're safe. the sun's power is equally t same, whether it's hot and humid or cool and comfortable in the middle of the the of thumb, if your shadow is shorter than you, you should put sunscreen on. that means the sun is high up in th sky. lice long shadow, nothing to war -- nice long shadow, nothing to worry about. speaking of shadows, in silhouette around the city this morning. sun's coming up in 30 minutes or so. a very comfortable 56 in washington. you get away from the beltway now, and it's even cooler than that. 47 in gaithersburg now. 45 degrees in -- at dulles airport. 46 in manassas. icksburg.burgh, fre and along the chesapeake bay, in the suburbs, a nice way to get the day started. plan on near 100% sunshine today. we'll start off in the
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40s and 50s this morning. a nice rise into the 70s by later on in the afternoon. downtown high today around 79 degrees. a little breeze from the northwest this morning. that will gradually turn back to the southwest by later toy, tonight, and tomorrow. as a result, tomorrow no more 40s on the map. we'll start off in t low to mid 60s tomorrow. back up into the 80s tomorrow, then a 60% chance of thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon. we'll have to watch out for the possibility of some strong to severe weather. again, no weath wries for today, tonight, or early tomorrow. later in the day tomorrow, a likelihood of some thunderstorms rolling in, especially during the middle of theafternoon. as a result we will be under a slight risk for severe weather from the i-95 corridor westbound tomorrow. weep that in mind. we'll keep you posted on our nbc washington ape ther your five-day forecast. sun and 70s today. mid to upper 80s and storms tor rrow. anothettle chance of storms on thursday. staying warm and humid, but not oo terribly hot for friday and
5:20 am
saturday. the ten-day outlook in the next half hour. melissa, good morning. good morning, accokeek, 210, indian head highway at barry road, an accent was reported. we're not seeing the slowdown yet on the maps. northwest inbound canal road diverted at arizona because of a downed tree. northeast, south dakota near, fire with lanes blocked. that's where aimee cho is on the structure fire. ner loop, outer loop, no issues right now. 270 at germantown likelihood
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even if you haven't been inside, you've probably seen the newspapers outside of the newseum in northwest d.c. yesterday those pages were left black to remember the journalists killed in the past year. 21 journalists died doing their jobs in 2018 tlacandes incl the people killed in the "capital gazette" shooting. we couldn't hafe the li we live today without them. >> i think dangerous places and doing the workt needs to be done. a new study says that more and more american workers feel unsafe at work. >> te study was done mon
5:24 am
ago. as derrick ward reports, in the wake of the shooting at the "capital gazette" and virginia beach, it's finding new resonance. >> reporter: the state department was done by the society for human resource management. the c, johnny c. taylor, says there were alread alarming trends before the latest incident. >> we've seen an uptick in workplace violence generally. that's people fighting, histabbing, throwing tngs at one another. was alarmed about a recent incident where someone was poisoned. >> reporter: taylor says the sector has changed, and that's as we've moved from postal shootings to the more common incidentsf workplace violence. he says it's part of a broader societal shift. >> in our broader culture, people disagree and realized sort of people no don't thi they can disagree without being disagreeable. e reporter: he says thlatest incident at virginia beach, that just confounds the current knowledge and guidance on what to look for. >> he was not being terminated.
5:25 am
there was no disciplinary action. he actually resigned earlier that day. so you know, it came out of apparently nowhere. >> reporter: as the invesregation continues and mo is revealed, it may mean rethinking the indicators, the re flags. taylor also says there's another thing to take away from the id latest inct. that's ton overreact. >> -- that's not to overreact. >>adyou had a b day, happens to all of us,ou you raise yr voice. should you be on the watch list? >> reporter: a balance that gets harder to strike with each tragedy. derrick ward, nnos4. the study also finds that even though american workplaces are marks member of congress the safe the world, workers feel the aren't as safe as they could be or should be.'s it 5:25. coming up on "news4 today," homeowners wake up to find things missing from their house. they checked their security cram and find a burglary stopped by overnight. plus, the luxury rebtsal
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the big carriers are talking about their curren5g roll outs, but their efforts are limited to a few pockets in select cities or trying to convince consumers that 4g is actually 5g. thns're neglecting small tow and rural communities, leaving them on the wrong side of the digital divide. if approved, only the combined availableresources of t-mobile and sprint can deliver on all the spectrum bands needed to quickly bring unprecedented 5g connectivity across the natn.
