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tv   Today  NBC  June 4, 2019 7:00am-8:39am EDT

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good morning. the royal treatment. the queen toas the trumps at a labash uet. >> i'm delighted to welcome you and mrs. trump to buckingham palace. >> offer a toast to the eternal friendship of our people. >> this morning from pags.ntry to pol the president sittingn dow with the embattled british prime minister today. flood crisis. even more rain set tl fal on the south and midwest today with rivers already at historic levels. this morning the growing threat r millions. mystery in paradise. a texas couple on a vacation in
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fiji die suddenly from a strange illness. >> nobody tell me what was the cause of the death. and that is very hard for me. >> their famils search for swers just ahead. those stories, plus the blood stained evidee just revealed in the case of that missing mother of five in connecticut. lucky to be alive. an inspiring message from a north carolina teen whoost her leg to a shark attack and the heroic actions of her fatr that saved her life. and out of jeopardy >> what didou wager? oh, gosh. what a payday. >> jeopardy james' winning streak comes to an end just shy of the record. "today," june 4th, 2019. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning. nice to have you with us on a tuesday morning.
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we're both in shock about "jeopardy!" >> i'm not goiull conspiracy theorist here, but there are me questions about how he lost. >> yeah. he didn't wage big. that's his trademark. let's start with the top story. the president overseas. he's holding talks with theresa may this morning after yestoday's royal welcome t london. peter alexander is traveling with the president. hey, peter, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. first the pomp. now the politics. mr. trump is meeting with theresa may. her exit expedited by her inability to navigate britain's departure from the european union. this follows a day of tradition and ceremony the president giving president trump and his family the royal treatment. this morning a frayed friendship on display. president trump face-to-face
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with theresa may who's stepping down the end of this week. he's criticized her approach to brexit before. but this morning only praise. >> don't know exactly what you're going to do, but stick around. let's do this deal. >> reporter: it comes after that state banquet at buckingham palace. white ties and tiaras. ten a toast by queen. >> she has exhibited the patriotism that beats pudly in every british heart. her majesty the queen. be>> reporter: queen eliza formally welcoming the guests of honor. >> i rise you all to rise and drink a toast to president trump. >> reporter: as well as the post-war alliances many across europe fear. president trump may be weakening. >> while the world has changed, we are forever mindful of the original purpose of these
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structures. nations working together togu safed peace. >> reporter: an 82-gun salute trumps. the a tour of westminster abbey and tea with prince charles and camilla. prince harry briefly spotted near ivanka trump. no comments publicly about president trump's comments aboul meghan mar as nasty. large protests expected against trump. the trump b babyloon ready for lach. the backlash less than 24 hours after president trump tweeted, haven't seen any protests yet. great love all around. as for his plans today, the expectation was that president trump would meet with theresa may one-on-one. now both sides are going to bring delegations with them before a news conference at her office 10 downing street. t
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theny will look at the churchill war rooms. finally tonight president trump will host a dinner for dignitaries including prince charles and camilla at the u.s. ambassador's residence here in london. >> you're about five hours ahead of us there in london. have you seen those protests, peter? >> reporter: right now a there about 10,000 protesters in the square. the wet weather, though, it's been rainingheard in t last few minutes. that could really dampeatthe demonstrns. you'll remember, the protesters got the green light from london'sayor sadiq khan who traded insults with president trump before the president even arrived. still a full day ahead. we'll keep you pted on how it goes. >> thank you. we'll have more from london later this morning. meanwhile back here, a new batch of rain i moving into parts of the south and midwest today. adding to what is already a dire
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flooding situation for millions. gabe gutierrez joins us from hard-hit pine bluff, arkansas. gabe, good morning to you. >> craig, good morning. the arkansas river is still rising. it went up about 7 inches overnight. you can only get to some of these neighborhoods by boat. from the air you really get ae sens of just how much water there is here. it really is astounding. ad in some places, it extends as fars the eye can see. this morning, insult to mojury. rain is forecast for flood ravaged communities as rivers swell to new heights. bad you ever think it would get this >> no. no, i never thougo it would this. >> reporter: ricky haines is trying to salvage his truck. e water has already claimed his house. >> my wife has been crying quite a bit. you know, you're losing -- you
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know, not erything, but you're losing a lot. >> reporter: here in pine bluff, arkansas, evacuation orders are in effect. this neighborhood is devastated and the water is expected to crest here wednesday. >> a lot of people did have time to get a lot of belongings out, >>t nobody realized it would be this. reporter: it has been a slow motion disaster. >> it has. every day we watch it rise foot. >> reporter: it's been a devastating year. mid-western rivers have caused billions of dollars of damage in farmland, homes, and businesses. in illinois today, volunteers are fighting to hold back the ri mississippi r. >> that's a lot of water that we haven't seen since 1993. this is now our second most severe flood on record. >> reporter: the town has battled floodwaters for weeks. >> they're canceling wun by one. >> reporter: business is down 80% for this woman's bed and
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breakfast. i hate to say it. but when it peaks, i hope it goes down fast for a lotf people's sake. >> reporter: back here in arkansas, it is a beautiful but it is revealing some very difficult scenes for many of the folks here. this is a slow-motion disaster with no end in sight. vice president pence is scheduledo tour parts of flood ravaged oklahoma later today. >> i mean, you look at those pictures from high above in pine bl,f, arkansas and your heart goes out to the folks there. gabe, thank you. >> thank you. now for new disturbing information in the case of a connecticut mothe of five who disappeared more than a week ago. court documents from the arrest of her estranged husband and his girlfriend, blood evidence has been found. kristen dahlgrenas the latest on this. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the search is expected to continue this morninas the investigation takes that grim turn. they now believe this mother of five was the victim of a serious
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physical assault. chilling new details coming to light i case of a missing mother of. five . as the search continues for jennifer dulos, her estranged husband fotis dulos and his girlfriend are charged in connection with her disappearance. both stone faced during their arraignments are accused of fabricated oramring with physical evidence. according to the newly released arrest waants, officers investigating the disappearance searched dulos' home and saw many stains on the garage floor that tested positive for human blood. multiple areas of suspected blood spatter. and ettdence ofpts to clean the crime scene. cell phone tracking data shows on the night of jennifer's disappearance, the defendantset traveled togr to the state capital hartfordtopping at 30 different locations. multiple surveillance cameras caughtnd iiduals matching the
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defendants dumping trash bags containing items including clothing and ang sponge accordi to the warrants. those items found to contain jennifer dulos' blood. jennifer dulos was last seen dropping off her children at school on may 24th. her empty suv was found later rat night n a park in new canaan which has been heavily the bond for both set at $500,000. prosecutort asking they submi to gps monitoring. this morning dulos remains in custody. why traconis posted bond. >> are you going to do the right thing? >> reporter: now, the defendants did not enter pleas. their attorneys declined our request for comment. and this morning a townwide alert for any security footage that shows the roads around here. authorities hoping that may finally give them more clues. a >> right. kristen dahlgren, thank you so much. now to a mystery in paradise
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that has the family of a texas couple searching for answers this morning. the pair dying while on vacation in fiji after apparently coming down with an unknown illness. miguel aaguer has that story for us. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. david and michelle paul were on aat dream vacn half a world away. but the associated press reports the ft. worth couple suddenly died unexpectedly with authorities saying an unidentified illness was responsible. their family back here in the u.s. now coping withhe tragic loss. family and friends of michelle and david p tl sayhe couple had been planning their dream vacation to fiji for some time. >> we were very excited. they'd never been in this place. >> reporter: michelleme a forr student athlete and david an air force veteran apparently falling ill justne day before they were expected toeturn home to ft. worth, texas. michelle's father mark calinag
7:12 am
telling nbc news his daughter contacted him to say the couple wasn't feeling well and planned to go t a local clinic. >> then the next day they decided to go to the hospital. experiencing re the same kind of sickness. >> reporter: despite medic care, their conditions worsened dying a few days apart. >> nobody tling me what was h.e cause of the de and that is very hard for me. >> reporter: a u.s. state department spokesperson confirming the couple's death ty monitoring local authorities' investigation into the cause of death. news of the tragedy shocking friends and family back at home. the pair leaving behindheir 2-year-old son. and davidpaul's daughter from a previous relationship. >> every time people call my wife, sheries very hard. but i keep telling my wife that we got to stay strong because we have a new job.
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aidan. we have to take care of him. >> reporter: now a sudden death bringing a new reality to the parents of a couple gone too soon. >> m feeling is we are not -- as parents we areupot sposed to by our children. that is very hard for me. very hard. >> reporteher says the couple says the couple the exactso jo& johnson is a baby company.
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7:26 i your time now on this tuesday, june 4th, 2019. good morning, everyone. m eun yang. >> and i'm aaron gilchrist. this morning at 10:00, virginia governor ralph northam is expected to address gun violence. this comes five days after 12 people were killed in virginia beach. also today, the d.c. council is expected to pass a new law aimed at protecting district employees who use medical marijuana. medical marijuana is legal in d.c., but employers are still allowedst to te employees for cannabis. now let's check on your commute with melissa mollet and your first 4 traffic. >> good morning. still have this alert in northwest. traffic mush pushed onto arizona avenue. taking a look as we zoom out. route 1, crash reported there.
7:17 am
and in alexandria left lane is ocked. today on news 4, a group of women on a journey to find inspiration and hope. >> today at 5:00. we'll take a break.t your forecas up next. stay with us.
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good morning, everybody. delightful weather outside on a tuesday. most in the upper 40s and low to mid-50s around the suburbs. warmer in town and by the bay. ternoon highs today will be in the mid to upper 70s. lots of sunshine, low humidity for today. there's your extended forecast. we're watching out for a chance of strong to severe storms tomorr afternoon andevening. then friday and saturday will look mainly dry. but sunday and monday can be kind of rainy. >> another local news update in 25 minutes. >> now back to the "today" show after this break.
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james. >> what a whcork? at is morocco? what i wind beneath my winds? >> yes. >> what is overpass and passover? >> yes. >> what is parks and recreation? >> yes. >> what is feat of clay? >> you are right again. >> the only thingng mis from that montage is the sad, weepy music. i guess the run is over now. >> but alas, last night came to an end. 32 straight. nearly $2.5 million in winnings. coming up, what he said overnight about his streak ending just shy of the show's all-time record. >> yeah. you have that look on your face -- craig thinks it's a little fishy. >> i do. i think he might have thrown it. >> okay. we're going to g into --'s yelling from the other room. we'll get into it. let's do the headlines of the morning. president trump meeting with outgoing british prime minister
7:21 am
theresa may. the president arrived at 10 downing street joined by melania trump, ivanka, and members of the administration. the president has frequently criticized theresa may over her handling of brexit negotiations with europe. she recently resigned, will step down later this week. meantime, thousands of tra straiters have flooded the streets today. t man who threw a young boy from the third floor of mall of america was sentenced to 19 years in prison. he was charged with attempted murder. in april, he approached the 5-year-old boy at random and threw him over the railing. the boy is still head injuries and multiple broken bones. in a written statement, t boy's mother said to the man, quote, god will judge you some i day and have peace with that. i am done with you. now to the latest inhe college admissions scandal. lawyers representg more than a dozen parents packed a boston
7:22 am
courtroom yesterday. they revealed part of their defesoe strategy. they say their money was intended for charity, not a bribe. of the 33 parents charged, nearly half have taken plea deals. the others fighting charges. also this morning, a 17-year-old girl is recovering from severe injuriessfter she wa attacked by a shark at a s north carolinate park. officials are crediting her survival to the heroic actions oferer fath kerry sanders is on atlantic beach for us. kerry, good morning. >> reporter: well, good morning. that is correct. the 17-year-old is likely alive because of the heroics of her father. he's a paramedic and former orine who took the shark that grabbed his daughter in i jaws wit his fists. the experts believe this was a bull shark, one of the top three most aggressive sharks in the ocea