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it is 5:29. we're tracking two breaking stories as you wake up on this tuesday. first, a death investigation after two people were found dead bedroom.yland we're live in prince george's county can with the latest. wand in northeast ington a woman was pulled from a burning home overnight. we'll bring you updates from both scenes in a moment. first, good morning to you. i'm eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. berefoe w head to those breaking signs, we're working 4 you with weather and traffic. melissa mollet is looking at
5:30 am
trouble spots on the roads. >> first, storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell has what you'll find out your front or today. you might want to grab the jacket, chuck? i grabbed my coat. >> it's cool. probably one of the coolest mornings of the entire summer. typically once you get past about the middle of june, getting below 60 becomes quite a choe. right now, skies are winds a light. there's one bug on the city camera. the only thing wrong with the picture this mornin 44 in montgomery county. 43 in winchester, virginia. 43 in martinsburg. 43 in warrenton, 48 here in upper marlboro, brandyne. 61 once you get town to -- get down to st. mary's city. 56 in lington. the wake-up weather is pleasant, indeed. sun's up in 14 minutes. temperatures will stay in the cool, comfortable 50s here between about now and 8:00, 9:00
5:31 am
in the morning. later for kids goingto school, the final weeks, afternoon playtime for sure. in the mid to upper 70s with very low humidity. tomorrow, the heat, lumhumidity and storm chances come back. sounds good to me. >> it soundsike good advice. especially coming from you. thank you. in northwest, inbound canal road. this is going to be a problem for a lot of folks if they don't get the tree out of the way quickly. inbound candle is -- canal is diverted. you have to take the left to head up azona. northeast, south dakota avenue near rhode island, fire there, lanes blocked. that's where aimee cho is. we'll talk with h in a minute here. accokeek, northbound indian head highway and barr road,ill have that accident hanging around. inner loop, outer loop of the btway, no issues. looking good. >> thank you. back to the breaking news. starting with the fire in the
5:32 am
district. >> we've learned new information about the woma found in a burning home in northeast. news4's aimee cho is live near lawrence and 22nd street now with the latest. >> reporter: an extremely sad update. we've just learnedoments ago from d.c. fire that the woman pulled from this burning house has now died. she was trapped on the second floor. t'want to step out of the way so you can see wha happening. firefighters tell me when they got here, they found a man who escaped the fire okay, and he told them the woman was still trapped inside. they went into the burning house to try and rescue her. i want to show video from earlier, from d. fire. we're talking about a massive fire. flames on every floor including the attic. the fire is out, but still a huge amount of firefighters trying to put out hot spots. this is at lawrence and 22nd street northeast in d.c. merefighters searched the house and confir no one is trapped inside. investigators are just now
5:33 am
starting to process to figure out the cause of the deadly fire. we will stay here and continue to bring updates as we get them. update.ks for the 5:33. we're following breaking news in prince george's county. a man and a woman found dead in a home in clinton. >> the discovery was made late last night. news4's justin finch is live with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we've learned it was a prince george's county police officer, a team that foundthe man and woman dead inside of the this home. we're in the community not too far from the costa regional park. the big home, the vehicle is parked near the home where the man and woman were found. we were video from earlier, the investigation here. we're told just after 10:00 or so last night, police arrived to the home acting on a welfare check, and innid they found a man and -- and inside they found
5:34 am
a man and woman unresponsive in a bedroom inside. they later pronounced them dead on the scene. police telling us only they had auma toheir upper body. in past experiences, that's meant a variety of things go including gunshots. no word on what that was. they been here several hours, removing the bodies a short time ago. the home still has officers in front of it. they continue their investigation as we again look at why you'll see an officer remain outside the home this morning. we have not yet had an ideification of that man and woman or details on their relationship. it began with a welfare call. once inside the home, police found the man andoman dead. we'll bring you much more as we get it. for now, live in clinton, justin finch, news4. back to you. >> thank you. now to the deadly mass g shootin virginia. the "washington post" reports
5:35 am
that today, virginia's statewide elected officials will call for stricter gun safety policies after a suspect opened fire at the virginia beach municipal center on friday killing 12 people. >> family, friends, and strangers gathered last night at a vigil to remember those victims. ♪ good morning, a memorial continues to grow. 12 wooden crosses along with flags, flowers, and other memos sit outside of the municipal center. one woman says she knew all 12 of the victims. >> justnd some very wful people's lives were lost. it's just -- >> this morning, the motiv remains a mystery. 5. . 35. here's a look at the other top stoes this morning. president trump is meeting with outgoing british prime minister theresa may. the two leaders are expected to