7:23 am
the devastating 911 call. >> there has been a shark attack. there's somebody in the water bleeding. eporter: the victim, 17-year-old paige winter. >> her leg is almost gone. >> >> she needs probably life flighted out. she's in bad shape. >> reporter: the high school junior did make it and says she's alive. the attack in waist deep waters off the north carolina coast. her father a paramedic swimming by her side is being hailed a hero for fighting off the sharke punching predator repeatedly until it let go. his quick actio helping save her life. >> i'm sure they did. 100%. >> reporter: the scene, not an easy one to witness. >> she was responsive and talking. obviously in a lot of pain. >> reporter: doctors were forced to ampe paige's left leg above the knee. she suffered other serious injuries in the haunprovoked srk
7:24 am
attack. yet her spirits remain high. she released a statement from her hospital bed saying in part, although i have extensive injuries including anmpated leg and damage to my hands, i will be okay. i know i have a long road t recovery which includes additional surgeries. i will continue to s pyitive and be thankful that it was not worse. experts say shark attacks remain 01re. in 2 there were 66 recorded attacks worldwide. down from 84 in 2017. this seasonea has alr seen a fatal shark attack in maui where a 65-year-old maned di despite losing her leg, paige is not blaming the shark. hertiother posng on social media that paige sti has her sense of humor saying she wants haeveryone to know tt sharks are still good people. >> good to hear she's having such a positiv a attitudeut all of this. it looks like people are lending her and her family a hand as
7:25 am
well online. what more do we know about that? >> reporter: absolutely. recovery, it is a long road. a prosthe cc leg cost upwards of $50,000. and lifetime medical costs can exceed a half million dollars. so'she family friends have set up a gofundme page for paige to help her tghout all of this. this happened here at a state park. and because governments are to mnified, if they were sue, it's likely there would be nobody really ultimately to pay for any sort of negligence. so it's really falling on the help of so many who have already started to help out paige in what will be a very, very long journey for her. >> i would guess that gofundme page is going to climb in the next few hours as well. >> nobody helping as much as her dad. that's incredible. >> father's love. >> yeah. let's get aheck of the weather. >> that's right. we've been talking about all this rain. and we have seen an increase in heavier rain events thanks to climate change since. 1950. you can see the increase.
7:26 am
the areas in green, that's where we've seen greater amounts of rain. in fact, the biggest increases have been over the northeast in the msissippi river basin. picking up 6 to 8 inches more than for the average since 1950. and in fact, in the mississippi river basin where we've seen all this flooding, this year alone we've seen 10 to0 inches of rain above average. and that has been leading to all this rain. temperaturewise, cool for june here in theas northe warmer down through the south and out in the plains. bismarck, 87 today. 86 in omaha. buffalo only 68. tomorrow the warmth from bioseoe to st. louis. through the week we warm up. mid to lower 80s in charlotte. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> and that climate change has affected our weather as well.
7:27 am
last calendar year, we were 30 inches above averagen rainfall. had our rainiest 12-month stretch on record. our changing clima i real. we're dealing with a very nice, dry day for today. sunshine start. to finish afternoon highs today will be in the low to mid-70s. the humidity and the storm chances come back for tomorrow. could even have some severe weather tomorrow afternoon and evening. >> and that's your latest weather. savannt,? >> all rial. thank you so much. come up, inside last night' state banqu that saw america's first family mingling with the british royals and who was absent from that event. also the secret life of america's most famous hotel. jenna takes us behind the scenes of the other new york plaza. and all rise for judge chrissy. how she negotiates candy time daughter. first, though, how that remarkable run by "jeopardy!" james came to a close.
7:28 am
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7:32 am
finally over after 32 straight wins crushing opponents night after night. the professional gambler finalh. met his matc since his "jeopardy!" debut on april 4th, james holzhauer betume the of "jeopardy!" legends. >> are you taking the a-train to victo victory? yes, you are. >> reporter: there wry no categor subject he didn't seem to know. he had 11 perfect games with no wronganswers. overall, he was right 97% of time. shattering records for average winnings per game and for the highest sine total. it seemed likeam he was unstoppable. >> wt is magic mountain? >> you are right. >> reporter: until emma betcher stepped up to the podium taking the lead going into final jeopardy. with holzhauer behind, he uncharacteristically bet small. even surprising host alextr ek. >> his wager. a modest one for the first time.
7:33 am
>> reporter: taking a page out of holzhauer's playbook,betcher bet big. nearly doubling her winnings. oh, god. what a payday. >> reporter: the former champ telling the tlng, by the time final jeopardy rolled around i knew my goose was cooked if emma answered correctly. i made peace with my fate before it was revealed. w holzhauerks away with wins of $2,464,216. some $58,000 short of ken jennings' record $2.5 million. >> the idea you would play to maximize your dollar winn pgs, that'srobably obvious to a sports better like james. >> reporter: during holzhauer'ss run, thew boasted its highest ratingsn 14 years. yet many saw james' streak end line hours before it was scheduled to air. the clip of the moment leaking sunday night instantly going viral upsetting many fans following along for weeks. one tweeting, not sure which
7:34 am
thing i'm more angry about. that "jeopardy!" james lost or that i saw the spoiler online earlier today. holzhauer for his part was gracious in defeat tweeting, congratulations to emma on a world-beating performance. there's no greater honor than knowing an opponent had to play a perfect game to defeat me. as for that very conservative final jeopardy bet, craig, i single you out because i heard it. say you thought he threw if he bet it all on that question, he would have been do conservatively. he bet the low in gambling. not that i kutw anything abo it. >> sure you do. >> reporter: you know me and vegas, guys. but he'd like to use the winnings to travel the horld with wife. he's going to be back on "jeopardy!" for the tournament of champions. >> but it's been fun watching him all along. >> for the record, i'm not the only oneho thought that the professional gambler may have
7:35 am
thrown it. >> why would h throw it? >> i know. i'm teasing you, butt i said this morning too. i said i smell a rat. but i didn't know the facts. >> but appareny he is aware of the conspiracy theor ts out there. he responded on twitter. i think we have the tweet from "jeopardy!" james himself. sure, i could stick around and play a game that paying me $150,000 per hour, but i'd rather get toys thrown at me for free. >> why woulde hthrow that? >> you know what? i don't know. >> it's weird at the 11th hour he would change his strategy so drastically. >> made him an offer he couldn'u re. >> maybe he was sick of it. >> had did say he didn't have a great deal of confidence in the final jeoparyy catego >> yeah. so come on. >> i'll pull back a little bit. >> thank you. >> also the woman who won is am ing. she's a shredder. >> there's that.
7:36 am
>> all right. anks, nat.s a lot. >> we have. let's move on. no privacy and itunes. the major changes apple is rolling out. >> there's a conspiracy. >> w lt hasmakers on capitol eatening big tech. that's right after this this is the ocean. just listen. (vo) there's so much we want to show her. we needed a car thh to see it a. (avo) subaru outback. ninety eight percent are still on the road after 10 years. come on mom, let's go! everyday more and more dogs are declaring their freedom and now they're frrun, play and be their best and for these dogs n ere's no better food theue freedom made without the grains that contain gluten free your dog with blue freedom
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covers us with what? you got me. [ scoffs ] she's an insurance lady. and i suppose this baker sells insurance, too? progressivotects your pets like you do. you can see "the secret life of pets 2" only in theaters. . we are back. 7:49aj now with m news from apple. >> perhaps the most talked about fter nearly two decades, appleo joe fryer is here this morning with details. i don't want to tell you how many hours in the early000s i spent ripping cd music onto itesun. noapple's announcement at the a developers conference says itunes is a dead stoalng and eventually will disappear altogether. it's the end of an era as apple goes all in on streaming. >> reporter: play lists, down
7:40 am
mp3s going theloays, f cassette tapes. >> the future is not one app but thre applemusic, apple podcasts, and apple tv. >> reporter: these days downloads account for just 2% of a recording artist's digital revenue. but for music lovers with a collection of music the news is bittersweet. the music will be available on the music app that has replaced itunes on most phones. >> at veple, we belie privacy is a fundamental human right and we engineer it into everything we . >> reporter: apple has been marketing the security of its products with ads like this. but the reality has been different when it comes to third party apps like yelp. as patrick jackson showed jacob
7:41 am
ward. >> of course your phone is going to conct and every action you're taking you see it's lighting up other things. they're getting all of this information including your gps coordinates. >> my specific longitude and latitude. wow. >> reporter: apple says its new stems will block this type of data mining. >> some apps try to work around these protections by scanning for bluetooth or wi-fi signals for your location. but we're shutting the door on that abuse as well. >> reporter: al rolling out new apple tv. for the apple watch, its own app store like a cycle tracker for women and a powerful new desktop too. the $6,000 mac pro. >> that bears a stunning resemblance to cheese grater.
7:42 am
>> if you google, a cheese grater pops up. >> if you have cds or movies o whatever on your computer, how do you pla them now? ou your stuff is not going away. if yout this stuff, it'l stil going to show up in the appl apps. if you bought stuff, it's still going to exist. >> thank you, joe. just ahead, the secret history of a new york institution. >> jenna takes us inside the plaza hotel. but first your local ns. until a month ago you were a complete failure. but now... mr. jack malik. you're the biggest star in the world. as if by magic. mehow i'm the only one at remembers the beatles. [ "hey jude" by the beatles ] no one's ever written this many great songs. how'd you do it? sometimes it feels like someone else has written all the sonde. critics are...
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this tuesday, june 4th. i'm eun yang.. the d.c council is expected to tass a new law aimed at protecting distric employees who use medical marijuana. medical marijuana is legal in the district, but emplo rs are still allowed to test employees for cannabis. now let's check on your commute with melissa mollet. >> traffic alert still has this probleminbound canal shut down at arizona avenue. that's because of a down tree. they'rexpecting to reopen around 10:00 a.m. but it's a two-mile backup now. save yourself the headache and heartache this morning. inner and outer loop looking good right w. >> melissa, thank you. we'll check your forecast next. stay with us. ♪ 1,2,3,4
7:47 am
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7:48 am
we wstt them to grow up nger. tuesday morning, still cool and comfortable outside. mid-50s in most of the wes suburbs. 60 degrees in the cordon. 79 degrees today. low humidity allay d
7:49 am
for tomorrow, warmer, more humid, and a high chance for some thunderstorms tomorrow a we arelso under a slight risk for severe weather tomorrow afternoon. we'll keep you posted on that through our nbc washington ap. otherwise here's your n-day forecast. warm and humid weather is back starting tomorrow. and it's here through the weekend. >> chuck, thank you. another local news update for minutes. for now back to the "today" show after this short break. have a great day.
7:50 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, pomp,ti poli, and protests. after attending a banquet hosted by the que -- >> i invite you all to toast president and mrs. trump. >> the streets of london are packed witot presters. we're live with the latest. plus checking in. >> welcome tohela t pens na ia. es ohe wos ubesnd sosthe fam tous hotels. >> this a famous room at the plaza. it's known for having countless celebrity weddings. >> aecret look inside this new york and the lion a new trailer is out giving a fit look at as the voice of nala. why the yhive isng about
7:51 am
her "today," june 4th, 2019. ♪ >> hi to my family in maryland! >> we are taps dance studio from nebraska! ♪ >> good morning to our kids in st. louis. >> good rning from pa. i'm starting off my 21st birthday by watching "today." >> yesterday ahid >> today new york! >> good morning, everybody. welcome back to "today." nice to have you with us. as we get someood waves on our plaza. and the sun is shining in manhattan. >> if you notice the musicin play underneath, the jonas brothers. >> the joe bros as i call them. >> they are here on iday. kids probably starting to line up around the corner.