5:36 am
discussrade and the possible post-brexit agreement. a joint news conference is expected to happen in a few hours. a trip to paradise ended in death for a prince george's county couple. investigators now say sincy that day and her fiance, aftermath annen holmes, died of respiratory failure and pulmonary edema. et cetera -- excess fluid in the longs. the families don't believe the topsy report tells the full story. an alarming breach at one of the country's largest blood-testing provsters. q diagnostics. the financial, medical, and other personal information of up to 12 million patients may have been compromised. someone apparently accessed a quest billing vendor between august of last year and the end of march. w lab resultsere not a part of the breach. it's 5:36. next, instead of catching a tos school, a local band is p catching ane today. adventure historic
5:37 am
they're about to begin. and more than 100 police cars off the road and out of communicates. each is evidence in a crime. good tuesday morning. today at 5:00, a story about a special group of women on a journey to find the positive in some tough circumstances. these women and hundreds like them are finding ways to replacs feelings of anger, and insecurity with expressions of eyatitude. thre expressing it through the passionate work of a pastor, yolandailliams. w
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5:39 am
today marks 100 year since the 19th amendment passed giving the women the right tovo . women organized and picketed to win the right to vote. it would take decades for the
5:40 am
cause to reach congress. congresssed the amendment on june 4th, 1919. but it would take more an a year to be rotfied. today also marks 30 years since china violently crushed a pro-democracy ptest in tiananmen square. hundreds of killed as the chinese military stopped protesters. there is no official dea toll, though. china has gone to great lengths to erase the memory of that day from the chinese people. these images are illegal there, and censored from the internet c andnese history books. many young includes people do not know what happened. >> boy, if there ever was the important to show a free press, that's. it the ekend outlook, i'm optimistic that the capital pride parade on saturday will be rain free. the festival on sunday coulde facing a rain chance. now, if you're going to leave town to head to the eastern shore this weekend, same story. i think friday and saturday look good.
5:41 am
will be a chance of rain on sunday. sunday. more on the chances t geico makes it easy to get help when you need it.
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[chanting] it's not just easy. it's geico easy. oh, duncan. stay up. no sleepies. >> welcome back, 5:43. we're learning two lo il men were i a deadly suspected dui crash over the weekend. police ttsted video to t showing the crash. officials say stanley butler jr. of d.c. was driving a rented mclaren when he lost control and crashed into a parked toyota. the person inside of the toyota was killed. olice say butler showed signs of impairment and was arrested. levon blackburn brant of temple
5:44 am
hills, maryland, was a passenger in the mclaren. more than 100 police cars in baltimore have been pulled out of service as part of a sexual assault investigation. officials say 115olice cars were taken out of service after a woman said she was sexually assaulted by a baltimore police officer. the woman wasn't ableo provide a name but said the officer drove a white police car. the department said as a result, some departmental vehicles are now being processed for potential evidence havana also working to any officers who may have been involved and fly establish the facts of this case. now this morning, an update to a story we told you about yesterday here on s4new. police have arrested rane delliger, the murder suspect officials have been looking for. he was found in north carolina o yesterday ing. dellinger is charged with killing jacob mower in ellicott city on saturday night. mower dellinger, and a friend
5:45 am
were in a parked car behind a building using drugs. they believe delling hit one ilot that kd him at the scene. police are working to bring dellinger back to maryland. this morning, the search is on for a missing teen from gaithersburg. take a look. this is jessica, she'srs 13 y old. police say she left her home on country cross court friday and hn't been seen forefrom since. she was last seen wearing a black jacket and red and green christmas-themed pajama pants. if you see h or know anything to help her come back, you're asked to call police. right nowic d.c.are looking for a burglar who struck while a family was at home. look at the footage from security cameras. this happenedunday morning at a home on ellicott street in northwest. the police report says the homeowner left the bac door open because their children were having a camp-out t inhe back
5:46 am