7:52 am
let's geto right t the news at 8:00. after anvening of royal hospitality, the presint is getting down to work on day two of his state visit to great britain. peter alexander is traveling with the president. peter, good morning. >> reporter: hey, savannah. good morning to you. cold and windy here in britain. focusing on policy and politics meeting wit theresa may who failed to successfully guide britain's depar churp from the eu. presidenumt p h krit siessed her situation with brexit. so far today only kind words. earlier we saw ivanka trump seated next to john bolton. up next, a joint news conference at 10 downing street where the president will liky be pressed after offering his opinions about who he would like to see as may's successor. and here across central london, despite rain, otprters, they've been gathering for
7:53 am
thours. themp baby balloonpoett sed eart 10,000 protesters at one site. it all follows that state banquet with the british royals. white ties, tiaras, even a toast to the qun. ck to you. >> thank you very much. president trump in london. vice president mike pence will travel to oklahoma today to survey damage from those catastrophic floods. more rain expected there and in other states along the arkansas river. dt's been overflowing for days now. an that river is still rising. in pine bluff, arkansas. evacuations were ordered for neighborhoods where dozens of homes are already under water. the mississippi river is also raging. volunteers are using sandbags ando pumps t battle surges in illinois. the house passed disaster
7:54 am
relief bill last night for parts of the u.s. recovering. earlies had been blocked by threept conserrvatem republicans. it includes $900 million for puerto rico. the bill was approved by the l senatet month now goes to president trump for his answemass shooting in virginia beach thats left 12 people dead and others in thening witnesses are toinm arsh costello joins us from virginia beach we the latest. tom, good morning. >> reporter: good eowno rampage ga email was really unremarkable. no mention ofrn aaised about th office. he was not being disciplined or terminated. and yet just a few hours later this man describ as a loner suddenly turned violent.
7:55 am
only a few hours before america's most recent mass shootingsuspect dwayne craddock writing in part, it na pl aenureasonsleas i must relieve my asposition. at 4:00 p.m., he began shooting the people he worked with. >> claudia was screaming, active shooter, active shooter. run. >> reporter: christie was on the second floor when it began. her friend keith cox rushed her and seven others into an office and told them to barricade the door while he went looking for others. seconds later, gunfire tore through the door and walls. cox didn't survive. >> he gave his life to save sevenf us. god knew what he was doing when he put him there. he gave us a grdianangel. >> reporter: the suspect eventually shot and killed. once arriving, police could escort the employees out. they were told not to look down
7:56 am
as they stepped over the bodies of their coworkers. >> i said i can't do it. he said you're strong, you can do it. when i steppedover, i didn't realize it was one oyen mri l fs an administrative assistant. her brother frank. >> he took o the best things i and he took a lot of other families' pride and joy away from them too.or >> repter: four still investigators continue to work the crime scene, the police chief says the suspect's motive for killing his coworkers remains a mystery. >> the detectives are working through all the background they could find. >> reporter: the city is offering counseling services to anybody who feels they want to participate in that.
7:57 am
tthey're also beinglgd not to report to work this week. it may be some time before many of those people feel that they n craig? >> tom costello for us in virginia beach, thanks. purdue isea recalling nrly 16 tons of ready toat chicken products because they could contain bone fragments. it was at perdue and the department of agriculture received complaints. that includes simply smartor nic breaded chicken tenders, nuggets, and breast strips. they've got a use by m date ofay 20th. check that out. also included in the recall, ten pound bulk boxes of chicken patties. all right. news is covered. little boost? how about it? jarvis landry is used to being the star his family. but his young daughter is getting lots of attention thanks to this viral momentt firsheenjoys a moment of peekaboo with the baby deer on
7:58 am
her driveway. the fawn comes over to make fr. when the toddler heads back towards her house, though, the deer right there wanting that play date to really cute. including a sneak peek martin ob dylan. > first up, much more on last night's banquet at buckingham h lace as the first family took center stage wite queen right after this. familyic -we bought a house in a neighborhood with a lot of other young couples. then we noticed something...strange. oh, could you, uh, make me a burger? -poof -- you're a burger. [ laughter ] -everyone acts like their parents. -you have a tattoo. -yes. -fun. do you not work? -so, what kind of mower you got, seth? -i don't know. some kid comes over. him to do it. -but it's not all bad. someone even showed us how we can save money by bundling homevend auto with progres progressive can't protect you from becoming your parents.
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she's driven by .primal desire for meat a lynx in the wild and your cat foa lynx this need is satisfied by what the wild provides. because your cat is wilderness.wi i'm workin♪ to keep the fire going for another 150 years. for beauty that begins with nature. ♪ ♪ to make connections of a different kin at adp we're designing a better way to work, so you can achieve what you're working for. we are back with "today's we are back with "today's" talker. as jenna joins the table. >> last nig a lot of the pomp and circumstance in great britain. ke simmons joins us. this was the royal welcome. >> reporter: good morning. that's right. behind me the wld famous square. in the distance there you can see the protesters moving past
8:03 am
downing street where the presidentas been meeting with the british prime minister. but the british newspapers plastered with those. history making. many commentating thaten the que perhaps uniquely seems able to hold the president in line. marching bands. an 82 gun salute to a lavish banquet. white the color of choice for the night with the queen, some a, and kate adding glitz as only royals can do. a state visit focused on ceremony with plenty of pomp and pageantry. the president's first day ending in grand fashion with a dinner at buckingham palace surrounded by royalty. the very best china, crystal, and silver on display for the president and 170 other guests.e
8:04 am
th staff actually measuring out the 18 inch place settings taking four days just to set the table. >> a toast to president and mrs. trump. rs>> reporter: both leade raising a glass to an important alliance. >> i'm confident that our commou vaes and shared interests will wont to unite us. >> reporter: the president praising the queen. >> a great, great woman. >> reporter: but possibly breaking protocol as appearing to touch her back when she stood up. many believe this hand shake was a fist bump. e presidentegan his day inspecting the guard of honor with prince charles. the first lady standing with the queen decked out in dolce and ragabbana dng comparisons to the late princess diana. the duchess of cornwall getting
8:05 am
iticism of her own for a quick wink. one who laid low. prince harry joined f a private luh. his wife meghan who the president cledasty was not in attendance. queen elisabeth has met with 12 u.s. o presidentr the last years. >> she understands the great significance, the symbolic importance of the state visit. >> reporter: but president trump is only the third to be honored t'th a state visit. >> well, i a state visit so they have to do that exange of gifts. you know what everybody got? >> reporter: yeah. yeah, we do. many gifts and many of them echog the important theme from this trip. so the president and the first lady are giving the queenti a any's silveroppybroach. the poppy here symbolizing the sacrifice people made during
8:06 am
war. giving the first lady an a force one jacket. and the queen giving to the president and first lady a first editio book by winston churchill on the second world war. many folks commentating here that perhaps there was a message from the queen to the president about the importance of institutions that have been built since the war and how thee helped to k the peace. >> no starbucks gift cards then. >> reporter: none ofat th. >> all right, keir. thank you so much. always fun to see how they roll out all of it. >> the queen's jewelry alone. fun seeing the queen decked out. speaking of decked out, mr. roker. >> i would like that first edition churchill book. that would be cool. anyway, let's show you whatot we've going on right now. we're watching all this rain starting to funnel up into oklahoma. and we've g a risk today from texas into minnesota. 16 million people. hail, heavy rain. good news, tornado risk very
8:07 am
low. but tomorrow stretching from central illinois all the way into the mid-atlantic. we have a risk of possible tornadoes. 22 million people at risk. and we are really conc ned aboutuston. starting tomorrow, we're talking locally 6 to 10 inches. rainfall inches or fore. rat fl oooding 3 could be a real possibility tomorrow. arkansas rse into the river, missouri river, and mississippi river, more rain and so those rser lev are going to be really under pressure. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in yner of the woods. >> good morning. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. temperatures are starting to climb now into the 50s and low 60s after a delightfully chilly morning. highs in t mid to upper 70s. will turn to the southwest later in the day. that means it'll be warmer and more humid tomorrow. and there's slight risk of envere weather tomorrow afternoon and evg. we'll keep you posted on that.
8:08 am
meanwhile, get ready for theth warmnd humidity to hang around quite some time. >> and that's your latest weather. >> all right. thank you. mr. daly, a little pop start? >> step aside, y'all. here we go. first up, l"then king." we sawce beyon channel through they are fashion. but now we hear her voice for the first time as she plays nala. take a listen >> simba. you have to take yr place as king. we need you. come home. >> i thought we were going to hear singing there. i guess we're just hearing voice. my 10-year-old's face when i said i've never seen "the lion
8:09 am
king". >> how is that possible? >> just like this? the face. >> like these faces here. >> that doesn't make sense. >> you were too old, really. >> i just missed it. i don'know how sorry, folks. i'm dieing to see it. >> are you going to watch it before you see this one? >> no. i'm going to see this one. because it's also got the voices of seth rogan, billy chner. ll be e.ther >> all right. >> that's t only not cool thing i've ever heard about you. >> there's many more, craig. bob dylan here. yeerday a trailer was released wer a documentary about the i n on ic get a glimpse of the '75 tour that ended up being a failure. >> summer 1975. rumor came aund that dylan was back. a gathering of his forces.
8:10 am
>> the idea was to put a tour up. >> you should be playing 20,000, but instead wanted only small venues. >> boy, sure hope we get to boston on time. ♪ >> the tour was ae. catastroph it wasn't a success. >> i want to see that too. sorry, lion king. several hours of archival footage there. the film showcasing his attempt at reinventing himself. thatn documentary netflix comes out on june 12th. >> all right. now to a new york city landmark that towers over central park. the plaza hrael. it's atted visitors of all kinds of people. >> a wide eyed tourist. i stopped by for an afternoon
8:11 am
tea and tour. >> welcome to the plaza. >> thank you so much. >> reporter: when this extraordinary hotel welcomed its first guest over a century ago, it was the mos expensive of its kind. the french chateau boasted 00 servants with two just to dust the chandeliers. so the plaza hotel is known for its extravagance. when it opened, it must have really felt that way. >> it cost $12.5 million to buy which was a total record. there were buying sprees to europe. they spent $3 million on linen in ireland. thfs the utmost in opulence. >> reporter: alfred vanderbilt s the first in long line of notable guests including a hungarian princess who moved in with a family of alligators and a pet lion that lived in a ewbathtub. >> n york city cops are protecting the beatles at their
8:12 am
hotel. >> reporter: decades later, the fab four were here when they kicked off their british invasion. >> fans everywhere trying to them. up to see but they were incredibly well behaved. not so much as a coffee stain on the side tables. >> reporter: and the original wardrobe malfunction happened at the plaza with marilyn monroe and a wayward dress strap. >> the strap on her dress broke and all the photographers went wild. her dress maker said it was done on purpose. >> reporter: so elouise the pla. the fictional's eto ot arld6- staff. while delighting young readers who flock here for tea parties of their own. her, she man who wrote was also a character. she was a cabaret singer. she actually lived at the hotel
8:13 am
off and on for years. and even used real plaza t characters in >> reporter: and elouiseo go fa. so this is the ballroom, a ce for extravagant p lots of famous room at the plaza. it's known for having countless celebrity weddings and parties. it's really one of the moston icic rooms in new york. thzait p'se inla the r center o. of been featured in dozens movies and plays. from north by northwest to you name it, h aloneome 2. >> excuse me. where's the lobby? >> down the hall and to the left. >> thanks. >> this bar was an sall-men' only club or restaurant. >> the oak room was one of the last restaurants in new york city that didn't allow women in. and actually a group of feminists in 1969, they held a sit-in here and a few weeks later they did open it to women. >> it worked. >> reporter: so thi is one of
8:14 am
the -- >> presidents suites. >> reporter: the plaza has changed owners over a series of years. who'ne of the most famous? >> probably donald trump. three years later he became the only owner of the history of the plaza to bankrupt it. it was not good. >> reporter: but trump was also ahead of his time. the only owner to appoint a iv a salary of $1 and all thes dresse she could buy. >> she was tail oriented. she used to get on her hands and knees and showed how tororly make a bed. so by all reviews, she was a very exacting owne >> reporter: there's been so manye famous peopl who have stayed here. the tipping must have been good. >> there's a whole folklore about what peoplepp ti, who was a good tipper. supposedly james brown was not a
8:15 am
good tipper. the king of morocco supposedly handed out gold watches. >> reporter: the day of tipping with rolex watches may be long gone, but the plaza remains. a testament to the glamour and luxury of old new york. it was a pretty fun assignment. the tea is delicious. >> i bet it is. >>hen it opened in 1907 it was the frs day taxis came to new york city. they were free back then. it has this storied history you can't believe. carson was doing his own research. >> that oak bar. the oak bar closed in 2011, i think. but that was the afterparty in the hotel lobby. tyou had to be something get in there. >> in the trl days, you had to get in there? >> oh, yeah. ho >> you know w needs to write a book? >> carn daly. >> we should mention julie's book goes on sale today. we are back after your local news.