yard. you can see the suspect come in and out filling backpacks. he even stopped to charge his electronics. the homeowners didg t anythi to anything was missing until the next day. k police the tow if anyone else in the neighborhood may have eten targ by this guy in a similar bay. >> think that theyre kids. >> while it was goingn. yeah. almost nothing on capitol hill is bipartisan these days. going after big tech is an area where there is aeement apparently. todayudhe house jiciary committee announced new hearings to investigate whether there's enough competition the technology. the news sent google, leap and amazon, as well as stock plummeting. i believe this was yesteray. his as apple announced a major shift. the company is dropping itunes while it focuses products that don't rely on the iphone. unapple annoced a new operating system and several security features as it tries to show consumers it cares about privacy. isthis age of smart phoneand
5:47 am
touch screens, it was a desktop computer that set her onfire. the $6,000 mac pro ksedisra lik grater. i guess that's on the left -- >> that's the cheese grater ththre. >> got memes going. some saying make mac pro great again. g-r-e-a-t-e. and other showing the manual itocess of importing files. >> $6,000, maybe it should great cheese and everything, right? 5:4s congresis back in session and handling business after a ten-day recess. >> yesterday the house approved a $19 billion disaster biller at was stalled because of a standoff between president trump and democrs. news4's tracie potts joins us m live withore on this. ood morningoo >> reporter:morning. that sdesh bill will provide a lo of money for firearms and other who were devastated,
5:48 am
community devastated by hurricanes and access, wildfires, droughts. flooding, which is what hurt a lot of farmers who lost crops down south. now the funding is headed to th' presidendesk. a lot of happening. next week the first on the mueller report without special counsel robert mueller. at least so far. also, lawmakers, democrats specifically, are going after members of the trump administration who they think g aren't bein cooperative. the attorney general, commerce secretary wilbur ross, the former white house counsel, down mcghan, all of them up for contempt votes for not kpling ith subpoenas. the votes to happen next week. >> thank you. all right. the sun is up ultimate can see that. after a chilly start, we're wondering if it will warm up. >> yes, have faith. >> i do. i have faith in you. >> aer 14 1/2 hours of sunshine -- >> love june. >> yes. it's doing to be really pretty
5:49 am
today. if you liked yesterday, i think you're probably going to like today even more only because similar levels of humidity and similar temperatures. but without the wind. without the wind stirring things up, easier on allergyer suffer for today. perfect weather for all of your outdoor activities. ifyou're doing any long distance run training, these are the mornings you need to steal away and get extra miles ofai tring done on days like this. we cannot guarantee weather this cool and comfortable for several more months. right now, 56 in washington. a mosly clear sky. you get away from the so to and's noticeably colder. most of montgomery county in the mi mid0s. mid 40s for fairfax, arlington, and princunwilliam y. 48 in leesburg and fredericksburg. 48 also in beautiful clinton maryland. your planner then for koz, by 7:00, mostiators out of the 40s and into the 50s. a beautifu sunshine day today.
5:50 am
tomorrow, southwest winds are back. that means more heat, more humidity. it also means storm chansds well back for tomorrow. this ripple in bringing storms to chod. future weather, nothing to worry about for today or tonight. after 5:00, a likelihood of some individually strong thunderstorms around here tomorrow evening. as we get is on thursday, still an isolated ance at a shower or two, rain chances are 60% only 30% for friday. and again, tomorrow we are under a slight risk for storms being sevp e. we'll keeou posted. yours here i don't five-day forecast -- great weather today the. warm, humid, andtoriumy mo toow. i'm optimistic that friday and saturday win rain free, then owery sunday and monday. chopper 4 has an awesome
5:51 am
picture. let's hope that melissa mollet will show it. i am showing it. beautiful things this morning. washington monument in the distance. the five-mile zoom comes in hand oh days like today. northwest, inbound canal,till pushed off at arizona aefts e arizona cause of a -- avenue because of a downed tree. in northeast, south da near rhode island, fire situation with all lanes shut down. rockville, new problem westbound at 28, have a brannew accident near falls grove. accokeek northboundin head highway fire abarry, ancident much the beltway, inner loop, inner loop, looking good. light 1r578. on 2 looking good. southbound 63 miles per hour. top of the beltway, 47 mile-per-hourbo i. any on 66 and 95, no worries there. aaron? >> thank you. it's 5:51. today we'll get a first glimpse what the our citizens will look
5:52 am
-- redskins will look like. mandatory minutes camp begins today. that means the vets of the squad will be in ashburn. many of the new players have already been attending the otas. check out dwayne haskins at photo day yesterday. former free agent landon clint will join theburg district attorney and gold after four seasons with the giants. and adrian peterson looks ready to go. he re-signed with the teach in march. >> getting it done. let's who it >> that's right. get use to hearing the name jackson rutledge. the nationals chose the pitcher as their first-round pick during the dmlbft. >> washington had to wait until the 17th pick to make the selection. rutledge was a finalist for the golden spikes award given to the top college player in the country. he's a big guy, too. 6-8 hoit, 250 pounds. and can throw a fastball in the mid to high nice. watch your head.