8:16 am
you're going to reveal the book club. good morning, everybody. 8:26 now on this tuesday, june 4th. i'm aaron gilchrist. let's check on the morning commute with melissa mollet and first 4 traffic. >> good morning. northwest inbound canal pushed because of aavenu downed tree. this could be another couple of hours before it clears. you want to take a different route for sure. outer loop, right side is blocked. inner loop at 23 crash on the shoulder. >> all right. thank you. we'll have a check on your forecast when we come back. stay with us.
8:17 am
father's day just around the oes er and if dear old dad not need another tie and letlle te you dear old dad does not, the editors at has yu covered. editorial director is here to show us all of the highlights. we're excitedbout this list. no excuse this year. all right. let's start with the first one here. >> all right. the first one is a winner for any dad who loves to tell a joke. >> this is a roker gift. f >> perfect the dad who thinks they're super funny. >> we picked one here. let's see. let's see. >> this is a top seller on amazon all the time. it's one of the top selling jok. bo it's a great gift. >> i got a great pizza joke for you. ver mind, it's too cheesy. >> all right. that's a good one.
8:18 am
this is only .9$5 >> that's not overpriced. >> so we'll move over to the beard bib. grooming products are good. this is a twist. it's one of the top selling grooming pructs. it's beard bib. i think we havehele cal td a mo to demonstrate. >> what's the word, >>brother? it's great. going to keep my sink clean. >> this is a gift for the beard -- the man with theeard in your house and the person who has to share it with that person. >> he's got the most legendary show,at the "today" that's significant. >> so this is lululemon. they've been known for women.ct they've aually come out with a lot of great new men's stuff. these are twoai prs underwear. this is an everyday one ohe andr is more of an athletic one. sur popu they start around $ it's j a nice, well-loved -- >> i like a good boxer brief. reat makes these essential? >> i think the this
8:19 am
technology around the fit it's mirrored from their most popular selling pant. and they brought it over to the underwear. >> how do you guys create this. >> we talk to experts in the industry. we look at the top selling products around. that's a top seller on uncommon goods which is -- >> i love that. >> so this is one of their top selling picks last year for father's day. it's trending again. it's a hos sauce making kit.t dads love hosauce. you get this kit for their dad -- >> moms not so much. but yes. >> they can put together six flavors of their own choice with these mix and match seasonings. >> sticker price one? this on >> this one a $35. >> all right. >> and this one is also -- >> now you're speaking my language here. wow. this is real. you can sample it. but beverages. food and beverage gifts are trendy for father's day. these are custortzed spo
8:20 am
teams. baseball teams around the country. 35 for a pair of two. this is also on uncommon goods. reicly for the baseball fan. >> all the major league teams. shows youf you look at the bottom here. >> a little map and logo. >> what kind of bourbon in the decanter? >> they got your fave. >> of most gifts i'm most excited about this. >> and look. we've got carson here. >> very co tortable. se are -- the crocs are back. that's the trend this year. you might have thought they were over. p>> niceicure by the way. pretty toes. >> thank you. >> carson is wearing some that feelmassage, i'm told. this is their best selling flip-flop. >> how much for the croc flops? >> 40 bucks.
8:21 am
and then these are a popular sneaker. >> so i saw these a month ago and i wanted to buy them. >> they're always sold out, right? >> always. >> they restocked them just for us. go to our website right now and they put this navy blue color back in stock for us forhort time. >> are they comfortable? >> oh, yeah. >> looking great. >> you wear them well, sir. >> thank u. >> this is one you're really excited about. oi i think you're gng to be excited about it. this is a really nice backpack from away. they do luggage. they're very pgaular lugge brand. this is their a pack back for dad. it fits well over your suitcase. just a really sleek bag for travel, for work. >> iot a great pizza joke for
8:22 am
you, craig -- >> we just did that. >> oh, crap. i wasn't listening. i was getting my modeling ready. >> take audiotape sip. it'll be >> yeah really. should i put the milk in a bag? no, just leave it in the carton. thank you. >> nina, thank you for indulging us. >> did you hear about the new band calle plastic? they're mostly wrap. >> get this for carson. >>ening yo het. needs i thank you. thank you so much. to learn more about these products, go to next aup, 5 fabulous. stephanie ruhle explains why the job market is suddenl hot for all women. but first this is "today" on nbc. day" on nbc.
8:23 am
compare comcast business to your current provider. my current service provider does not provide half of what you provide. and to know that i could save money? i'd be thrilled. this sounds like a whole business package, which woulbe incredible. so what are you guys waiting for? let's do it. (laughs) comcast business gives you more. switch now and get fast, reliable internet for a new low price of $39.95 a month. plus, get free installation. better, faster? i mean sign me up. call today at 1-800-501-6000.
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comcast business. beyond fast. we are bac with 50 and fabulous. are you lookingo change careers or jump back into the job market after raising your
8:25 am
kids? if you're a woman over 50 and feel like there's nowhere to turn, that's just not true. the job market is hot with plenty of nbc business correspondent and msnbc anchor steph nigh ruhanie here to walk us through them. you're saying 50 is the perfect time to look for a job. >> i'm not sure it's perfect but it is a great opportunity. stay-at-homy for moms they thought i'm out of the workrce, i can't go back. do you know that the job m gket isat and finally companies are realizinge want people with life experience we've got 50 u.s. companies right now with returnships. it's just like an internship that college grads get -- returnships. who at a midpoint in their life have a 12-week program to learn a company and business and get a full-time job. >> what sectors are hot where somebody's at home thinking i want to go back. where should they look? >> here's the good news. for moms or dads that were
8:26 am
staying at home, the jobs that are hot are in hospitality, education, home health care. that's cagreat. bee if you were a stay-at-me mom, that's what you did. a project manager i t one ofhe hottest jobs in tech. they call it a scrum master. whato you think a pta president is? what do you think being a class mom is? organizing and executing. we just need these moms, these people to get their minds to a place where they say this is my skill set. >> some women that have raised their families, they want to look for a job. how do they selles themse what do they say? ho>> they sd connect with thei network. they should put themselves out there. get on the internet and don't just say i'll do anything. figure out what would you like to do? pickthe phone and call a recruiter. companies thatinre hirg people at midpoints in their lives, don't know how to find you. an there's a good chance haif now got a program for you. >> so you actually are a rogue reporter. went on the stet, talked with
8:27 am
some people. you talked with ai ye sha fm atlanta. let's see what she had to say. >> have you ever thought you wanted to go back to work or start a career?ye >> i have thought about that. igure out ying to where do i go. >> all wght. sohere does she go? >> she's 75 years old and she wants to go back to work. and she thought, well, maybeal i'll caarp. no. get on the internet. figure out what companies are in her town and what she mightdoike to she might want to go to community college and update skills. email, a lot of people are using slack. >> they're using slack? >> right. it like an instant messaging system. it was through moms at school i starte using venmo. i didn't know about it. so there's a lot of things we just don't have the lingo for. just get yourself in that space. >> okay. so people people are willing to relocate. their kids have moved out. they want to move. where is the best place to move to look for jobs?
8:28 am
>> he's the fing. once your kids are out of the house, you might say i don't want to live in cold weather. why do i live in this high-tax state? i don't need good schools anymore. my kids are out. and if you want to move to t a south west, there's more opportunities, better weather, and you might get a better tax code. you want move to c aity like austin, charleston. there may be a job for you. >> this was such good information. thank you so much. comingngup, we're goi to switch gears. how the world is marking the 30th anniversary of tiananmen square. but firsthis is "today" on nbc. ersary of tiananmen square. " first, this istoday" on nbc.
8:29 am
8:30 am
we're back. 8:50 now. there's a vigil taking place in hong kong this morning as the world marks the 30th anniversary of the tiananmen square massacre. but the event is being ignored in mainland china. here'stoy's" senior international correspondent keir
8:31 am
simmons. >> reporter: hey, guys. good morning. for 30 years critics haveme accusedca and the west of failing to hold china to account for what happened in tiananme now onhis anniversary, the secretary of state calling on china to become more open and tolerant. and this morning alose ally of president trump, the chair of the senate foreign relations committee speaking out on "tod" accusing china of oppressing its o people. china today flexing its muscles on the world stage showing off itsit my capability in tiananmen square. it was here 30 years ago the turned communist party that same army and their guns on its own people. it was a massac students and activists armed only with hopes and dreams facing bullets and tanks. >> that one night in beijing city become a war zone. >> reporter: this man was there. none knows how many were killed. figures ranging from hundreds to
8:32 am
thousands. >> the hospital er room, the floor was soaked in blood. >> reporter: dying with them, their call for democratic reforms. this stunning moment, a man with his shopping bag calmly standing in front of the tanks. his name unknown, but the image still remembered today. except in china. in hong kong, they hold candle lit vigils but on the mainland making the merester refence to what happened is banne students there know little about it. >> i don't know. >> i don't know. >> i don't know what you mean. sorry. >> reporter: google tiananmen here in the west and there is image after image of the massacre ther do the same on the chinese internet, and all you see are pretty pictures of the square. before and after tiananmen, china did free millions from
8:33 am
poverty. up to850 million since 1981. but now china faces a new backlash. not from its own people but from an angry america. >> they do oppress their people. >> reporter: frustration over chinese trade barriers and alleged spying reaching tipping points. >> you can't cheat. you can't steal. and you really need to operate under international and most importantly under a rule of law. china does not have that today. it is very troubling as we move forward. >> reporter: three years before tiananm tiananmen, trade between u.s. and china was $8 3w8. by threeears ago, it had grown to $578 bi ion. >> they call it engagement. i call it appeasement. >> reporter: now the world worrying again about china. >> 30 yea ago theorld had a chance to put china in the right direction. >> reporter: the worry among some is this increasing animosity between america and china would cause an irreversible split between t o countries.
8:34 am
others fear that one day it could lead to a real military confrontation. guys? >> keir simmons for us. >> fascinating. >> a lot of talk is always -- people always talk about the chinese economy. we don't talk about the restrictions on the freedom of the press over there and information. >> yeah. the control factor that they can have over their people. guys, coming up, don't forget including do you really need to be taking those 10,000 steps a day to boost youral he? >> you sure do. >> the results of a surprising new study -- > that works. also is a plant-based keto diet the best thing? we'll have more on that. and coming up next, big third hour. we've got two big guests. pete rose, charlie russell, and laura linney. >> and i've got willie geist onu the fourth h with me. but first your local news.
8:35 am
>> and weather.
8:36 am
8:56 is your time now on this tuesda june 4th, 2019. good morning, everyone. i'm eun yang. right now let's check on your commute with melissa mollet and your first 4 traffic. >> couple of things happe ng rightnow. good morning. eastbound icc after layhill road. everything shut down because of a crh. as you're approaching lay hill is when you're going to hit that slowdown. l innerp local lane before the bridge. it's the right side shut down t. dorthwest inbound canal shut . all traffic pushed onto arizonae av downed tree. >> thank you. we'll take a break now. we'll check your forecast when we come back. stay with us. g
8:37 am
the bicarriers are talking about their current 5g roll outs, but their efforts are limited to a few pockets in select cities orerrying to convince consum that 4g is actually 5g. they're neglecting small towns and rural communities, leaving them on the wrong side of the digital divide. if approved, only the combined availableresources of t-mobile ri and sp can deliver on all the spectrum bands needededo quickly bring unprted 5g connectivity across the nation.
8:38 am
hope you have a chance to enjoy your tuesday, because the weather perfect. temperatures are in the low to mid-60s now. high today expected to reach 79 degree low humidity today.
8:39 am
far more humid, warmer, and a likelihood of some thunderstorms back in the picture for your wednesday afternoon and evening. mainly dry weather through friday and the first a o the weekend. then kind of cloudy and showery sunday into monday. >> thank you. get the latest news any time in the nbc washington app. le from studio 1a in rock
8:40 am
feller plaza. this is the third hour of "today." >> good morning. >> we were talking about your hair. >> there are no secrets. >>t was ah it this morning. >> it was hair envy. >> you don't normally wear it back. it's lovely. >> youomeed pearls. >> in addition to your hair, we've been talkingerbout ano reason


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