5:53 am
that's why they wear the helmets. yoirms fans, you have a lot to celebrate. baltimoreed select player many are calling the top prospect since bryan harper in 2010. she was ranked number one by nearly every publication. he was second and the second time in history may got the top pick. today the werndon bandsll leave for a trip to normandy, france. >> 2019 makes 75 years since the allied invasion of normandy and operation eord. ♪ >> according to our new partner, wtop, they will carry pictures and stories of crew who serveda along the "uss herndon." three of the students will wear oginal dress blues from sailors and carry an american flag that flew on the ship. the navy destroyer was the lead ship of the allied armada during
5:54 am
the n.invas incredible honor. a montgomery county fire official says his 6-year-old neighbor is a hero. when c the girl-- when the girlr d a seizure, she called the 911. the dispatcher told her to go next door. >> did anybody answer? >> i hope so. >> two darts ago, joe chornock lives. she must have known where toeg. he's the former fire chief in germantown. his camera captured it the moment they both sprang into action. >> jojo, jojo, mommy's not breathi at my house. >> then she hands me the phone for the 911 operator. i identified myself and what i was doing. >> reporter: the fire chief was able to check the mom's vitals, she was breathing and is doing fine. chornock said the little girl is
5:55 am
an example of why you should ou teach yr kids 911. the mom fine dueo her daughter's quick thinking. >> she was calm -- urgent but calm. good f her. e situations n th that everything you teach your children up to that point stick. 5:55. good morning, walmrt is hoping to win over a new group of workers, high school students. the retailer which is the nakz'g t private employer will begin offering free s.a.t. and act prep courses. it will offer more predictable schedules and debt high freed college degrees toemployees as a way to attract workers in the tight new england job market. the number of teens has fallen in recent years schoolwork and extracurricular activities become more demanding. with your nbccnbc business repo i'm frank holland. >> thank you. at local high school etes are capping off their season with a championship trophy.
5:56 am
>> we're talking about the wilson high school crew team. news4's molette green is with them talking about the win and ambitions head into the next season. mollet? >> reporter: good morning. i am with the national champs. there they are. the eight young men coming down with as well throats. we're at an early morning practice at thompson boathoumpt my goodness, ok at the excitement and the cheers from ll of the team members at the school. coming up, why they feel so good. wilson ishe only public school in the district with this rowing back to you guys. >> all right. can't wait to hear that conversation. thank you. still ead, d.c.'s marijuana laws may soon receive an emergency rework. we'll tell you why.
5:57 am
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5:59 am
baking this morningon "news4 today," a gruesome discovery inside a local home. news4 is live at the decent of a double-death investigation. in the district, an overnight house fire turns deadly. the fire investigators now trying to figure out what sparked the flames.
6:00 am
a very busy morning here "news4 today" on a tuesday. good morning to you. i'm eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. 6:00 a.m. right now. we have live coverage the breaking stories. we'll begin with a check on your forecast and the ssa mollet is standing by with first 4 >> we want to begin with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell what happen what is starting off be a chilly morning. >> it's the good kind of chilly. chilly in the summertime it exactly what you want. it's a tough chimpanzees would y -- it's a tough choice. wold youather have the cool in the warm season? i will take it any day. there's the lincoln memorial. downtown washington, a flawless day. 100% sunshine. humidity back thtomorrow. means storm chances are also back tomorrow. enjoy today's dry weather. you're right, nice and chilly this morning. mid 40s in most of the outlying suburbs. mid 50s downto and near 60 by the bay. your planner for today,


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